Wenger to launch summer pre-give-me-a-contract spending spree

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courtesy @allthatchas

Some rightful critique of yesterday’s post came in, mainly centred around me using Pochettino and Ranieri as standout managers this season, then saying they’ll get killed next year because of all the additional competitions.

Thought > Wenger is average across all competitors. So maybe we should keep him?

Ok, fair critique. There are a few points that I failed to pull out yesterday.

1. Wenger has had the financial advantage for pretty much twenty odd years. Even when we had little money for transfers, we still rocked a top four Champions League wage bill. We’ve had 20 years of a mega advantage, so we’ve always had a squad capable of working 4 competitions… and yet, we’ve never won a CL and we haven’t won the league in 12 years.

> The pretenders, Spurs and Leicester, have combined wage bills that are less than Arsenal, United, Chelsea and City alone. Think about that (thanks @timpayton).

2. The challenge for Spurs and Leicester this summer is taking their 11 man starting teams, and making Champions League squads. The managers have to identify names and make those players gel… the corporate team have to assess how risky it is for them to go big. Because the chances are, they won’t make the CL the season after. Then they’re left with expensive players on expensive contracts.

Arsenal don’t have quite the same issue. We’re a big club, with big commercial deals to fall back on. Losing out on CL for a season doesn’t really kill us in the same way it would Spurs (who are now building a stadium) and Leicester (who are fucking tiny).

3. Wenger has superior financial might. He has a superior name personally. He works at a superior club with a superior reputation. He has Champions League salaries he can pay. He has £100m in the bank to spend on players. He has a better squad of players.

Yet still, we couldn’t craft a run in the Champions League. We went out of the FA Cup quarter finals, we went out of the Capital One Cup to Sheffield Wednesday in the 5th round. We didn’t make the qquarter-finalsof the Champions League for the sixth year running. We lost the league to a team who nearly got relegated last season.

Wenger had every possible advantage this season, including ‘stability’, yet he fucked it.

So sure, it’s going to be hard for the pretenders next season, but not because the managers are sub par, but because CL is such a hard competition to establish yourself in.

* And yes, I know Wenger established us in the competition, and I’m grateful. But come on, we need to go beyond simply existing after so long.


What a superb game of football that was. Bayern Munich raced out of the blocks having 17 shots on goal in the first half alone. At this level, the difference between winning and losing is so damn fine. People point to Pep being a failure, but jeez, how can you call him that after a game like that? Muller missing a penalty in the first half, a world-class striker who has a World Cup under his belt, is such a rarity. Then Griezmann, running that counter attack so close it was hard to call.

Simeone knows his shit though. Watching Atletico play is almost theraputic. The discipline is so strong. Everyone know their role. Everyone fights like their lives are on the line. It’s Mourinho football, but with far more about it. It’s exciting.

Personally, I still think Pep leaves Bayern the greatest coach on the planet. I thought Marcotti’s comments on him were spot on.

As far as I’m concerned — and, more importantly, as far as many in the Bayern hierarchy have told me — Guardiola has already succeeded. He introduced concepts and an evolution that has simply made his players and the club better. And that’s a manager’s first job.

When Bayern were on their way out, right up until — who else? — Thomas Muller’s dramatic stoppage-time equalizer, some people took glee at making sweeping pronouncements: Guardiola bottled it, he’s a fraud. He can no longer do it in big games. Tiki-taka is dead.

(The idiocy of that previous statement leaves you lost for words; thinking you can sum up the current Bayern team in eight letters and thinking what you see is what Guardiola’s Barca played in 2008.)

But how about looking at it a different way? How about noticing that, late in the game, Guardiola got Bayern to played differently, with crosses and directness and an aerial assault that was entirely distinct from what they’d done earlier? How about noting that such a shift actually requires a fair dose of humility?

That segment comes from this article pitting Allegri against the Spaniard. Shows how far off the pace Wenger is when you read such things. Pep came in, brought new ideas and made the club more appealing and made the players much better. That’s what we need. Fresh ideas. PLEASE.

Finally, a bit of good news. Like any true dictator seeking a 6th term in charge, the strong rumours are that Wenger is going to offer out sweets in his next budget. By sweets, I mean he’s going to go hard for big names this summer. Big names that’ll get you excited.

It’s great news if he delivers, because it’s Wenger next season whether we like it or not. It doesn’t take much to please our docile fanbase, the thing is, there’s a nasty surprise waiting in the wings…it’s a three-year deal. Wenger is teasing you so he can stay in this job forever.

I was reading tweets from Rapha Honigstein earlier saying that Heycknes was moved on because he retired… and he was also struggling with health issues. One can’t help but be concerned we’re going to offer our manager a new deal, taking him into his seventies. I’ve nothing against older folk, but seriously man, a Premier League manager in his seventies sounds like a recipe for something horrendous. How far do we take this? Will he ever give up power?

Anyway, I’m pleased we’re getting players in, but read that article from earlier… new players aren’t a match for world-class managers who have all the bits Wenger has no interest in learning about. They’ll just be exciting pieces of paper, used to cover the ever-growing cracks at Arsenal.

Anyway, that’s me done. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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  1. ofebs

    Looks like its Simeone versus Zidane for the Champions League trophy. The master defender versus the master attacking midfielder.

    Don’t like Simeone, I think his football is even more tedious to watch compared with Mourinho. Best of luck to Zidane.

  2. BillikenGooner

    City have looked so bad all match, I’ve almost thought they were down to 10 men at times.

  3. Samesong

    Think the city players will rue being over cautious. Aguero been shocking tonight. Will score against us though.

  4. izzo

    Lol Sterling has fallen off a cliff i remeber everyone on here waxing lyrical about him. Reduced to a super sub. Again another overhyped english player. You lot need to calm down over hyping your shite players. LOL Enguuuuuurrrrland will fail again at the Euros and next World Cup. Unless you get a better coach than fucking Roy Hodgson you might make the semis

  5. izzo

    pellegrini got his tactics wrong virtually play one winger for 60mins and expected Clichy to deliver from the left. Bad bad bad tactics. They were never gonna win this.

  6. Phd007

    In the same way,Romford Pele,loves Ozil…

    I have much love for Zidane..

    Would love him at Arsenal.as I’ve said previously..

  7. shad

    Why do people think Atletico play tedious football? That was a tactical set up and if you have watched them for more than 2 minutes you’d see that that was for that game. You don’t expect them to go all gung-ho against one of the best passing teams in the world, arguably 2nd only to Barca.
    Some posters here really should stay off the internet.

  8. Joe


    Of course they., meaning Akbs, have to demean Atletico because otherwise it would weaken their defence of wenger.

    What terrible football to come to a SF CL match prepared. Why would you do that?

    Just go out and play and get smashed every year.

    But hey we play beautiful football. Hahaha

    The biggest myth in history

  9. STV

    PhD he’s probably the most likable manager around. Always answers with a smile. Elegant as the player he was..

  10. Phd007

    Maybe another time..

    He should have gone for broke..Pelligrini,had nothing to lose…All to gain..

  11. Joe

    There is an extreme lack of logic and intelligence with wenger and his sheep Akbs. Wallace is a perfect example of this

  12. Phd007

    Anyone that says AM,are a bunch of defensive ingrates…Knows nothing about football..Pure and simple..

  13. STV

    Well I like the manager version of Zidane. Jury still out though. RM did go for 2nd. But Man city were plain shit

  14. Bamford10

    Giroud is one game away from breaking Chamakh’s record of most PL games without a goal (16) for a striker under Wenger.

  15. Joe


    Hahaha. Great stat

    He is world class according to wenger

    Yet Wallace defends him as not being an idiot

    Defence rests your honour

  16. Tomtom

    Looking at the current Arsenal team it looks as if we have a soft bunch of ladyboys!
    Where are the hard men all gone?
    Not one player to strike fear into an opposing player.

  17. Marko

    Fancy Atletico to win it barring injuries to Griezmann and Koke two absolutely vital and outstanding players.

  18. WengerEagle

    May have only be 1-0 over two legs but Man City never looked close to Real Madrid, scoreline flattered them big time.

    How much money do they have to spend to get near the European elite? Because right now they’re nowhere near.

    Yaya- 33.
    Silva- 30.
    Kompany- 30.
    Navas- 31.
    Fernandinho- 31.
    Zabaleta- 31.
    Sagna- 33.
    Kolarov- 31.
    Demichelis- 35.
    Nasri- 29.
    Clichy- 31.

    Only Hart, Aguero, De Bruyne, Sterling, Iheanacho, Otamendi, Delph, Bony, Mangala and Fernando are decent ages for their positions and out of that bunch I’d imagine that Guardiola would only fancy Aguero, Hart, De Bruyne, Sterling, Otamendi and maybe Iheanacho.

    Pep has a mammoth task on his hands.

  19. shad


    My money is on an Atletico win though I have supported Real Madrid since the early 2000s. I wouldn’t mind them winning it tbh. Think Atletico will be smarting from the 2014 loss and they seem to have become more defensively resolute and with Torres and Griezmann, you can’t really write them off. I also like the kid, Carrasco. Real will have to bring their A game and I pray Pepe doesn’t play. He is a walking red card.
    However, a lot will depend on the league too. If Barca drop points then Atletico may get slightly distracted by the league though they should have enough to win it. Can’t see Barca deopping points though.

  20. Black Hei


    I think you are the real AKB on this blog. You just can’t stop talking about him.

    “Hows the weather?” – Wengerish
    “Hows the day?” – Wengerite
    “How are the kids” – Wengish
    “What’s your dog’s name” – Weng-Off

  21. Black Hei

    Back to football.

    There is alot of talk bout Kante, though I am not sure if he is someone we need.

    If we are going to grab someone, I would think someone who can do a Pirlo impression like Carzola will be more suitable.

    Such talented folks are usually played further up the pitch in their current clubs. Which means some retooling is necessary.

  22. Wallace

    pretty funny…


    “Wenger Out” is a political faction in all but name. The ideological dimension is evident in everything from its slogans (“TIME FOR CHANGE”; “SUPPORT THE TEAM, NOT THE REGIME”) to its vitriolic hatred of the AKB (Arsène Knows Best) loyalists, to the fact that its leading supporter group is called the Black Scarf Movement, as if they were Serbian fascist paramilitaries rather than white-collar professionals from Hornsey. They genuinely fancy themselves as latter-day Bolívars, liberating Arsenal from the imperialist yoke of Wenger’s 4-2-3-1. Like that famous Delacroix painting, but instead of a French flag imagine Liberty waving a banner that reads “ARSENE, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, BUT IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE”.

    Where has all this come from? Partly from the essential powerlessness of the modern fan in the jaws of big money. Partly from the sort of narcissistic, metropolitan self-obsession that all visitors to London will have encountered. And of course a fair bit of blame must be shouldered by the Supreme Leader himself, who quite apart from presiding over those trophy-less years, has shown an almost allergic resistance to change. Occasionally, you suspect the real Wenger expired years ago and is simply being propped up by cushions, controlled by animatronic levers, a managerial Buzz Lightyear with a pullstring-repertoire of classic phrases. “Little bit sharpness”; “top, top quality”; “we live in a society of many opinions”.

  23. Wallace

    Black Hei

    “If we are going to grab someone, I would think someone who can do a Pirlo impression like Carzola will be more suitable. ”

    yeah, we’ve got the defensively aware midfielder covered now in Coquelin, and to a lesser extent, Elneny. a midfield general should be the target.

  24. STV

    Since Wallace reads all that a lot and since he is so powerless to think objectively and since he too much of a coward to resist, He decided to become a masochist.

  25. STV

    “Yeah, we’ve got the defensively aware midfielder covered now in Coquelin”

    Wallace please, the midfield is not covered by Coquelin!!

  26. Emiratesstroller


    The one element of the article with which I agree is that ‘supporters’ have no longer any say or power in the decision making of the club.

    Clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal are less dependent than in
    past on ticket sales with the growing size of commercial sponsorship and tv
    revenues. The owners/major shareholders are also mega rich.

    Wenger retains his job at Arsenal, because he is in essence the first Football Manager who is a “Corporate Man”.

  27. Wallace


    “The one element of the article with which I agree is that ‘supporters’ have no longer any say or power in the decision making of the club.”

    yeah, of course they don’t(have they ever?). I think that’s a big reason why the more frazzled WOBs are so obsessed with the AKBs. they know they’re powerless to do anything meaningful when it comes to Wenger.

  28. STV

    Boycotting matches is a very very powerful step no matter how it percieved to be. It affects club on multiple fronts. One Wenger brigade is disgraceful for football.

  29. STV

    More boycott more success. We’re not far off from the day when the club plays with 30000 supporters on the strands all of them Singing ‘One Wenger’ in unisony.. and Wenger will be remembered forever in history for some unique reasons.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Actually I do think that there is change.

    In the past most clubs in top division of English Football were more vulnerable to financial difficulties than today. Arsenal are the one exception to the rule of all the clubs I listed who have not been through a financial crisis and you can add in Spurs and Liverpool as well.

    Also in the past owners and major shareholders of clubs were likely to be more sensitive to criticism, because they lived in the Community. Most clubs
    today are owned by people who are completely detached from the supporters.

  31. Steveyg87

    @ Pat

    Apologies for having a go at you yesterday.

    Was ultimately referring to the point that you raised about running a club with “class”, and that’s my gripe, the dark arts have its place in the game. I get what you’re saying about Leeds etc, but c’mon, we could be pulling big names even if we didn’t qualify for CL.