A totally-not-creepy, made up letter to the manager

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Hola amigos, Alex back for a second bite of the cherry after Pete shat all over me yesterday by posting an article 10 minutes after I had posted my extremely illuminating one here. Not that I’m precious.

First things first, incredible news about the Hillsborough Inquest. Imagine you lost a relative at something as innocuous as a football match, then imagine the police lied and said it was their own fault, then imagine it took 27 years of campaigning to get the police to admit they lied and the truth to come out. 27 years. If you can’t find common cause with that then you’re probably not worth knowing.


So yesterday I made some predictions for the summer but given these were deeply depressing I thought I’d try the softly softly approach and pen a totally-not-creepy, made up letter to the manager. This may well be me jumping the shark but here goes:

Dear Arsene,

For next season please could you:

  • Define a role for Walcott, Ramsey and Wilshere. Isn’t it embarrassing that you have 3 players who’ve been at the club for a gazillion years and you still haven’t worked out what their best role is? Would Wilshere benefit from a deep-lying role? Can’t you tell Walcott to stay on the wing where he belongs?
  • Look at other formations. Leicester have killed the league with a 4-4-2. Could we look at that again? Maybe Giroud and Walcott could find some form playing as our poverty striking partnership? Would Ramsey and Wilshere be better suited to a 3-5-2? At least let’s have a couple of variations on our standard tactic. Which leads on to…
  • Work on your in game management. For a guy with 50 years footballing experience your two in-game tactics are still a) if losing take off your midfield and throw on some strikers b) if winning take off your strikers and throw on some defenders, BUT ONLY AFTER 70 MINUTES. Given the thousands of hours you spend watching football why not look at what other teams, ones who win stuff, are doing nowadays?
  • Rotate the team. Ok great we’ve got Shad in but you still beasted Sanchez and Cazorla until their hamstrings snapped. Look at what happened in 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2016. If you get the rotation right the team won’t fade away in March.
  • Make a list of transfer targets, then make a list of back ups. Then make a list of back ups to the back ups. Then go and sign them before the Euros. Honestly don’t worry about saving a couple of £million. And on transfers please replace like for like. You’re probably going to lose 3 midfielders so you need to sign 3 of those not 1.
  • Sign a striker, sign a striker, sign a striker
  • Show some humility. The facts are clear, your performance hasn’t been good enough. Rather than looking for excuses or talking up other teams, fans would be a lot more patient if you admitted your mistakes and said what you were going to do to improve next year.

If you do all these things I reckon we’ll definitely win the league or something.

All the best,


Ps please find enclosed some nude sketches of myself to show you that I’m super serious.


Ok that felt pretty cringeworthy but you catch my drift right? Given that Arsene almost certainly isn’t going anywhere, what changes would you like to see him make? (Please keep it civil, we are all grown ups here).

Very finally, why is everyone losing their shit about Joe Hart? The lad got thwacked in the stomach by the ball from point blank range and his eyes were shut. He’s a good keeper but that was not the save of the century.

Right that’s your lot from me. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Have a great day! x

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  1. Gelbs

    Yeah. Saw that the other week on MOTD. Wenger said something to Bould, and Bould just ignored him. Wenger spouting the usual shit again about not having any money for the first 5-7 years after the Emirates move. Again, no-one pulls him up on it. He spent 270 odd million at least up until 2014, and for all that money, he just won one FA Cup, lol.

  2. grooveydaddy


    What you just said re. Bould, you could probably say the same about most of our players, from the looks of things.

  3. Gelbs

    The thing is, and I’m being kind here. The only two seasons you could excuse Wenger for not being able to compete financially, was the 2006 and 2007 seasons when Chelsea and United won the Title. But then, fuck that, I’d say only 2006, lol. The fact is, Wenger could of spent more, and either way, he’s spent enough down the years to of at least won one or two League Titles. And the money he has spent in general. Forget Titles, this prick couldn’t even win a single trophy for EIGHT years straight!! Any top manager, could of spent what Wenger had, even had the same teams, they would of won Titles. Even if it was just one! In Wenger’s case, it isn’t about the manager, but being a poor manager. I just looked at the 2007/08 season. The same pattern back then…Arsenal lost to Chelsea 2-1 away, after taking the lead, drew to Liverpool at home, then lost to United away from home, 2-1. Again, after taking the lead! All towards the end of the season. The same old shit! Maybe the team wasn’t good enough, BUT, a better manager would MAKE them better!! That’s the ironic thing. We all say Arsenal have been short these years in regards to players…But, a better manager would get more out of these players and the team. Even if he didn’t make them better players per se.
    Had Arsenal won the Title in 2008, the likes of Hleb and Flamini probably wouldn’t of left. I know Wenger’s spent 400 odd mil since 2004, and yes, that’s down the years and not all in one go…But so what?? He’s lost players, when he was trying to rebuild. But that’s his own fucking fault for not buying better players around them, and/or for not being good enough to win honours, period!!

  4. Jeff


    At least he’s using the word “we” as opposed to “I”. He’s willing to give some credit to other people as well. LOL.

    The only thing Wenger built was a nice little nest egg for himself.

  5. Gelbs

    Remember when Fabregas first wanted to leave Arsenal in 2010, but he stayed another year and left in 2011? That should of been a wake up call for Wenger to buy big or better players…But what’s he do? That’s right. He goes out and signs Squillachi, Chamakh, and Koscielny!! Wenger talks about disrespect etc…He’s disrespected his better players down the years, including Ozil and Sanchez, now, by not signing better players!! The bloke’s a total fraud. Gross negligence. Then makes out that the likes of Persie et al, were all sold because Arsenal needed the money. That’s funny, why did they offer Persie a new deal then?? Lies and delusion. Wenger could quite easily of spent another 25 mil at least from 2007 each summer on top draw players, or ideally just one, but he didn’t. And if money really was an issue, perhaps they should of sold out to Usmanov then, and used some of his money? You don’t have to go down the same road as City did! They could easily of competed more with a better manager, and spending more and/or on top players!

  6. Gelbs

    I’ll say again! Arsenal made 40 million from Toure and Adebayor in the summer of 2009. All he bought was Vermaelen for 10 mil. He could of reinvested that money on two world-class players that summer. But under his management, he’d of still failed anyway!

  7. Jeff


    On Leicester he is on record as saying something like it’s not always about money. But today, he’s talking about the financial handicap of the stadium. I don’t think he can remember any more what he said yesterday never mind last week. He really does need to retire somewhere to the south of France and get away from this life. It’s doing his head in and ours as well.

  8. STV

    Jeff Wenger not deliberately winding a lot of people up. He is no longer mentally fit. It’s painful to watch. I wish he’d be removed from this misery.

  9. Gelbs

    Of course it’s about money to a certain extent. Or on the whole. But you don’t have to necessarily go out and spent millions the same way City did! If you’re a top manager, and get your signings right, and you’re a top manager, it doesn’t matter about City.

  10. TitsMcGee

    Here comes the “we’re top of the league in top teams” trophy.

    Lol seriously someone just get him TF out.

  11. Gelbs

    Remember too, I know the top players went for around 20-25 mil on average years ago, but there were still exceptions. Player inflation was lesser than it is now. From 2008 onwards, Wenger definitely had more money to spend too. Even if he was short, surely they could of taken out another loan of 50 odd million, lol. It’s just rubbish. Ferguson won 3 Title and the CL on the bounce, despite Abramovich. During that time, Fergie spent I think around 100 million more than Wenger. But Wenger could of spent more. But, as I said, it’s irrelevant anyway who Wenger buys. But had Wenger been a top manager, he would of stopped Ferguson’s dominance again. Even if it was just once.

  12. Gelbs

    Let’s be honest too. If you look at United’s Title winning teams, certainly the last two. It’s not like they had all these world-class players in the team. You remember in 2008, I think it was. Arsenal lost 4-0 in the FA Cup to United at Old Trafford. United’s midfield was basically all defenders, lmao.

  13. Leedsgunner

    “Arsene Wenger claims playing in a “difficult climate” at home has contributed to Arsenal’s failure to win the league – ahead of fresh fans protests at the Emirates.”

    SO it’s OUR fault now is it?

    When it goes well it’s all about him. When it doesn’t it has nothing to do with him.
    Whatever happened to “Judge me in May?” When people do, he doesn’t like it. Can’t say I’m surprised though… Wenger never mans up.

    Why can’t he face the truth? The answer? He has no mental strength!

    Honestly, is there anyone more cowardly and pathetic in football alive today?

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Already protests organised for the weekend, fan’s having been patient throughout ten years of cyclical mistakes, ego and stubbornness, Arsenal collecting more match day revenue than any other team in Europe…you have to be a special kind of moron to then criticise those fans.

    Any pro-Wenger fans left, have a look at yourselves.

  15. Jeff

    This “blaming the fans” is complete bullshit of course. The fans didn’t start to not turn up or hold up banners until it became fairly obvious to all but the most deluded that the season was over. The fans, if anything, should be praised for keeping their patience for 12 years while waiting for the fraud to deliver.

  16. Gelbs

    Like look at Vidic. He only cost United 7 million in 2006. What a player he turned out to be! But then, at Arsenal he’d probably of done crap! Either way, you can also sign cheaper players, but they can become world-class etc. End of the day, it’s about the quality of the manager. And even if you wanted to excuse Wenger for the first six years, what’s the excuse the past four or so seasons, in-particularly, this one!

  17. Gelbs

    Lol, exactly Jeff! Besides, didn’t he claim his players have ‘mental strength’?? Even if it was the fan’s fault, it’s his fault overall, for creating the situation in the first fucking place!! And the board’s for employing him!

  18. STV

    It’s absolute disgrace that he mentioned ‘difficult climate’ as a reason for his failure along with lot of fake trophies like away league (which isnt even true), 4 league, (which isnt even true) and his past propagandas. Difficult climate only arrived after we are thoroughly out of contention in every competitions. Not the other way round.

    It’s the most infuriating press conference he did in years. Absolutely shocking.

    I wish now more than any thing that was his last press conference at Arsenal.

    Wenger is a hate figure, A disease, a curse, and a dark shadow over future of Arsenal and everything associated with it….

  19. vicky

    Gambon was probably right when he said Wenger had some sort of mental illness. What else can explain a veteran in the game spewing so much rubbish ad nauseum in every presser. First it was “calender year champion”, now we have “champion amongst the big 4 teams”, “champion in away games”. That day is not far away when he will declare us “champion amongst teams whose names start with alphabet A ” when we finish above Aston Villa…….oh damn Aston Villa are relegated, so that’s something Wenger can certainly achieve next season.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    That was an unmitigated PR disaster, I imagine many at the club will be quietly infuriated by that press conference…but obviously that is part of the problem, ‘quietly’ infuriated.

    Fans have gone into meltdown over that comment, quite rightfully. What an ungrateful, disrespectful, deluded idiot Wenger has become.

  21. Red&White4life

    I really don’t understand why our medical staff don’t want to put wenger in some asylum.
    The signs are obvious, totally fucked up of the brain, he is.

  22. Vintage Gun

    I would like to take this time out to personally apologise to Stan Kronke. Ivan Gazidis, Arsene Wenger and the whole playing staff (Theo and Giroud included) for me and my sons part in destroying our season.

    Having now discovered the almost ‘satanic’ act that me and my son have unwittingly partaken. It is only fair that we NEVER return to the stadium ever again under their stewardship. It may be too little too late but at least its a start.

    Yours truly. The man who somehow helped Leicester win the title…

  23. Gelbs

    “Get behind the team…” Wenger says. Well, where’s twelve years of support got him and his team, that he likes to brag to us that he ‘built’?

  24. Steveyg87

    Interesting presser from Wenger..

    Put his foot in it more than once today. My favourite of the lot, blaming the fans for our poor home form. A team should be able to perform regardless of the atmosphere!! Another gem, the team has more character than many of the arsenal fans, fucking hell, the lot of us are bottlers

  25. Ughelligunner

    maybe we should all read the above press transcript and make up what he said rather than follow the chief leader of the WOBs in Piers Morgan. (agenda no 1)

    That doesn’t mean we would want him in, but we would know and think for ourselves. Then you can stil say wenger out.

  26. Bamford10


    Care to comment on Wenger’s saying the below this morning?

    “He has never stopped me in the transfer market. He is very ambitious.”
    – Wenger on Kroenke

    Final nail in the coffin of your stupid fucking theory.

    Someone please paste in some of this dipshit’s “lectures” to us about how the club works, what an owner is, etc.

    Article on press conference below.


  27. Gelbs

    “He’s never stopped me in the market,” he said. “He’s very ambitious. We are all very ambitious.

    “But I don’t want to go into personal comment on my owners. We can work in complete freedom. Every club should work with the resources it generates. That’s what we do. We are very proud to do that.”

  28. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, everybody knows wenger didn’t say that.

    That website is a wenger out site,
    when asked if kronke denies him money for transfer, he said ”never never”, and he said the club has to be self sustainable, the site purposely refused to put that part of the story

  29. Bamford10

    To repeat something I said a week or so ago, it was once the case that Wenger was the Don Quixote of world football. Now he has made himself into Louis XVI.

    To the Place de Concorde, good people! 😉

  30. Gelbs

    Some of them [the fans] are criticising the owner, Stan [Kroenke]. We don’t get to speak to him very often. Can you tell us what he’s like as an owner?

    No, I don’t want to go into personal comments on my owner. We can work with complete freedom. I believe that every football club should work with the resources it generates and that’s what we do. When I speak about values, this is one of the values I speak about and we are very proud to do that.

    Some fans think he lacks a bit of ambition, he’s never stopped you in the transfer market?

    Never, never. The owner is very ambitious of course, we are all very ambitious.

  31. Bamford10


    Q: Some of them [the fans] are criticising the owner, Stan [Kroenke]. We don’t get to speak to him very often. Can you tell us what he’s like as an owner?

    AW: No, I don’t want to go into personal comments on my owner. We can work with complete freedom. I believe that every football club should work with the resources it generates and that’s what we do. When I speak about values, this is one of the values I speak about and we are very proud to do that.

    Q: Some fans think he lacks a bit of ambition, he’s never stopped you in the transfer market?

    AW: Never, never. The owner is very ambitious of course, we are all very ambitious.

    The meaning is exactly the same: Kroenke has never prevented Wenger from doing what he wants in the transfer market.

    So you have no point, as usual.

  32. Ughelligunner

    Mr gelbs, tell me where he made a whole statement like the one you and bamford got from highbury?

    What do you want him to say about his employer? Yes yes he has been restricting me?

  33. Gelbs

    “How often do you meet with the owner, Stan”?

    “I told you, I don’t wish to discuss personal things…But what I will say is, when we finish 4th, he comes over with his son, Josh, and Stan gives me a fantastic moustache ride, whilst I ejaculate in his wig…That’s all I’m saying!” (smug grin)

    Cannot believe he fucking said that?!!!! WTF!!!!

  34. Bamford10

    “Print as many of the signs/banners as you can for tomorrow. There will be larger (A3) one’s handed out too – details to follow.” – Highbury Harry @BlackScarfAFC

  35. Ughelligunner

    He has never never stopped me in the transfer market.

    Never never.

    What does this two statement imply, to an already escalated fan unrest?

  36. Ughelligunner

    It can mean several things, kronke’s doesn’t care who wenger buys.

    But also he cares how much wenger is going to spend, does that go into your memory that would happen?

  37. STV

    Ugh stop with all those Nigerian oil and arsewipe blog links. 😉 That was not a complete presser and if any body is faking it’s Wenger and you know that

  38. Ughelligunner

    Kronke, who could’nt influence his fellow liverpool owner, who is American to sell us Suarez?

    What do you want wenger to be at all times? Negotiator, convincer and all?

    Abrahamovic, Man city owners, Real Madrid President are all involve in player purchases for their respective clubs. What has kronke brought?

    Let me tell you, He brought Dick Law, and an American Consultancy firm, to monitor purchases.

  39. Ughelligunner

    Stv, Arseblog is the number one fan blog site. He has free pass to all arsenal presser. So he knows what he is saying, most times unlike Pedro who rely on other journalists, arseblog is almost there all the time.

  40. STV

    If so where’s the part about difficult climate there? About away league credit? It’s trimmed for a nice little akb reading .

  41. Steveyg87


    you are without a doubt, one of the deluded fans. you gobble all the shit your lovely professor throws at you. We all admire what Wenger has done for the club, but , you simply cannot deny that the club is stuck in a rut. No matter what the result is, 70 or 71st minute, wenger makes a substitute, soon as the other team shows they are up for it and get in our faces, we cave, 9 times out of 10

  42. Ughelligunner

    Anyway, for peace to reign, i have always said, wenger should retire peacefully, because he caused it by rallying his hope on mediocre players.

    Lets see what change would bring.

  43. Steveyg87

    “Its pretty simple, Wenger is tactically inept. Can anyone argue otherwise?”

    Spot on! His in game management is non existant.

    His tactics are pretty simple, go out there and express yourself, if the shit hits the fan, just continue what you’re doing, flaminis coming on for the last 20mins to save us

  44. Bamford10

    Wenger also claimed that we have been “champions” away from home, which is false. Our away point total is third in the PL.

    He was saying the above, of course, as part of his incredible it’s-the-fans-fault, we-have-been-playing-in-a-difficult-climate-all-season argument.

    This man has now completely destroyed his legacy. Totally and completely gone.

  45. Steveyg87

    “Anyway, for peace to reign, i have always said, wenger should retire peacefully, because he caused it by rallying his hope on mediocre players”

    This is his own fault! When something doesn’t work, you fix it

  46. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Classic quotes from the press conference…

    He said: “I tell you, this team has character and attitude. Some people who question them, I know them well – they have less character than this team has. I saw them play, and even know them very closely, and they should not question the character of these players.”

    And without naming names he said: “There are some groups of people that try to manipulate our fans, but I believe apart from a personal agenda and a big ego there’s not a lot behind [the criticism].”

    Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke is an increasingly unpopular figure with Arsenal’s hardcore support
    Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke is an increasingly unpopular figure with Arsenal’s hardcore support
    Wenger also denied owner Stan Kroenke – an increasingly unpopular figure with the club’s supporters’ groups – had ever sought to stop him spending money.

    “I don’t want to go into personal comment of my owners,” he said. “Every club should work with the resources it generates and that is what we do – that is one of the values I speak about and that is what I speak about.

    “He has never stopped me in the transfer market, He is very ambitious, we all are.”


  47. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Nigel Winterburn slags off Wenger then lets himself down by saying…

    “Having worked under him, I still think he is the man to take them forward, but they’ve got to get those signings right this season and the earlier they do it the better, because then the fans will look at that and say, ‘oh well okay, it looks like we do mean business this time.”

    Charlie Nicholas slags off Wenger then lets himself down by saying…

    “However, I wouldn’t have a problem if he stayed, but he has to realise mistakes have been made and solve those problems this summer”.

  48. STV

    It’s funny ugh earlier cameup with an arseblog version agruing Wenger didn’t say so. If they can’t see the fans are grossly insulted by the fraud AW, they will never learn. He should go and should be banned from Emirates for ever.

  49. Jeff

    In my book any employee that makes the same mistakes for 12 years running is beyond help. There is no hope of him ever getting it right or changing. That boat sailed in 2008 and sank.

  50. Wallace

    if Bayern do agree a fee with BVB for Hummels it’ll be bad news for the Bundesliga. when the top side can take their closest rival’s best players whenever they feel like it…

  51. Carts

    “I’ll say again! Arsenal made 40 million from Toure and Adebayor in the summer of 2009. All he bought was Vermaelen for 10 mil. He could of reinvested that money on two world-class players that summer. But under his management, he’d of still failed anyway!”

    This is exactly what Arsene has been doing for the majority of his 12 year shit-show.

    In his sieve brain he’ll tell everyone that the reason he didn’t spend more is because he’s looking for the right quality.

    Thus, what kind of ranking did he give Santos and all the other championship players he signed?!

  52. Carts

    How much are we willing to bet that Poch’ has a buy out clause in the region of £10m? That Levy bloke is no mug, no matter how of a resemblance to a mug he is

  53. Samesong

    “He has never stopped me in the transfer market, He is very ambitious, we all are.”

    What is Wenger on about?

  54. Frank Mc

    “if Manchester Utd do agree a fee with Arsenal for RvP it’ll be bad news for the Pl. when the top side can take their closest rival’s best players whenever they feel like it…”

  55. Jacko

    The silly old sod even referenced the Charity Shield as a serious achievement last year as well!

    Pure Bantz

  56. israeli gunner

    Fellow gunners: some of you may remember me,since 2005 to 2014 i used to publish my opinion against the sickening ego of Mr’ Wenger,and the incompetence of the arsenal board . I blamed the arsenal fans,for not doing enough,in order to change the negligent manner of Wenger and the board. I use to end my criticism by saying- “with wenger and the board, we will never win the championship again”. Most of the arsenal fans,were vigorously against my opinions and argue me to go and support united or spurs… Since 2014,i didn’t raise my opinion any more,i lost hope,like some of you now. 2 days ago,i saw a tiny shade of light in our miserable tunnel of our football club. Some fans start to gather some hope and decided to FIGHT for our club!!! Every arsenal fan all over the globe need to understand that these coming Saturday is the pinnacle moment in our club future. These Saturday,we need to gather in and around the stadium,with or without ticket, we all need to raise our voice against the people that ruin our club. We need to raise our voice and say-enough is enough. We need to raise our voice and demand-bring our hope back. We need to raise our voice and demand-bring the passion back. We need to raise our voice and demand-BRING OUR CLUB BACK!!! We need to raise our voice,in order that in a few years time,each and every one of you,could say-i have contributed my part for getting our arsenal back. I intend to publish these message through the net,in order to raise the need for action,i urge you fallow gunners to do the same. I hope that i succeed to express my passion for the club,with my cranky English.

  57. Gelbs

    Tomorrow evening….”Oh my God!! The fans are rioting in the stadium, they’re burning their season tickets and throwing them onto the pitch!! I’ve just seen a short black guy, with some headphones and a tracksuit on, wearing his glasses, punched in the face and thrown over the balcony!! This is disgraceful, seats are being torn up and thrown, even the stewards are getting involved!!”

    Lmao if only!

  58. Steveyg87

    As isreali gunner pointed out, tomorrow night is huge for the future of the club. Time to show that the arsenal does not belong to a bunch of money grabbing, propaganda spinning bastards

  59. vicky


    As much as I believe we can win league trophies with a better manager even under Kroenke (certainly the current one was in our hands but we blew it), I don’t think we should take on face value Wenger’s statement that Kroenke has never had any role in dictating our transfers . My belief is our hands were tied to some extent at least till 2011 or possibly even till 2012. But yes I think we have had ample amount of money to spend thereafter. There is no way Wenger would have come out and pinned the blame on Kroenke. It doesn’t work out that way. Wenger and kroenke both are problems as far AFC is concerned.

  60. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger is blaming the fans for a failure. And, the ArsenaLoser fans will take that lying down again. Mates, rise and protest. Get up close to him and show your red eyes, if you can dare once. Can you Londonmates???

  61. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger is blaming the fans for his 12 years of failure. Is tjis a football club or a Bank?? Does this club care one flying fuck about its few million fans.

    Wenger, you are so rotten. You are actually finished from within. Its your body is moving around and licking Stan’s ass and dick at times.

  62. Dissenter

    It’s hard to be civil with you because you keep scraping the bottom of the barrel to defend Wenger.
    I’ve been avoiding Legrove so that I dont have to read your pathetic comments.

  63. Dissenter

    You have to wonder who are these dimwits that are still defnding Wenger.
    Surely it’s become obvious that this man is too arrogant to objectively analyse the situations and make necessary fixes.
    Wenger really believes that he’s done nothing wrong and the peasants are just being misled by the media.

  64. peanuts&monkeys

    Tomorrow night could be night true Arsenal fans have been waiting for. If Arsenal loses, that would be the chance for Arsenal to get rid of the evil, of the curse named Wenger.

    Ok Ok, for those half-AKBs who still think the Arsene Wenger of 1997 to 2004 deserves respect, ‘If Arsenal loses, that would be the chance for Arsenal to get rid of the evil, of the curse named Wenger 2.0’

    HaPPY, half-AKBs???? Now back me and shoo this devil out. Let there be more protests. Show him, we are not dead yet.

  65. Bermy boy

    There’s a thin line between genius and madness ,asswipe has crossed the line and still thinks he’s on the other side……coo coo for coco puffs.

    He will still have a job next season,SHIT!!!

  66. Gelbs

    Overpaid cunts, mate. Same old shit. Money for nothing. Of course, you have a laugh in any job etc. But it’s the whole concept. Earns thousands and millions for kicking a ball about and being shit. Like Villa players.

  67. azed

    Blaming auto correct for posting an entirely different URL?
    More Nigerian shit?

    What has Nigeria got to do with this Alex?

  68. Mr J


    Wow… I mean… just wow.

    The quote, QUOTE, is right there for the world to see on now several different websites. What do you mean he didn’t actually say it??

    The man has confirmed, with the words from his own mouth that he has never had his hands tied, and YET STILL you continue to defend him. Now he’s lying at press conferences is he?!? to protect the owner?? I see.

    The man has said “difficult climate” at some of (Arsenal) home games is the reason they are not competing for the Premier League title.

    When did the protests at the Emirates begin Ughelli???? Pray tell???

    The fans are responsible for the 12 years of failure???

    Away champions??? utter rubbish.

    That press conference has told you everything you need to know about the man.

    But in all truthfulness, your defence of Wenger, suggesting that “arsenal fans” are like sheep and are easily manipulated by the agenda-driven press (REALLY??? because I’m far from capable of witnessing 8-2, 6-0, 5-1, 4-0 theo, Giroud, Sanogo, Kallstrom, Bischoff et cetera, et cetera . with my own eyes and have enough grey-matter to make a sound judgement for myself), has gone way past simple Sycophantism…

    You sir have stepped into a whole new category – the undiscovered country…

    I can’t for the life of me anticipate your next ploy.

  69. Danish Gooner

    We would have to play Sanchez dogs,Ozils cat,a one legged parakit,2 doves High On crack,Deck chair Denilson,Santos,jeffers,Giroud and wally to Lose to this horrible Norwich outfit.

  70. Dissenter

    Wenger: “This club has special values. But sometimes we must put things into perspective and see how the club’s evolution has gone.
    ‘Our expectation is higher and and so too is the frustration. When we built the stadium we had difficult financial years.
    ‘We had to sell our best players and survive. We are out of that position and in a good position. But during that time it was difficult. ‘

    Someone should tell this man that it’s 2016 and we have 200 million in the bank…and still growing.
    Gazidis gave his “escalation of financial power” speech seven transfer windiws ago FFS.
    Wenger really despises the fans. There is a yawning disconnect between Arsenal and the fans. The fans are seen as ATMs not the foundation of the club.

  71. Dissenter

    “What has Nigeria got to do with this Alex?”

    Ughelle has a tendency to draw the worst out of people.
    He really lacks the capacity to think for himself. I bet he’s backed Abacha ane every other Nigerian dictator.

  72. shad

    Wenger is crying out loud to be fired but Gazidis and Kroenke don’t have the stones because they sold them to le senile for a few million quid. Fucked up management. Wenger’s comments are not even shocking anymore. What is shocking is the AKBs defence of the deluded one and the fact that AW has held them and the board ransom.

  73. The Royal Arsehole

    When are we all going to figure out they don’t give one god dam about what we think. They are just a company right now that only cares about profit. The only way any of his will ever see a change is with Usmanov splashing the cash. This board has and will always be a money first board of businessmen. Right now we are the sheep to them and all are to fall into line. I scream for Anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy…… I don’t even know what the means but I LOVE IT!!! I hope you get sick and die of ammonia old man. This is just the beginning its gonna get a lot worse you old man.

  74. WengerEagle

    Away league champions? Come again Arsene?

    1) Leicester- Played 17, W11, D4, L2, 37 Pts.
    2) Tottenham- Played 17, W9, D6, L2, 33 Pts.
    3) Arsenal- Played 18, W8, D6, L4, 30 Pts.

    Senile old tosser.

  75. STV

    WE no point mate. He’s a seasoned lier and a cheat. I bet he’s mentioning the calendar year record and insinuating a trophy while at it.

  76. Jeff

    Wenger has more imaginary trophies than people who have imaginary friends. The cabinet must be bursting – a new wing has to be opened to house them all.

  77. shad

    Arsenal only managed 1 goal against Barca in the UCL this season, scored by ElNeny from long range. Something he has since coached out of him. You can’t polish a turd.

  78. Ughelligunner

    Shad, did you see how taking shots have saved Madrid, Barca, bayern all against athletico?

    You take shots, when there are pockets of spaces against a team who are not building walls of buses, defensively.
    If one goes in, you are lucky, but they tend to rebound 99percent of the time, or go over board.

  79. Ughelligunner

    Dissenter, we prefer to blame the immediate past and present system for our economic position here, just like you blame wenger, for our redundancy the last 12years and not what he made is become from the last 20 years.

    We too, don’t look too far behind, political.

    Same, same.

  80. Dissenter

    Wenger is Arsenal’s equivalent of Abacha

    I dont need to explain to you who Abacha was, do I?