Is the Arsenal player unrest real?

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Good morning free thinkers and world changers. I’m in Antigua today, right out in the sticks under a lightly rumbling volcano, mostly quiet… you know what woke me up at 5am?

A pigeon. A big old dirty pigeon. That ain’t right.

Anyway, onto the NEWZ on my copper dial up internet special.

Mesut Ozil DENIES claims he’s looking for a move whilst also leaving the door open to err… a move.

‘I am under contract with Arsenal and I am very happy to be here now.’

‘I do not think about the future, I just think my current situation. I have goals for Arsenal. In the future you can never know in football.’

Nice one Mesut, thanks for clearing that one up. Still in two minds about old Mesut. First half of the season he was on fire. Pretty much for the first time in his AFC career If you’re honest. He wasn’t really that impressive prior… Then, second half of the season he went well and truly missing. Now, he always has great stats, but I don’t think he contributes to the fire of the team. If he stays this summer, the manager has to build fire around him… because when your main man flakes when the going gets tough, you need to work a way around that.

There’s a pretty grim story about Jack Wilshere supposedly spitting at a neighbour over a back garden net dispute. I have no idea whether it’s true, but it’s generally safe to say, when Jack is involved, it’s usually 75% there. Really miserable reading. Gotta say, I’d be pretty hacked off if my footballer neighbour whacked up 75ft net in the garden… sad how Arsenal fan that comment is! Need to go and reassess what is important in my life right now.

Sanchez apparently stormed out of the Norwich game when he was subbed. Rumours are that relations are frosty with Wenger. No idea how true this is, whether it’s contract negotiation tactics or just being as despondent as most Arsenal fans are over the state of the club.

I’m kind of expecting negotiations between our two superstars to be difficult this summer. Both heading into their prime, both only joined because they were castoffs, both capable of big club moves.

Finally, looks like Arteta is off to city this summer to reunite under Pep G. He had offers from Spurs but that was clearly going to destroy his relationship with Arsenal fans… Plus, Spurs could be in trouble next year. He’s highly rated in the game. Speaks 5-6 languages, has played at a consistently high level in England, Spain and France. He’s a natural born leader. Also, very football smart. He’ll go and learn his trade under the greatest in the world then you never know where he might end up in the future (ARSENAL TO BECOME THE NEW PEP).

It’s a shame we were so late to the table with an offer… but worse for Wenger is he doesn’t see a good education under him. Tells you a lot right there.

Talking of City, we still have to make some sort of magic happen in the last two games. Everything is over at the top half of the table league wise, top 4 isn’t. City players couldn’t arse themselves with a Madrid CL semi final, so the likelihood of them giving a rats arse about tomorrow seems slim. Well, we have to hope that. The chances of our players turning in a performance seem pretty damn low as well. Not sure if I’m quite expecting high octane!

Anyway, more tomorrow. My internet is weaker than a James Milner comedy act, so it’ll probably be James W after the game tomorrow. Alex in the morning? GO ON ALEX DO IT.

Have a good one!

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  1. STV

    Bamford, Benzema absence is not very good, but I think France have a great chance in their home soil. They have a number of great young players and Griezmann is easily among top3. I think it’ll be very difficult for Belgium to get in to semis but Spain is my second bet.

  2. Jim Lahey

    Yeah I am not big on”‘what ifs” too.. But seriously WHAT IF!!

    All we need for years was a solid goalkeeper, a big Sol Campbell type CD and a top class DM. If we had made these 3 signings players like Narsi, RVP and Cesc (Well maybe he would have gone anyway…) would not have left, and you can bet we would have won trophies with that team.

    ————————————— Top GK —————————

    Sagna ——– Young Sol Campbell — koscielny —– Monreal

    ————————- Top DM ——– Cesc —————————-

    New RW ———————- Nasri ———————— Sanchez

    ———————————– RVP ———————————-

    That team wins the league this year.

  3. Vince

    Team news

    Man City starting XI: Hart, Sagna, Otamendi, Mangala, Clichy, Fernando, Fernandinho, Navas, De Bruyne, Iheanacho, Aguero.

    Substitutes: Caballero, Angelino, Demichelis, Delph, Toure, Sterling, Bony.

    Arsenal starting XI: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Welbeck, Iwobi, Alexis, Giroud.

    Substitutes: Ospina, Gibbs, Coquelin, Wilshere, Cazorla, Campbell, Walcott.

  4. Dissenter

    All three of Greizmann, Coman and Martial will own the Euros.
    Anyone of them has pace, p;ower and good finishing.

    Combine that with a midfield with Payet, Pogba and Matuidi

    I think France is about to launch another golden era like in the 1996-2006 of Viera, Henry, Trezeguet

  5. STV

    Wenger:Chech is one of the best keepers in the world. Chambers can be a great defender like Campbell Elneny top top midfielder Iwobi reminds me of Ian Wright..

    Problem solved.

  6. Vince

    Must Giro us play? In the absence of Ozil I would have gone Cech, Bellerin, Gab, Kos, Monreal, Coquelin, Elneny, Santi/Wilshere, Sanchez, Iwobi and Welbeck. But what do I know eh

  7. grooveydaddy

    Ozil must have picked up a knock in training late in the week? or ill with the flu or something??

    dropping him is surely not a tactical decision??

  8. Highbury4ever

    “Why no Ozil?”

    Seriously, you don’t have the answer ?? It’s pretty fucking obvious!! lol

  9. grooveydaddy

    20 minutes to bottling time…

    The fact that we could draw level with Spurs should do the trick.

  10. Spanishdave

    Ozils off he’s had enough, it’s easy to complain , I wish Walnutt and co will piss off out of the club, our squad is really full of shite.

  11. Peter12

    Superficially may be, but I do believe Pellegrini in truly “an amicable man”. He acted like a true gentleman and with decency despite being treated by City somewhat shabbily in my opinion. What is more, he says what he means and is not afraid to take blame for things. I afraid I cannot say the same for Wenger. Quite often one needs to reverse/invert the so-called “Wenger-Speak” to make sense of what he is saying. So, for example when he says “we have 4 World Class strikers” one needs to invert it to mean “We DON’T have four world strikers”. Another example: when he says “This team is mentally strong” you should interpret him to mean “This team is mentally NOT STRONG”. Also when he says “We will be active in the transfer market”, try “We will NOT be active in the transfer market”. Easy when one knows how to interpret what he says. So overall the two managers may seem like clones of each other, I beg to differ.

  12. Ethan-gunner

    I will spell it out of the dreamers

    Arsene providing he keeps the ledgers in the green at the club , keeps buying and selling smartly and gives the board a good
    Return will be rewarded by the board with
    A never ending job .

    Kissinger just like Arsene to football
    Is the illuminate to the nwo will have to die or retire before the world / club is a better place .

    No point harping about Arsene he’s here for as long as he wants to be ..

    He’s untouchable

  13. Ishola70

    This club is all about one man still and it’s so pathetic. You’d think the man had won multiple major trophies in recent years the way he is still defended and lauded instead of those two tinpot FA Cups.

    So we hear yesterday there were Arsenal stewards at Manchester City trying to make sure no banners went into the ground. They actually contacted Man City beforehand and asked for their assistance as well in weeding out the banners. Then a pic of police pouncing on an Arsenal fan with a banner. Certain person taken out of the away end for his own safety apparently and to avoid any further possible escalation of trouble.

    This is disgusting. It’s a dictatorship here with the almighty man from Alsace-Lorraine the diety.

    As ever though it’s the waiting game as far as Wenger is concerned. Let’s hope it blows up in the faces of all these twats next season.

  14. Ethan-gunner

    Wow the place ain’t the same too many wining babies ..

    Bamford 10 do you actually like anyone ?
    Other than the pools coach …
    Can’t seem them in the top 4 ???
    He must be good 🙂

    Wengers never been the best at picking
    Top class players – rather more like taking a punt on up and comers ….
    TH14 still was his best ever creation
    And that was some while ago …
    Nasri – cesc- even flamini persie all left seeking to better themselves be it wages or
    Glory …. It’s all motivated by money 1st

    And that’s why Wenger will be around until he’s ready to leave and not before….

    We all jumped up and down in 07 calling for his head …. He didn’t leave then and won’t leave now … Your all wasting your breath bitching about it …..

  15. Ethan-gunner

    And as for banners taken in the ground ,
    Shit …
    Do you really need a banner saying Wenger out ????
    Most of us people with brain cells realise
    He should of been tossed in 06/07/08
    But he isn’t and that’s because he raises a profit for the shareholders and therefore won’t be dislodged …

    And if anyone thinks with world is fair , or there’s freedom of speech you need to wake the f…. Up

    Listen to Icke or Jordan maxwell to see how fair this world is.

  16. Ethan-gunner

    Only thing you’ve all got on your side is Wenger is substantially older than in 07
    And the clock is a ticking ….

    And 2 F.a tin cups did give him breathing space , but with looking down the barrel of nothing for the mantle peice this season it starts to bring out the whiners .