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Morning Grovers,

Bennydevito here on a guest post tip, in what hopefully won’t be quite as long-winded as my Emirates Cup escapade!

A lot of you have probably seen the sad news that ex 80’s Arsenal Captain; Kenny Sansom, is back on the sauce after falling on hard times. This sadly coming after a really positive 5 months sober.  Some of you may not have heard the news and the younger Grovers may not even know who he is.

So a little refresher:

Kenny joined Arsenal for £1m from Crystal Palace and was at the Arsenal for 8 years. He was the captain before Tony Adams and he managed to land a whopping 86 caps for England.  Kenny was my first childhood Arsenal idol who I related to because he rocked a moustache that was the same as my Dad’s.  I loved his drive and energy, he was a sight to behold. I remember him lifting the league cup after beating Liverpool 2 -1 at the old Wembley. Great times, I’m sure many of you connect with.

His latest interview that I saw a few Thursdays ago on ITV News London was sad to see.  I watched him on the Jeremy Kyle show back in January and that was tough to watch too but left me feeling hopeful that Kenny was back on the mend. So seeing him now drinking and gambling again and even contemplating suicide is just awful.

I know how he feels.

My Dad took his life after battling alcoholism and depression and I too have had problems with alcohol and depression.  Two of my best friends are recovering alcoholics and seeing Kenny struggling again cuts pretty close to the bone.  So I’ve asked Pedro if I could write a guest post as a show of support to an old hero of mine, and for all Gooners around London and the World, to tell him that we care, we remember him and we want him to hang on in there.

Kenny had this to say on his interview on This Morning:

“People are going to say it’s the same old story, you feel sorry for yourself so you have a drink, but that is me, that is my life.

‘I’m trying to get away from life. I can’t explain how great my life was [when I was playing football].

‘Football was easy for me… football is just simple, but life, for me that’s the thing I’m finding very difficult – and there’s a way out of it which is put a drink down your throat and you feel better.”

Awful.  I wondered if Arsenal or the FA should be doing more to help people like Kenny, but from what I understand, the club has done a lot already.

A good start would be to get him somewhere to live that isn’t above a pub, and to give him the motivation to get off the drink and give him some purpose in his life. I’m not sure what the answer is there, but I fear the only person who can work that out is Kenny himself. Hopefully he finds the strength to do so.

So anyway – here’s to you Kenny, you’re still a hero of mine, I’m sending love and positivity to you and am asking Gooners, Grovers, Arsenal and England to do the same.

Until next time Grovers.  You can find me on Twitter @BennydevitoBen

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  1. wenker-wanger

    I had a few with Kenny in st Albans in 2004, he could drink!…..what struck me about him was his openness. He chatted about all aspects of his life….it was strange that I was focusing on the tv game we were playing whilst Kenny was chatting about where his england caps were being safely stored. He didn’t like the pundit Andy gray either. When he told me who he was after 5 minutes of arsenal chat, I was in disbelief, he only vaguely resembled the face I used to recognise. My recollections are that he was a sensitive and friendly guy.

  2. Mick Kartun

    “My Dad took his life after battling alcoholism and depression and I too have had problems with alcohol and depression.”

    Well I blame arsene wenker for my drinking problem.
    If he could just fuck off our club, it will heal itself.

  3. Mick Kartun

    Morning to you too Mark.

    As depressed the post is, still I hope you’re sober this morning.
    Don’t even thing for morning drink even with our beloved club gone down to shitfest.

  4. Mick Kartun

    Maybe best to avoid the arsene fc related if the old cunt got the extension to 2020.

    Maybe i will climb Mount Everest as an escape? fuck, whom am I kidding?
    Or i will just climb Mount of tits more often with booze and lap dance to heal the depression.

  5. Henry Root

    Useful mind,ess reaction to an excellent and
    heartfelt post. He was a top man and our thoughts are with him

  6. jasongms

    Extremely pathetic that a bunch of morons are spoiling the blog with this puerile first place ‘ bs … Especially when the writer is trying to convey a topic with serious life style consequences !

    Also well done to Leicester on the league … Wenger get the F’K OUT

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    Well done Leicester, amazing scenes! Not sure when we’re next gonna win the league but I’m gonna milk it when we do

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    I’d like to say congrats 2 Leicester City, but I’m a bit shirty about St Totteringham’s Day potentially being cancelled this year 🙁 Oh what the hell, well done Leicester!

  9. Romford Ozil Pele

    Spurs are a great team, as much as it pains me to say it. Well drilled defensively and offensively, press well too. They’re also very young so they’ll be back again next season once they’ve strengthened a bit more too. Next season is gonna be immensely competitive. As much as I dislike Wenger I’ll still be up for it but not expecting much

  10. Paulinho

    “Well done Leicester, amazing scenes! Not sure when we’re next gonna win the league but I’m gonna milk it when we do”

    I’ll hold your walking stick.

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    Arsenal have actually been doing a lot to help Kenny. A lot starts with the person himself though, as Benny alludes to. I’m sure if he was up for it the club could easily get him involved in PR/Comms/ambassador work like Parlour and co. Speaking of Ray, need to pick up his book. The sound bites I read were great

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ha Paulinho, think we’ll both need to give each other a helping hand mate! Interested to see where they go from here personally

  13. Unathanthium

    All the best to Kenny Sansom. I hope he doesn’t watch the current team, that’d be enough to drive anyone to drink.

  14. Red&White4life

    I have received a tweet friom wenger last night : “we are still in race for the PL title”.

    Relax arsène, it was only a bad dream…

  15. Romford Ozil Pele

    Hard not to be jealous/envious when you realised how much we effed up this season but generally elated for Leicester. It’s one of those stories you see in a film. No false 9, no regista, no ball-playing CB, no mediocentro, just good old fashioned 4-4-2. The hipsters including myself have been shut up! That said, they can’t go on this way. They’re gonna need to innovate a bit next season with a bigger fixture list, while the likes of Mahrez, Kante and Vardy will be paid more attention to if they stay. Think the first two will go actually.

  16. augie

    Like others have said, I would like to send my best wishes to Kenny and wish him well in his recovery efforts. Some people seem to think that football was invented by the premier league or was only relevant when discussing wenger’s positives and negatives, but football and AFC have a glorious history that predates all of that and Kenny was an important player for a long time for us. Benny’s post had nothing to do with wenger, Leicester or the scum, and not everything needs to related to those so lets give respect to a former great

  17. Bruce

    Well done Benny. I saw Kenny’s debut game for us and I was there when he lifted the League Cup in 87. Until quiet recently we would see Kenny giving his thoughts on the EPL on Fox in Australia. Always thoughtful and considered.

  18. Unathanthium

    Conrats to leicester. Amazing what you can do without bags of cash, Wenger take note.

    Some of the comments on UA last night were exceptionally mean-spirited. It seems whoever wins the league wins it illegally unless their name is Arsenal of course. Delusional morons. I’ve sparred with a few over there, the most objectionable being BJT Gooner, Menace and Al. All blatant idiots who blame the farce at Arsenal on anything but its true source, Arsene Wenger.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    The EPL next year is going to be ridiculous, people can laugh at Spurs and without doubt they bottled it last night, the occasion got to them and they lost the plot totally (though who can honestly say they did not enjoy seeing Chelsea players being hacked down left, right and centre)…but they are without doubt a great side, as you say, need a bit more depth and maybe a couple of first team additions and they look great.

    People need to remember as well, this is a squad with £70 Million a year less spent in wages than us, does it look like that? This whole, lets call Spurs shit thing, is such a stupid, twelve year old Arsenal supporter way of looking at things, with Wenger in charge we should be very worried about what that lot are doing.

    I think Spurs will be very strong next season, as will Liverpool after Klopp’s first summer, City obviously, Chelsea will have a different mentality and style, the only thing that will count for us is if United stick by their old, busted, stubborn manager, him and Wenger can have an old man staring contest and complain about all the smart phones and tablets in the crowd and talk about how in their day they had an abacus and a colouring in pad and they liked it or got tanned.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, Yeah Spurs did choke a bit last night and completely lost their heads when it got back to 2-2 considering there was still quite a bit of time to find a winner. Maybe deep down they knew it had gotten away from them. I’m sure they’ll be there next season. They’re linked with Batshuayi who’d be another great option up top with Kane.

    Yes exactly, I’d like some improvements from a transfer perspective but just making Arsenal into a more well-drilled side with the current options available would make us a whole lot better. Unfortunately mocking Spurs is all we have left since we’ve dropped off immeasurably.

    I am quite worried about next season. Even if we sign what’s needed you still doubt whether that can come together to produce a coherent team ala Spurs, BVB, Atletico etc. Being the sucker I am ill be there supporting the team but more in hope rather than expectation. We’ve had worse teams at Arsenal but this is generally the most disappointing time supporting the club IMO. New season always brings renewed hope but it’ll be dashed if I’m seeing L’Oreal and Theo.

  21. jasongms

    I really don’t know how Wenger reconciles himself now . He’s been totally show up for the excuse ridden sophist he is. After 10 years of saying that we can’t compete with the money men and then to be taken to the proverbial cleaners by Leicester City … A retrofitted excuse like no other, can’t wait haha

    and I bet he signs an extension, just to spite us

  22. Red&White4life

    “but it’ll be dashed if I’m seeing L’Oreal and Theo.”

    You will see them next season, trust me. lol

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Not expecting anything next season, predicted 3rd this year, looking like we might get that, though obviously have to go to the Etihad this weekend and based on Sunderland and Norwich, we might get mauled.

    Next year, 4th place is probably the best we can expect, might be shocked and City and Chelsea struggle bedding in with their new managers and team, but I doubt it. City have not struggled like Chelsea have anyway this year, with a manager knowing he’s on the way out they still look likely to finish above us.

    The problem is that Wenger does not think there is a problem, look at what he’s said over the past few weeks, to not expect big changes in the summer, that he won’t spend just to appease the fans, this is all stuff we heard last summer.

    It’s hilarious because I really don’t think he realises how old and tired his statements are, but you can fully expect to hear about Wilshere and Caz being ‘new signings’ and that having hardly played they are essentially £40 Million signings, if he had actually signed them for that people wouldn’t mind…he’s already talking up Welbeck being a different animal, so you can expect Wenger to forward him as the ST next year.

    We’ve been here before, the only thing that makes it tolerable is thinking he could be gone next year.

  24. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, for sure, 3rd is probably the best we can expect again next season methinks. It’s always hard to predict, epescially after this season but City, United and Chelsea will eventually throw enough money at it to make it stick. They can’t keep getting it wrong. Wenger will peddle the stability and cohesion line which won’t hold weight considering what happened this season.

    Well that’s the thing, Wenger has unwavering confidence in his own ability which is backed by a lot of delude fans if Saturday is anything to go by.

    Essentially the only thing we can pray for is for him to leave at the end of next season. Up until then we just have to try and remain relevant which is disappointing. You just wanna be excited like Spurs are about their team. Contrary to popular belief, I’m still a fan of quite a few of our young players but we need to see them more drilled under a proper manager. Remains to be seen who’s gonna be available come the end of 2016/17

  25. bennydevito

    Morning Grovers,

    Sorry I wasn’t around to chat amongst you all about Kenny when the post went up but my sleep patterns are all over the place at the moment so I apologise.

    I’d like to thank Pedro for posting this as it’s an issue close to my heart and I appreciate the positive comments but I am a tad disappointed that some of you found it boring and depressing – I thought it was quite relevant, serious and a change from the constant Wenger bashing and doom recycling.

    Still, you can’t please em all eh?

    Here’s to you Kenny.

  26. Mick Kartun

    Benny man,

    Sorry for the wrong drunk posts from me.
    Kinda the booze got on me. Deep down from my heart. Your post kinda a remind to the state of my similar drinking problem.

    Big sincere apology.

  27. Taxi for wenger

    Arsenals best ever left back if you saw him play you’ll understand
    Best wishes Kenny

  28. bennydevito


    There’s a typo in the title. It’s Sansom not Samson. Autocorrect has changed it.