Top targets Arsenal should be considering this summer

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Happy good morning y’all!

First up, after three years in the job, Roberto Martinez has been given the chop. One win in ten and a very disappointing season saw to that. He got way ahead of himself in his first year, like he was some sort of savior, then failed to build from there. He’s a style over substance kind of manager… even when he was at Wigan people were celebrating him play a way his team couldn’t handle, then applauding him beating the drop last day of the season.

Anyway, a team that isn’t arsed isn’t a good look. 12th in the league wasn’t good enough. So bring on a new regime. Amazing how much bolder smaller clubs are getting in chopping out managers that are born survivors in the chase for greater riches. Shame Arsenal don’t do the same when they look at how Bayern, Barca, Juve and Madrid play. Heycknes was kicked out of Bayern after the treble because the club needed and overhaul and new ideas. If Wenger won the treble, he’d get a 16 year deal and keys to Stan K’s ranch

In other news, with stories abound about the departure of Alexis and Theo, it’s worth mentioning Henrikh Mkhitaryan as a possible replacement. The Armenian has a year to go on his deal, he’s 27 years old and he’s just dropped an incredible season with 20 assists and 18 goals. I’d be very surprised if we weren’t monitoring a player like him. He has plenty of grit, a consistent end product, he’d be cheap and he’d know how to play in a tactical system if Wenger ever decided to leave.

I love Alexis… but there’s a reason talent like his didn’t make it at Barca. He loses the ball too freely and he’ll likely not arse himself with defending… especially if he thinks he’s the superstar of the team. If we need to replace star presence with star presence, the Armenian would certainly please in a very Arsenal way.

Then there’s Theo, whom shares his position, I mean really, the man has to leave. He’s the epitome of everything we don’t need at Arsenal. He doesn’t have mental strength, his technique is super average for an Arsenal player and he’s coining it in because he’s British. Not to mention he thinks he’s a striker…

Henrikh Mkhitaryan can play across the front line. He’d be a very strong candidate. He’s also another example of what you can find when you raid lesser leagues. Originally found by the Ukrainian League… a place German clubs seem to raid freely like Arsenal did France back in the day.

Other players I’d be interested in this summer? Ok, why not!

I’d love to see us double raid for Lukaku and John Stones. The Englishman is a bit clumsy and lightweight at the moment, but tell me a great centre back that wasn’t at 22? Rio wasn’t on the world class train as a kid and John Terry was shoved off the ball in an FA Cup final by Freddie of all people! I think Mr Stones could be one of those mega regrets if we don’t land him. He’s classy on the ball, has a great frame and he mostly reads the game well. Lukaku is another kid, he has a shed ton of goals. Sure, he’s hardly well rounded, but he’s young, experienced and he’s a real student of the game. If Wenger can shape Adebayor into something resembling world class, I’m sure he could shape Lukaku. He’s also the powerhouse we’ve missed since Ade.

I’d also like a Xhaka or N’Kante. I spoke on the Swiss yesterday, but the Frenchman (how did we not scout him?) is something else. A true modern box to box beast. Insatiable appetite for the game, a monster, with plenty of craft. Would love to have him line up in our midfield. Can you imagine?

Also, total curve ball here… But Carlo Ancelotti has told Gotze he can leave for £20m. He hasn’t hit the heights under Pep, but my, what a talent. Picking up players of talent and under struggle was a Wenger RKaeRIKMspecial back in the day. He can play all over the midfield, he knows what it’s like to perform under pressure and he’s super young. What an opportunity for us to nip in for a bargain… a player we know Wenger watched 400 times in the past as well.

Right, that’s your lot today! Have a good one!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I think we need more change that, a midfield trio of Xhaka, Caz and Ozil is still too weak, Xhaka isn’t the fastest, and the other two are total lightweights physically with Ozil not interested really in doing anything in his own half for the most part.

    This whole Caz as CM thing needs to stop, it was a shoehorn fix from Wenger to balance out Coq’s deficiencies and to get Caz in the side, Ramsey isn’t a RM, but we played him then because Oxlade and Walcott were so shit, and also to add a third man to the middle.

    That is down to Caz being physically lightweight whilst technically excellent, and Ozil causing us central midfield issues.

    Really we need Xhaka and then someone else, whether that’s Ramsey getting another go but with more discipline and instruction, maybe being barked at by Xhaka might do that, who knows.

    Personally, I would take a hammer to this side and rebuild it.

    Also, Iwobi cannot be a starter, on the bench absolutely, earned that, but he isn’t the calibre we need, the opportunity is there with Mhiktaryan and we should take it. Essentially you would almost cover the cost of that transfer by selling the utterly useless Walcott.

    Xhaka, Ramsey
    Sanchez, Ozil, Mhiktaryan

    Looks a far better side, question marks still over Ramsey, personally I would be bringing in another CM, but with Wenger, those three additions would literally being pushing it to the edge anyway, maybe there’s no Emirates Cup this year because he’s being forced to spend and so knows he will need to spend most of July having a sit down to get over it 😉

  2. N5

    I wasn’t digging at you Swiss and thanks for taking it as it was meant. It’s become a real moan around here lately and it needs posters to start new conversation otherwise it just stagnates.

    Iwobi has been a real surprise and I hope he continues on this path without having that passion taken from him. I also had to take back what I said about Joel Campbell. I maintained for a long time that he was garbage and although I’m not overly impressed with his skill set, his work rate is second to none.

  3. champagne charlie


    “I would prefer Morata, I know people will say Lukaku’s goal stats are better, but there’s something about him I just don’t like, Morata would be cheaper and I think he has enormous potential.”

    Jesus christ cesc that’s an unbelievably Wenger-type statement. Surely lukaku by the same token has enormous potential? Given he’s actually delivered what strikers are typically judged by. Morata might be talented but he wasn’t talented enough to stay at Real Madrid, which is fine, yet he now barely gets a game at Juve. Lukaku was dumped by Maureen and everyone at chelsea is now shaking their head at that one because he’s gone on to score plenty and prove and absolute handful.

    Personally I’d like a more cultured and cute player like our good pal Eduardo once was, Higuain is someone i’ve wanted for years. But should we take the ‘young and raw’ approach I struggle to think how you can do better than prem proven lukaku who can mask technical flaws with a swift acceleration and bulldoze approach. As has been stated, he’s 22, Wenger could surely ‘Adebayor’ Lukaku into something scary. At the very least he’d remain a more consistent source of goals than any of our focal strikers.

  4. azed

    Read this blog every day for years but there’s only so much Wenger out you can scream.

    What’s up?

  5. N5

    Eduardo was such a good striker! wildly underrated.

    Was it just me or did he always find himself in a ton of space? he must have been so quick at moving away from his marker because he always seemed to have 5 years minimum of space.

  6. STV

    It’s pointless to moan everyday about the posters who are not posting here. I have been reading this blog from 2009 (Not regularly) and have seen far more interesting discussions. Atleast these days most people realize the true colors of Arsene Wenger. Hence much less fighting with delusional people.

  7. champagne charlie

    Eduardo was world class pre-injury. Pure intelligence and technique. He’s the type of striker we’ve been needing for best part of a decade.

    Closest player of type currently is Higuian for sure, not lightening quick, not super strong, just technical, clever, and devastating. With a multi-million pound scouting network you’d hope we could identify the next Higuain and watch a real talent unfold week after week. Instead we get fed the chuba’s and afobe’s and told they’re gold.

  8. STV

    Reyes. loved him. C**t Neville finally got what he deserved. Humiliation, so much for his tough guy/ smart ass imposter.

  9. GoonerGaunty73

    A guy I work with is a steward at the Emirates. He mentioned Ivan, Dicky Law and AW were missing which is very unusual, especially for all 3 not to be there. Let’s hope they were somewhere finalising a monster transfer.

    He also mentioned Chambers looked very good at center half………..

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Prefer Morata, something I don’t like about Lukaku, and the days of Wenger turning anyone into anything except a mess are done.

    As I went on to say though, would take either, argued for Aubameyang last summer, but that ship has sailed now, would take any of Morata, Higuain or Lukaku, don’t care what we have to pay.

  11. steve

    Eduardo another player overrated due to injury. He was average before the leg break. 4 goals in 17 league games. Not exactly special.

  12. Carts

    Eduardo had a knack of putting the ball past the keeper in almost the complete opposite corner. His accuracy was amazing.

  13. salparadisenyc

    Safe to say had Wenger green lit Higuain along with brining in Ozil that summer we’d of likely won the title in one of the last three seasons. Instead we’ve played around with Giroud, extended Theo… literally gifting him starts as a #9.

    Looking forward, Lukaku over Morata for me. He really has the making of world beater with the right setup around him. That said Morata, Michy, Icardi, christ even the young Lukaku would all be welcome.

    Wenger in the corner in regards to CF, he has to buy. Said with a smile.

  14. STV

    Steve he was better than average striker. Also he scored more in cup competitions. Good to watch but not the type that wins you titles.

  15. BacaryisGod


    Ok, you sold me on Mkhitaryan.

    Even better, he’s fluent in 6 languages (Arsene’s greatest strength!) and would be a huge upgrade on Walcott.

    I disagree with your midfield assessment though. I think Caz and Xhaka would be a great combination at CM and we would absolutely control the flow of games. If Jack can find his form and health again, he might be a good partner for Xhaka.

  16. Jim Lahey

    @Sal – I really don’t want us to spend money on another big powerful striker like Lukaku or even Morata. They are definite upgrades on Giroud, but I would like up to spend heavily on a Suarez/Dybala type player this summer. A finisher with the desire to win!

    Why not test Juve for Dybala?! £40m and a 180k a week contract!

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Lack of ruthlessness, familiarity with his players and idealising their ability levels, that is what costs us.

    Wenger places his players in bubbles (kind of ironic given the fact a third of them would have their legs snapped in half by a moderate gale) away from all criticism and firmly believes that players like Giroud and Walcott can be WC if they just believe in themselves.

    That’s the problem, he doesn’t think there is a problem, he just thinks things didn’t quite come together for us.

  18. STV

    What’s perplexing is Eduardo was signed as a replacement for Henry(!) when Liverpool signed Torres for 22m and Man U signed Tevez from Westham for 20m and Wenger decided against David Villa transfer.

  19. steve

    @Steve – “Reyes was a quality destroyed by the specialist in failure.”

    I would add Andrey Arshavin to that list too.

    Yep along with Hleb and now Wenger is on his way to destroy Sanchez as well. Just shocking in managing players.

  20. salparadisenyc


    I’d take Dybala over any of them if there was a bit of reality to it.
    Juve holding firm on Pogba, going to do same with Dybala. Thats one classy match fixing outfit, and I’ve always loved their kits.

    Cesc, agree on all fronts and I think we’ve hit the precipice for Arsene, the hill begins sloping in the other direction. He seems willing to ride it out it out to the bottom, going to get very ugly if club sticks with him all the way down. He’s a spent force.

  21. WengerEagle

    Who do people reckon will be on the plane for the Euros for England?

    My 23 would be:

    GK: Hart, Butland, Forster.
    LB: Bertrand, Rose.
    RB: Clyne, Walker.
    CB: Smalling, Cahill, Dier, Stones.
    CDM/CM/CAM: Milner, Drinkwater, Wilshere (even half-fit is better than anything else England have), Alli, Barkley.
    LM/RM: Sterling, Lallana, Ox/Townsend.
    CF: Kane, Vardy, Sturridge, Rooney.

    Defoe if he isn’t on the plane has a real reason to feel slighted but just don’t see how he gets game-time when England have 3 quality and in-form strikers in Kane, Vardy and Sturridge.

  22. Jim Lahey

    One thing that will always stick with me regarding Wenger and Arshavin is near the end of his time at Arsenal Wenger was stuck and had to play him in behind the striker. Arshavin plays a blinder, to which Wenger comments after the game “I think we have found his position”….

    Well ALL knew that was his position, Wenger destroyed the guy by forcing him to play out on the left wing. Something he would continue to do with other players.

  23. WengerEagle

    Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham), Steve Mandanda (Marseille), Benoit Costil (Rennes)

    Defenders: Bacary Sagna (Man City), Christophe Jallet (Lyon), Lucas Digne (Roma), Patrice Evra (Juventus), Raphael Varane (Real Madrid), Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal), Eliaquim Mangala (Man City), Jeremy Mathieu (Barcelona)

    Midfielders: Lassana Diarra (Marseille), Yohan Cabaye (Crystal Palace), N’Golo Kante (Leicester City), Blaise Matuidi (PSG), Paul Pogba (Juventus), Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle United)

    Attackers: Anthony Martial (Manchester United), Andre Pierre Gignac (Tigres UANL), Dimitri Payet (West Ham), Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid).

    France’s 23.

    No Benzema, Ousmane Dembele and surprisingly no Ben Arfa who’s had an unbelievable season. Poor old Fekir misses out too.

    Interestingly no Lacazette either.

    Deschamps has always been insistent on positive team spirit though (Ben Arfa and Benz), after the shit-storm of Domenech’s 2010 France side who could blame him.

  24. STV

    Wenger also destroyed Walcott, Vermaelen, Gallas, Ramsey, Sanchez ( ongoing), Chamberlain, Rosicky etc..

    Worth noting that Wenger didn’t distroy Bentner because there’s only so much damage you can do.

  25. Joe


    That is the problem with wenger in a nutshell

    After he said it he probably went back to playing AA as a winger or benched him


  26. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think you can blame Wenger for destroying Walcott, you can blame him for holding onto him for so long, but Walcott is just total shit.

  27. Relieable Sauce


    Then re-signed him on 60k pw claiming no one better was available.
    Youve got to laugh…especially at the people still defending him.

  28. Carts

    GK: Hart, Forster, Heaton
    LB: Bertrand, Rose.
    RB: Clyne, Walker.
    CB: Smalling, Cahill, Dier, Stones.
    CDM/CM/CAM: Milner, Drinkwater, Wilshere (even half-fit is better than anything else England have), Alli, Barkley.
    LM/RM: Sterling, Lallana, Townsend.
    CF: Kane, Vardy, Sturridge, Rooney.


  29. Rhys Jaggar

    Well, that’s a nice list, but a few will take some getting.

    1. Goetze: well, who wouldn’t want him? So the question is whether he wants London and Wenger or Klopp and Liverpool. May depend on whether Liverpool get into the Champions League, I guess. But he knows he can work with Klopp, so the risk there for him is smaller. It’s still well worth going for, but he won’t come on the cheap…..
    2. Stones: well, I guess it depends on whether you think Wenger (and any defensive coaches he lets loose on him) can mould him into a world class defender. Wenger has never won the league without at least one central defender who was fully formed by the time he got his hands on him. Adams, Bould, Keown, Campbell. None were coached by Wenger, all were managed by him. So if I were pitching for Stones, I’d want to offer him coaching from a great defensive coach……
    3. Mkhitaryan: again, a good target. Another one I guess more than one bid might be submitted for. So a very clear role and a very good pitch would be necessary to land him……
    4. Lukaku – I agree with you. He knows where the net is, is EPL hardened and he brings something Arsenal don’t have right now. Big bid right now before a new manager has the chance to talk him out of it……..
    5. Xhaka and Kante are both worth targeting, but there may need to be more targets in that arena. Kante will be on everyone’s radar, including Leicester’s Board.

    I hesitate to point out that the DM has run a story suggesting Wenger is after an unknown Frenchman in Ligue II who was mentioned in the same breath as Yaya Sanogo as being ‘one for the future’………

    If Wenger is hiring ‘Frenchmen for the future’, it either suggests he’s expecting a 3 year renewal or Arsenal manager’s job is now only allowed to go to Frenchmen and French admirers.

    Just the sort of thing to get those at LG rather bucolic, bad-tempered and vitriolic……

  30. Joe

    and guys like WE who want to ‘speculate’ on who wenger is going to bring in

    Any other club it is great to speculate because there is hope on it actually happening. Stoke brought in better players than us last season.

    With wenger there is no hope in speculation because he’s a cunt and has killed all hope

  31. Dissenter

    “A guy I work with is a steward at the Emirates. He mentioned Ivan, Dicky Law and AW were missing which is very unusual, especially for all 3 not to be there. Let’s hope they were somewhere finalising a monster transfer”

    How would a steward know the itinerary of all three top guns?
    Is he screwing all the personal secretaries of all three of them?
    C’mon guys we just can’t make transfers happen by willing them into being.

  32. Dissenter

    Giroud made the French squad. He’s a lucky bugger.

    France squad

    Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur), Steve Mandanda (Olympique Marseille), Benoit Costil (Stade Rennes)

    Defenders: Raphael Varane (Real Madrid), Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal), Eliaquim Mangala (Manchester City), Jeremy Mathieu (Barcelona), Patrice Evra (Juventus), Bacary Sagna (Manchester City), Lucas Digne (AS Roma), Christophe Jallet (Olympique Lyon)

    Midfielders: Paul Pogba (Juventus), Blaise Matuidi (Paris St Germain), Lassana Diarra (Olympique Marseille), N’Golo Kante (Leicester City), Yohan Cabaye (Crystal Palace), Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle United)

    Forwards: Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Dimitri Payet (West Ham United), Anthony Martial (Manchester United), Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich), Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), Andre-Pierre Gignac (UANL Tigres)

  33. N5

    Ha ha Dissenter I thought the same thing but as I’m always the one to dig people out I thought I’d leave it to someone else. It’s the first steward I’ve heard of being at training sessions watching out CBs and at the ground on non match days stewarding the management????

  34. Joe

    Instead of the laboured strike force we have now

    And wenger chose money instead of griezmann in the vela deal.

    In wenger we trust

  35. izzo

    LOL you guys drooling over players Arsene-nal will never buy. Enjoy dreamland I’ll be here September 1 to laugh at you all especially Emiratestroller who harps on with semi long posts about somehow being ITK about what the club and Wenger “will have to do”. Yea in your own reality their hands are tied and they don’t have a choice but to bring in at least 3 players. LOOOOL… Mark September 1st in your calender I’m going to here laughing.

  36. Marko

    No doubt France’s chance hinges on Griezmann. Lad is having a great season and looks the real deal. Also on England I’d probably go with Cresswell over Bertrand. Think he’s just had the better season

  37. STV

    ha ha N5 and it’s no ordinary steward either, he saw what most people didn’t 🙂

    “He also mentioned Chambers looked very good at center half”


  38. WengerEagle


    Who are you tipping to win the tournament?

    I heavily fancied France but not having Benzema makes a big difference.

    I’d still have them as slight favourites with home advantage.

    Would be surprised if the winner wasn’t one of France, Germany or Spain tbh.

    For me they’re comfortably the 3 best teams in Europe.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    With Dembele moving to BvB and them also trying to land Gotze, you would have to believe that BvB think Mhiktaryan is on his way out.

    Have to make sure we get in there, one of those few players you might actually feel confident about Wenger signing, technically great, can play across the attacking line and most importantly, bargain.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    But BvB are not a money club, they have no chance of giving Munich a run for their money in terms of finances, they have to rely on smart acquisitions and management, which they do commendably well.

    They have brought in a great youngster, and he’s gone to a great club to advance his talent, but with them circling around Gotze, and Mhiktaryan not signing a new deal with 12 months left, slim chance they turn down an offer around the £25 Million mark, simply they cannot afford to.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    The way the BvB staff were talking about Dembele, sounded more like a ST, I wonder if they are thinking of starting the Aubameyang process over again, young Ligue 1 winger, pace, strength and an eye for goal, convert him to a ST, with rumours that Madrid want Aubameyang, could be.

    Unfortunate for teams like BvB, but such is the way of the world.

  42. London gunner

    Wenger eagle

    I don’t know I can see Aubameyang being utterly prolific in a Real Madrid counter attacking side.

    With Ronaldo bale and Aubameyang up top that’s the fastest front three in Europe.

    Could definitely imagine him starting as I think he suits real madrids football to a tee

  43. WengerEagle


    On paper that looks great, Benzema literally holds Madrid’s entire attack together though, they look a completely different side without him.

    I’m not convinced that Aubameyang could play with Ronaldo either.

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Do you understand plain English?

    I have stated the positions, which I believe strengthening. Apart from Xhaka I
    have not mentioned in recent posts any players, which I thought Arsenal should buy.

    I don’t think that anyone believes that Arsenal will not buy a Striker in view
    of Welbeck’s longterm injury.

    I think that Arsenal will buy at least one Defender hopefully a first string Centre Back.

    So with inclusion of Xhaka in Central Midfield those would be three positions
    which I would strengthen.

    I do not think that Arsenal will buy a Wide player even if Walcott leaves. We
    have at moment six players on our books who can play in wide positions. Where are you going to put new arrival?

    At the end of day Arsenal’s expenditure will be well short of £100 million and
    I suspect that by the time we complete some sales e.g. Walcott, Debuchy and
    a Goalkeeper the net spend will probably be around £50 Million.

  45. PIeAFC

    Nothing is going to change.

    One signing, fans will lap it up, ST renewal fly off the shelf. Then Wenger signs a new deal. Signs no one else.

    Says squad is complete.

    Rinse repeat…..

  46. grooveydaddy

    Arseblog saying Wengers been offered a two year extension.

    Has until October to commit apparently…

  47. Mick Kartun

    “A guy I work with is a steward at the Emirates. He mentioned Ivan, Dicky Law and AW were missing which is very unusual, especially for all 3 not to be there. Let’s hope they were somewhere finalising a monster transfer.”

    I heard that rumor too. After they finished the deal, Ivan, AW, and Dicky slept in a hotel room.

    After a night’s sleep, Dicky who was sleeping on the left woke up in a cold sweat and told the others “I had the most horrible nightmare that somebody was trying to pull my dick off!”

    Ivan who was sleeping on the right says “Weird! I had the exact same dream!”

    Wenger who was sleeping in the middle says “I had a dream that I was skiing ……..”

  48. doctore

    truly don’t know how true the Xhaka story is, but if we could get Xhaka, mihkitaryan,morata/classen, maybe Varane , yarmolenko (a high scoring winger)and possibly Kante (which am not sure can happen) I might be willing to go Wenger one more year,just imagine the possibilities. wow. that’s would be a little over £150million

  49. Black Hei

    “With Ronaldo bale and Aubameyang up top that’s the fastest front three in Europe.”

    All 3 will be scrambling for goal scoring positions.

    Meanwhile the mid gets over run by a 5 man mid.

    I am afraid the gaps between attack and mid will be too much with that front 3.

    You need a link man and Benzema is that guy.

  50. STV

    Arsene Wenger haven’t yet made an offer for Xhaka. Still confused whether to block it or go ahead with some derisory offers. Give the great man some peace, and let him enjoy the euros!!

  51. London gunner

    Champagne Charlie

    “Consider Howard’s 2014 words now: “The manager believes in our gameplan and system and he doesn’t really alter that very much according to who the opponent is. In terms of the British game, that goes against a lot of the mentality, but it seems to have worked for us.”

    Martinez is Wenger mark 2

  52. London gunner

    The defensive work has not been good enough to keep him in the job and given Everton’s trajectory, it’s tempting now to conclude that it was only the experience of the existing back four under the previous regime that got the team through that first season so well.

    “It’s since become clear that Martinez doesn’t place much emphasis on such things. It has betrayed a soft centre and a culture of coming up short. And yet, whether it’s relentless positivity or sheer bloody-mindedness, the signs are that there is no appetite to change.”

    He really is Wenger mark 2

  53. Cesc Appeal

    News of a new two year deal on the table for Wenger, what the fuck is wrong with this club…

  54. Wallace

    “I’d also like a Xhaka or N’Kante. I spoke on the Swiss yesterday, but the Frenchman (how did we not scout him?) is something else. A true modern box to box beast. Insatiable appetite for the game, a monster, with plenty of craft. Would love to have him line up in our midfield. Can you imagine?”

    Xhaka every time. at Leicester with their 30% of possession Kante’s in his element. at a club that regularly clocks up 60-70% possession his usefulness will be much reduced.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    A one year deal fine, you could see what they are doing with that similar to Pellegrini over at City last year, to stop him being a lame duck manager with his entire squad knowing he’s going and the press hounding him all season, the next 12 months would essentially become about Wenger, which I’ve no doubt he would be delighted with, but there’s sense in it.

    Two years, first off, that is what we should have offered him last time, not three, and this just suggests there is no succession planning, that no one at this club has a fucking clue what they are doing and are doing their level best to make it look as if things are changing but are just keeping everything the same.

    ‘Now Wenger, because you’ve been so naughty, stubborn, egotistical and unambitious this year, your sides season falling apart in identical fashion for the tenth season running, we’re only offering you a two year deal, not three, didn’t want to have to do that but your forced my hand…’

  56. Rambo Ramsey

    “News of a new two year deal on the table for Wenger, what the fuck is wrong with this club…”

    hah, now I’d like to hear something from those who deflected blame off Kroenke. Jeff, Joe any comments? or do you think Wenger gives himself new contracts?

  57. Cesc Appeal


    It’s all messed up at this club, since the day Kroenke got in and power was centralised in Wenger, we’ve been on a slide, no checks, no balances, no accountability, massive profits and everyone is laughing.

    Kroenke takes blame, absolutely, but I think Wenger is getting let off massively by some with his ‘legend’ tag, this is a man who is not simply acquiescing to this moving of Arsenal into a field of non-competitiveness and profit orientation, but he’s actually helped in it.

    Just look at the structure, you’ve got Gazidis and Kroenke who are essentially businessmen, then a board who probably have spaces next to their giant leather chairs for oxygen tanks and their personal nurses, then Wenger.

    Said it before this club needs dragging into the 21st Century. Anyone who sold up to Kroenke sold Arsenal’s soul all those years back, and the Emirates stadium is the worlds largest tombstone, ‘here rests Arsenal FC.’

  58. Rambo Ramsey

    can see Wenger parading Gotze as his marquee signing. ignore the need of a top class midfielder, a prolific striker and go on to sign another lightweight, lazy player.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Without changes to the central midfield, Gotze and Ozil in the same line up just does not do it for me.

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, bang on. makes me cringe whenever I read excuses being made for our careless owner. you get comments like ‘he’s allowing a high yearly wage bill’. come on! fuck off with that, that money isn’t coming from the generosity of his coffers, its money generated by the club.

    can’t help but feel jealous when you see them owners at City, Chelsea heck even Spuds and Pool. if we had one of those responsible owners in charge, Wenger would be kicked out years ago and we’d be better off as a football club

  61. Steveyg87

    Might as well join the wish list parade!

    Xhaka as far as I know, is a done deal. his club are stalling till they sign a replacement.. to me, good deal

    That leaves us a ST,CB(mertesaker replacement) and possibly a winger, which I doubt, we’re stocked up (Campbell,gnabry,alexis and Rambo) not including theo

    Striker I’d go for someone more mobile than pacey, to be honest I know jack shit about this Jansen character so I’d go for Higuain, who has a relationship with ozil from RM days, no likely though, his price tag probably went up by bout 20mil during the course of this season, final season Zlatan would do, but Wengers not gona do that.. Morata looks the most likely and I wouldn’t be disappointed.

    CB could be anyone for the matter, not to arsed who slots in, aslog as he compliments Kosielny, so tall, strong and a bastard, Robert Huth anyone?

    Winger, I’d love me some Reus, mihkitaryan would do too, above all the signings, Griezman would give us something no other Epl has bar Mahrez & Hazard. Throw Mahrez in to the mix too, More likely than any of the other winger signings

  62. Hunter

    If Wenger gets another deal that’s two or three years I am done with this club.They clearly aren’t listening or aren’t bothered about the fans feelings.None of Kronke,Gazidis or the board have the guts to stand up to Wenger.He is becoming a hate figure by many and without doubt his legacy will implode.

  63. Ishola70

    Perfect time for the board to give Wenger an extended new contract.

    Yet again Wenger has survived criticism and questioning and you can’t even really call it a storm he got through rather a squall. Dissent may have been upped in recent times for Arsenal standards but in comparison to other clubs protests in the past it was tame enough.

    People need a reality check here. Kroenke is in no position to even think about getting rid of Wenger at this point. Wenger is paramount to the clubs financial success and he does just enough to give the club an air of respectability by qualifying every year for the CL but more importantly Wenger still has the backing of the majority of fans who attend The Emirates. Kroenke is not going to do the dirty work for the minority of fans who go to games who want Wenger out. It’s ludicrous to even think he would entertain the thought. Doesn’t matter how many on social media voice their disapproval of the manager. The fans who attend have shown in the majority that they still back Wenger. Even the main WOBs on social media and who also attend games have said as much and are now resigned to Wenger continuing.

    Wenger will only go if the majority of the fan base who attend games put severe pressure on him to leave and that will only happen if the team take a significant nose dive.

    So all this talk of deflection and the blame game going on the reason Wenger will probably carry on for a good few years yet is the fans themselves. No more no less.

  64. Andy

    A two year deal is no surprise, based on the protest it would seem to the owner and everyone else watching that the majority of fans are behind him, I’m sure they don’t read Le Grove.

  65. Wallace

    “little chance Mahrez leaves Champions Leicester to join some other PL club. move to a top non-English club way more likely”

    no, with the new tv deal if you’re a top player England’s going to be the place to play your football the next 5yrs+

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    Ishola, bit naive on your part to lay it all on fans? you are talking 60k people in the stadium alone, then there’ll be millions world wide. of course there’ll be conflicting opinions. when was the last time you saw that many people being United on any front.

    again I give you example of Chelsea. plenty of Mouinho fanboys displaying support didnt stop Abramovich from firing him. its the sole responsibility of majority shareholder to fire underperforming employees. Kroenke doesn’t think Wenger’s underperforming which is biggest problem

  67. Bamford10

    Kroenke is not the principal problem — even if he is extending Wenger a new contract. This isn’t to say he is a great owner, but he is not the principal problem.

    That he is satisfied with top four (as an owner) does not mean that Wenger must be. If our manager were Simeone, or Klopp, or Ancelotti, or Conte, or Mourinho, would any of them be happy with top four simply because the owner is/was happy with you four? No. Absolutely not. All of them — along with every other rational manager in the world — would aim to win the title each and every year, regardless the owner.

    While it would be great to have an owner who is more focused on winning titles and competing with the best in the world — an owner who would have long ago dismissed Wenger because he is not capable of these things — Kroenke still gives Wenger everything he needs to do the above; Wenger just isn’t interested in doing these things, isn’t capable of doing these things.

    Wenger’s priorities lie elsewhere, namely in frugality, loyalty, doing things his way, thumbing his nose at the world.

    While Kroenke is not the most ambitious owner in the world, it is still all on Wenger.

  68. PK

    How would you feel about this squad for a game?


    Bench: Gabriel, Jenks, Coq, Rambo, Santi, Iwobi, Giroud

    Injury list: JW, Welbz, Diaby,
    Sold: Wally (20-25 m£), Campbell (5 m£), Sanogo (-1 m£).
    Loans: Chambo, Chambers.
    In: Benatia (20 m£), Götze (25 m£), Mkhiteryan (20 m£), Xhaka (35 m£).

    Net spend: 75 m£

  69. Carts

    2 year extension?

    So the board think new signings and retaining Wenger is the solution?

    Yep, let’s pay zero attention to his pathetic decision making over the last dozen years; even in the last 5 years.

    Our club has next to no ambition – that much is clear

  70. Ishola70

    I don’t see the point in bringing other clubs events into the discussion. This is about Arsenal and their current situation. You seem desperate to lay the blame on Kroenke and in reality to me that is yourself being naive.

    The Emirates is the stage on which Wenger could be killed. Nowhere else. And those that attend The Emirates have in the majority backed Wenger.

  71. Louis Almeida

    Apparently Elneny and Xhaka are good friends. Arsemal had the ball yesterday for the AFC Foundation. Elneny posted a picture with Ozil on Instagram and Xhaka liked it. The wheels are definitely in motion on this one.

  72. Rambo Ramsey

    how is Kroenke not the principal problem when he’s handing the reigns of the club to an incompetent employee year after year? it is because of Kroenke’s decision that we still having to be stuck with a washed up old fool

  73. Bamford10

    The protests need to be continued and expanded, even if there is a new contract, even if Wenger signs it.

    And while I was told not to bring it up again, I’m going to say that tomatoes would be helpful here. Wenger goes out for dinner; tomatoes. Wenger stops to get cash from an ATM; tomatoes. Wenger steps off the team bus smiling; tomatoes.

    No way you simply accept another three years of this. No way. One more year might be entertaining — as it might actually be enjoyable to watch him fail miserably, but three? No. Absolutely not.

    Will be interesting to see what he does this summer. One Xhaka to placate the critics — or a proper overhaul?

    It’s all up to Wenger.

  74. Bamford10


    I just explained that above. Kroenke gives Wenger everything he needs to compete for the title and to compete with the best in the world. Any other manager in the world in Wenger’s situation — be it a Klopp, a Conte, an Ancelotti — would aim for the title every year and use his resources accordingly.

    Only Wenger doesn’t, because his priorities lie elsewhere.

    Wenger is the problem.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    The club must know its unworkable to give Wenger a new deal, whilst you still have many planks who prize Wenger’s continued tenure over Arsenal, you have an equally large portion who want change, and for many, a new deal would mean no end in sight again and I think that will be too much.

    Personally, as I’ve said I can get through this season, ignore the injuries, the underinvestment, the lack of tactics, the lack of bottle, the lack of leaders etc, because it comes to an end next May, if it doesn’t, you’ve got to re-evaluate your interest in the club because their interests do not marry up with a lot of fans, Wenger and profit, is not what most fans want out of Arsenal, the people chanting ‘one Wenger’ should think about that, you are giving Kroenke etc a mandate to continue the same theme as the last ten years.

  76. Jeff

    Just back from holiday. Had no time or inclination for Internet. However, I’m not sure what Rambo is going on about when he’s referencing myself and Joe with respect to Kroenke and Wenger. Nobody here has ever said Kroenke is a good owner or an ambitious owner. The fact that he keeps giving Wenger more years to further dig himself into obscurity is definitely a failing, but not the main one.

    By far, the greatest errors in management lie with Wenger. His decision making, his intransigence, his misspending, his all-round ineptitude, frailty of mind and non-existent leadership is causing us to forever remain in mediocrity – and that includes the players. If Wenger was winning big things, who would begrudged him his contract and who would even talk about the owner? Nobody, because they become irrelevant. But we aren’t winning big things, haven’t for 12 years and will not ever under Wenger. Those are the things for which Wenger is being held responsible and he is undoubtedly the weakest link in the entire set up.

  77. Chika

    So Wenger is going to offer himself a two year extension? Arsene would casually pick up a pen and a paper then write himself a new contract. Aww poor Stan, he’s so helpless.

  78. Bamford10


    That looks pretty good, but I’m not sure about Sanchez through the center. He might be a better option than Giroud there, but I’m not convinced he’s all that great through the center.

    I’d sign Morata over Gotze and play HIM through the center, with Sanchez wide. Like so:


  79. Mr B

    Sorry STV, just read your comment.

    I work in HR or HC as it is being re-branded but have to study a lot of behavioral science. So Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology are all disciplines that I need to learn, to do a job.

    Maintaining controlled aggression in sports is very important but guys like Barton, Lee Murray (WC MMA fighter and bank robber) are the result of childhood abuse and neglect, which is just not healthy as such people have no control over their aggression.

    They are literally Human Bangs!

  80. PieAFC

    If he gets an extension, due to the clubs major Mismanagement – do you think they are just waiting for the easy solution to promote Henry from within?

    Next year, Henry goes up another level academy. – bit too quick to put him him.

    Another 2 years under 21s, Wenger leaves Henry walks into the main post…


  81. Rambo Ramsey

    “The fact that he keeps giving Wenger more years to further dig himself into obscurity is definitely a failing, but not the main one.”

    hah, okay then. keep reiterating the already well known fact that Wenger’s past it while Kroenke continues to not give a shit and employ him

  82. Bamford10

    And per the discussion yesterday, Morata over Lukaku for me. I’m still not convinced by Lukaku, though yes, he’s better than what we have.

  83. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “how is Kroenke not the principal problem when he’s handing the reigns of the club to an incompetent employee year after year? it is because of Kroenke’s decision that we still having to be stuck with a washed up old fool”

    Wenger is not incompetent. I gave up on the man many years ago in terms of him winning major trophies on a consistent basis or ever again should I say and I do not like his unwarranted haughty manner he has and the crafty spin he gives. The man is as sly as a fox. But to call him incompetent is incorrect. If he was in fact incompetent he would indeed be shown the door.

    Let’s be clear what the argument is between fans who want him gone and those who do not. Those who want him out want the club to step up a level. Those who do not want him out at this point still are not uncomfortable enough with the current situation and are still content with respectability and have the vain hope that the club does step up that level. You could term the WOBs as just more impatient with wanting that real progression.

    At this time the majority of fans who attend the Emirates and which is the most important aspect in deciding whether to put Wenger to the sword or not has decided that Wenger continues. They have shown their conservative side which we all knew deep down would be the case anyway. Conservative board. conservative manager and still majority conservative Arsenal fans. They go hand in hand. Only those conservative fans can break the chain in the future.

  84. Jeff

    Rambo, I’ll make it simple for you since since you obviously have a learning difficulty. The fact that Kroenke gives Wenger a new contract does NOT absolve Wenger’s ineptitude. That’s all you have to grasp – and if you can’t then I have no words for you.