Arsene Wenger has a Mesut Ozil problem | Season in farcical decline

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Well, errr, this is getting painful.

Arsenal clogged out a depressing 0-0 draw against a bang average Sunderland side. Our season is like watching a wildebeest dragging itself out of a river with 5 crocodiles hanging off the back of it. It’s painful. Can someone just put our season out of its misery?

I think what’s clear from today is the manager has bigger problems than we initially thought. We’ve gone from title contenders at the front of the season (JANUARY!), to a squad that looks like it needs a machete this summer. Players aren’t playing for the manager now, and that sort of attitude cannot be allowed to continue into the next year.

I think outside players just not being good enough, we have a real problem with Mesut Ozil. He’s switched off. On his holidays. He can’t be arsed. What’s he done since Christmas, 2 assists? Next to nothing. He’s a half-season wonder. I really am starting to wonder whether you win a Premier League with him in the setup? A sniff of things not going his way and he hides. He’s been sauntering around the pitch like a man preserving his legs, but even worse, a man who thinks he might not be around next season.

You can slate the rest of the team, but I think most of them at least give a shit. Sanchez is frustrating, but he’s running about. Same for the rest. Ozil, well, he’s a problem. If Arsene was offered £60m this summer and we could swap him out for Mahrez, you wouldn’t hear me complaining. For all the sublime skill, you don’t really have the leadership qualities you’d expect for one of the best creative talents in the world.

We also have issues with Ramsey. Love him to bits, but we’re, what, 8 years into his career and we still haven’t found a role for him in the team. He really showed himself up earlier on in the season when Cazorla dropped out of the side. He couldn’t adapt. He couldn’t identify what he was doing wrong and he didn’t seem to mind that he was impacting the team negatively. Really, I think it’s fair to say he’s not been much of a player since that purple patch a couple of seasons ago.

Then you have Theo Walcott. I think he’s basically the poster child of failure. He’s always been the player we talk about for next year… and he never comes good. Interesting to hear Wenger say that Theo realises he needs to work. This isn’t a kid he’s talking about, this is one of our highest earners… and he’s learning at 26 he has to work for a living.

It’s all lamentable. It also sits with one man. Arsene Wenger.

When you look at the brutal facts of this season, you can’t look at anyone other than him for the blame.

3 games stand out to me. The Southampton game, where we couldn’t convert in a 90mins that we dominated. Man of the match awards for their keeper aside, that’s a game that a title challenging team dominates. That’s a game you look at Arsene Wenger and say, jeez mate, what were you thinking not having a world class striker at the club? Bless Giroud, but he’s not scored in 19 of the last 20 games. That’s appalling. Look at the talent in Europe, why are we not going hard for someone? Why was there no backup plan when Benz was off?

Next game, which was a joke, was the Swansea game at home. Joel Campbell opens against a really poor team. Then we make a mistake in midfield from a goal kick and let them back in. Eventually conceding another soft goal to Ashley Williams of all players. Where is the in-game management to shut up shop? Why are the players not more tactically astute at that moment in time? How are we dropping points at home under such limp circumstances with so much on the line?

Finally, the big one, we drop 2 points at home against a shocking Palace (I know I missed West Ham here, but at least they’re a good side). We manage to break down their bank of 8 defenders. Then with 10 minutes to go, ill-discipline that is a consistent hallmark of Wenger teams, sets in and we concede a soft goal. Tactinaivetyvity at it’s worst. Poor in game management by Wenger. No response.

That’s two points out of 9. If we make up that 7 points before today… and had a striker who could have finished his dinner today, we’d be joint top of the league.

This is the issue for next season. These points we’re dropping aren’t really about the players, it’s about how they’re trained and deployed. I mean, the glaring miss for Arsene is the striker. But that aside, look at the in-game stupidity. Who is taking care of that? If we can’t take care of basic in game management, like ‘shut up shop’, how are we going to outsmart a manager who drops formations like 2-3-5 on the regular?

We’ve lost the league this season because we’re a sloppy team that lacks discipline. Arsene Wenger lets players like Ramsey and Ozil do what the hell they like. There’s no real structure to our play. We have a standard formation that the manager rarely deviates from. We’re set up for failure. It doesn’t need to be that way.

I hate to say it, because it feels very disrespectful, but Arsene Wenger just isn’t a good manager anymore. He’s not really managing. If he was, he’d be nailing this season. Then next year, order will be restored… The master is coming to the league, in Pep Guardiola. Jurgen Klopp will have a summer to prepare his new Liverpool. Pochettino will still be about. Slaven Billic will strengthen West Ham. Maybe Mourinho at United.

What are we doing to progress the club? Eyeing up another 3 year deal for Wenger? Please. This is insanity.

On the coaching front, Pochettino is now sniffing around his pal Arteta. Can someone please make an offer for him? Two of the best managers in the game are pushing the boat out to bring him in. I can understand it as well. He’s apparently a super smart guy, he’s La Masia trained, he speaks a whole bunch of languages, he’s a leader and he’s played in a whole bunch of countries. So let’s not make the Patrick Vieira mistake here, let’s make him an offer and see what he can bring to the table.

Thing is though, who’d work under Arsene Wenger? What are you really going to learn vs heading over to get tutored under the greatest manager in the game?

Such a shame. Arsene would be an absolute force if he brought people in who could tighten up his weak points. He’s victim of his own ego and it’s painful to watch.

So what now? Well, we’ve got to hope we beat Norwich. We’ve got to hope the mighty Leicester City spank United next week and we’ve also got to hope Manchester City struggle to juggle Champions League and the game with us. If we can’t beat them inbetween their Madrid game, we really are stuffed. I think us losing out on Champions League would be a message to Stan, but it’s not one that I’d be happy to take, because I know it won’t force change. It’ll just force a rethink on 3 year contract they probably have waiting for the manager.


Anyway, have a thrilling day. It’s 20 degrees out here and I’m going to drown myself in sausage and misery. BBQ sausage you animals.

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  1. Wallace


    “If he secured even just one of those finishes he’d have achieved more than Wenger has in the league for the last decade.”

    but with Wenger being a senile old French cunt i’m sure a string of them won’t be beyond the next manager. as long as he’s not some nuthouse escapee, and as long as he signs Schneiderlin.

  2. Wallace


    I don’t expect him to be at Arsenal beyond next season. I also think he’d be crazy not to just say fuck it and blow 200m on a couple of WC players this summer.

  3. WengerEagle


    Hehe, that’s good.

    But seriously, look at what Pochettino has done at a smaller club in Spurs with less resources, never mind even Leicester.

    Why is it so hard for you to believe that somebody could come in and give us more than 3rd/4th in the league and a last 16 UCL exit?

    There’s always the risk that we’ll be even worse off but tbh after so many years of mediocrity, it’s a risk well worth taking.

    Never thought that I’d be jealous of my Liverpool mates but Klopp has breathed new life into that club.

    We both know that at best next season we’ll finish 3rd and get crushed in the last 16 of the UCL/QF under Wenger.

    You good with that, yeah?

  4. Marko

    Give him one more summer eh Wallace? Simple question why this summer and not last? Why would he go on a spending spree this summer but spend just 11 million last year? No one available last year (or previous) but this summer I guess we have our pick of the litter.

    Dybala seemingly looks like a massive missed opportunity last summer. We were linked with him and even though there was reports he wanted to stay in Italy you’d of imagined if we went in with a serious offer we could of gotten him. Everyone and their granny knows he’s a huge prospect.

  5. underrated Coq


    ” if we’d had a season like Chelsea have ”

    Chelsea, the reigning Champions. See this is where you differ. Most casual football fans would prefer a 1st and 10th place than two fourth place finishes. So we go a season without CL, is it really a big deal?

    If the likes of Barca and Bayern miss out, it’ll be pandemonium .But nobody would bat an eyelid if Arsenal miss out as it’ll make no difference to the competition.

    All this bullsh!t about appeasing sponsors, attracting new players or keeping your current players. Do you think it more likely that a player, say Sanchez, thinks ”Okay, this year was bad but we won the title last year. We’ll be back” or would it be ” Winning is overrated, participation is what matters ” ?

    Wenger’s really brainwashed common sense out of some people.

    ” if he goes at the end of this season i think it’ll make things difficult for his replacement.”

    I’m scratching my head at this one. What difference does it make? This year we finish in the top four, next year will be the same(some may say it may get worse). So what exactly makes next year so conducive for change as compared to this? What’s the magic involved?

  6. vicky

    I would rather have 2-3 outside top 4 places and a league trophy in between than always finishing top 4 but never even competing for the league as is the case with Wenger. We will be doing just fine if not even better under a new manager. If it goes tits up we can hire a new manager again. What’s wrong in trying a new manager ?

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I can’t stand all this ‘other fans think we’re spoilt,’ its such a GeoffArsenal, John Cross type pile of turd…those fans will be fans of Everton, or Newcastle or shite like that, no Chelsea, United, City supporter etc will think we’re spoilt.

    And seriously, Wenger’s going to spend this summer is he? Again. I get being resigned to the fact that he plank is going to be here, but this continued defence of Wenger and trying to hold him up as some ambition manager who actively chases improvement and the best is frankly delusion.

    You make lofty statements about Wenger in May, forgetting you did the same thing last year, then slowly lowered the bar throughout the course of the season as one fuck up followed another to the point where we’re at May again and you’re making lofty predictions about Wenger’s ambition.

    So curious to see what pro-Wenger fans will be like with a new manager. Seeing their objective, rational opinions for once.

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    Give wenger another year??? LIKE FUCK! Guy should have his smug face kicked in and thrown out by his balls this minute. Fake fraud of a manager

  9. Wallace


    “Why is it so hard for you to believe that somebody could come in and give us more than 3rd/4th in the league and a last 16 UCL exit?”

    it’s not hard to believe, i just don’t think it’ll be as easy as most on here seem to think.

  10. Marko

    It’s pretty simple at this point give him one more year it’ll end up the same way and we all know it. Give him a new deal same again everything the collapse the not addressing squad issues it’ll stay the same. At least with a new manager there’sthe unknown and at this stage that’s an improvement on the current set up

  11. WengerEagle

    Spot on Underrated Coq and Vicky.

    Fuck me, I’d take 1 league title and 19 finishes outside the top 4 ahead of 20 finishes in the top 4 but no title.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about the trophies you win.

    Are people going to tell their grandchildren about the time that they came 4th after being mid table at Christmas?

    Maybe in the Wenger household.

  12. Wallace


    “Give him one more summer eh Wallace? Simple question why this summer and not last?”

    because i think this will be his last. not saying he will go on a mad splurge, but i think he’d be crazy not to.

  13. WengerEagle


    If it’s not hard to believe why do you want to give Wenger another year?

    I mean fucking hell, sometimes you have to take a step back to take two forwards.

    On paper Klopp hasn’t done that much better than Rodgers was doing, yet it’s Jekyll and Hyde in terms of fan morale.

    Because people can see the direction that Klopp wants to take them in.

    Where are we going under Wenger exactly?

  14. Wallace

    urr Coq

    “So we go a season without CL, is it really a big deal?”

    no, but 3 or 4 seasons might be. why do you think it’ll be so easy to get straight back in? where’s the evidence to suggest dropping out’s just a temporary thing?

    finish 5th this year and we can rule out signing Lukaku. or rather he’ll rule out signing for us.

  15. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    Under wenger we’re dropping out of the top 10 next year and I’m willing to put that bet on at my local bookies. Do I believe that…..yes 100% without a shadow of doubt we’ll be out top 10 next year. With Ozil and Sanchez fucking off end of this season, WC players will avoid us like girl guides avoiding a Rolf Harrison meet and greet day. Quite frankly on this year’s form and minus decent players we’re fucked.

  16. Marko

    it’s not hard to believe, i just don’t think it’ll be as easy as most on here seem to think.

    Easy is spending little money putting your faith in obviously not good enough players and hoping for the best every season. It’s the ending result that is hard. Honestly how anyone at this point can be against change is beyond. Right off the bat if we gave the new guy a summer to invest right there you’d have an improvement on Wenger. Someone comes in and signs a striker better than Giroud right there you’d have an improvement on Wenger. Signs someone better than Arteta and Flamini or spends more than 5-8 million on a DM he’s done a better job than Arsene has in one window than Arsene has in about 20

  17. underrated Coq

    Again, you’ll never catch any self-respecting athlete ever bigging up ”participation”. That’s what your teachers say to you in primary school to make sure failure doesn’t hurt you and make you give up on competing. Ofcourse we realize how shit it is as soon as we grow up a bit.

  18. Wallace


    i just think it’s better if we let him see out his contract. i don’t want him to sign another one, but if we sack him this summer I think it puts far too much unnecessary pressure on the incoming guy.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger’s a coward now, he earns big money and the fans have let him slide into a comfort area where 4th is a trophy and so on and off the field he doesn’t have to be super competitive and thinks he should be measured against a lower standard because of his self-imposed frugality and idiotic principles he stubbornly adheres to.

    I’m completely with you, if a new manager came in and we spent the next season or two hovering around 4th or 5th whilst he cleaned up Wenger’s mess and the club started to get some structure, if you could see the additions and see the direction the manager wanted to go in, I would be fine with it.

    Arsenal position right now is pointless for a football fan, their predictability and staleness means you can derive no joy from any victory because outside of finances its meaningless.

  20. Doomngloom

    Yep.would love to see the ground half empty for Norwich this wk-that in itself would tell a for the last game…the dugout & team should be pelted with rotten eggs & tomatoes.what he then get the message?enough is enough.stop playing the fans of this great club for fools….

  21. Cesc Appeal

    I completely disagree, I think the new manager would have the total support of the fan base who would be just so relieved to see a change in direction.

    That’s the thing, no fan would demand he won the league, all the fans would want to see is him trying to make this side as competitive as it possibly can be, correcting mistakes, addressing flaws, modern coaching, modern tactics etc.

    That’s it. Something new so that you can’t predict how the season will end.

    The new guy will actually have the total opposite of pressure.

  22. Wallace


    “Right off the bat if we gave the new guy a summer to invest right there you’d have an improvement on Wenger. ”

    like Utd’s, City’s, Chelsea’s & Liverpool’s investments last summer meant they all moved further ahead of us?

  23. Red&White4life

    ” i just don’t think it’ll be as easy as most on here seem to think.”

    Wallace is afraid of change.
    What a surprise…

  24. Red&White4life

    “like Utd’s, City’s, Chelsea’s & Liverpool’s investments last summer meant they all moved further ahead of us?”

    Wait until next season lol

  25. WengerEagle


    I don’t think we’ll finish that low but I do seriously believe that next year if not this year (we’re lucky that United are probably too shite to take advantage of our epic choke) we won’t finish in the UCL spots.

    City under Pep will be the dominant force IMO and then you’ll have Chelsea rebuilding under a top new coach in Conte, Liverpool have looked one of the strongest sides in the BPL in the last couple of months under Klopp and I can only imagine what they’ll do with a full summer to rebuild.

    Spurs are only going to get better under Pochettino, they’ve a very young squad.

    And if United get Mourinho I’d be very worried. Sure he had a shocking time of it last season but he’s won a league title in the first two years of any job he’s ever taken across 4 different leagues.

    And it would be foolish to just leave out the league champions in Leicester.

  26. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “That’s it. Something new so that you can’t predict how the season will end. The new guy will actually have the total opposite of pressure.”

    really? reading le grove over the last 4-5yrs it doesn’t strike me as the most patient and understanding of places. if we’re bobbing along in 12th come next March will you still be rocking the ‘not great, admittedly, but loving the way this new guy’s just subbed off those 3 players at HT. didn’t get that under Wenger.’ vibe?

  27. gambon


    Thete is no defence of Wenger anymore. None.

    Hes a laughing stock amongst other fans, most Arsenal fans want him gone, pundits have finally turned on him and even ex players like Merson and Smudger have said change is needed.

    Like i say. Theres no defence any more.

    Hes just too long in the tooth. Its embarrassing watching him.

    As ive said so many times, the guy has severe mental illness…possibly alzheimers. I bet he has to take a handfull of pills just to get through a day.

  28. gbenga

    Arsenal is in deep shit wt Wenger at the helm!
    Arsenal is the shit itself wt Wenger at the helm.
    Just tired.

  29. Marko

    like Utd’s, City’s, Chelsea’s & Liverpool’s investments last summer meant they all moved further ahead of us? Well City will likely finish above us and Klopp didn’t get a chance to impose himself on a summer window yet and no one’s suggesting we hire Van Gaal so what exactly is your point? Maybe try and find the cure to mortality so we can keep Wenger forever cause just in case the next guy isn’t capable of bringing champions league football. Ridiculous thinking.

  30. WengerEagle

    ‘That’s it. Something new so that you can’t predict how the season will end.’

    Exactly right Cesc, that’s the worst part of all of this IMO.

    We know EXACTLY where we are going to finish every season as early as August.

    It’s been 3rd/4th EVERY season in the BPL for 10 years in a row.

    And we’ve been dumped out of the UCL in the last for the last 6 years in a row.

  31. underrated Coq

    Wallace, your entire way of thinking is so backwards and defies logic.

    You talk of a top four finish being pivotal to sign players. First of all, its Wenger we are talking about, not exactly known for using our top four status to bring in bucket-loads of the talent available. Secondly, we’ve been forever finishing in the oh-so-important CL places and what? Fabregas left, Nasri left, van Persie left, Ozil and Sanchez are making noises now.

    You think they’d have been so keen to skidaddle out the place if there was a shiny League medal on view every-time they entered their living room?

    What you just can’t seem to comprehend is, Yes, signing players is important but what is also important is keeping them and keeping them happy at that. And I’m sorry to say, a plethora of fourth place null trophies won’t be keeping any player with a mediocum of ambition happy.

  32. WengerEagle

    Chelsea’s spending last summer was shit but you conveniently leave out how buying Costa, Fabregas, Matic and bringing back Courtois won them the BPL only this time a year ago.

  33. gambon


    Why are you suggesting we will be 12th?

    Its like project fear with the AKBs.

    How likely is it that a team with £195m wage bill (matching Man City), £200m in the bank, the most advanced analytics capability and a team full of internationals is gonna be in 12th?

    We’re sitting 4th in the PL.

    Considering the correlation between wages and league position….we would probably finish 4th with Gus Poyet in charge.

  34. Cesc Appeal



    Your statement is totally undermined from the off, ‘reading Le Grove for the past 4-5 years…’ 4-5 years, its taken 4-5 years for the majority of fans to flatly call for Wenger out on here, its taken 10 years for that to be true in the fan base as a whole.

    This whole ‘Wenger is so hard done by’ thing is total rubbish.

    I would likely speak my mind Wallace, if I thought the new guy was doing a bad job, I would say that, but unless he was some bone pick like Garde, its doubtful I would write him off after a season, took me until 2011 to write Wenger off.

    And no one is talking about substitutions at half time being what we all want to see, again, you deliberately and infuriatingly miss the point, we’re talking about investment, coaching staff, fitness, tactics, squad composition, addressing flaws speedily and not taking 5-6 years to do it.

    If you have a manager dong that, at a club like Arsenal, I doubt we will be finishing 12th any time soon. That is it for me, if I can see the new guy doing that, and so see where he’s going, I wouldn’t care if we finished 5th, 4th is meaningless anyway if you aren’t being ambitious and trying to compete.

    Look at Pochettino, didn’t get UCL last year, but he was shaping the squad, getting in the players he wanted and getting rid of the players who wouldn’t play his way.

    Your whole Wenger thing is actually getting a little weird now.

  35. Marko

    really? reading le grove over the last 4-5yrs it doesn’t strike me as the most patient.

    A bit of a misconception that. Sure you’ll always get absolute fuckheads on here complaining about this and that but for the most part especially on here just someone who had a real go in the transfer market would get everyone behind him. I mean that summer he looked like he was finally going to address the squad only to stop at signing chambers had Everyone happy. Even though he stopped at a striker and a DM. Probably got a look at the books and shat himself. You remember the summer where we got all our business done cause he was playing beach soccer and then everything stopped when he went back to work

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Not just the finishing place, transfers, tactics, injuries, glaring holes in the squad, mental fragility…it is all predictable.

    The thing is, and I don’t mean to sound like I’m having a pop at him, is just he’s here right now, Wallace has been wrong on essentially every substantial issues about Arsenal this year, yet he will still talk as if we all don’t understand, that our gripes are minimal and Wenger isn’t doing that bad a job.

    When, in June, July and August fans can predict, injuries, mental bottling, lack of quality and exactly how Arsenal’s season will pan out, and with Leicester winning the league and Spurs coming above us that prediction is still true…f**k me you have a problem.

  37. Marko

    Considering the correlation between wages and league position….we would probably finish 4th with Gus Poyet in charge.

    Brilliant. But seriously it finishing fourth has nothing to do with players or money it’s all Wenger. Everything ceases when he goes

  38. gambon


    Would you not agree that this season has shown that the issue is way beyond money?

    For years we have been told that we couldnt compete with clubs that spend more (even though Fergie could).

    This season the money teams have collapsed and we still couldnt win.

    Would you not admit that theres a fundamental and structural issue built into the club from the top down?

    I said back in December exactly what would happen this season. I literally wrote a list of things that would happen from Dec-May and every single bullet point has come true.

    Is that not worrying.

    I also said that if we were playing the Aldershot Town U12s in a friendly, and just before the game we were told we win the PL if we win, we would be down to 10 men within 5 minutes and we would draw 0-0 to a bunch of 11 year olds.

    It really is that bad.

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘I also said that if we were playing the Aldershot Town U12s in a friendly, and just before the game we were told we win the PL if we win, we would be down to 10 men within 5 minutes and we would draw 0-0 to a bunch of 11 year olds.’


  40. underrated Coq

    “I also said that if we were playing the Aldershot Town U12s in a friendly, and just before the game we were told we win the PL if we win, we would be down to 10 men within 5 minutes and we would draw 0-0 to a bunch of 11 year olds.”

    More interesting to think about possible Wenger excuses in that case.

  41. gambon

    “Yes we failed to beat a team of 11 year olds…but its not like we fight for the relegation.

    We maybe need a little bit distance to analyse without reacting too much”

  42. Joe

    Ha now Wallace doesn’t want to change manager because of the pressure it will put on hue new guy hahaha

    And then he says look how the spending helped Chelsea United city pool

    They all changed or will change their managers you dimwit

    Merson said 1000 managers could do what wenger has done. Are you saying you know better than an ex player

    You’re wrong again Wallace. We will be a million times better with a new manager.

    We would of won the league this season with a different manager and same squad.

    It’s not the players. It’s the manager. End of


  43. underrated Coq

    “These 11 year olds don’t have the pressure of professional footballers, they don’t play as many games so that’s another advantage. Look, we live in a world where making kids happy is considered a good thing so lets take it that way”

  44. Wallace


    “like Utd’s, City’s, Chelsea’s & Liverpool’s investments last summer meant they all moved further ahead of us?”

    “Well City will likely finish above us and Klopp didn’t get a chance to impose himself on a summer window yet and no one’s suggesting we hire Van Gaal so what exactly is your point?”

    that spending a shedload of money guarantees nothing.

  45. Wallace


    “Would you not admit that theres a fundamental and structural issue built into the club from the top down?”

    no, we have to sort out the injuries, or stop signing injury prone players, and we definitely need a few more players with a bit more fight in them, but structurally i think the club’s fine. whoever takes over will have a pretty great job.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Are you drunk for most of the day, or just on wicked strong pain killers or something, both promoting deluded thought and meaning you lose long term memory?

  47. gambon


    I mean structurally throughout the football team….not the actual structure of the club.

    Arsenal is a socialist mess of a hippy commune where the standards are low and no-one is accountable.

    Its no wonder we cant win the PL when we have a manager who clearly doesnt see a difference between finishing 1st and 4th.

    That attitude is so deeply ingrained in the team that failure is now guaranteed.

    You only have to look at how much lower Sanchez’ defensive workrate is to see the problem.

    He came in last season and worked like a beast. It only took him one season to realise no one else tries very hard and he downed tools.

    Sanchez’ workrate isnt the reason we arent winning, but the philosophy of the club, dictated by Wenger, that both caused him to down tools and accepted the lower work rate, is most definitely to blame.

  48. Wallace


    “Arsenal is a socialist mess of a hippy commune where the standards are low and no-one is accountable.”

    ah yeah, but i’m a left-leaning, commie-c*nt type, so i love all that unorganized shit.

    might also explain why i dislike Mourinho so intensely, and haven’t got a boner for Simeone.

  49. Leedsgunner


    You must have a patient of a saint… if this season isn’t a sackable offence what is?

    Goodness me, why does Wenger have on you? What has he done to deserve it?

    All the best anyways to you mate,

  50. Wallace


    having said all that, if we could get Tuchel, Klopp or Guardiola to take over next season i’d happily look the other way while Gazidis bundled Wenger out the building 😉

  51. Leedsgunner

    As a club, we owe Wenger nothing. He’s had all the money, facilities and the power most managers could only dream of.

    Please no more of this revisionist history and feeling sorry for Wenger. Not our fault the house of sand he’s dutifully built over the past 12v years is falling.

    In fact, I would argue, he’s fashioned our club in his image. Not our fault, he he doesn’t like want he sees.

    Shame we have to tolerate £8.5m + pa to give a lonely narcissist a purpose in life.

  52. Nicky2978

    First time poster…Love the website and it’s work. and over the course of this season have found myself re-visiting more and more and agreeing with Pedro and co. After another season in which we have failed to compete, I am now a firm believer that this has to be Wenger’s last season in charge. The sheer lack of competence displayed by Wenger this season shows he is well and truly a busted flush and that he longer has the ability to manage let alone compete in the modern footballing world. The players look dis-interested as do the coaching staff sat next to him and now the fans are even fed up and bored by it. The football is slow and lethargic and the style of play is dated. Throw into the mix Wenger’s disdain and lack of respect to the fans the last few months and it’s clear to see that a parting of ways is the best outcome for everyone. What is baffling is that there are still people who feel he deserves a new contract or one final season – the vain hope being that he would somehow go out in a blaze of glory, sorry to say but that is delusional and short-sighted to say the least. What are the AKB’s afraid of? Missing out on top 4 and the CL – why? we never compete in it anyway, we win a few games and then get embarrassed by a team with a touch of class about it. Or is it the money acquired from a top 4 finish? Last time I checked we had around £200m to spend. It’s time to embrace a change and not fear it, there are lots of coaches/managers out there that could push this squad and maximise its potential with a fresh modern approach to the game, whilst also making our players more tactically aware and play with more intelligence in terms of their game-management – Ranieri is the best current example of this – hunger, organisation, desire and tactical acumen….if you swapped Ranieri for Wenger this season do you think Leicester would be 8 points clear with 3 games to go???

  53. WrightIsGod

    Very clear to me that the whole Premier League does not want Spurs anywhere near this title…. Thank f**k!

  54. Tony

    Loved the site for years and also a first time poster.

    Whether you love or hate Miles at ANR, pretty much all he criticises Wenger about is right. No need to rehash it here.

    We’re supposed to have the best scouting system across the world – maybe we have, but a manager who dithers and procrastinates is never going to take a punt on players like Vardy and Mahrez (£400k was it?). Even his going after ‘quality’ players most of the time is a ruse. Look at the Suaraz debacle.

    For the past 3 or 4 years there have been no players who can improve the club, right? Does anyone believe that?

    Wenger aside – and that’s a huge problem in itself- the other biggest problem with our beloved club stems from the very top down. Kronke, Gazidis and pretty much of the rest of the board have no ambition outside their deep pockets and short arms. It’s all about profit.

    There are several managers who would immediately make improvements: Lowe and Koeman for starters. They could do this by getting the mindset, ambition of the players and tactical sense right to begin with. Then getting rid of the dead wood – maybe 7 or 8 players over a couple of seasons would complete the rebuilding, especially if we play new players (and current ones for that matter) in their preferred positions.

    However, we can only dream because of the fundamental obstacle: the board and owner.

    It’s come to the point where, like so many other Gooners, I don’t look forward to matches any more. Most of the time I don’t bother watching them. It’s not that I don’t care, I really do, but I’ve had enough of Groundhog Days over the years to last a lifetime!

    I’d settle for the Tinker Man to be at the helm. United won’t be out of the running after this season. Chelsea the same. Liverpool are going to be a force too be reckoned with, and City won’t be allowed to stutter or be inconsistent under Pep.

    Don’t rule out Bilic improving West Ham and Spurs can only get better. Then there is the TV money levelling the proverbial playing field for so called lower clubs.

    All above mentioned clubs with new mangers, right? Where is that going to leave us?

    Anyone agree with any of this?