Bad news for WELBZ | What does Xhaka mean for British core?

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So the transfer world is starting super early this summer. Bayern have signed Hummels and teenage midfield sensation Sanches already. Arsenal are close to Xhaka. Word is that a £35m deal is where it’ll go…

He’s a box to box beast with a penchant for long shots. Clearly something they teach them at Basel. He’s a Swiss international, but he’s of Albanian descent… His brother plays for his native country. Eastern European footballers are generally hard as nails and they go to war for their teams. He’s currently captain of his German side, which means we have a leader coming in. He’s also super accurate with them passes, clocking an impressive 85% this year!

What this means for our midfield is not quite clear. Firstly, we’re giving ourselves options, which is marvelous. Arteta wasn’t exactly box to box, but if we’d bought him younger he’d have been capable. It’s still unclear what the game plan will be. There are still talks that we’re in for Kante, which you’d have to imagine dies with Xhaka, unless of course we’re planning to drop Coquelin out of the squad this summer because of his limited ability to play ball in the way Wenger expects?

Also, what becomes of Jack and Ramsey? Both don’t know their position, both have floundered of late, both haven’t realised their potential. Hard to know how long you persist? Both at the age where they have big resale value. Would be a big decision, and a big admittance the project after project youth failed as well.

Maybe it’s time for Wenger to just admit that the best way to bond players to a club outside money and kindergarten, is to win things. That keeps the best in the mix for longer. Because if players are staying for more than trophies, maybe they’re not the right sort of players?

In more miserable news… It appears Danny W is out for 9months. Quite amazing how many players we have that drop into the injury hole never to return. Jack, Rosicky, Arteta, Diaby, Vermaelen… how did this happen? Two mega injuries back to back? Amazing bad luck, or some mismanagement? Not good news either way. I hope the club fills his spot next season. We can’t be going short again for a player not back until next year at the earliest.

Still, worth pointing out that injuries have been pretty good this season, down 38% apparently. Just the ones that we have had have hit us super hard because we didn’t have a proper squad. The worst, probably Santi. Second worst, Coquelin… Mostly because his back up was Flamini. We have the chance to make good on that this summer. Build a squad that can cope with multiple sad scenarios, wouldn’t that be lovely?

Right, me done. Have a good one!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Most likely.

    But its nice to play manager yourself sometimes 😉 Distracts from the problems at Arsenal, I would tear this side up, I think the balance is completely wrong and we’ve been adding pieces in a reactive, opportunistic way without looking at the whole picture, just welding misfitting bits on to the whole.

  2. Red&White4life

    ” hopefully we keep both.”

    Of course we will!!
    In arsène they don’t trust, but in their next big pay rise they trust for sure!!

  3. Bamford10


    Koeman was actually a sweeper — back when teams played with sweepers — but he was also a dead-ball and long-ball specialist. He could play a ball forty yards on to another player’s toe in live play. One of the best long passers ever. He could also crush the ball — from 20-30 yards out. He may have taken his teams’ penalties as well.

    I’d bet there is a video somewhere of his long ball / long passing prowess. Great player.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I mean with that sort of intake and knowing Wenger is going next year, I think the fans would be more together than this year, though that could be ruined by a new deal for Wenger.

    On the Ozil point, if you could flog him to Munich for a handsome fee, and then say you could land Koke as well as Mhiktarayn for example, I think we’d be far better off.

    Ramsey, Xhaka, Koke
    Sanchez, Morata, Mhiktaryan

    That to me is a pretty decent team, whilst I don’t think Wenger would maximise it, I would be excited to see that side play.

  5. daz


    Yeah that team would be interesting, with de Boer leaving Ajax he said he may take a year out, if he does then maybe you never know I’m sure he would jump at the chance bring bergkamp and with Henry coaching youth level we can get back to fighting spuds and mancs rather than fellow gooners

  6. Bamford10

    I too would part with Ozil before I parted with Alexis, though I could part with Alexis as well if there were an adequate replacement available.

    Sun says we’re in for Mkhitaryan, Morata & Xhaka. Sounds like a beautiful Mediterranean archipelago, though I doubt it is true.

    All the same, it’s nice to dream:


  7. STV

    “Koeman was actually a sweeper — back when teams played with sweepers — but he was also a dead-ball and long-ball specialist.”

    No he isn’t Bamford. He was a central defender by grade partening with Franc Reijkard or Jack Woulters regularly for the Dutch and with Miguel Angel Nadal at Cruyff’s Barcelona (where Guardiola was the defensive midfielder). However he also played a lot as a sweeper helped by his speed and his trademark long ball s especially in later part of his career.

    Koeman himself inducted at centre back position in his dream team once.

    But as you said he is a very versatile player who had a remarkable goal scoring ability.

  8. Leedsgunner

    We need top keep our stars as a bare minimum. Sanchez, Özil and Cech have to be kept.

    Otherwise, we’re standing still even if big names come in as we are just replacing one big name with another.

    Big Clubs don’t Sell their Stars!

    The people that need to be sold are players like Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, Gibbs, Sczcesney, Walcott, Debuchy, Sanogo, and Wellington Silva. Even if we are conservative I reckon we could raise £40m there… not to mention the wages we would be freeing up.

  9. Bamford10


    That response shows both the shallowness your knowledge and your pettiness.

    One, a sweeper (libero) IS a center back, just one who plays deeper than the other CB.

    Two, Koeman played sweeper for the Dutch National Team from 1988 – 1994. This is an indisputable fact. I watched and re-watched enough of that team’s games to know this with complete certainty.

    Whether the 1990-1995 Barca played with a flat back four or with a sweeper I cannot say. I’ll leave that to someone else.

    However that Koeman was a sweeper is not disputable.

    Further my point was that the reason he had so many goals as a defender was because he was a dead-ball / long-ball specialist.

    You’re an annoying cunt, btw, as I think has been pointed out here by others.

  10. Bamford10

    Arsenal’s value has apparently broken $2 billion, making us the 5th most valuable club in the world.

  11. reality check

    Why would any of these players come to arsenal. Are they desperately looking for a new home due to being forced out. Like Ozil was, like Sanchez was, Like cech kinda was?

    If the Rumored players situation doesn’t match Sanchez or Ozils before they came, then it’s safe to say they ain’t coming.

    Still.. it’s nice to dream.

    The Transfer rumour that has me feeling myslef in all the wrong places…is Feo to West Ham.

    Please please let it be true!

  12. Carts


    That looks very much achievable. What kind of net spend do you think that would be?

  13. STV

    Bamford I admit I am not very familiar to ‘sweeper’ role and mistook it for defensive midfield. Since ‘sweeper’ is a deep lying defender my points stand he is one of the best centre backs of all time. Yes I watched him a lot of times not live ofcourse.( too small for that).

    Anyway your pathetic response again shows that you’re too much of an idiot to discuss anything. Joker!

  14. Leedsgunner


    Not meaning to pick a fight ban’t a Sweeper usually play as a Centre back as well?

    Koeman was an amazing player who was able to play both positions to a WC standard… I don’t understand the need to insult each other.

    A bit of an underwhelming choice I admit, but I for one would be happy to give Koeman time to prove himself if he was chosen as Arsene’s successor. He has proven this season that he is tough enough to survive in the EPL… you could do much worse… Brenda or Martinez for example.

  15. Micheal

    I am still recovering from the shock of Bamford naming his team with Shez as keeper. He was always third rate and will always be third rate – Shez, not Bamford.

  16. Steveyg87


    You raised a fair point about Koeman’s position within the Dutch and Barca side

    Recently saw a clip of him taking a free kick from something crazy like 35-40 yards out in the then, European cup final or semi final and scoring

    However, you kill your point when you climb in to STV’s character.

    No need for that, your football knowledge seems reasonable enough to not warrant such responses

  17. Red&White4life

    “Xhaka is the 30goal a season player we have been missing”

    Thanks a lot, there’s nothing like a good laugh.

  18. Bamford10

    My bad, all. Perhaps STV’s comment was a reasonable misunderstanding of my comment and perhaps I over-reacted. I feel like he has been annoying before, though, but again perhaps I’ve gotten it wrong.

    Awaiting an older hand to let us know whether Barca played with a sweeper in the early 90’s — 1990-1994 — or whether they played with a flat back four.

    No question the Dutch played with a sweeper (Koeman).

    Apologies, STV , if you are not in fact a cunt.

  19. Bamford10


    Believe me, I was never a “buyer” of Szczesny, but I now view Cech as suspect and I’ve always viewed Ospina as suspect. My understanding is that Shez has been solid at Roma this season — anyone? — so I’m putting him out there as perhaps our most reliable GK at moment.

  20. STV

    “Apologies, STV , if you are not in fact a cunt”

    Appology accepted if you’re not as much a cunt as you’re an idiot.


  21. Thank you and goodnight

    BM sporting director has confirmed there has been no bid from Arsenal yet…ha ha ha ha.

    Told you lot not to believe it. Season ticket renewal has come round again and they know more fans are pissed off than ever. Yet what astounds me is how many people keep falling for wenger’s bollocks season in season out. FACE IT WE ARE THE LIVERPOOL OF THE SOUTH TALKING OF PAST GLORIES.

  22. Thank you and goodnight

    Everton sack Martinez…..ha ha ha ha. Only took the media 6 years to realise he’s as shit as Wenger.

  23. Red&White4life

    “Only took the media 6 years to realise he’s as shit as Wenger.”

    Meanwhile, they still think that wenger is a top manager.

  24. loyika

    Roberto’s gone!! Actually liked him as a person, seemed quite knowledgable as a Manager!? Shame.

    Guess De Boer goes to Everton then. Hey what happens to DB10 since De Boer has left Ajax!?

  25. steve


    It’s hilarious. Same time ever year. And the gullible fans fall for it everytime. That’s what so weird about the Arsenal fanbase. They seem to suffer from some kind of collective memory loss at the end of every season. They forget that Wenger is a shit manager. Everything resets. And then they start to believe and renew their seasontickets because some papers come up with some bogus transferrumors because they know how easily misled the Arsenal fanbase are. *smh*

  26. Wallace

    “There is no official offer. But Granit Xhaka is an issue. It’s clear he has generated interest at other clubs.

    “We have to wait and see what happens.”

    – Max Eberl to Kicker

    sounds like he’s just playing for time while they get a replacement lined up.

  27. Relieable Sauce


    Imo Liverpool is twice the club Arsenal is and the fans dont compare I’m sad to say.

    More like Leeds of the south???

  28. Micheal

    Believe me, I was never a “buyer” of Szczesny, but I now view Cech as suspect and I’ve always viewed Ospina as suspect. My understanding is that Shez has been solid at Roma this season — anyone? — so I’m putting him out there as perhaps our most reliable GK at moment.

    Szez is a third rate ‘keeper in my view. Very poor judgement coming off his line, weak in the air and does not command his area. I agree that he is a decent shot stopper with good reactions and he played behind a poor defence, which does not help.
    But I always feel he is an accident waiting to happen. Not good enough for the Premier League.
    Cech is a far better keeper, even on his bad days. My own view is that our expectation of Cech was always too high – especially as we have suffered a string of shocking keepers since Mad Jens, such as Szez, Almunia, Flapianski, etc. People were expecting the equivalent of Jesus rising from the dead.

  29. Wallace

    Jonathan Wilson on tactics…

    “At the same time, there are an increasing number of coaches who stand, if not in direct opposition to the Barçajax tradition as Mourinho does, then certainly outside it. Most notably successful is Diego Simeone at Atlético Madrid. The ethos is drawn from the Argentinian anti-fútbol tradition. When Simeone was 14 he was coached by Victorio Spinetto, who effectively invented anti-fútbol in his time as Vélez Sarsfield coach between 1942 and 1956; his ideas were taken on by one of his players, Osvaldo Zubeldía, who led the notorious Estudiantes of the late-60s. They pressed, played the offside trap before it was fashionable in Argentina and spoiled, scrapped and got away with whatever they could. In that side was Carlos Bilardo, who coached Argentina at the World Cup in 1986 and 1990 and laid the foundations for the Estudiantes side Simeone would in 2006 take to their first league title in 23 years.

    Tactically, though, Simeone’s football is quite different from that of Zubeldía. Although Atlético have pressed more this season than in the past, notably catching Bayern off-guard in the first leg of the semi-final, their default against top sides is to sit deep and look to absorb pressure before working the ball forward quickly.”

  30. Steveyg87

    “So who sacked Martinez? Pressure from fan protest or a displeased Everton board?”

    The players stopped playing for him, was easy to see. No fight, Lukaku completely off the boil.. Reason this hasn’t happened at Arsenal is simple, astronomical wages and all being Wengers little boys

  31. Red&White4life

    Most of our players has stopped to play for wenger, no fight… so why is he still in charge ??

  32. WengerEagle

    Wow, apparently Newcastle had the 2nd highest net spend in the league this season after only Man City.

    Jonjo Shelvey- £12 million
    Andros Townsend- £12.5 million
    Florian Thauvin -£12 million
    Aleksander Mitrovic- £13 million
    Chancel Mbemba- £8.5 million
    Henri Saivet -£5 million
    Georginio Wijnaldum – £14.5 million
    Ivan Toney – £500,000

    £78 million they’ve spent this season.

    And they’ve only brought in £5.3 million through sales.

  33. Leedsgunner

    Most of our players has stopped to play for wenger, no fight… so why is he still in charge ??

    Because our Board don’t give a damn about the fans, the club’s traditions or the club’s reputation. The only thing they care about is the bottom line.

  34. Carts

    I think now would be a good time to make a move for Lukaku. Stones, who I also like won’t be leaving for anything less that £45m either. Not to mention they both signed fresh deal recently.

    With their new part-owner on board, I don’t think their strapped for cash, but if anyone was hoping they’d snare a bargaining thanks to Everton’s indifferent season then they’re mistaken.

    However, £45m bid or cash and a player is what I’d be aiming towards.

  35. Joe

    I thought xhaka was a done deal??? Ha muppets falling for the Arsenal PR machine. Trying to temper the protests against villa.

    There is no one on Arsenal that is playing ‘fighting for thier lives for the manager’. There is no fight. No passion. No heart.

    Give me Diego and his warriors over wenger anytime. Jose too please

  36. Carts


    I’d be all over Wijnaldum. I think he is excellent, I really do. I can’t imagine him having anything to do with Championship football next season. Gladly have him in place of Ramsey.

  37. Ishola70

    WallaceMay 12, 2016 13:05:46
    Jonathan Wilson on tactics…

    How horrible. I’d rather keep Wenger for another ten years and win a few second tier trophies like the FA Cup and that’s the lot. He’s horrible that Simeone.

  38. Joe

    It’s nice to see teams like Everton care about fans and footballing results rather than money in the bank and replace a failing manager.

  39. Joe


    WallaceMay 12, 2016 13:05:46
    Jonathan Wilson on tactics…

    The irony of that statement is no one ever writes a article on wenger and tactics

  40. WengerEagle

    ‘Stones, who I also like won’t be leaving for anything less that £45m either. ‘

    Would be daylight robbery if anyone was stupid enough to pay that kind of money.

    The kid can barely defend.

    He’s talented on the ball alright but call me old fashioned, I like a CB than can actually defend.

  41. Ishola70

    Jonathan Wilson on tactics…The irony of that statement is no one ever writes a article on wenger and tactics

    Exactly Joe. Who needs tactics when you have such a quality team that plays the beautiful game………oh wait.

    Attention to tactics is for the lesser mortals not Wenger.

  42. WengerEagle



    I don’t rate him tbh, don’t think that he has scored a goal since mid January and none of his 9 goals were away from home apparently.

    IMO he’s useless defensively and not very good going forward, I’d actually prefer Moussa Sissoko and I’m not his biggest fan either.

  43. S Asoa

    Year after year at this time senile Gooners masturbate to fantasies of class players coming to Arsenal. After how many years of delusion can you learn? that NOTHING will happen as it was in the past, and the present .
    That’s a moot question. When everyone does there will not be any closet AKB


  44. Joe

    Yeah fuck simoene. Only made two CK finals in 3 years. Has won the La liga against real and Barca and is right there this season 3 points back.

    But fuck him becAuse he sits back and counters against bigger clubs.

    I’d rather lose 8-2, 6-0,6-3, 5-1, 3-0, plus the numerous amounts of times we got shit kicked in the CL. 10-2 this year vs Bayern and Barca??

    Yeah fuck simoene and his so called ‘tactics’

    One Arsene wenger

    Sing with me Wallace

    One arSene wenger

  45. Carts


    Stones has come in for a lot of criticism, I even remember the Everton fans getting on his back for the way he kept pirouetting in and out of trouble, one home game. After Chelsea pushed the boat out for him, I can’t see Everton entertaining less unless Stones hands in another TR.

    When ever I’ve watched Newcastle Wijnaldum has usually been their stand out player. They have been nothing short of awful and out of all their players, I’d opt for him.

  46. Relieable Sauce

    Martinez regularly came out with some ridiculous statements and weak excuses and the fans let it be known that bullshitting them isnt acceptable.
    The players there are loyal to the fans and the club, as is the owner, that is – as well as having ambition – why they have sacked him.

  47. Thank you and goodnight


    Ha ha ha ha. Arsenal’s new club motto should be ” a club for sado masochistic’s for those who like pain and too be butt fucked”

  48. Dissenter

    ““There is no official offer. But Granit Xhaka is an issue. It’s clear he has generated interest at other clubs.“We have to wait and see what happens.”– Max Eberl to Kicker”
    sounds like he’s just playing for time while they get a replacement “”

    Actually..(smacks lip together) It seems we’ve been kicking tires around like we always do.
    We came calling to Xhaka, Borussia Mönchengladbach gave us an initial quote and we scampered off into the night like the li’l babies that we’ve been under Wenger.

  49. Thank you and goodnight

    Don’t you worry though guys, this year we’ll be signing Neymar, Messi,Suarez,Ronaldo, Bale and Martial…..after the transfer window ends of course 😀

  50. Carts

    “Wouldn’t touch a single Newcastle player. Absolute wank the lot of them”

    LOL – point taken

  51. Romford Ozil Pele

    Nah Xhaka is done, just waiting for them to buy a replacement first.

    Also BVB and Bayern getting their deals done early. They know the PL TV money is kicking in so astronomical fees are gonna be spent this summer. That, and the fact we might be leaving the EU will have a great impact on what happens

  52. Carts

    What will make me laugh is when the media ask Wenger about Martinez, he’ll talk about how unfair it was and that managers should be given more time. Basically talking about himself in third person.

  53. Romford Ozil Pele

    Have to disagree man, think Newcastle have some ballers. Had Rafa been there a month earlier they would’ve stayed up. They have a cancer in Mike Ashley though who has poisoned that club from top to bottom. Kind of like what Kroenke is doing to Arsenal although he knows Wenger will always maintain the status quo, thus keeping the money coming in. We’ve just become the fifth most valuable club in the world

  54. Carts

    “Nah Xhaka is done, just waiting for them to buy a replacement first.

    Also BVB and Bayern getting their deals done early. They know the PL TV money is kicking in so astronomical fees are gonna be spent this summer. That, and the fact we might be leaving the EU will have a great impact on what happens”

    The timing of the Xhaka sounds all too familiar, RP. I’d like to hope we’re being pragmatic, but I literally don’t trust Wenger. If he pulls it off, credit where credit is due. However, he is not the guy to take us forward, that’s clear!

    We aren’t leaving the EU. Membership terms will be renegotiated, and we’ll remain in the EU.

  55. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol the jokes thing about the Everton situation is rewind back two years and you had about 80% of people here saying he should take over Wenger. Now we all know Wenger has issues but your mum doesn’t pay broadband for you to say stuff like he’s a better manager than Wenger who himself has his major flaws.

  56. Romford Ozil Pele

    Carts, a lot of business has to be done early because of the Euros.

    Also, while I too want us to remain in the EU, it’s not a foregone conclusion. There’s strong opposition to it, and a lot of people are backing Brexit right now. If we do leave the £ becomes exponentially weaker which then will have a major impact on the transfer market too.

  57. Thank you and goodnight


    No way geez. I’ve said for last 6 years that Martinez was a shit manager, as bad as Wenger. I’ve never ever rated him

  58. Carts

    RE: Ashley

    Imo, he gets way too much flack. I don’t get it…the guy have forked out millions on players. He’s simply appointed poorly. And his pals that occupy the level above the manager seem like utter planks.

    But yeah, collective they’ve been diabolical. But there are a few players that can ball. I even like the look of Carl Darlow.

  59. Romford Ozil Pele

    For sure he isn’t the guy to take us forward, but people need to realise, whether they like it or not, that the manager still has mass appeal from a European perspective. I don’t claim to be an ITK but heard from a couple decent guys that Wenger has been speaking to Xhaka for up to a year now. The Gladbach director today denied any contact with Arsenal but obviously they aren’t gonna air their dirty laundry in public, neither club wants to operate that way.

  60. Romford Ozil Pele

    TYAG, maybe not you my friend but you could probably do a search back here two years ago when Everton were doing well. Loads of people wanted him to replace Wenger. He’s never convinced me. His teams can play decent stuff but are a shambles defensively. Moyes actually left a good defence for him which he ruined. And while he won the FA Cup with Wigan which was a great achievement, people forget the team also got relegated that season.

  61. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah your right, seems Martinez achilles heel is the same as Wenger’s….. the defence

  62. Carts


    And, tbh, any (top) club that doesn’t do their business now is fooling themselves.

    The premium that tend to follow summer tournaments is headache for a lot of teams. Again, I don’t know the veracity of the Xhaka talk, but a team like Arsenal should really be wrapping up transfer with the quickness.

    BM telling us they need to find a replacement first is dumb. It’s May ffs, hardly 24 hours left in the market, nor does the euros start tonight lol.

    Bayern seem to roll up to teams and flex; wrap up the deal in minutes and tweet it to the masses.

    We really do need to adopt a firmer approach

  63. Joe


    You mean arsenal’s brilliant tactics in one game vs hated rival got him a 2-2 draw at Spurs

    Fuck me. Give that man a new 10 year deal.

    Fuck the tactics that win leagues and get you to CL final the last 2 of 3 years.

    Daz you are as good as Wallace at the crap you post

    Well fucken done.

  64. Joe

    Can’t wait to hear the moaning on here when xhaka signs for man city.

    How many times was higuain at heathrow? Or Benz was seen at the Emirates

    And Martinez is no worse than wenger. He may not be better but he is. No worse.

  65. Romford Ozil Pele

    Carts, 100% agree we need a Bayern approach. At the risk of sounding cliché, they are ruthlessly efficient, everything we’re not.

    That said, I’m pretty confident the Xhaka deal will go through, purely because of what I’ve been told. If it doesn’t go in from here then you know we’ve monumentally f***ed up, which is totally in Arsenal’s ability to do tbh. I don’t think there’s much more to do in this deal though it would be nice if we could announce ASAP.

  66. Carts

    There’s too much uncertainty associated with the in/out vote. For starters the housing market has slowed down. And if the £ weakens there’s no saying how long it’ll take before it regains it’s pulling power.

    We’d need to renegotiate with almost every country that currently deals directly with the EU. This could either leave us in a situation where we get bummed on exports/import or we renegotiate exclusive deals in favour of the UK. The later being the obvious direction.

    Our biggest export is services thus what impact will this have on City of London and other firms. A lot of unanswered questions which I think is why we’ll remain. It’s rhetoric, though there are a lot of powerful entities who’d like to see us leave bureaucratic EU behind.

  67. daz


    Lol you said no one has ever written a article about wenger and tatics, I knew this was untrue, I picked that out of a hat to be honest there are many more 😉

  68. Joe

    Wenger ” we want zee xhaka, 8m + 1 pounds”

    BM. ” fuck off you old cunt, 40m”

    Wenger ” i am sorry, my valuation does not meet yours but I will give you 9m plus sanago, he will be worth 50m. He is better than matrial”

    BM. “Click”

    Arsenal then go on to re sign flamini and betdner

  69. Carts

    Didn’t Pedro get involuntary erections for Martinez. I’ve never endorsed that Bert looking motherfucker, ever

  70. Dissenter

    Borussia Dortmund have beaten Liverpool, Manchester City and Leicester City to the signature of 18-year-old French wonderkid Ousmane Dembele.

    Dortmund are really a well run club.
    How did they beat everyone else [including Bayern]?

  71. Red&White4life

    “you know we’ve monumentally f***ed up”

    I’m sorry, but with wenger staying, we already are.

  72. Joe

    Simoene gets articles about his articles gettinghin to the CL
    Final and competing every year for the la liga

    Wenger apologists talk about his tactics in a 2-2 draw with Spurs.

    Oh the irony.

  73. Romford Ozil Pele

    Carts, for sure. The Leave Campaign is definitely building up ahead of steam but from a trade and working standpoint it makes so much more sense for us to remain. I just feel like we complicate things for ourselves by leaving and a lose a lot of power/political voice. I think staying in is just ahead although only marginally. Too much risk associated with leaving for me. Maybe it could work out but for me it pays better to stick with the devil I know for now.

  74. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ousmane Demebele is ultimate, top top talent. Went to BvB for the game time. Lol the irony is if he does harness his massive potential he’ll probably end up moving to Bayern himself in a few years time. Would’ve loved to have signed him. Pacy two-footed attacking midfielder who can pretty much do it all:

  75. STV

    Wijnaldum is a good player WE. Not very good in defence tho. Good dribbling passing and decent goal scoring for a midfielder.

  76. Ishola70

    Ha I just read that Tottenham article.

    That Guardian article makes two points that apparently show Wenger was at the top of his tactical acumen that day.

    One was to play Welbeck instead of Giroud. Looool. Come on now what sort of waffle is that.

    And the other was to play Elneny. Meh.

    And these super duper tactics didn’t even result in Arsenal winning the match.

    Sure some of these journos are in the pockets of certain individuals at Arsenal.

    Pfft The Guardian,

  77. Micheal

    EU Debate:

    The economic case for remaining in the EU is overwhelming. The full impact of what would happen if we leave is a complete unknown.

    And why would anyone in full control of thier mental facilities want to be associated with people like Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and Bonkers Boris – the British equilvalent of Donald Trump.

  78. Joe

    So every one banging on about Elneny

    Wasn’t our record better with coq in the lineup??

    Can someone figure that out?

  79. STV

    “That Guardian article makes two points that apparently show Wenger was at the top of his tactical acumen that day.”

    No disrespect to whoever post it but it’s really funny.

  80. Joe

    What else do we have ?

    Someone figured it out that with the new managerial lineup next season we will get about 63 points

  81. daz


    The content of the article isn’t really the issue, you lied when you said no one has ever written an article about wenger and tactics I was was simply pointing that out, that you are a habitual liar 😉

  82. Joe

    Haha liar. Yea right. That was a lie. I just couldn’t be bothered looking

    Where are my other lies Daz

    At least in not always wrong like you are

    Always wrong Daz.

    And wrong with wengers cock in your mouth.

    Sad days for you

  83. daz


    So you knew there were articles but you couldn’t be bothered to look, so said there weren’t any yeah sounds like a lie to me

  84. Carts


    going to City renders your entire life as uncertain. See Sinclair, Rodwell and others. Even Roberts, what the fuck is he doing at Celtic when he’s clearly miles ahead of the pack?

    Leicester, though champions will unlikely repeat that, so Dembele is probably thinking from a long term perspective, there.

    Liverpool, I question their seriousness, tbh. I’d imagine they’d have to sell before they begin their recruitment process.

    BVB, having lost Hummels, and maybe a couple others offer him the best choice, I think

  85. Red&White4life

    Joe : I look at the word “manager” and I didn’t see le specialist in zips, it is normal ??

    Wait, let me check at the word “zip”.