Arsene Wenger has a Mesut Ozil problem | Season in farcical decline

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Well, errr, this is getting painful.

Arsenal clogged out a depressing 0-0 draw against a bang average Sunderland side. Our season is like watching a wildebeest dragging itself out of a river with 5 crocodiles hanging off the back of it. It’s painful. Can someone just put our season out of its misery?

I think what’s clear from today is the manager has bigger problems than we initially thought. We’ve gone from title contenders at the front of the season (JANUARY!), to a squad that looks like it needs a machete this summer. Players aren’t playing for the manager now, and that sort of attitude cannot be allowed to continue into the next year.

I think outside players just not being good enough, we have a real problem with Mesut Ozil. He’s switched off. On his holidays. He can’t be arsed. What’s he done since Christmas, 2 assists? Next to nothing. He’s a half-season wonder. I really am starting to wonder whether you win a Premier League with him in the setup? A sniff of things not going his way and he hides. He’s been sauntering around the pitch like a man preserving his legs, but even worse, a man who thinks he might not be around next season.

You can slate the rest of the team, but I think most of them at least give a shit. Sanchez is frustrating, but he’s running about. Same for the rest. Ozil, well, he’s a problem. If Arsene was offered £60m this summer and we could swap him out for Mahrez, you wouldn’t hear me complaining. For all the sublime skill, you don’t really have the leadership qualities you’d expect for one of the best creative talents in the world.

We also have issues with Ramsey. Love him to bits, but we’re, what, 8 years into his career and we still haven’t found a role for him in the team. He really showed himself up earlier on in the season when Cazorla dropped out of the side. He couldn’t adapt. He couldn’t identify what he was doing wrong and he didn’t seem to mind that he was impacting the team negatively. Really, I think it’s fair to say he’s not been much of a player since that purple patch a couple of seasons ago.

Then you have Theo Walcott. I think he’s basically the poster child of failure. He’s always been the player we talk about for next year… and he never comes good. Interesting to hear Wenger say that Theo realises he needs to work. This isn’t a kid he’s talking about, this is one of our highest earners… and he’s learning at 26 he has to work for a living.

It’s all lamentable. It also sits with one man. Arsene Wenger.

When you look at the brutal facts of this season, you can’t look at anyone other than him for the blame.

3 games stand out to me. The Southampton game, where we couldn’t convert in a 90mins that we dominated. Man of the match awards for their keeper aside, that’s a game that a title challenging team dominates. That’s a game you look at Arsene Wenger and say, jeez mate, what were you thinking not having a world class striker at the club? Bless Giroud, but he’s not scored in 19 of the last 20 games. That’s appalling. Look at the talent in Europe, why are we not going hard for someone? Why was there no backup plan when Benz was off?

Next game, which was a joke, was the Swansea game at home. Joel Campbell opens against a really poor team. Then we make a mistake in midfield from a goal kick and let them back in. Eventually conceding another soft goal to Ashley Williams of all players. Where is the in-game management to shut up shop? Why are the players not more tactically astute at that moment in time? How are we dropping points at home under such limp circumstances with so much on the line?

Finally, the big one, we drop 2 points at home against a shocking Palace (I know I missed West Ham here, but at least they’re a good side). We manage to break down their bank of 8 defenders. Then with 10 minutes to go, ill-discipline that is a consistent hallmark of Wenger teams, sets in and we concede a soft goal. Tactinaivetyvity at it’s worst. Poor in game management by Wenger. No response.

That’s two points out of 9. If we make up that 7 points before today… and had a striker who could have finished his dinner today, we’d be joint top of the league.

This is the issue for next season. These points we’re dropping aren’t really about the players, it’s about how they’re trained and deployed. I mean, the glaring miss for Arsene is the striker. But that aside, look at the in-game stupidity. Who is taking care of that? If we can’t take care of basic in game management, like ‘shut up shop’, how are we going to outsmart a manager who drops formations like 2-3-5 on the regular?

We’ve lost the league this season because we’re a sloppy team that lacks discipline. Arsene Wenger lets players like Ramsey and Ozil do what the hell they like. There’s no real structure to our play. We have a standard formation that the manager rarely deviates from. We’re set up for failure. It doesn’t need to be that way.

I hate to say it, because it feels very disrespectful, but Arsene Wenger just isn’t a good manager anymore. He’s not really managing. If he was, he’d be nailing this season. Then next year, order will be restored… The master is coming to the league, in Pep Guardiola. Jurgen Klopp will have a summer to prepare his new Liverpool. Pochettino will still be about. Slaven Billic will strengthen West Ham. Maybe Mourinho at United.

What are we doing to progress the club? Eyeing up another 3 year deal for Wenger? Please. This is insanity.

On the coaching front, Pochettino is now sniffing around his pal Arteta. Can someone please make an offer for him? Two of the best managers in the game are pushing the boat out to bring him in. I can understand it as well. He’s apparently a super smart guy, he’s La Masia trained, he speaks a whole bunch of languages, he’s a leader and he’s played in a whole bunch of countries. So let’s not make the Patrick Vieira mistake here, let’s make him an offer and see what he can bring to the table.

Thing is though, who’d work under Arsene Wenger? What are you really going to learn vs heading over to get tutored under the greatest manager in the game?

Such a shame. Arsene would be an absolute force if he brought people in who could tighten up his weak points. He’s victim of his own ego and it’s painful to watch.

So what now? Well, we’ve got to hope we beat Norwich. We’ve got to hope the mighty Leicester City spank United next week and we’ve also got to hope Manchester City struggle to juggle Champions League and the game with us. If we can’t beat them inbetween their Madrid game, we really are stuffed. I think us losing out on Champions League would be a message to Stan, but it’s not one that I’d be happy to take, because I know it won’t force change. It’ll just force a rethink on 3 year contract they probably have waiting for the manager.


Anyway, have a thrilling day. It’s 20 degrees out here and I’m going to drown myself in sausage and misery. BBQ sausage you animals.

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  1. bandy

    You can all go out but wenger will be here for another 3 years at least….unless ppl stop going to the game

  2. Geekaybee

    Wenger is wasting our time. I believe we should try to get the German manager ( Low ?). He will be available quite soon

  3. John

    It’s not Özil. There’s no one to finish his chances, and we can’t continue to pass the ball in the net. This is pathetic, this season is disgusting and we’re a disgrace. I haven’t worn any of my Arsenal gear since February we’re so pitiful.

  4. Henry Root

    If we win our two home games ( Norwich and Villa) we qualify for the CL whatever happens at City if United drop one point. But your point is well made. It’s been a bummalo of a season and it is predominantly Wenger’s fault- it has to be as no one else has a look in . Those three games were pathetic but we’ve scarcely played well all season at home. Probably five good performances — Citeh, Bayern, United , Leicester and Stoke. The rest has been pants

  5. Don

    I dont blame the players it is patently obvious they are not good enough Ramsey Walcott WilshereThe Ox and Giroud are stealing a living.With the exception Cech its the same squad as last season and they werent good enough.No the blame lies at the managers door.Not signing an outfield player is the work of a madman
    We now have two home games left.Any Gooner who loves Arsenal should boycott those games.Thats the only way you ram it home against Wenger and the board
    The rot has now set in at Arsenal from the top to the bottom of the club.Its now 12 years since we won a league title.The whole mantra of the club is now just to finish 4th for the CL money
    The fact is for 8 years Wenger was a great manager but for the last 12 he has been average.We havent even finished top 2 for for 11 years

  6. B.T

    Season was over end of August when Wenger decided finances were more important than trophies as is always the Arsene way, despite all the announcements of sponsorships etc we went out and bought in one new player in Cech and was fed the usual bullshit in squad cohesion etc etc , I’m losing track on the amount of different excuses this board and manager come up with in regards to not spending money and strengthening the squad, watching the game today its obvious even our own players have given up under Wenger.

  7. Redtruth

    The fact is Wenger has never been a great manager, he had a good spell as manager which was more down to the players but he’s never been a great manager.

  8. ryan

    A bit harsh on ozil. He’s been creating chances all season, a boat load. At the start we were putting them away and since Jan they’re not. I’d be fed up too, who is he supposed to be feeding balls to.

  9. gonsterous

    Damn Leicester really look focused on winning that title.. they are showing no sign of complacency or letting off.. Swansea are a decent side and they got hammered.. the less we talk about arsenal at the moment the better for my heart. .

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    As usual, you miss the point again Pedro…seriously, when the F are you going to get a clue you dumb-f? When you have needs and you have to the end of the winter transfer window to address and the best you can come up with is Elneny??? And you wonder why Ozil “tuned out”???? What an absolute dumb-f you are and continue to be, Pedro. Seriously, just F-off already and stay F’d off!!!

  11. Colin Decoteau

    Ozil is but one man expected to carry arsene wenger, s dreams , but the reality is as most of us know, this manager is no longer good enough . The sad thing for me is I honestly don’t see a light at the end of this long dark tunnel, except for the fans who cares taking a firm stand and showing a united front .

  12. STV

    Wenger says he worries about the top 4 now

    “We care about that and we worry about it as well because it’s a fight,”

    Those who care about that please raise your hands!!

  13. Zoran

    “Özil is a Problem”


    what does the poor man have to do more???

    today he created 3 clear chances, in total this season 135. Ways more than Eriksen with 105.

    Yes, Pedro, I agree. Özil is a Problem becaquse he doesn’t have somebody like Kane to supply with clear chances, he has Giroud. That’s really Özil’s Problem.

    Can anybody tell me where would we be on the table if a decent striker realized the half of the chances Özil created? And let me tell more: 1 third of his balls had eyes, apparently what Mr. L’Oreal and our attakers are missing.

  14. Marko

    It was the United game that started the rot. I seem to remember we were top thenand clear favourites and we blew it and then lost to Swansea and drew or lost the game after that too and never recovered from that period. But you can predict that under Wenger. Every season you can predict a meltdown cause every season we go in unprepared. This is the same guy who only signs a goalkeeper thinking it’s enough, goes into a season with two injured strikers and just Giroud fit thinking it’s enough and goes into a season with just two fit centre backs one of which has Achilles problems and has to convert the left back into a centre back and he thinks it’s enough. He is absolutely to blame for the empathy that exists for Arsenal fans at the moment and why only he can tell you why he does what he does. Worth pointing out he’s having an effect on this blog too. In yesteryear it’d be full of banter and you’d have a post every day nomatter what but these days not so much

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t often agree with him but
    Red truth

    The fact is Wenger has never been a great manager, he had a good spell as manager which was more down to the players but he’s never been a great manager.

    Is right he has never been a great manager a fortunate one yes

    No wengers time is up .

  16. WrightIsGod

    Well well well. Remember that hooha with Real Madrid questioning Ozil’s attitude when they let him go to us because their fans were in uproar?

    I think we can see his attitude is not the type of attitude that wins you a league, especially a Premier league.

  17. Marko

    I disagree with blaming Ozil for our current predicament. It’s easy to suggest that because of his price tag he should be carrying us out of our current funk but it’s no surprise that he’s only got 2 assists since the turn of the year when you see Giroud hasn’t scored in 14 premier league games, Walcott is absolute tosh and Sanchez and Welbeck are really only finding their feet after long lay offs

  18. Johnty79

    Soon as Iwobi gets his 80k aweek contract. I think you can say he won’t be any good next year. We make the mistake of taking the hunger away from our players hence our young players are a joke. Look at Kane at spurs he’s been on 35k for ages and is now only being offered 100k.

    I pray we miss champs league just to see wenger use it as an excuse not to sign players.

    No hope no future for arsenal football club.

  19. Tel

    Insulting ozil is ludicrous. If he didn’t care do you think his body language, every time he busts a gut to get into a dangerous position only for one of the many numpties that surround him to fuck it up with the wrong decision, would be so poor?

    He’s continued game after game to create chances that haven’t been finished. Today he beat the all time record for chances created in a season. It’s not his fault his team mates arent able to put the ball in the back of the net, get somehow every team we play against gets one chance and scores.

    Wenger is at fault, and theo and ramsay are shite. Beyond shite, even. Tactically naive manager, way past his best, never been able to teach a team how to defend in all his time at the club. Inherited the golden back line, what’s he done in eight years to prevent the same shit occurring. Conceding from set pieces and counter attacks. Absolute mug.

  20. Tippitappi

    good to see those Swansea c*nts get a real thumping just shows how piss poor we were the other month, I can’t see a 3rd place for us now to be honest what would it say about the EPL if we finished there ? not much. We’re only going to be in the ECL now if the scousers lose out in the Europa anyway its actually out of their hands now serves wenger and his cronies right arrogant tossers

  21. Spanishdave

    Somethings up, the players are done, he’s not signing,Giroud is pants, it goes on.
    Wengers in denial he knows it’s up but he will do anything to hang on..
    Our board and owner are afraid to sack him, it’s a right mess

  22. B.T

    The club is rotting from the inside, we have a owner who does not give a shit, a ceo who has no balls and no say and a manager who is out of his depth and honestly a senile old man who looks down on everyone but himself , the sad thing is how is it going to change? Their is no answer, the owner won’t sell so our manager won’t get sacked so our club will continue to rot , the fact that all 3 ( Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger) continue to rip off and blatantly lie to fans with no regard shows you how far away we actually are to getting The Arsenal back.

  23. vicky


    Style and results are two different things.

    I don’t admire their style but the outcome that they have got with whatever style they play is phenomenal.

  24. david Willetts

    I can’t bear to watch Arsenal play anymore. As for Arsene’s media interviews he’s a specialist in baloney.

  25. Joe

    I would be fucked off too if I was ozil. Paying with shit like giroud and Ramsey and Elneny.

    I would be thinking of the euros too when you have no chance to win the league because your manager blew it in August.

    I don’t blame ozil at all. It’s all wenger

    If I was ozil. I would save myself for euros and piss off to Bayern in the summer.

  26. Double Dutch

    Serious lack of investment in any business results in failure. We have pissed about scrimping and saving in Primark, or not buying at all for the best part of 10 years. Hangers on, wasters and, let’s face it shite (Walcott) players have resulted in us being surpassed by many others. We need a minimum 6 quality players who play with guts and a new, young and hungry manager. Ten years ago we played Sunderland, trying to win the league. We didn’t then, and we had way better players. Until change happens, it will forever be groundhog day.

  27. vicky

    “I would be fucked off too if I was ozil. Paying with shit like giroud and Ramsey and Elneny.”

    Fabregas played with even shittier players and always raised the level of his game and of the team until he made his mind to return to Barca.

  28. Joe

    Rvp shits on every striker we have by a million miles.

    I would rather have him now at 31 or how wel old he is than all 3 of wellbeck Walcott and giroud.

  29. Joe

    Our defence and goalie was a problem back then. Not the attack.

    What the fuck would cesc have to do with making them
    Look better Vicky?

    You are talking shit.

  30. Marko

    Nah Vicky Giroud can’t be compared to any other strikers. Since Ozil’s been here he’s had Giroud as the main man and Walcott and Welbeck occasionally. Cesc had Van Persie Adebayor and sometimes Henry and Eduardo and sure Bendtner too. Worth pointing out that Cesc was as unsuccessful as. Ozil too

  31. vicky


    He played with Chamakh as a striker as well. Song and Denilson were his midfield partners for many many games. Why are you trying to defend Ozil at all cost ? He may a good player but his attitude has always been questionable. Sanchez is playing with the same players, he may or may not be in form but at least he tries. Doesn’t hide like Ozil.

  32. Double Dutch

    Well let’s just prey that Fabby sticks it to the shit stains or it could be the worst ever outcome of a season. I agree also that RVP, even now is better than our forwards.

  33. STV

    Fabregas didn’t have many levels to raise. He was a very good player but that team too despite some big names, give us fuck all. So stop the nonsense.

  34. Joe

    Rvp was always his #1 Stiker.

    and Henry. And adebeyor.

    Can’t even compare giroud Walcott well back to any of them. Other than chamack

  35. gonsterous

    Cmon, when favregas played the team was already well gelled and could play great football ( which was weird , cause they couldn’t score or create without him ) , but at the moment with ozil I feel the team is very disjointed.. but that’s more to do with the manager than the players.. Wenger created a team with cesc as the center. With ozil he had already lost the plot and sent players out to do what ever they wanted and find their own way..

  36. Adam A. Carbarundum

    How bad have things gotten? Everyone here are turning on one another. One person to blame for it all, just one…Wenger. Soon the Emirates will be a toxic playground. No legacy, just a haven for hatred.

  37. Colin Decoteau

    Because we’ve become accustomed to being disappointed by the performances, I now find myself looking forward to the expression on the faces and the stuttering excuses from the akb’s , a wise man once said you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time, wenger to the akb’s.

  38. GuNZ

    In a season where we could have had it all.
    In a season where Giroud could have broken the Arsenal goals-scored-in-a-season record.
    In this season. Yes, this very season, where it’s now turned out that my step-daughter’s boyfriend, who’s a Crystal Palace supporter has more to look forward to than I do, everything has gone down the lavatory.

  39. vicky


    Geoff is speaking so much shit, cringe worthy.

    Memz and Ken aren’t eloquent, can’t put one point properly letting Geoff dominate the agenda.

  40. Danish Gooner

    This is the bare minimum for the summer if we are being serious(wont happen) but please indulge me.

    Schemeichel GK,Defense N kolo kante,Midfield Granit is coming could be good ,new winger and two serious attackers,Morata and Higuian.

    Leave: Rosicky,flam,arteta and sell Gibbs,Walcott,oxlade and Giroud.

  41. PieAFC

    The club cannot be stupid can they. Commercial side of things, marketing?

    Or is it the famous saying, all news is good news.

    Puma must be thinking WTF.

  42. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Face it, Arsenal never had a chance at the title because that was never the real objective. To that end, no real surprise or disappointment that it’s come out the way it has.

    So why then does it feel so bitterly and pitifully disgusting?

  43. Andy

    IF Wenger is offered a new contract then it should be under reduced terms. 2 years. that he only manage/coach the squad. Get back to what he was doing before he took over Diens role. Reduce/half his wages inline with most top managers.

  44. GuNZ

    Didn’t get up to watch the game. Didn’t listen to it. Not going to, even though says it was a ‘thrilling encounter’. I see my nougat boy started. I expect he was his normal pile of shit. I tell you, despite the pleasure it gives my missus and myself, I’m going to give my blow-up rubber Giroud one last savage bum-fucking and then let him down. Just like he’s let me down. Then I’m going to flush him down the lavatory, just like Wenger has flushed Arsenal’s season down the lavatory. Do the bookies give odds on run down old has been managers arsing up promising seasons because of their inept planning? If they did, at least we could make some money out of the whole abysmal affair. Fucking shower they are. Fucking shower.

  45. Santos

    Arsenal is a depressing club. I don’t know where to start. Wenger is a wicked old man, who has no conscience or feeling towards the fans. I need to start thinking about other things besides Arsenal and football.

  46. STV

    Gunz Ive heard your psychiatrist got a blow up version of old man because he enjoys hours of ‘Mental sex’.. is that true?

  47. GuNZ


    Yes. He claims they have a ‘session on the couch’ on a regular basis.

    Does anyone know how to get hold of Gandalf? Maybe he can take Frodo Wenger off to Elvenhome for us.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    GeoffArsenal’s soppy voice is what I hear in my head when I read any pro-Wenger fan comment, wet drivel.

    He’s actually pretending as if fans aren’t being patient with Wenger, in his words, that ‘fans give a new manager more patience than they have Wenger,’ so what, 15 years, 20 years or cyclical failures then Geoff, you massive fucking twat.

  49. Colin Decoteau

    The most popular question asked nowadays is , has Tottenham overtaken arsenal? Well on this season’s evidence yes , but in the grand scheme of things, I would suggest it’s not so much they’ve overtaken, but have made a change in management and they are reaping the benefits, the arsenal board need to wakeup.

  50. wenker-wanger

    Wenger is now concerned we may not finish in the top 4. Absolute fcking joke! This is arsenal, a once proud and respected force in football for as long as I can remember is now looking at just making fourth. A club making more money per match day than any other and a club good enough to qualify us for champions league competition, is now pinning its hopes on 4th place. Seriously underperforming club with a manager that is solely to blame. Wankger has no honour, no sense of fair-play and no sense of reality. What is so objectionable is thatthat his arrogant ego comes before the state of the club. He is a complete CNUT and should just FCK off out of arsenal.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger on Friday:

    “Between Thursday and Sunday and Wednesday and Saturday morning is exactly the same…It’s no problem. In fact… points on average [after three days] are better than after four or five days.”

    Wenger today:

    “I think our first half was very good…The second half is always more difficult when you play Sunday-Thursday-Sunday.’

    No one calls him on this stuff. No one points out, but Wenger, two days ago you were talking about it being no problem whatsoever, more to the point, having played on Thursday why did you start players like Giroud and Ramsey again when you have viable option to rotate in some freshness then?

    The bollocks he gets away with spouting.

  52. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Arsene Wenger is a One Trick Pony, period! He caught lightening in a bottle with four fantastic players and has spent the last dozen years trying to recapture what time has taken away.

    Anyone that honestly and sincerely believes this man is or was a great manager, knows absolutely nothing about football. All you have to do is look at Leicester to recognize what a great manager and motivator looks like. A bunch of marginals have the belief in themselves that they are on the cusp of doing the impossible!

    If you look at the Top 7 teams in the table you quickly realize that six of them legitimately have something exciting to look forward to. Even Everton, who has a new owner with deep pockets and in the market for a new manager has something to look forward to.

    What do Arsenal supporters have to look forward to? Yet another season under the guidance and genius of the worlds foremost charlatan of a manager. No wonder there is finally a majority of dissent, how much nonsense can sensible people take?

  53. TemaGooner

    The manager is a fraud. “Judge me in May” he says, each year. Unfortunately, with Wenger, May never comes. When has he ever submitted himself to be judged? Year after year, the same show goes on. It has become boring, it is stale, no longer interesting. He continues to sell the future when it is clear he cannot deliver. And all we, like sheep, continue to follow and believe him. What a sham.

  54. jwl

    L’oreal and Wally are more to blame than Ozil. Second half of season whole team stopped playing well, it has been disaster but not unexpected.

    Read an article last autumn that said Arsenal are considered to have one of best analytics teams in world, we produce our own numbers inhouse while most other teams are buying from third person corp. It is all about data when teams identify players now and then scouts go and watch players in person after team first narrows search in what they looking for and who most likely to fill role.

    Wenger knows perfectly well there have been quality strikers available every summer since rvp was sold but he can’t be bothered to buy one.

  55. WrightIsGod


    The WengerIn lot dominated the debate. Not happy at all. I had high hopes once DT hijacked but he only made us (WengerOut) look worse. DT has passion and great points but you couldn’t trust him to have a diplomatic argument and that’s why it falls down.

    Absolutely hate GeoffArsenal and his cronies.

  56. TemaGooner

    Lack of respect for the fans. And he is not leaving anytime soon. He “built” the club and therefore he thinks he owns it. Besides, he has no life outside of football. Pathetic man. Wenger, get a life, find a hobby, an interest apart from Arsenal and leave. At least that will leave your legacy intact. Leave whilst there is still some respect for you.

  57. vicky

    “‘There are two leagues at the moment. The teams who are taking it easier.
    ‘You see that in some games. You think, “I would like to play them now”. The teams that are safe and do not go for Europe.

    ‘Then you have the teams that go for something at the top and the teams that fight not to go down. It’s different games.”

    LOL Wenger whining about getting relegation zone teams to play against in the top 4 run-in.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    We saw today a team [Leicester] full of confidence playing to the maximum of their potential without their striker and beating comfortably Swansea 4-0. They are on track to win deservedly the EPL. They should make 80 + points this season.

    By contrast we saw Arsenal draw 0-0 against a poor Sunderland. Our defence was all at sea, the midfield was mediocre and our attack could not score a goal
    even if they were allowed to walk the ball into the net.

    There is no game plan, confidence or leadership in our team and we have a manager who continues to perpetuate all the excuses for such poor performances.

    Leaving aside whether we finish third, fourth or even worse I think that the time has come for the major shareholder and Board to acknowledge that Wenger has reached the end of the road and should stand down at end of

    His decision making this season will have already cost the club revenue and
    there is now a real risk that they will implode if the manager stays at the

    We see already a lack of confidence and poor performance level in the team
    and those running the club need now to start making decisions without sentimentality before it is too late.

    My view is that a Director of Football should now be appointed as soon as possible and charged with restructuring the management and coaching staff at
    the club as well as making decisions on which players to offload and recruit.

    Finding a new manager [senior coach] may be more difficult in short term as
    most of the best managers have already been signed up in the last few months.

    What I do know is that we can no longer allow Wenger to remain at club and
    see out his contract. Personally I would prefer to see him stand down on his own volition, but if not then he needs to be sacked as much as it pains me to say it.

  59. Lee Meade

    Wenger runs the club, has been this way for some time. The man never ever takes responsibility for anything other than the ‘success’ at Arsenal. The excuses Wenger regularly trots out should be recorded and put on a loop. It’s the same crap over and over. On the field too, it’s like ‘Groundhog Day’. The same mistakes. The same unaddressed weaknesses. And of course, the same excuses at the end from Wenger.
    What Arsenal fan in their right mind wants to go thru another three years of this?

  60. yaa4real

    Pedro, you’re wrong this time…the players got no problem, it’s the coach. Everybody is obviously tired of ‘stale” Wenger. No more no more less!. We trod this path already…Thierry, Vieira, Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy, Van Persie, Ashley Cole, Sagna, Song (maybe not so successful)…..etc. You know what am talking about, these guys were smart to notice the club has the wrong guy at the helm while many are waving AKB flags. Now, its clear Liverpool has left the dungeon for AFC, the club is still living in the past…and the fans are suckers as far as Stan and AW are concerned. I have gone cryo…until this gambler leaves, cuz am sure it’d be a tall dream to expect his sack…..if he is sacked that’d be heaven cu he has inflicted so much pain with his stubbornness and “I know it all” attitude. Shameless and visionless!

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Arsene’s Nurse

    I am not suggesting that Wenger stays as Manager. He needs to go.

    However, the club needs more than a new manager. Arsenal needs to restructure its management and coaching team. Finding someone to start that process may be more important in short term than going out and finding a new manager.

  62. Dissenter

    How many managers has Wenger nurtured in his 20 years at Arsenal?


    He’s the most insular manager that’s ever known to man.
    Arteta is wise to run away as far as possible.

  63. Joe

    You Arsenal will win all remaining games now that the title is out of done and wenger will yap on about mental
    Strength and how good the team is looking for next season. Giroud will
    Score a hat trick. Walcott will score 2 next match

  64. HillWood

    CA- It was the same on Talk Sport phone in. Every caller was criticising him but didn’t get the point across to well

  65. Du Vi

    The kool-aid drinkers three years to late are starting to see what the more discerning of us have seen from the very start….Mezut Ozil is a Fraud!!!!!

  66. Joe

    Ozil followed after losing to Aston villa and not spending a dime and only bringing in flam and sanago.

    Fuck i hate the man. He needs to fuck right off from Arsenal.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    The real problem at Arsenal at the moment is who would make the appointment
    of new manager if Wenger leaves?

    Would you want to leave it to Kroenke who knows absolutely about football,
    Gazidis who is not a football man or a Board of Directors? The fact is that there is
    absolutely noone at the club who I would trust with making that decision.

  68. Galaxygooner

    Ozil basically up on the season after Barcelona scored their first goal because mertesacker decided to become a right winger.
    I remember seeing him flinging his hands in frustration at what his teammates had conspired to do.
    His performances have tailed off ever since.
    Even with the below peak performances, he is still far better than ramsey who has been dire since the day he signed for arsenal ( apart from that half season)

  69. Sam


    It’s getting late
    time to have sex or sleep If you are single

    you bored housewives need to chill out
    We didn’t lose against fat Sam

    At least

  70. Sam

    Jack is back
    Elneny looks promising
    Iwobi being ran to the ground………… Already
    Giroud n Ramsey still torturing us
    Walcott looks his time at Arsenal has expired
    4th place looks secured……………Almost

  71. Joe

    Jack is back
    Elneny looks promising
    Iwobi being ran to the ground………… Already
    Giroud n Ramsey still torturing us
    Walcott looks his time at Arsenal has expired
    4th place looks secured……………Almost

    And none of this gives me any hope for next season. Especially with the cunt in charge

  72. Champagne charlie

    Ozil isn’t the problem, Wenger is.

    Ozil is a technically perfect creator with little ability the other side of the ball. IF you want to put that player in your team you have to do 2 things:

    1. Have a ST that’s going round score 40 thanks to Mesut.
    2. Anchor midfield with players who can be solid.

    We have Giroud with 12 league goals, and at our very best this season we had a band-aided Coquelin-Cazorla pivot. One of them isn’t defensive at all, the other can’t look after the ball to save his life. Good work Wenger, terrific team structure.

    Elneny-Xhaka-Ozil-Higuain –> completely different animal as a football team. Not a little bit better, fucking different gravy.

    137 chances created so far this year has Ozil, only 18 assists.

  73. Dissenter

    The Game of Throne is providing respite from all the Arsenal shit-fest.
    I just wish I didn’t have to wait for another week to get another dose.

  74. goonerboy

    Arsenal without doubt has the poorest ownership model and least effective leadership in the EPL from the perspective of many fans- but not from shareholders. The absent owner has no leadership profile at all. The Board are his stooges- who exist to prevent change.

    From the shareholders perspective- share price is high, demand for tickets is still there and profit margins are comparatively good, They regard the club as being well administered and effective in pursuading fans to pay very high prices for minimal investment in the team.

    The Board regards the fans suspiciously- they run Arsenal as a private club and regard success on the field as being at best of secondary importance.
    Wenger has the same disregard for fans-blaming fans for his teams continual failure to win a major trophy.

    Win or lose- nothing changes-which is why the last 6 seasons have been virtual carbon replicas of one another. The few really good players will have to leave to achieve success before their playing days are finished just as their predecessors have because we are no nearer achieving success now than the last 10 years.

    At the end of every season the club goes through the same rituals- promises of squad strengthening- which collapse as soon as ticket sales are closed.

    The trouble is Arsenal fans suffer from collective amnesia each season and forget what happened last year as soon as the new close season starts.

    The club have abrogated their responsibility for matters on the field. Wenger runs the playing side and is not accountable to anyone. He speaks for the club. No one at the club has the power to sack him. He will decide when he’s had enough.

  75. Bamford10


    Pedro is not saying that Ozil is our principal problem — he is well aware of the fact that WENGER is that — nor is he overlooking how inadequate certain other players — Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey — are, he is simply pointing out that Ozil isn’t all that effective, engaged or impactful at the moment.

    However, Pedro, I must say that this line — “If Arsene was offered £60m [for Ozil] — was a bit ridiculous. No one in his right mind is going to offer that amount for Ozil. Ozil is worth £35m — £40m, tops. He’s a wimp, a whiner and he has no real shot. He is an intelligent passer of the ball, but that is about it. He’s good when the game is a fairly easy one, but if things get difficult? Forget it. He disappears.

    But he isn’t our principal problem of course.

  76. Dissenter

    Wenger warning the world about the need for drug testing in football.

    This man is such an embarrassment to the club.

    He won’t do his £23,200 daily job properly yet he has an opinion about everything else.

  77. TitsMcGee

    Top 4 is safe I think.

    That only thing in doubt is whether it’s 3rd or 4th for us.

    4th place this season? How interesting will next season be?

    Conte Guardiola Klopp Pochettino Mourinhno?

    Lol you can write off next season

  78. gonsterous

    When Wenger finally gets sacked, I’d love to see everyone saying ” I told you so” and acting all smug..
    The only person who has been an arsene out supporter through and through since I started reading this blog was Gambon.. the lad finally deserves a trophy of his own..

  79. peanuts&monkeys

    Hope. This is one thing that is completely out of sight with anything Arsenal since long. In January this year, it had showed up after about 10 years. Gone again. The best gift the club can offer its fanbase is hope. Hope of change. And, change has to start from the top. And, its none other than Arsene who heads Arsenal. Even if Arsenal finishes 10th for the next two seaason, still a hope stemming out a change made at the top, OR a hope that more such change can happen can keep the fans a little happy.

    Stand up and deliver, BoD!!!