Wenger blames fans, an utterly ignorant cop-out | Fans should protest with the loudest roar!

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Things are getting pretty bad at Arsenal right now.

Fan groups are rightly protesting the tepid end to a glorious opportunity of a season at Norwich. Journalists asked Wenger what the deal with that was, and he was furious.

“The club has very special values and one is to stick together and support the team – there is no success otherwise.”

Playing the values card, which is fine, but come on Arsene, we’ve stuck by this nonsense for long enough. He then started losing his way a bit….

“We lost the championship at home against lower teams, but we played sometimes at home in a very difficult climate. Away we are championship winners.”

The spin starts coming out. Blaming the home fans is beyond cheap. It’s a total copout.

Was it the home fans fault against Southampton when we missed a tonne of chances to bury them… or was it the fact Arsene didn’t invest in a world-class forward for the 3rd season running?

Against West Brom at home, when we took the lead? Was it the fans fault that the team lost all shape and conceded from a goal kick? Or was that Arsene’s fault for not having an Elneny in the side in July when everyone said that’s what needed to happen?

Finally, was it the fans fault when we couldn’t defend a 1-0 lead with 10 minutes to go against a terrible Palace, a game we totally dominated to the tune of 75% posession? I mean, which part of that needed more fan support?

Talk about away wins… what happened at West Ham when we couldn’t defend a two goal lead? How didn’t we bury Sunderland?

How about the first half of the season? How were the fans then? Or did our negativity only start to impact when the wheels came off at exactly the same time they usually do?

The atmosphere at the stadium isn’t great. It certainly hasn’t been great for the last few games, but there are reasons for that and reasons that are completely fair.

What I certainly haven’t seen from the players is the character and attitude that we’re seeing from the average Liverpool chaps. I’m not seeing the work rate we’re seeing from Spurs (from a manager in the job 1.5 years). I’m not seeing the never say die attitude of Leicester City (a team that spent most of last season in the relegating zone). So how Wenger can say the below is beyond me?

“I tell you, this team has character and attitude. Some people who question them, I know them well – they have less character than this team has. I saw them play, and even know them very closely, and they should not question the character of these players.”

“There are some groups of people that try to manipulate our fans, but I believe apart from a personal agenda and a big ego there’s not a lot behind [the criticism].”

That whole quote is exactly why you should be worried about next year.

Wenger is in a moment where he needs to come out and own up to his failings. This is the time to say, look, players are fighting for their future, because this season has not been good enough. This is not the time to defend the characterless. This is not the time to poke holes in the people that have stuck by your side so hard, it’s generally a bit of an embarrassment globally. That last line, about the ego of others, and there not being much behind the criticism shows you how f*cked this whole situation is.

Wenger is cocooned in his own little world. He watches 1000s of hours of football and still can’t work out that what he’s doing is never going to bear fruit. When he says the criticism is wrong, it’s not him being defensive, that’s him being righteous. He genuinely thinks the fans are the issue. Just like two seasons ago when he thought hair pills were the cause of injuries. Or when it took him 8 years to work out why he had so many injuries. Or when it took him 10 years to sign a world class keeper. Or when it took an accident to work out having a destroyer in midfield might help our shape.

The worst thing is Wenger will have all the advice he needs to make good on these problems in-house, but he’s a dictator who has won things… so he has no interest in moving things forward at the expense of control, and more importantly, HIS ego.

It was an embarrassing press conference. He’s a man out of control. He should leave.

The fans are right to protest. They should make a big scene. The club and the world should know that his performance and attitude is not acceptable. Stan Kroenke is a terrible owner around the globe for all his teams. But you know what, the money is there to spend and Wenger isn’t spending it. The resource is there for to hire the best and listen to them, but he doesn’t. There is enough white papers and scripture out there to update his knowledge of the modern game, but he ignores it.

Wenger is a dinosaur with a spear wedged in his side… problem is, he’s a big powerful dinosaur, and he’s not going to down easily. Little arrows like performance don’t impact him. Failings in Europe he can brush aside. Can he dodge a fan protest? Sure, but it’s another spike his side the club will have to consider and it might be a spike that leads to him not getting that new 3 year deal.

For me, that alone is enough to merit the loudest of all protest.

Right, that’s me done, happy Friday sweet things.

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  1. Lebgooner

    I said it before Wenger Out will be a long process. We need patience. Today and despite the fact that we were expecting more is a good start.
    The most likely scenario would be a very limited activity in the transfer market, hardly any change in tactics and personel as we move into next season, and strengthening all around us.
    I expect us to start poorly due to a continuation of the current form while rivals will battle it out with freshness and high expectations. Make no mistake will be in for a hard ride as we slip in the table and pressure starts early. We as fans on social media and on the ground need to be relentless in our push for change.
    On the bright side, and due to some lousy results I see Wenger leaving towards Jan/Feb next year…. hopefully…

  2. Follow the money

    Jackass Wengerite pundit, obviously overjoyed. But even he said Wenger’s got to go if we don’t get fourth. I hope City smashes us. Ozil is obviously gone for saying the team blew it in the media. Dictators don’t like that. I’ve thought since Nov Sanchez was looking for a way out. We are getting there. Even the Wengerites know deep down he’s finished, they’re just true believers and can’t face it, can’t bring themselves to say it.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    My god numbnut Arsenal fans on Talksport are a fucking travesty…
    at last, it looks like we have one true Gooner who makes sense.

    Hector. Well done fella.

  4. TitsMcGee

    You might be salty about how Arsenal have been the last few years but you’re kidding yourself on if you think we’re not one of the most attractive propositions in the entire league.”

    Lewandowski can go to any Premier League team he wants AND compete for titles while getting paid just as much so again why come to a club that has ZERO chance to win the EPL or UCL under the current regime.

    You are kidding yourself if you don’t think that most players are oblvious to what is going on at Arsenal.

    We are a running joke all over the media.

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal are in debt. Where do you think the money came from to build the stadium? You probably think Wenger pulled it from his arse.

    Learn to read the accounts Mers10, they are all freely available.

  6. loyika

    Why are folks still mad!? What were you all ecpecting!? I have said it time without number that Arsenal are a conservative club, always have been and always will be. Even many holding up the banners looked ashamed (one even held it up upside down)

    Holding up.banners ain’t going to do shyte, all it ends up doing is making the so called WOB brigade look disjointed and a laughing stock (read how the press and commentators are having a field day making fun of the “Non” Protest!!

    The only protest that will get the attention of the board is an “Economic” protest – less bums on seats, fall in purchase of merch, reduction in demand for renewal of season tickets and so on. Anything else is just hollow (like all the “key board warriors here)

    It is obvious that we need change but the fanbase are not organised and not in harmony on how to go about it, now if the WOBs were smart they would have jumped on the SK Out bandwagon as that would have had more traction and then let it roll and gather pace, that would have been more effective in achieving their objective (like killing 2 birds with one stone) the media would have picked that up and ran with it at a greater pace (esp the American sports channels) the Uzbek would then have more leg room to stoke the flames and get the fans behind him and no one knows how things would have panned out with the board feeling the heat, but a’las thr hatred for AW was too much for them to see the bigger picture.

    Like the fcuking politician he is AW just dug his heels and hatched up the barrracades, as he knows he still has quite a lot of support (both among the fan base and the media) and as any politician will tell you; “it’s ultimately about the numbers”

    Divide and rule tactics work all the time and thats what AW uses fully to his advantage (you don’t stay in charge of a club like Arsenal for 20 years if you are a fool)

    Ultimately if fans are not prepared to hit the club economically (where it hurts the most) all the rest is just plain baldderdash!! And AW will still be smiling to the bank next season.

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck me guys we have another Revvin Kevin…… let me guess your missus is Swedish and you run a firm.

    Clueless you really are Merse10

  8. Bishop

    Petit feels Arsene should stay at the club at maybe another capacity but a different manager to come in…

    Wants Diego Simeone

  9. Lebgooner

    Have you noticed that Wenger stood up on the 12th in a sign of defiance. He is fighting. Wish he could fight as hard to win something.
    We have no choice but fighting back – protests or even better empty stadium as for us non-residents hammer the social media..

  10. Mers10

    I’m really not cluless. I think its time AW to go but for tactical reason. You all think its because we don’t spend enough.

    Just an example we offer £60m for Benzema this summer and another team offers £65m how far do we go to get him.

  11. champagne charlie


    What teams could Lewandowski go to that would compete for the premier league title, and require a primary ST?

    City – Aguero
    Chelsea – Costa
    Spurs – Kane
    Liverpool – Sturridge
    United – Rooney, biggest need other than ourselves.

    You think United are a bigger draw currently than Arsenal? The media line you’re peddling is nonsense seeing most papers in the country think we play attractive football etc. Arsenal are in London, pay high wages, and ‘compete’ at the top. If we had bought Benzema in the summer we would’ve won the league so I’m sure players like Lewandowski can be objective enough to think if we are where we are with Giroud up top he could move us on a notch or 5.

  12. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s got fuck all because we don’t spend enough. Many a times me and other posters have stated that even if he bought Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar we would still just finish 4th by time he’s wengerised them. We want him out as he’s a shit manager and the proof is the same shit every season.

  13. loyika

    @ Tits

    Stop going OTT!! The average footballer doesn’t think like you and I.

    Arsenal are still a pull for players as long as we are willing to pay their salary. Give any one the choice between living in Liverpool or Manchester over London with the same amount of money and you want to tell me the perosn would gladly go to Liverpool!? Come off it mate!!

    Citeh with all their resources cannot buy everyone, so as long as we are willing to spend players will come (with the emphasis on willing)

  14. STV

    Nothing will change as long as those sheepish brain-dead ‘One Wenger’ chanters and their kind still fucking around.

    I am waiting for the tough 394 more days to go.

  15. champagne charlie


    You’re clearly not clued up. You argue against Per being rubbish based on mythical stats you’ve yet to produce, and more importantly come out with statements like you played pro football so you understand the game more than X or Y on here.

    The latter making you sound like an absolute ‘C U next tues’. A stupid one at that considering the ability to play football means fuck all for the ability to understand it. Carragher played for england, as does Rooney. Their understanding and intelligence is for everyone to see. Mourinho on the other hand couldn’t play to save himself in the pro ranks ad I’d say he knows a thing or two.

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    April 30, 2016 18:49:01

    @Arsene’s Nurse
    Where have I said Arsenal are in Debt.
    Learn to read please.
    Arsenal are in debt. In fact we have more gross debt than every other PL club except Man Utd.

    You said:

    @Thank you and goodnight
    Can you give me link to all the info you have that we are not spending money. What I think is you want us to go into debt like most other PL teams. By the way I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 30 odd years and have played pro football so I’m sure I have a better understanding of the game than a fan that listens to Talksport.

    My bold. If we were like most other PL clubs we’d actually have less gross debt. Last graph at the bottom shows this http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/arsenal-brass-in-pocket.html

  17. Bamford10


    ‘I’m no AKB and I’m no WOB. Both are pathetic.’

    If you’re not ‘Wenger out,’ then you are:

    (i) a fucking moron
    (ii) an AKB of one kind or another (whether you regard yourself as such or not)

    Dale deserves nothing but Le Grove’s contempt.

  18. TitsMcGee


    Bayern Munich to Arsenal is a massive massive step down. Period. He’s not leaving a League winning (3 on the trot most likely ) UCL winning (recently) / UCL semi-final appearance club to come and watch everyone else win the league and have to listen to Wenger talk about “spirit ” and other such nonsense.

    Arsenal are way more than one player away from competing. Lewandowski also doesn’t care who else is at the club. You don’t excel at Bayern if you are afraid of competition.

    Do we pay more than City/Chelsea?

    UTD is still a much bigger club than us. A couple of seasons finishing just above them doesn’t negate that.

    Anyways I’d be SHOCKED if Lewie came here absolutely SHOCKED.

  19. STV

    Not surprised with the emergence of the guy with a number. More Arsne Wenger wins more you can see them.

    There are two kinds of Akbs. Hyperactive akbs and latent Akbs. Latent ones are more dangerous as they are in large masses and are extremely opportunistic. Together they protect Wenger and gives him strength

  20. izzo

    Let the fans be divided. I don’t even care anymore. Next season will seal Wenger’s fate. Nothing the akbs can do about it. Midtable beckons next season. heads will roll. You’ll see his followers turn on him and he’ll be ushered out the gates like th mad man that he is. Enjoy it you AKBs while it lasts.

  21. Relieable Sauce

    The truffle hunt is on in the media.

    akbs on TS a priceless. One said wenger had given him more joy than his gf.

    …must be doing something wrong : /

  22. Phd007

    There are two kinds of Akbs. Hyperactive akbs and latent Akbs. Latent ones are more dangerous as they are in large masses and are extremely opportunistic. Together they protect Wenger and gives him strength


    Funny but true…

  23. champagne charlie


    Guess we’re above the likes of Barca and Real then seeing as we bought Alexis and Ozil respectively. Shit argument, players move all the time and winning things is rarely the primary motivation.

    According to BBC:
    Chelsea – 215m
    United – 203m
    City – 194m
    Arsenal – 192m

    That’s the wages per annum for the ‘big four’. So the wages argument is tired and untrue, we pay very well if you consider our squad is tiny. Plus we have other important factors like location which is a massive draw. Your ‘bigger club’ stuff is again, nonsense if you want to use the same line that “all players know what’s going on at Arsenal”…same for United then surely?

    As I just mentioned neither City or Chelsea would be in for Lewandowski, and the whole idea was started at the thought of Bayern wanting Alexis which further strengthens our negotiating position. If you’re trying to suggest Lewandowski wouldn’t come to Arsenal then that’s born out of nothing but contempt for Arsenal because Outside of England there’s maybe a dozen players we couldn’t buy. We just have a regime that refuses to flex any muscle that way.

  24. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal are in debt. That’s a statement of fact. You built a strawman argument based on the debt of other football clubs. I merely showed you that as far as debt is concerned other football clubs except Man U have less debt than us, therefore showing up your silly argument.

  25. loyika

    Anyways on to tomorrow, funny enough would be surprised if Leicester beat United at OT?

    Eitherways would want Leicester to win it against Everton so as to get a Guard of Honour at Chelsea, but then again i doubt the Chavs will let those “Cocks” win at the Bridge, so no matter what The Foxes do i see Spurs being rolled over on monday (Chelsea hate them as much as we do)

  26. TitsMcGee

    Guess we’re above the likes of Barca and Real then seeing as we bought Alexis and Ozil respectively. Shit argument, players move all the time and winning things is rarely the primary motivation”

    Yea all we need is for Bayern Munich to buy Messi and then sell Lewie as make-weight. Just like Ozil was make weightfor Bale. Just like Sanchez was make weight for Neymar.

    Lewandowski will never come to Arsenal.

  27. Mers10

    @Champlain Charlie
    Seriously how old are you. If you think Arsenal are anywhere near Barca, RM, BM, and Man U just because of wages you’re mad. Even if that is the case WHO got is there?

  28. Relieable Sauce

    I’m looking forward to a barren TW and the regular tonkings next season for Wenger and his babies and the likely mental breakdown that the akbs will have helped cause.

  29. TitsMcGee

    As I just mentioned neither City or Chelsea would be in for Lewandowski,”

    Because Chelsea and City have shown in the past that they aren’t interested in an abundance of players?

    Lewandowski ain’t coming here.

  30. Joe


    For someone who says he has followed Arsenal
    For 30 years and says he’s an ex pro

    You are a daft cunt who has no clue

    Please fuck off with arsene FC when the cunt does one

  31. loyika

    @ CC

    Why bother mate?

    All this “Players won’t come to so and so club because of so and so” is just rubbish.

    Footballers all have different reasons to move to any club, like you said. And it’s not because of the silly issues we sometimes discuss on blogs and stuff.

    Bottom line, If we are prepared to pay the wages and transfer fees we can get the player. Once again; Citeh (and probably United) cannot buy everyone can they!?

  32. Joe

    No way in fucken hell does lewa come here

    He has his pick of all of Europe.

    Why would we leave Bayern to play for Arsenal.

    Ancelotti for wenger?

    He will follow pep
    To city. Or Jose to Man U. Maybe even Klopp to Liverpool as they would pay the man to get him there.

    Arsenal? Ha. 9 pounds plus 1 offer won’t cut it

  33. Relieable Sauce

    We have another prestigious accolade, the “2.8 Average PL Finishing Position” trophy.


  34. champagne charlie

    If you followed football on the continent a little closer you’d appreciate how Lewandowski is far from the golden boy at Bayern, and their fans MUCH prefer Muller centrally. Quite possibly because he doesn’t suit a Guardiola team, but even still the idea he would never come here because we don’t offer what he looks for in a team is utter bollocks. Fairly clear also that if Bayern were to want Alexis it stands to fair reason they would negotiate lewandowski, not sure why you have to exaggerate matters to them buying Messi and co.


    Your comprehension skills are superb I see. Give the comments another go mate, I’m sure you’ll input something worth reading eventually. 0 for about 9 posts so far but odds are in your favour.

  35. loyika

    What’s this Lewa would never come to Arsenal BS!? Did Real Madrid not buy Adebayor!? I mean if Ade can play for Real fcuking Madrid any player can play for any club.

    If Lewa comes here will you commit sucide!? What does it prove!? Lewa will go where he feels wanted and where his needs economically will be met.

    Would he go to Citeh if he was to sit on the bench or Barca if Suarez and Neymar were still there? If Bayern want to sell him (and i wonder why they would) the likelihood is he would move to the club that wants him bad enough. Then it would be a straight money fight to the highest bidder.

    Now in that scenario you could say Arsenal might lose out as we will not fight with United and Chelsea over a player when it comes to money.

    But if it didn’t come to that nothing will stop Lewa from coming here; NOTHING!!

  36. STV

    For so long I’ve enraged with my spuds and chelsea mates whenever they said Arsenal is a joke club. Now that I got much clearer view being apathetic it’s a pretty fucking joke.

  37. Mers10

    @Arsene’s Nurses

    Your arguing against your own argument I stated and I will now make myself clearer. Most Arsenal fans are pissed off because they are told that Arsenal should spend more money than they generate (like most clubs in the Pl)I
    I am implying the complete opposite to what you have said.

    Seriously does any Arsenal fan on hear think Arsenal should spend more than they earn?

  38. Bamford10


    One, those here who don’t think Mertesacker’s good enough think so not because the pundits say so but because he obviously lacks pace and athleticism. He’s a smart CB, but there is a reason he has retired from intl play and a reason he didn’t make the German XI in the WC14 semi or final.

    Two, nearly everyone here thinks Wenger must go because of both his approach to spending/signings AND his tactical failings. You are not somehow unique with respect to the latter.

    Three, Wenger spent 10m this summer, despite his having some 60-75m to spend. We needed another CDM or two and a CF. At least. What did Wenger do? Kept Arteta and Flamini on the payroll and maybe put in a bid for Benzema.

    There are other CFs out there, he’s had four years to improve on Giroud and we needed more than just a CF.

    Finally, we’re all well aware that only one team can win the title. We’re also well aware that certain teams can spend more than us. However, Wenger hasn’t even managed to CONTEND for a title in some ten years, and this season he didn’t even try.

    He needs to fuck off ASAP, as do his supporters.

  39. Bamford10


    “most are pissed off because they are told that Arsenal should spend more money than they generate (like most clubs in the Pl) …”

    Complete nonsense. Not a single person here believes Arsenal should spend more than they earn, but we do believe we should spend more on signings. That we can do so is supported by the fact that we have some 140m plus in cash reserves, more than any club in world football.

  40. Wallace

    “I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Some fans like the limelight and the media needs a controversial story line. Perhaps this is why they have been portraying the Wenger Out brigade as a more significant group than it is.”

    – from the Guardian’s match repost

  41. Wallace

    heard one of the protesters had his sign upside down.

    was probably looking forward to that moment all week…

  42. GoonerGaz

    In response to this Wenger comment after the game:

    “Teams sit very deep and don’t come out and we did not find a way always to score the goals. Once we were 1-0 today there were more goals in the game for us. But we have not solved that problem against teams that sit back. Our results against the teams at the top, that come out, and don’t sit deep is very good this season.”

    So do something about it, like take more shots from outside the box, vary the play. This will put a stop to our 1 dimensional style, so predictable and easy to defend against.

    To think we didn’t have a single shot on target until the goal on the hour mark against relegation fodder in our gaff is laughable.

  43. Bamford10


    You’ve left off the player’s assessment of the team’s quality and ambition. Lewa regards himself as one of the best #9s in the world, and he currently plays for one of the best four teams in the world.

    Sure he wants to go somewhere where he is appreciated and paid well, but he isn’t going to a club that is too much of a step down or a club that is not ambitious enough.

    At moment Arsenal are 10 in the world — at best — have a couple players of the caliber he plays with at Bayern and haven’t advanced past the CL 16 in five years.

    While I wouldnt say he’d never come to Arsenal, I could see him viewing it as a step down or viewing Arsenal as too lacking in quality or ambition.

  44. Mers10


    Who’s better than Per? Of course his slow it’s like moaning that Defoe doesn’t win headers. What he gives us is more than his negatives. Ie stopping the classic English teams pumping the ball into the box which happened 4/5 years ago.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I would have signed Vardy and Kanke. Arsenal fans would have gone mad at.

    What signings do you think are realistic for Arsenal?

  45. Cesc Appeal

    ‘heard one of the protesters had his sign upside down.’

    Maybe he was trying to speak the language of the pro-Wenger fan, upside down logic, distorted reality, at least his attempts to speak your language are a lot better than your attempts to speak his.

  46. Thank you and goodnight


    It’s a lost cause mate it really is. Fuck this for a laugh. Fuck Arsenal till wenger goes I’m done with it. I used to think we had some of the smartest fans how wrong could I have been.

  47. loyika

    @ Bam

    If Lewa is as good as he thinks he is (i know he is WC) Then why the fcuk would Bayern contemplate selling him in the first place!?

    It’s true that Footballers look at a lot of indices before making their decision, but a key factor is being geniuely wanted by the club and being able to get the best deal economically from the club they play for.

    Yes they want to win trophies (who fcuking doesn’t) but like i said Footballers are a funny lot and think in a different way than the average fan, for example Shearer going to Newcastle instead of United!?

    Lewa coming or not coming to Arsenal would not be the begining or end of the world (afterall Leicester are about to win the league with Jamie Vardy being their central ST)

    It’s ultimately about getting what is needed and Giroud is not what is needed unfortunately.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    They are just scared, scared of what of change and the uncertain. I remember a Spurs fan once making fan of me at work, it was 2009 or 2010 and he was talking about Arsenal fucking up again and I said something about City and Chelsea and injuries and he laughed and said ‘look at how they defend him {Wenger].’

    I gave up on him in 2011, for some people though, they haven’t and keeping Wenger is more important than wanting to stop the cyclical errors because those errors haven’t had devastating effects, you only have to listen to the commentators today ‘there are a lot of teams who would trade with Arsenal’ or ‘these Arsenal fans should look at Blackpool and then think about whether their protests are valid,’ people just don’t get it, or refuse to get it.

    It isn’t about success, or a lack thereof, its about Wenger’s attempts at attaining success, or lack thereof, its about his stubborn adherence to his principles over actively pursuing success, its about ten years of repetitive errors, its abut the contempt the fans are held in, its the commercial corporate life Arsenal has taken on, its the fact that ll that said, fans want to see a new man, a modern man come in hungry to prove himself and to effect change at this club, dragging it into the 21st Century.

    But 3rd or 4th place annually and brief spells of pretty football is enough for some fans, they are so entrenched in their support of Wenger they cant back out now.

    Another year at least, sad really, but we aren’t a proper football club any more, shame on the pro-Wenger fans, but what can we do, that’s half our fan base, all we can do is cross our fingers and say ‘never again,’ once we’re finally rid of him.

  49. Mers10


    How do you know we have the £140 or so as you put in the kit.

    Or in reality it means that’s what Arsenal have to spend players they already have.

    As said before I believe it’s time for AW to move on due to his tactics. However all this £140m you spout is only possible because of Arsene.

  50. Joe

    Look who came out from under the rock

    Welcome back Wallace. I guess you have been busy hiding

    And it was 1/4 of the stadium you muppet.

    Sick of you Wallace. And all the rest of the Akbs. I really hope you do stop supporting Arsenal when wenger leaves

  51. champagne charlie


    “How do you know we have the £140 or so as you put in the kit”

    Uhmm released annual financial figures. For an Arsenal fan of ’30 years’ who ‘played the game professionally’ and knows more than most on here, you don’t know a lot about Arsenal.

    You don’t talk a lorry load of shit do you by chance?

  52. Joe


    Another Akb wanker who talks nothing but shit. Knows nothing. Make up mystical crap just like the made up trophies their glorious leader makes up

  53. Danny

    ….a reason he didn’t make the German XI in the WC14 semi or final.
    Per played in the final coming on as a sub for, I’m sure you remember. Ozil.

  54. Mers10

    @Champagne Charlie

    Thanks but you are the very person that listenes to every former pro talking on Talsport or Soccer Sat and takes it for gospel.

    I’m not an accountant but even if £140m is true that’s about 1 or 2 £40/60m layers plus wages on so money. . Who do you think AW should get for that Ian Selley or Stefan Schwarzby thats the type of players at Arsnal before AW.

  55. Mers10


    Thanks mate we are all in the same boat, which is to see Arsenal win. Can you give me name of players you think AW has passed on/able to get?

  56. Wenker-wanger

    Tragedy of the fact that a once lifelong diehard arsenal fan now wants them to lose every match that cnut manages us for.fck off wankger.

  57. Joe


    If you were so smart and tuned in you would know that transfer fees are paid in installments. And 140 keeps growing because we bring in new revenue every year.

  58. Mers10


    You call me a AKB. I have said its time for AW to go due to tactics on the pitch. Most people on here and the embarrassing people holding the signs at the ground come out with the Talksport shit of not spending more money.

  59. Relieable Sauce

    I wonder if (Sir) Claudio will name wenger personally when he comes to thank everyone involved in the title win…

    Fergie did for the RvP sale didnt he?

  60. Mers10

    Well what about wengers own list of almost signed????

    Do you really think he’s said,I’ve tried to sign him but now given up???

    Higuain is not that good but we did try to sign him. He went to Napoli not Palace.
    Suarez was available for over £40m (so said Arsenal’s info) do you really expect Arsenal to offer £75m when they thought over £40 would do it. (Plus Liverpool said they wouldn’t sell t us)

    Could we have got better players in? Of course. Every club could pull out a list of “we could have got him”

  61. steve

    “Higuain is not that good but we did try to sign him”

    You mean the guy who has 30 goals in 31 league games this season? Idiot.

  62. Mers10


    Opinions mate. You seem to have one. No need for the idiot comment.

    But now I’m tempted to agree with you.

  63. kwik fit

    Just back from the Emirates. Really is and anti Wenger feel to everything Arsenal these days. No more fighting just Wenger Fuck Off is the order of the day.

  64. Relieable Sauce

    Danny Murphy smirking at Arsenals demise now…not enough for wenger and the akbs to have the worlds best players annually mock AFC at the CL draw, they want to shame the club more.

    A pathetic, apathetic, gullible, weak minded, ambitionless fanbase looks to be what they are driving for and they are almost there.

    …bon appetito douche bags!

  65. BacaryisGod

    The irony is that most of the fans who didn’t show up would have been protesting but by their absence they actually hurt the protests.

  66. Danish Gooner

    “i believe it is disappointed love ” No matey disappointed love is if you wont receive a tug job from the las next door that looks like Rihanna,this is more like “get on your bike and never come back you senile old cunt love “.

  67. BacaryisGod

    Quick question-which team has had the worst season out of us, Chelsea, Man U and Man City.

    I would probably say Chelsea the worst, followed by Man U, us and then Man City. However, if Man U pip us to 4th and win the F.A Cup we would be next after Chelsea

  68. Follow the money

    Said it years ago I’ll say it again. Arsenal have become a retirement home for top footballers who want to be well paid but avoid the stress and pressure to win of the true top clubs. They know they can come to arsenal, live it up in London, play a bunch of tippy tappy every weekend and never be dropped because of poor performance, never be sold even if they spend 75% of their time injured. No accountability, no pressure. That’s all down to Wenger. Culture change needed badly

  69. Joe


    Suarez was worth 75 m. Who cares what the contract says.

    Think before you speak son

    And higuain is class. Although wenger would of ruined him by telling him not to shoot. Pass to giroud.

  70. Joe


    We did. Because as all other teams shit the bed we actually had a chance to win the league but we blew it.

    City could still win the CL
    United still could win Fa cu
    Chelsea are reigning league champs

    We are just a laughing stock

  71. Joe

    For the record, on their commentary tonight Talksport reckoned 20-25% participation in the protests and 10-15,000 empty seats in the ground. To be honest, I don’t know what more we could’ve wanted, all things considered.

    Considering the fascist stewards at the club, even one banner at home is a success, never mind a thousand.

    We have the momentum, we have the power.

    Wenger Out!

    Taken from Facebook.

  72. Joe

    And bac ary. We had the worst season because we still have wenger.

    That means even Newcastle have more hope than we do

  73. Joe

    The majority of Arsenal fans could be heard chanting: “Au revoir, Arsene Wenger, we’ll be happy when you leave in May”.
    Regardless of a couple of mindless idiots, though, it’s now clear that the majority of Arsenal supporters want Wenger to leave this summer.

  74. Relieable Sauce




    Nah, nah, nah, nana, nah, nah…

  75. STV

    Giving a finger..

    ‘It was a bit of a strange atmosphere. We have to live with that. Some fans were protesting, yes, but a big majority didn’t and the big majority was behind the team. They showed that they appreciate what I’ve done until now, so it’s alright. It was a difficult atmosphere yes, but we have just to live with that”

    Yeah “They” have to live with that. Thank you Akbs.. You’re being the symbol of this club last 12 years..

  76. Leedsgunner

    We barely win over a relegation bound team and suddenly Wenger deserves another chance?

    It’s not 1 game it’s 12 seasons of lack of ambition.

    Wenger’s Arsenal always come up trumps when it doesn’t matter.

  77. gonsterous

    I’m.loving rafa Benitez at the moment and what he is doing in Newcastle.. I hope they stay up.. been catching up on their season on Motd..