Top targets Arsenal should be considering this summer

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Happy good morning y’all!

First up, after three years in the job, Roberto Martinez has been given the chop. One win in ten and a very disappointing season saw to that. He got way ahead of himself in his first year, like he was some sort of savior, then failed to build from there. He’s a style over substance kind of manager… even when he was at Wigan people were celebrating him play a way his team couldn’t handle, then applauding him beating the drop last day of the season.

Anyway, a team that isn’t arsed isn’t a good look. 12th in the league wasn’t good enough. So bring on a new regime. Amazing how much bolder smaller clubs are getting in chopping out managers that are born survivors in the chase for greater riches. Shame Arsenal don’t do the same when they look at how Bayern, Barca, Juve and Madrid play. Heycknes was kicked out of Bayern after the treble because the club needed and overhaul and new ideas. If Wenger won the treble, he’d get a 16 year deal and keys to Stan K’s ranch

In other news, with stories abound about the departure of Alexis and Theo, it’s worth mentioning Henrikh Mkhitaryan as a possible replacement. The Armenian has a year to go on his deal, he’s 27 years old and he’s just dropped an incredible season with 20 assists and 18 goals. I’d be very surprised if we weren’t monitoring a player like him. He has plenty of grit, a consistent end product, he’d be cheap and he’d know how to play in a tactical system if Wenger ever decided to leave.

I love Alexis… but there’s a reason talent like his didn’t make it at Barca. He loses the ball too freely and he’ll likely not arse himself with defending… especially if he thinks he’s the superstar of the team. If we need to replace star presence with star presence, the Armenian would certainly please in a very Arsenal way.

Then there’s Theo, whom shares his position, I mean really, the man has to leave. He’s the epitome of everything we don’t need at Arsenal. He doesn’t have mental strength, his technique is super average for an Arsenal player and he’s coining it in because he’s British. Not to mention he thinks he’s a striker…

Henrikh Mkhitaryan can play across the front line. He’d be a very strong candidate. He’s also another example of what you can find when you raid lesser leagues. Originally found by the Ukrainian League… a place German clubs seem to raid freely like Arsenal did France back in the day.

Other players I’d be interested in this summer? Ok, why not!

I’d love to see us double raid for Lukaku and John Stones. The Englishman is a bit clumsy and lightweight at the moment, but tell me a great centre back that wasn’t at 22? Rio wasn’t on the world class train as a kid and John Terry was shoved off the ball in an FA Cup final by Freddie of all people! I think Mr Stones could be one of those mega regrets if we don’t land him. He’s classy on the ball, has a great frame and he mostly reads the game well. Lukaku is another kid, he has a shed ton of goals. Sure, he’s hardly well rounded, but he’s young, experienced and he’s a real student of the game. If Wenger can shape Adebayor into something resembling world class, I’m sure he could shape Lukaku. He’s also the powerhouse we’ve missed since Ade.

I’d also like a Xhaka or N’Kante. I spoke on the Swiss yesterday, but the Frenchman (how did we not scout him?) is something else. A true modern box to box beast. Insatiable appetite for the game, a monster, with plenty of craft. Would love to have him line up in our midfield. Can you imagine?

Also, total curve ball here… But Carlo Ancelotti has told Gotze he can leave for £20m. He hasn’t hit the heights under Pep, but my, what a talent. Picking up players of talent and under struggle was a Wenger RKaeRIKMspecial back in the day. He can play all over the midfield, he knows what it’s like to perform under pressure and he’s super young. What an opportunity for us to nip in for a bargain… a player we know Wenger watched 400 times in the past as well.

Right, that’s your lot today! Have a good one!

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  1. Bamford10

    Wenger: “It’s completely false. I’d like the press to check their information. I don’t know where it comes from.”

    I might believe the old man here.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    oh this is so Jeff ain’t it? when all else fails, throw in an insult. Who’s trying to absolve Wenger’s ineptitude, you plank? try reading others’ posts properly before embarrassing yourself

  3. Jeff

    Rambo, don’t feel insulted. Lot’s of people have learning difficulties. Just try to take everything in SLOWLY and you’ll get there, eventually.

  4. Rambo Ramsey

    “Conservative board. conservative manager and still majority conservative Arsenal fans. They go hand in hand. Only those conservative fans can break the chain in the future.”

    Agree with you there, Ishola

  5. Ishola70

    “Rambo, I’ll make it simple for you since since you obviously have a learning difficulty. The fact that Kroenke gives Wenger a new contract does NOT absolve Wenger’s ineptitude. That’s all you have to grasp – and if you can’t then I have no words for you.”

    I don’t think Rambo is trying to absolve Wenger of ineptitude. From what I gather from his posts he thinks Kroenke should be getting rid of Wenger and that this is a realistic option at this time. My argument is that it is not a realistic option at this time. Not with the majority still backing Wenger who attend matches.

    I’m sure Rambo will and can speak for himself though.

  6. STV

    Rambo Ramsey since you knew Wenger is a problem and Kroenke not firing him, all these protests, anger, boycott etc. may either

    1. Force Wenger to quit
    2. Make Kroenke notice and fire him as it’ll affect his club’s image, revenue etc..

    Much better than letting it slide. Sorry tried my best to make it simple.

  7. Dissenter

    Your Friday guide to the Arsenal blame deflection game.

    Wenger is not the problem because it’s Kroenke that keeps renewing his contracts.
    Kroenke is not the problem because it was Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith and others who decided to sell out to him.
    Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith is not the problem it was just plain greed that made her sell out to Kroenke.

    Lets have a kumbaya moment and relieve everyone of their responsibilities and just single out plain greed for the slow-motion decline of Arsenal.

  8. Rambo Ramsey

    it shouldn’t even have come to this. if we had a proper owner who sees Arsenal as a fan would see, he wouldn’t have let the club come to this state with the fans at each others throats

  9. STV

    Yeah but we don’t have a proper owner. But clubs have been successful on pitch even with a proper owner but proper manager proper players and proper fans. (Man U under Fergie for instance)

  10. STV

    Plus we don’t know how much of a problem Kroenke is yet? Is he blocking the funds? Is he interfering in the running of club? Is he the real reason Wenger can’t win titles?

    There is only one way to find out. Then, we can turn on him..

  11. Black Hei

    This whole 2 year contract sounds fishy.

    I mean Wenger doesn’t need to be offered a contract when he can just sign himself up anytime.

    And a dateline on top of it? Pfftt

  12. Black Hei

    Here is the transcript on the contract thing. Courtesy of the Arseblog.

    [Questions posed by Nick Collins, Sky Sports News]

    You’ve still got one year left on your contract, there are reports that you’re to be offered a two-year extension to that…

    That’s completely wrong and I don’t know where this information comes from. You can treat that as just an invention. It’s absolutely false.


    And I would like this press to check the information before they give it out because they could have checked with the club or with myself and we’d both have denied it.

    Is that something you’d like though? A two-year extension…

    No. I think about the next game you know. At my stage you want to do well. I’m committed with integrity and commitment, full commitment for the club, as long as I’m under contract. At the moment that’s all.


    [Questions posed by James Olley, The Evening Standard]

    I know you’ve knocked down the contract story, but will it make it harder to sign players if they don’t know whether you’re going to be here beyond next season?

    I don’t think so. I hope not. (Wenger)

    Have you decided what you will do, privately, beyond next season?

    No. (Wenger)

    What will determine that?

    What I focus [on] is to respect my contract and after [I’ll] envisage what I do after. I can understand that people are interested in that but that’s not the most important. I think I’ve extended my contract at a period when it was vital for the club and after that I will see where I am personally and where the club stands at the end of my contract. (Wenger)

    So, to rephrase that slightly…what happens next season will determine whether you stay or not?

    Of course, yeah. You sum it up very well. (Wenger)

  13. STV

    Yeah but that was little different. Wenger regardless ,just won the FA cup after 9 years of draught and most fans were dreaming of bright sunny future.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Why would next year determine what happens, the club should be planning now for the next manager in 2017!

  15. Cesc Appeal

    And Walcott? Here next season…what a disaster of a press conference for fan morale.

    No succession plan, dud players still not paying the price.

  16. STV

    Wenger reassured all the fans that he is more than capable of managing the squad and transfers himself.

    “You don’t think I’m 35 years in job and don’t look at myself? I look at what more I could have done.

    “I must say it was difficult to envisage Danny Welbeck would be out so long. Santi Cazorla was out five months and Francis Coquelin four.

    “Could we have done something? We have done something. We have brought in Mohamed Elneny, who has done extremely well, and Alex Iwobi from the academy who has done extremely well.”

    The great man said.

  17. Red&White4life

    “Could we have done something? We have done something. We have brought in Mohamed Elneny, who has done extremely well, and Alex Iwobi from the academy who has done extremely well.”

    Priceless lol

  18. karim

    Paris have just decided to let Ibra leave the club and are looking at Griezmann, Hazard and Alexis Sanchez to be their next marquee signing.

    They’ve apparently already held discussions with Alexis’ reps ….

  19. Emiratesstroller



    Time for planning regime change with complete restructure of management and coaching side of “football” club.

    This could start with Academy. By all account Dutch personnel recruited have
    not been a great success.

  20. Red&White4life

    Ze famous day when we will read in the press that “le mighty prof has been sacked”…
    I presume most of us will be dead lol

  21. Cesc Appeal


    After a week of interesting stories about Arsenal transfers, nothing like a Wenger press conference to bring you crashing back down to earth.

    After all the fan talk of selling Walcott and upgrading, wouldn’t it be so Arsenal to sell Sanchez and then attempt to bring someone in whilst Walcott somehow manages to keep his place in this squad contributing next to nothing.

    Standing still.

    To make things worse, Pochettino just signed a new deal at Spurs and apparently has £60 Million to spend this summer on a team whose first eleven is already better than ours, for the most part.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, we are so dated in our structure its absurd, as Pedro posted a while back, Wenger belongs to an era when the manager ruled over everything, his word was beyond question, not having to deal with the strictures that are in place in football clubs like Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, City etc nowadays.

    If Wenger was just limited to a managers role, with input on player acquisition he would probably resign on the spot. But that is how it should be.

  23. STV

    What you all know! Having 35 years in management and having done 50066 substitutions, the great man saw what no one else did hence he brought Elneny and Iwobi.

    The great man might or might not go to transfers. We have to wait and see untill the last day. He might even simrk at you and say ‘our squad is strong enough as it is’ but he must have seen something in this squad then. The great man knows better.

  24. Ughelligunner

    And what about the people’s choice- Kondogbia and Sneiderlin. I remember some posters even used Sneiderlin’s national team run to derided coquelin. Only Redtruth called it in again.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    I would start off by recruiting a “Top Class Academy Director” who is independent of Wenger. Might suit someone like Denis Bergkamp or even Patrick Viera.

    There are now plenty of ex Arsenal players taking coaching diplomas e.g. Henry, Pires,Keown and Ljungberg. Adding them to the Academy Coaching Team would bring high achieving fresh talent plus mentors who know how to

    That is something that Man Utd have done with Giggs,Scholes and Butt.

  26. karim


    Next season will be exciting for a lot of fans, except ours obviously…

    Spurs will be there again, trust Guardiola to build a great team for City, Conte will make sure Chelsea’s back in the frame, can’t see Van Gaal at United anymore after the West Ham debacle, leaving the door wide open for our friend Jose…

    Don’t wanna mention Leicester as long as we don’t know who’s staying or not, but that’s a whole lot of teams I feel more confident about than Arsenal.

    And there’s still Klopp and Bilic …

    Meanwhile, Welbz is out for 9 months, meaning we won’t sell Giroud or Wally…

    Yeah, looks good, indeed…

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t give pro-Wenger fans ammunition, Mirror is in the main pro-Wenger, the AST, other supporters groups, SwissRamble etc and many others have dispelled that, Gambon essentially nailed it weeks back, doubtful we have a budget in a normal sense, more like we have an amount of capital we can spend over the next three or four years and its up to Wenger how much he wants to spend in any one summer.

    If we start talking about £50 Million budgets, next it will be ‘wages are a part of the budget’ etc.

  28. STV

    “I’m committed with integrity and commitment, full commitment to the club as long as I’m under contract, but at the moment that’s all. ”

    “What I focus on is respecting my contract and then envisage what I will do afterwards”

    ‘Commitment’ ‘honor’ ‘respect’ ‘focus’ ‘integrity’..

    Not for the team!!! But for his contract wtf !!

    Mr. Wenger! Why? Why did you come here!

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Just a total restructure, if we had an owner with balls he’d tell, not ask, tell Wenger that he coaches have clearly failed for the last decade, they are being phased out and a mix of top rate modern coaches poached from other sides will be coming in as well as ex-players.

    A DoF would come in as well, the scouting department would get a rework, and finally, no more of this job sharing shite, if Forsythe is head of fitness, sack Colbert, if new scouts are coming in, sack Rowley.


    EPL is going to be intense next year, if the league help out with scheduling, I would imagine Madrid, Munich etc will be looking nervously at the money and managers in the EPL over the next two to three seasons potentially causing them issues in the UCL.

    But yeah, you know what we will do.

    I think Spurs are going to be good next year, they lack depth right now, their RB needs improving as does one of their flanks and then some better bench players.

    Klopp is going to be interesting, can see Liverpool doing well next season. Agree on Bilic and West Ham, seem to have money to throw around.

    City and Chelsea might struggle a bit at first, but no doubt will not suffer like they have done this year.

    And then United at this point are unpredictable.

    Only thing that is predictable, is us.

    It must surely be Arsenal fans turn for some excitement and anticipation at some point, instead of kick off of the first league game being more a ‘here we go again’ feeling.

  30. Steveyg87

    You know, when it comes to Wengers pressers. He doesn’t exactly make things easy for himself does he? I mean, look at todays one. Not one word of motivation to the fans like, we know we haven’t been good enough but, we are working hard behind the scenes to bring the right people in. simple stuff like that to lift the fans. We haven’t had much to shout about this year, and if he is even half as smart as he thinks he is, he’d have noticed it by now

    Don’t mean to be going back to the negative side of things but, its really hard with this man. I actually think he means well, he just cant back his shit up anymore. I do believe that he’s his worse critic but, somewhere along the line he made a decision to stick to his guns no matter what, it hasn’t worked. seems as if Walcott will be here next season, fuck my life!!!

  31. Relieable Sauce

    “I must say it was difficult to envisage Danny Welbeck would be out so long.”

    Bullshit, or an admission of incompetance?
    It has to be one or the other.

    He must be talking about Welbecks injury before the season started, in which case he was well aware of the injury and choose not to disclose it to the media and fans. If he is talking about his latest injury it is completely and utterly irrelevant to his failure to challenge for major honours, yet again.

    Were Cazorla and Coquellins injuries “difficult to envisage” also, along with the consequences of playing the back-up options for any length of time?

  32. Emiratesstroller


    I made the case last Summer that Arsenal have got a net annual spend of £50-60 million inclusive of any annual increase in wage bill. That is frankly not an unrealistic budget if you also add in any sales.

    So if for example Arsenal were to sell Walcott, Debuchy and Szczesny that
    should increase the budget available by perhaps an additional £30 million.
    Most of that amount should be available for transfers rather than wages
    as we would also be offloading players like Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini.

    For that figure we should be able to invest in ST,CMF and CB. What is unrealistic is that the club will make in one transfer window wholesale changes.
    Whenever clubs do that it seldom works.

  33. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “it shouldn’t even have come to this. if we had a proper owner who sees Arsenal as a fan would see, he wouldn’t have let the club come to this state with the fans at each others throats”

    The decision was made years ago though was it not when Usmanov was painted as the devil and Kroenke was seen as a safer pair of hands. Wenger and the Arsenal PR machine made sure that an Usmanov type of owner would not be in place at Arsenal. At that time the mania of despising the oil clubs was at it’s height as Arsenal felt it could not compete under such circumstances with Wenger telling the world it was all unfair. And the majority of Arsenal fans lapped it up at the time. If Arsenal could not win trophies then the only solace that could be had for fans was to take the higher moral ground and show distaste in how a club like Chelsea with all that pumped in oil money were buying trophies. Arsenal decided their path years ago. Kroenke has not created this lack of ambition or not to have a greater desire to win at all costs. This culture was already in place before he arrived and his arrival just rubber stamped what was already in place. The situation has changed financially now but that underlying culture created in the past is still present now. Not a Kroenke creation.

  34. Bamford10


    Both Kondogbia and Schneiderlin are better than Coquelin, and both could’ve helped us. Whether either is top class is a separate matter.

  35. STV

    “I made the case last Summer that Arsenal have got a net annual spend of £50-60 million inclusive of any annual increase in wage bill. That is frankly not an unrealistic budget if you also add in any sales.”

    You do that this season as well , people have been, for last 5-6 years. Wenger just won’t spend those. no point in Warchest stories.

  36. Bamford10


    Nothing wrong with saying Wenger has 50-60m a year available to him — maybe a little more — given that (i) this is probably about right and (ii) fees are paid out over 1-3 years.

  37. Red&White4life

    “Mr. Wenger! Why? Why did you come here!”

    Wrong question STV.
    “Mr. Wenger! Why? Why don’t you just get the f*ck out ?” is the right one.

  38. Bamford10


    Were you the one I had the Martial wager with? I said that Martial might be ahead of Giroud by the time of the Euros. I think I have a chance of winning that wager, yes?

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think is that low, we have cash reserves of £250 Million, the new TV deal has added what, something like £30-40 Million a year of new income?

    I think Gambon’s estimate is more spot on, Wenger could spend a lot one summer, but may have to spend slightly less the next summer, considering he spent nothing last year, we will have a hefty budget this year, I think around £100 Million before transfers.

    If we’re seeing clubs like West Ham throwing around cash, papers estimating Spurs have £50-60 Million to spend, Arsenal would have to be doing something seriously wrong to only have £50 Million to spend.

    Wholesale changes shouldn’t be made in one summer, but that’s why people like me were arguing for a CDM, CB and RM/LM last year when everyone else was talking about WC ST or its not worth doing anything.

  40. STV

    RaW thought abt it before 😉 but life would be more relaxed if it wasn’t for this mundane repetitive buffoonery.

  41. Red&White4life

    But the life of an Arsenal fan is pretty relaxed nowadays!!
    Let’s not pretend that I’m an akb… lol

  42. Emiratesstroller


    Actually we spent far more than that in financial year ending May 2015.

    This may be why Wenger spent so little on transfers in current financial year plus the investment of £20 million+ training ground improvements and Hale End Academy.

    This is no excuse for underinvestment in first team, but I suspect the reason.

    The club will be under pressure to buy players this season particularly with
    the criticisms which have been directed at manager and club.

  43. Bamford10

    Agree that while Wenger probably has something like 60m+ available every summer, he could easily spend 100m+ in a given summer.

    We’ve had some 150m+ in cash in hand for years now, and we need only keep some 25m on hand per the debt agreement.

    Maybe the most conservative CFO says we must keep twice the agreement amount on hand (50m) plus the CL amount (30m) on hand, but that would still mean Wenger would have some 70m to spend — and that is on the absolute low end.

  44. Rhys Jaggar


    The whole £54m ‘proposition’ is based on the ludicrous assertion that all Arsenals ‘short-term liabilities’ have to come out of the ‘cash at bank’ come 31st May.

    Arsenal’s ‘short-term liabilities’ are mostly next years wages, no doubt a few other things like the annual mortgage.

    Thing is: how does the huge EPL TV money get distributed for next season? Is it all in the bank on 31st May 2016? What about all the Champions League money? What about all the stadium income not associated with Season Ticket/corporate annual renewal?? As I understand it there’s about 25% of the ground not sold to season ticket holders, so there’s quite a bit of cash there too.

    My view is that Arsenal can ‘prudently’ spend north of £100m on transfers plus wages, unless there are such contractual dummies as to not insert clauses into players’ contracts covering unlikely eventualities like:

    1. Relegation.
    2. No Champions League revenues.
    3. TV Broadcasters going bust and hence not paying the club the TV monies due.

    No football club can call itself a properly run business if it takes on all the liabilities for employee costs whilst having no scenario planning for extremely unlikely force majeure, thus leaving them 100% liable for outgoings despite losing a huge slice of their income.

    So start asking Arsene Wenger about all those things. As the world’s premier football businessman, he’s certainly capable of answering those sorts of questions.

    1. How much revenue in a typical season would come to Arsenal between June 1st and May 31st, excluding 2017/18 renewals of corporate membership and season ticket income?
    2. What sources does it come from?
    3. What are the risks associated with those income streams not being fulfilled?
    i. EPL TV money?
    ii. Champions League money?
    iii. Sponsorship and other commercial income?
    iv. Retail and ticket sales?
    4. Why can such revenues not be allocated against ‘short-term liabilities’ when developing a prudent budgeting process for transfers?
    5. Are you seriously telling me that you are so useless at negotiating contracts with players that even in Sky and BT went bust and the mafia stole all the international TV revenues off Richard Scudamore, you are still 100% liable for every penny of every players’ contract???!!
    6. Would you agree that your 35 years in football have not been spent very productively if you haven’t learned to insert clauses into players’ contracts to cover such unlikely eventualities??


  45. Emiratesstroller


    We receive annually from Puma and Emirates in excess of £60 Million plus whatever comes in from other sponsors. That money should be available for
    spending on team.

    I would have expected the income generated from tickets, tv monies and CL to cover all other current costs. Next season that should easily exceed £200 million.

    When you factor in also that part of cash reserves should be available for
    acquisitions there should be more than enough to spend net £50 million plus
    whatever comes in from sales.

    Remember also that the club pays transfers by instalment over at least 2 years
    so if we spent virtually nothing in current financial year whatever we spend this summer will be spread over 2 years.

  46. STV


    I presume you said Wenger spent from his aggregate transfer budgets over last couple of seasons.

    When you consider all the wages in the transfer budget, Wenger might have spent just enough from his transfer funds. But how can you include players wages and other expenses in transfer budget? Even if you take in to account last 6 years where the club supposedly released from its financial constraints, Arsenals spent on transfers around 270m and received ~ 163m from selling. Thats meagre 107m over 6 seasons!

    Now Imagine a transfer kitty of 50-60m for 6 seasons! Wenger has spent only a fraction of whats available to him!

  47. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, i mean they didn’t make the Euros, just as Coquelin didn’t. And you said Sneiderlin would. I don’t see any difference he made to the united side. As for me, i would hardly touch any dm or btb player that plays for a very defensive side. There is a 20percent chance he is covered by their defensive structure, rather than what the player can do individually. Cech as a primary example.

  48. Red&White4life

    “Wenger himself denies the new contract story. ”
    Don’t believe the hype!! lol

    Reliable excellent one lol

  49. Ughelligunner

    As for me, i will still continue to say that our attacking side let us down big time this season, not defence. We would have scored more and still concede but win most games we lost.

    Giroud, sanchez had too much of a barren long run, as well as Ozil been too timid to score goals apart from assisting. The defence were caught too many times off guard while trying to win matches or increase the goal tally. Cech too didn’t help by been to lazy to get down earlier on time. In his prime at chelsea, the buses parked in front of him rarely allowed shots taking at their goal as many players usually throw their body in front of shots. This always kept him at full alert. Most games we won while been defensive saw cech been fully aware, rather than ball watching. All the same, we should have scored more.

    There is also an interview of cech blaming injuries, i wonder if it was injuries that made him allow goals in our first match against Wesham.

  50. S Asoa

    Lady Nina assuming she loved the £ ,and who doesn’t , would not have been averse to sell even to Usmanov . The scoundrel here was Wenger who was considered highly those days ,and advised her to sell to Kroenke . The unknown conjecture is whether there was mutual agreement between the two from that time or whether the kid glove treatment is in lieu of economic consideration. Wenger has been running the Club like a Madam in a bordello. No honour, only max profit and least expenditure.

  51. Josip Skoblar

    Looking at Deschamps’s selection yesterday. France’s defence is so-so; their attack is average but their midfield is un-be-lie-va-ble! It’s a team which should qualify for the semis.

  52. Emiratesstroller


    I am not discussing our past underspend in transfer market.

    I pointed out that for season 2014/15 we invested far more than £50 million on
    transfers excluding increase in wages. I think that our overall transfer bill was
    well north of £80 Million.

    What I am suggesting is that the club should be able comfortably to spend each year £50-60 million net in transfer market.

    Even if I reduce the calculation of Gambon to £30-40 million as Cesh suggests we could still increase budget over next couple of years by additional £20 million without serious impact on our huge bank balance.

    My main argument last summer is that the club should be investing annually
    at least £30-50 million on one world class player.We spent that sort of figure
    on Ozil and Sanchez, but failed to do so last summer.

  53. STV

    Emirates OK. But I said it cause Warchest stories surfaced as far as 2009, and Wenger himself admitted he got money to spent many time in past seasons.

  54. Relieable Sauce


    What do you think the French 1st eleven will be?
    Back 5 and CM seems fairly settled, good variation with options up front even without Benzema.
    Does Dechamps vary his line-ups and style of play for different opponents?

  55. Steveyg87

    Wenger mentions the toxic emirates atmosphere, lets see what he does about it, or is he going to allow us to express ourselves the way the players do. The fans have been on par with the players if you ask me

  56. karim


    My predicted 11

    Evra – Kos – Varane – Sagna
    Diarra – Pogba – Matuidi
    Griezmann – Payet – Giroud

    Diarra will play as he’s more experienced than Kante but the former won’t be able to play all the games so N’golo will have game time.

    Gignac can also play instead of Giroud.

    Martial and Coman will be very useful subs once defences are tired.

  57. PieAFC

    We need to all face facts.

    We’re fucked under Wenger and SK.

    More pressure Wenger and both SK to fuck off.

    The dimwits who love Wengwr and see no different are exactly that. Don’t know Arsenal before Wenger so cannot see life after him. They have no reason, justifications on their opinions just the same old sayings.

    We are finished while he’s in charge.

    We are a car crash waiting to happen next year… Only going to get worse I think.

    Arsenal FC the also rans of the ‘elite’

  58. Emiratesstroller


    The so-called huge war chest is a myth.

    The reality is that the club has fixed long term liabilities as a result of building
    stadium and infrastructure. Also the accounting period ends in May and as
    everyone knows large chunks of money are received from season ticket holders during that month.

    What is true is that the club could gamble in transfer market more than they do.

    Frankly I would prefer to follow the Bayern Munich model. They invest usually in one major signing each year. That should be within Arsenal’s capacity as

    Frankly our failure to do so last season should be factored into what we spend
    this summer.

    When you buy big players it sends out also the signal of “ambition” including
    to other players on books like Sanchez and Ozil. The lack of investment this
    season and our failure to win a trophy sent out wrong message.

  59. PieAFC

    On Twitter some of the guys saying

    Maybe it’s a way of the club pushing Wengers hand. Are you staying beyond the year or quitting. So they can plan either way.

    Good way of looking at in. Passively pushing Wengers hand to make a decision.

    He says last year. STs of the masses who love him will renew, the people who want him out will renew due to knowing it’s over and it’s the last season.

    Real good point.

  60. Prateik Jilka

    Guys, honestly, not seen this much on the posts, but do you think Alisher Uzmanov could be receptive to our concerns. He’s declared this previously. He’s surely a fan as he’s explicitly put himself in the spotlight for us to hold himself accountable. Can we see this as a promise to change? I think so – he’s declaring his commitment. Something that’s lacking from Stan. I honestly believe Alisher could retain control and help transform the club ( put pressure on Wenger to see what he’s truly made of in the current market). Pedro excellent blog keep us inspired and provocative to thought. (Leadership demonstrated that the club needs alber subtle).

  61. Relieable Sauce

    I think this has a nice balance.


    For when you need more workrate.


  62. Prateik Jilka

    Guys, honestly, not seen this much on the posts, but do you think Alisher Uzmanov could be receptive to our concerns. He’s declared this previously. He’s surely a fan as he’s explicitly put himself in the spotlight for us to hold himself accountable. Can we see this as a promise to change? I think so – he’s declaring his commitment. Something that’s lacking from Stan. I honestly believe Alisher could retain control and help transform the club ( put pressure on Wenger to see what he’s truly made of in the current market). Pedro excellent blog keep us inspired and provocative to thought. (Leadership demonstrated that the club needs albeit subtle).

  63. Red&White4life

    @Relieable : in the list you’ll find plenty of “wenger type of players” like Jallet, Cabaye, Mangala, Sissoko, Digne, L’oLreal of course lol…

    This is Deschamps, this is “anti football”, this is “be solid in the middle and at the back, and wait patiently for the counters”.
    This is a joke and I hope we will not win with this shitty team.

    I will support Belgium or Germany, but certainly not France even if I’m french lol

  64. Cesc Appeal

    We need SurferX, he did a great break down of the finances, I think he even did a guest post, I see how that city worker in all his financial analysis mentioned ‘I don’t think we can blame Mr Wenger,’ in terms of transfer dealings.

    Lots of agenda driven analysis of finances, I remember the summer before last a pro-Wenger poster trying to convince everyone we had a £25 Million budget, or the famous ‘our transfer budgets include wages as well,’ load of rubbish.

    The AST always estimates Arsenal have around £60-80 Million to spend annually comfortably.

    I think that is about right, £60-80 Million basic, we have an almost entire transfer budget unspent from last year, so that comes over, I don’t care about summer 2014 spend, because our net spend was something like £47 Million after sales and different clauses bringing us income.

    We have a lot of money to spend, no excuses this summer. The squad needs an overhaul, it was obvious over the next 2-3 years we were going to need to remodel the side last summer, which is why we should have added 2-3 bodies in the summer, and then looked to have done the same this summer.

    So instead of say, adding a CM and a RM/LM last summer as a minimum requirement, then this summer saying we really need a ST and a CB, now we’ve got it all to do…and of course we won’t, weirdly, the fact Wenger fails at his job most summers means he will then use that failure in past summers to highlight the fact you can’t add too many players and that because of our need prices are artificially high, so his past failures, are almost used as excuses for his new ones.

  65. karim

    Red and White spouting shit as usual.

    Were his Monaco, Marseille or Juve teams anti-football or France in Brazil ?

    Deschamps was very influenced by Italian footy, that’s true, doesn’t mean he’s parking buses, he’s never done it and never will.

    You are the joke actually


    Griezmann upfront is a possibility, you’re right, it’s just that we’ve never really tested it as Benz was the main man.

    Hard to predict it’s gonna happen though as Griezmann will be busy playing the CL final and it leaves Deschamps just one week to experiment new systems after that.

    The line-up I suggested worked wonders v Russia last month.

  66. STV


    Most top clubs have their liabilities and £50m is not a big sum considering Arsenal revenues and the £30m sponsorship. Warchest stories are probably a PR machine but I think the failure to sign players last summer was down to Wenger and and not with the financial arrangements of the club.

    This season, with the new TV money, the transfer budget ideally should be around £90m (net) atleast when you consider our failed season and dire need of squad replacements. But I don’t think that would be the case. As much as it sounds repetitious its simply not Wenger’s way of doings and that he won’t change(unless the board insists and they won’t).

    Bayern’s model is very good but it’s worth noting that they always had a great squad ( from 2000- as far as I remember). They didn’t sell their best players and destroy their ambitions even they moved to their new stadium). They were lot more smarter than Arsenal in dealing with clubs finances and management. Good for them they are now a very stable club and can only improve even without the massive spendings that Real and City do.

    Arsenal cannot achieve that without the initial financial input and big overhaul in players and managers imo.

  67. Arsene's Nurse

    Here are some facts and figure comparing Arsenal with Spurs.

    Revenue £

    Spurs 196m
    Arsenal 329m

    Wages £

    Spurs 101m
    Arsenal 192m

    Net Transfer Spend – last 5 seasons £

    Spurs -54m (yes minus 54m, every other club in the PL has spent more than Spurs)
    Arsenal 102m

    Cash Balance £

    Spurs 11m (yes just 11m)
    Arsenal 228m

    All figures taken from:

    Now think about how a club operates and how they buy players and pay the wages.

    The whole “war chest” thing is nonsense. It’s just something the papers put out and which the club are happy to let be bandied about in order to get people’s hopes up.

  68. Leedsgunner

    “Lots of agenda driven analysis of finances, I remember the summer before last a pro-Wenger poster trying to convince everyone we had a £25 Million budget, or the famous ‘our transfer budgets include wages as well,’ load of rubbish.”

    Remember when someone suggested on here that the reason why Wenger COULDN’t spend last summer was because of TRAINING GROUND IMPROVEMENTS?

    Literally to blame the manager is unthinkable for some.

    Why that is I have absolutely no idea.

    Wenger and the Board (including Kronke and Gazidas) are all to blame — but where is the accountability?

  69. Relieable Sauce


    Thnx. I did reply but it was lost.
    I think you look a very efficient counter/direct team with the creative element shifted upfield….not too disimilar to the World Cup winning French team perhaps???

  70. karim


    Welcome mate, yes, there’s a general optimistic feeling in the air but the defence was much stronger in ’98 + we don’t have a Zidane this time.

    No obvious leader either like Deschamps or Blanc were.

    Think we will be much stronger heading to Russia although I do think we’ll be at least semi-finalists as Josip suggested.

  71. Cesc Appeal



    I mean, I don’t want Arsenal to go out and spend £100 Million on shite or for the sake of it, but that’s what annoyed me last summer, it isn’t for the sake of it, the way people were talking you would have thought our side was close to perfection such was the limited amount of players we should be interested in.

    As of now, we need a CB, CDM, CM, RM/LM and a ST. Maybe a back up RB as well, that’s a lot, and will cost a lot, which is why, as was stated by everyone not pro-Wenger, we should have been adding last summer, because now we have it all to do.

    Of our starting eleven, Cech, Bellerin, Kozz, Monreal, Ozil, Sanchez are the only ones personally I would want starting next year. Again, that is a lot of change, and again, that is why some of those changes should have happened 12 months ago, it isn’t as if we’ve only this season realised we’re lacking in central midfield and have no wide playmaker and that Mert needs replacing.

  72. Relieable Sauce


    You wont be cheering on England??

    Kane…Dier…Alli…and not forgetting Wilshire of course.

  73. Leedsgunner

    “As of now, we need a CB, CDM, CM, RM/LM and a ST. Maybe a back up RB as well, that’s a lot, and will cost a lot, which is why, as was stated by everyone not pro-Wenger, we should have been adding last summer, because now we have it all to do.”

    Although Wenger will try his best to deflect the blame on to external sources, this mess is completely and utterly his making… not that he will admit it. He will blame everyone else when things to go wrong. Oh yes, when things go right… he is first in the queue to accept the plaudits.

    Ever wonder why he can say so glibly, “Judge me in May?”

    He knows he won’t, that’s why.

  74. Wallace


    “Wallace, were you the one I had the Martial wager with? I said that Martial might be ahead of Giroud by the time of the Euros. I think I have a chance of winning that wager, yes?”

    no, not to boast, but I was early on to Martial. I wouldn’t have been betting against him.

  75. Dissenter

    You lot need to lsiten to Alexanderhenry
    Apparently Wenger had only 10 million to spend last summer

  76. Cesc Appeal

    This was the dipshit bet was it not?

    Cannot remember who entered into it though, surely not poor old Wallace, having to change his name to dipshit and then losing the double figure bet as well 😉 only so much a man can take!

  77. Emiratesstroller


    Bayern had a major advantage when building their stadium. The bulk of the money needed to cover its cost was raised through sponsorship and of course
    land costs are significantly lower in Munich and Germany than in London and

    Arsenal are the most financially disadvantaged club in UK when building their stadium. Clubs like Chelsea, Spurs,Liverpool and Man Utd are redeveloping existing sites and both Man City and West Ham have rented modern stadia
    from municipalities on very favourable terms.

    By contrast we had to buy new land, compensate other businesses, build stadium and infrastructure with virtually no external help apart from Emirates
    Sponsorship. Also the completion and redevelopment of Highbury came at
    worst time when completed coinciding with recession at outset of 2008.

    That is of course not an excuse for ongoing stinginess in transfer market today.

  78. daz

    I never bet against Martial, but I did bet bamford Giroud would have a better Euro’s than Benteke and still feel fairly confident 🙂

  79. goonerboy

    Arsenal is really Arsene FC-Kroenke has zero leadership capacity.
    Arsene FC’s Board are concerned with only one objective-financial profit. Success on the field is incidental. Wenger is being rewarded for not spending the club’s money.
    At this point in the year the club encourage the media and agents to endlessly speculate about major signings for one reason only- to encourage season ticket sales.

  80. Joe


    If the cunts in the Emirates didn’t sing one arsene wenger last game, trust me, wenegr would not have been getting an extension

    If the whole of Emirates turns on wenger, it’s over.

    But some cunts are too deluded and sang that stupid song.

    You know what. Give him the 2 year extension. The longer he stays the more his legacy will be flushed down the toilet

    It’s alteady 50/50. Wait another 3 years. The cunt will be hated by everyone.

    I will say it again. By next December it will be very ugly and toxic at the Emirates. Like we’ve never seen it before.

  81. Joe

    Red and white

    Me neither. I want the cunt to leave with his head on a stake (figuratively speaking).

    Hated with his legacy completely blown.

    The perfect storm is brewing!

  82. Jacko

    I love Le Grove but Wenger on a spending spree? What?

    It’s as if the last 10 years never really happened.

  83. STV


    You were right about about the cost difference but with £390m expenditure on Emirates and ~£ 275m on AA thats no drastic difference , plus they borrowed almost all of it (only £84m sponsorship on stadium rights), sane as Arsenal and already repayed it 16 years ahead of schedule. They did it because they had success in the pitch hence more revenue including new sponsorships.

    Arsenal had more sponsorship money than Bayern in stadium rights (£100 at the time in 2004, £150m new deal in 2012) Also we need to consider the Highbury project had break even in in 2010 which also generated lot of profit since then.

    So when you look at both clubs there’s lot of similarities in their moves and transitions but where they differ is Arsenal badly got lostout in the field and compromised football with boardroom matters which is spearheaded by not so wise economist Wenger.

    I hold Wenger responsible for the demise as a top club because he should have done more but choose not to especially after the first few years. He messed up clubs future with his reluctance to spend for clubs success. He didnt brought this team strength in terms of players success on the pitch in terms of trophies nor off it in terms of sponsorships.

    Bayern are a well run club not because they have more sponsors but because they are extremely successful. Arsenal are badly run club because they are not a success on the field and have to rely on their revenues to stay relevant.