Arsenal fan protest was a success if you frame it fairly

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A lot of crowing during and after the game yesterday about the protest (from the usual suspects). I’m not sure why. It was a success if you give it context and fair expectations.

Most people in the media have framed the protest under the expectations that the whole stadium would be waving Wenger Out banners. Pretty sure the people who ran the protests were aware of what Arsenal fans are like and fairly muted with their expectations.

Yesterday was about firstly getting fan unrest in the news. It was secondly about doing something Arsenal haven’t seen since the Terry Neil days… namely getting a protest in the stadium. Thirdly, it was about making it feel acceptable and safe to do so. You know, like a norm of sorts. Big worries that if you get involved in these sorts of things, you’ll get a beating.

From all three points, it was a success. I watched it in a bar in New York and the banners and the flags got plenty of exposure. Fans stood, for the first time, during and after the game without suffering any issues of fighting. The world saw that we’re not happy with the performance of Arsene Wenger.

That’s the way it should be.

Bravo to those who took online moaning into the stadium and turned it into something symbolic. Standing up there, putting it out there and having the guts to do it in a potentially hostile environment. I’ve never done it, I doubt I’d have waved a poster. But I reckon after seeing the reaction, I might do next time.

However, for me, the biggest protest was the empty seats we’ve seen over the last few games. Or, the basically empty stadium on a sunshine day in the 85th minute. Those actions, or inactions, speak louder than the banners.

The sniping after is just petulance. Arsenal fans, in general, are a very middle-class bunch. Especially the ones in the ground. I’ve sat next to someone who has busted out a baguette and started spreading it with duck liver pâté during a game. We have £15 salt beef bagels on sale, and they fly. So you get a picture of the audience. This sort of thing is pretty alien and it’s not the sort of thing that most want to be involved in on a Saturday afternoon (even me when I was back at home). However, the touch-paper has been lit, if Wenger continues his pretty shabby form into next season, and we see more of this average dull football, expect there to be more dissenting voices, more banners and more anger.

… and earlier.

Also, you might see sharper organisation next time, or a lower barrier to entry, like the hanky they have in Spain and Italy when they disapprove.

Gotta say though… the best thing for me was the half arsed ‘One Arsene Wenger’ song over the protest, followed by agressively booing the lads off at half time. So Arsenal it hurts. Anyway, well-played to those who made a stand.

Just for fun, read the 8 stages of a social movement. I don’t think it’s for football fans, but it’s funny to layer our first world problems over it. Where we at, stage 3 at the moment?



Anyway, onto the game!

Well, it wasn’t a great showing, was it? Arsenal played the first half without much interest. We created very little and to be honest, I think Norwich had the best chances when Cech was forced into tipping the ball over from a smart shot.

The second half didn’t really kick into gear until Wenger brought on WELBZ for Iwobi… I thought he was going to take off the terrible Giroud, but clearly, Wenger needs his fellow countryman in good form for the Euros!

ALSO: Wenger dropping subs earlier than 70mins, what the heck?

My sneering at Giroud soon turned to, well, a smile for 30 seconds as he cushioned a cross into the path of WELBZ who rattled the ball under Ruddy for us to take the lead (that said, is that 1 goal in 21 games now?).

Welbeck certainly gave a glimpse into what our team could look like next season with mobility and pace up front. He’s a hustler, that’s for sure, he stretched defenders both sides of the pitch and he’s very good a pressing defenders. It’s just a shame he’s not quite good enough in front of goal. He has all the ability to improve, my fear is that he’s 25 years old now and if we gamble on him coming good next season, we could have another Giroud on our hands… a nearly man, capable of getting the goals people can point to, but not good enough to be decisive with one chance in an important game.

Another concern I have is that our intricate football isn’t that intricate anymore and it doesn’t create many chances. We’re pretty easy to defend against. You do wonder if personnel will change that, or whether we need a fresher system?

It was funny sitting in O’Hanolons after (great New York bar for Arsenal imo), shooting the shit with American fans. For a starter, the bar was pretty empty compared to what I’ve seen it be in the past, so empty seats at home are translating globally based on my sample size of one space. You also have similar moans from people… and similar knowledge vacuums about what exactly is going on.

I genuinely think one of the things that keeps fan rest at a minimum is mainstream fan knowledge. I’m still hearing people say that Stan Kroenke doesn’t give the manager money. A myth laid to rest years ago. One guy was trying to tell me that Wenger doesn’t have a tactics issue. Someone else was slating Steve Bould for not helping Arsene. Plenty of others seem to think we still play stunning football.

We have a satisfied fanbase in a lot of places. When you think about it, a lot of our global audience has been won over in the last ten years. So people have opted to love Arsenal because, well, Arsenal. Arsene Wenger, being the man who has drawn in that sort of fan. So around the world, we have people who follow us because we’re just a pleasant club, not because we’re trophy machines. Quite a feat… I’ve said it before, but Wenger would be an incredible marketing exec.

One thing that a lot of people are saying online and in places that are not online is that Jurgen Klopp has shown one major flaw in the Arsenal armoury… our players don’t fight for the manager. They don’t fight for their dinner. You look at what goes on at Leicester and Atletico… those players lay down their bodies for the cause. Our players don’t do that because they’re not made to. We don’t play a system that requires them to.

If Wenger wants to get the better of the league next year, he’s going to have to promote a more devoted style of football. He’s going to have to instil a more ruthless streak of discipline. He’s going to need to up his smarts 50%.

We get the leader we deserve as Arsenal fans. If the majority of dissenters would rather not attend… and the majority of those who speak out, don’t want to upset the apple cart in the ground, then you can’t really moan at Stan for not making the smart decision. Our leadership option is as mediocre as our effort as fans is for taking a stand.

But look, on the bright side, the turnout might not have been a 50,000 strong protest, but my hope is that at the very least, it’ll shake Wenger into a better summer. Because look, no one likes to be disliked in the house they think they built… even if that dislike is mostly muttered politely, in a mostly passive middle England kind of way.

This tweet kind of summer it up for me. So Arsenal.

Roll on summer, I need a bit of disappointment in my life.

P.S. Congrats to James who weighs in on here in getting in the Match Day Programme.



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  1. Dissenter

    You ever saw a lowly team like Liecester “dive” their way to a league championship?
    What did they intimidate the referee’s with?
    a]Their illustrious history?
    b] Their legendary manager with a CBE?
    c] Their alumni player-pundit system?
    d] Their world class players who had to be protected?
    e] Their fairy tale world class stadium environment?

    I gave UnderratedCoq every opportunity to retract his comments but he kept digging himself into the ditch.
    He’s s joker who doesn’t understand what it means to be beat odds of 5000:1 to win a league championship.

  2. Wallace


    “Pointless entering into a debate with Wallace..I think he just loves the attention..”

    it’s just laziness on my part. if i knew where all the posters i used to like have fucked off too i’d be over there now.

  3. Phd007


    Funny that Nasri’s mouth called Steve a Chelsea supporter..

    Now,our season has gone to pot,as per usual..Amazing isn’t it..Nasri’s Mouth has disappeared of the radar for about 3 months now..

    I wonder who the real supporter is..Steve-who continues to post?

    Or Nasri’s Mouth-who’s failed to post after 3 months?

  4. Cesc Appeal

    ‘if i knew where all the posters i used to like have fucked off too i’d be over there now.’

    Willow Wilson, Rev Kev etc…probably Untold or Positively Arsenal mate, feel free.

  5. Dissenter

    You’re on the warpath.
    Beware there are more of them than you.
    How many do you reckon you’ll take down before the bury you?

    I’ve seen too many AKBs turn this year so I’m optimistic.
    We took a big step forward this weekend in my opinion.

  6. Danish Gooner

    Forget about big signings during the summer,Wenger believe this team is 99 percent perfect and he already stated he doesnt believe in quick fixes(even tough it has been 12 years without a trophy and Arsenal have certain values,like winning the 4th place trophy every season,much finer then actually becoming champs).

  7. Phd007

    WallaceMay 1, 2016 21:27:51
    Phd“Pointless entering into a debate with Wallace..I think he just loves the attention..” it’s just laziness on my part. if i knew where all the posters i used to like have fucked off too i’d be over there now.
    Maybe,you could ring up Arsene..I’m sure he’ll find something for you to do..
    Like fill his water bottle,that he loves to kick on the touchline?

    Or give him a top four massage with some cohesion, serious mental & physical strength applied.Be sure to release the handbrake in the process..

  8. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    I’m defending Wenger from accusations that he’s some kind of idiot. an idiot doesn’t make CL every year. i’m not defending him for this season, which has easily been the worst/most frustrating since 2008.

  9. Dissenter

    Wenger played his biggest hand last weekend with the sentimental plea to his followers. He wont be able to regale the media with stories of how he refused to move to bigger clubs should he spew out crap this summer. It’s become okay to bring out the knives against him now.
    We have to play the long game

  10. Joe


    This weekend was HUGE. Next week at city their are bigger and better protests planned.

    A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. To have a big protest like that happen at the Emirates with all the empty seats as well was a huge step forward.

    There are more WOBs than Akbs. Akbs are all weak wankers anyway. Why be afraid. We will take them all down.

    Viva la revolucion

  11. Joe

    He is a fucken idiot. 1000 managers could make the CL with the resources available to him.

    Only an idiot doesn’t spend on an outfield player and then loses the title to Leicester city and makes excUes like ‘it’s the fans fault’. Leicester didn’t have to play in Europe.

    And how has he done in the CL Wallace??

  12. MickeyG

    Pedro, a bit rich to accuse Wenger of spin, given your account of the protest. It was swatted away like a buzzing insect by the vast majority of the crowd. You describe the rendition of “one Arsene Wenger” as half hearted instead of resounding (the word used in most other media outlets). Typical marketing hack massaging facts to present his message. Also if you are afraid to mutely hold up a piece of paper to support a message you vehemently believe in (whilst surrounded by middle class types) then you’re a pussy. Plain and simple.

  13. Joe

    Now Wallace is defending him by saying the CL is some sort of a accomplishment even though we get embarrassed in so called CL every season.

    Really something to brag about

    A again please fuck off Wallace.

    Chelsea have won the CL. That’s something to be proud of. Not making it and making up numbers and getting embarrassed every year


  14. Wallace

    “He is a fucken idiot. 1000 managers could make the CL with the resources available to him. ”

    Mourinho? LVG?

  15. gambon

    Lets not forget Wallace was telling us all that Giroud is better than Kane just a few months ago.

  16. Wallace

    “Lets not forget Wallace was telling us all that Giroud is better than Kane just a few months ago.”

    nope, not me.

  17. Phd007

    DissenterMay 1, 2016 21:27:31
    You ever saw a lowly team like Liecester “dive” their way to a league championship?
    What did they intimidate the referee’s with?
    a]Their illustrious history?
    b] Their legendary manager with a CBE?
    c] Their alumni player-pundit system?
    d] Their world class players who had to be protected?
    e] Their fairy tale world class stadium environment?I gave UnderratedCoq every opportunity to retract his comments but he kept digging himself into the ditch.
    He’s s joker who doesn’t understand what it means to be beat odds of 5000:1 to win a league championship.

    This x1000

    Couldn’t have put it better.

    A star poster,you definitely are..When are you coming to London?

    Drinks on the house..

    B/w,noticed Underrated is a bit flimsy..

  18. Phd007


    Leicester intimidated the referees with their diving..

    Plus,let’s not forget,according to another poster..They played defensive football..
    Over 38 games..??!!



    It was a sh*t shower of a league..


    And us?????????

  19. Joe


    Jose was fired.

    Lvg will be fired.

    So fuck off.

    Jose won the title last season Wallace


  20. Joe

    And still lost his job

    Wenger hasn’t come close to winning the title but as kept his

    Something is wrong.

    But keep defending the idiot arrogant useless cunt

  21. EdTheRed

    Sadly, I can see The Great Dictator staying Arsenal Manager until he’s 75, getting rid of all old school working class supporters in process, replacing them with middle class customers are of Arsenal sporting franchise. Wenger should forever be remembered as evil fucker who killed the soul of the club.

  22. Joe


    How does it feel to be wrong over and over and over again.

    Remember you guaranteed we would finish less than 10 points back

    I guess if we do you will use that to defend wenger too.

  23. Wallace

    whoever it was earlier saying Blackburn’s league title compares favourably with what Leicester have done this year needs to have a quiet word with themselves. Jack Walker pumped millions into that squad. nothing comes close to what Leicester have done this year.

  24. Joe

    Wallace using other teams failures to excuse wengers. Even though the other teams will get rid of the managers who failed.


  25. Wallace


    “Jose was fired.

    Lvg will be fired. ”

    you reckon they were fired because they didn’t make CL?

  26. Joe


    Who cares about making it

    Does wenger even come close to winning it

    Are you the fat kid whose parents were so happy with him because he got a participation medal on sports day

  27. Joe

    Maybe that’s why you are so sympathetic towards wenger. He reminds of your Youth.

    Poor Wallace.

  28. Phd007


    Definitely Wallace is going through some hormonal moments/treatments

    He’s in mid-operation,or post operation…

    Chick with a dick

  29. STV

    I feel sorry for Wallace. Not for the abuse he get but for having constantly to defend a failed man for 12 years.

  30. Joe


    No. No. He’s the fat kid in school
    Who could never win anything but always got plaudits for just trying.

    That’s why he loves wenger. Wenger is the fat kid who all the Akbs love for just trying

  31. STV

    Ideally, Wenger should be embarrassed about himself when someone mentions his champions league qualification record..

  32. Joe


    0 out of 20. I’m
    Sure even Wallace did better at sports day than wenger has done at the CL

    But I don’t think wallace’s parents are using at some sort of defence of Wallace as to how great of an athlete he is.

  33. Wallace


    “No. No. He’s the fat kid in school
    Who could never win anything but always got plaudits for just trying. ”

    nope, never been fat, and picked up most sports pretty easily as a kid.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    First of all I was at the stadium yesterday and the number of protesters was barely noticeable. In fact the cameras must have picked on the pocketful that were there.

    What was more relevant was the number of empty seats. Some might argue that this was because it was a bank holiday, but somehow I do think that there is more to this story.

    I missed the previous home game, but interestingly several of those who are
    season ticket holders around me did likewise. The fact is that many of those
    who attend regularly games are “bored” with the way that the team is playing
    and stayed away.

    Personally I think that if Arsenal continue to play at home the way that they played on Saturday the stadium could see next season very low turnouts whether or not season tickets are paid for.

    The reality is that with one or two exceptions our team are underwellming at the moment. The game was as ‘flat as a pancake’.

    For a team to be playing at home the way we did is ridiculous. Some of the players are hardly lifting a leg. Giroud in particular was awful. Ramsey plays
    like a headless chicken. There is no intelligence in the way he plays and he
    does not defend properly. Sanchez had a pretty indifferent game as well.

    What is very clear is that Arsenal are playing like a bottom half of league team. The only positive news is that the teams in the league below us are playing no better and it looks like we will finish the season in top four.

    Whether that qualifies us for Champions League remains to be seen.

    What I do know is that Leicester deserve to win the League Title and frankly I
    for one will be delighted if they do so.

    When you see what resources are available to that club in contrast to us our
    overpaid players and manager should be ashamed about how we played.

  35. Phd007

    Really is pointless trying to debate with Wallace…

    It’s not so much you won’t win..Just pointless,utterly pointless..

    All in all, he will find some nonsensical viewpoint to argue with you.
    Or just ignore your main points,make some snarky remark..Be passive aggressive in the mundane process..

    Have a “I don’t remember” (amnesia)moment, introduce anti climatic moments from 2006,2008.2011,2013/14,2015/16,side step your points,or just talk random crap…

    Definitely all points to gender issues& of course “Arsenemeningitis”

  36. Samesong

    When you see what resources are available to that club in contrast to us our
    overpaid players and manager should be ashamed about how we played.

    But that’s been the theme for years now. But you still want Wenger in so why complain???

  37. Emiratesstroller


    Actually I don’t. It is only people like you who keep on saying that I do.

    I have been saying for at least four years that Wenger was past his sell by date.
    However, what I don’t choose to do is abuse him.

  38. Phd007


    I would not sweat it..

    I understand your angst…I too was where you are at.Probably more angry a few years ago…Now and again,I get that way..But look at that bigger picture..
    A bunch of kids running around,with an old man,stressing over an inflated ball,kicked around by 22 people,granted all highly over paid..

    Does it put food on the table for you?
    Does it provide a roof over your head?
    Does it make your girlfriend/wife love you more?
    Does it sustain your health?
    Does it generate you sustainable wealth?

    Do you have other interests?

    Maybe, you should channel your energies into other pursuits/interests..

    I know how frustrating the Arsenal situation is ,but one must soldier on with life..

  39. Phd007

    Emirates Stroller

    I agree with Samesong.In terms of him intimating that you are a “Wenger In” stalwart..

    Though you vehemently say,you wanted Wenger out for four years..Your posts from the start of the season,indicate otherwise..Even up till December 2015..

    And that’s being gentle on my part..Your post’s over the years, indicated what Wenger should do,who he should buy,what changes he should make..

    This doesn’t sound to me,like someone who wanted Wenger out ..

  40. Phd007

    Emirates Stroller

    I don’t know why,you are always economical with the truth..

    It’s absolutely bizarre..

    Not meaning to have a dig..
    But do you think ,we all have short memories..
    & then when called out,you become belligerent,to put it politely(again).

  41. Dissenter

    Emirates is for Wenger out. I can vouch fore him.
    He just happens to also think that Wenger is only the tip of the iceberg and the entire club structure is rotten from Kroenke top-down.

    He also believes that a new manager must speak English “proficiently” and would reject Simeone. I disagree with him.
    He doesn’t see any value in not going to games to “punish” the club. I’m not in a position to critic this since I’m a US based fan and don’t have a $2000 season ticket.
    He doesn’t want Usmanov in for whatever reasons he can conjure. I disagree with him. A Tajik billionaire would go out of his way to satisfy UK home fans because it would be a national honor. An American however sees the UK as the land of his cousins and isn’t breaking any ground by investing in the UK. Usmanoz will be trying to prove himself to us every single chance he gets.

  42. Phd007

    DissenterMay 1, 2016 22:47:33
    Emirates is for Wenger out. I can vouch fore him.
    Have you seen his posts beforehand?

  43. Dissenter

    Emirates has a way of prevaricating.
    He writes long winding comments to explain simple things. He always has ands, ifs and buts to every issue.
    I’m not sure he’s always been Wenger out but he’s evolved to that position over time.
    I know he comes across as haughty when he talks about his season ticket but for the past 3.5 years since I’ve been here he’s been Wenger out.
    He still wants Wenger to be eased out with honor and still wants his earlier service to be respected.
    I want Wenger to leave in disgrace; in shackles and amid loud boos.

  44. Joe


    I do not sweat the Akbs. When we have the last laugh when wenger is run out of town tail between his legs. No legacy. Just embarrassed.

  45. Phd007

    DissenterMay 1, 2016 23:18:27
    Emirates has a way of prevaricating.
    He writes long winding comments to explain simple things. He always has ands, ifs and buts to every issue.

    He sure does

  46. Sam

    How pathetic was Arsenal this season?

    all the teams that knocked us out competitions got themselves expelled in the next round including mighty Barca

    Arsenal should’ve been in the Fa cup final

  47. Joe

    We would of won the league and fa cup double with a proper manager who isn’t a fucken idiot wanker

  48. underrated Coq

    “I gave UnderratedCoq every opportunity to retract his comments but he kept digging himself into the ditch.”

    Lol, You gave me a chance? Oh that was so considerate of you. You have a mighty big opinion of yourself, don’t you.

    Just to clarify, Yes, I don’t like Leicester for their diving and cheating. I don’t like seeing it in football, end of. Hey, you can accept and even praise it, just don’t force it on others.

    So there, that’s my final post to you. You can either accept that not everyone needs to align their way of thinking to yours Or you can go fuck yourself, you bigheaded numpty.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    It is pointless having a discussion with some people. Their sole agenda is to score points on subject matter which is patently untrue.

    I made it absolutely clear that Wenger was past his sell by date. There is nothing ‘flip flop’ in that statement.

    Unlike some who write here and frankly are out of touch with reality Wenger is not going to leave simply because a bunch of juveniles on Le Grove ‘wish
    it’. He has the support like it or not from the major shareholder and the Board.

    The reality is that he has one more year on his contract. Hopefully that will be
    the end of his career at Arsenal.

    Dealing specifically with points mentioned by Dissenter:

    1. Yes I did say that Managers need competent English. Name a current manager in EPL who does not have these skills.

    2. I did not say that Simeone could not manage in England or at Arsenal. As
    I pointed out in one thread it was suggested that he was taking English lessons.
    However, I do recall two pundits on Sky suggesting that his management style
    would not be compatible with club.

    3. Yes I did infer that Usmanov would never take over the club. That is my opinion based on what I know [not assume] about his background. He has not
    been given a seat on the Board and that alone should give you some indication
    of his status.

    For the record I pay £2,000 + for each season ticket, although it was slightly reduced this season through a credit.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    In context of Usmanov I would remind you that there was at one point a ‘lock
    out agreement’ by the Directors preventing them for a period of two years selling their shares to anyone other than each other without approval of Board.

    That was designed to prevent Usmanov taking control of club, which is exactly
    what happened.

  51. Joe

    However, I do recall two pundits on Sky suggesting that his management style
    would Not be compatible with our club

    I’d say the last 12 years with wenger style has been a complete failure. We don’t play beautiful football anymore. It’s boring sideways crap.

    Maybe it’s time we change our style with a new manager.

    Fuck me. We need a clean break from wenger. All of it. He hasn’t had a good style of football for years and years and people are worried about Simone’s style??? Who’s actually competing against the three biggest clubs in the world right now.

    Wenger style couldn’t compete against Leicester city and Tottenham.

    Some people need a dose of reality

    Emirates you are one. Wallace needs a snack in the head to wake him from his 12 year slumber. He still thinks it’s 2004 And wenger is somewhat competent. Even tough I’ll give those teams the success to the players. Leaders.

  52. Joe

    Leicester has me more excited than wenger has in more than I wish to admit

    Sad sad days. And obviously thousands on thousands feel the same as they are staying away from Emirates and rooting for Leicester city

  53. STV

    Leicester is neither a diving team nor a cheating team nor a long ball team. and if you’re a football purist you can only appreciate what they have done this season. end of.

  54. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote clearly above I agree that Wenger should go and it is time for a fresh broom. However, just because I wish it does not mean that it will happen.

    Yes I agree that the football has been boring, which is precisely what I wrote in
    my post at 22.18. I don’t think that there is much disagreement by most supporters who attend matches including myself.

    As I wrote in the past there is only one game plan when our team plays with no
    plan B. What was depressing on Saturday was that Ozil played very well, but
    there was noone else taking advantage of this until arrival of Welbeck.

  55. Ankit_gooner

    Just don’t go to the games.That is the best protest.That will affect both the players and the manager more.It will make wenger reject his new contract.

  56. Mick Kartun

    As a deluded idiot as we know the choker wenger is, he is a smart asshole at politic, e.g:

    – Divide et impera tactic to split the fanbase and established his ARMY OF CUNT FANS like dimwit posters here to fight for him.

    – Rolling his PR WANKERS Machine.

    – Always acting TO PLAY THE VICTIM to negate the abuse.

    “His smart wipe ass is beyond everybody’s prediction, I guess.”

  57. shad

    Honestly, how can some fans vouch for Wenger staying even one more season? “Owing/Deserving” one more punt at rectifying the team and catapulting us to glory is absolute hogwash. Wenger has had 12 years (from most fans, at least 6years) from some of us less patient ones.
    I do not know of a single job where the perks are so much yet not hinged on performance.
    And before people bore me to death with stadium blah blah, fiscal responsibility blah, we were formed in 1886 as a football club not fucking money making plc.

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots and expecting Wenger to somehow snap and become the revolutionary and trpphy hungry manager we are all clamouring for next season is stupid bordering criminally insane.

  58. Mick Kartun

    I found this article of A Guide to REVERSE BRAINWASHING:

    In this stage we attract those who may be more receptive to waking up at the moment. From earlier discussions, we have found that certain things work well to attract the target population. Shiny things tend to catch peoples eye, that is, things that are oddly colored when compared to surroundings. The best way to go is LOUD. Clashing colors, bright graphics, complex, interesting looking graphics, these all get peoples attention. Make it ATTRACTIVE to teens these days. You know they spend all day in bland ‘prisons’, so make it look as different from the prison as possible. Place the propaganda in prominent locations. If you are going to disseminate fliers, dress cleanly and properly (depending on the location, maybe suit, maybe street gear), but don’t say anything, just hand them out. At this point we are just trying to get them to notice.

    2. REEL THEM IN.
    So, you’ve caught their attention. Now, what do you TELL them off the bat? Generally, members agree to leave out as many inside jokes as possible. Leave out ‘classic’ rich words too. Most of all, intrigue them. Finally, give them somewhere to go.

    In this stage we fuck with the dogma that is stuck in circuit. We weaken the prison with weirdness. It is the most difficult job of this process, and the most important. It is here that we begin changing the paradigm. When a critical point is reached, completely shatter their world view. Shock them. Warning: this can only work if they are first lulled into that semi-hypnotic state. This is the point of turning, where the dogma that has been ingrained is broken. What they knew can’t possibly be true anymore. So give them something else to know.

    Subliminal messages should be placed. These should span around central themes such as freedom, ‘jailbreak’, thinking for oneself, imagination, waking up, etc. gradually increase the frequency of these and decrease the subliminality, until the critical point is reached. Then, all things should be about these central themes. At this point, we are taking their closed mind and replacing it with an open one. We broke their reality, and now supply a better one.

    So a person is converted. What next? They most likely go to find more like them. The convert should be welcomed and guided. They still have lots to learn.

    One by one, we break the sheep from their Iron Bar Prisons and expand their imaginations, make them think for themselves. In turn, they break more from their prisons. Eventually, critical mass is reached.

  59. wenker-wanger

    Wallace was the fat kid that was last to be picked by the two captains selecting their players in the playground.When on the winning team he would go on forever about his part in a great victory.

  60. Spanishdave

    We’ve really improved this season, less goals scored, the same amount conceded, less points, same league position.
    Why keep Wenger we ain’t going places with him, why on earth do they want him to stay?
    They are afraid of change that’s all. He’s all washed out, and in denial now.
    At least another year of this, why don’t the board do or say something it’s not going to get better, why should it?

  61. Emiratesstroller

    The protest was always a media invention based on a couple of supporters holding up a banner at away games.

    The idea that supporters would go en masse to Emirates with banners was a joke.

    For a start anyone who has been to the stadium since the bombings in Paris will know that there has been a tightening of security around the Stadium.

    All supporters must now open there jackets for inspection by security before being allowed to enter the concourse surrounding stadium as well as a bag
    inspection outside entrances.

    As I have pointed out the most likely protest is that a growing number of people are simply not turning up even when they have not paid for seats. That is
    going to cost them in excess of £50 per ticket. If you have two season tickets like I have that costs you about £160!

  62. wenker-wanger

    The difference between arsenals and (say) Liverpool’s fanbase is the wide divergence in personality and class types. Liverpool are a consistent single-minded collective, whereas arsenals fan base is polarised. Its easy for liverpool fans to unite, as we have seen in all aspects of their problems there.So any criticism of that protest has to be put in some perspective. Also banners aren’t allowed in the emirates in the most undemocratic regime in the league.For me, the guys that protest at arsenal are brave and must know there will be some nasty reactions from the clueless Akbs, but they still do it.
    FCK any media columnist that supports wankger, I wouldn’t read their shite if you paid me.

  63. GuNZ

    So this is what the season comes down to eh? Hoping Chelsea can at least hold Spurs to a draw so that Leicester can take the premiership. Fuck oh fuck oh lordy lordy lordy lordy . . . what a fucking travesty. I feel like I have been right royally bumfucked and not even given a peck on the cheek goodbye.

  64. Wallace

    “Wallace was the fat kid that was last to be picked by the two captains selecting their players in the playground.When on the winning team he would go on forever about his part in a great victory.”

    🙂 i’ve mentioned before that my first live Arsenal game was the FA Cup semi-final against Man Utd at Villa Pk in 82/83(0-1, Whiteside). i was one of the kids doing the ball juggling before the game. i was a pretty serious talent up until I was about 12/13yrs old.

  65. naijagunner

    Something’s never change

    Dissenter is still passing judgment on people as if his views are final…your pomposity is staggering

    Joe still comes across as a petulant 12 year old intent on slinging insults

    Wallace is still defending the unpopular

    I do not know why you all insist on going on and on about something that clearly brings u no joy.

  66. GuNZ


    It’s cathartic. I, for one, don’t know what I’m going to do when Wenger leaves and Giroud is dustbinned. Good heavens above, I may have to start having views about politics and religion, perish the thought 😉

  67. naijagunner


    The senile old man isn’t going anywhere yet so u still got time.
    And he plays Giroud simply to spite all the fans and pundits who say he isn’t good enough.

  68. Emiratesstroller


    What has been disappointing this season for true supporters is that we play
    such unexciting and predictable football.

    The last decent game that I have watched at Emirates was the brief period at the start of game against Man United when we scored three goals.

    Perhaps the one defining point of our season came with the injuries in successive weeks of Coquelin and Cazorla. Cazorla’s absence for a large chunk of this season has been a big miss for the team.

    We have had to resort to playing Ramsey in central midfield and frankly watching a player of his limitations has been a feature of our season.

  69. gnarleygeorge9

    I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope Spurs lose or draw 🙂

  70. Inter your Nanpp

    There is a line from a Smiths song that goes ‘its time the tale was told of how you took a boy and made him old’
    That line could be the perfect analogy of the arsenal supporter who believed the lies that giving up Highbury for the Emerates would mean we could compete with footballs elite in the accounts, in the transfer market and on the pitch.
    What a bunch of muppets we are!
    All we have done is loose our hopes and dreams and bought Silent Stan a $500 million dollar ranch.
    The truth about the Norwich game was there were about 20,000 empty seats but at least half of these were sold on or occupied (mainly clock end and east stand) with most empty seats on the one side.
    In that respect all those that replaced stay away fans are either sado masachists or proper AKBs who are brainwashed into believing Arsene is god like.
    This was born out in the protest with the North Bank the main area of disquiet and the majority shouting for one arsehole wenger being from the clock end
    What can be said of that end of the ground is if you do love arsene and the dross we saw on saturday so much how come most of you were up and down for drinks hot dogs and chips all the way through each half. I think there was more up and down movement at that end on saturday than at a catholic church on a sunday.
    The level of appathy from all fans was staggering. Even ‘stand up if you hate tottenham’ was met with err half arsed appathy.
    It was less toxic and more like sitting in a hospital waiting for someone to die but they dont look like going anytime soon
    I just get the feeling that Arsenal is a corporate business in the football sector and that winning and fans feelings are only important if they impact on financials. Geez i am sure if they could get away with ut they would play home matches in Tokyo or Beijing so they never saw a protest even if the football was Villa standard.
    Its a bit fucked up and with no change in sight we have got plenty of more seasons of this to come.

  71. thedefect

    It’s really weird to basically post an entire article that says “it’s okay that our protest failed miserably because here are a bunch of excuses and actually, it’s because Arsenal fans are idiots.” Isn’t that the alleged mentality the WengerOut brigade opposes in Wenger and the board? Excuses for their failures, blaming the fans, etc?

    Just accept it, not all Arsenal fans are foaming at the mouth extremists who believe that sacking a new manager every season is the sole recipe for success in football.