Arsenal fans fighting at an away game, what have we become?

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Happy Monday you absolute rascals.

What have we on the plate today?

Well, some pretty sorry news from Le Grove author James. He informed me that yet again, Arsenal fans were beating the shit out of each other after the game yesterday. Real sorry scenes. I don’t know the details, but I can imagine it had something to do with banners and Arsene Wenger related vitriol.

Sad times. Fans fighting each other is pretty grotesque. It’s happening online, it’s happening on podcasts… it’s just not very nice.

I’m game for a divided fanbase in the sense that there’s no such thing as a united one. If I head to a bar to meet my Arsenal pals and we all agree with each other, there’s literally only one thing that could be going on… we’re smashing every competition we’re winning. As that rarely happens, you’ll always have a divided fanbase. Because that’s the nature of sporting opinion.

But that’s very different to violence and nasty behaviour. I might disagree with people and their views on Arsenal, but it’s always in the spirit of the game. If you love Arsene Wenger and want another 3 year deal for the man, then jeez, I’m going to disagree on that, but it’s nothing personal. Football should never be personal. The game is a campfire to gather around, not an amphitheater to fight it out.

Calm it down people. There are far more important things we could be doing, rather than beating each other because you don’t like a view.

I think Alex is going to touch on some of this tomorrow, but I was sent this article on Pep Guardiola and his 2-3-5 formation which he’s rocking on the regular. There’s actual science that sits behind the idea. It’s a meticulous plan of how to attack in numbers without sacrificing your defensive abilities. As you get further down the article, you can see it in action where the Bayern team is set up so when the ball flies back out, they have players positioned to counter press.

I read articles like that and it makes me really sad. I had a fiery debate with a pal yesterday about the state of things at the club and his argument was that the players need to take a massive chunk of the blame for what’s going on at the club at the moment. Part of me likes that argument because it’s an easy one. You can lament things you can’t really see… if the players cared a bit more, maybe we’d win a bit more? Unreal in how intangible that is. Look at Leicester last season, what’s the difference? Is it caring more? No way. Professional sportman care. Performance comes from more than caring. It’s about being trained and prepared properly.

Look at the club and the way it’s run. There’s a autocrative management structure at the club. The manager is not an innovator these days and he’s only interesting in pushing the club along on his terms. Quite often, he’ll make changes that advance the club then he’ll revert back to what he knows when things pick up.

Point here is that if you don’t empower people to think for themselves, because you’re the vision, you can’t then lambast them when things go wrong.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t empower the team below him to work things out. He doesn’t empower the players to advance the mission. Therefore, he has to take the blame when things go wrong.

Wenger should be giving players detailed dossiers on what their role in the team is. He should be looking at our senior players who’ve played under more successful managers and asking what he could do to make things better. He should be asking his coaches to go off this summer and study other set ups and come back with a plan on how we right the wrongs of last season.

We should be learning more than one way of playing the game. The 4-2-1-3 is too predictable. Where’s our 4-4-2? Could we adopt a 2-3-5? What can we do next season that could make us less predictable? We need to vary our game and we need to get our players more tactically astute so they can manage themselves.

Our in-game management needs to be smarter. We need to be able to shut down games when we’ve taken the lead. The players need to know they can’t bomb forward, they need to all be on board with that. Again, that comes from the manager instilling that discipline in the players. That comes from him making examples of people who don’t want to play the game the new way.

We also need a pressing philosophy. Pochettino built one into his side after a half a season. Players who didn’t want to work to his vision were moved on. Players who did excelled. Wenger needs to get a squad of players who know how to tactically press. He needs to make sure that everyone is onboard with that. Pressing isn’t running around like Sanchez. It’s focused on pressing in the right areas of the pitch. At the moment, Sanchez and Ozil give zero fucks about defending for the team. It’s not acceptable. Who is going to tell them that the team must defend as a unit? And press as one?

Finally, Wenger needs to get to grips with his squad. There’s far too much durge in there. If Coquelin isn’t cutting it, get someone who can. If Ramsey can’t play with discipline, make a decision. If Ozil wants to be here, give him a striker who can convert his chances and motivate him to play like he did in the first half of the season. Get a new striker in. If we need creativity out wide, let’s bomb off Theo and Chambo and buy Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

We need quality players through the whole squad. We need players to be educated to play smarter. We need to think about how we bring something fresh to the table next year.

… because fans fighting over the malaise is not acceptable.

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    The transfer market, come on, there’s no better players out there, and if there are then City or Chelsea will just buy them, we can’t afford to take an ambitious gamble, even though we have an annual transfer budget of about £80 Million that gets replenished every year and so not spending is literally the most nonsensical thing you can do, I mean sure it might seem like, why didn’t we throw money at Dybala, or Higuain or even Martial if we weren’t going to buy anyone, but at the same time what Wenger did makes sense, I mean, a players who haven’t been good enough for 4 years and 10 years respectively, this season just seemed the most logical time for them to suddenly come good.

    Same with our injuries, yeah, fine, we’ve had chronic injury issues for a decade, but this season was suppose to the time all that stopped. Just bad luck.

    But I feel good that next year will be the year. Don’t need to spend, just need to sort out our fitness and then some players need to pick up their game.

  2. azed

    The fact that Theo is still here after 10 years is an abomination.

    But then again, we can’t compete with Leicester or the spuds and there were no super qualidee players available in the transfer market.

  3. Little Mozart

    Spuds not winning it, thanks Wenger for reducing me to such low levels. Me celebrating spuds not winning the League!!

  4. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think Leicester will do it at Old Trafford, I have a feeling they may go to Chelsea needing a point.

    But then, they made me eat my words earlier in the season, who would honestly be surprised if they did win at Old Trafford and seal it?

  5. Cesc Appeal


    I know, unlucky with injuries, unlucky with player talent and form, unlucky in the transfer market as well.

    Why always us?

  6. azed


    You forgot the conspiracy by the referees, other team parking the bus and not rolling over.

    Also Diaby leaving the handbrake on and then going to the French league.

    It’s just too much.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Or using tactics against us that other teams have used loads of times to great effect against us, just stop it!

  8. Carts

    Spurs have no asshole, smh

    Chelsea been shite since they sacked Mourinho,

    Utd been shit since Fergie left,

    Arsenal been nowhere near title contenders since 2008 – at best

    City dropped the ball once they announced Pep, some would argue it was prior to that

    And Spurs…

    Fucking bollocks lol.

    Well done Leicester. One more win and they’re good

  9. Hitman

    At least we can enjoy the summer now sort of. Plus I don’t give a monkeys about next season, enough already, until that Fraudster disappears from N5 anyway.

  10. David Smith

    Wenger is a lucky boy this evening.
    Spurs choking…..and imminent meltdown won’t get him out of jail though, Leicester have seen to that

  11. Sam

    If Wenger was IT manager I see a guy who never come anywhere near Intel processor. All his network environment runs on AMD n his routers n switches are all chinese Huawei

    Tight cunt!

  12. Sam

    Ozil is also a problem

    pass master = true

    but his weak shots do cost us

    just like Bellerin’s lame crosses

    and Sanchez left foot

  13. TitsMcGee

    Tbh I would have taken either THFC or LCFC winning it.

    Either/or is a travesty for Wenger.

    We are mathematically eliminated after yesterday.

  14. rollen

    Against Sunderland it was confirmed that Mesut Ozil has created more chances than any other player in a single Premier League season since 2003-04.

  15. peanuts&monkeys

    “Whose fault is it that we are stuck with Giroud and Walcott.”

    And, whose fault is it we are stuck with Ramsey and Wishere? Whose fault is it we do not have a leaader on the pitch? Whose fault is it wwe have not won anything for 12 years? Whose, whose, whose???

  16. peanuts&monkeys

    “SamApril 25, 2016 23:49:10

    If Wenger was IT manager I see a guy who never come anywhere near Intel processor. All his network environment runs on AMD n his routers n switches are all chinese Huawei
    Tight cunt!”

    Ho ho ho LOLzzz

  17. azed

    I blame Gambon and all the non akbs for this mess.

    If only they had accepted that Sanogoal was a £50 million striker
    Giroud is world class
    Jack was the best thing before sliced bread
    Ramsey is the new Zidane
    Diaby was always a new signing
    4th is a real trophy

    We won’t have been stuck in mediocre hell…

  18. Jeff

    I wonder if Grampus Nagoya will have him back. Does anyone know if we kept the receipt? Maybe there’s a money back guarantee in there somewhere.

  19. STV

    “Against Sunderland it was confirmed that Mesut Ozil has created more chances than any other player in a single Premier League season since 2003-04.”

    I don’t worry much on this. Wenger reaffirmed it’s normal for Giroud to get in to goalless streaks and he will come back stronger. Hope he will take some of those chances in next season.

  20. Jeff

    Just to give you some perspective of where we are in the world currently as a club – twitter is joyous about “better Leicester than Spurs” as if somehow that is actually something to be happy about. Never mind they are both ahead of us by some margin, but that one is going to win it and not the other. No doubt we will celebrate fourth as well in equal measure and boast that Wenger has managed league mediocrity for 12 years on the trot and make it sound like a resounding success.

  21. Jeff


    David Dein brought him in, used his phenomenal negotiating skills to acquire all those wonderful players and then fucked off leaving us in the hands of a crook. He should have taken Wenger with him when he went. So irresponsible.

    Of course from Wenger’s point of view, he knew he just got handed the goose that lays the golden eggs. From that moment on, he realised he could stay at Arsenal for however long he wanted. This is a classic horror story of a blessing turning into a curse.

  22. STV

    They thought we got a visionary because he says a lot of philosophical bullshit. But applying them made him a complete lunatic. Now they want them out.. The psycho however became immovable dinosaur and now they are all mad.

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    As for John cross I would rather read the history of cement than a book about that fraud arsehole wonga

  24. leon

    In all honesty I am not surprised with the situation at the club as years have gone on even the strongest most loyal wenger are finally starting to see that wenger has passed it. I don’t think it would matter if you gave him 300 million he simply has not got the tactics and his lack ability to inspire the players has been exposed as well.

    It seems to me this club needs a fresh start a new manager clean slate because as it sounds now this team boring and predictable

  25. STV


    underneath all those smirking grinning and level headed appearance, there is a greedy selfish opportunistic money-grabbing whore who’ll do anything for its survival.

    Dein at fault he didn’t realize the true nature of Wenger and left the club in the hands of the Devil.

  26. Jeff


    But the most pertinent question is why has it been allowed to go on for so long. You could forgive maybe 3 or 4 seasons and put it down to transition or something but 12 seasons? This man started going down hill as far back as 2008 (or even earlier) when he started dismantling the invincibles by refusing anyone over 30 more than a year’s contract. He replaced a winning team in a short time with mostly dross and the last remnants of that team (e.g. Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy) all going to rival teams whilst they got stronger and we got weaker. This is a complete and utter madman, a parasitic lunatic – there’s no other explanation for it.

  27. Samesong

    Marhez is a one season wonder like Michu of Swansea,we need top,top qualidee.

    Funny how people can see into the future. Leceister will win at old Trafford and not bottle like we always do. United should be worried.

  28. Jeff


    The only problem is that not enough people realise gravity of how much trouble we were in when Dein left and how much deeper into it were driven with Wenger in charge thereafter. Unintelligent simpletons still make his excuses and sing his praises.