Arsene Wenger has a Mesut Ozil problem | Season in farcical decline

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Well, errr, this is getting painful.

Arsenal clogged out a depressing 0-0 draw against a bang average Sunderland side. Our season is like watching a wildebeest dragging itself out of a river with 5 crocodiles hanging off the back of it. It’s painful. Can someone just put our season out of its misery?

I think what’s clear from today is the manager has bigger problems than we initially thought. We’ve gone from title contenders at the front of the season (JANUARY!), to a squad that looks like it needs a machete this summer. Players aren’t playing for the manager now, and that sort of attitude cannot be allowed to continue into the next year.

I think outside players just not being good enough, we have a real problem with Mesut Ozil. He’s switched off. On his holidays. He can’t be arsed. What’s he done since Christmas, 2 assists? Next to nothing. He’s a half-season wonder. I really am starting to wonder whether you win a Premier League with him in the setup? A sniff of things not going his way and he hides. He’s been sauntering around the pitch like a man preserving his legs, but even worse, a man who thinks he might not be around next season.

You can slate the rest of the team, but I think most of them at least give a shit. Sanchez is frustrating, but he’s running about. Same for the rest. Ozil, well, he’s a problem. If Arsene was offered £60m this summer and we could swap him out for Mahrez, you wouldn’t hear me complaining. For all the sublime skill, you don’t really have the leadership qualities you’d expect for one of the best creative talents in the world.

We also have issues with Ramsey. Love him to bits, but we’re, what, 8 years into his career and we still haven’t found a role for him in the team. He really showed himself up earlier on in the season when Cazorla dropped out of the side. He couldn’t adapt. He couldn’t identify what he was doing wrong and he didn’t seem to mind that he was impacting the team negatively. Really, I think it’s fair to say he’s not been much of a player since that purple patch a couple of seasons ago.

Then you have Theo Walcott. I think he’s basically the poster child of failure. He’s always been the player we talk about for next year… and he never comes good. Interesting to hear Wenger say that Theo realises he needs to work. This isn’t a kid he’s talking about, this is one of our highest earners… and he’s learning at 26 he has to work for a living.

It’s all lamentable. It also sits with one man. Arsene Wenger.

When you look at the brutal facts of this season, you can’t look at anyone other than him for the blame.

3 games stand out to me. The Southampton game, where we couldn’t convert in a 90mins that we dominated. Man of the match awards for their keeper aside, that’s a game that a title challenging team dominates. That’s a game you look at Arsene Wenger and say, jeez mate, what were you thinking not having a world class striker at the club? Bless Giroud, but he’s not scored in 19 of the last 20 games. That’s appalling. Look at the talent in Europe, why are we not going hard for someone? Why was there no backup plan when Benz was off?

Next game, which was a joke, was the Swansea game at home. Joel Campbell opens against a really poor team. Then we make a mistake in midfield from a goal kick and let them back in. Eventually conceding another soft goal to Ashley Williams of all players. Where is the in-game management to shut up shop? Why are the players not more tactically astute at that moment in time? How are we dropping points at home under such limp circumstances with so much on the line?

Finally, the big one, we drop 2 points at home against a shocking Palace (I know I missed West Ham here, but at least they’re a good side). We manage to break down their bank of 8 defenders. Then with 10 minutes to go, ill-discipline that is a consistent hallmark of Wenger teams, sets in and we concede a soft goal. Tactinaivetyvity at it’s worst. Poor in game management by Wenger. No response.

That’s two points out of 9. If we make up that 7 points before today… and had a striker who could have finished his dinner today, we’d be joint top of the league.

This is the issue for next season. These points we’re dropping aren’t really about the players, it’s about how they’re trained and deployed. I mean, the glaring miss for Arsene is the striker. But that aside, look at the in-game stupidity. Who is taking care of that? If we can’t take care of basic in game management, like ‘shut up shop’, how are we going to outsmart a manager who drops formations like 2-3-5 on the regular?

We’ve lost the league this season because we’re a sloppy team that lacks discipline. Arsene Wenger lets players like Ramsey and Ozil do what the hell they like. There’s no real structure to our play. We have a standard formation that the manager rarely deviates from. We’re set up for failure. It doesn’t need to be that way.

I hate to say it, because it feels very disrespectful, but Arsene Wenger just isn’t a good manager anymore. He’s not really managing. If he was, he’d be nailing this season. Then next year, order will be restored… The master is coming to the league, in Pep Guardiola. Jurgen Klopp will have a summer to prepare his new Liverpool. Pochettino will still be about. Slaven Billic will strengthen West Ham. Maybe Mourinho at United.

What are we doing to progress the club? Eyeing up another 3 year deal for Wenger? Please. This is insanity.

On the coaching front, Pochettino is now sniffing around his pal Arteta. Can someone please make an offer for him? Two of the best managers in the game are pushing the boat out to bring him in. I can understand it as well. He’s apparently a super smart guy, he’s La Masia trained, he speaks a whole bunch of languages, he’s a leader and he’s played in a whole bunch of countries. So let’s not make the Patrick Vieira mistake here, let’s make him an offer and see what he can bring to the table.

Thing is though, who’d work under Arsene Wenger? What are you really going to learn vs heading over to get tutored under the greatest manager in the game?

Such a shame. Arsene would be an absolute force if he brought people in who could tighten up his weak points. He’s victim of his own ego and it’s painful to watch.

So what now? Well, we’ve got to hope we beat Norwich. We’ve got to hope the mighty Leicester City spank United next week and we’ve also got to hope Manchester City struggle to juggle Champions League and the game with us. If we can’t beat them inbetween their Madrid game, we really are stuffed. I think us losing out on Champions League would be a message to Stan, but it’s not one that I’d be happy to take, because I know it won’t force change. It’ll just force a rethink on 3 year contract they probably have waiting for the manager.


Anyway, have a thrilling day. It’s 20 degrees out here and I’m going to drown myself in sausage and misery. BBQ sausage you animals.

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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    Gambon had been deserving this “trophy of yours’ since 2008. you should now be congratulated that you have dropped your blinkers @gonestrous.

    By the way, in case you are from London, can you protest next game?

  2. peanuts&monkeys

    Ozil was never what Arsenal required. It was Arsene Wenger’s ‘beautiful pretty pretty football sans any trophy’ project, that Ozil was a part of.

    Arsene Wenger has l;ong been deluded. He is a specialist of failure in football. He has taken the club down to dogs.

    He has served his masters with loads of money. he is a specialist in that.

  3. Jeff

    It’s all very well picking on Ozil but the question you have to ask yourself is this. Without his many assists and the record chances he created in the first half of the season, where in the league do you think we’d be today? Of course if you were desperate for Arsenal to finish 10th (and I know many here would have wanted that just to get Wenger out), you may have a point.

    I think Ozil himself is fed up. He can see that we are grossly inadequate on the pitch and of course Sanchez, the only other shining beacon of hope, had a long layoff which damaged our chances even further in the second half of the season.

    The moral of this story is – you can’t just buy a couple of world class players when most of the others are just piss-poor and hope to win big things. Those world class players are human and they want to be part of a slick machine. The team comprises of a lot of misfits. You can’t win major trophies like that, especially if your manager is the biggest misfit in the club.

  4. Thank you and goodnight

    People like Geoff Arsenal need to be beaten to within an inch of their lives and banned from going anywhere near the Emirates for life. It’s thick cunts like him who have allowed wenger to drag this club down. All those posters who no longer posts on here do so because they were wrong and have nothing useful to contribute save the same old turgid pr bullshit spewed out by wenger and the club. Fuck you all

  5. rollen

    lol Pedro nice trolling picking on Ozil when team has no CF, DM or any organisation. Why would he care when no one is including owner board and manager.

  6. Leedsgunner

    After the West Brom game we were told to come back because in Wenger’s self important and self inflated opinion our team played quality football.

    1. Was that quality football yesterday? Nope.

    2. In January he and his supporters justified his continual existence at the club by pointing to the table and saying … “but, but but we’re the top.”

    Now when the table isn’t so pretty to look at, he tells us to ignore it. We should focus on progress instead. Yet, how is progress measured? Isn’t based on the table? He tells us to ignore it, because the table doesn’t lie. The table shows we are going backwards… No wonder he wants us to ignore it!!’

    (No doubt if we make top 4 he’ll point to it to boast about it.)

    It’s hypocritical self serving and desperately sad for the club. Everyday he gives us another reason why he should go.

    If we miss top 4?

    No he should not be given a chance to get it right. We owe him NOTHING.

  7. Yash

    Its funny to think that almost no one predicted leicter to win the league, no one predicted barca to get knocked out of the ucl, chelsea to sucks this badly. But what everyone predicted correctly was arsenal to fuck up their season after January.
    What is even more funny is that everyone says we need a world class striker to win the league, yet leicester are winning the league with Vardy.

  8. Andy

    2011 = 70 points finished 3rd, 2012 = 73 = 4th, 2013 = 79 = 4th, 2014 = 75 = 3rd. this season we have 64 with 3 games to go, I think we will pick up a further 6 points and finish 4th with 70, how can anyone see anything but a club going nowhere, groundhog season (s).

  9. Pendrey

    Said it many times, Wenger never ever learns. Why bring on Walcott? and Wilshire, if we were leading 3-0 then ok. Oil is obviously pissed off and needs man management to get the best out of him. Ranieri would have this lot firing.

  10. Al

    People have this weird thing about Ozil.

    Like they refuse to say he’s played shit when he has been shit.

    I actually disagree I think he does care and is genuinely frustrated, you can see it in his expression But what j have an issue is instead of busting a gut and working to change things he kind off just gives up which is not what I want at the club.

    What did Bergkamp, Henry etc all do most the times when our backs were against the wall? They stepped up and gave everything and that is something that cannot be said for Ozil.

  11. Yash

    I don’t think renieri could have done any better with the squad. All we have us is a bunch of complaining players how would rather cry on the floor cause they were touched by the opposition player than get up and show some fight.
    What we need is to get rid of these so called professionals with those who actually want to win games and not just fill up their pockets

  12. Wallace

    congrats to Mahrez. very well deserved. and also to Ranieri & Leicester. absolutely bonkers story. looks like they’re going to more than double their usual ballpark points tally.

  13. Confidentgoner

    Why is Theo called upon late in the second half against a team defending deep and in numbers? Why not Campbell?

    I felt Sunderland could have won if they had better finishers. They were the better side with more attempts on goal.

    We need to be shooting more. We pass and pass and pass.. It’s boring, if not cowardly. No one wants to take responsibility. They look scared. Wenger has gotten to them. This same team may well do better under a different manager.

    Wenger has shown everyone how out of date he is. Throughout most of the the second half, we were under pressure andhhe did nothing.. Just sat and watched. This man could not have won the league without the caliber of players he had. He is not one of the greats. No way.

    He is just to be remembered as an apostle of the passing game with no end product. A rewarder of average players and a gambler, who always made top four. Big deal.

  14. HillWood

    Ozil was a last minute panick buy. Bought simply because he was available, He needs a goal scorer to assist. Wenger forgot that bit

  15. Biggles

    April 25, 2016 06:48:39

    What did Bergkamp, Henry etc all do most the times when our backs were against the wall? They stepped up and gave everything and that is something that cannot be said for Ozil.

    I don’t disagree with you per se – because I do think Ozil is under-performing – but there’s a part that most people forget to consider when they compare Ozil to DB or TH. They were strikers. Their job was to get forward and score. Ozil is all about making the goals and unfortunately if nobody is going forward, it doesn’t matter how hard he tries.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Summary of our season.

    1. Renewed contracts of Rosicky and Arteta + kept Flamini.
    2.Extended contract of Walcott with wage hike.
    3.Failed to diagnose or concealed the seriousness of Wilshire and Welbeck
    4.Invested £11 million in 33 year old goalkeeper.
    5.Failed to buy a single outfield player or refresh squad in summer.
    6.Failed to recruit a 25+ a goal a season striker since departure of Van Persie.
    7.The club has recruited just one new coach [Forsythe] in last 16 years.
    8.We have a brittle and disorganised defence which continues to use zonal
    marking for corners and set pieces.
    9.The team continues to play tic tac football with short square and back passes
    10.The club continues to try and walk the ball in goal.
    11.The club continues to employ Wenger with just two trophies in last 11 years
    12.The club is controlled by a major shareholder with little interest or knowledge of football and whose sole motivation is the business and not whether
    the club wins trophies.

    A continued recipe of mediocrity and potential downward spiral in the club’s

  17. mimi

    The real reason why he picks Walcott over Campbell is just sheer arrogance. He doesn’t want to admit that JC is the better player because he didn’t coach him while he has been with Walcott for 10 years now yet he hasn’t improved one bit. It’s a damning indictment of his coaching skills.

  18. Wallace


    “Invested £11 million in 33 year old goalkeeper.”

    there’s no way that was a bad move. Cech’s had a couple of dodgy moments, but there isn’t a keeper alive who doesn’t.

    also feel like Campbell’s had a very raw deal recently. one of the few bright spots in 2016.

  19. Dissenter

    Don’t forget the £16 million 19 year old defender who’s not good enough to deputies in most games.
    £16 million was a lot to spend considering that Van Dijk only cost Southampton €13 million from Celtic and he’s only just turned 24 year old.

    Even on Untold Arsenal,Wenger-out comments are getting the top rates. It’s obvious to all but the purest believers.

  20. Emiratesstroller


    Joel Campbell is of course a much better footballer than Walcott, but unfortunately both he and Welbeck do not score enough goals.

    Wenger believes still that Walcott is a goalscorer. However, his record in recent years tells you otherwise.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    I assume that you are referring to Chambers who is as slow as cart horse and
    Championship Standard.

    Actually you could argue that Arsenal’s track record in buying former Southampton players has been fairly abysmal. None have made the grade.

  22. Dissenter

    I think Wenger is in a quagmire regarding Walcott.

    Didn’t he say the other day that “Theo Walcott must decide his best position and stick to it”

    That’s the most shameful thing any manager can make. Wenger is paid £8.5 million to make that determination and tell the player what to do… or bug off.

    Wenger’s indecisiveness has costed us over and over again.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that Walcott in any position is a solution to Arsenal’s problems.

    The one thing that Wenger did say in his interview with Shreeves was that
    players need now to be able to play combative and high tempo football something he has neglected for a very long time and which Walcott is unable to

  24. Dissenter

    It’s doubtful if the 2016 Cech is anywhere as good as the player he once was.
    Czech has cost us as many points as he’s saved us.
    Redtruth has a valid point that shouldn’t be dismissed without due scrutiny.

    Was Cech world class?, undoubtedly YES
    Is Cech still world class?, not so sure, maybe it’s the Arsenal poor defence ahead of him but he’s had too many poor moments.

  25. Red&White4life

    The story we will tell to our children, in many years, will begin as follow :

    “A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
    The battle rages on between the Rebels of the AFC – led by Pedro Skywalker – who have to fight every single day the powerful Empire, governed by the Emperor Kroenke, and his disciple, lord wenga sidious, to free their beloved club.”
    The force is strong with Pedro, and he will never let wenga sidious take him to the dark side, but will that be enough to triumph from evil ??

    May the force be with you, fellow Gooners.”

  26. HillWood

    Wenger should have bought Suarez to partner Ozil. If the club couldn’t afford it they should have bought neither . Wenger has no clear idea of what he’s trying to do. Like throwing bones in the air and seeing how they fall

  27. Dissenter

    Yes but Wenger shouldn’t be leaving it up the player he’s managed for 10 years to determine what his best position is.

    That’s what you pay managers for.

  28. colin decoteau

    people power it needs continued protesting not only on match days but as often as possible , the board dont care they are happy he makes them money, so its left to fans who care to make life as uncomfortable as possible for arsene wenger , he has to go for the club to breathe again.

  29. Emiratesstroller


    The problem with Walcott mirrors the situation with Wenger himself.

    We have known for at least 6 years that he is lightweight, injury prone and flatters to deceive. Very occasionally he produces a half decent performance.

    However, his overall contribution in most games where he plays is absolutely
    the minimum.

  30. gambon

    Wallace is here. I must have been dreaming yesterday….couldve sworn we didnt win.

    Dont agree on Campbell. Hes as much part of the problem as our other useless strikers.

    Sell them all.

    Sell Giroud, sell Walcott, sell Welbeck, sell Campbell, sell Sanogo.

    Buy 2 quality strikers

    Dont care if it costs £50m or £100m.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    I like how out of that whole list, picked on the one point you could muster a defence for Wenger. Absolutely revealing of agenda.

    Ignore the rest, Cech was a good buy.

  32. Dissenter

    Jack Wilshere in 2013:
    “I want to win things with Arsenal and I want to be there in the future, but if the boss leaves then things could change,” Wilshere told

    “Arsenal are always in my heart and by signing a deal for the next five years [it] shows my commitment to them and their commitment to me, so at the moment everything is good.

    “Arsène Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies. OK, we’ve had a little dip in the last five or six years, but he’s a great manager and people who question his ability are ridiculous.

    “He’s qualified for the Champions’ League for 16 years so I think he’s the right man for the job.”

    I wonder what he thinks now.

  33. Dissenter

    Well Sanogo?
    Who will buy him?

    Even the French post office will take a pass because he will lose too much mail.

  34. gambon

    Of course Jack lives Wenger.

    Where else would he get payrise after payrise for sitting in the physios room.

    Arsenal is perfect for any good but not great player.

    Big club wages….small club ambitions.

  35. Dissenter

    *Sell Sanogo?
    Who will buy him?Even the French post office will take a pass because he will lose too much mail

  36. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t disagree that Cech was a decent buy, but the point is that the only investment made last summer was a 33 year old player.

    I cannot visualise any other club with our cash reserves and revenues investing in the team in similar fashion.


    Campbell is not good enough for a title challenging team, but at least he makes an effort when he plays.

  37. gambon


    We would get £1m or £2m for Sanogo from a french club.

    £15m for Giroud, £15m for Walcott, £20m for Welbeck, £8m for Campbell, £2m for Sanogo.

    Thats £60m…..which would buy a top striker.

    Higuain and Morata would probably be £80m for the pair.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not disagreeing with you at all, I thought you were actually a little to measured in your criticism! 😉

    I’m glad you put about the coaching thing, I feel as if there’s been relatively few us banging that drum, most of the coaches at Arsenal have been here since the late 1990’s or early 2000’s, how Wenger treats his players, he treats his coaches as well, average will do if he likes you, mistakes aren’t punished because if they were, I suppose the employee would cry hypocrisy.

    I saw someone the other week say Wallace picks his battles, that was the point I was making, out of your whole list he picked on the one thing he could defence Wenger over.

  39. shad


    Agree with you bar Campbell. Think he is a decent quality player who, I think, under a more tactical and motivational manager, could bring more to the table. You can’t have a team littered with world class players all through down to the 22, there have to be fillers. If you compare his WC, his impact for Costa Rica was literally the same as James Rodriguez for Colombia.
    Ranieri has proven that you don’t need out of the world signings, just a stellar work ethic and players all pulling towards the same course and each made to feel part of the grand scheme.
    Wenger can’t motivate a paper bag to open and loves players blindly loyal to him, though deep down he knows it is curtains.

  40. Emiratesstroller


    I doubt that you would get £60 million for our strikers. You have to factor in their wages. Sanogo is reputedly on £35K pw so I don’t see anyone paying a transfer fee for him especially since he has I believe just one more season on his contract.

    Arsenal do need to cull their squad, but that needs to be done by someone other than Wenger.

    Interestingly Henry in his discussion post yesterday’s game suggested that
    there is an acute shortage of world class strikers and that most of them are
    tied up with major clubs and therefore unavailable.

  41. shad

    Arsene is a wound that has been allowed to fester too long at Arsenal. The rot is so deep, it needs sweeping systemic change through the club. Owner – CEO – Manager – Players – Backroom staff. Wenger is the epicentre of all this because even if Kroenke is a fucker, he is not entrusted to coach, tactically set up the team or motivate players. That’s Wenger’s job. Any other proper manager, a Klopp, Hiddink, Koeman ft DB10, Ancellotti, Simeone, etc would extract more from these same players (even the donkey Giroud).

  42. gambon


    Sorry thats absolute bollocks. Rodriguez was immense at the world cup. He won the golden boot and was probably the best player in the tournament.

    Campbell huffed and puffed and scored 1 goal.

    Lets not revise history when we have a soft spot for someone.

    Look at Bayern Munich…..their backup wide players are Robben and Ribery.

    We have the same wage bill as Munich. Thats what we should be aspiring to.

    When you have back up players like Campbell it means you cant ever rotate because the drop in quality is too huge.

    You only put him in when injury forces you.

  43. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “I saw someone the other week say Wallace picks his battles, that was the point I was making, out of your whole list he picked on the one thing he could defence Wenger over.”

    it was actually the one thing i disagreed with, thus my remarking on it.

    as for picking my battles, i’d be on here 24/7 if i was to engage with everyone who has a pop at me.

  44. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with you that Campbell is a decent, hard working and intelligent footballer.

    However, the problem is that as a striker/second striker he does not score enough goals. He is for me very similar to Iwobi. Such players are useful to
    have in squad, but not in starting eleven.

    What Arsenal need at the moment is a clinical goalscoring striker.

  45. Red&White4life

    “What Arsenal need at the moment is a clinical goalscoring striker.”

    Wenga sidious has already plans to buy one next summer.
    In the dark side of the AFC you don’t trust ??

  46. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    it’s mostly just a summary of things. a statement of facts. not much to agree or disagree with. their was only the implied criticism of Cech that i thought was unfair.

  47. Red&White4life

    Wallace, please don’t forget to share with us a large number of selfies taken at the party for the 4th place.
    Many thanks in advance.

  48. Phd007

    Interestingly Henry in his discussion post yesterday’s game suggested that
    there is an acute shortage of world class strikers and that most of them are
    tied up with major clubs and therefore unavailable.

    I saw this interview as well..I laughed to myself..Henry should f**k off..

    Like we just had a crisis situation regarding the strikers position this season..

    What so no striker has been available since 2012?

    Funny that..In between that time..
    Suarez moved
    Higuain moved
    Costa moved
    Lewandowski moved

    I could go on…

    Henry,reminds me of Wallace..He’s disinguenous when talking about Arsenal & Arsene…Talks as if the problems we are facing,have only just happened/surfaced..

  49. Cesc Appeal


    So where do you stand then, after everything that was said in the summer, did Wenger f**k up? Is this on Wenger?

  50. Micheal

    Forget about who we should sign or who we would all like to sign. It’s good fun, provocative but pointless because we do not decide.

    The immediate problems are obvious and not likely to be tackled:

    1.) The current squad have stopped playing for Wenger. Our squad is not as bad as some make out and we all know that other managers would get better results out of the same players.

    2.) Kroenke does not give a flying fuck about finishing 3rd, 4th or even 5th. He cares even less about Wenger’s poor management or Theo, Giroud and all the other over-paid under-performers. He looks at the numbers and the numbers say the stadium is full every week (tickets have been sold when people turn up), the TV money is pouring in, merchandise is flying out the doors, etc. In money terms, the difference between 3rd and 5th is not significant enough to force him into change.

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the perfect shit storm.

  51. Relieable Sauce

    Henry not the man to manage Arsenal then. Even when he aknowledges there is a problem he reveals that he cannot solve it.
    Thanks for your interest in our affairs Thierry, but we’ve have already had enough lame excuses for a lifetime.

  52. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    i think the players have to bear some responsibility. only Bellerin, Monreal, Campbell, Elneny, Ozil, Iwobi & Welbeck can look back on the season and be happy with their performances.

    Ramsey, Ox, Walcott & Sanchez have all been very disappointing, while Mertesacker, Koscielny & Giroud have been middling.

    we’ve badly missed Cazorla’s creativity, and the fact Jack’s only now starting his season reflects badly on Wenger’s decision not to reinforce the midfield in the summer.

    but for sticking with the Flam/Ram midfield for so long, and not being able to inspire the team on far too many occasions, that’s on Wenger.

  53. Emiratesstroller

    We know that Arsenal are not going to make “wholesale” changes to their squad next season.

    If you are lucky Wenger may make 4-5 changes as he did two seasons ago.

    The priority has to be a new RCB, DMF [most likely Xhaka], RW [possibly Mahrez] and a Striker. You can also add in a squad LB.

    So the next issue is who to offload and I am sure that there will be a lot of
    different viewpoints. My offload list would be:

    Chambers on loan

    I would retain in squad Jenkinson as RB in preference to Chambers, Welbeck as a utility forward and Giroud as striker.

  54. gambon

    The whole “there are no good dtrikers available” argument is ridiculous.

    In isolation it might be hard to find a good striker this summer.

    But we have now had 8 transfer windows since RVP left and we have still not replaced him.

    In that time Suarez, Lewandowski, Higuain, Cavani, Aubemeyang, Costa, Lukaku, Dybala have all moved and we have been giving payrises to Giroud and Walcott, signing Welbeck, signing Sanogo and letting Campbell rot on the bench.

    Its utter mismanagement.

  55. Steveyg87

    Sad watching fanzone last night…

    My heart breaks watching these guys call in and pour their hearts out over a club they care about very much. If Arsenal had half the passion some of our fans have, we’d be walking the league. The mistakes are being made on a continual basis, yet, nothing is being done about it

    I disagree with pedro over ozil, the lad is soft spoken and withdrawn by nature, to point him out as a scape goat is like shooting bambi. He’s supposed to be the gloss over the steel, he’s not supposed to be the guy lumbering around and committing to all the 50/50 challenges.

    Its been said a million times and it really is this simple, new manager who isn’t going to be afraid to kick you up the arse if you aren’t bringing your pound of flesh. Campbell should stick around this summer and see if we rid of our manager, if not, I reckon he looks else where to ply his trade, the one player that actually gives his all and Wenger benches him. The man hasn’t got a clue anymore.

    Do yourself a favour and stop listening to his propaganda and force the halfwit out the club.

    On a side note, wtf was up with theo withdrawing from that challenge? if it was fergie, he would have been substituted immediately

  56. Cesc Appeal


    That’s a little different to what you were saying in the summer, along the lines of ‘these are his players…his choice…no excuses.’

  57. gambon

    Sorry steveyg

    Dont agree.

    In midern football you have to press and defend as a unit. If Ozil cant be bothered then our whole strategy falls apart.

    Eriksen and Alli dont think they are beyond working hard off the ball.

    We will never win the PL again with this current ‘Matt Le Tissier” attitude we have.

  58. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    not buying any outfield players is on him, for sure. but how do you blame Wenger for Sanchez playing as badly as he has this season? you think he’s been under instruction to give the ball away as often as possible?

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I think you are deliberately trying to hide the issue.

    Do I blame Wenger for Sanchez being off form, no, do I blame Wenger for not seeing that a player who hasn’t had a break from football in two years and who we had to rush back because of Wenger’s appalling summer and us being two down on the first game of the season at home, yes, do I blame Wenger for Sanchez being our only…only…great calibre of forward, yes.

    I don’t like how you are now trying to furiously back peddle on this.

    Injuries? This is Arsenal, like I was telling you in the summer when you were going on about fitness being key and not buying, it just won’t happen with Wenger, exacerbated by the fact we have a squad that is one third injury prone.

    Wenger ignored the ST issue for what will be the fourth year now, the CDM issue as well for the fourth year, finally solved the GK issues after a decade, a literal decade, still didn’t address the lack of leaders and characters in the side.

    What about this year is different Wallace anyway? What factor separates it out from last year, or the year before, or any year over the past ten?

    Noting, all the mistakes are exactly the same, underinvestment, poor in key areas of the field, tactical naivety, mountain of injuries, poor defensively, no leaders, no bottle…the only difference is the names above us, well two of them.

    The league has been batshit crazy this year, the only thing that has remained constant is Arsenal.

    Why is that?

  60. gambon

    Sanchez has been fine this season.

    How many wide players in a 4-2-3-1 are capable of his kind of output?

    We’ve lost the PL due to not scoring enough goals and being too weak through the cente (cm and cb).

    Sanchez is not the problem….even if he hasnt been at his best.

  61. PieAFC

    The Euro will be an excuse.

    The high premium of players, prices going up due to a good euro’s.

    We are fucked for many a year to come. This man is a plague he is never leaving. Even Henry is now being an absolute bitch on the subject and hasn’t got the balls to say it like it is.

    Wenger has too much power at that club it’s scary…..

  62. Relieable Sauce

    The mother of all record breaking seasons awaits Wengers Arsenal.

    Ozil looks like he wants out, if Wenger stays he will have to sell imo.
    Sanchez will want to go as well and should have suitors, if Wenger were to sell I think he’d want top dollar or a top player. Yaya Toure plus cash for Sanchez perhaps…
    I just hope Mahrez has enough sense to steer clear and that they dont waste too much money on a Wenger summer vanity splurge…if he stays.

    Situation is becoming uttenable, BoDs next actions should tell us a lot about their intentions, possibly confirm a few suspisions.

  63. Red&White4life

    “Wenger has too much power at that club it’s scary…..”

    “The dark side is strong with this one.”

  64. TitsMcGee

    Since Henry’s last critical comments about Arsene a few weeks ago it appears Wenger has had a word with him lol

    I would really like to know what the dangling “carrot in front of the donkey” really is.

    Afraid of being cut off out of the club totally?

    Wenger is like the mafia it seems.

  65. Wallace


    “Sanchez has been fine this season. How many wide players in a 4-2-3-1 are capable of his kind of output?”

    i love him, but he’s been pretty shocking for a large part of the season. even at 75% of what he was in his first season we’d have been a lot closer, instead he’s been at something like 25-30%. Walcott, Ramsey & the Ox have all been just as bad, but they aren’t seen as world class. the expectation comes with the territory.

  66. TitsMcGee

    Like Cesc Appeal said yesterday it’s like Wenger is the gate keeper to everything Arsenal and if you cross him he shuts you out.

    It really is like an exclusive nightclub and he’s the bouncer. No wonder the ones inside (the mediocre dross he surrounds himself with ) are so protective of him. They’ll never get this treatment anywhere else.

  67. Sam

    Next season we’ll risk losing 18points before it even started
    coz Wenger never beaten Mourinho, Guardiola n Pochettino
    I think the problem is Kroenke n Gazidis as they dont know anything about football
    dont pay attention to details only care about profits
    Wenger won’t get away with this if he had a boss who’s football fan

  68. Bamford10

    We don’t need wholesale changes — nor is that a plausible scenario — but we need 4-5 new quality players. Moves to make might include:
    – sell Walcott; sign Mahrez (or other RW)
    – sell Giroud; sign Morata
    – sell Ramsey or Wilshere; sign Gundogan
    – sign another quality CM
    – offload obvious dross (Flameta, Sanogo, etc.)

    And ship Wenger back to France, obviously.

  69. Galaxygooner

    Ozil gave up on his teammates after we conceded the first goal against Barcelona at home. He was fired up for that match but when mertesacker decided to become a right winger,when led to their counter attacking goal, I can remember ozil throwing his hand up in frustration.
    The type of frustration he showed when Bellerin pulled another one of his bad crosses.
    Even with the drop in enthusiasm, Ozil is the miles ahead of everyone in the middle and attack. He still creates loads and makes play.
    Our forwards are put simply, bad. With welbeck the being best of a bad bunch.

  70. Bamford10


    Sanchez’s form is precisely why you have to have quality options at 12, 13, 14 & 15, why you can’t just sit on your hands in the summer and say ‘the squad is good enough as is,’ why you must continually improve, refresh the squad.

    Cesc is right that Sanchez’s not-so-fabulous form is probably down to some fatigue, but to be a top team you have to have quality options that can fill in well for an underperforming player.

    Plus I’d say that some of what you point out in Sanchez is simply the player’s limitations: as good as he is, he isn’t the smartest player in the world, isn’t a great passer of the ball. This in part is why he didn’t work out at Barcelona.

    Great player, but he has shortcomings.

  71. TitsMcGee

    We don’t need wholesale changes — nor is that a plausible scenario — but we need 4-5 new quality players. ”

    We say that every season.

    Everyone on here that has been here for the last few years knows deep down exactly how next season will play out.

    I actually made a bet with a mate that we wouldn’t finish any higher than 3rd this season. He was convinced we’d contend after the FA Cup double . I told him not a chance. Was a decent amount of money too. That’s how confident I was in Wenger’s ineptitude.

  72. Bamford10

    “Leicester are killing the ‘hipsters’. Winning the league without a mediocentro, trequartista, false 9, Ball-playing CB or raumdeuter. Unreal.” – @registability

    Discuss. 😉

  73. Bamford10

    ‘Olivier Giroud’s Confidence Is Low at the Moment.’ – Arsene Wenger

    Perhaps because he realizes how crap he is. Problem is we have seen that here for some 3-4 years now.

  74. TitsMcGee

    ‘Olivier Giroud’s Confidence Is Low at the Moment.’ – Arsene Wenger

    Should read:

    ‘Olivier Giroud isn’t very good’

    That’s the problem with Wenger really. He thinks that hunger and confidence can turn a crap player into a great player.

    He never learns.

  75. Dissenter

    Whoever allowed Wenger full freedom of the wage bill is an idiot.
    Allowing him to to pay French egalitarian with money has been a massive error.

    Why on earth would anyone pay Sanogo 20k weekly?

  76. N5

    What a strange season this has turned out to be. If Wenger still has a job next season I will be gobsmacked.

    The man has made a laughing stock of his once good name and is now used as a descriptor for failure. As in, “I was 100% on with that sexy young model, until I shat myself and thus pulled a Wenger”.

  77. Dissenter

    Talk abou players lacking in character
    Yesterday Theo Walcott jumped over a 50-50 with Yoanes Kaboul

    It just made me reflect on the fact that Wenger’s favorite players are cut just like him; afraid of confrontation, love the soap box and overpaid.

  78. Marko

    Bam is always missing the point on Sanchez. Anyway given how knackered he was at the start of the season and his injury he’s still managed 12 league goals which is pretty good. In no way is our recent struggles on him or Ozil they can only carry the team so much. Giroud hasn’t scored in 14 games, Walcott’s on about 3 goals all season, Ramsey couldn’t score if his life depended on it. Utter shambles has been every attacking player in the squad bar Sanchez and Ozil. But this is all on the manager who refused to bring in a forward after Sanchez obvious fatigue and Welbeck being out for 6 months. He started of this nonsense that no one was available to strengthen us bar obvious players who moved last summer. Even this summer the idea that we can’t afford or entice someone like Aubameyang or Icardi or Batshuayi or Cavani or Morata or Higuain or Lacazette is ridiculous. He’s hoodwinked us

  79. Dissenter

    Next season, expect the European players at City, Chelsea, Liverpool and United to return back for preseason early while Wenger carries out his silly extended leave policy

    There no way Conte, Guardiola or even Klopp allows their players off for too long because they absolutely need their preseason.

  80. Dissenter

    I went on Untold this morning.

    The tide has turned. The Wenger-out comments get rated higher than the moronic referee conspiracy and Wenger-worship comments.

    The critical comments have overwhelmed their censorship.

  81. Cesc Appeal


    He will be here next year, no doubt at all, still plenty of deluded fans backing him, or even more curiously stating they don’t back him but that he should get his last year.

    Have top continue wearing these shitty pants for one more year I’m afraid, if he goes to board level, you will essentially have to put them on your head.


    Glad someone else saw that, I pissed myself yesterday watching him gazelle leap over the ball as if that was his defender clearing and he was trying to get out of the way.

    And, as the guy said on Arseblog, if Wenger had said in the week running up to the game that Walcott’s future is ‘uncertain’ and we all know he’s as much use as tits on a fish, why put him on over Campbell?

    Just classic Wenger, puts giving Walcott a chance over the success of his team.

  82. Marko

    I would personally argue signing another top notch wideman/attacker is as important as a striker. Someone like Gotze, Mihitaryan, Koke (impossible really), James Rodriguez, Reus, Draxler or Schurrle. I mean you can argue of all our just Ozil and Sanchez should stay maybe Ramsey and Elneny/Coquelin as squad players that’s literally it. Everyone else should be shipped off

  83. Paulinho

    “Wenger is one sly mofo Dissenter.”

    He’s also sneaky in that he essentially places all the blame on the players by ‘selflessly’ giving them freedom to express themselves, and let them work out it for themselves.

    The players can’t blame him because Wenger has liberated them but making them masters of their own destiny. That’s why Wenger always says he has great faith in them. He’s saying to them “I gave you chance, if we’re not winning it’s your fault. Are you going to repay the faith I put in you?”

    That’s why all are players look confused and bewildered. On paper and in theory it seems great, but they actually want direction and know long term Wenger isn’t good for them. The likes of Henry, Vieira were managed by Adams, Keown, Parlour.

  84. Bamford10


    He never learns because he has no interest in learning. He is so set in his approach, his POV, that he must deny the obvious. Because he long ago told the world Giroud was ‘world class’ — itself deliberate self-delusion — he will go on insisting on this, regardless the obvious facts. He is this way with everything.


    Glad you saw that Walcott jump too. Shameful. Complete prima donna.


    No, it’s you who misunderstands — both me and Sanchez. I readily acknowledge his fatigue, his quality and fact that he is NOT one of our “problems,” but I also (rightly) acknowledge his shortcomings as a player. The latter is what your sort can’t do.

  85. N5

    “Have to continue wearing these shitty pants for one more year I’m afraid, if he goes to board level, you will essentially have to put them on your head.”

    In fact at this point it’s not even my trousers, it’s his and I’m not allowed to close my mouth whilst I have them on my head. It’s a stuck zippers worth of cold French shit and I have to not only eat it, but pay him whilst Sanogo repeatedly kicks me in the testicles.

    *has completely forgot what we were doing.

  86. Marko

    You see you had me till you said your sort Bamford. What is my sort exactly? You know it’s perfectly ok with us disagreeing on how dumb Sanchez is or the reasons why he left Barcelona. My sort. Be more worried about what kind of sort you are my American pal

  87. Cygans love child

    What would be great is if the last home game of the season, it’s a packed house and regardless of the result, as soon as that final whistle blows, an eruption of boos from everyone. Then they can do their little parade around the Emirates pitch whilst getting absolutely destroyed by the fans displeasure, and then make Wenger feel the most uncomfortable he’s ever been.

    Unfortunately this won’t happen, as there will still be people applauding mindlessly for some reason, not really knowing what they are applauding for

  88. Bergkamp63

    Never ceases to amaze me how long it takes people to see the shortcomings of players and their limited use.

    At the beginning of the season, I was given short shrift for saying we needed at least 6 players,

    Clearly I was wrong, we need more like 8 or 9 !

    Ozil was always overrated and a luxury player at RM, Ramsey is becoming embarrassingly poor, Sanchez has a great work ethic but technically he is impotent and needs to be managed properly so that he realises that it’s a team game, Mert has always been too slow and immobile, Wilshere (the carpet fitter) & Gibbs too injury prone, Cambell 95% crap and the rest apart from Cech seem to have all gone backwards under Wenger.

    Most of what we have at the club are bench players at best but in all honesty, we need a massive clear out including the Manager for starters.

    A shame we can’t get someone like Simeone in but that’s just not our style I’m afraid.

  89. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is surprised Özil is not in the PFA team? Has anyone tapped him on the shoulder and told him the obvious? The reason is obvious isn’t it? It is because he plays for you and with teammates who don’t have enough stomach for the fight.

  90. vicky

    Assuming Wenger doesn’t extend his contract beyond the next season, who would be your top choice to replace him apart from Simeone (Reportedly he may stay at Atletico for years to come)

  91. Joe

    Oh hi Wallace.

    It’s the players fault.

    But it was all wenger this, wenger that in Jan when we were top of the table, in the CL and FA

    Now it’s the players fault.

    How about you guarnteeing we wouldn’t finish 10 points back?

    Wallace every comment you make is bollcoks. You are always wrong.

    And yet here you are. Still baking shit up and defending wenger

    Seriously. Fuck off from Arsenal. You obviously are more of a wenger supporter than an Arsenal supporter if you are here still defending wenger.

    GG was fired for less.

    Liecester winning the league is a bigger achievement than the invincibles

    Swallow that Wallace.

    What other questions have you avoided answering and instead gone to blaming the players.

  92. Joe

    Who all remembers the victory lap and the Locker room selfies after beating Leicester.


    Fuck the mentality wenger has instilled in this club is a joke.

    We have crumbled after that. And people were saying well real just took selfies. And since real has, the have clawed back a 12 point deficit with a manger who has no top level experience

  93. Joe

    Fire wenger and watch the whole psyche of this club change.

    He is the hand brake for Arsenal.

    There is no other issue at arsenal bar wenger.

    He leaves and everything changes.

    I was right about finishing double digits back when I said it in August. Im right about this

  94. Red&White4life

    Wenger is also “surprised”:
    – to see some strange behavior at the Emirates;
    – to see some fans angry;
    – to see that most of us wants him gone;
    – to see that no WC player wants to come in his club;

    Fuck me, the list would be too long.

  95. Red&White4life

    “There’s only One Arsene Wenger…”

    Thank god!!
    Are we absolutely sure that he don’t have any son ??

  96. N5

    Sadly Danny, Theo never really started. He’s the almost there kid!! Don’t worry though Jack Wilshire will replace him in the ‘next season his season’ position.

  97. Joe

    Injuries have made theo and jack seem like they are much better players than they really are m

    All the time away has given supporters some sort of false hope of their greatness

    And given wenger excuse after excuse for failure

    Good thing he kept extending contracts and raining salaries

  98. Wallace

    Hey Joe,

    “GG was fired for less.”

    no, he was fired for taking bribes, buying ropey Scandinavian players and for being 16th in the league.

    in answer to your next question, i’m originally from the North, but have lived in London for a long time now, and i know who Mickey Thomas is.

  99. Red&White4life

    So, according to wallace, wenger will be fired only when we’ll finish behind the 15th place…
    Depressive stuff lol

  100. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha ha at Martinez a.k.a wenger lite. Man’s as fucking deluded as his hero arsehole wonga. Last 2 years Everton have been in bottom half of table and shit, yet according to Wenger lite Martinez………….
    “I believe with the work I have done over last 3 years, there are signs we’re getting close to silverware”

    Ha ha ha ha ha. 100%he’s our next manager

  101. underrated Coq

    ” only Bellerin, Monreal, Campbell, Elneny, Ozil, Iwobi & Welbeck can look back on the season and be happy with their performances. ”

    This is ridiculous. 4 out of those 7 players have barely played.

    Wallace, don’t take this the wrong way but your comments are getting more laughable by the day.

  102. Joe

    ih Wallace

    Always avoiding the true issues at hand.

    This season is a much worse failure than GG’s last season.

    Wenger should be fired.

    Liecester’s achievement is better than the invincibles achievement ? Yes or no.

    Wenger decided these players were good enough. So this season is on him. Is a failure. On top of 12 others.

    He should be responsible and fired.

    Yes or no?

  103. Joe

    First it was the stadium
    Movethen it was the money
    Then it was the injuries

    Then it was that Leicester didn’t have to play in Europe

    Now it’s that some
    Teams have easier games at the end of the season.

    When will the cunt stop making up excuses that are all 100% false

  104. Wallace

    urr Coq

    how could i take that the wrong way?


    hard to say where Leicester’s achievment this year ranks. it’s certainly up there.

    “Wenger decided these players were good enough. So this season is on him. Is a failure. On top of 12 others.

    He should be responsible and fired. Yes or no?”

    it’s on him and the players, Joe. why should they be absolved of all responsibilty?

    and we’re going to finish 3rd or 4th. very disappointing bearing in mind how the season’s panned out, but not sure it’s a sackable offence. setting the bar very high for the next guy if it is.

  105. Leedsgunner

    “Then it was that Leicester didn’t have to play in Europe”

    By this one argument he’s undermining his own existence to the fans. For years he’s been telling us top 4 is crucial to get the best players. Now he uses Europe as an excuse to why we haven’t won the title.

    Funny that Leicester managed to do it without the so-called best players who actually played for each other and the team they supposedly support.

    The Invincibles were great. They are now long gone. They don’t justify a new contract now. What has he done in this season to demonstrate he deserves a new contract?

  106. Joe

    April 25, 2004: The Invincibles won the title at White Hart Lane.

    Look at the shit we have now with wenger in charge.

    As each day passes , the more it’s obvious that those players, all leaders, won everything in spite of wenger.

    He lucked out with the players he inherited and I’m being French and having the pick of the crop

  107. Wallace

    urr Coq

    if we’d had a season like Chelsea have…but to be honest I don’t think you can sack him now. i think he’ll walk at the end of this contract. if he goes at the end of this season i think it’ll make things difficult for his replacement.

  108. Biggles

    April 25, 2016 14:01:45

    and we’re going to finish 3rd or 4th. very disappointing bearing in mind how the season’s panned out, but not sure it’s a sackable offence. setting the bar very high for the next guy if it is.

    Any season failing to win trophies is a sackable offence at a top club. This season more than any other in living memory, not winning the league is a sackable offence. Never again will our competitors for the top 4 be so bad for so long. Sure, there might be a year here or there where one of them is bad, but we had the perfect storm of Chelsea, Man City AND Man Utd all being bad simultaneously. Not to mention that Liverpool are still in obscurity.

    Winning the Champions League often isn’t enough for a manager to keep his job.

    The question is, who do we consider our contemporaries? Do we want to put ourselves in a bracket with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, or do we want to bracket ourselves with Everton, Stoke, Schalke and Villareal – solid, mid-table teams that never win anything?

    Our choice of manager and the standards we hold him to have a direct bearing on which bracket we select.

  109. Marko

    Mutual parting of ways certainly. But he’s most certainly responsible for the apathy and feeling of mundane that exists at the club. Like clockwork every window ends the same, every season the same collapse, every champions league group stage we struggle only to get knocked out in the next round like so unbelievably consistent is he with that. The fact is we are so predictable with him and nothing changes till there’s big change so simply the club has to ask itself are these things our goals as far as our ambitions go and is this why we moved stadium in the first place or are we capable of more and willing to go as far as we can with what we’ve got. Truth is he’s never taken us as far as we can go these last few years the money’s there his insistence on not spending it for whatever reason has always hindered our progress and potential. I mean why? Why always go into a battle with one hand tied behind your back

  110. Marko

    if he goes at the end of this season i think it’ll make things difficult for his replacement.

    How so? By the way I’ve got much respect for you still coming on after everything recently. But how? People have this fear of the unknown of Arsenal without Arsene but why? He’s going sooner rather than later anyway and the money we’ve got with everything else we’re an attractive bet to a lot of managers out there. It’s truly again part of the apathy that Arsene has created at the club. The idea that he’s only good enough for us can only get us into the champions league or better yet actually challenge for league titles is ridiculous to say the least. He’s notsome rarity in football. There exists successful managers outside of him

  111. Cesc Appeal

    Also you got to say as well, if you think only that small group of players have done well this season, two of them being Elneny who arrived in January and has only recently got first team games on the regular, the other being Welbeck who was fresh off ten months out…does that not say something about the manager, if you think literally the majority of the squad have been off this season, stops being a player problem doesn’t it? Logically.

    I know that’s uncomfortable.

  112. Cesc Appeal

    The ‘sackable offence’ for the ‘new guy’ would be, in that case, ten years of cyclical mistakes and and a lack of ambition, stubborn refusal to adapt or critically analyse himself, his players and coaching staff.

    That is the sackable offence, and that is setting the bar so low it scr.apes the ground.

    I don’t know why pro-Wenger insists on deliberately taking the issue out of context, injuries ‘this year,’ holes in the squad ‘this year,’ lack of investment ‘this year,’ mentally weak ‘this year,’ defensively weak ‘this year,’ tactically weak ‘this year.’

    The problem is you can take ‘this year’ out of those statements and replace it with ‘for the last ten years,’ that is the f*****g problem.

  113. Marko

    Exactly CA. Basically it says that we as a club were waiting for Danny Welbeck to come back of a 10 month lay off to inspire us to success which is ridiculous. Like the whole thing last summer with waiting a day or so till the window closes before announcing that Welbeck was badly injured is right up there with going into the season with two centre backs one of which has Achilles problems and then spending another whole January not bringing in pace up front after Theo does his knee in December. Ridiculous. Always shoots himself in the foot

  114. WengerEagle

    To answer your question Vicky, I’d be willing to give any of these managers a shot in the hot-seat:

    -Simeone (practically impossible in the near future from the looks of it unfortunately)
    – Jogi Loew
    – Bilic
    -De Boer+Bergkamp
    – Marcelino (Villarreal gaffer)
    – Pal Dardai (Hertha Berlin)
    – Jorge Jesus (Sporting Lisbon)
    – Valverde (Athletic Bilbao)
    – Sarri (Napoli)

  115. Joe


    Will you give the new manager 12 years of failing?

    if he goes at the end of this season i think it’ll make things difficult for his replacement.

    Exact opposite. This season was a total failure. All the new guy has to do is COMPETE for the title and get past the last 16 in the CL and he’s done better than wenger in the last 12 in regards for title she better in the CL in the last 6.

    And there will be hope in the stands. The emirates is a cemetery because everyone bar Wallace and Half a dozen other Akbs know how the season will unfold.

    Just the hope alone is a reason to bring in someone new.

    And I’ll stick with what I said. The new manager will win a major trophy in his first season

  116. Wallace


    because if he is hounded out this summer all the ‘Wenger’s lost it’ articles will turn into ‘whining Arsenal fans drive legend out’ articles. i think we’re perceived as quite a spoilt bunch by most other sets of fans anyway, can you imagine the joy they’ll take in us having a big wobble post-Wenger? not saying it will happen, i remember Jimmy Johnson taking over from Tom Landry at the Dallas Cowboys and transforming a tired, stale organisation, but i’ll be very impressed if the new guy doesn’t drop out of the top 4 at some stage in his first few seasons in charge. and those who think once you drop out it’s easy to get back in again need to pay more attention to Liverpool & Man Utd’s recent struggles.

  117. Red&White4life

    “but i’ll be very impressed if the new guy doesn’t drop out of the top 4 ”


  118. Joe

    but i’ll be very impressed if the new guy doesn’t drop out of the top 4 at some stage in his first few seasons in charge. and those who think once you drop out it’s easy to get back in again need to pay more attention to Liverpool & Ma

    You’re so full of it
    The new manager will energize , revitalize Arsenal.

    We are a tired rudderless leaderless team.

    We have a useless manager who couldn’t movtivate someone to get his dick hate at a brothel.

    You will say anything to keep wenger in charge because you fear what will really happen.

    The new manager will take Arsenal to the next level and wenger gets found out to being the fraud that he is. M

  119. Wallace


    “The new manager will take Arsenal to the next level and wenger gets found out to being the fraud that he is.”

    if the next guy comes in and rips off a bunch of 1st and 2nd place finishes i’ll apologise to every whiny mofo on here. you have my word.

  120. WengerEagle

    Juventus officially win their 5th successive Scudetto.

    Phenomenal achievement given they were only promoted back up to Serie A after the scandal back in 2008 and they haven’t spent much money.

    Their 4 man midfield from 2012-2015 in Pirlo, Pogba, Vidal and Marchisio cost a combined total of just €14 million.

  121. WengerEagle

    ‘if the next guy comes in and rips off a bunch of 1st and 2nd place finishes i’ll apologise to every whiny mofo on here. you have my word.’

    A bunch?

    If he secured even just one of those finishes he’d have achieved more than Wenger has in the league for the last decade.

  122. Marko

    Wallace you do know that he’s going sooner rather than later you do know thathe’s not immortal. Also the idea that he’s the only one to consistently get top 4 is ridiculous and part and parcel of the brain washing he’s been doing for years. I’d actually argue the next guy would have an easier time of it cause straight of the bat you’d have someone with hunger looking to impress and I’m assuming wouldn’t be afraid to spend money cause let’s be honest Wengers the only notable manager in world football with an apparent allergic reaction to spending a club’s money

  123. Marko

    Yep haven’t finished in the top two for what 12 years? Not a legitimate title challenge in that time. Granted you can account penny pinching for a few years definitely but the last 5 years nope the money’s there everything’s there to at least attempt to be successful but nope nothing