Is the Arsenal player unrest real?

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Good morning free thinkers and world changers. I’m in Antigua today, right out in the sticks under a lightly rumbling volcano, mostly quiet… you know what woke me up at 5am?

A pigeon. A big old dirty pigeon. That ain’t right.

Anyway, onto the NEWZ on my copper dial up internet special.

Mesut Ozil DENIES claims he’s looking for a move whilst also leaving the door open to err… a move.

‘I am under contract with Arsenal and I am very happy to be here now.’

‘I do not think about the future, I just think my current situation. I have goals for Arsenal. In the future you can never know in football.’

Nice one Mesut, thanks for clearing that one up. Still in two minds about old Mesut. First half of the season he was on fire. Pretty much for the first time in his AFC career If you’re honest. He wasn’t really that impressive prior… Then, second half of the season he went well and truly missing. Now, he always has great stats, but I don’t think he contributes to the fire of the team. If he stays this summer, the manager has to build fire around him… because when your main man flakes when the going gets tough, you need to work a way around that.

There’s a pretty grim story about Jack Wilshere supposedly spitting at a neighbour over a back garden net dispute. I have no idea whether it’s true, but it’s generally safe to say, when Jack is involved, it’s usually 75% there. Really miserable reading. Gotta say, I’d be pretty hacked off if my footballer neighbour whacked up 75ft net in the garden… sad how Arsenal fan that comment is! Need to go and reassess what is important in my life right now.

Sanchez apparently stormed out of the Norwich game when he was subbed. Rumours are that relations are frosty with Wenger. No idea how true this is, whether it’s contract negotiation tactics or just being as despondent as most Arsenal fans are over the state of the club.

I’m kind of expecting negotiations between our two superstars to be difficult this summer. Both heading into their prime, both only joined because they were castoffs, both capable of big club moves.

Finally, looks like Arteta is off to city this summer to reunite under Pep G. He had offers from Spurs but that was clearly going to destroy his relationship with Arsenal fans… Plus, Spurs could be in trouble next year. He’s highly rated in the game. Speaks 5-6 languages, has played at a consistently high level in England, Spain and France. He’s a natural born leader. Also, very football smart. He’ll go and learn his trade under the greatest in the world then you never know where he might end up in the future (ARSENAL TO BECOME THE NEW PEP).

It’s a shame we were so late to the table with an offer… but worse for Wenger is he doesn’t see a good education under him. Tells you a lot right there.

Talking of City, we still have to make some sort of magic happen in the last two games. Everything is over at the top half of the table league wise, top 4 isn’t. City players couldn’t arse themselves with a Madrid CL semi final, so the likelihood of them giving a rats arse about tomorrow seems slim. Well, we have to hope that. The chances of our players turning in a performance seem pretty damn low as well. Not sure if I’m quite expecting high octane!

Anyway, more tomorrow. My internet is weaker than a James Milner comedy act, so it’ll probably be James W after the game tomorrow. Alex in the morning? GO ON ALEX DO IT.

Have a good one!

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  1. arsene nose best

    can’t wait for alexis to be in the stands next week, holding up a wenger out banner, legendary status for that man.

    what a total joke arsene wenger has turned into, he should be ashamed of himself. CUNTS!!!!!!!

  2. Stanlee

    I have not been impressed with Sanchez recently. He holds d ball too long and keeps turning left and right when he can just pass the ball. That makes me sick.

  3. Sensible old man

    I hope Sanchez and ozil leave there too good for this shit business franchise ‘Arsene f.c.’ where the only aim is to generate money. They should be playing for top FOOTBALL CLUBS.

  4. gary

    who even comments on arsenal these days? just bring on the summer and euros…Wenger, thank you for the season,you classless act ; and that’s not an told us to judge you in may .Go to Hell!! ion, #LCFC congrats!

  5. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Unrest real? It should be. Watching Leicester, a REAL football team, and watching Arsenal last week and that mongoloid Giroud cup his hand to his ear to show up supporters….that sums up everything wrong with Arsenal. Leicester are blue collar all the way and Wengers White Collar primadonnas are an embarrassing joke modded in the golden image of their arrogantly ignorant leader of a manager.

    I’m happy for Leicester, really am. But I’m more than bitter towards my childhood club, I’m embarrassed and that is how every true supporter should feel.

    Get ready for another 1-4 years of this abysmal craphouse moron that is Arsene Wenger. The only positive I can take now? He will destroy his legacy through his own self-centred, self-righteous arrogance. POS!

  6. Don

    Of course Sanchez and Ozil are unhappy.They left Real and Barca and ended up with a clueless manager only interested in playing for 4th

    Watching Leicester now title won still playing their hearts out.Just compare that to our load of shite who gave up in january

  7. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So let’s look at Wengers Project Youth, shall we?

    Kieran Giblets – wandering in a wasteland
    Theo Walnuts – uhh yeah
    Jack Wheelchair – will never put 5 games together again
    Carl Wankerson – permanent loan boy
    Wombat Skuzniak – great keeper…of flies
    Alex NotGettingLaid Chamberlain – fishnet of flounder
    A-run RamBleeds – never saw a pass he could ever make

    Could go on, but the point is obvious…Project Youth is a resounding failur, just like its architect manager.

  8. Joe

    How wenger can look himself in the mirror and think to himself ‘yes, I am still great and the one to take Arsenal forward’ is beyond me.

    He must realize he’s a shit manager. Even he, as clueless as he is, can not be that stupid.

    His Akbs are but that’s another story

  9. Sensible old man

    12 years we’ve watched other clubs life the PL trophy – now I’m sat here about to watch fucking Leicester lift it! What a fucking joke.

  10. Carts

    Wilshere probably thinks he can’t get a break. £80k p/w and you’re arguing with Mr Gerry Atric. Pathetic.

    As for Arteta, he’s probably sat there, over the last 4 seasons, and realised that Wenger has nothing to give from a mentor capacity.

    His methods are fucking dated. He overvalues average to shit players, and hasn’t shown any signs of really getting players motivated.sonwhy the fuck would he hang around? Fuck that!

    Lastly, if there’s anyone that can get Wenger to take shit seriously it would be Ozil and Sanchez. The saddest issue is that Wenger can’t motivate shit. It’ll be in vain.

  11. Dusty Kart

    Wenger should hang his head in shame how a bunch of journeymen have won the PL beggars belief.

  12. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @carts…exactly, Arteta is an up and coming football mind. What can a moron like Wenger offer? A first rate education in arrogance and deception. Charlatan 101. Best wishes to Arteta, one of the really good guys.

    Way to go Arsene!!! Flucking Mongoloid!!!

  13. PieAFC

    He really needs to think hard after the season. If he doesn’t leave and the club start the season badly, toxic.

    We are fucked for years. You just know he will get another extension, years. He wants Fergies record – longest at one club. He denied it, but he wants it.

    The club will give it too him, they have no bollocks. No plan, no drive, no ambition to be the best.

    Nofucking clue. We will be the bottlers and also rans for many a more year…

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    It’s so obvious Wenger never wanted Arsenal win a title. Else, he would have ensured a captain and a skipper on the pitch. The more we see Morgan tonight, we realise how cheaply we were fooled and lied to by Wenger.

  15. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @P&M…naw, he only fooled himself and his Lemming AKB Fools. Anyone that has been around Arsenal long enough knows that Wenger is. Master of BS. Only Pedro runs a close second in BS.

  16. gazza

    Loughborough Gooner just been down to the king power to experience the atmosphere pre kick off, chalk & cheese from what I experienced at our game last week against Norwich… Leicester been awesome this season and deserved champions ! the sad thing is if Arsene had been their manager they wouldn’t have even made top 4..
    there is the problem with our club a manager who is shot and whilst he is there nothing will change ….

  17. Joe


    Must be proud today seeing Leicester winning the league while wenger hasn’t even secured 4th

    Oh Wallace. We are 13 points back. What say you??

    Also, you never answered my question that if wenger is go great and amazing and revered by ex players, why is arteta fucking off to learn under pep?

    And why isn’t viera here ?

    Or bergkamp?

  18. Rhys Jaggar

    To be brutal Pedro, if you’re a potentially great manager, if you’ve spent 4 – 5 years working under a manager as a senior player you won’t learn that much more from him having a ‘coaching education’. You need to learn things you can’t learn from Wenger, because if you haven’t learned it within 5 years, you have to ask whether you ever will.

    Guardiola plays football totally differently and will therefore have different tactical expertise, different fitness approaches and maybe he also has different man-management approaches? You could say the same about Pocchetino, about Allegri, about Simeone.

    If you are a great technical person but need to learn HR skills, go and learn them. If you are weak at selling yourself or at project management, go and learn them. If you need to learn about financial management, go and learn it.

  19. jwl

    Most people commenting on le grove wont be surprised to learn ozil and sanchez not delighted with Wenger’s methods and abilities.

    Arsenal collapsed this season, something has obviously happened, players nor wenger can be arsed apparently. I wonder if Leicester winning title make our collapse even more painful for players, and dont expect Wenger to change his ways.

    Arsenal were best team willing to pay highest salary to ozil and sanchez, if they are ambitious they will leave club if Wenger stay long term now they know what their manager like.

  20. Troy McClure

    Wenger is a petty man if he gets honked off at Arteta for working at a competitor. That shit happens in business, people move around but nobody holds a grudge for something like that. But it is too soon to know if Arteta is any good as a manager. Hopefully it won’t matter by the time we know if Arteta is a legit manager in a few years because Wenger will be gone.
    If Ozil is annoyed and discoraged, it’s because these plodding club-footed strikers can’t ever finish the chances he serves to them on a plate. Give him a sharp, skillful striker who can convert, and he’ll snap out of his funk. Sanchez, I don’t know. He didn’t really deliver his season for various reasons. He is expected to lead by scoring and create goals, which didn’t happen in many big matches. If he had banged in goals in Feb and March, we’d be looking at a different outcome.

  21. Highbury4ever

    ‘I am under contract with Arsenal and I am very happy to be here now.’

    One of these 2 affirmations is a false one, can you find which one it is ?? lol

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @highbury…”Uh, I was deceived” is what I read in Ozil’s statement.

    And for the record Pedro, you really are full of shit when it comes to Ozil. He’s every bit the player he was in the first half. What do you want if your supporting cast suddenly develop two left feet in the second half of the season. For a guy who really is actually quite intelligent, you really are quite the fool. Ozil is gold…you put him on any other contender and he IS the difference maker. Honestly, make up your mind, dude!

  23. Peter12

    Leicester City won the BPL in style with two games to go and 7pts ahead of the second positioned Spurs while Arsenal are still trying to seal fourth place! That should tell a story in itself. And you know what? Today Leicester disposed of Everton 3 – 1 after taking 33 shots at goal (only 40% possession) even missing a penalty while Wenger apparently tells Elneny NOT TO SHOOT (I guess meaning from distance). Unbelievable! The aim of the game is to score goals, isn’t it? Since when has ‘possession” become the aim of the game, which we seem clock at the rate of (up to) 70% in many of our games, home or away, with very little to show for it. How is this acceptable?

  24. WrightIsGod

    I think I was saying to Wenger Eagle the other day next season will be as mental as this one.

    I don’t care how good Pep is, cleaning up after Wenger’s twin (in every aspect) Pellegrini will be difficult. Similar for Conti as Chelsea are a mess I don’t care what anyone says. United are doomed if they continue with that other geriatric, Van Gaal.

    I still believe that Leicester and Spurs can have a go next season.

  25. Keef Petrovic

    Adam A Conundrum or whatever

    I agree with nearly everything you say, and admire your passion.

    BUT no amount of fan anger is stopping Wenger staying another year, at least, deal with it, like you’re doing prison time.

    Regarding possibility of a new contract I expect next season to be a horror show and he has to go then. Fingers crossed.

    PS Still talking to apparently higly intelligent Arsenal fans saying “Well who would you get instead?” Shoot me now

  26. Sam

    “Who would blame ozil or alexis if they both decided to move on ”

    I am sure they were on the pitch when Arsenal got humiliated by Watford, Bayern, Barca et all. Funny they don’t take any responsibility

    or apologise to fans at least

  27. Sam

    Robin Van Persie scored 30goals before he twisted our arms for a move
    Sanchez was actually awful this season
    its quite laughable if its true he wants to move

  28. Vince

    WENGER: “We slipped up too much against so-called lesser teams. Why? I don’t know.”
    Sackable offence.

  29. Vince

    “I don’t think we’re soft but we need to toughen up. In some games we were caught – but a lot of teams have the same problem.”

    Interpretation: I’m right. I’m not ready to change. Can someone sack this imbecile please?

  30. leftsidesanch

    In terms of todays match, no interest whatsoever. You just know we will flunk the summer, you just know that the almighty Wenger will be “rewarded” with a 3 year contract and the cycle goes on.

  31. Danish Gooner

    Wenger never owns up,He always starts his excuses with refering to other teams that have also failed ,instead of actually saying 12 years without a title is a massive underperformance.It is classic Wenger and this bullshit with the top 4 team era being over is a busted flush,everyone bar Wenger know that in the next 10 seasons 9 or 10 of them will be won by big clubs because as always prestige and money and the best players go hand in hand.But as always he is getting his excuses in early for failing !!!!

  32. STV

    Arsene Wenger, the great man has predicted Leicester like winnings will happen again in future

    “First of all every English team can buy players,” he said. “And the difference in the market between those who are just a fraction better and the players who will go to lower clubs can be made up with a bit more spirit and a bit more fighting, a bit more support and a bit less expectation.”

  33. STV

    players who will go to lower clubs can be made up with a bit more spirit and a bit more fighting, a bit more support and a bit less expectation…

    What a clown! He really is a relic of old world.. 8m a year for all this!

  34. shad

    Lol…Wenger apparently looking at Sturridge. You really can’t make this stuff up. Just what we need, another half decent finisher who will spend his career on the treatment table.

    Meanwhile Hodgson will apparently name Jack wheelchair in his 23 man squad. Paid and prepped by the club to show only for country.

    We are a fucking joke.

  35. Ethan-gunner

    What’s up pedro don’t write in here with the peasants anymore : ) ?

    Antigua – what the hell you doing there ,
    Teaching cricket ?

    Staring at the Pacific Ocean right now
    Ho hum

  36. Wallace

    Bellerin – Gabriel – Koscielny – Monreal
    Coquelin – Elneny
    Sanchez – Ozil – Iwobi

    would be disappointed to see Giroud or Wilshere start with 3rd place still on the line. don’t think the Gab/Kos partnership is a great one, but City aren’t a big aerial threat, so would play them both today. would also rather see Coquelin in there ahead of Ramsey.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Khan, Canelo spoilers here for anyone who doesn’t want to see.

    You’ve been warned. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know.

    Khan just isn’t a technically great fighter, lots of speed and power, very exciting, but incredibly stupid, hands are always too low and he has no ring-craft. Canelo was always going to knock him out, I had round three so I’m just impressed he took it to six.

    He actually reminds me of Arsenal, might start off well, can occasionally dazzle, but ultimately no defence, no smarts, no tactics and get absolutely knocked out in the fights that matter always leaving himself brutally exposed.

    Somehow though, still gets talked about up there with the big fighters.

  38. Dream10


    Think Ramsey will be favoured at expense of Iwobi. Disappointed that Gabriel will be in the XI. Sterling and Aguero will target Gabriel. Might lead to a penalty.

    Need to keep thee game tight. I’m tired of these end to end type encounters

  39. Wallace


    I think Ramsey’s more likely to start alongside Elneny than in place of Iwobi. hopefully he’ll be on the bench though.

    re Sanchez – he has been pretty woeful this year, but wouldn’t want to lose him.

  40. Vince

    He told The Sun : “People say to me they need to sign a central midfielder, a centre-half or a 30-goals-a-season striker. But the solution is never that easy.
    “Robin van Persie scored 30 Premier League goals in his final season at Arsenal and they did not win the title.
    “They could sign Robert Lewandowski and N’Golo Kante tomorrow and it would not guarantee anything.”

    was that a jab St Wenger by Thierry? I think so.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Alan Smith said something more pointed after West Brom, essentially saying a better manager could get more out of these players, and I agree.

    That’s what is frustrating, I would really like to see Ramsey under Simeone, Oxlade as well, he just oozes confidence and his attitude is infectious, as opposed to Wenger’s ‘that will do’ fever with is also catching.

    This next twelve months feels a total waste, I don’t want Wenger to spend, I don’t want him making squad calls, he is consistently wrong and doesn’t have the balls or ambition to really go for it.

    Real waste of a season coming up, we should have been in for one of Klopp, Guardiola or Ancelotti as many, many people said at the time, that way we could have been eagerly anticipating the summer and next summer.

  42. STV

    You think finishing fouth is bad? Wenger already got his excused lined up for next season professing it could be ‘the end of BIG four’ as we know it, because of money.

    “You’ve got West Ham moving into a new stadium with more potential with the finances that brings. Tottenham are creating a new stadium as well.

    “So in a few years the potential in England will be much more shared than everywhere else and you can get more surprises.”

    “Clubs down our league can buy the best players in France, Spain and in Italy. So they have the potential to build a big team.””

    According to Arsene Wenger, you can enjoy the top4 status while it last.

    Thank you Arsene Wenger, the great man.

  43. Shaun Wilson

    I think that Wenger will probably get the sack after a catastrophic start to next season. The sack is the only way he will go. The difference between now and any time during the last 12 years of his bollockery, is that he has finally lost the dressing room – you can see it on the players faces – these players don’t believe any more and they don’t look like they enjoy playing for him.

  44. kwik fit

    Its Just sank in that Leicester have actually won the premier league at odds of 5000/1. Incredible stuff what are the odds on that?

  45. daz

    “Its Just sank in that Leicester have actually won the premier league at odds of 5000/1. Incredible stuff what are the odds on that?”


  46. Jim Lahey

    Yeah Pedro clearly has a personal disliking towards Ozil, The guy has 18 assists and 8 goals this season and he “Still in two minds about old Mesut.” ……

    All you have to do Pedro is look to Mr. Giroud who has scored 1 goal in 21 games, our main striker… there is your answer as to why “Then, second half of the season he went well and truly missing.”.

    The guy has created 141 chances this season.. Thats his job and he does it. Who does it better?

  47. Sukky

    Am I the only one who thinks football is getting boring?maybe because am an arsenal fan.For me the season has been over for the past 5 weeks. The truth is arsene wenger is making most of us sick,we aren’t competitive, we don’t even play the ‘beautiful football’ anymore. The most annoying part is he’s likely to continue and it won’t get any better. SOMETIMES I ask myself ,’why do I love this club this much’?

  48. Jim Lahey

    “Am I the only one who thinks football is getting boring?”

    Its Arsenal’s football that has gotten boring, its impotent crab football nonsense.

  49. Carts


    Alan Smith isn’t wrong either.

    I keep banging on about the fact that it’s deeper than simply not having “top players”.

    It’s Wenger’s lack of motivation; and the players not believing in his philosophy anymore.

    We can point at Gazidis and Kroenke like Flamini does to the other 10 players , but the truth is this: we’ve had plenty of money to spend; Wenger deliberately opted against signing up to a dozen top players; Wenger talked about finding quality and ended up with shit; and lastly, we can’t blame any top team because what is evident is that top teams were never the problem…it was Wenger

  50. Carts


    When you’d rather watch serie A or Ligue 1 while Arsenal are going through the motions then you already know what’s up!

    What’s even more hilarious is the guys in Arsenal tv who can’t bring themselves to leave their asses at home. But will go through painstaking act of watching Arsenal live for 90 mins then moan trolololol

  51. Carts


    The sad truth is that Wenger should’ve built a team AROUND Ozil. Because he has failed to do so, he’s further exposed a good but severely limited player in Ozil.

  52. Carts


    Sacking Wenger? The day pigs fly, yeah!

    Best case scenario is we continue with inconsistencies into the first 10 games next season, and they players simply form a Chelsea-Esqe mutiny like they did to all their previous managers.

    If we, says, spend £80m gross on players and were performing shit in the first dozen games, Wenger’s get out of jail card is the needs for said players to gel.

    The twat has his angles covered

  53. Jim Lahey

    Watching City play RM in the semi of the CL the other day was a total nostalgic feeling!

    I sat there thinking about 03/04 that game in the quarters we lost to Chelsea and in 06 when we beat Villarreal to reach the final. Those are the nights thats make you love a club, big European nights that you will remember forever! Sure we lost in 04 if I remember it was Wayne Bridge scored late on to win it for Chelsea, but we were in it! We were in a position to win the entire thing! And we came so close in 06!

    But look at the state of us now, last 16 knock out every year, no one fears playing Arsenal. In fact teams celebrate when they are drawn against us, we’re a joke in Europe.

  54. Vince

    Cesc Appeal and STV. I actually think he’s got too many wrong vibes coming out as you’ve both said. from the ‘end of the big four era’ to ‘our summer depends on getting 3rd’ he seems to be preparing our minds for the inevitability of missing out of top 4. For a reasonable man this summer would have been the best time to throw in the towel. but will Wenger the fool ever do the proper thing? not in this life.

  55. Spanishdave

    Couldn’t care a less today nothing will change regardless.
    The club is in a day dream, rudderless, boring and lifeless, otherwise it’s ok.

  56. Jim Lahey

    @Carts – All he needs is a competent strike force in front of him, could you imagine the damage we would cause with Aguero in front of him? Sanchez/Aguero/Douglas Costa – what sort of return would you get from 141 chances with this line up?

  57. Goonah

    It’s amazing how one man managed to suck all the joy out of following Arsenal.

    If they let him see out his contract I see a 6-9 place finish next season and if he somehow manage to get an extension we’ll stay midtable for I don’t know how long.

    He really has to go NOW.

    Everyone that’s stayed away the last couple of home games need to show up with banners and t-shirts or whatever with “wenger out”

    We need everyone to drown out the tarts singing “one arsene wonga”

    If people stay away it will just register as a small disappointment

  58. Cesc Appeal



    There are some players in this side who I think could be good under a different, more ambitious, more inspiring, modern manager.

    Yeah, the biggest criticism you can lay at Gazidis and Kroenke is continuing to completely back and defer to Wenger and his mediocre standards, in terms of money and letting a manager get on with his job they are fine, just backing the wrong horse and its time for the curtains and both barrels.

  59. Vince

    And about Ozil I’m with Pedro all the way. I know it comes down to opinions but a fair majority thinks he’s average. All the analysts I watched as per the POTY all snubbed him. I actually think Dele All has had more impact this year though you can argue he isn’t a playmaker. And of course I’ll rather take a Coutinho or Payet in that play making role. I actually think we would have been contenders with Payet in place of Ozil. And for those saying Giroud is shite and that rubs off on Ozil, I agree. But it’s robbed off on everyone as well. I actually think that’s why Alexis shoots more and dribbles more. And it’s not as if Ozil can’t shoot more or try me but he just doesn’t seem to care. I think he’ll be the first out of the door and I won’t miss him if he’s properly replaced.

  60. Carts


    I agree totally.

    Look what Ozil had at Real to what he had to put up with at Arsenal.

    He didn’t even want to come to us

    and right now he’s probably thinking he could leave this summer, get paid more and play with better players.

    Arsenal are a disjointed joke

  61. Cesc Appeal


    This is a manager who said second for the next twenty years would be great and that he should be judged in May but not on league tables, if a player said that you would want him out of your squad, if shit does indeed roll downhill, then more people will get effected by Wenger’s.

  62. Shaun Wilson

    I hope that cloning technology doesn’t improve soon and that there actually is only one Arsene Wenger during his lifespan!

  63. £8,000,000

    Boring! Boring arsene! Boring! Boring arsene! Just keeps talking shit! I hope the akb’s are excited about next season because I think that they and wenger are going to get exactly what they deserve, it’s going to be terrible and I personally can’t wait.

  64. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Wenger will regret staying on. He knows that teams can spend or not spend and still win. Wengers worst problem is that he’s being out managed by more than he out manages, by an increasingly wider margin.

    Arsenal may be a big club, but it’s being managed by a man who is twelve years behind the times. Top Four may become a thing of the past as early as next season if Wenger continues on. The game has passed him by, plain and simple.

  65. Dissenter

    Daily Mail: It is alleged that Wilshere’s girlfriend’s father, minder and hairdresser, Michael Michael, ‘intimidated’ the former chairman of Avis Europe who is 71 year old.

    This fella is really daft.
    This is the type of dumbness Wenger will bequeath on Arsenal when he leaves.
    Captain material indeed.

  66. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Rumour has it that Hodgson is going to add Jack Wheelchair to the England Euro squad. Has until May 31st to submit his list. I’d say there’s plenty of time between now and then for Glass Jack to break down, again. And knowing him as we all do, don’t bet against it happening.

  67. Jim Lahey

    We really missed out on not selling Wilshere to City last year, could have acquired £30m for a player would will never play a full season ever again. Now… there isn’t a club in the land that would buy him. Its Diaby all over again, but at least Diaby had the decency to not spit on OAPs and get in fights at nightclubs.

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Today’s game will determine whether Arsenal finish 3rd or 4th in the EPL. If we lose today we will finish 4th

    If we draw or win then it is likely that we will finish 3rd because somehow I don’t see Aston Villa getting a point against us at Emirates.

    Man City have obviously more to gain from today’s result than we do, because if they were to lose then they are at risk of being overtaken by Man Utd for 4th

    Arsenal need to replace in summer three players in their starting X1 all along the spine specifically a centre back, central midfield preferably a box to box player like Xhaka and of course a clinical striker.

    The first two positions should not be too difficult to find. The striker position is the real problem, because as many acknowledge finding a prolific goalscorer in the right age group is very difficult today.

    Apart from the three priority signings Arsenal should also consider refreshing their bench and squad players as well. We should replace if possible both
    Gibbs and Walcott who have been a very long time at the club, but are clearly
    no longer considered anything but bench players. I would also add in now Giroud as well if we can find a replacement striker.

  69. Carts


    Mate, there are certain players in the squad who I can’t stand seeing. Ramsey being top of the list.

    I look at Niguez then I look at Ramsey then I just shake my head. I’d say, stylistically, those two aren’t to dissimilar. But the sad fact is that one is being coached by a drill Sargent who has a philosophy, where the other had been turned into some handy man-Jack of all trades who doesn’t know his head from his ass

  70. kwik fit

    Never fear guys 5 teams would be in the champions league of pool win Europa! Relax …………………

  71. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Emirates…You forget, Wenger has NoGo Sanogo as his featured striker! Giroud will be considered as having an offseason, so he should be good as new to start again. We have Chambers, who along with Gabriel should cover the gap in central. And Mert should be good for the odd game or two, so it’s all good. With Cazorla coming back we should be 4 strong in the midfield.

    Sound familiar? It should cause Wengers going to do squat shit in the summer, just to piss everyone off…cause he can and he gets his Bela Lugosi rocks off doing so.

    Count on it!!!

  72. Highbury4ever

    “Wenger won’t spend on Xhaka”
    He won’t spend on anyone, he will be far to busy on BeInSport.

    But le mighty prof still believe that we can finish above the spuds.
    In le Mighty one I rust.

  73. Highbury4ever

    It would be so nice : Ze second spot ==>> Ze 4MOREYEARSCONTRACT for le specialist in failure lol

  74. Bamford10


    My favorite Nasri goal is the one he scored against Fulham, where Arshavin passes to him on the right and Nasri cuts past lunging defenders twice before crushing it upper netting.

    Such a slick goal, so much class.

    Fully agree with you, though: total shithead, great player.

  75. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford – That goal was stunning a great call! He also scored another class goal that game, went around 2-3 defenders and the goalkeeper and turned it in for an impossible angle!

    Nasri was another player I felt was treated poorly by Wenger, I always saw him more as a number 10 or someone with a free role to roam about the pitch, but Wenger in his usual fashion stuck him out on the left wing, much like what he did with Arshavin and what he did to Ozil for many games in his first season.

    Can’t blame Nasri for wanting to leave, the guy wanted to win trophies, and that is what he did at City.

  76. Bamford10


    Yep, he could’ve been a great #10. Had we kept him, given him a raise and signed a proper CF, we’d be better than we are with Ozil. Not b/c Nasri is better than Ozil — though I prefer him as a player — but because Nasri as CAM + a proper CF is better than Ozil + what we have.

  77. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You guys warm my heart…lets bring back Gerry Gervinho whilst we are at it. For every bit as decent a footballer as Nasri can be, lest us not forget that he was a rancid cancer in the dressing room.

  78. Bamford10


    Gervinho was fucking garbage. Terrible analogy. But I agree that talking about what might’ve been is a little pointless. Nasri was a great talent, though.

  79. Bamford10

    I know many of you have little to no interest in international football, but we do have the Euros this summer.

    Anyone think France, Belgium or Spain can beat the Germans? If so, which and why?

  80. Dissenter

    I think France have the largest pool of quality players to choose from.
    They also have am band of emerging young strike force [Greizmann, Coman and Martial] that just need a platform to have a blow-out.

    France wins it for me.

  81. grooveydaddy


    You’d have to think the French have a shot. They’ve won both a European Championship and a World Cup on home soil.

  82. Highbury4ever

    “You’d have to think the French have a shot. ”

    Of course, with L’oLreal up front!!