Alexis team dropping worrying rumours in the press

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I’m writing this from Guatemala… beautiful place, scary as fu*k. It’s the tourist equivalent of the Premier League, one mistake and you’re punished. We stayed out too late in Antigua the other night, and a car full of guys tried to run out Tuk Tuk off the road. Such a beautiful place, but my lord, you have to be careful.

Well, the Premier League is over, Arsenal own auto qualification to the Champions League. All is well, right?


First up, just to retouch on James’ post yesterday. Some of the abuse he took for taking a moderate view was a bit embarrassing. He goes to all the away games which makes him more hardcore than most of the Internet, he writes for a number of publications which is yet more time and move on the club and he’ll chat over a beer with anyone on the web who is polite. If he doesn’t like people being militantly anti-Wenger during the games, that’s absolutely fine.

I’m militantly anti-Wenger… but I am hugely pro-differing opinion. I love it that you can chat back and forth about Arsenal in a nice way. When it turns aggressive and spiteful, it’s no fun. When it’s a race to the mic after the game, the attacks can start to feel a bit false. Football should be fun, I know it hasn’t been at Arsenal for a while but that doesn’t entitle people to act like children.

Anyway, I’m game for change. Are we getting it? No. Do fans in general want to wage mass protest in the ground? No. So you can laugh at our middle class decorum, but you shouldn’t abuse and attack it. It’s just a game and you have to respect the groundswell opinion… which to me, says we want change, but not if that comes with blood curdling revolution.

In other news.

The cost of having a Wenger could be about to impact our squad in a not so kind way.

Ozil missed the City game at late notice with a hip injury which set tongues ablaze. He’s not been at the races in 2016 and his attitude stunk out the pitch in the last few games. He’s a world class player, teeing up goals for average bodies like Theo and Giroud. He’s 27, he’s tasted Madrid and he knows how proper managers operate. If there’s a sniff that either Pep or Carlo want him, he’ll surely push for a move.

I know he loves London and the privacy he’s afforded. But I’m sure he doesn’t like heading to international duties with tales of how poorly his club is run. He wants excitement the same as the fans. If you’re not in the game for trophies, what’s the point?

The second more aggressive story centres on Sanchez. His team are dropping words like ‘sad pony’ and ‘uncalm winds’ poetically alluding to him him being unhappy at an unambitious Arsenal. He stormed out of the Norwich game. Rumours are that he was a pain at the training ground. It’s also worth noting he’s not not the sharpest tool in the box… If he’s unhappy, everyone will know about it.

Again, he’s a winner at a club that lacks them. He wants the best for his career and Arsenal can’t offer that. What’s worrying is that Bayern and Juve are the club’s being linked… and they aren’t as rich as us. So this doesn’t feel like a negotiation tactic.

So the long and short of it is that we don’t know what’s going on. The basics are that both are in the running for new deals. So they could be agitating to find out what Arsenal are planning this summer. Or, what is more likely, they are trying to shake out early interest before the Euro’s and Copa America land.

Both sets of unrest, plus Arteta moving to City, shine an uncomfortable light on why our continued journey with Arsene Wenger makes no sense at all. He does lack ambition. He does lack a vision you can buy. He has no answers to the dissent being showed here.

Arsenal fans, it seems, would rather sacrifice a winning group of players, if it means Wenger gets to indulge himself for another 4 years. People can point to my views being out of line with the masses… but look, if they’re inline with our best players, we have a problem.

Hopefully it’s just hardball. My concern is that looking at the complaints in the cold light of day… well, they’re right.

Over to Arsene to prove us all wrong.

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  1. Red&White4life

    “It truly is disgusting what is happening at the club”

    Joe, Arsenal has stop to be a football club since years… asks to Ivan and Stan lol

  2. Wallace

    “Welbeck out for 9 months, so another year basically. That’s tragic, feel for the kid.”

    yeah, brutal.

  3. Ughelligunner

    Joe, the season has ended, wenger has been judge in may and he has passed again (well based on finishing top 4, from the owner and board perspective). And here you are still whining about this season, you have even started already about the next season. When do you take a break?
    You know, when you start repeating something, hoping it would yield the same result it becomes foolishness. You are beginning to sound like wenger’s 68mins subs.

  4. Leedsgunner

    Breaking BBC News – Welbeck out for nine months.

    Wenger… will he be bothered no. A recovering Welbeck will be seen as a reason not to buy… because according to him… “Welbeck will be a new signing.”

  5. Leedsgunner

    Breaking BBC News – Welbeck out for nine months.

    Wenger… will he be bothered no. A recovering Welbeck will be seen as a reason not to buy… because according to him… “Welbeck will be like a new signing.”

  6. Mr B

    Mesut beat the European competition by a fucking country mile. He has every right to be aggrieved at our trophy credentials.

    Those are the things that made me hate wenger. When he sold and dismantled the invincible’s like a fucking butcher.

  7. Ughelligunner

    Why are people feeling sorry for welbeck and not Wilshere?
    Just the way they feel for Ox and not walcot. Is it the
    Pace and power?
    They are all in the same category. If you feel for one, you can as well feel for all.

  8. Mr B

    He’s literally 2 world class play makers in 1. We should be paying him 300k/week just to show that we are not undervaluing his quality.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Terrible for Welbeck, good squad player.

    It shouldn’t mean that neither are sold, I personally would have sold both, but now Welbeck is out for a season I would keep Giroud, sell Walcott and get in a Morata or Higuain.

    Would be a good idea to take a look at Mhiktaryan as well, last year of his deal, and then I like Van Dijk, sell Mert.

    We’d still suffer because of Wenger’s drawbacks, but you think Xhaka, Morata and Van Dijk are not old, 23 to 24, so will be reaching peak football age by the time the new manager comes in.

  10. Red&White4life

    “Does this mean Walcott and Giroud are unlikely to be sold now?”

    Le mighty prof wouldn’t have sold them anayway.

  11. Dissenter

    Our English contingent are so freaking fragile.
    Oxlade, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Walcott and Gibbs are all there top just make up numbers.

  12. Carts

    Never his biggest fan, but it must be said that he was hot since he returned from injury.

    Sound like his ACL had gone on a sabbatical.

    Fair to say another striker is coming in. Wenger needs to decide whether to go all out and upgrade Giroud and sign some filler-striker.

    My money is on Sanogo getting a squad number either way

  13. Dissenter

    “Our English contingent are so freaking fragile.
    Oxlade, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Walcott and Gibbs are all there top just make up numbers.”
    I mentioned Wilshere twice because he takes up two spaces on the squad list.

  14. Louis Almeida

    Cesc Appeal, yes I agree, he was a good squad player and had been in decent form since returning from injury. Two big knee injuries are dreadful for his career. You wonder how he’ll come back from this. It may be his Arsenal career done. Wenger has no excuse for not signing a striker now.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Ramsey isn’t particularly robust either, whole British core is crocked. Really is time to ship a good number of them out, Walcott certainly, Oxlade I wouldn’t be too upset (though I do maintain a different manager would get more out of him) one of Ramsey or Wilshere should go, Jenkinson obviously.

    If we’re getting Xhaka that is a great move and credit to the club and Wenger because he’s a great player and exactly what we need, but he needs a partner, a mobile box to box player and I don’t see it in our current ranks, not at the level required, why I say one of Wilshere or Ramsey has to go and we have to bring another CM in.

  16. Dissenter

    We really need to stop saying that Walcott needs to be sold.

    Selling him will require an exemption from the met because it will be tantamount to mugging off another club at gunpoint.

  17. Dissenter

    Xhaka will only make sense if Wenger is prepared to pare down the current list of midfielders.
    Keeping Ramsey or Wilshere will undo any good that Xhaka might have because Wenger will still cram them into a formation that will unsettle the team balance.

  18. karim

    Mr B
    Great vid !
    I know Boudebouz very well, saw him play for my local club at least 50 times when he was younger.
    Great left foot, but that’s his first consistent season to be fair, there’s a reason he’s at Montpellier after playing for average ligue 1 clubs like Bastia and Sochaux.
    Now, he’s not that old and might still emulate the Riyad we know better…

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I mean he didn’t last year but got away with it, we now know Welbeck will be done until 2017, Walcott is just total, total shit, and Giroud is a back up sort of alternate ST.

    Even if we have to pay over the odds for Morata for example, then we have to do it, it is completely pointless hoarding our money and going into another season with these same ST’s.

    The EPL has more money than we know what to do with, heck I even saw Spurs linked with a £30 Million move for Saul today, whilst I really doubt the validity of that link, just goes to show the money people know is in the league, West Ham pursuing £30 Million ST’s, us potentially making a £33 Million off the bat, usually that would have taken Wenger three months of dithering to decide upon, so much money in the EPL now.

    Domestically its going to be great next year, I would like the league to help out with our UCL teams though, the calibre of managers coming in and the money means we could have a number of strong teams in Europe, but our scheduling needs to change.

  20. Mr B


    Exactly the guy we should have on the bench. World class quality waiting in the wings will be a kick up moody Mesuts butt too.

  21. Red&White4life

    So karima agree arsène, YOU SHOULD BUY HIM at all cost.
    (well, at a very low cost in this case… lol)

  22. Carts


    Don’t be a tit all your life!

    When Wilshere was dropping like a fly plenty of fans acknowledged the unfortunate circumstances.

    But we also quickly realised that Wenger was just as responsible due to the way he used him.

    I think you’ll find it more Wilshere’s penchant to be on the front page of daily mail

  23. Red&White4life

    lol Mr B, yep, he is definitely “world class quality”, exactly the kind of “qualidy” that wenger likes

  24. GS88


    Totally concur with virtually all of your posts today.

    Wenger has had some great teams that he somehow managed to underachieve with.

    Even though Xhaka is a great singing, we still major additions in areas such as: CF, CB, RW and CDM/CM. We would also need, like Gambon says, another CF. We also need some squad players to add depth – and when you consider our abysmal injury record, it’s certainly justified.

    So lets hope that the club makes these purchases happen.

    Wenger must go, more and more of us agree on this, but we have to get used to hopefully one last season of him.

  25. vicky

    I like Welbeck but emotions aside, we will have got nothing from him in 3 years by the time he returns from injury. We all slate Giroud me included but in terms of value for money he has been far better than Danny, Theo, Ox – our English attackers.

  26. Mr B


    Don’t be dim wit and check the stats then get back to me. Present performance is the best gauge we have of future performance.

    He is no longer potential like Ramsey and Wilshere and if he reproduces that like ElNeny is then he can definitely aid our challenge for trophies while giving Ozil the rest he needs to be in top condition come the business end.

  27. STV

    “I like Welbeck but emotions aside, we will have got nothing from him in 3 years”..

    Interestingly, Man Utd fans too did like him but got like 25 or so goals in 5-6 seasons. Welbeck has a decent scoring rate for England but otherwise very poor form for a striker.