Arsenal steal a point at City as unrest grows

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Good morning folks – James here with the penultimate match report of the season – thank goodness.

Yesterday saw us steal a point at the Etihad, which in the cold light of day was a good result. It heaps the pressure on Tottenham and gives us something to play for on the last day, whilst virtually securing third spot. Whilst the Champions League isn’t a tournament that fills me with much excitement, there is no doubt that it is imperative to qualify if we are to hold onto our best players whilst attracting personnel of the requisite quality to the club this summer.

In terms of team news, early rumours filtered through on Twitter suggesting Mesut Ozil wasn’t part of the match day squad, which immediately got tongues wagging. The club tweeted shortly after the release of the line up to announce Ozil was suffering from a minor hip injury – many have read into his absence as signalling the firing pistol for his departure this summer. I, nor many of those speculators, am not privy to any ‘in the know’ information – for now, speculating is pointless. Time will tell.

The early signs for Arsenal were ominous, as Koscielny went to clear a loose ball and ended up kicking thin air. Within eight minutes we found ourselves a goal down and it was very preventable. The pretty hopeless Navas swung in a hopeful cross, which really should have dealt with. As it was, the loose ball dropped to Aguero, whose snap shot into the bottom corner was characteristically unerring. El Neny – who had probably his worst game in an Arsenal shirt yesterday, should have put more pressure on the Argentinian, whilst Koscielny inexplicably stood off Aguero, making only a cursory attempt to block the shot. It felt like it was going to be one of those days.

Within minutes however, we were back on terms. After Clichy did what Clichy does, almost heading a cross into his own net, Giroud was given the freedom of the box to nod in from the resulting corner to score his first goal since punk was big. Shortly after we lost Danny Welbeck to what appears to be a tear to his meniscus – a massive blow to him after his recent injury record – fingers crossed today’s scans are more positive than have initially been intimated.

Wilshere replaced him and I hoped that may give us a semblance of control in midfield, but as has been the case since Cazorla’s injury, we really struggle to retain possession. The remainder of the first half was uneventful, with the Citizens hogging possession but doing very little with it.

Within five minutes of the second half, we hit the self-destruct button once again. Bellerin initially misjudged a bouncing ball on half way, allowing De Bruyne to pick it up just inside our half. From that position, there really should have been no danger, but this is Arsenal. The Belgian was given the freedom of the Arsenal half, fending off a meek Bellerin challenge and then finding time to place a shot into the bottom corner. Cech, rightly, has been heavily criticised for letting the shot slip past him and evidently, conceding at his near post has been a career-spanning Achilles heel. He has conceded 10 shots from outside the box this season – the highest in the league. Whilst some may use this as ammunition to criticise him, it highlights a greater deficiency which is our inability to close shots down on the edge of our box. Gabriel backed off De Bruyne, inviting him to take a shot and to allow a player of that quality so much space was criminally poor defending. Bellerin has several chances to clip De Bruyne’s heels to give away the foul – it’s cynical but every team does it and it smacks of a lack of in-game intelligence that we fail to follow suit. Arteta was superb at giving away those cynical fouls, often at the expense of a booking, but more often than not it is worth a yellow card to prevent a free run at our back four.

We brought on Theo Walcott for the ineffective Iwobi – who looked tired, which is understandable – to try and get in behind the City defence and it nearly payed dividends. A lovely flick from Giroud sent Theo through one on one, but his finish was one of a man low on confidence and game time.

Shortly after however, we were back on terms. In one of the few pieces of genuine quality in the match, Alexis broke through the City midfield and laid the ball into Giroud who produced a fantastic ball into the path of the Chilean, whose finish past Hart was stunning. It is worth noting Ramsey’s role in the goal, with his run pulling Otamendi out of central defence and creating the space for Alexis to have a free run on goal. The Welshman didn’t have his best game yesterday, but his tireless and intelligent running can always create opportunities.

We never looked like getting the winner (save for Koscielny’s header ricocheting off the bar, only to be ruled out for offside). The only hairy moment for us came when Bony’s powerful strike also smashed off the bar. At the final whistle, Arsenal were the happier of the two sides, with City now in real danger of missing out on a top four spot with their neighbours breathing down their necks.
There was some post-game discussion about Wenger’s celebration at full time and he was roundly criticised, which I find somewhat boorish. He’s oft criticised for not showing enough emotion and passion and then receives similar criticism when he does. Yes, it was only a draw, but securing third place and making up ground on Tottenham is good news, whichever way you cut it. Frankly, people need to stop being so damn sensitive and not be so angry all the time. Sometimes, it is worth remembering football should be enjoyed.

After the game there were more fun and games surrounding banners and what looked a pretty minor scrap involving the strange man with the poo-emoji for a haircut. I find the whole thing utterly boring and it genuinely feels as if a lot of the ardent-Wenger out lot’s only reason for going to games is to voice their disapproval of the manager and worse still, making sure they have their soapbox moment to vent their spleen. On the manager, I certainly wouldn’t be averse to change, but I would never make it my raison d’etre – my only real concern is what happens on the pitch. Twitter, blogs, podcasts – they’re all great inventions and it would be churlish of me to bemoan them given I utilise the platform of blogging; but the problem evolves whereby a lot of stupid people have a platform.

Anecdotally as someone who has been to every league away game this season, the violence, abuse, vile vitriol and outright nastiness seems to predominantly (not always) emanate from those who hate our manager. I find it plain weird. I know the readership of this site veer very much toward the Wenger-out side of the argument, which is fine and I get people’s frustrations completely – if there was someone of proven quality to replace Wenger, I’d do it tomorrow. But the anger, hostility and downright hatred is bizarre, retrograde and misses the whole point of following a football team. It also begs the question what these people will do with their time as and when Wenger is gone.

Until next time – see you in the comments.

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  1. Ethan-gunner


    So your saying you’d like to finish in the top 8 ( and at the bottom of it )

    Or top 3 ??

    I’ve heard some stupid comments on here but your the winner m8

  2. daz


    He was N5 I’m not knocking him, I think if you look at the top European leagues the top players tend to stay in their own country for the most part so Bayern are the go to team for the top German players like hummels.

  3. N5

    London, sadly it’s a team full of mediocrity. If you look through the squad, I wager there would be few that we wouldn’t replace with someone else.

  4. grooveydaddy

    got a bit of a soft spot for Theo, because he scored the first goal my kid saw live (vs Wolsburg, Em’s Cup last summer)

    I’d still flog him though…

  5. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol LG why is it every time I bring up Theo you have to bring up Welbeck?! The major difference is I don’t go on like Welbeck is a world beater. Theo is the definition of stealing a living at Arsenal. Can’t wait until he goes, he’s gash

  6. Ethan-gunner

    At last London gunner a man who has some football nouse

    I’m not saying Theo is a TH14 or a DB10
    But it seems to me he isn’t getting much of
    A look in and at his age looks like he is trying to make himself a starter …

    He is a it weak but his speed makes up for it , he can feed / cross the ball in pretty well .and I think the past few years arsenal used to be a passing team who couldn’t finish
    To a team with many average options

    Cesc , flamini , nasri and hleb. What a midfield , with no striker …

    Now lots of all rounders who don’t look forward to regular goal targets

  7. Marko

    After Bayern smashed their way to the treble, they signed Mario Gotze and Thiago Alcantara.Compare that to us not signing an outfield player after coming 3rd and getting dumped out of Europe by the mighty Monaco in the last 16.

    Kind of like comparing apples to some shit you picked up on the bottom of your shoe.

    Also I assume we’re ignoring Ethan. Cause he’s a melt

  8. N5

    “At last London gunner a man who has some football nouse ”

    So if people agree with you they know what they’re talking about but if they don’t then they know nothing.

    Way to open your mind!!

  9. Hitchy

    If anyone is at that Gazidis Q&A session, please ask him how exactly are we looking to replicate Bayern Munich?? They are ambitious, efficient, and always seem to have a plan for succession.

    They’ve just lost arguably the best manager in the world (Pep), so they line up another Top 5 (IMO he is top 3) manager to replace him. And sign two players before the season has finished, both of whom will heavily feature at the Euros.
    (But we are told how hard it is to sign players in the year of World Cup / Euro tournaments)

    Of course they are a more attractive prospect in many ways, but Premier league and London are both attractive prospects. Plus with the new television deals we should be able to dwarf the wages they can offer!

  10. Ethan-gunner

    With comments like yours marko
    You should fucking melt .

    Bayern are a big fish in a small pond
    Always have been

    It’s like saying ac Milan will win in Italy
    And barca or Madrid wins in Spain

    Keep on stating the fucking obvious

    Your wasting air , just being alive

  11. Ethan-gunner

    Yes N5

    That’s true,all I’ve heard from you is negative shite , people who actually watch the game can see theo has some class and doesn’t get time on the pitch ….

    And again I’ll state for the record he isn’t the lord of football , but Wenger is either stupid or not using him correctly

  12. Daz

    Yeah its crazy that the second team in Germany are feeding the first, anyone that thinks Walcott shouldn’t be sold are mad he is the first on the list for me, to be honest only Sanchez is good enough for a starting place out of all our options across the front three

  13. vicky

    Lol Ethan was very touchy when N5 , well I won’t even say it was a dig , called him out on a word he used.

    Now he is dishing abuses at anybody who is questioning him.

  14. Marko

    Ethan mate you’re a melt not just because earlier you totally dismissed Vicky’s football knowledge because she’s a woman but because everything you’re spouting isn’t being thought out it’s all argumentative and pro current regime. Which is fine but you just come across like you don’t really have a clue

  15. N5

    Ethan, I’ve been attending Arsenal since I was 3. I’m now 37, that’s 34 years I’ve been watching Arsenal, 18 of which a season ticket holder. I’d suggest you go and watch some football in real life to mate rather than pulling out 2 things Theo did right out of 50 and then jumping on everyone who disagrees with you whilst simultaneously wanking off anyone who see’s you right.

  16. STV

    “It’s like saying ac Milan will win in Italy..”

    AC Milan no longer wins in Italy. You’re stuck in past,z like Wenger. Needs change.

  17. Ethan-gunner

    Well vicky no need to project the question
    Like it’s stupid , a negative and negative doesn’t equal a positive in a conversational Sence …

    All I’ve done is defend what I’m saying
    But when pricks like marko come on and name call they can … Take the high road

    And 3 people have agreed with me about theo , so I’m not alone in thinking he still has something to offer the club , but seems Wenger is either treating him like glass or he’s deliberately punishing him with lack of optertunities .

  18. Marko

    That’s true,all I’ve heard from you is negative shite , people who actually watch the game can see theo has some class and doesn’t get time on the pitch ….

    At 27/28 he’s still yet to hold down a starting spot or know what his best position is (hint it’s not a striker). He’s actually got fair less technical ability than that of Iwobi and that says it all really. He’s bang average and we need to give those big wages he’s on to someone better.

  19. N5

    “But when pricks like marko come on and name call ”


    “And 3 people have agreed with me about theo ”

    And 40 have said you’re spouting shite, but keep picking the positives out and live in make believe land. You’ll be happier that way.

  20. vicky


    Well, it’s fine if you think Theo is good enough to play for us. No big deal. even Wenger thought he was good enough for 10 long years. i just think you are not very receptive to views which don’t match with that of yours.

  21. Daz

    Bellerin would be better at RW than Theo at least him can take a player on once in awhile Theo is so soft it is unreal

  22. Phd007

    Theo is not a footballer..

    That said,he’s one lucky so& so..I give him that..
    Right place,right time to be collecting £140k PER WEEK..

    Amazing for a runner..

    Amazing for a guy that plays about 10 times a year..

    Amazing for a guy,that runs around like a headless chicken.

    Amazing for a guy,that jumps over/evades tackles.
    Amazing for a guy,that still has trouble looking up,to pass/or cross a ball.

    Amazing for a guy,that gets to the by-line,then plays the ball back.

    Amazing for a guy,who often scuffs his chances in one-on-one situations

    Amazing for a guy,that is limited in ability & lacks confidence in front of goal after 10 years.

    Amazing for a guy,that spends majority of his time either on the bench,or in the treatment room.

    Amazing for a guy,come contract renewal time,suddenly finds a rich vein of form..Once talks are concluded,disappears altogether..

    All for £140k per week..

    Only at Arsenal,under Arsene..

    Arsene has certainly made a lot of mediocre,injury prone,talentless young players very wealthy men..

    If anyone has kids of a footballing age,I suggest you tap up Arsene..
    He’ll probably make your kid,a very wealthy lad in the long term.

    Heil Arsene..

  23. Ethan-gunner


    Wow your old !!
    I’ve been a fan over 40 years
    And seen more games than you
    And I don’t categorise things as shite
    And offer no explaination .,ok didn’t mention juve , but you get the idea , if I have to explain everything to a tee then it proves the level of knowledge you possess .

    And wow I’ve seen every game arsenal has played since 1980’s and I’m not sitting in some cheap seats in front of some fat pie eating twat . I see all the game just like you …

    And I’m here giving you facts .

    Wenger won’t move on ,
    We won’t spend shed loads
    You got no chance of Wenger leaving or the club doing some u turn that completed all your personal objectives .

    And it always happens that twats like you start shouting when we don’t get silverware …

  24. Marko

    Yeah we’ve got to move on from his type. We’re stuck in the mud sticking with injured players or obviously inferior players year on year.

  25. Ethan-gunner


    And 40 people have said he was shite ??
    More like 40 of your posts constantly going on about him..

    I’m for the fucking 5th time saying he ain’t
    World class but he’s better than iwobi!!
    That’s all I’ve ever said

    And now you cunts think I’m some theo lover !! You manipulate even a slightly positive comment into a negative

    If your not happy finishing 3rd this year go support another club you whining pansy

  26. Marko

    He’s probably on more money than someone like Griezmann or Bellarabi or Patrick Herrmann and they’re way better than Theo

  27. Phd007

    Ethan-gunnerMay 10, 2016 13:00:51
    he’s deliberately punishing him with lack of optertunities .

    Yeah,great logic..

    Yeah Arsene is punishing Theo by having given him a £140 k per week contract.
    Yeah Theo being punished by being one of the highest paid players at the club and one of the longest serving..


    Great logic Einstein..

    Arsene 2006..
    Theo,I bought you & I’m going to let you rot at Arsenal..

    Arsenal 2016
    Theo,I bought you in 2006..I want you to rot at Arsenal till your playing days are over.You’ve had 10 years now.By the way did you like my punishment I dished out a few years ago?You know me rewarding you £140k…And the previous contract talks?

    Theo 2016:
    Yes Sir,more of the same please…

  28. Ethan-gunner

    PHD007 = dick head

    I’m not a theo lover , your a theo hater
    If you hate our players go support Bayern

    Speak German and get a shitty little hitler mostash

  29. Ethan-gunner

    We finish 3rd and your all whining like babies, then you say how loyal you are

    hahaha what a joke

    Don’t even like your players , and you call me a loony …

    Take a good long look in the mirror

  30. vicky

    “If your not happy finishing 3rd this year go support another club you whining pansy”

    “If you hate our players go support Bayern ”

    If you hate Le grove posters go to Untold.

  31. Dissenter

    I guess we all have our blindspots
    Londongunner’s blind spot is Theo
    Romford’s is brilliant until he starts talking about Oxlade
    Underrated Coq’s is Coquelin, obviously
    There’s a poster who’s adopted Ramsey as his moniker hence Ramsey can dfo no wrong.
    Wallace, Ughelli et al cant look beyond Wenger.
    I had mine in Giroud [who I thought was at least decent enough to be a 2nd-3rd string striker until Monaco at home]

    It’s always great to read these pages

  32. STV

    Ethan I am sorry to say. You’re not intelligent or sophisticated enough for me. Apart from your ridiculous veiws of Arsene and Arsenal, your attitude towards women, your concept about German people sums it up imo.

  33. daz

    Mkhitaryan has 23 goals and 30 assists in all comps and is looking like he may move this summer he would do nicely

  34. Dissenter

    ‘”Speak German and get a shitty little hitler mostash”

    You need to delegate some responsibilities to avoid your site from going to dogshite. It’s already trending there already.
    You have all these one-off posters just come in and run the conversation into the gutter.

  35. Phd007

    As a starting point,maybe you should learn to spell correctly,before smearing people with insults..It certainly helps,in posters having a modicum of respect for what you say…

    Your English writing skills are akin to a 4 year old..

    How embarrassing, it must be for you to be an illiterate at 40 + years..

    If I were you,I’d go and crawl under a rock..If you have any shame..
    Doubt it,though…

    Ethan=Knuckle dragging illiterate neanderthal

  36. Ethan-gunner

    Yes well footballs a mans game and
    Germany ruined the world

    Everyone has their vices !!

    And I’ve never heard of a man named vicky
    Sorry if I offended you vicky : )

    Stv I’m glad it’s taken you this long to not like me , because I worked you out 2 or 3 days ago

  37. Wallace


    “Also that goal he(Rashford) scored against West Ham in the FA Cup was pure talent man.”

    yeah, that was the one that made me sit up and take notice. very interested to see how he develops.

  38. Ethan-gunner


    How appropriate your named after a player who acted like a traitor and left our club

    I can recognise the similarity

  39. Follow the money

    I can’t remember Theo ever scoring in a one on one with the keeper. I’m sure it’s happened sometime in the last ten years. In the ten years he’s been here there’s only one thing I remember, his cross to Ade v Milan about 7 yrs ago. Squad player at best

  40. N5

    Ethan are you sure? my username is after a player that left the club???? Have you seriously no idea why my username is N5????

    Sorry buddy but you’ve just shown yourself up to know nothing at all!

  41. carts


    Fuuuuuuu…Bayern actually paid his release clause? The immediate figure is small cake. The remaining 35m will probably be div’d up over the length of his deal alongside what ever Bayern win in that space of time.

    I suppose it’s the Martial deal all over again

    Fair to say Beneati and Tasci will be off.

    Has Badstuber been kidnapped again, or….

  42. N5

    “N5, How appropriate your named after a player who acted like a traitor and left our club,I can recognise the similarity”

    I’ve just facepalmed so hard I almost Amir Khan’d myself.

  43. Ethan-gunner

    N5 lost control of firing shots have I ??

    Mate with traitors like you talking about
    My club do you think you wouldn’t get a raise out of most fans !!!

    Then attack me about theo because that’s all you can do , as for sopfistication unlike certain cnuts I don’t decent the club like you , and certainly have a right to free speech just like you …

  44. N5

    Daz. I was thinking the same thing. The only name I can think of that began with an N that some called traitor was Nasri, but what would the 5 represent? Nasri was 8 right?

  45. N5

    Ethan you’ve gone mad. Where have I ever said you can’t like players? where have I attacked you? where have I made a traitor like comment? what player am I named after?

    I can imagine you sitting at your computer with your head bright red as you fume with anger! grow up.

    PS does your PC have spell check?

  46. N5

    Daz, please please please don’t let that stick. I really don’t want the username Nasri5 now. I’ve only just shook off Ben Affleck!!

  47. Daz


    I said awhile back I could see lvg keeping his job, utd don’t want to turn to mourinho if they can help it plus apparently giggs has said he won’t stay if they hire him

  48. Phd007

    Ethan-gunnerMay 10, 2016 13:39:31
    Phd…. Did I spell dick wrong ????
    Well done..It seems anything longer than four letters,you inherently struggle with..

    For example..”optertunities” or “mostash”… lol

    You can do it Ethan..Practise makes perfect..

    Try stringing a coherent sentence together,without the need to resort to using expletives that contain four letters.

    Go and read a book blockhead..Maybe you can read one of Theo’s cartoon books.
    Since you are a beloved fan of his.That’s right up your street,and at the required entry level for you..

    Recommended reading for Ethan”The Blockhead”

    1):T.J. and the Penalty
    2)T.J. and the Hat-trick
    3)T.J. and the Cup Run
    4)T.J. and the Winning Goal

    Knock yourself out son.. 🙂

  49. Red&White4life

    “And it always happens that twats like you start shouting when we don’t get silverware …”

    Ethan Hunt, we are mostly “shouting” because with le senile one we can’t win the PL since 2004, even when the trophy is almost offered, like this season.

    But if you are personally happy with this situation, well, I’m glad for you.

  50. Ethan-gunner

    Nasri wore 5 for France you gimps
    And as for naming yourself as a post code
    Who cares

    Yes you attacked theo off the bat ,
    He isn’t benzema ( for the 6th) time
    But he at least should be getting more minutes to see if it justifies flicking him or keeping him , but as ever you can thank Wenger for that ,
    And yes stupid iPhone changes the words
    Pretty badly every time I write theo
    It changes to their …

    So I wish we’d stop talking about him
    But showing the pathetic nature of you guys on here you won’t make me forget it

  51. jwl

    Theo is number one example of why Wenger has to leave Arsenal.

    Bellerin is better wide player, L’oreal and Welbeck are better strikers and Sanchez, Campbell, Ox can dribble and run at goal better and yet Wenger kept Theo at club and made him one of our highest paid players.

  52. Ethan-gunner

    Red and white

    Yes but things need to happen before
    You can oust Wenger

    1. Not get top 4
    2. No champions league
    3. Keep the player budget in red

    If not or any of these are not achieved
    Then you only have death and old age to fall back on

  53. Dissenter

    Guardian; ” Leicester keen to bring in two new strikers for next campaign. Claudio Ranieri has also been watching Pescara’s Gianluca Lapadula and Sporting Lisbon’s Algerian striker, Slimani>”

    They’ve just won the league with 10 points above us and are already boosting their strikers.

    Wenger will do his punditry all summer, big up his average strikers and bring in an 18 year old Frenchman in late August.

  54. Phd007

    You’re a lunatic.
    He’s an illiterate lunatic,that has a collection of Theo’s book series..

  55. Phd007

    I thought TF1 decided not to renew Arsene’s contract with them.As in, he had been dropped?

  56. Ethan-gunner

    Leicester is a freak of nature ,
    They spent like 1.5 million. On 1 player

    It goes to show you team work ,
    Work rate and commitment .

    All things that most Le grove regulars now know nothing about

    Would rather whine like babies about
    How shit we are !!!!

    Or pick on people with a differing opinion
    Of hope , I’ve seen less crying in a maternity ward than half you lot on here

    PHD I’ll try and spell worse next time

  57. Alex Cutter

    “Phd…. Did I spell dick wrong ????”

    Pull Wenger’s out of your ass, and check the spelling on the label.

  58. Honest Bill

    The Wengerites were an absolute disgrace at the weekend. They are trying to intimidate people so they won’t voice their dissent, and then they have the hypocrisy to hide behind terms like ‘respect’

    In a way, i hope these guys are Wenger’s hired goons. I mean, that would be pretty disgusting; but, the alternative, that they are actually zealous cult members, is actually quite disconcerting.

  59. Ethan-gunner


    Yes , it’s a bit hard to comment on theo
    When he gets limited minutes , Wenger
    Has put him out on the wing and played the guy out of position for 80% of his career, & like I still state he isn’t world class but you could get more out of him , if you were a coach with some nouse.

    And he was injured for a majority of last year and this year limited minutes , sorry but if you need to train someone for 10 years and then when he is prime footballing age to show fruit then it’s just poor management , never really got to say all that before as was attacked by all the now newbie regulars like a piraña attack .

  60. Marko

    Nasri wore 5 for France you gimps
    And as for naming yourself as a post code
    Who cares

    Yeah don’t think that’s true idiot

  61. Dissenter

    Wenger has a special arrangement with Bein Sports. He’s given them extraordinary access to his genius mind in recent months. He’ll be working for them this summer.

  62. Ethan-gunner

    Or better still whining spoilt babies

    Oh boo hoo we only got too top 3 this season

    Fuck go talk about something important
    No wonder pedro or Geoff don’t come here
    No more

    If I want to spend time with spoilt cry babies I’ll go to Beverly Hills maturity hospital

  63. Marko

    Emirates Stroller isn’t an akb (hate that term). Even Wallace isn’t really. He’s just not as pissed off with the current regime as everyone else

  64. alexanderhenry


    Ok you must be right then. During the unbeaten season wenger had no game plan at all.
    No tactics, no pep talks no squad rotation. During training wenger just sat on the side lines staring into space and let the players have a kick about.
    Before games he must of said to the players: ‘ok chaps just go out and have fun as I actually know nothing about football even though I’ve mysteriously managed to assemble the greatest ever arsenal team and previously won two doubles’.

    That must be it redruth…no game plan

  65. Ethan-gunner

    Marko you negative cunt
    The world would be a better place if you
    Barracked for another club ,
    Whining like a baby that this player is shite and this manager is crap

    You sound like a broken record
    Go barrack for Man city or a club that finishes 1 st every season …

    But then you couldn’t vent like a whining baby

  66. Phd007

    DissenterMay 10, 2016 14:28:21
    Wenger has a special arrangement with Bein Sports. He’s given them extraordinary access to his genius mind in recent months. He’ll be working for them this summer.


    I was just going to add..Maybe he’ll be whoring his ass off to Bein sports..

    He’s a strange man..

  67. alexanderhenry


    At least you give wenger credit for that season then . That’s good. That’s rational. You are therefore not a total loon.

  68. daz

    “Emirates Stroller isn’t an akb (hate that term). Even Wallace isn’t really. He’s just not as pissed off with the current regime as everyone else”

    Yeah end of the day everyone has differing opinions, it would be one big circle jerk otherwise anyway who wants that? Fair play for Pedro allowing this post from James

  69. Phd007

    If I want to spend time with spoilt cry babies I’ll go to Beverly Hills maturity hospital
    I think you meant “Maternity Ward”-non?

  70. Ethan-gunner

    Sorry pedro , but you’ve not kept up the standards and let the trash here get well entrenched .

    Would be hard writing a post for these miserable cnuts they would be whining all the time

    I see why you don’t post daily anymore
    It’s miserable seeing the sort of fans that support us now ….

    The world has gone to shit in a hand basket

  71. izzo

    Ethan you’re boring. Of course i don’t like the players. They are all Wenger’s hence why i hate them because he will never get the best of of them. Players come and go and managers the same. Until that happens you can harp on abut how ungrateful some of us are and all that but you’re not going to change our opinions and views so kindly fuck off to another site were your useless and loser views are welcome.

  72. daz

    To be fair I don’t see much difference between this Ethan and Joe in terms of actual input they are just on opposite sides of the argument

  73. Phd007

    Ethan-gunnerMay 10, 2016 14:33:52
    Sensible old manIf your into misery , go look in a mirror you stupid cnut
    Clearly Ethan is unable to string a sentence(never mind a coherent one) together,without evoking an expletive.

    He’s a lost case..Maybe we need to pelt T.J. books at him..
    Or force feed him..

  74. daz

    So Henry to take over the under 18 squad could be his first step towards the big job, I wouldn’t actually mind Henry being given a chance at it, for one thing he would make sure we had a WC striker in the team

  75. Jacko


    Did you stop posting here back in the day because everyone thought you were a cunt then as well?

  76. Jim lahey

    “That’s true,all I’ve heard from you is negative shite , people who actually watch the game can see theo has some class and doesn’t get time on the pitch ….”

    “people who actually watch the game can see theo has some class”

    What did I just read?! Did someone actually type that???!

    Walcott is one of the worst footballers I have ever seen play for Arsenal, the guy is a sham and should be embarrassed about taking £130k a week from the club.

    Hype that is all he ever was. For years he has made a living of his “pace” and the hype surrounding him, I can’t stand to see him on the pitch running into defenders so as not to make himself available for a pass. He is a coward. The last few times he has stepped onto the pitch sum up everything about the guy, his running straight into players when he has the pall, his inability to find a pass, his falling over like a child every time he takes a weak ass shot. I am sick of him.

    £20m from West Ham? Best offer the club has ever got for a player.

    10 years at the club, 80 goals….