What Leicester winning the league taught us | Why they and Spurs are probably in big trouble next year

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Super post from BennyDevito earlier. Addiction is a dark path, but Kenny, with a bit of guts and determination, the sort that made you an England and Arsenal hero, I’m pretty sure you’ll be good!

Raising an avocado, pheasant and quinoa smoothie your way! GET WELL SOON!

So, onto the football.


That’s how I felt. Spurs went two up, my chirpsy football group started giving it some Spurs smug, I left the canteen I was watching the game in… then Cahill pulls one back with a fine first-time finish. You’re thinking, here we go, some jitters… and we know how the Spurs are… then Hazard finds a gap and curls an OUTRAGEOUS beauty of a shot into the top hand corner.

It got a bit silly after that. Spurs looked heavy legged, they started to lose their rag, egged on by the usually placid Pochettino… Kane was making rash tackles, Dier was doing the same, Dembele was eye gouging (hilarious that it was Costa), Ryan Mason was just doing, err, not much… it was all a bit embarrassing considering what was riding on the game.

Anyway, Chelsea held out, destroying another teams title hopes… and wasn’t it just perfect?

So there we have it. The greatest upset in English football history. A team that was 5000-1 to win it, not only won it, they took it at a canter. I actually can’t believe what an incredible story this is.

What makes it even better, is it massages what I’ve said for years.

Smart management can out power money.  

‘No, no, no… it’s all about money. Arsene was never going to be able to topple City with his £120m wage bill + £30m in the bank’

Well, look what we have here. Leicester, taking out the lot. They have a brilliant infrastructure in place (we shared this back in 2014), they have a superb scouting network that’s worked absolute magic and they have a manager who has just pulled the biggest rabbit out of the hat EVER.

(and a board who wanted to invest and win things)

It’s a total madness. But my lord, how it’s put a lot of ill-informed commentary into perspective. You don’t fluke the league, simple as that. Smart management, empowered staff, investment in the basics, good players and boat load of sport science informed fitness luck. I also lived there 3 days a week during my early work years… looking out over that unspectacular stadium.

Anyway, what can learn from all this?

Players: You don’t need to buy a team full of £50m superstars to do great things. You need balance, talent and hard work. You also need smart players who can play a system. Leicester have all of those elements and they’ve rocked it hard. They’ve also spent wisely. Uncovering gems like Mahrez and Kante. Rejuvenating players like Wes Morgan. Inspiring players like Vardy and Drinkwater.

Changing manager can be a great thing: If I have to listen to one more petrified Arsenal fan spout off ‘careful what you wish for’ I think I’m going to explode. There are so many examples now of people bringing in new managers and doing better things. Whether it’s Tony Pulis getting shit canned at Stoke (AND PALACE) and being replaced by Mark Hughes, Slaven Bilic killing off any sadness about Allardyce or Ranieri taking over from a Leicester hero Nigel Pearson… change is good if it’s smart and well thought out.

The 10 (or 5) year plan is bullshit: Spurs have gone from dross to great inside 18months under a brilliant young manager. Leicester went from the team that spent the most time at the bottom of the league last season, to the team who just won the Premier League. Tomas Tuchel took over from Dortmund and he’s pushing Bayern with basically the same team that finished 7th under Klopp. You don’t need 5 years to create a winning team. You just need a very smart plan and the balls to deliver on it.

We’re spoilt: Yeah, people still going along with that one. Look at the party Leicester are having at the moment. Look at the memories that are being carved into people’s brains… ‘do you remember when Leicester took the Premier League by storm?’… we’ll all remember it. It was incredible. We need more parties like that. 2 in ten little parties in 10 years with our resource is unacceptable. Arsenal fans aren’t spoilt… the only people who are spoilt are the bean counters or the people like Arsene who are making mega money to prop up the portfolio.

Things you’ll see next season:

I’ve been having great fun with Spurs fans, because they genuniely think this is a turning point in their history. Oh my, do they no know what’s coming. For all the positives both Spurs and Leicester have been through this season, they’ve had a lot of things go in their favour… a lot of things they’ll lose when Champions League football comes in.

Games: Spurs bombed out of the Capital and FA Cups early doors. They rotated heavily in the Europa League, using it to keep players fresh and bombed when Dortmund destroyed their over rotated team. Next season, they’ll have to play first teams in the Champions League. That impacts:

That impacts:

  1. You ability to plan against Premier League opposition
  2. Your ability to practice that plan
  3. Your teams freshness. Late night plane rides, terrible nights sleep, playing 3 games a week on the regular and shite surfaces

Look at this way. Newcastle finished 5th under Pardew and hit 16th the next season after Europa football. Swansea did something similar. Liverpool made the Champions League and Brendan Rodgers was a year or so later after they bombed the league.

Leicester could end up relegated next season if they’re not careful and Spurs couldn’t hack the Premier League pace this season with no cup runs and a heavily rotated team in the Europa. They’ll have to bolster hardcore this summer, then hope things gel. Also, they had the most luck with injuries this season. Let’s see how a season of beasting the same 11 over and over + 5 of their players getting emotionally and physically brutalised by the Euro’s this summer.

Also, remember this… next season, you’ll have Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United with the Spurs / Leicester ‘fewer competitive games’ advantage. It’s going to be really fucking hard next season when mega clubs don’t have the Champions League to worry about.

So whilst you can’t guarantee order will be restored next season, you can be sure that great teams will be playing less intense amounts of football and they’ll take advantage of that.

We’ll see progress of the middle pack as they eat into that new TV money and we’ll see an attempted resurgence from the elite clubs left out of the major showpiece tournament.

It’s going to be exciting.

… I mean, just literally so glad our ship is being captained by a guy who has no f*cking clue how to make us a powerhouse.


But hey, at least out fans are pleased… seeing out old Arsene Wenger with a bag of party poppers and a gold watch.

What a classy bunch of sausages we are.

RIGHT, have a great day whilst I once again attempt to fathom why Arsenal fans are so eternally grateful to a man who is better at repackaging a predictable product than Apple.


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  1. TitsMcGee

    Bug trouble for us next season. The likeliest season we will fall out of top 4.

    (No I’ve actually said for many years we’ll get top four with ease)

    Arsenal fans (the AKBs) will learn the hard way next season.

  2. Mick Kartun


    Maybe that’s the only way, the old wenker could be forced out of the club.

    I posted before how 4th trophy can become the ultimate excuse for the AKBs to defend him. Only out of top 4 to shakes the sheeps brainwashed mind.

  3. TitsMcGee

    The sad thing is you would expect any sane person to learn from their mistakes after twelve seasons.

    It’s like taking an exam 12 times and failing with the same score twelve times.

    That means one of two things:

    1. You are not prepping correctly.
    2. You are incapable of passing (i. e it is beyond you).

    Either way we are screwed. Long term screwed with Wenger. The fans who still support him have no bloody idea they are actually sinking Arsenal deeper into the quagmire. I guess kudos to those who are smart enough to take advantage of that idiocy I guess.

    The EPL is not something you can luck out but even this season with everything going the way it needs to go for us to win the league he still couldn’t do it. That is telling.

  4. Red&White4life

    Next challenge for le mighty prof : becoming the first manager who qualify his team for the europa league more than 16 seasons in a row.

  5. Paulinho

    Pochettino was starting a fight and splitting it up at the same time. No end to his talents.

  6. TitsMcGee

    Only out of top 4 to shakes the sheeps brainwashed mind.””

    Believe it or not I don’t think even that will work. Cult members aren’t the most logical. They’ll continue drinking the kool aid laced with rat poison if their master says that it’s required.

    We fall out of top 4 and the AKBS will probably say something along the lines of “the negativity is the reason we faltered ” or some other idiotic thing.

    Arsenal should be a case study for how NOT to let one man gain control.

  7. steve

    If Arsenal drop out of top 4 the akb cunts will just say: “Well he only missed CL once in x amount of year. What an achievement.” Regarding Leicesters win Wenger will now say: “Well it was only because they didn’t play out in Europe.” and “We beat the twice so it’s the other clubs fault”. So other clubs and the fans are to blame for Wenger fucking up another season. As usual it’s everyone else’s fault than his own. What a disingenuous twat.

  8. Mick Kartun

    “Arsenal should be a case study for how NOT to let one man gain control.”

    Well, Ferguson is not egomaniac. We kinda let the old cunt get away with it.

  9. Mick Kartun


    Our wanker players will ejaculate with selfies to celebrate 4th trophy with the AKB cunts.

    Fuck, how low can you get us more, Monsieur Cunt?

    How depressed.

  10. Danny

    Spurs should definitely have 2 or 3 points deducted for last nights display just like we got in 1991.
    55 years and still waiting. Bunch of cunts the lot of them.

  11. Red&White4life

    I’m sorry Mick, but we gonna finish 3rd, that is called “progress”, and that is worth a big celebration lol

  12. Red&White4life

    “55 years and still waiting.”

    Well I must say, with ©lemightyspecialistinsenility staying ’til he dies, we are going to follow the same way lol

  13. Mick Kartun


    I even almost brainwashed by our Le Flop master with him saying he will not stay more than fergie.

    He may not if not mistaken pass that 25 years or so but it could mean that rumor 4 more years extension would not pass fergie years.

    Fuck, I could be the next sheep too. LOL.

  14. Danish Gooner

    This is what i wwrote on the 13th of january

    Danish Gooner
    January 13, 2016 22:07:49

    Leicester will win the League i am certain about it,they have incredible resilience ,two games at spuds one win and one draw and they should have won the fa cup game,now it is all in their head and if they can stay injury free.

    Just wished i had put money on it,ohh well cest la vie !!!1

  15. Red&White4life

    “I could be the next sheep too. LOL.”

    Sooner or later, we will all become sheeps.
    That’s what we call the wenger effect.

  16. Sam

    I dont think its a one off like blackburn
    Leicester didn’t buy trophy n they have a smart manager
    I hope they give him resources to build the team to carry on competing

  17. Sam

    People think next season when Guardiola, Conte n Mourinho come they’ll change things no they wont
    Should rather watch out of Van Gaal n Klopp next year
    Arsenal will still face struggle if Wenger is in charge coz he refused to change n adapt

  18. Red&White4life

    Next season ©lemightycunt will have to deal with Klopp, Bilic, Pep, Conte, Ranieri, Pochetino, and, with a bit of luck, Maureen… Can’t wait to see his biggest failure so far.

  19. Danny

    Can’t wait to see his biggest failure so far.
    At the beginning of each of the last 8 seasons, Wenger has looked at the fixtures and worked out how to make top 4. He’s the expert at it.
    I doubt that will change.
    AKBs love it.
    We fucking hate it with a passion.

  20. Steveyg87

    1st time posting since the Norwich game.. While the few that decided to protest can be commended, that was painful to watch. We are a club with no passion.

    We have bought Wenger another year at the club, another year of this shit, Fuck man, its beyond a joke. We truly are a shameful club

  21. Carts

    Incredible fairy tale story by Leicester. They thoroughly deserved the title. They coped well with pressure and but in impressive performances when it mattered.

    Next season will be a massive task for them: they’ll tee-off with the likes of Madrid, PSG in the CL, there’ll be in two domestic cup competitions and establish themselves as a top team.

    They’ll require about 5 more players, this is before they lose the likes of Kante and Mahrez. They’ll be incredibly stretched and depending on what their desire is will determine which competition they focus on.

  22. wenker-wanger

    To want your own team to lose, in order to hope that these losses will have a cumulatively damaging effect on the wanker of a manager and somehow force him out, I think indicates just how hated this cnut is. If someone said when I was a kid, one day you will want them to lose, I would’ve thought they were a mental case. But that’s they way it is, wins against average opposition don’t excite me,because I know that come Chelsea barca, etc we are nailed-on losers. That inevitability is shameful. To not be favourites to win a game is acceptable, of course, but to be a nailed-on loss is for a club like THE arsenal ;absolutely disgusting. Wankgers legacy is such !

  23. Mick Kartun

    Benny sir,

    Sorry for the wrong drunk posts from me.
    Kinda the booze got on me. Deep down from my heart. Your post kinda a remind to the state of my similar drinking problem.

    Big sincere apology.

    Off from work now.

  24. Bamford10


    “You don’t need to buy a team full of £50m superstars to do great things.”

    Would just like to say that this has been my position all along, though I have always said (of course) that we must spend more than Wenger does. Smart spending, though, does not mean big spending — at least not exclusively.

  25. Bamford10

    One vocal AKB on Twitter — “Dean of Football” (@HectorBaelIerin) — is using Leicester’s league title to say that the ‘Wenger Out’ camp has been wrong all along in that spending is clearly not necessary.

    Everyone should sharpen his/her replies to this canard.

  26. wenker-wanger

    2017 new oxford dictionary word : wengeritis……pertaining to the complacent attitude to work and doing just enough to keep your job in the public sector. Or. . an employer that stubbornly refuses to adopt any new work practices and repeats mistakes despite advice from other members of the workforce.

  27. STV

    Messages taken by Wenger from Leicester’s title:

    1. You don’t need ‘flashy names’ to win title/top4*

    2. It shows the importance of cohesion and mental strength in winning title/top4

    3. European football are bad for league especially if you advance deep in to the competition if you’re to witn the title/top4

    4. Spending money is not a requirement to win title/top4

    5. It’s important to play in a great climate throughout the season with an unanimous fan support regardless of the results to achieve glory like winning title/top4.

    6. That he has been vindicated in all his philosophies throughout, and that Leicester should be thankful for him for their title/top4

    * Top4 is like winning a cup.

  28. Relieable Sauce

    So much to look forward to next season but sadly absolutely nothing in relation to Arsenal…
    From now on I will not raise the subject of Wenger, transfers or akbs/wengerites/cultists etc while the situation continues.

    The majority of the fans seem to be happy enough, or at least content, and this seems to be the way – the powers that be – want to run the club.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Except that tit has probably excused Wenger for the past ten years as not being able to compete financially with City and Chelsea.

    Whether it is about money, or isn’t about money will vary depending on the circumstances at the time and which statement best defends Wenger.

  30. Rhys Jaggar

    So let me get this straight: you’re firstly saying that Pocchetino and Ranieri have shown such managerial brilliance that they’ve turned dross into gold in under two seasons. Next you’re saying they are so useless that they can’t cope with a summer transfer window and Champions League football.

    I’m sorry, I simply don’t buy that. You’re writing like a bullshitting advertising executive who’d last 5 minutes under me as CEO.

    My view on Spurs is that they need three quality signings: a fourth centre half, a third quality defensive midfielder and a second centre forward to back up Kane. Maybe a couple of other squad additions, but broadly those three.

    They already have 4 full backs who they are satisfied with. They already have 7 attacking midfielders they are happy with. They have three centre halves they are satisfied with.

    Rotation: in the Europa league, Alderweireld played all 10, Dier played 8, Alli, Erikssen and Lamela all played 7. That’s 5 of their ‘first XI’ doing heavy duty in the Europa League. You think there aren’t sleepless nights after ‘Thursday Night football?’ What’s so unique about insomnia on a Wednesday night rather than a Thursday night? Your pitch for business has just been thrown out due to crass incompetence concerning basic factual details, things that bullshitting advertisers like you despise, because you might have to admit that you never check things out properly.

    Here are a few assumptions you are making about Spurs:
    1. None of the following will kick on from their first season making significant starts in the first team: Carroll, Mason, Wimmer, Trippier, Onomah.
    2. None of the following will have a breakthrough season starting to make significant game time: Winks, Carter-Vickers, N’Jie. And the academy is so full of dross that not one single person will emerge to have any impression whatever on the first team squad next season.
    3. No significant signings will be made in the summer as no-one wants to play in the champions league with Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Christian Erikssen or the like and they all think Pocchetino should go back to manage in the Argentine third division because that’s all he’s good for.

    None of this makes me a Spurs supporter. It makes me someone who has complete contempt for bullshitters who wonder why their own team is under par because they are incapable of showing respect to others when due.

    Spurs will undoubtedly have new challenges next season. But perhaps they are a better run club than Arsenal, so they will face those challenges with honesty, courage, pragmatism and new standards?

  31. Leedsgunner

    I didn’t read the post yesterday but benny did a superb guest post yesterday. Hats off to you sir. Thank you for raising the awareness of such an important issue.

    If you haven’t read it, it’s worth doing so.

    Well done Leicester, well played and richly deserved — for any Foxes fans who are interested… you are all honorary Gooners now for life for denying Tottenham the title. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

  32. Bamford10

    My incomplete response (this AM) to the Leicester-prove-you-don’t-need-to-spend canard:

    1. Correct players + correct tactics + correct mentality = a proper team. Leicester had all three of these; Arsenal did not.

    2. Because Arsenal didn’t have the correct players — needing to improve on Giroud, Walcott & Flameta — we needed to spend.

    3. Leicester had the correct players by way of INTELLIGENT SPENDING. Whether you spend much or little, your spending must be intelligent.

    4. Leicester also had the correct tactics & correct mentality, both provided by a proper manager. Arsenal did not have these things either.

    5. Arsenal have had the incorrect players, incorrect tactics & incorrect mentality for a decade now & this is all down to Wenger.

  33. Bamford10

    I’m with Rhys; I don’t buy this easy line of thinking that says both Leicester and Spurs will return to being irrelevancies next season. I’m not saying both are guaranteed success, but I think both have the foundations — players, manager, approach — to be successful both in the PL & in Europe.

    Arsenal, not so much.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Dear Foxes

    Well done for winning the title again…

    – without Champion’s League Football
    – without a 60 000 state of the art stadium
    – without players who have enormous egos
    – without the world’s so-called “best players”
    – without Arsene Wenger

    You deserve all the plaudits and congrats…. 🙂

  35. STV

    Great post earlier.. Come back to life Kenny..

    personally had my worst drinking trouble few weeks back.. more careful now..

  36. Pierre

    If pochettino is such a great manager , then why did he not tell his team to just go out and play quality football and the game would have been won no problem.

    Instead , what happened , from the kick off spurs players were diving into tackles they couldn’t win and in doing so inciting the crowd . They got themselves involved in skirmishes which they should have avoided and in the end lost the plot completely..

    The manager should have told his players to keep their cool as Chelsea are the masters at winding the opposition up and manipulating decisions in their favour and Spurs fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    Pochettino is to blame for Spurs blowing the league but I will guarantee that not one person in the media or on le grove will give him stick. Spurs could have had at least 3 red cards last night if the ref was not so lenient . Instead those players will receive retrospective punishment from the F A and their season will be over.

    As for fabregas and his pathetic attempt at trying to get players sent off , I feel embarrassed for him that he has lowered himself to that level. He now has the mourinho / John Terry mindset.

  37. STV

    Bamford we all know that was a wrong message to take. Wenger only take wrong messages and is disconnected with reality.

  38. silverhawk

    Ranieri left….. He couldn’t win the league .
    Mourinho came to England…. He couldn’t win the
    Mourinho left…. He couldn’t win the league.
    Ancelotti came… He couldn’t win the league.
    Ancelotti left… He couldn’t win the league.
    Mancini came… He couldn’t win the league.
    Mancini left… He couldn’t win the league
    Sir Alex Ferguson retired… He couldn’t win the
    Pellegrini came… He couldn’t win the league.
    Mourinho came back….. He couldn’t win the league.
    Leicester got relegated & came back…. he couldnt
    win the league .
    Ranieri came back after 12 years…. He couldn’t win
    the league .
    Mourinho got fired.. He still couldn’t win the league.

    Is it when Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Conte,
    Pochettino are around and Jose Mourinho returns for
    the third time that ARSENE WENGER will win the

  39. omar

    If someone had said 1 year ago that Leicester City will be in Pot 1 of the UEFA Champion’s League draw with the likes of Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus, Barca etc. They would have been committed to a mental asylum

  40. STV

    Arsene Wenger donot need to win the title. He’s already got lot OS trophies even this season. So, he needs to retire.

  41. cmansf

    Im no AKB member but after waxing lyrical about how good Pochettino has been this year (which he has) and then the reasons why he will fail next year (balancing multiple competitions and remaining consistent), are probably why so many fans still back Wenger as its no mean feat. Half of this board would probably jump at having Pochettino at the club next year, but if he cant maintain consistency at Spurs next year with his tactics why would he (or similar manager) work at Arsenal. I get your point about dreaming big and I do, but 90% of people on here who claim they would take 2,3 or 4 mediocre seasons outside of top for one league win are lying. If we won the title next year with a new manager then finish 5th the season after you would all be after the managers head. The situation about direction of the club isn’t binary its a lot of shades of grey. Personally I want a fresh start, but I also want a plan, a football identity, a team with passion and relative stability.

  42. Red&White4life

    “They would have been committed to a mental asylum”

    Which is not the case of a certain mr wenger, unfortunatelly.

  43. Red&White4life

    I will bless the day when we could have a bus parade with wenger’s head as a trophy.

  44. Loop

    Every time I think of Wenger as our manager it makes me so sick and angry. This fucking piece of shit has embarrassed the club so much that every football joke is made in reference to the ARSENAL. Here in Kenya ARSENAL fans have been nicknamed ” next season specialists”. That anybody still supports this old motherfucker is beyond any sane logic.

  45. Joe


    when all the ‘big’ clubs will finish at least 8-10pts shy of their usual total is an astonishing stat

    I guess you don’t consider us a big club. We are right where we always finish points wise.

    Wallace. Wrong again.

  46. Joe

    And you don’t have to spend. Leicester proved it. Wenger was right

    The problem is you need a manager with a fucken clue and one who isn’t a complete idiot. Wenger doesn’t have a clue and is an idiot. So spend money or don’t. With wenger it doesn’t matter because he isn’t good enough to win the league either way.

    End of.

    I’ve said it a million times before. Any manager with have a clue would of won us the league this season with this exact squad.

    Do you think wenger would of won Leicester the league if he was the manager of them???????

    Not a fucken chance.

    Would. Wenger of won Chelsea the league last season with their squad. Nope.

    Would Wenger have Atletico where they are??? Nope

  47. Steveyg87

    Agree with Rhys

    Neither teams should be taken lightly next season. Mindless thumb sucking seems to be the norm on here.

    On to the arse. I just cant see how we are going to go about things this summer, to me, we re already past the stage where a few world class signings will lift the team. Fans apathy towards the situation wont go away, so where to next? Should Wenger be able to pull his finger out and have a proper go this summer and freshen things up, will that be a step in the right direction?

  48. STV

    Wenger cannot be a chelsea manager ever because his name is not Chelsene Wenger. It’s Arsene Wenger so he’s here and he got job 4 life.

  49. Steveyg87

    “I will bless the day when we could have a bus parade with wenger’s head as a trophy.”

    I get that the guy is a cunt, but that’s fucken evil

  50. Joe

    Poor Wenger. His invincibles gets knocked out ‘the greatest footballing story’ top spot.

    Akbs don’t even have that anymore.

    It’s all crumbling down for wenger

  51. Joe

    Red and white.

    He just always wrong. And I will always poor it out

    Especially now as he is changing his stance regarding how the season went.

  52. STV

    “Spurs will undoubtedly have new challenges next season. But perhaps they are a better run club than Arsenal, so they will face those challenges with honesty, courage, pragmatism and new standards?”

    They choked to death with the title race against Leicester and probably finish at 74 points. With possible departure of Harry Kane to Real, their honesty, courage, pragmatism and new standards might not be enough for them to take on challenges next season.

  53. Joe

    Leicester’s record since losing to Arsenal on 14 Feb: WDWWWWWDWD Goals conceded: 5 #BPL #LCFCChampions

    Hahaha the exact opposite of what we do…

  54. Joe

    I’ll bet any Akb on here that Leicester do better than us in the CL and sign better players than wenger does.

  55. Red&White4life

    And to be more “specific”, it was just an “image”… But still, I dream of that lol

  56. Dissenter

    Many people thinking with their dicks and not their heads.
    Yes, it’s dick-thinking to assume that Pochettino will suddenly falter next season.

    My money is one Wenger continue his downward drift while the supporters turn on one another.
    Spuds will sign 3-4 players including another striker and will solidify their north London superiority. They have younger and hungrier players. When is the last time an Arsenal team stood up to Chelsea like that?

  57. Dissenter

    I have never seen a player lacking in aggression given a major contract by a big club.
    Watch Theo when there’s a fracas on the field. The dude walks away as far as possible. He hardly ever goes to help his team mates.
    It doesn’t matter how much talent a player has, if there’s no nasty in the mix then it’s as good as useless.
    I’ve never seen a top player who does not have some ghoulish aggression when it comes to trying to win.

  58. Mick Kartun

    Dissenter: “When is the last time an Arsenal team stood up to Chelsea like that?”

    We loved GG’s players because he applied the player with mental strength.
    Wenker was just happen to inherit his mean back 4 plus wenker got the right players to add in bad asses Petit and Viera.

    After Viera left, what on earth the old cunt was doing with buying weak soft bunch of pussy players. The old goof had lost his brain since to the toilet.

  59. STV

    Wenger insinuating he will sign a new contract by his “has no plans to emulate Alex Ferguson, don’t worry(smirk) comment.”. Easy guys it’s 4 more years and I will give you very very good “platform”and always” try to play in top3 for years”.

    He really wants it, majority sheeps want it, the board cunts are happy to give it, the Kroenke prick gas no idea what’s going on but he will ask to Wenger about it.. Who are we kidding!.

    Finishing outside top6 might just do it then again ‘deserves a chance to make things right’ bullshit is always there. Sorry for doom. But..

  60. Joe


    100% agree
    How exactly has wenger dealt with CL football??? His record isn’t exactly beaming.

    I see it getting pretty ugly by xmas next season. It’s my only positive of wenger staying. That it’s going to so nasty and angry towards him by xmas next season.

    There will be no grace period with the supporters next season.

    Poor wenger

  61. Mick Kartun

    Louis van Gaal talks up Man United’s chances of Champions League qualification: ‘I’m always positive’.

    Thanks to you fat old fuck, wenger still got his 4th trophy. You’re as lame as the old cunt with pissed ass face. Well since manure is my most hated club, you kinda do us a favor by pussified manure players same as ours.

  62. Romford Ozil Pele

    The biggest thing about Arsenal above transfers and all else is that we have a weak mentality. That stems from the manager. Unless we buy those type of character players we won’t win. People sometimes get hung up about morals, values etc but when we were winning we had a team of nasty b*******.

  63. Joe

    It will be interesting to hear what the Akb wankers say about Man U winning the fa cup.

    They sure did big it up as huge trophy when we won it

    See if they consider it a successful season

  64. Dissenter

    Breaking news; “Leicester owners vow to keep title-winning squad together insisting Mahrez, Vardy and Kante will STAY” – Mirror

    Dream on.
    Kante will easily get a 100-125k weekly contract from any of the big clubs
    Mahrez will easily get 150-180k weekly
    Leicester can’t pay them these wages because it will set off a a riot among the other player’s agents.

  65. Mick Kartun


    They will say we won it twice last times.
    They will spin it and said kinda bored with it and say it was just minor trophy, but when we got that, they mass ejaculates with each other. Fucking sheeps.

  66. Joe

    Leicester could make up to 150m because if the win

    Don’t be surprised if the players stay and they sign a few more

  67. Red&White4life

    “I have never seen a player lacking in aggression given a major contract by a big club.”

    1st : there is so many things at arsenal that we’ve never seen in any other clubs…
    2nd : we are not a big club anymore.

  68. Mick Kartun

    And how on earth, Feo wanker got his 140k.

    Let wenker ass fingering him?

    Shameless beyond belief, it mocks the working class workers most with average salary.

  69. Red&White4life

    Breaking news part 2 : wenger will be proud to add Mahrez to his famous “I almost signed” list.

  70. steve

    “I will bless the day when we could have a bus parade with wenger’s head as a trophy.”


    Damn that’s cold lol.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    I think it was Scholes or Keane who said in the tunnel against the Invincibles, you looked at them and they were big, imposing players and knew they could play you off the park if they wanted, and if you wanted to drag them into a fight they would gladly oblige you.

    Now we have a squad of pussies we the exception of Sanchez, but can we blame them? Aside from total wastes of space like Walcott, they have a manager who asks to be judged in May but not on league tables, who would take second for the next twenty years, who never threatens their place in the team and seems ecstatic about being fourth best making no effort to change that.

  72. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, for sure. Even if you’re not tall you still have to be able to hold your own. We have too many nice guys in the team with 0 personality. The mentality is all wrong. Spurs lost their heads yesterday but the passion was great to see. In football there are dirty arts involved. Arsenal used to influence referees all the time by surrounding them. We put no pressure on the officials.

    But yeah, it stems from the manager. No will to win. When Kroenke says stuff like he wouldn’t buy Arsenal if he wanted to win trophies, it tells you all you need to know. Complacent and comfortable from top to bottom. Embarrassing

  73. Mick Kartun

    Cesc, that was the best moment that i always loved to rewatch over and over on youtube.

    It reminds me that Arsenal was a proud club with strong character players that stood up to make us proud of ourselves.

    Only Viera and Co that could make Roy Keane and Scholes scared like bunch of pussies.

  74. Dissenter

    Matt Clattenburg did the game a disservice last night.
    How do you book a team NINE times and not give a single red card?

  75. STV

    Walcott captaining his side as a part of celebrations for his 10th year ‘stay’ at the club against Chelsea has to be among the best football jokes of the season. lol..

  76. Dissenter

    Some people here call it cheating.
    I think of it as accentuating the opposition player fouls on you to force the referee into making a decision.
    It’s borne out a will to win. It’s part and parcel of the game now hence a player who isn’t following the norm is letting his team mates down.

    We don’t have players with that street smart and cunning anymore, except for Sanchez.
    I think Ozil needs to force the issue more. He used to do it at Madrid and used to get lots of free kicks from his dribbling. There’s no winning desire again at Arsenal.

  77. Dissenter

    Piers Morgan ✔ ‎@piersmorgan
    Congrats again to all Arsenal fans who cheered/chanted Wenger into another £25m 3-year contract on Saturday. #afc

    Seriously Piers Morgan is doing harm to the cause because he just seems shrill

  78. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter, comes from the manager. He is intent on imposing his way which hasn’t yielded major success for ages. No real style of play, probably doesn’t even know what his best 11 is. Need to change it up

  79. WengerEagle

    Seeing Atletico Madrid win the UCL would be my preference but Bayern v Real Madrid would make for the most entertaining final.

    Pep will be desperate to win it to cement his legacy in Munich, and I think that he will.

  80. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah agreed Bayern making it to the final against Real Madrid would be great for the neutral. Game is too close to call though. Bayern need to score the first goal for me. If Atletico score and Bayern need three it’ll be a real struggle. That said they did it against Juve who were also very good defensively.

  81. Romford Ozil Pele

    If we do finish above Spurs it’s definitely covering cracks because collectively they’ve been far superior to us this season. However, celebrating St Totteringham’s Day after what’s been their best season in decades would be hilarious.

  82. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger should be proper ashamed coming out with “other teams failed to stop Leicester too” bollocks. so Wenger logic dictates no questions can ever be asked when he fails cause there’ll always be 18 other teams who’ve failed too

  83. Joe


    But don’t judge him on the table. More on the process and qualidee *cough*.

    And judge him on that we beat Leicester twice

  84. Pat Healy

    Congratulations to all associated with Leicester City FC, (and genuine commiserations to Spurs fans), in your achievement in winning the English Premier League! Your victory is not only yours but a victory for all genuine football supporters. You achieved the seemingly impossible. (if one listens to the enlightened nouveau football fraternity) For too long now the game has been portrayed as being all about Soccernomics, (despite taking some time out to study it) a concept I greatly reject. For me the game is, and always been, about winning trophies, (never at all costs), by that I mean your club never compromises it’s class or never endangers it’s future by reckless spending. Leicester’s triumph means more to me than most in that it disproves the logic of almost every, if not all of, the futile utterances and whining excuses of Arsene Wenger over the last 10 years. It does not need an economist, multi ligualist, self proclaimed genius, loyalist?, (£8m p.a salary), that is undoubtedly past his sell by date to tell me that I am misguided in requiring his departure ASAP! I have loyally followed AFC from when I was 7 years old (1969) to now. I’ve indoctrinated a number of others along the way too. I’ll hazard a guess he didn’t even know of the existence of the club until much later! He was a breath of fresh air when he was first appointed. ( I specifically remember headline the Arsene Who?). The problem is as I see it he has come to believe he is bigger than the club. His reprehensible slights’ (plural) on fans’ in the past few days are a further indictment of his misperception of actual reality. Arsene revolutionised AFC and English football in general but sadly like all dictators before him he will wreck his own legacy. Sad

  85. STV

    “So it’s May…. Let the judging begin’

    One AW brigade: Greatest manager, changed English football forever, invincibles, stadium move, Finantial stabity, 20 years top4 finish, …. .. Bank balance…… ..

  86. Troy McClure

    Leicester’s players have more fight than Arsenal – we can all accept this premise, right? – because the vast majority of their players had to fight to get their jobs. Very few if any Foxes have had the easy ‘golden boy’ ride through the professional ranks to get to the Premier League. They know there are consequences for not performing, and they can be (and have been at other clubs in their careers) shown the door if they don’t fight and perform. If they do run into to tough times, they fight their way back into contention instead of pouting and complaining. Arsenal have too many players who are safe and comfortable, who have been told how great they are their whole lives, and know there are no consequences for playing poorly; therefore they can’t compete when it gets rough. Under Wenger, you have to be very bad to get kicked out – Andre Santos, Arshavin at the end, the Korean striker bad- while the likes of Walcott and Giroud coast along. And he’s selectively ruthless, which confuses and discourages players further. What had Giroud done to merit a place in the 1st team? He was garbage for 3 months, yet still is in the 1st team, while Campbell is stuck behind Walcott despite vastly outperforming him. These Arsenal players are mostly a bunch of pussies who can’t fight when they need to because they are not used to doing it. You can’t change your whole mindset to a tough bastard 180 degrees after so much time spent having an easy ride.

  87. shad


    Think you grossly underestimate the money that Leicester will get and their ability to hold on to their prize players. If Kante and Mahrez leave, it’ll be for prestige and not money. £150m hasn’t factored sponsorships or TV revenues. This besides the owners will probably pump in more cash to bring in more players to cover the competitions they’ll be in etc. Remember Vardy and Mahrez are already on £80k/week. Doubling that for a few more players is feasible without breaking a sweat.

  88. WengerEagle

    To be fair I think that Mahrez has said that he wants to play UCL football for Leicester next season already.

    He played for them in the Championship and has been there for 3 seasons, I think that they are more likely to hang onto him than Kante who just signed for them last summer.

    Vardy is definitely staying because as good as he’s been, this kind of form is absolutely unprecedented throughout his career and he’s 29. He has already got an improved contract too so he’s not exactly struggling for money.

    Kante has been a monster for Leicester and would be a huge loss but even if he did leave, I wouldn’t bet against them finding a fitting replacement with the money that they’ll get for him.

  89. GoonerLyon

    All your arguments dont just hold because Leicester won the league also because they had no injuries all season long. If Mahrez, Vardy, Morgan, Kante was injured it would have been a different story, just one of them. THAT what gave them balance, something Wenger was never offered since we were capable of winning the league last 3-4 seasons). Imagine if Jack, Santi, Welbz, Coq and even Walcott (he was on fire before he was injured and turned shit, recalling his display against ManU) were not injured this season, it would have been a different story I’m sure!

  90. S Asoa

    Fans of Leicester celebrate their Champion of England.

    He etch retch so did Arsenal organize celebrations for last few years with bus rides through London to celebrate…..err nothing. Just a mirrage 4th place. Only celebrating Kroenke 40 million more of Champions League nonstarter

    Moron AKB without respect only mudying the waters to keep the Fraud until he dies and AFC is reduced to just a stadium and his grave.
    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  91. Hunter

    You know what guys and gals it won’t be a problem getting Wenger to try the transfer market this summer because I am sure he will dip his toe in the water,however persuading world class players to come to the Emirates WILL be a major stumbling block.I don’t agree with the argument that because we are based in London and pay high wages will have the sway anymore.World Class players want success and a manager that is quality,neither tick Wengers boxes.We can see already the disgust at failure by the way which our only two worl dies have reacted Ozil and Sanchez clearly are pissed off and I don’t think they will stay for next season under Wenger.?I can see Sanchez joining Bayern to play with his mate Vidal and possibly Ozil joining him too.Wenger has lost his mojo there are better managers coming next year,younger,ambitious and successfull men who know how to play the modern game.Wenger is a dinasauar,he will be left trailing by Nov/Dec 17 with nothing to play for.I agree with Piers Morgan too,all those idiots who sang ‘One Arsene Wenger’ last week have signed sealed and delivered him a new three year contract ,you can bet your house on that.The AKB’s are going to lead our club into a deep downward spiral by cementing Wenger for probably the next decade at our club.I am a season ticket holder but Wenger has destroyed my faith in our club and I will not be renewing my ticket.Having been a supported for many years enough is enough of this shit!I will always follow the team but now it will be from a TV rather than the ground,it is a sad situation but I really can’t stand Wenger anymore!