Sanchez says… NO… if Wenger stays. Apparently | Q&A questions for Ivan G

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Absolute banter from Don Balon yesterday who indicate that if Arsene Wenger continues at Arsenal, Sanchez will look for a new club.

Now, I can totally understand why a 27-year-old footballer with trophies on the mind might not want to dig his heels in for another 4 years of Arsene. Especially one that played under Pep G. Wenger is a million miles off where he needs to be. Sanchez needs trophies. Or, he needs money soooooo good, he couldn’t say no. I’d guess this story could be him angling for better cash.

Stories like this usually come from somewhere, and they’re not surprising. Players like Sanchez could get a move to Atletico or Madrid. So we’ll see what happens. I’d guess this is a bargaining tool. Sniff out the interest and leverage.

The same site made my heart sink with their story about Ronald Koeman being the ‘surprise’ replacement for Wenger. Sure, he’s probably a better coach than Arsene, but he’s hardly fresh, he’s bombed at Valencia too. I’d be really saddened if we moved for him. He’s not a trailblazer and that’s where we should be looking when Wenger moves on in 2020 (think about that docile ones).

Ivan G is going to run the fan Q&A at the end of the season. That’ll be fun. Poor old Ivan, up there, defending the indefensible again. He’ll no doubt have exciting gifts to share with us. He’ll try and frame season utilizing the past 100 years to give the idiots a bit of perspective… but deep down, he knows what a shit show Wenger is… I just hope the fans there push him with some decent questions.

  • What’s your succession plan?
  • What are you looking for in a new manager?
  • How many more contracts do you give a man who doesn’t know how to win?
  • What makes you think Arsene is the right man for the job based on the last 5 years?
  • When you said, if Wenger lost the crowd, it’d be hard for him to stay on… what did you mean (15,000 unsold seats is mega)?
  • Do you think letting a failing manager spend £80m is smart?
  • What can we learn from Leicester?
  • What have you done to make Arsenal more like Bayern, a team you wanted to model us on?
  • Are there minimum performance requirements for Arsene Wenger?
  • What would you say to people who say Arsene is accountable to no one?
  • How is Arsenal in a situation where the manager cannot be fired?
  • People say the protest in the ground showed fans actually want Arsene to stay and social media is a nonsense. Do you believe that? Are social media fans insignificant considering the Arsenal push for a global fanbase?
  • Do you know how our lack of trophies impacts our commercial revenue potential?
  • Do sponsors ask about the atmosphere in the ground and the overall failings of the manager?

So many questions you could ask. But no doubt someone will be up there, asking about the spongy nature of the brioche burger bun… or asking about how we could celebrate next years 4th place trophy with a bit more pride… or perhaps questioning the medium roast?

Manchester City dropped out of the Champions League last night. This Twitter tactical guy was highlighting the shoddy work rate of their players.

Show me shit like that happening in the game the night before. Fernandinho was guilty of the same bullshit. Amazing two players like that would play like that in such a mega game… in front of a new coach. Embarrassing. In fact, City were embarrassing. English football is going to be eye-opening for Pep. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do in a league nowhere near the technical standard of La Liga or the Bundesliga… but more competitive all the same.

Still, at least an English team made the semi-final. A Madrid derby for the final. AMAZING. Cannot wait. Really hope Atletico make Ronaldo cry before he’s flogged off for being too slow.

Think that’s me done. I might have one more post before some downtime. I’ll be in Guatemala… doubt there’s gonna be too many Gooners there.



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  1. N5

    Wallace to be fair I used to have to debate all the time because I was a Kloppitte, I was always being told he’d been found out and wasn’t that good a manager and was a Wenger-lite with his lack of tactics.

    People have changed their mind but not before having to swallow humble pie. Lots said he’d get found out in England

  2. Joe

    Thank you N5

    I remember a whole bunch of Akbs defending wenger saying ‘all you wanting Klopp to replace wenger , look what he’s doing at Liverpool, be careful what you wish for ‘ bollocks

  3. N5

    Joe it was even before that, they said at Dortmund he was a Carbon Copy of Wenger with his one touch high pressure football and once teams found out how to defend against it, he never had a plan B.

    Forgetting completely that time and again he lost his best most influential players, had a team with wages that made ours look laughable and nowhere near as much expendable cash.

    Klopp had one bad year, Wenger had 10 (at the time) and people would still dig me out because I was pro-Klopp. The same people said Higuain was overrated and we didn’t need him, so I guess that shows what they really knew.

    London wasn’t anti Klopp he just wasn’t a huge fan and he wasn’t clueless like the AKBs, he was just more into Simeone.

  4. Joe


    Oh I’ve heard about this war chest.

    He’s brining in gungodan, hummels, xhaka, aubameyang, messi and Ronaldo.

    But they will have to earn their spots as per , Gabriel , Ramsey Theo giroud ox and wellbeck will be starting 11.

  5. Marko

    Klopp was and always will be my first choice to replace Wenger. Guy has so much going for him not least the passion he’s got. He’s infectious

  6. Joe


    I’ve said it before Liverpool supporters in 8th place are a lot more happy and excited with Klopp than most people are at Arsenal in 3rd with wenger

    Tells you all you really need to Know

    Klopp, Simeone would propel Arsenal into greatness. And That what most are afraid of. That a new manager comes in and wins a major trophy in his first year. Which I am confident he would do

  7. Wallace


    ah yeah, I’d forgotten about those who turned on Klopp last year. Klopp & Higuain both back in favour after a year in the le-grove wilderness.

  8. Joe

    Our team is a bunch of zombies when they are on the field. Dead. No heart. Passionless

    Comes all from the manager. I want a team to fight for the badge. Fight for the manager. Fight for the players.

    There is not one player out there doing any of that. They are definitely not playing for the manager.

    And that in itself should be a firing offence

  9. Joe

    Higuain has been class for years. Wenger bottled that whole transfer windows

    What a fucken idiot. Another sackable offence.

  10. N5

    Ha ha Wallace, that’s this place though isn’t it. Minds change to flavours of the month.

    Joe. Agreed, they know that he’s going to change them into challengers. He’ll clear out the crap this year and bring in some quality.

  11. Wallace

    if our interest in Xhaka has something to it I hope Gundogan’s injury doesn’t result in City also turning their attentions to the Swiss.

  12. N5

    Higz was awesome at Real but people here said he was in a league with no challenge so it doesn’t really count. Uh-ha just like Messi isn’t really that good until he’s played at a shit club.

  13. STV

    True N5 Higuain is a very good striker. ( except some games with NT). His records at Real and Napoli are actually better than Benzema. and he’s a good finisher so would fit in well. But many people here don’t rate him..

  14. Marko

    I rate Higuain but at 28/29 and with our need being someone with pace I’d rather use the vast amount it’d take to get that mad man at Napoli to sell on someone else.

  15. Ethan-gunner

    Well that’s the key isn’t it theo under another manager still could be a good player .
    You said it yourself .

    Well that’s what I’m saying get the best out of your players because if olde Ethan gunner can see it and you also . Then try to get it out of him , use him correctly …

    And he hasn’t started many times this year and if he did he was off at the 60/70 mark

    Gotta put down him failing to the manager

    And N5 you said I’ve been following the gunners this year ?? Hahaha

    So you like to be little people with lacking the experience , then call people sensitive ..

    Yes can’t see you doing a thing wrong

  16. Samesong

    Euros will be a shop window. And all Wenger will be doing is commentating for that french media company.

  17. N5

    Ha ha Carts. Midwest will be leading the charge.

    Ethan, don’t misquote me this is what I said “Lastly, we get our info from years and years of experience with him, have you only just started watching Arsenal?”

    It was a rhetorical question!! it’s like saying are you mad? when you clearly know the person isn’t. Is it your time of the month or something?

  18. Bamford10


    Walcott is garbage. We’ve known this for years here. Not a genuine wide player, not a genuine CF, little to no hold-up play, little to no dribbling ability, not clever, not creative, and erratic when it comes to goal-scoring.

    Not a real footballer — more a track star in cleats. One of Wenger’s biggest failures, as he has had years to mold him into a decent player of one kind or another.

    Samir Nasri may be an arrogant prick — with the worst haircut of any footballer on the planet — but he’s a way, way better footballer than Theo fucking Walcott, who is a joke.

  19. oko

    A reminder of what will happen this summer. 30/4/2010 post by geoff.

    Before I begin, let me dash all the
    hopes of Gooners everywhere,
    after the ‘I am going to buy’
    porkies told by Arsenal, well now
    we’ve renewed our season tickets,
    the truth comes out, this is what
    he just said. ‘I believe in the
    squad I have and if I can make an
    addition – two or three maximum
    – then we will do it’ he also said
    ‘we will announce one player
    (Chamakh) before the World Cup,
    but after that we will see’

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Telegraph is saying that not only did Sanchez storm off the field against Norwich and straight down the tunnel, he then got changed and left the stadium right away.

    Not sure how true that is, but that is the player clearly pissed off with something then, and not the mere fact of being substituted five minutes before time.

    Interesting to see who is selected this weekend, Wenger sort of needs Sanchez to get to the hallowed fourth spot, but more and more it really is looking like there’s some truth behind the whole Sanchez is unhappy at Arsenal stuff.

  21. oko


    It’s not just those boys too,
    haven’t seen the likes of Sal,
    Dan Ahern, Leedsgunner,
    tunny, Ozy, Nasri’s Mouth,
    SRG, qna, Goondawg and
    more around here for ages.

    While we are on it, where is stu, ardentgooner and incesc.

  22. Joe

    Good on ya Sanchez

    He’s sick of the same bullshit that we are

    He knows wenger is an idiot.

    Hopefully ozil to follow his lead.

  23. Sancho Monzorla

    Alexis is the type of footballer that exudes love for the game. Most of the time he looks like he would be happy kicking a ball around back on the streets of Chile with his dogs for no money as long as he gets to play football. He just wants to play football, I have no doubt about it. Proper, ambitious football.

    For Wenger to kill the passion of a man like that is criminal. To have someone who obviously loves to play as much as Alexis turn into someone who sulks and runs off the pitch…it would only be capable by Wenger.

  24. China

    Can we please just flog wilshere already

    He’s always injured, he’s always causing or there when trouble happens, he’s not actually that great a player and he imbalances our team wherever he plays.

    He’s English as well so we can get a nice transfer fee for him. At least £20m which would be spent on someone who plays football and knows how to behave like a man

  25. China

    All the talk of guardiola being the best manager in the world is a bit premature considering the only two teams he’s managed have had the two best squads in the world and have won a bunch of trophies before and after his management there (Bayern’s record was hardly bad before pep existed).

    He’s undoubtedly a really good manager but he hasn’t proved himself until he comes to the premiership and competes in a league that has more than two teams year in year out. As much as he was a wanker the real sign of greatness is akin to what Ferguson managed, where a lot of his teams were relatively unremarkable but he managed to win big with them anyway.

    Could pep win the premiership with John o’shea at the back, Darren fletcher in the middle, Valencia on the wing, Anderson in the middle (lol)?

    Maybe but he hasn’t proved that by only managing the two best squads in the world in two uncompetitive leagues.

    Would still take him over arsene any day of the week but I wouldn’t be surprised at all as someone else said if his stock falls a little after joining city.

    He certainly has a job on his hands because with the number of big name managers and decent teams near the top end of the prem it’s going to be significantly harder for him this time

    He’ll still have one of the world’s best squads though so again he walks into arguably the best team in the country (poor season aside).

    It’s just a shame we don’t often see elite managers get properly tested at less than elite clubs. I don’t blame them for sticking to the best teams but for selfish reasons I’d love to see what these elite managers would do when they have to work harder for success. That’s why the Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool jobs are all more interesting than city Chelsea and arguably utd

  26. Wallace

    “Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta is set to have more talks with Arsenal about his next move with Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur offering him a first step into coaching.

    Wenger admitted Arteta could join City when his playing contract expires at the end of this season, but the Spaniard remains in discussions about whether there could be a role for him with Arsenal.”

    – Telegraph

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    Totally agree on Pep. Good manager no doubt but in my opinion not as great as some think. In my opinion Simeone has proved over last 3 years that he’s one of the best in the world. Atletico whilst being the poorer of the Madrid teams are still a biggish club in Spain but that doesn’t in any way detract from the results and work that Simeone has produced. Phenomenal manager.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    The Sanchez story is once again an example of Wenger’s poor management and decision making.

    I accept Wenger’s argument that Sanchez should not be overplayed as he often is and there is a danger of him being burned out.The team should be rotated.

    However, it is difficult to argue with a player who wants to play when the options available as his replacement are not good enough and/or injured.

    Wenger has left the squad too often under resourced and this leads to the
    dips in form which we see in the team’s performance.

    Sooner or later players like Sanchez understand the problem and want to leave. We have seen it with Fabregas and Van Persie.

    It is yet another example of club and manager’s lack of judgment and ambition. They are far to ready to accept second best so long as they make money.

  29. grooveydaddy

    Re. Sanchez

    It’s probably his built up frustration having to play alongside Giroud.

    It’s no secret they don’t work well together. Wenger’s persistence in playing the French oaf has probably set him off…

  30. PaddyV91

    Have to laugh at all the nostalgic videos the Arsenal Facebook page are putting up. Nearly everyone one of em from the 96-05 era in the last couple of weeks. Wenger is probably posting them saying to himself look how good we were why won’t you love me!

  31. shad

    Re; Sanchez,

    He is tired of playing for a fucking deluded old fool with no football acumen, playing with wannabe superstars who have been handed silly wages on a silver platter for achieving almighty fuck all, and the fact that the team is rudderless, passionless and insipid while needing major reinforcements and culling, the fact that Wenger has admitted he doesn’t see need for major stars or surgery probably did his nut in.

  32. Spanishdave

    Shad spot on.
    Imagine the fun at the training sessions, !
    Wengers got nothing left, each session must be the same old crap.
    We you see Walcott, Girould , every day pretending to be footballers it must drive you mad.
    Wengers will not buy anybody special in case he upsets his fav players.

  33. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Lose to ManCity and Wengers excuse machine will ramp up even higher. It’s embarrassing every time he opens his mouth. Clearly, the man has absolutely no shame. So this is what early onset dementia looks like?

  34. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @hillwood…there is more to it. Sanchez wants to win and to do that you need compliment players, to which only Ozil fits the bill. Of course he’s frustrated…he has nothing to look forward to when you consider he has a ridiculous manager whose only success of late is putting his foot in his mouth and swallows it!

  35. shad

    Honestly, does anyone think Sanchez and Ozil left huge clubs to come and be content with a few FA cups? These are blokes who have won majors with former clubs and country FFS, and since Wenger can’t see or meet their needs it’s a no brainer who should leave.

  36. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @emirates…you know you have serious problems when at the start of each season your sole goal is to make 3rd or 4th. If Wenger had seriously wanted 1st he would have invested in the summer. How Wenger can keep peddling out essentially the same team and same gameplan game after game and year after year, and still you can’t take the league? That’s a wake up call to anyone with a shred of thought that you need to change things up…it’s not working!

    Honestly, if you didn’t know better, you’d honestly believe that Wenger is terrified at the thought of actually winning the league. It would seriously undermine his security at the club….it would effectively force his retirement, which he dreads because the man has zero life outside of Arsenal.

  37. Arsene's Nurse

    What a shit state the club is in. You’ve got Sanchez clearly pissed off so there must be a lot going on behind closed doors. Then you’ve got the thick chav Wheelchair spitting at neighbours. There’s fuck all discipline at AFC. It’s Wenger who doesn’t like confrontation and won’t put his foot down. We really need to get rid him along with a few others who don’t pull their weight.

    Unfortunately we are stuck with Wenger so there is no hope of change. I’ve written the summer off already.

  38. Bamford10


    Many of those posters will return (or post more often) when things get interesting again. Until then, we have to do the best we can. 😉

  39. Highbury4ever

    ” I’ve written the summer off already”

    @Arsène Nurse : BEWARE, because if in le mighty prof you don’t trust, you will be crucified by the Holy Great God of Akb’s!!

  40. Ethan-gunner

    N5 Bamford /

    No point sledging lack of people offering quality banter .

    It’s not going to happen ,we’ve failed since
    04 /05
    And the month we fell out of 3 cups and the title race you’ll get people going back to a thing called ‘ real life ‘

    I suggest you go get one

  41. Highbury4ever

    @Ethan : congrats, you were terrrific in “Rogue Nation”, my favourite blockbuster of last sdummer!!

  42. Ethan-gunner

    Yes well I would not be brilliant in those blockbusters if I was waiting around here ,
    Seeking quality banter that’s a given : )

  43. shad

    Depay is massively overrated. No difference between him and Ox really. The odd flash in the pan and people think they are the next Rivaldo.

  44. China

    I agree Simone’s achievements have been the most impressive of any manager in the past handful of years. Klopp’s would be up there too but he was unfortunately a little tainted by a poor season which comparatively Simone has impressively managed to avoid

  45. STV

    Klopp has achieved before what Simeone achieving now ( unless ofcourse, he sins the CL). The important thing is he has made Liverpool a better team. Could be much better next season.

  46. Ethan-gunner

    I’ve got to say Leicester is the biggest shock
    Of some years , it’s like a fantasy if your a supporter I suppose , it’s been a mighty long time since a team came from no where like that . If fact I can’t think of something like that happening ever in the bpl

  47. Highbury4ever

    “fact I can’t think of something like that happening ever in the bpl”
    Not even with arsenal ??

    “it’s like a fantasy if your a supporter I suppose”
    Gooners knows this feeling…

  48. Ethan-gunner

    No , can’t say we’ve had this feeling , we’ve always been top 4 , I m talking about a championship team , can’t think of a championship team even finishing in the top 4 the first season , yet alone taking the title

    It’s like the American Dream … You gotta be asleep to be in it 🙂

  49. China

    Regardless of who has done better overall out of klopp and Simone, I’m a massive fan of klopp.

    It’s unusual to see someone with so much charisma and it really is infectious. Whatever mundane thing he gets asked in his press conferences his replies are always worth listening to, either because he has something interesting to say or he just has a really different way of expressing himself than everyone else.

    Never a dull moment with him. He also comes across as a really nice guy which is not always the case when compared with grouchy bastards like fergie and Wenger, hot heads like mourinho or general dumbasses like fat Sam

  50. China

    The weird thing about arsene is that I would guess his stock is still pretty high outside of the U.K. Because for those not personally vested in Arsenal or the top four, he has probably managed to maintain this image of quietly maintaining Arsenal near the front of the pack since forever.

    Players often cite arsene for why they joined and say they’re excited to work with him. Unfortunately a few years down the line and all the best players we have had are aware of what a facade that all is and are regretting languishing here in the best years. That or they’re quietly grateful for using the club as a stepping stone to something bigger (nasri for example)

  51. China

    There’s always that predictable change in tone and swagger from when good players start out here full of faith in arsene’s vision to their timely disillusionment with celebrating the 4th placed trophy.

    It’s beyond tiresome, really. You know that right now if you’re a Liverpool fan, win or not the players completely believe in klopp and know the club is fighting for progress with him at the helm. I may be wrong but if they didn’t win the EL I’d be very surprised if coutinho left despite surely having offers from bigger teams

  52. Ethan-gunner


    It’s all about the money , Wenger gives
    The board a profit , it’s been going on for years and a team that finishes 1st has never been a priority …

    Never has , it was all about real estate , capitalism in a new stadium , filling the seats , offering promises of being competitive ,
    Ensuring we do enough to get champions league football $$$

    It’s the same with all things in life it’s greed

    We the supporter are taken for a ride

  53. WengerEagle

    After looking dead and buried just a month or so ago, Newcastle now look in pole position to stay up.

    Rafa further enhancing his reputation as a great manager.

  54. Ethan-gunner

    Wenger said once….
    we don’t buy super star players, we make them …..

    Or in other words we don’t spend shed loads we are a selling club…

    It ensures a smart return and if Wenger was judged on making money he would be
    Winning every year….

    That’s why he hasn’t been replaced , EVER!

  55. STV

    Part of the reason why Arsene Wenger gets so much support is that people( mostly non Arsenal supporters) are compassionate for an old man dedicated his life to football. In football, everybody likes to watch through rose tinted spectacles and most people have good memories of his old Arsenal. He has an appearance of a tired man still trying to steer through the club through all the troubles. Together these contribute to people judging him differently to other active managers in people. Wenger knows it very well and often makes efforts to make him and his club to be considered differently.

  56. underrated Coq

    Funny there was lot of talk in the media about Oxlade possibly moving on this summer and now he gets a layoff for the whole of transfer season? Along with Wilshere, the most useless of Arsenal’s English core? Walcott atleast keeps the bench warm.

  57. izzo

    Man Utd winagainst crap Norwich so if Arsenal lose to Man City tomorrow and draw with Villa we could well finish 5th. LOL… not impossible!!!

  58. Joe

    If we lose tomorrow and Man U win their match in hand

    The Aston villa game can be like wenger’s version of GG’s win at Liverpool in 89

    Wenger will finally have his moment to match GG’s and the AKBs can show us the YouTube the day wenger beat villa on the last day of the season to win…

    The 4th place trophy.

    Can’t wait to see the selfies and the lap
    Of honour and open bus parade.

    And the Akbs won’t even have to be embarrassed about not knowing what happened at anfield that day or not know ing who Thomas is. They will have giroud as the new hero

    You’re right, wenger is the greatest manager ever in the history of Arsenal

    One arsene wenger

    It’s up for grabs bow

  59. WengerEagle

    Some effort from Khazri, what a signing he’s turning out to be.

    Newcastle really need to be beating Villa, can’t see them beating Spurs on the final day.

  60. grooveydaddy

    not showing the newcastle villa game here, but from the live commentary(BBC ), it looks to be a drab affair…

  61. Ethan-gunner

    The AKB brigade are running out of time
    The boys getting on and will roll over soon

    When he’s ready

    Don’t underestimate the almighty $

    If he finished out of the top 4 and didn’t get C.L football then you might see him exit early … But the trade off is we need to finish outside the top 4.

  62. Sam

    Wow! Sanchez now wants to hold the club to ransom

    Obviously haters are supporting the rebellious cunt. He supposed to apologise for his Sh!t performance being our top player
    he supposed to be our get out of jail dude when Ramsey, Giroud n Theo are building toilets on the pitch

    Well based on this season performance he’s free to fok off
    I’ll give bayern Sanchez plus Cash for Douglas Costa

  63. N5

    Sam, there is no proof that it isn’t just paper talk and you’re already calling him a cunt. I wonder who the real hater is?

  64. STV

    Kovacic is not a No.10 and rarely plays for Real madrid. Bit funny to hear after you called Gotze a benchwarmer.

  65. WengerEagle

    If scores stay the same then Newcastle must beat Tottenham on the final day or they are relegated.

    And even if they do, Sunderland need just 2 points from their last 2 matches vs Everton and Watford.

  66. STV

    Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger said he has ‘big sympathy’ for Manuel Pellegrini.

    “It is difficult because you have less power when the players know you are moving out. “- he added.

  67. WengerEagle

    You have to hand it to Sunderland, they pull it out of the bag season after season after looking hopeless around February/March.

    Big Sam earning his coin over there.

  68. Samesong

    Defoe could have done a job for us, far better than dickhead Walnut

    He’s better than all our forwards.

  69. grooveydaddy

    I think Sunderland will go on to beat Everton mid-week.

    Good luck in the Championship, Rafa…

  70. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Bizarre season…seems no one wants to win when it matters most. Quite the theme; I expect this behaviour from Arsenal, but others have surprised in consideration of their dire needs.

  71. STV

    WE really. Professional wise, it’s a nose diving..

    btw Fat Sam is a seasoned fighter of relegation. and his record, just as Wenger’s top4 is impeccable.

  72. Marko

    After looking dead and buried just a month or so ago, Newcastle now look in pole position to stay up.Rafa further enhancing his reputation as a great manager.

    Blew your load a bit early pal.

    Anyway absolute classy stuff at Leicester. Fucking Bocelli giving it full beans. If we won it’d probably be lethal bizzle and Jack getting into trouble for swearing a song.

  73. China

    Really not a big fan of Defoe.

    He’s one of those players who looks top class for 3 or 4 games in a row then goes missing really badly and misses a bunch of sitters for the next 5-7 games. He was dire against us the other day!

    When he has those flashes of good form he can be dangerous though, but I’d say he’s never been good enough for the top with so much inconsistency. Perhaps if he had joined a top club though under a top manager he could’ve worked on that. Maybe he’d have made the cut after all but I’ve never been convinced

  74. China

    To be fair just checked defoe’s stats and he’s not far shy of a goal ever other game covering his career which is impressive considering he’s only played for crap teams

    I still always felt like he’s flattered to deceive a bit though throughout his career. I think it’s because when he’s bad, he’s really really bad. Top strikers don’t have that many stinkers compared to him. Still credit where it’s due with that record mind

  75. London gunner

    Amy Lawrence is absolutely clueless suggesting we lose matches because of lack f fan support