Man City Arsenal. It could’ve been the big one

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Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.12.16Happy Sunday everyone. Alex here.

Very quick one from me as its a sunny day and I want to go outside and throw stones at people who play ultimate frisbee.

What’s going on Arsenal wise? I don’t know, I’ve literally given up following football as another Arsenal season wheezes and puffs its way over the finishing line.

Contract negotiations are ongoing with our two superstars. Will they stay? Won’t they? Does it make any difference with our current manager? I’d love to know what’s being promised to them other than money in return for their loyalty:

“Of course Mesut, the club has big ambitions. We want to win everything and feel we can compete with the best. However there is this EU referendum coming up which may make signings a bit tricky. Also Leicester only lost 3 games last season, which if you think about it is statistically really unlikely so it would be tough for us to emulate. But on the plus side some of the lads are gonna play table tennis for this new Citreon promo which should be a right laugh.”

You get my point – a completely made up conversation to reaffirm what you already believe.

We take on Man City today, a game which takes on huge significance if you care whether we finish third or fourth.

I have so many questions for this game, what did Calum Chambers do to Arsene Wenger’s mum that mans he can never play for Arsenal again? Will the game finish early so I can go outside? What colour tie will Jamie redknapp be wearing? Fascinating.

Now I’ve said all this it will probably be the game of the season. Even so it feels sad to be in May again with nothing to play for.

Ok that’s all I have. Hope you have a good day!

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    This game clearly shows that Wenger will always choose his loyalty for certain players rather than set up to win. He’s propensity to always rely on Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud and a few others is what is holding us back. Forget that players lik Ozil and Sanchez are undropable, he’ll rather sub those two out than sub Ramsey out of a game. Bringing on Wilshere and ignoring Campbell tells you all you need to know.

  2. Relieable Sauce

    If Pep were joining us instead of City (and he may well have wanted to), would it be as hilarious if AFC had only qualified for the Euro Cup?

  3. gunnergetyou

    To be fair Sanchez’s numbers aren’t too shabby this season when you consider his lack of form, injury and fatigue. It’ll be a shame to see him go to Bayern this summer.

    Thought Wilshere was decent when he came on too but you can just sense an injury whenever he goes in for a challenge.

  4. karim

    Lol STV, nice one !

    Yeah, I know, it’s like the end of last season when he scored those goals for England and then disappeared faster than Wenger’s chequebook…

    Still think we wouldn’t have been back into this game without him though.

  5. Relieable Sauce

    The Invincibles going the season unbeaten is more of an achievement than Leicesters title win.

    Chris the Arsenal fan.

  6. STV

    Wenger fist pumping is normal when you consider he is aiming for extraordinary achievement of finishing second (first time in 10 years) while looking forward to a midtable finish next season ( already lining up excuses for impending failure). This is a low-grade manager in a big club ( like Sam Allardyce at Real Madrid). He is enjoying his little trophies here and there that’s all.

  7. Joe

    The Invincibles going the season unbeaten is more of an achievement than Leicesters title

    Haha no it’s not you muppet.

    Not even close. 5000-1 odds to win it

  8. steve

    “The Invincibles going the season unbeaten is more of an achievement than Leicesters title win.”


    Lol no it’s not. Not even close actually. Who is this muppet Chris?

  9. Joe

    No one has even come close to emulating what Leicester did this season in any league around the world ever.

    GG came close with only one loss to win the league.

    An undefeated season will happen before something like Leicester happening again

  10. Bob

    I think forests achievement under clough runs it close, 1st season promoted they became champions then went on to win back to back European trophies I mean that’s pretty special

  11. Carts

    When I say Arsenal can pick themselves minus Wenger usual, weekly, shpiel id say today was an example of that.

    Defensively we’ve been dog shit. But city were also guilty of some kiddy shit too.

    I think those players looked at the whole situation and realised that getting nothing out of the city game would put an insane amount of pressure on them going into the Villa game at the so-called “toxic” Emirates.

    So yeah, a game we should’ve won ended up as a draw. I think based on that too 4 is all but secured, right?

  12. daz

    “The Invincibles going the season unbeaten is more of an achievement than Leicesters title win.”

    That’s actually a quote from an interview with Lauren

  13. Henry Root

    Does this site get fumigated after every match?
    Top 3 not good enough for a load of jokers who never go to games and can’t remember when our club WAS a joke.
    And the Invincibles never lost to anybody. They won the league with five games to go and coasted. Leicester ( who lost twice to Arsenal including a 5-2 aren’t close to them)

  14. Joe

    Top 3 not good enough for a load of jokers who never go to games and can’t remember when our club WAS a joke.

    You are the fucken joke muppet

    3rd place behind leicetser and Spurs. Great achievement you dumb cunt

    So you want a parade for they we beat Leicester twice trophy???

  15. Joe

    Everyone around the world is talking about Leicester winning the league

    No one outside England talked about the invincibles. It happens in other leagues all the time

  16. STV

    Brian Claugh was a legend, and the story of Nottingham Forest was the greatest ever written in English club football.

  17. daz


    Why do you try so hard to belittle anything arsenal have done just because wenger is associated with it? It’s an arsenal achievement at the end of the day it’s arsenal fc not arsene fc remember.

    Leicester is a great achievement as was the invincibles end of

  18. Joe

    Because of cunts like Henry and the guy on the radio. Sure it was a great achievment but not close to Leicester’s.

    And these cunts belittle GG’s achievements.

    I , personally, don’t think the invincibles achievment was that much greater than GGs one loss season. That’s my opinion.

  19. Joe

    Wenger wants to belittle fans? Blame them? Try to silence the fans by taking banners etc. Even at away matches

    Then I Will belittle his accomplishments

  20. izzo

    Wasn’t fucking Dinamo Zagreb invincible in their league and we couldn’t turn them over in the CL. LOL… Leicester is a greater achievement given the circumstances and the players they have. Everyone doubted them until a couple weeks ago. I kept telling a lot on here they have already won it months ago and most including Pedro kept saying they would slip up from the pressure. LOL what pressure?! Henry Root i expect you to come on here while we’re languishing midtable next season and glorify your Lord and tell us we’re a load of jokers. Do that and you’ll earn my respect. Until then shut the fuck up with that loser shit.

  21. Ishola70

    Ah poor old Claude on Arsenal Fan TV says he has had enough. Who can blame him. Just in that short interview you can sense the hostility between the fans and reported fighting in the stands again today.

  22. steve

    “Does this site get fumigated after every match?
    Top 3 not good enough for a load of jokers who never go to games and can’t remember when our club WAS a joke.
    And the Invincibles never lost to anybody. They won the league with five games to go and coasted. Leicester ( who lost twice to Arsenal including a 5-2 aren’t close to them)”

    We’re talking about the achievement not which team was better dickhead. Also Chelsea’s 04/05 season was a bigger achievement than the Invincibles.

  23. Joe

    This is turning into a prefect storm for the wenger out brigade

    He is going to dig his heels in and keep doing it his way and not Change

    And it will blow you hugely in his face next season and right from the start. He will have no leeway at all with the fans. He will stick with giroud and Ramsey etc and like I said yesterday it will come to a head by December. We will be double digit points back by then and Emirates will be more toxic than ever.
    And will be so ugly and negative for wenger it will be beautiful to see the old man wither away and die(figuratively of course).

  24. alexanderhenry

    The invincibles season was a magnificent achievement for arsenal, maybe the club’s greatest ever season.
    The only other comparable seasons post war, would be the three double winning campaigns, two of which were managed by wenger.
    Personally, I don’t think it is likely it will ever be repeated along with arsenal’s 49 game unbeaten record.
    I’m not taking anything away from leicester, but that 2003/04 team-arguably arsenal’s greatest ever – would have destroyed them along with any of george graham’s teams.
    All arsenal fans must surely be able to appreciate the invincibles’ achievement. If not, then they’re not arsenal fans.

  25. STV

    As great as the invincibles were, they were never close to winning the Champions league. Real Madrid, Milan, Juventus and arguably Barca and Bayern were better than them hence they will not go down as the on as one of the greatest club sides.

  26. Redtruth

    Many Clubs all across Europe over the years have gone a full season undefeated and two clubs Benfica and one other club which escapes me have gone undefeated the whole season and came SECOND!

  27. STV

    Some glimpses of Wenger’s poor record in Europe regardless of the the strength of the team.

    1999 Arsenal 0-1 Lens Dynamo 3-1 Arsenal
    2000 Arsenal 2-4 Barca
    2001 Shaktar 3-0 Arsenal
    2002 Deportivo 4-0 Arsenal (aggregate)
    2003 Arsenal 1-2 Auxxre
    2004 Arsenal 0-3 Inter, Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea
    2005 Bayern 3-1 Arsenal
    2006 none.( but typical bottle in last 10 minutes)
    2007 psv 1-0 Arsenal
    2008 Sevilla 3-1 Arsenal
    2009 Arsenal 1-3 Man utd
    2010 Barca 4-1 Arsenal
    2011 Barca 3-1 Arsenal
    2012 Olympiacos 3-1 Arsenal, Milan 4-0 Arsenal
    2013 Arsenal 0-2 Shalke Arsenal 1-3 Bayern
    2014Napoli 2-0 Arsenal, Bayern 3-1 Arsenal
    2015 Arsenal 1-3 Monacco
    2016 Bayern 5-1 Arsenal Barca 5-1 Arsenal (aggregate)

    18 years of Champions league record! One should be ashamed of mentioning this!

  28. Sam

    That game was so embarrassing I feel relieved we got a point
    The unsackable one is so arrogant n keep annoying us with his so called favourite players.
    His favourite players are so untalented n their presence harm the team
    I was surprised Giroud n Ramsey started. they were both crap n still he praised them. this is mockery…Lol!!!!

  29. izzo

    alexanderhenry thinks we’re not true fans because we don’t believe the invincibles were the greatest! everyone must bow to your opinions right? you show yourself up like an arse everytime you post. nobdy gives a shit about what you have to say. Heres a fact the invincibles were and have not been the only invincibles in world football so thats the end to that argument. they weren’t even perfect and like many have already said they couldnt even win the champions league which would have made it impossible for any other team to replicate. No one is saying they werent great but they weren’t the greatest. and i am a true fan ok! Wenger is shite and a cancer to Arsenal. and guess what alexanderhenry i’m still a fucking true fan!!!!

  30. Joe

    So the cunt giroud after not scoring for 15 games, scores a gimme header that a 15 year old would of scored cupped his ears to the supporters. The away supporters. Cunt need to get his leg broken.

    Remember where you came from cunt

    Fuck giroud. Fuck wenger. Fuck everyone of you Akbs on here.

  31. Joe

    Who the fuck does giroud think he is cupping his hands at the fans for the second gane in a row.

    He needs to wake up and thank god wenger is our manager because otherwise he’d be back as a nobody in France.

    Fuck giroud. Wish I could smack that smirk off his face.

    Go ahead Rambo. Stick up for the cunt. Defend him please

  32. Black Hei


    I don’t think he meant things literally.

    He just does not have enough class to know that it is classless thing to say even if you don’t mean it.

    Joes like him probably never experienced a broken limb before. Maybe a pimple perhaps.

  33. Joe

    Shit up black hei. How does it feel to be wrong your whole life.

    You kmow nothing about football.

    So you can fuck off with giroud and wenger.

    And you think what giroud did was classy?or wenger is classy?

    Or Akb cunts pushing kids at the ground because they have different opinions.

    You and the rest of the Akbs need to fuck off from Arsenal

  34. Black Hei

    Didn’t watch the match.

    Didn’t need to, to know that Ramsey in the middle does not work. Once we get that new shiny CM , Ramsey will be back on the right where he belongs.

    Credit to Giroud though; I thought the game was lost when I saw the lineup. And then he goes and get a goal and an assist in an away game.

  35. Black Hei


    Giroud is not good enough. Even the AKBs knows that. He is annoying but I won’t wish broken bones and all that even in a meaningless internet chatter because it is painful as hell if you have experienced it before.

    And yeah, I was a plastic fan pick-up. The first match I watched was the FA Cup final, the year we won the double. Am big enough to admit that Wenger is all I know about Arsenal.

    But I know that Wenger’s time is up. He isn’t getting younger and the years of football has eaten him up. For his own sake, (and ours), he needs to start moving on from first team coaching and towards another role in football.

    I am very sure there is a smart and hungry manager out there who is able to take advantage of the structure Arsenal has in place and implement Wenger’s own ideas far better than Wenger himself. And if Wenger knows whats good for him, he will leave Ivan to do the picking.

  36. STV

    You don’t have to prove yourself Blackhei. Supporting Wenger is not a crime, just blind and idiotic, football wise. I think you realized after years of continuous failure, Wenger is not the right man to coach any ambitious club in the world. That’s very good.

  37. Wallace

    “Cunt need to get his leg broken. Remember where you came from cunt.”

    joe outjoe’s himself. classy.

  38. Uwot?

    Sorry guys but not having anyone belittle that 49 match unbeaten run or the ” invinclbles”.that unbeaten run had’t been achieved for 115 years!-prior to that pne unbeaten run consisted of only 20 odd matches under slightly diff rules.correct me if I’ m wrong.yes,lcfc acheivement was incredible with a rag tag bunch of players but Notts forest back in 78/79 were the wasn’t t unique.i think people’s hatred of wenger & anything associated is clouding the way huge respect to lcfc & Ramirez.a true gentleman.old Skool.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Giroud didn’t do the whole cup the ears thing again did he? As if the stick he gets is unjustified.

    I do feel for Giroud a bit, he isn’t as bad as everyone says, but nowhere near is he the ST we need to mount a title challenge, his all round play isn’t good enough, neither is his effect on a match and obviously his scoring is below par.

    But the only reason fans get on his back is because this is the fourth season in a row he’s been shoved down our throats as our starting ST with most everyone with a brain knowing he won’t win us the league.

    It really is though starting to feel like Wenger and his little troops inside the club trying to prove the fans wrong instead of trying to do more to make the fans happy. Its just one goal after months of nothingness makes it quite embarrassing to then go over to the fans as if ‘you were saying’ in the penultimate game when we’ve already bottled our season, again.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    I was at a loss to understand our team starting X1 with just two established players in midfield.

    We were being overrun by Man City for much of the first half. It showed also that Elneny is a very mediocre player who is weak in the air and frankly does not tackle particularly well. He may be okay against weaker opposition but not at the top level.

    Another concern in this game and indeed in many games played this season is how our defence when under pressure give the ball back to the opposition. There is a distinct lack of composure.

    Cech did not have a great game. Whilst De Bruyne should have been tackled
    before he scored I do think that Cech should have made a save there and on one or two other occasions he looked dodgy.

    Overall we were lucky to draw the game, but Manchester City are not in great
    form and defensively poor. Arsenal have now qualified for Champions League
    so at least we have a target for next season, which a lot of posters hoped would not have happened.

    Wenger is not going to leave despite my view that he should, but there does need to be an overhaul of our squad even if he stays. We need to improve most definitely our spine and refresh other squad positions as well.

  41. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on. Gambon was spot on too when he said the moment giroud scores 1 goal wenger trots out the….. ” now we’ve seen the real giroud”, forgetting the 10 plus games we’ve lost or drawn after he’s missed chance after chance.

  42. Wallace

    it would be pretty hilarious if we are ahead of Spurs come next Sunday evening. certainly won’t be an easy game for them if Newcastle still have a chance of staying up.

    nice to see Jack back. feel for Welbeck.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Its the same as always, look at last year, Wilshere can back and looked decent, Walcott scored a few and suddenly that’s the memory going into the summer, for those who want to believe it anyway, not the months and months before that, but that if we can play like that we will be fine next year.

    Anyway, I’m trying to not get worked up about it, only more season of Wenger, fingers crossed anyway, so I can accept a Wenger window and the same injuries, lack of quality, lack of tactics, lack of leaders, lack of bottle next year if he will be gone.

  44. Thank you and goodnight


    I wish it was one more season of wenger……can’t see it somehow. I reckon he’s already got another 3 years lined up.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I know what you mean, but I just think they would be stupid to, even some of the people who don’t think Wenger poops or farts are saying after next year that’s enough, so him getting a new three year deal would be an ‘interesting’ move from the club, putting it in nice terms.

  46. Red&White4life

    ” I’ve literally given up following football as another Arsenal season wheezes and puffs its way over the finishing line.”

    You’re not the only one who has “given up”, I didn’t even watch the game yesterday.

  47. Daz

    The thing is the vibe I get from the board is they would keep Wenger just to prove a point, no one tells us how to run our club thanks for your interest though

  48. Mr J

    @ Emirates

    I have to admit, I hardly read any of your posts. Very rarely do I get past the first sentance.

    In general I find them too long, stating the obvious or showing too much bias towards Wenger.

    However your above post (@ 07.57) echos my thoughts on the game exactly… in fact it was almost as if I wrote it myself.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal need to plan for management/coaching succession, but unlike Man
    City this must not be announced mid season. That has proven to be a complete
    disaster for them.

    Personally I would like to see Arsenal bring in a set of new coaches to run our
    football teams. People like Dennis Bergkamp and even Arteta who have a global view of football and willing to introduce fresh ideas.

    The management should be kept separate and be administrative functions as
    Dennis Bergkamp suggested two weeks ago when he disclosed that he has no
    interest in administration.

    There are now plenty of ex Arsenal players like Bergkamp, Henry, Pires,Arteta and Lehmann taking their coaching badges. Introducing some of them into coaching system at the club on permanent basis will help to modernise our

    Modern coaching is not only about tactics and improving technical ability but
    also the mentoring of young players as well. Adding the likes of Henry and Bergkamp to our staff who are winners will improve the culture and ambition
    of club.

  50. daz

    Arsenal are looking to make 20-year-old Bolton defender Rob Holding their first summer signing, the Sun are reporting.

    The Gunners are said to have made a bid for the commanding centre-half on Friday afternoon before he was subsequently pulled from the Trotters’ squad for their final game of the season against Fulham on Saturday.

  51. Red&White4life

    Wenger’s masterplan (another one among many others…) for keeping Ozil : keep also his best friend Flamini lol

  52. Steveyg87

    At this point in time, Cech is making Ospina look really good, beaten at the near post twice in one game, embarrassing!! Has no presence at the dead ball situations. Not convincing at all. Needs to pick up his game next season.

  53. alexanderhenry


    I said the invincibles were arguably the greatest arsenal side, not the greatest side ever.
    If you’re going to criticise my posts, read them first.

  54. alexanderhenry


    ‘Cunt needs to get his leg broken.’ (Giroud)

    You need to calm down. What’s next? Death threats.

  55. Red&White4life

    @Stevey : Cech has signed at arsenal just to be sure to have a peaceful, quiet retirement with his family in London lol

  56. alexanderhenry


    I disagree. I thought a draw was a fair result. City had lots of possession but didn’t actually make many chances. Defensively they were appalling, and overall with the squad they have, they’ve been the biggest underachievers this season along with chelsea.
    On wenger, I remain convinced next season will be his last.

    Post wenger, we know what we want and expect; a top coach and significant and sustained spending on players. Will the club deliver this? We’ll find out soon enough.

  57. Wallace

    Rob Holding’s an interesting one. 20yr old academy graduate who has just been voted Bolton’s player of the season. would imagine he’d be a squad player initially, but where does that leave Chambers?

  58. Carts

    The irony of passing up the opportunity to sign several solid goalkeepers in the past, only to sign a Chelsea #2 who was supposed to win us points but instead, arguably, has cost us points.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    He’s cost us points in a few games, but equally we have a run of games where he saved us, I remember Newcastle at home, Sunderland at home, Bournemouth home and away I think off the top of my head.

    Just simply the quality level and mentality at Arsenal is not good enough all round, that’s why transfer are irrelevant really unless Wenger is going to spend so much that he has a team of leaders who don’t need him.

    This young defender for example, if I was him I certainly wouldn’t come to Arsenal, what are you going to learn about defending here?

  60. Carts

    Re: Rob Holding;

    If that kid has anything between his ears, he’d totally avoid Arsenal (and Chelsea) and instead sign for anyone else.

    The fuck has Wenger actually done with English players to warrant anymore English prospects signing for the club?

  61. Ughelligunner

    Joe, Leicester did a great job winning the league. In France, Giroud’s Montpellier won the league (their first league 1), Lille almost won it two seasons straight, underdogs have been doing it everywhere too, same as going the league unbeaten.

    And surprisingly, Raneiri was chelsea’s manager when Arsenal went unbeaten.

    Montpellier, came from relegation in 2009, finished fifth in 2010, won the league in 2011. I don’t see no difference.

    I can search more history, you unpatrotic shit.

  62. Carts


    That’s a fair point. But having thought about it, us Arsenal fans have been force fed utter shit for soooo long that when we do sign a half decent player it’s all about the hypothetical point they save or gain us.

    This is something I almost never hear from other top teams. Now Cech is a solid keeper. For the price we paid and experience he brought it was a no brainier.

    However, we when people like pedro and a few other waffle on about the so-called point Cech will earn us, it simply puts him under the spot light and he’s scrutinised thoroughly unlike other keepers

  63. Red&White4life

    Cech was a top worldclass keeper at chelscum, but you should realize that the quality of his defenders at that time was from another level…

  64. Carts


    He had a solid defensive unit that knew how to defend and had players who threw their bodies at anything that moved, granted.

    But he’s been beaten embarrassingly a few too many times.

  65. Ughelligunner

    Carts, lol you are joking right? Valencia, Weder bremen, Wolfburg have all won the league as underdogs.

    Was there a betting equivalent to the 5000 to 1 at the time? Maybe. Do your homework.

    Leicester finished well, but please stop praying for the club to fail because you hate wenger so much. He is old, ad will leave graciously. Take a break, leave and come back after 3 years, leave us to enjoy our boring football. It isn’t by force to be an WOB

  66. alexanderhenry

    Wanting wenger out is fair enough.
    Personally, I don’t think he is the main issue. I have no confidence in the current owner replacing him with some one good enough, and I have even less confidence that Kroenke and co. will provide wenger’s successor with adequate funds. Kroenke is the main issue at arsenal.

    That’s my opinion. Many of you disagree which is fair enough. That’s your opinion.

    However, what I find unacceptable is the smearing of wenger’s reputation. You may not like the guy- perhaps you think he’s passed it- but belittling and rejecting his past achievements and dragging his reputation through the mud is irrational and embarrassing. It reflects badly on the club and highlights the extent to which some arsenal fans have become totally obsessed with wenger and unable to see the bigger picture.

    It is a fact that the unbeaten season was one of the club’s greatest achievements.
    It is a fact that Wenger built that side and managed it.
    It is a fact that wenger won two doubles
    It is a fact that wenger has won the FA cup for a record six times as manager.

    Regardless of what arsenal fans think of wenger now, those of you who are unable to appreciate these victories and instead go out of their way to dismiss them are not really arsenal fans.

  67. Chika

    Some posters just love to moan for the sake of it.

    The RUMOURED departure of Sanchez and Özil won’t affect Wenger in anyway.
    He’s salary is intact and his job won’t be threatened. So?

    As usual only the fans are at the losing end. #blametheboard

  68. Ughelligunner

    Joe, it isn’t just the invicibles that broke record. Henry created goal scoring records, assist records too.

    It was raved about, maybe you were not also passionate about arsenal then, hence you thought it wasn’t spoken about, but my God, i heard it and fans danced in my remote place here in Africa. And you know what, we cried when Man utd broke the record the next season, and Man utd fans still pride about till this day.

    Rooney, warmed the heart of man utd because of that till this moment.

  69. Wallace


    “Title pending…. for Benfica that is ”

    you’re just Scotland with more sunny days 🙂

  70. vicky

    I have no qualms in admitting Red was right on Cech. He has let in too many easy goals this season. If Cheezer made all the mistakes Cech has made, he would have been slaughtered left, right and center. Yes, he had a few great games as well but overall his impact has been insignificant, no where close to saving 10-15 points that many had hoped. Also unfair to blame our defenders for his mistakes as he was supposed to raise the standard of our defensive unit rather than become as much error-prone as them. Cech’s decision making in the box is levels above that of Cheezer but got to say his reflexes are not quick enough. Letting 10 goals in outside of the box is abysmal for any GK and quite a few of those 10 were ordinary shots.

  71. Ughelligunner

    Joe, do you even know why man utd fans love Rooney to this day? He broke our heart. The invicibles record. He entered the history books of man utd that that. Clown.

    Please, find another club to go till when wenger leaves, anywhere but boring arsenal. You can try Leicester or Man city. Because, we are in for a boring long ride next season.

  72. Bamford10

    Sadly, it looks like Wenger will be staying on for another year. To get rid of him, we needed to finish fourth or fifth, we needed massive amounts of fan pressure, negativity, ridicule, etc. That is probably not going to happen now.

    A few things, then:

    1. Worst thing about Welbeck’s injury is that it means we’re going to be forced to watch Giroud again.

    2. It was nice to see Jack back. Yes, he looked a little slow and was slow to get up after each fall, but he can still play the game.

    3. Ramsey was awful. Just awful. He has regressed. In the past I would’ve said that the next manager should keep him but school him in the game’s basics, but I now think he should be sold. He’s unredeemable.

    4. Despite the goal and assist, Giroud remains complete and total garbage. He did nothing save flop and lose the ball the rest of the game, and he has done nothing save flop and lose the ball for some ten games now. Two moments of quality do not redeem him. He has never been good enough for our XI and he never will be.

    5. Shocking how bad Mangala and Otamendi are, especially the former. Really, really bad. Clearly Mangala has been talked up his entire career based strictly on appearances — big, muscular, strong — because he is straight-up garbage.

    6. It will be very interesting to see what Wenger does this summer. Our (personnel) needs remain much the same as they have been for years now:

    – quality, mobile CF
    – quality, ball-playing CDM
    – quality, athletic CM
    – quality, athletic CB
    – quality, creative RW

    On one level there are some obvious departures and obvious needs — not to mention massive pressure to spend and improve — so one would think Wenger will make a number of improvements.

    On another level this is Wenger we’re talking about: every fiber of his being tells him to thumb his nose at the world and stick with his team as is / his approach.

    He’ll probably take some kind of middle path, giving us just enough to compete lamely for fourth next season.

    Chelsea will be better; Liverpool will be better; United will be better (if they get rid of LVG). It will be a more competitive PL next season, no doubt.

    Oh, and while The Invincibles were fantastic, Leicester City’s title is a more impressive achievement. Not a better team, obviously, but a more remarkable achievement.

    And Joe, wishing for players to break their legs is a bit over the line. Wishing for Wenger to die? Possibly justified. But leave the players and their health alone.

    Morning, all.

  73. Carts

    Valencia were a ridiculous outfit with top-top players. Wolfsburg spearheaded by Grafite & Dzeko?

    No one is praying for Arsenal downfall, but if not securing top 4 meant the end of Wenger’s reign then I’m in!

  74. Louis Almeida

    Wallace, that’s not true! We have more talents in Portugal, plus there is also Porto, Sporting and Braga. This season too we reached the CL QF and gave a good account of ourselves against Bayern!

    Bamford, wishing for Wenger to die is awful. He has done a lot wrong and needs to be replaced as manager but calling for someone’s death over a game of football is so far misplaced.

  75. Ughelligunner

    Vicky, Wenger signed Cech because of fans and pundits. They would’nt have let it go if it was another keeper conceding all this, he would have been crucified. Olympiacos caused Ospina till these day.

    You just know fans don’t know anything, they think a system that work for team A, would work for team B.
    Cortious, have been having a poor season, because his defence cant hold it anymore. This was also an over rated keeper that red called right.

    When you play for a defensive side, your concentration as a goal keeper is high, and only loose balls that passes through are claimed by you.

    I rate a goal keeper, that doesn’t easily loses his concentration level, even if his side have a percentage passing rate of a 100percent.

    Degea is the best goal keeper in the world, presently.

    Van der save (like we call him here) hardly looses focus. Its like cech gets carried away by the tipid passing from side to side, and when a low drive suddenly comes, he goes to the ground too late.

  76. Ughelligunner

    Cart, dzeko? You mean after the win right? Who was talking about Marhez and Vardy before now? They made a name for themselves by winning the league, not the other way round. Same as those players you are mentioning.

    Giroud was popular after leading Montpellier to the title, same as Hazard and gervinho and not because you knew them before they arrived. Perspective please.

  77. Red&White4life

    “it looks like Wenger will be staying on for another year.”

    If only it was “only” 1 year…

  78. Micheal

    I am trying to look dispassionately at next season and without being abusive or negative.

    I think the two strongest sides and pace-setters will be Liverpool and the Spuds. Both have decent squads and progressive and motivational managers who are already in place. Any additions to the squads will, in all likelihood, strengthen an already solid base.

    I believe that Chelsea and Man City will struggle a little. This is mainly because both squads need major overhaul and it is very difficult in the Premier League to hit the ground running. Obviously they will spend heavily but it takes time to build a team – City are still trying to find the right blend after spending hundreds of millions. I don’t think City and the Chavs will start firing until Christmas.
    And ManUre ? Depends on whether LVG stays or Maureen comes in. Either way, this is a club in permanent transition and more big money signings do not necessarily make a strong team. Ask City.
    Arsenal ? We have a decent squad, but desperately need quality reinforcements and better defensive discipline. We have the foundations for a winning side. Does Wenger want it enough ? Sadly, I doubt it.

  79. Bamford10


    The I’s were obviously one of the club’s greatest achievements, but some of your “facts” after that do not follow — or at least they don’t follow in the way you amine they do.

    One, Wenger did not build that entire team. It is my understanding — I will defer to an older hand here — that that back four/five was built by his predecessor.

    Two, Wenger clearly had an eye for French talent at that time, something which served him well then. But where has that gone? This was one of 2-3 of his genuine strengths but it hasn’t been a strength for him in a very long time. He is Sanogo and Flamini today (as far as the French thing goes) not Henry and Pires.

    Three, there is good reason to believe that that team succeeded as it did largely on account of the on-field management of certain big, experienced personalities. Wenger’s laissez-faire approach to tactics and instruction may have worked with the likes of Henry, Vieira, Campbell, Parlour, etc., but it has not worked at all ever since.

    Thus while Wenger is partly responsible for the success of that team, subsequent years have revealed that much of that success was down to the players rather than the manager.

    Add to that the fact that Wenger has been attached to irrational and counterproductive principles since, that he has been largely a failure ever since, that he now resorts to bogus excuses and fan-blaming, and it is fair to say that he has largely destroyed his legacy. Yes, your ilk will always sing his praises, and yes, in time, even WOB’s will forgive him for this or that, but there is absolutely no reason to continue to regard him as a “great” manager.

    He was a good manager with a few good ideas and a great team, but he has been largely a disaster ever since.

  80. Danish Gooner

    There is a nice 100 mil for Kroenke if we sell Ozil and Sanchez so he can buy some more land then lets bring back Deck chair denilson i hear he gets rave reviews in the deck chair industry and he is cheap another wonderful signing and how about Santos he must be just about having turned full circle now and i mean literally turned full circle,he was another super,super qualidee signing.