Top targets Arsenal should be considering this summer

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Happy good morning y’all!

First up, after three years in the job, Roberto Martinez has been given the chop. One win in ten and a very disappointing season saw to that. He got way ahead of himself in his first year, like he was some sort of savior, then failed to build from there. He’s a style over substance kind of manager… even when he was at Wigan people were celebrating him play a way his team couldn’t handle, then applauding him beating the drop last day of the season.

Anyway, a team that isn’t arsed isn’t a good look. 12th in the league wasn’t good enough. So bring on a new regime. Amazing how much bolder smaller clubs are getting in chopping out managers that are born survivors in the chase for greater riches. Shame Arsenal don’t do the same when they look at how Bayern, Barca, Juve and Madrid play. Heycknes was kicked out of Bayern after the treble because the club needed and overhaul and new ideas. If Wenger won the treble, he’d get a 16 year deal and keys to Stan K’s ranch

In other news, with stories abound about the departure of Alexis and Theo, it’s worth mentioning Henrikh Mkhitaryan as a possible replacement. The Armenian has a year to go on his deal, he’s 27 years old and he’s just dropped an incredible season with 20 assists and 18 goals. I’d be very surprised if we weren’t monitoring a player like him. He has plenty of grit, a consistent end product, he’d be cheap and he’d know how to play in a tactical system if Wenger ever decided to leave.

I love Alexis… but there’s a reason talent like his didn’t make it at Barca. He loses the ball too freely and he’ll likely not arse himself with defending… especially if he thinks he’s the superstar of the team. If we need to replace star presence with star presence, the Armenian would certainly please in a very Arsenal way.

Then there’s Theo, whom shares his position, I mean really, the man has to leave. He’s the epitome of everything we don’t need at Arsenal. He doesn’t have mental strength, his technique is super average for an Arsenal player and he’s coining it in because he’s British. Not to mention he thinks he’s a striker…

Henrikh Mkhitaryan can play across the front line. He’d be a very strong candidate. He’s also another example of what you can find when you raid lesser leagues. Originally found by the Ukrainian League… a place German clubs seem to raid freely like Arsenal did France back in the day.

Other players I’d be interested in this summer? Ok, why not!

I’d love to see us double raid for Lukaku and John Stones. The Englishman is a bit clumsy and lightweight at the moment, but tell me a great centre back that wasn’t at 22? Rio wasn’t on the world class train as a kid and John Terry was shoved off the ball in an FA Cup final by Freddie of all people! I think Mr Stones could be one of those mega regrets if we don’t land him. He’s classy on the ball, has a great frame and he mostly reads the game well. Lukaku is another kid, he has a shed ton of goals. Sure, he’s hardly well rounded, but he’s young, experienced and he’s a real student of the game. If Wenger can shape Adebayor into something resembling world class, I’m sure he could shape Lukaku. He’s also the powerhouse we’ve missed since Ade.

I’d also like a Xhaka or N’Kante. I spoke on the Swiss yesterday, but the Frenchman (how did we not scout him?) is something else. A true modern box to box beast. Insatiable appetite for the game, a monster, with plenty of craft. Would love to have him line up in our midfield. Can you imagine?

Also, total curve ball here… But Carlo Ancelotti has told Gotze he can leave for £20m. He hasn’t hit the heights under Pep, but my, what a talent. Picking up players of talent and under struggle was a Wenger RKaeRIKMspecial back in the day. He can play all over the midfield, he knows what it’s like to perform under pressure and he’s super young. What an opportunity for us to nip in for a bargain… a player we know Wenger watched 400 times in the past as well.

Right, that’s your lot today! Have a good one!

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  1. salparadisenyc

    I found my way deep in the jungle drinking beer by a lake. What did you do today,
    and landed the trophy.

  2. DM


    I know, but if you saw me checking for a new post and there not being anything, and 2 mins later seeing it had been up for at least 8 mins, you’d realise it’s true lol. Alas, not exactly the end of the world!

  3. Twooffive

    Cech understudy… Oblak
    Mert replacement… Stones
    Rfb… Sime V
    Cm… Kante – Xhaka
    RW… Mahrez
    Cf… Aubeymeyang n Lukaku

  4. WengerEagle

    Higuain all day for me if we’re splashing out on a CF.

    He’s the only world class CF currently around not playing at an elite club.

    Lukaku has had a terrific season but Higuain has been smashing records.

    Napoli would have struggled to make the top 5-6 without him this season, 32 goals in 33 apps.

    He’s scored tonnes of goals in both Spain and Italy and for the national team, no reason to think that he wouldn’t score a boat-full over here.

  5. Twooffive

    I like Higuain as a player, just don’t like his age.. Who knows maybe he’s at the perfect age to cut his teeth in The English Premiership but for longevity I’d go with my earlier choices

  6. shad

    Getting all the fancy players but still retaining Wenger is akin to buying a fancy car, juicing it up but still having the same mug of a driver. Proper crash and burn to happen.

  7. N5

    Shhhh keep it down WE, you’ll have Keyser spinning in his grave!! We don’t need HIIIIGGGAWWEEEEEEN we’ve got Sanogo.

  8. salparadisenyc

    Mkhitaryan, more of an Ozil replacement for me than Sanchez in my mind. Does everything our nifty German does but finds net far more frequently.

    Really least of our worries unless Mesut departs, for me its CF and Theo replacement, 2x MF and CB. We need to hold onto Sanchez.

  9. WengerEagle

    He’s 28, not exactly old is he? Luis Suarez is a year older than him.

    He’s right bang in the middle of his prime, he’s kicked up two levels this season and is averaging virtually a goal a game.

    Scores all types of goals, has improved his all-round game in terms of holding up the ball, scoring headers and linking up with the midfield.

    No reason why we can’t get 3 great seasons out of him IMO.

  10. WengerEagle


    Wenger loves bringing in a player who he previously wanted and failed to get.

    He wanted Ozil in 2010 and he was quoted as saying he’d been an admirer of Cazorla for years.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    The cynic Wenger bashers will tell you that Arsenal will not make any or limited acquisitions this summer.

    However, whilst he is unlikely to make the 5 or 6 changes that I feel that the club needs to make this summer I do think that by necessity he will be making
    2 or 3 significant signings this summer.

    Even if Wenger persists with 4-1-4-1 formation the club must now buy a new
    striker. The long term injury, which keeps Welbeck out of the team until April
    will compel him to bring someone in. The only question is whether he will buy
    a first string player who will cost him serious money or a promising but unproven player like Janssen who has scored a lot of goals but will cost a lot less.

    Whilst the rumours about Xhaka blow hot and cold I do think that this is the
    type of player that the club needs. We have absolutely noone on the books in midfield with a physical presence and that is the type of player we need urgently. Three midfielders are definitely leaving so there is room for at least
    one additional player in that department.

    We need to recruit at least one defender. Frankly there needs to be an upgrade in Right Centre Back position. Mertesacker, Gabriel and Chambers are
    not good enough in that position.

    I don’t think that the club will offload either Sanchez or Ozil. There may be some disappointment and dissatisfaction about what happened this season, but a hike in wages combined with acquisition of a couple of top quality players will change their current mood. Most footballers have short memories!

    One of the reasons why I don’t think that Wenger will make wholesale acquisitions is that I expect him to promote at least one player from U21 squad as he
    has done last two years with Bellerin and Iwobi. Possible candidates might be
    Toral or Willock.

  12. TitsMcGee

    Having said that, can’t see us having the balls to move for Higuain.”

    He’s probably worth more now than he was then. Wenger would get roasted(rightfully) for spending more for him now than when he was 25.

    I love Higuain but too don’t see it.

  13. salparadisenyc

    No chance on Higuian, that mentalist in charge of Napoli wont sell for anything less than way over the odds.

  14. PK

    Xhaka, Kante, Mkhiteryan, Vincent Jansen, Götze, Mahrez, Lacazette and so on. All of those would probably improve our team, all of them in a price range we can handle. But we know our manager, he will pick up injury prone Sturrige, Gundioan and call JW a new signing and then close shop.

  15. salparadisenyc

    Agree Eagle but that doesn’t negate fact Mkhitaryan is at his best dictating from the middle, like Mesut.

  16. WengerEagle


    I haven’t watched a lot of Dortmund this season but do they not play a front 3 of Reus-Aubameyang-Mkhiraryan?

    Didn’t think he played centrally for them.

  17. Relieable Sauce

    Not sure Evertons best players will be rushing into any hasty decisions until a new manager is chosen, they will appeal to a lot of managers and are finally being linked with big overseas investment.
    I’m expecting a big appoinment, with De Boer already linked it must be exciting for the players as well as the fans.

  18. Do one gambon

    Why exactly would mkhitaryan be cheap?

    Everyone knows who he is, top player, in prime, one of Dortmund’s most important.

    Is his contract running down or something? because otherwise I just don’t understand that statement

  19. WengerEagle

    ‘Is his contract running down or something? because otherwise I just don’t understand that statement’

    Bingo, answered your own question.

    He’ll be a free agent next summer.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    No to John Stones, has the potential to be a talent, but he’s a CB whose defending is his weakness, is he going to learn that at Arsenal?

    Be a total waste of money. and you’d have to overpay because of his passport, much prefer a Van Dijk type buy.

    Again, Lukaku, I would prefer Morata, I know people will say Lukaku’s goal stats are better, but there’s something about him I just don’t like, Morata would be cheaper and I think he has enormous potential.

    Though of course, if Lukaku is all we could do, then in a heartbeat, still better than anything we’ve got, you know, the whole one player that we’ve got at ST.

    Mhiktaryan, absolutely, great end product, smart player and also a worker who doesn’t mind getting stuck in, last year of his deal so we can bully BvB, a £25 Million offer will likely make them think, especially as they’ve just signed Dembele and are looking at Gotze…get in there now!

    On Sanchez, would prefer to lose Ozil over Sanchez, in terms of the EPL, Sanchez is more likely to help us to title success than Ozil, who, whilst being a great chance creator, offers little in terms of presence and personally I think causes us midfield issues with a total lack of balance exacerbated by Wenger’s refusal to spend and address weakness there.

    Said earlier, if you could sell Ozil and then bring in a Koke type player for the CAM role, sort of a midfield of one of Ramsey, Coquelin or Elneny and then Xhaka and Koke, that looks much stronger than the current line up, and if you acquired Mhiktaryan, not sure you’d lose any output in terms of assists and chance creation, figuring in a Koke type as well.

  21. STV

    Aurelio De Laurentiis is one tough motherfuckr making Daniel Levy much more docile.

    Sadly we passed up the opportunity to sign Higuain. As much it’s apparent he’s the type of player we need, he is now firmly in ‘almost signed’ list.

  22. Ashley

    Not looking forward to another summer of the longest transfers in football history , like only Arsenal can do …. How nice would it be if Wenger saw a price tag of 35 mill and said ‘ here you go 35 mill , done ‘ , but you just know it’ll take at least 2 months to get xhaka done …. The only transfers we get done quick are the ones for the kids , he never ums and ahhs over those ones does he …. But proven quality he dithers and sends scouts and then they sign for someone else , it’s so clear what we need , it’s clearer than the clearest freshest mineral water flowing naturally in the Alps , but he can’t see it or just plain refuses to. Theo Walcott should not be playing football in the prem full stop , let alone for the 5th richest club in the world yet Wenger has had him for 10 YEARS the boy/man is on 140k a week how is that even possible !! I’m going into rant mode now so I’m going to stop , but yeh , Wenger if you’re reading , buy some much needed quality and buy them FAST … Or do one , thank you please x

  23. TitsMcGee

    The cynic Wenger bashers will tell you that Arsenal will not make any or limited acquisitions this summer.”

    No offence ET but you said this same shiiite last year at the same time.

  24. N5

    STV are you serious? he scored a hat-trick? was it the blind deaf and dump paraplegics second 11?

    Obviously no offense meant to any one.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    At the moment the club is oversubscribed with flank players. Apart from Sanchez we have Walcott, Ox, Campbell and Iwobi on the books. Welbeck
    can also play on wing.

    Frankly we have an oversupply so I don’t see either Mkhytian or Mahrez coming in even if Walcott is sold.

    For either to be bought would mean that Sanchez leaves and I don’t think that
    is going to happen.

  26. azed

    Having said that, can’t see us having the balls to move for Higuain.

    Their owner is a whackjob and would send Dick Law running.

    If the call was from Wenger, the guy wouldn’t pick because he would end up smashing the phone.

  27. Joe

    So wanker didn’t sign higuain at 32m but now 3 years later wenger is going to admit he fucked up and buy him at 60m

    Pull your fucking heads in.

  28. WengerEagle

    ‘The dude will bottle you’

    Well if there’s one thing that Benfica do very well it is bottling. 😉

    I’ll stop. Actually really like Benfica!

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Haha Eagle stop bullying the dude! If you think we’ve gone through heartache as Arsenal fans, try supporting Benfica, the stress. All the teams I like seem to be bottlejobs anyway 🙁

  30. Red&White4life

    Sorry pedro, but I’ve stopped reading after the title of your post, absolutely hilarious.

  31. harold hinney

    I think with Lukaku that most are over looking when they state they would rather have x or y is he is already Prem proven. I’d take him soonest, he has the pace and even more power to push off defenders and score. Again why really bother yapping about this player or that player, we all know how this song plays.

  32. Red&White4life

    The cynic Wenger bashers will tell you that Arsenal will not make any or limited acquisitions this summer.”

    Emirates, I didn’t know you were just another pathetic akb, pro-wenger lover wanker.

  33. salparadisenyc

    Regardless of who we do bring in, the smart money says we finish 3rd or 4th as long as were hamstrung with Arsene.

    Could bring in Griezmann, Gotze, Koke, Mhiktaryan, Stones, Higuain and Midwest fucking Gun and we’d still falter at some point. Its in the DNA.

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    Prem proven means nothing you know. I’ve heard people using that phrase to justify choosing Kante over Xhaka too. These times they’re forgetting that Kante at the start of the season was PL proven. Lol FFS Sebastien Bassong is PL proven and he’s been relegated 6 times in the last decade. This excuse doesn’t wash with me. I’d rather just sign ballers and deal with the teething problems when they arrive.

  35. WengerEagle


    Yep, poor old Benfica have had it rough in European Finals, lost their last 7 or 8 haven’t they?

    At least they’ve won the European Cup though!

  36. salparadisenyc

    For a long stretch Middy was on the puma sponsored Wiki page, wonder if he’s still there?

  37. WengerEagle

    ‘ I’d rather just sign ballers and deal with the teething problems when they arrive.’

    Agree, it’s just a bonus if they are outstanding and BPL proven, shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

    The best players can play anywhere, just look at Xabi Alonso.

  38. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, yeah they’ve lost 8 finals on the spin which is crazy. Generally think they’re cursed. Well that’s what Louis tells me anyway.

    Agreed on players though. The best will always rise to the top, but even if they don’t, doesn’t detract from them being a baller, just may not have been the right environment for them.

  39. WengerEagle


    Yeah mental how poor they’ve been in Finals, can’t really understand it. Remember the 2013 Europa League Final vs Chelsea where they simply threw it away after outplaying Chelsea for much of it.

    ‘The best will always rise to the top, but even if they don’t, doesn’t detract from them being a baller, just may not have been the right environment for them.’

    Di Maria being a case in point. Thrived in Portugal, Spain, now France and the Champions League but it just didn’t work out for him in England under LVG.

    Even still he was at times unplayable, that goal vs Leicester City was filthy.

  40. Joe

    Maybe we should all take.m. A day off bs villa and sing one arsene wenger and a standing ovation and sing sign da ting too

  41. daz

    ” All the teams I like seem to be bottlejobs anyway :(”

    I feel that, not just teams either I wanted Jimmy white to beat hendry so badly

  42. N5

    I just had to look up who Ronnie Pickering was and that cracked me up when he said who? who? who? oh fuck off Johnny Dickering!! ha hah ahahaha

  43. WengerEagle


    No I don’t, I also don’t think that he’ll sign Xhaka or anyone else of note.

    And even if he does we won’t win the BPL because he’s a shambles of a manager that instills a pathetic choking mentality into his players.

    But fuck me, you literally say the same shit every single day and bollock anyone who doesn’t just bitch about Wenger 24/7.

    Gets tiresome.

  44. Joe

    So let’s sit here and talk about players he will never sign like we are 5 years olds writing a letter to fucken Santa Claus.

    And knowing he could sign Ronaldo messi Suarez and Neymar and we would still bottle it and lose every game 7-6

  45. WengerEagle

    ‘So let’s sit here and talk about players he will never sign like we are 5 years olds writing a letter to fucken Santa Claus.’

    Ok, let’s just have a massive group wankathon about what a horrible cunt Wenger is and how him dying would be the best thing that could happen to us.

  46. salparadisenyc

    Personally i’d opt for doing both.

    Scheduling wise do think we should build with our ultimate summer wish lists and crescendo with a group wankathon.

  47. N5

    I’ll take a group wankathon! If I close my eyes and sal shaves his knuckles I can pretend it’s Alexis and I’ll be looking Cesc in the eye the whole time!!!

  48. NorthBanker

    In 12 months Wenger’s preferred team has changed so much, in part due to his misjudgement of players, partly due to poor performance and due to some unexpected breakthroughs. EIGHT 1st team changes over 12 months is not like Wenger. So, can one hope he can change and bring some fun…

    May 2015
    Debuchey. Mert. Kos. Gibbs
    Coq. Cazorla
    Theo. Ozil. Sanchez

    Bellerin. Gabriel. Kos. Nacho
    Elneny. Ramsey
    Iwobi. Ozil. Sanchez

    Kos, Sanchez & Ozil have kept their places. Along with new arrival Cech & the emergence of Bellerin & Iwobi, they’re the only players that should still be in the team in another 12 months time. This is what I’d love to see…

    Bellerin. Reid. Kos. Ricardo Rodriguez
    Xhaka. Bazoer
    Iwobi. Ozil. Sanchez

    Chambers (rb/cb). Holding. Chilwell
    Wheelchair. Elneny.
    Rambo. Ox
    Akpom. Willock. (Welbeck. inj)

    Players Out (conservative prices imo): Shez £6m; Ospina 6m; Mert 2m; Gabriel 8m; Jenkinson 5m; Gibbs 10m; Nacho 10m; Debuchey 7m; Cazorla 8m; Coq 10m; Campbell 10m; Theo 15m; Giroud 15m; Sanogo 1m.

    Over £110m in sales on top of Rosicky, Flamini & Arteta being off the books.

    cb. Reid 25m – the new Kiwi captain from day one. & would get Benatia too if available from Bayern (after Hummels) due to Kos being injury prone/a bit shit

    lb. Rodriguez 25m. To join his Swiss mate Xhaka. A class above what we have. Chillwell 7m – great understudy

    cm. Xhaka 30m.
    Bazoer 25m. 19yr “Dutch Vieira”, 100+ caps for Ajax & been captain & can play cb.

    That’s about £110m, and wages should be reduced overall. then…

    fw. 50m-75m from OUR cash piles stuck in the bank. Order of preference 1) Aubameyang 2) Neymar/Suarez 3) Martial 4) Christiano Ronaldo 5) Higuain. Maximum 30m 6) Morata/Dybala 7) Sturridge 8) Jannsen 9) Benzema

    if 75m can’t get any of options 1-5, imo move Sanchez to CF and spend on a goal scoring attacking midfielder a) Hazard/Willian b) Isco/James c) Mahrez d) Robben e) Mhktarian

  49. WengerEagle


    What’s the point in being angry and miserable all the time?

    The clown is not leaving anytime soon.

    And spouting whingy post after post isn’t going to change anything.

    Like I said, take a day off, for your own sake.

  50. Joe

    I really think wenger will change this summer and buy messi and Ronaldo Suarez and Neymar and busquets and bale and hummels

    Is play this formation

    Sanchez. Walcott

    Sancho. Kos. Gabriel. Bellerin


  51. salparadisenyc


    Perhaps too much info for some, but certainly not me. Out of curiosity we talking Cesc Fabregas or Cesc Appeal?

  52. WengerEagle

    What do you actually get out of bitching about Wenger 24/7 is the question.

    Doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference in the grand scheme of things now does it?

  53. salparadisenyc


    Think my dad may argue that last point, even though he’s below ground. Having lived thru the mid 70s Arsenal, finishing as low as 18th or there about’s on a few occasions he may have you dead to rights mate. No pun intended.

  54. Joe

    Because wenger eagle it’s the biggest issue at Arsenal right now.

    Making up imaginary signings. Where does that get you??

  55. Romford Ozil Pele

    You know what actually gets me, Wenger used to have a handle on the French market, a market which is now producing talent after talent again. When you guys see how wavy Ousmane Dembele is you’ll be gobsmacked. Much more rounded game than Coman. If we never sign Fekir I’m gonna be seriously unhappy.

    Joe I get what you’re saying but Eagle is right. Bitching everyday on here isn’t gonna get you far unless you generally just wanna vent anger?

  56. WengerEagle

    ‘Making up imaginary signings. Where does that get you??’

    It’s not making it up, it’s called speculating which is what football supporters of every club do on a daily basis.

    Most on here happily speculate about who we could potentially sign, it’s a bit of escapism and respite from constantly obsessing over the wanker taking this club back years.

    Your obsession with the man is unhealthy though, you probably think about him in the shower.

  57. salparadisenyc


    71.. And what happened after that double?
    Likely worst run ever, nearly 20 years to get back on top.

  58. WengerEagle


    A little worrying alright he’s been sent off 3 times this season, only 5 yellow cards though which is way down on the previous 2 season’s 10.

    Vieira used to always get sent off, but none of us would have changed the way he played because that is what made Vieira so great.

    He’s still only 23, Rooney cleaned his act up without curbing his aggression too much, no reason why Xhaka couldn’t do similar.

  59. slade

    “noone else worried about Xhaka being bit of card whore?”

    Terrified; which is why we should continue with Ramsey and Coq…and maybe extend Flamini’s contract. Why take a chance on an “unproven card whore”?

    Excellent evaluation of Xhaka by the way…

  60. N5

    Ha ha, its familiar and its home!!!

    Where are you mid? It got weird and we need you?

    Is Dan A still around Sal?

  61. Romford Ozil Pele

    Nah not really worried about Xhaka you know. As long as we have a squad it’ll be fine. He isn’t as bad as made out to be. Some of those sendings off were questionable. Like I say, I like those types of hard man characters anyway, not enough of them in our pretty boy personality devoid squad. Honestly he’d ruffle a few feathers and we need just that.

  62. Rambo Ramsey

    WengerEagle, wouldn’t mind him getting sent off after doing something nasty to them Chelsea thugs. about bloody time I’ll be saying.

    maybe Xhaka can get the best outta Ramsey again. with Coquelin as partner he had to take charge of most of passing rhythms, not his forte. with Elneny he’s having to do all the dirty work himself. with Xhaka there could be a nice balance

  63. salparadisenyc


    Is he ever, Ahern sticks to twitter mostly as he’s very good at it.
    We live close and do a bit of beering with our blog man Pedro when he’s not globetrotting with sexy birds in remote stretches of the globe.

    Oh to be a gooner.

  64. Joe

    So someone had figured out that with the new managers coming in and Leicester’s and Tottenham and the new money, we Will probably finish around 63 points next season with wenger in charge

  65. WengerEagle


    Would love to see that (not get sent off but get stuck into those fuckers), when he was sent off I was willing Gabriel to clock Costa a loaf.

    I still think that there’s a top player in Ramsey potentially, he needs to go back to keeping it simple though and cut out the Hollywood shit.

  66. jwl

    After last match on Sunday, when players are walking around stadium clapping home fans, how will they be received? I think our players, and manager, deserved to be tomato’ed or have some other fruit thrown at them but I wonder how crowd will react.

    N5 Many regulars seemed to quit a few months ago when Arsenal cocked up season once again. Hopefully some will return in summer when we can talk about transfers that are never going to happen.

  67. Joe


    There is not a player in Ramsey. How many seasons of crap football do you need before you see it.

    He’s had 6 months of good football. That’s it. Injuries asise, it’s not good enough and enough proof of his true level is in the 4 crap seasons on top of a 6 month purple patch

  68. Swissguns

    I stopped reading Le grove for 4 months, after reading religiously for 5 years, because of the depressing repetition of the comments. I like the blog, but there’s only so many ways you can say Wenger out. Almost nobody wants to talk football anymore, it’s boring.
    I hope it changes.

  69. WengerEagle

    Good football?

    His 2013/14 level was ridiculous, one of the best players in the league after Suarez and Yaya Toure.

    The second half of 2012/13 he was arguably our best player after Cazorla.

    And last season he wasn’t great but he played well, scored 10 goals if I’m not mistaken.

    To say he’s only played well for 6 months is bollocks.

  70. Joe

    Here is the guy’s logic

    This is by no means scientific but next seasons I reckon we will finish with around 63 points

    Mourinho Pep Klopp Koeman Conte Poch De Boer Bilic … Swansea (a), Stoke (a), WBA (a)

    wenger will struggle to get wins in many of these games and I reckon in these 22 games where max 66 points are up for grabs we will get around ….19 points

    and in the remaining 16 games against the smaller teams we will get….. 44 points( if we play really well)

    so thats 63 points

  71. Joe

    And last season he wasn’t great but he played well, scored 10 goals if I’m not mistaken.

    He was absolute dog shite last year wenger eagle.


    And no way was he out second best player after cazorla. Even if you think he was. 2nd on a team of under performers? Well done.

  72. salparadisenyc


    This season really killed it for many, I checked out a couple months ago. Its was like clockwork again, the collapse, excuse etc. Been on here sporatically at best but it was certainly less entertaining without the core posters to balance the mentalist out.

    Everyone knows where the Arse are at.. just needs to happen.

    Think its going to be very interesting as Wenger will likely crush our transfer window spend in hopes of getting new deal. Nobody can predict where that leads. Then again he could do fuck all, but the signals aren’t good with Sanchez maneuvering for move, Ozil resting for the Euro and Walcott on the wages he is.
    A MF that needs rebuilding, CF a must and Mertesacker needing replacing.

    I’d prefer someone else be given that package upon arrival to spend.

  73. Joe


    To say there is a good player in there is bollocks

    He’s not good at CM. he’s not good out wide.

    He would be great for a team like Everton. Brom. Stoke

    Not a team with league winning aspirations.

  74. BacaryisGod

    Gambon-yesterday you mocked me for saying that Arsene will sign six players. First, I didn’t say that’s what he would do, but said that’s what he needed to do. Second, he’s actually signed five or more players in a summer window a couple of times. Remember the summer of Arteta, Mert and Santos etc? Or how about just two summers ago with Alexis, Ospina, Welbeck,Debuchy and Chambers ?

    The issue is that he’s rarely signed multiple top class players in the same year. Like it or not, Chelsea picking up Costa and Fabregas together paved the way for their title the season before last.

    I can actually live with us not reinforcing the defence if we add Xhaka and an excellent CF. There’s enough talent in the team as it is but we need to have a prolific finisher to keep Alexis and Ozil. I hear Morata being mentioned a lot but he’s a 1 in 4 scorer.

    Interestingly, there’s a quote from left-back Jordan Lukaku saying he’s a huge fan of Arsenal. His brother Romelu has spoken of his wish to play alongside his brother. Here’s the moment to make it count. Sign them both. Jordan is only 21 and has already been capped twice by a decent Belgian national side.

    I can’t think of too many Arsenal fans who would be upset with the arrivals of Xhaka and a couple of Lukakus this summer. Add an upgrade to Walcott and we’re good to go.

    Cech, Bellerin, Monreal, Koz, Gabriel, Xhaka, Cazorla, Alexis, Ozil, Iwobi, Lukaku.

  75. Joe


    Yeah really showed this season when cazorla went down and our season died with Ramsey in the centre.

    Proof is in the pudding mate.

  76. WengerEagle

    Was hardly Ramsey’s fault that Giroud and the rest of our forwards barring Welbeck couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo when it mattered.

    Was our pathetic attack that mainly cost us.

  77. jwl


    I agree, boring to say Wenger is twat over and over and over but I still like to come here and see what happening. Think le grove tone will change, at least I hope it does, now that season over and we can move on to speculating about players that Wenger will never sign.

  78. Rambo Ramsey

    its only this year that Ramsey’s looked lost at CM. having to play with an ever changing list of partners can’t have helped. sadly not the first player to struggle for consistency under Wenger management

  79. Follow the money

    Team clearly needs 6-9 new signings. If they’re top quality we could be in with a shout, as long as there are a few tough guys who refuse to be Wengerized. But Wenger is notorious for not wanting to sign more than 3-4 players max and he hasn’t signed a tough guy since Vieira. Not looking good

  80. N5

    Swiss with the greatest respect, you could weigh in with some options of conversation rather than moaning about the moaners.

  81. Swissguns

    Sorry if I’m moaning. But it’s because posters like yourself, Romford, gambon, and others stopped posting so much that I lost interest.
    If you’d like a topic here’s one: what’s your best memory from this season?
    Mine is the emergence of Iwobi. I know that he’ll hit obstacles in the coming seasons, but I love that he’s so comfortable on the ball for one so young.