You can always depend on the mighty Spurs to brighten your day!

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Guys, gals… Ray Parlour says Wenger shouldn’t be sacked without a succession plan.


“You always worry about which manager comes in next. Who would you have? Jurgen Klopp’s gone to Liverpool, Pep Guardiola to Man City. There aren’t a huge amount of managers out there.

“It’s a big decision they’ve got to make. If you’re going to sack a manager you’ve got to have a plan. And if they don’t have a plan then they’ve got to keep him.”

Earlier on in the conversation, another exPro says like so many other exPros who’d like a job at the club that the manager should be allowed to leave when he wants.

Am I losing my mind here? Am I the only one who thinks that you should only choose when you leave a job if you’re smashing it out of the park? Since when did the manager become more important the club? Quite incredible anyone who has worked in competitive anything could say such a thing.

There are CEO books with chapters dedicated to how you go about sacking your friends when they’re doing a bad job. This idea that because you did something great ten years ago you should be rewarded with a forever contract absolutely baffles me.

What will these players be saying next year of Wenger drops us out of the Champions League and the new manager has no money to spend, a team in the Europa League and a massive overhaul needed? Because let’s be honest, nothing that Wenger has done this season lends itself to him sorting it out over the next three months.

I just shudder to think of the potential mess we’re going to leave the club in for the next manager, whomever that maybe.

But just to recap Ivan, don’t sack Wenger without having a couple of minutes to think about the replacement.

In other news, I took a helluva lot of joy in Spurs dropping two points at home to WBA. Nothing makes me happier than watching Spurs choke. The best chance since 61 and they blew it to a team so bad they made an Arsenal in holiday mode look spectacular. That really was sweet.

‘We’re proud of our lads’

‘We never thought we’d win the league’

‘What have you won?’

Nothing, the same as you lot and that at least makes it a touch bearable.

Interesting that Tony Pulis came out and said that he thought a reason Spurs chunked the league was fatigue. That lightweight squad has done incredible well with injuries this season, but they’ve flogged the shit out that first team 11. What’s exciting for me is the Champions League is super intense from the off… throw in all their boys being in the England starting 11. Well, you could have what happened to Chelsea. They beasted a starting 11 then couldn’t handle the next season.

I’d love that. It’d really make my season. Becuase let’s face it, watching Spurs suffer is probably easier to publicly enjoy than having a top 4 party in secret.

Quite interesting talking to my Uncle who’s a Leeds fan. He’s suffering real bad, I mean, Cellino is an absolute crazy of an owner, apparently challenging Mourinho to take over if he thinks he’s so good. Anyway, his point was that football is all about the party. That’s why you go, to win things and to celebrate with your football pals. His view was that for all the cash and promise, we’ve only had one more party than him in 12 years… which he thought was pretty amusing.

I guess he’s right. Football is about the parties. We haven’t had many parties over the last few year and that’s pretty sad… because we have it all. Leeds don’t have anything at all these days.

I grew up in the great Wenger days. I just remember trophies, watching incredible talent and just loving my football. Such a shame Wenger has taken us to such an average place? Who could have imagined a footballing genius allowing his standards to sink to such mediocrity?

Amazing. I feel for the kids who have to go to the games with their dads now and watch people jeer the team, not turn up and quite possibly thump each other after the game if they’re particularly retarded.

Anyway, enough moaning from me

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  1. Redtruth

    Seaman was error prone throughout his career from Lineker’s powder puff shot in the 1991 FA Cup Semi-Final which he allowed to slip through his fingers to Ronaldinho’s long range free-kick

  2. Jeff

    “People need to brace for a rough landing because we’ll have some rough seasons before the ship can be righted.”


    I think most intelligent people know and accept that we’re not going to start winning trophies soon as Wenger is replaced. I’ve said countless times that the team needs a facelift. There’s an awful lot crocs and dross that needs clearing out. Wage philosophy has to change. Transfer policy has to change. The team needs reshaping, tactics need revising and there will be a transition time for new ideas to bed in.

    A new manager will have an enormous job to do post-Wenger. But in the meantime we still have to play games and compete and I know it’s not going to be plain sailing but the sooner we can start on that long journey the better.

    Wenger is on a downward trend and has been for some time – nobody is under the illusion that the new manager is going to wave a magic wand and everything will be alright. It will take time and doubtless it will be painful but it has to happen so that Arsenal can get back to being a football club again and not a plaything in the hands of a lunatic as it has been for so long.

  3. Do one gambon

    Redtruth, no disrespect but you seem to have a problem with every keeper.

    Seaman made errors (not talking the end of his career here where they did become commonplace) but every keeper makes errors. When they do they usually get punished. Seaman bailed us out more than enough to justify the odd errors he did make.

  4. Arsene's Nurse

    Lord Harris said this about transfer spending last year. (24 July 2015)

    “Money was tight when we moved to the Emirates but it’s a lot freer now,” he told the Daily Mail.

    “We could go into the market and probably buy any player in the world, apart from half a dozen who are un-buyable. In the accounts, there’s over £200million in the bank.

    “You could say to Arsene we’ve got no money and he wouldn’t worry, or you could give him £100m and he might not spend it.

    “At the moment there are no plans to sign anyone, unless he finds a real superstar like Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez. He’s looking for one of those but there aren’t many available.

    “We would back him to break the club’s transfer record. If he wanted the man, he could have him. Apart from Messi and Ronaldo, he could have any player.

    “We will probably have to break the club record to get the man he wants.”

    It’s amazing that this utter twat called alexandrahenry continues to insist that Wenger had only £10m to spend last summer. He’s so desperate to defend Wenger that he’s actually making up lies and posting them online. That is fucking sad. What’s worse is he’s been shown to be wrong by a dozen posters since he wrote such shite, yet still continues to push that line.

    Dishonest AKBs like this are part of the reason why the club is in such a mess.

  5. Redtruth

    Wenger exstinguished Manninger’s promising career recalling the injured ageing Seaman after Manninger was outstanding in our 1998 league campaign..

  6. Alex James

    The story goes that GG was offered Scheimacal ( spelling) but was already in for Seaman. I wonder what would have happened if we had got the Dane. His contribution to Utd’s success was enormous, and I can’t recall any of the type of errors from him that Seaman made in big games.

  7. Samesong

    I wonder what would have happened if we had got the Dane.

    He would of went down in bottle history………

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Aldo’s article today on here, have to agree with it. Doesn’t matter what players you bring in, you’re literally on a countdown with them until Wenger’s influence leads to their regression, stagnation or lack of care…or I suppose just having the fight beaten out of you by a pathetic manager and average team mates given chance after chance.

    That’s why I could not care less about transfers rumours this summer, as long as Wenger is here it doesn’t matter, short of him going out and buying 4-5 WC players who are all big characters and so can carry the team for a season before the Wenger effect sinks in, it doesn’t matter.

  9. wenker-wanger

    Ray parlour was an unsung hero and a player I loved playing for us. But to say that comment about Wenger and virtually supporting him like an AKB, leaves me fcking fuming. Football prowess aside, he is a Cnut OK. No bollocks. Fcking yes man. Wenger needs to quit. The performances are woeful, and we are getting worse, going backwards. On a point of principle he should quit. Simple, Parlour is putting his sentimentality for this fcking fraud above the health of the club. Joke.fcking joke

  10. TheBayingMob

    “Wenger exstinguished Manninger’s promising career ”

    Utter bollocks. Manninger was a great shot stopper, and like all shot stoppers they flatter to deceive. Almunia was a shot stopper. Flattered to deceive.

    Manninger was an utter pansy at dominating his area; one thing Seaman did was dominate his area. All great keepers dominate their area. All shit keepers do not. Manninger was a shit keeper. He went onto do fuck all. Once he let five in against Chelsea in the League Cup, he never recovered from that.

  11. leon

    I used to think this team needs major overhaul but they dont really they just need a bit more steel and a clinical finishers and some real leaders but most importantly needs a tactically astute manager. The truth is wenger is not going anywhere and things are going to get allot worse before it gets better,

    On another subject what has really surprised is what I keep on hearing the atmosphere at the emirates is dead an away from is far better I am not season ticket holder but that what I keep hear particually on arsenal fan tv

  12. alexanderhenry


    Excellent post. I’ll paste all of it:

    There is a serious misunderstanding on this blog about how business operates in the real world.Kroenke controls 70% of the shares and controls the board. He is responsible for all the business decisions.
    Wenger is Kroenke’s employee – the man in charge of the football.
    Kroenke is apathethic to the point where he allows his football manager total control of all things related to football – the team, signings, sales, etc.
    You may disagree with what Wenger does as manager. I certainly disagree and wish he would go.
    But the fundamental problem is Kroenke who lets Wenger do what he wants. And he allows Wenger to continue fucking up because the business is doing well.
    This is not a football matter – regardless of the feelings of us football fans.

    I disagree over wenger- he’s been starved of cash for years and still managed to keep us up there- but on Kroenke you’re right.
    As far as this blog is concerned, there isn’t a ‘serious misunderstanding’. It’s more like pure ignorance.

  13. Bamford10


    No offense, mate, but you’re so dim that it’s not worth “arguing” with you. One, your main argument — i.e., that Wenger has always spent the money available to him; that Kroenke only made 10m available last summer — is patently absurd and has been disproved several times here already (with quotes from key club officials, etc).

    Two, your new “arguments” — mostly about Kroenke — are just more idiocy and misunderstanding on your part. They really don’t merit a response.

    If other people want to spend their time and energy explaining things to you, I’ll let them do so. I will instead just let you know what a fucking dolt you are. (This, btw, is why everyone mocks your posts just below them.)

    And by the way, I believe you told us the other day that you were finished with Le Grove. Please kindly keep to your word and fuck off.


  14. Ishola70

    Shame for Man City that Silva had to go off. Going to be a big loss for them.

    Again we are seeing a top team in Real Madrid working so hard off the ball. Pressing Man City without the ball. Squeezing the game.

    Wenger seems unable to install a consistent work rate in his teams for so long.

  15. BacaryisGod

    Pedro-I partly agree with you. Here’s the toughest part about replacing Wenger. In order to replace him while he’s under contract, the club would have to insist on discretion from anyone they approach. It would be a PR disaster for Arsenal if news leaked we were talking to other managers and the club just doesn’t want that.

    Having said that, the club could reasonably point out that they will not make a decision on renewing Arsene’s contract until after next season. He was loyal to the club when things were going well and some bigger clubs wanted him. The club has been very loyal to him during some very lean years. I think it’s even right now and he couldn’t complain if Arsenal took a wait and see approach.

    Now here’s the tricky part. Where are the elite managers who we can feel confident can push the club forward. Klopp and Guardiola were the obvious candidates. Please don’t even mention Mourinho=sorry, he’s a repulsive figure.

    It really leaves us with Diego Simeone and even he might not be a perfect cultural fit in a non-homogenous group that Arsenal have. Still, after seeing what he did to Barcelona compared with our efforts, I would take him in a second and throw a fortune at Atletico to grab Griezmann too.

    For me, that would be the plan. Arsene will be getting his final season under this contract no matter what. That gives us a window to negotiate in good faith the potential arrivals of Simeone and possibly Griezmann next season.

    If Arsene can win the title and/or Champions League next season then renew his deal. We all know that won’t haappen though.

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    alexandrahenry – provide evidence that Wenger has had little money to spend since Kroenke has taken over. Provide evidence that he only had £10m to spend last summer.

    I can provide dozens of peices of evidence to prove you wrong. The first is Arsenal breaking their transfer record by at least £25m and buying Ozil.

    Your shite won’t work on this blog. Go to untold if you want to lie and make up conspiracy theories.

  17. Ishola70

    Intensity. Wenger is unable to install intensity in his sides.

    It’s laissez faire. It’s bollox, It means failure at the real top level.

    Why can’t he just fvck off.

  18. Samesong

    ain we are seeing a top team in Real Madrid working so hard off the ball. Pressing Man City without the ball. Squeezing the game.

    Really!!!! Must be watching a different game
    City are the ones pressing while Real Madrid are striking on the counter attack. Fernandinho and Fernando

  19. wenker-wanger

    Sick wenger will want to remain in charge of arsenal when we are mid-table…. Its his refuge, his reason for living. Horses get shot when their purpose to life finishes, the same, unfortunately, can’t be said about wenger.He needs to be forceably removed, a good psychiatrist to council him along with a pretend hotline to the manager that replaces him. Sick deluded cnut.

  20. Dissenter

    Did you see my previous post in support of your condemnation of the entire set-up of the BoDs, Gazidis and Kroenke?

    Kroenke’s sin is of lacking ruthless ambition for on-the-field success and giving Wenger too much power.
    In a nutshell Kroenke is guilty got not firing Wenger.
    Kroenke’s self-sustainability model was to contrast the City/Chelsea way of owners dumping hundreds of millions for players. So long as we don’t go cap-in-hand begging for transfer funds then Kroenke’s self-sustaining model is met.

    Wenger has enough funds; pretty much everyone around the club has said that publicly. It’s Wenger who will only compete on his terms.

  21. STV

    . It would be a PR disaster for Arsenal if news leaked we were talking to other managers and the club just doesn’t want that

    It’s great that this club avoided such disasters in last 20 years..

  22. leon

    Looking at all of the comments in my opinion there is far to much attaention being paid to how much wenger has had to spend what this season has shown in particualar leicester city is that is about funds is its much more today with having a manager who tacically sharp and has the ability to change his team based on the weaknesses of the opposition something wenger simply cannot do.
    Another issue is that wenger has well over paid average players in the likes wilcot ,chamberlain,girude ramey but at this point I just sick of talkinmg about it its same problems year after year the same poor tactics and the same speeches every year

    In this team I see a very old out of date tactics with a manager who has completely run out of ideas

  23. TitsMcGee

    When asked if Ozil’s comments weren’t just a “fair and honest” reflection of Arsenal’s season, Wenger added: “I have nothing against that, you want to be fair and honest. But you want as well to look forward.”


    Wenger is such a coward. He never wants to be judged today. He wants to be judged at some random point in the future as if to imply he’s just biding his time and it’s all a part of some plan lol

    What a POS.

  24. Ishola70

    SamesongApril 26, 2016 19:38:07

    “City are the ones pressing while Real Madrid are striking on the counter attack. Fernandinho and Fernando”

    Madrid are pressing in certain areas. There is intensity in the game. Don’t see that too much with Arsenal. Saw Arsenal press Aston Villa at home about 5-6 years ago really consistently. Thought I was watching a different team. Soon went back to laissez faire in the next match.

  25. STV

    All these talk about PRs Shares and funds are nonsense. Every big clubs operates with all these. They are all successful on the pitch regardless. Arsenals problems are 90% football related and some people are afraid to touch on it because it’d expose their God.

  26. Ishola70

    Where’s that guvnor?

    He looks like a bar owner in Marbella. Wengerite I heard.

    What a combo. Marbella bar owners and uni Tarquins all waving the flag for Wenger.

  27. wenker-wanger

    “Be careful what you wish for” …??? In other words it could be worse if wenger goes and we get a worse manager… Extrapolating that logic; just how could anyone that is currently managing a club in the top 10 of any European league, be any worse????. Personally I’d take anyone that was a manager, had ambition, courage and man-management ability tomorrow. Wenger offers nothing positive whatsoever.

  28. Sam

    Bruce Rioch wasn’t even given enough time
    We wanted him coz he knocked us out of Fa cup with Bolton the previous year
    I think the sack really affected his career, I wonder where is he now

    now, these so called die hard fans should understand that Wenger could collapse one day if he carries on
    he had a chance to win it this year n walk away. next season gonna be even more pressure

  29. Ishola70

    Beautiful turn and swivel by Modric.

    Madrid looking comfortable here in this match.

    They will be gutted if they go away without a result draw or win.

  30. Dissenter

    I have to say that you got Kelechi Iheanacho right. He’s highly regarded at City.

    Do you think he’ll have any chance with Guardiola?
    Something tells me that he’ll kept by Gaurdiola

  31. Dissenter

    Asked whether he had a message for the absent fans in the West Brom game, Wenger said: “To come and support the team. If you love football, you go out there and I think you see quality football. It’s what we try to give to our people.”

    He’s lost the plot, qualideeee football??????

  32. Gelbs

    These morons who want Henry as manager, as well. Fucking egotistical prick like that as manager. Hasn’t neither the temperament or the right mentality to be Arsenal manager. Imagine him sulking during a loss during an interview, like he did with the link below, and his facial expressions. Don’t even like him anymore. “Arsenal fans should be careful what they wish for…” Henry said a year or two ago. Is that why you fucked off when you could see what was happening at the club all those years back in 2007?? And yeah, he’d be right…Wouldn’t wanna wish for him!

  33. Ishola70

    Madrid mixing it. Getting physical when they need to.

    That’s another thing Wenger has done. Pussified The Arsenal.

  34. Ishola70

    As Arsenal won’t get Simeone I want to see Wenger up against Simeone’s Atletico next season in CL.

    Slim chance I know but never know might draw them in last 16.

    Atletico would win the tie over two legs of course but I want all the Wengerites to see what a real football team is all about at first hand face to face. Men vs French Infected laissez faire pussies.

  35. STV

    Good result for city preventing away goal. But I think the second leg at Bernabeau would be too much for them especially with Ronaldo playing

  36. gambon


    Redtruth is just an angry contrarian.

    Messi is shit….Ospina is brilliant.

    Probably wears Gola trainers and a Casio watch.

  37. Redtruth

    Players make mistakes…lol

    Like being beaten by a daisy cutter from Hamann or being lobbed from the half way line or failing to save a rinky dinky free kick from Koeman lol

    I could go on their is so much more like Seaman’s poor kicking and bad handling of crosses and his reluctance to come off his line and not too mention his poor shot stopping!

  38. TheBayingMob

    I’m laughing because you’re just a troll … grudgingly though quite a good and persistent one I’ll give you that, certainly for a Chelsea fan anyway. Wenger always had an eye for a shit keeper it’s one of Arsene’s true talents, and those clowns are both shit keepers.

  39. TheBayingMob

    I thought Chezney could have been really good actually; unfortunately it unraveled for him due to his own astonishing arrogance and Wenger’s mollycoddling squad management …

  40. TheBayingMob

    If you think of the utter dogshit Wenger has had in at Keeper, you have to wonder how he has continued the total fraud that he is … James Taylor, Richard WRONG!, Roseyyyy, oh Rooossseeey Cheeked Manninger (who couldn’t have dominated an asthmatic 90 year old sub tied to a bed, let alone his own area), Rami Shabaan … who remembers that cunt?

    Came in, played a few games them broke everything in his body in some weird accident … There must be some 70s second hand car salesman dishing out broken keepers down the East End somewhere, licks his lips when he see’s Arsene coming …

    ‘Errree Arsene, I got a luuvvvly little runnaaaa for you ‘ere, it’s a Nissan Almunia Mk II; boooo’iful little mottaaaaaaa …

    it is super super qualideee, I will take it at ze bargain price …

  41. China

    I’m really not sure where all this seaman negativity is from. He became error prone in his last couple of seasons. Before that he was beyond any doubt one of the world’s top keepers of his time and was incredibly reliable. Pointing to a one off error he made here or there in his early career is pretty pointless because every top player ever makes one off mistakes. It was nothing like the norm for him.

    It’s like saying do you remember when bergkamps goals dried up at the end of his career and when he missed a penalty in this or that game? Not a top striker. It’s quietly obviously not reflective of him as a player across his career

  42. Moray

    So Seaman’s main fault is that he wasn’t
    Schmeichel? Really? With that hair cut?

    Seaman made some errors, true. And often on the big occasions, but the guy is a club legend. You have to consider him also in relation to the back 4 also.

    Let’s not rag on ex-players just because of our frustration with Wenger. These guys rely on income from the club and many of them look on Wenger as a mentor to a certain extent. Merson has his own axe to grind, but don’t expect ex-players to bring an honest opinion to the table.

    Having said that, once he steps down I suspect we will start to hear the shit leaking out.

  43. Moray

    Mob, wenger’s big issue is trying to get a bargain all the time. It’s not easy now so instead all he ends up doing is bringing in mediocrity.

  44. Sam

    It’s normal to fear that the next man will struggle if Wenger leaves
    It’s also normal to feel its time for Wenger to leave

    There are few interim guys around to take over on short term while we are shopping around for new Wenger



  45. Mick Kartun

    “Bayern Munich want Alexis Sanchez as Germans plot summer transfer swoop for Arsenal star.”

    This should be interesting. If the offer is right, this could pressurize the old fart wenker’s.

    Ozil andsanchez will be gone, what a lovely future.

  46. Follow the money

    Whether Wenger has had money to spend or not is essentially irrelevant to proving he’s a crap manager. Look at his record over his entire Arsenal career in games vs top four teams, in cup finals and in title run ins when we are in with a shout ie: within 6 points of 1st. It’s absolutely horrific. Only when he had a team who took it upon themselves was there any respite from his horrible coaching. He’s a moron when it comes to preparation and tactics, and his laissez-faire method of coaching is counter productive to getting the most out of players or instilling confidence. Specialist in failure. Serial bottler. Fact

  47. Follow the money

    Just watch. Ozil will be shipped out. Anytime a player says anything negative in the media they are gone. Dictators don’t like being contradicted

  48. Mick Kartun

    Follow TM: “He’s a moron when it comes to preparation and tactics, and his laissez-faire method of coaching is counter productive to getting the most out of players or instilling confidence.”

    Look at this Lewan and Pep’s picture. How they have mutual respect for each other.

    While old fart wenker buys out loyalty to our crap players by obscene wages but false half loyalty shown in the pitch.

    Bayern Munich stars want Champions League trophy to be Pep Guardiola’s leaving present says Robert Lewandowski .

  49. Emiratesstroller

    I re-read carefully this morning the Annual Report and Accounts of Arsenal
    Holdings PLC. The Chairman’s Report dated 18.9.2015 contained a number
    of interesting statements.

    I will start off here with an extract on First Team Football.

    “We have put a lot of work into BUILDING AND INVESTING in the group of players over the past 3 years. Over that period they have developed A STRONG
    BOND AND BELIEF. Arsene is I know very happy with the BALANCE we have in
    the squad in terms of age profile,depth in all positions and importantly length
    of contracts.

    Our improved financial position allows us to support the manager as and when HE IDENTIFIES PLAYERS CAPABLE OF ADDING QUALITY to our squad.
    With this in mind we were delighted to sign defender Gabriel in January and
    Petr Cech from Chelsea during Summer. Gabriel has settled in well and is important part of squad. Petr’s experience is already proving invaluable on and off the pitch and he will make strong contribution.

    Equally importantly we have again done a lot of work THIS YEAR AGREEING CONTRACT EXTENSIONS WITH KEY PLAYERS Chuba Akpom,Mikel Arteta,
    Hector Bellerin, Santi Cazorla, Francis Coquelin, Oliver Giroud, Alex Iwobi,
    Carl Jenkinson, Jon Toral and Theo Walcott have all signed extensions to their
    existing contracts. This ensures we will maintain continuity in the squad and

    I think that statement summarised perfectly the extent of Arsenal’s ambition
    this season and why the club has FAILED to progress!

  50. Andy

    Love Simeone, this is the kind of attitude we need in a manager, he said this about facing Bayern:

    “Obviously we have a coach and players with different characteristics. But in wars it isn’t the side with the most soldiers that wins, it’s the side that uses its soldiers better.”

  51. Jeff


    Contrast that with Arsenal. An exclusive gentlemen’s club where they sit around quietly reading newspapers, talking bollocks, getting more wrinkles and waiting for God. It’s basically an old people’s home for the very rich. That’s how stale it has got.

  52. Wallace

    Manninger was incredible those games he came in for while Seaman was injured. thought he was unlucky to lose his place when Seaman returned as at that point Seaman wasn’t quite the keeper he was in his prime.

  53. Wallace

    looking forward to tonight’s game, the mad dog up against the master. think it’ll be very tight, but confident Guardiola will find a way to win it.

  54. Wallace

    a couple of tabloids reporting we’re in for Chelsea’s 18yr old striker Dominic Solanke. apparently very highly regarded at Chelsea, but he’s wanting a huge new deal and assurances of first team action.

  55. Samesong

    Sczeny wants to stay

    And the 26-year-old feels his future lies in the Italian capital, telling Il Messaggero: “I want to stay. It’s not all up to me, obviously. I want it to happen, and I know Roma and Arsenal are talking about it, so we’ll see what happens.

    “I’m happy to have helped the team and winning the title must be the next objective for this club.”

  56. Thank you and goodnight


    Ha ha ha ha ha. The Arsenal pr bullshit team are out in force. You can imagine it eh…..

    ” so let me see Mr Wenger, you want me to leave playing with Messi and saurez to come to Arsenal to play with giroud and Walcott?”

    “Oui, they are top top qaulideeeeeee ”

    “Great,where do I sign Mr Wenger”


  57. Thank you and goodnight


    I’ve heard that neymar is so desperate to play under le genius wenger that he’s even offered to play for free

  58. Frank Mc

    TYAG, maybe just maybe Neymar has heard about “Arsene the Builder!” and he wants to play in his stadium???

  59. Jeff


    It’ll be a cold day in hell before Neymar come to Arsenal. This is how much of a low IQ the PR machine thinks Wenger fan-boys have. They lap all this stuff up – this time next year we’ll be champions.

  60. Jeff

    Arsene is like the lodger which you didn’t really want but thought it’ll be alright for a while. Next thing you know he won’t move out because he thinks he built your house.

  61. Wallace


    ” This is how much of a low IQ the PR machine thinks Wenger fan-boys have. ”

    it’s some kid writing a blog who saw a picture of Sanchez & Neymar in London together. i’d be surprised(and firing up my cv) if Arsenal’s PR department are paying him money to run the story.

  62. Emiratesstroller

    The point which I would make about the “OFFICIAL” statement from the Chairman of Board is that it is not only blinkered but completely untrue.

    The club have made just two signings of any consequence in two of the last 3 seasons, which were Ozil in 2013/4 and Cech in 2015/6. The first was a signing in the last hour of the transfer window and the other was the only signing in the summer window when Arsenal made the second lowest investment of all clubs in EPL.

    When you analyse Arsenal’s so-called investment in contract extensions the
    list includes Arteta and missing Rosicky who have played few games in last
    two seasons, Giroud and Walcott who are having dreadful season and three young players who have barely kicked a ball in anger for first team and were loaned out this season.

    So my question to the Board is what is the “investment” that the Board have made this season in our team which I rate as possibly the most UNBALANCED
    and INJURY PRONE in recent times?

  63. STV

    the mad dog up against the master. think it’ll be very tight, but confident Guardiola will find a way to win it.

    Why you think Guardiola masters simione? He was better player without a doubt and looks like far better coach..

  64. Thank you and goodnight


    Wenger’s invested in a new lawnmower for the pitch he personally laid by himself. I think it’s a flymo on sale from homebase. Was 129.99 but he picked it up for 59.99…..a real steal if you ask me. The man knows top top qaulideeeeeee lawnmowers when he sees them

  65. Wallace


    “Why you think Guardiola masters simione? He was better player without a doubt and looks like far better coach.”

    i called Guardiola ‘the master’ because he’s the best, not that he masters Simeone, although i think he will.

  66. gonsterous

    You cant take anything red truth says seriously.. the guy is so blinded by the hatred of the club at present that he s questioning everything the club has ever achieved.. wonder which team he fell in love with to be an arsenal fan, or does he just do it out of necessity or he wants a friend to talk to.. we will never know cause he never answers any question put to him directly *!!