What Leicester winning the league taught us | Why they and Spurs are probably in big trouble next year

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Super post from BennyDevito earlier. Addiction is a dark path, but Kenny, with a bit of guts and determination, the sort that made you an England and Arsenal hero, I’m pretty sure you’ll be good!

Raising an avocado, pheasant and quinoa smoothie your way! GET WELL SOON!

So, onto the football.


That’s how I felt. Spurs went two up, my chirpsy football group started giving it some Spurs smug, I left the canteen I was watching the game in… then Cahill pulls one back with a fine first-time finish. You’re thinking, here we go, some jitters… and we know how the Spurs are… then Hazard finds a gap and curls an OUTRAGEOUS beauty of a shot into the top hand corner.

It got a bit silly after that. Spurs looked heavy legged, they started to lose their rag, egged on by the usually placid Pochettino… Kane was making rash tackles, Dier was doing the same, Dembele was eye gouging (hilarious that it was Costa), Ryan Mason was just doing, err, not much… it was all a bit embarrassing considering what was riding on the game.

Anyway, Chelsea held out, destroying another teams title hopes… and wasn’t it just perfect?

So there we have it. The greatest upset in English football history. A team that was 5000-1 to win it, not only won it, they took it at a canter. I actually can’t believe what an incredible story this is.

What makes it even better, is it massages what I’ve said for years.

Smart management can out power money.  

‘No, no, no… it’s all about money. Arsene was never going to be able to topple City with his £120m wage bill + £30m in the bank’

Well, look what we have here. Leicester, taking out the lot. They have a brilliant infrastructure in place (we shared this back in 2014), they have a superb scouting network that’s worked absolute magic and they have a manager who has just pulled the biggest rabbit out of the hat EVER.

(and a board who wanted to invest and win things)

It’s a total madness. But my lord, how it’s put a lot of ill-informed commentary into perspective. You don’t fluke the league, simple as that. Smart management, empowered staff, investment in the basics, good players and boat load of sport science informed fitness luck. I also lived there 3 days a week during my early work years… looking out over that unspectacular stadium.

Anyway, what can learn from all this?

Players: You don’t need to buy a team full of £50m superstars to do great things. You need balance, talent and hard work. You also need smart players who can play a system. Leicester have all of those elements and they’ve rocked it hard. They’ve also spent wisely. Uncovering gems like Mahrez and Kante. Rejuvenating players like Wes Morgan. Inspiring players like Vardy and Drinkwater.

Changing manager can be a great thing: If I have to listen to one more petrified Arsenal fan spout off ‘careful what you wish for’ I think I’m going to explode. There are so many examples now of people bringing in new managers and doing better things. Whether it’s Tony Pulis getting shit canned at Stoke (AND PALACE) and being replaced by Mark Hughes, Slaven Bilic killing off any sadness about Allardyce or Ranieri taking over from a Leicester hero Nigel Pearson… change is good if it’s smart and well thought out.

The 10 (or 5) year plan is bullshit: Spurs have gone from dross to great inside 18months under a brilliant young manager. Leicester went from the team that spent the most time at the bottom of the league last season, to the team who just won the Premier League. Tomas Tuchel took over from Dortmund and he’s pushing Bayern with basically the same team that finished 7th under Klopp. You don’t need 5 years to create a winning team. You just need a very smart plan and the balls to deliver on it.

We’re spoilt: Yeah, people still going along with that one. Look at the party Leicester are having at the moment. Look at the memories that are being carved into people’s brains… ‘do you remember when Leicester took the Premier League by storm?’… we’ll all remember it. It was incredible. We need more parties like that. 2 in ten little parties in 10 years with our resource is unacceptable. Arsenal fans aren’t spoilt… the only people who are spoilt are the bean counters or the people like Arsene who are making mega money to prop up the portfolio.

Things you’ll see next season:

I’ve been having great fun with Spurs fans, because they genuniely think this is a turning point in their history. Oh my, do they no know what’s coming. For all the positives both Spurs and Leicester have been through this season, they’ve had a lot of things go in their favour… a lot of things they’ll lose when Champions League football comes in.

Games: Spurs bombed out of the Capital and FA Cups early doors. They rotated heavily in the Europa League, using it to keep players fresh and bombed when Dortmund destroyed their over rotated team. Next season, they’ll have to play first teams in the Champions League. That impacts:

That impacts:

  1. You ability to plan against Premier League opposition
  2. Your ability to practice that plan
  3. Your teams freshness. Late night plane rides, terrible nights sleep, playing 3 games a week on the regular and shite surfaces

Look at this way. Newcastle finished 5th under Pardew and hit 16th the next season after Europa football. Swansea did something similar. Liverpool made the Champions League and Brendan Rodgers was a year or so later after they bombed the league.

Leicester could end up relegated next season if they’re not careful and Spurs couldn’t hack the Premier League pace this season with no cup runs and a heavily rotated team in the Europa. They’ll have to bolster hardcore this summer, then hope things gel. Also, they had the most luck with injuries this season. Let’s see how a season of beasting the same 11 over and over + 5 of their players getting emotionally and physically brutalised by the Euro’s this summer.

Also, remember this… next season, you’ll have Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United with the Spurs / Leicester ‘fewer competitive games’ advantage. It’s going to be really fucking hard next season when mega clubs don’t have the Champions League to worry about.

So whilst you can’t guarantee order will be restored next season, you can be sure that great teams will be playing less intense amounts of football and they’ll take advantage of that.

We’ll see progress of the middle pack as they eat into that new TV money and we’ll see an attempted resurgence from the elite clubs left out of the major showpiece tournament.

It’s going to be exciting.

… I mean, just literally so glad our ship is being captained by a guy who has no f*cking clue how to make us a powerhouse.


But hey, at least out fans are pleased… seeing out old Arsene Wenger with a bag of party poppers and a gold watch.

What a classy bunch of sausages we are.

RIGHT, have a great day whilst I once again attempt to fathom why Arsenal fans are so eternally grateful to a man who is better at repackaging a predictable product than Apple.


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  1. Champagne charlie

    Atletico have scored one more goal than us this season in the same number of league games so what’s this ultra defensive nonsense exactly?

    They can defend, we can’t. Does make them ultra defensive, makes them good. They still score as many as us without the array of firepower we have.

    Laughable to see some on here say Simeone is too defensive for Arsenal. Brainwashed

  2. Joe

    you think Simeone’s side out-thought and outplayed Bayern over those two legs? I don’t.

    They won a two legged tie so yes I would say they out thought and out played Bayern side.

    They won

    Results matter Wallace. Not make believe trophies like you Akbs like

    “More possesion trophy”

    Etc etc

  3. Gelbs

    You get these AKB twats, who say “No thanks” to Simeone’s style..Yet I wonder what would happen if Wenger changed and played the same way, and won Titles and CLs?? They’d be lauding him!!

  4. Joe


    It’s any excuse to be little their success

    It’s all to protect whatever they have left of wenger. Which really is nothing

    It’s pathetic really

    A team that has made 2 of the last 3 CL finals and they are being passed off as defensive.

    It’s laughable if it wasn’t so stupid

    But it is Wallace so what can you expect.

    Stupid is as stupid does

  5. Joe


    They still talk about how we beat man city

    Even thought we had no possesion and played defensive.

    But hat was ok.
    It’s laughable

  6. Ishola70

    Ok thanks Gambon.

    Champagne charlie:
    “Laughable to see some on here say Simeone is too defensive for Arsenal. Brainwashed”

    Think it’s more to do with the style. Plenty of Arsenal fans would say they would rather not win anything at all than win in Atletico’s style/manner. Not enough panache for them you see.

  7. WengerEagle


    It’s not like we’ve played with any panache for the last half decade minimum, is it?

    Style-wise we’re no better to watch than Atletico Madrid.

    At least they put 3 goals past Barcelona.

  8. Gelbs

    Lol, Joe. They’re such cunts. Imagine Simeone coming in and winning everything. I’m sure they’d sit there unhappy because “We played defensive..” Cunts.

  9. Joe

    I’d take a league win like Chelsea last season over the last 7 to 8 years of top 4 crap football we’ve played under wenger.

    Or the last 4 years of diegos Atletico over the last decade of wenger ball.

  10. karim

    We’re boring as hell these days, slow, technically poor, generally uninspired.
    It’s almost like we’re playing a different sport.

  11. Joe

    Fucken rights they would. Yetvthey don’t even realize we play boring tip tap shit and have for years on years.

    Delusion at its best

  12. Redtruth

    Wallace has issues regarding style and quality of play whereas i have no problem how Arsenal perform so long as they win!.
    However as a neutral i hate Atletico’s style of football unless it’s against teams i dislike like Barcelona, Real Madrid or any English side.

  13. Ishola70

    WengerEagleMay 3, 2016 21:59:02
    “IsholaIt’s not like we’ve played with any panache for the last half decade minimum, is it?Style-wise we’re no better to watch than Atletico Madrid.At least they put 3 goals past Barcelona.”

    Yeah I hate the conceited snobbery of let’s be honest too many Arsenal fans. It may have had a bit of substance back in the day as you say when Arsenal were playing the best style football in the EPL but that is a distant memory now. But as we keep saying Wenger reflects on so many aspects of the club. His character rubs off on so many fans and the players as well. That unwarranted false superiority. Ingrained.

  14. Redtruth

    Arsenal were flat track bullies back in the day when we played eye catching football.
    As soon as we played a newly assembled Chelsea we were found wanting.

  15. Champagne charlie


    You one of them that need panache? Couldn’t do us a favour, tell me where our panache was against superior sides this season….

    From what I witnessed we were utter dog poo vs almost all comparable opposition (Chelsea, Liverpool, United, Spurs) and absolute shite vs superior (Bayern, Barca). Also, not exactly sparkled against the middle of the roaders this year with sexy football and goals galore have we?

    So overall, what the fuck are you getting at with this panache nonsense? Arsenal are boring as hell.

  16. Joe

    Was easy for wenger when it was just untied and Arsenal. Well mot easy as he could never repeat or win the CL

    As soon as other teams started getting smarter managers and a little more money wenger didn’t know what to do.

    He still can’t beat stoke away.

  17. Ishola70

    Champagne charlie:
    “You one of them that need panache?”

    No. I’d rather go back to the days of 1-0 to The Arsenal than this current delusional view that plenty have of Arsenal playing “the beautiful game.” But then Wenger tells them that Arsenal play that way so it must be true.

  18. Joe

    Wenger ball is synonymous with boring tippy tappy sideway no purpose no results football.

    The beautiful game. Ha only in the minds of Akbs and wenger

  19. STV

    The best thing I like about Wenger is how he replaced players like Vieira Campbell and Lehman. I hate Simione as a manager because he wasn’t able to replace his best players Cortouis, Costa and Turan.

  20. Ishola70

    The Northern clubs back in the day used to look down on the London clubs as those “soft southern bastards”.

    The only exception from that tag was Arsenal.

    Arsenal used to have a bit of Simeone about them. Long gone.

  21. Wallace

    “They won a two legged tie so yes I would say they out thought and out played Bayern side. ”

    the game ended 2-2. Atletico went though on away goals. Bayern dominated both legs but didn’t take their chances. Atletico did. you can’t outplay someone when you only have 25-30% of the possession.

  22. STV

    Pep Guardiola found out big time!! Barcelona still winning loads playing while Guardiola downgraded Bayern in Europe..

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Except in twenty years if Simeone wins the UCL this year no one will say, yeah but do you remember in the semi-final when they only had 30% possession, give me pointless possession any day overt that, they will just say ‘do you remember when Atletico won the UCL, beating Barcelona and Munich before dispatching Madrid (likely) in the final.’

  24. Dissenter

    I really think Pelegrine will win the CL
    It’s the GUardiola effect; the team he’s headed for win the CL and he’s never able to replicate that feat.

    I’ll be making a bet on City tonight. They will get a result against Real tomorrow. Pellegrin rested the key players last weekend.

  25. Champagne charlie


    Cmon mate, are Atletico ever going to dominate vs Barca or Bayern? They’re not in the same league when it comes to talent acquisition and infrastructure. They’re an absolute model of how to play when you find yourself at that disadvantage however.

    I’ll ask this, what’s more sensible? Trying to go toe to toe with a team when there’s 1 in 100 chance of winning that way, or changing style because you know they’re superior? Pretty obvious.

    There’s nothing wrong with their style and defensive ability when playing the juggernauts of European football. We’re delusional to think our brand of football is going to be superior to the European greats. Massive overestimation of our talent each year by trying to play “our way”.

    Irony is the move to Emirates was so we could compete with Bayern and co. We’re not in the same galaxy as them.

  26. Danish Gooner

    Lets not pretend that we are playing beautiful football because tippi tappy is like watching paint dry,i would at any stage rather have a simeone that can grind out results then this weak minded ,pussy footing,soulless football we play at the moment.

  27. Champagne charlie


    Beyond idiotic. Peps Bayern have broken over a dozen bundesliga records and won countless silverware while playing attractive football, Pep has also been a manager 7 years and made 7 CL semi finals.

    A real measure of the man when you actually criticise him for NOT winning the CL with a team haha. How do Wenger, Ferguson etc compare in that little world of yours? Pep is the best coach on the planet and stands out like Messi with no Ronaldo.

  28. Mick Kartun

    May 3, 2016 23:04:41

    I really think Pelegrine will win the CL
    It’s the GUardiola effect; the team he’s headed for win the CL and he’s never able to replicate that feat.

    I’ll be making a bet on City tonight. They will get a result against Real tomorrow. Pellegrin rested the key players last weekend.


    I challenge you to 1000 quid.


  29. Rambo Ramsey

    it is frankly quite shocking that the so called undisputed best manager in football hasn’t been able to lead a juggernaut like Bayern to a single CL final in his time there. humiliated by Barca, RM and now dumped out by Athletico

  30. Black Hei

    “tippi tappy is like watching paint dry”

    Spain played really beautiful tippy tappy football. I like it alot.

    But Arsenal don’t play that kind of football. Our football is currently boring. We regressed this season.

  31. Jeff

    The greatest football story ever told:

    2004 – Relegated from PL
    2008 – Relegated to League One
    2009 – Promoted to Championship
    2014 – Promoted to PL
    2016 – CHAMPIONS

    All this with:

    No superstars.
    No financial doping,
    No fancy stadium,
    No excuses.
    Just the will and the desire to win.

    Meanwhile at Arsenal,
    “We cannot compete with Chelsea and City”
    “We built a new stadium”
    “We are in a transition”
    “We played with the handbrake on”
    “We nearly signed x, y and z”
    “We came top of the top teams”
    “We played in the CL, Leicester didn’t”
    “Blah, blah, excuse, excuse, blah, blah”

    And there are fans out there still singing “One Arsene Wenger”

  32. STV

    Champagne Charlie

    Read that again, I have never said Pep is a bad Manager, He’s been not as good as many people think he is. And Someone is clearly a better manager. (Since bundesliga lately,is one team show, any good manager can get thouse stats exept may be the beautiful tag ofcourse,) Sorry, if you don’t want to burst your little Pep bubble.

  33. Black Hei

    BTW, I think the entire Bayern team are on PEDs.

    You don’t press on the front foot for 75 mins of the match at a million miles per hour. It is just physically impossible. Maybe for 1 guy. But for the ENTIRE team? That’s madness.

  34. STV

    Simione> Ancelotti > Mourinho> Guardiola> Conte> Klopp> Luiz Enrique> Pellegrini> Rafael Benitez > Ranieiri> Rudi Garcia

    Based on this season:

    1.Simione 2. Ranieiri 3. Allegri 4.Luiz Enrique 5. Zidane 6. Guardiola 7. Torall 8.Tuchell 9.Sarri 10. Pellegrini

  35. boy dio

    arsene not wanting to spend money while continuing to play wenger ball means that we lack the technical ability and intelligence to play that style of football, walcott is the perfect metaphor for it right now to be honest
    has the first touch of a rapist, couldn’t explain creativity on the pitch even when given a manual and is more predictable than the sun rising; he will however flatter to deceive once every 12 months

    ffs even right after moving to the emirates the style only worked (taking a lot of liberties to say it worked when the team was never able to beat it’s direct rivals) cause cesc was a genius and rvp/henry/adebayor knew where the goal was
    nasri/nb52/chamakh et al looked decent cause even a paraplegic could finish chances set up by cesc at the time

    rvp having that blinder of a season really hid a lot of arsene’s flaws, and they’ve all come to the forefront and can’t be hidden by any imaginery trophy since he left
    and for some reason he never foresaw the spate of injuries that would derail any chance of a title we had

    the worst fucking part is that I’ve come to accept it, we aren’t competitive and likely never will be while arsene is in charge, and it’s gotten to a point where the fanbase is either as jaded as i am, part of the wob or have straight up forgotten that the club is supposed to be competitive in this guise under the emirates stadium and simply want to have the likes of barca and bayern visit us once a year

    and it’s always so terribly easy to sell hope for the future what with players emerging every season (le coq, bellerin, iwobi, ramsey, walcott, campbell) either completely by accident and arsene having his hand forced by injuries or by virtue of playing them till they come good

    its just sad now, and I’ll have to concede that i don’t understand anything about the world if arsene is somehow handed a new contract after opting not to sign any outfield players last summer

    özil should do himself a favour and force a move to bayern or psg, cause in reality the standard battle for 4th isn’t down to personnel, it’s been the same shit regardless of who is in the squad
    arsene could wait 4 years for some youth player to come good, or drop 80 million over 2 summers or even sign messi and ronaldo and we would still be battling for a champions league spot come the end of the season
    and really ozil deserves to be winning some league medals as well as actually competing in the champions league, he’s too good not to considering how many chances he’s created for giroud this season alone

    holy hell there isn’t even an fa cup trophy to save the old man this season
    just the signing of elneny (who will have been figured out by clubs next season or been neutered by arsene himself), the emergence of iwobi (same thing as elneny and he’s a kid ffs), and of course welbeck coming back to fitness…and at the end of the day he’s really just giroud made a bit less tall and black

    its really hard to believe this is the same man who managed the invincibles…struggling to believe it’s even the same club that achieved that at this point

    really curious to see who arsene signs in the summer, and I’ll be very surprised if ozil signs a new deal
    sucks to say it but i really want to support arsene, though at this point he’s made it impossible to do so and no amount of wonderkids can fix that
    i swear the old man missed the brief on how ffp for the bpl even works, all that money he didn’t spend last summer literally can’t be spent now, though i guess someone clever can come up with yearly payment plans for any future transfers

    just tired of the bullshit now, Leicester have won the league and i can’t bring myself to be happy for them
    how arsene fucked this up is no mystery at all yet there’s fans who still want him managing the club, either cause they know nothing else or cause they’re just scared of potentially not getting to play in Europe

    the football has been SHITE this season, more so than in recent seasons
    its too frustrating to watch more often than not and, worst of all, there’s some bullshit achievement for having beaten the champions at home and away that rings through arsene’s head

    tired of it now really, just want to see us have a proper chance at winning the title, i wouldn’t even mind missing out if it was genuinely because of bad luck and not the patented negligence that’s become such a staple

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    I agree with hunter’s post earlier. I was never a season ticket holder but I’d try to go to at least 10 games a season. Stopped in 2008 as could see back then that wenger was a busted flush. Sick of everything Arsenal at the moment because under wenger we’re heading for many years of mediocrity as the clubs fucked from top to bottom. People saying he’s leaving the club in great health for next manager are talking shite.

  37. Thank you and goodnight

    Lovely stadium ha ha ha ha. Always puts smile on my face that does Mr Frank Mc

  38. Loop

    The most embarrassing thing about arsenal is that the fans have been brainwashed into accepting mediocrity and viewing it as success.

  39. Loop

    Real football clubs have no limits towards their ambitions. Then we have arsenal who are managed by a complete loser who either doesn’t like the pressure of competing or can’t compete. The worst part is the fool is holding the club hostage making us a joke.

  40. Loop

    While other modern managers are busy coming up with new strategies and tactics, wenger just plans how he wants the team to play and hope that it works. When it doesn’t work the players are completely stranded. Its like planning a journey for the whole week and the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during the journey.

  41. Wallace

    I don’t think the Leicester/Atletico comparison is entirely accurate. Atletico have been buying and discarding 20-25m strikers for a few years now. fair play to them, they’ve just knocked out the two best teams in the competition, but you can respect that without having to be a fan of the way they do it.

  42. Wallace

    ps – it was a fascinating game though. think i’m mostly pissed because I won’t be rooting for Madrid/City to overcome Atletico with anything like the same enthusiasm.

  43. Loop

    I’m all for atletico’s style any day of the week. Football is result oriented not about philosophies which seek to sooth managers egos.

  44. Chop-Suey

    – inherited best team in Europe from Heynckes (treble winners)
    – huge transfer budget
    – takes home £15 million p.a.
    – got Lewandowski for free

    3 years later he only delivered the bare minimum. It’s May so judge for yourself…

  45. Wenker-wanger

    These AKB twats are like little boy-band obsessed girls, totally fixated on wankger. Their object of desire can do no wrong despite being useless and. Only trading on historical reputation.SImeone too defensive???… How else do you beat teams like barca?.. Try and out gun the best strike force probably ever assembled for a club side?.
    Our famous 2-0 epic win at anfield was based on an absolute prioriry of keeping a clean sheet. That was a storming defensive display with 5 at the back. We needed 2 goals and with patience we did exactly that. One of the best tactical performances ever. But that was GG and his attention to defense,,, is that what these AKBs dont want??? Mugs

  46. Black Hei


    Watch Bayern play. Its crazy devastating when the team is on song. Almost suffocating the way they dominate the opponents. Those steam rolling performances were intimidating.

    I think Pep has been a bit unlucky. He suffered injuries in the 2nd season and in the 3rd, I think the team got a bit distracted by him leaving.

    An anology from boxing. Mayweather is THE champ, rivals envy and hate him. But the one they are scared of is the Pacman. He is the one that can really hurt you.

  47. Wallace

    “Our famous 2-0 epic win at anfield was based on an absolute prioriry of keeping a clean sheet. That was a storming defensive display with 5 at the back. We needed 2 goals and with patience we did exactly that. One of the best tactical performances ever. But that was GG and his attention to defense,,, is that what these AKBs dont want?”

    yes, the good times. but don’t forget the 20 games a season where we didn’t quite manage to keep a clean sheet, or Wrighty wasn’t able to conjure something up at the other end. when you aren’t winning that nine men behind the ball stuff gets old fast.

  48. shad

    “They won a two legged tie so yes I would say they out thought and out played Bayern side. ”

    the game ended 2-2. Atletico went though on away goals. Bayern dominated both legs but didn’t take their chances. Atletico did. you can’t outplay someone when you only have 25-30% of the possession.

    Hogwash again from you @Wallace. Dominating possession doesn’t translate to dominating a game. It doesn’t matter how much you have of the ball if you don’t stick it in the back of the net. Over both games, clear cut chances were even and that was down to Bayern having more of the ball but Atletico being efficient/precise with the little they had of it. Saying they were dominated is silly because Atletico’s formation and strategy was to maximize defensive strength.

    I’ll help you understand. If football was like baby-making, Bayern were having all the foreplay but Atletico are the ones who stuck it in and nutted. So do Bayern out of that be called the father of the kid because the “dominated”?

  49. Wallace

    6 league titles & 2 Champions Leagues in 7yrs for Pep. complete fraud.

    the only question for next season is by how many points City will win the league by. I’m thinking 8-10, but expect that to grow the longer he stays in England.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    Pep won’t win next year. Wenger will smash them all and we’ll win league by 40 points with Sanogo winning European golden boots for netting 51 times in all competitions.

  51. shad

    @Black Hei,

    Agree with Chop to an extent. Bayern under Heynckes were much more purposefully efficient and such a joy to watch. They also had injuries as I remember Ribery had a spell on the sidelines. But my word they were brutal. Ribery and Robben killed teams off with ease. And imagine this was before Lewa, D.Costa, Coman and Vidal.

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    Next season will see JW and ox at their best terrorising teams with Walcott taking on the no10 role and scoring 30 alongside Sanogo’s 51 goals. Coquelin and Elneny will be arsenal’s alonso and makelele.

  53. shad


    Not expecting City to storm the league. The monies coming it will pretty much even the playing ground, and stylistically, he will mould his team to dominate possession yes, but a lot of teams will sit deep and counter like Leicester. If you have a powerhouse DM and a few flair players a la Payet, Arnatuovic, Mahrez with clinical finishers like Kane upfront, teams can nick wins on any ground, so long as they are defensively solid.

    It’ll be a tight race but without Arsenal there, sadly, because of our shit manager and his shit tactics and shit players on obscene wages.

  54. STV

    Lets be clear. Pep is one of the best managers of all time but we have, sofar, seen his best from Barca and currently there are host of other managers doing better than him. Fanatics will argue he is the messi without Ronaldo when it is apparent he is not.

    I donot underestimate the heights Mourinho achieved with Porto, Inter,Ancelotti with his Milan, Simione at Athletico to project Pep as the best who managed the greatest team of this century(so far) and always going strong with or without him. If you’re to say he built that team then again it’s wrong. It was Franc Reijkard who was the soul behind current Barcelona. Very sad to see went to obscurity. Such a great man! and one hell of a player before..

  55. Mick Kartun

    Loop: “The most embarrassing thing about arsenal is that the fans have been brainwashed into accepting mediocrity and viewing it as success.”

    Yes, the majority sheeps still is still flocking and defending their wanker master. The old twat’s real success is assembling his cunt brigades to die for him.

    Very frustrating.

  56. Dream10


    Interesting that AW said in a recent post game interview that we have repeatedly struggled against teams who defend in a deep block. We don’t switch play quick enough and lack penetrative passing and dribbling in wide areas. A better passer at CM to partner Cazorla/Ramsey during home matches will be an upgrade on Coquelin. This will allow us to vary our point of attack. Another creator to team up with Ozil will give us options to get more men in the box and successful pick them out when they arrive. The likes of a new#9/Welbeck/Walcott/Sanchez/Ramsey need to make the off the ball runs to finish moves. Does AW prefer a Mkhitaryan/Mahrez type to a Sanchez? They have more collective quality, while Sanchez is the star attraction.

  57. Wallace


    “We don’t switch play quick enough and lack penetrative passing and dribbling in wide areas.”

    yeah, watching the game last night I loved that Guardiola kept two wide men/dribblers on for the whole game. none of Ribery, Costa or Coman played particularly well, but Guardiola knew they were the most likely source of creativity. a more pragmatic coach, the wingers are the first to be sacrificed when things aren’t working. Guardiola would rather hook a CB and play three at the back than sacrifice a creative player.

  58. daz

    “These AKB twats are like little boy-band obsessed girls, totally fixated on wankger.”

    Says the guy called wenker-wanger