Wenger laments fine margins, but does he actually understand them?

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No idea whether this is from the same press conference as yesterday, or whether it’s just the bits the journo’s held back, but Arsene Wenger continued his defence of himself, this time using the backdrop of history to drive him his point.

“I would also like to remind you that if we win the game against West Brom, we are third in the league and, if you look at the history of the club over 140 years and its consistency, you will see there’s no shame in that — even if we are not happy with it.”

I mean, jeez, what a basic comment to make. It’s all part of the act though. Wenger has been the master of reframing failure for years. I actually think he should be reframing his issues over the course of his own career. Go back 15 years and ask whether what is happening under the same manager with unreal resources is good enough.

‘It’s a strange league this year and it might announce more strange years, and more strange leagues, in the future. Some teams who have more competitions [to compete in] suffer a bit against the teams who really are focused and defend very well.’

‘In England now, the Premier League teams will all have more potential to buy good players. At the top level — top Premier League — the difference will be down to small margins, maybe more than ever.”

The comments go on and on. The thing with his last comment on margins is that Arsene doesn’t understand marginal gains. He does very little to make a difference anywhere. He doesn’t push anything he does to the extreme. His pressing game is almost non-existent and certainly doesn’t resemble a philosophy that’s well thought out. His transfer policy, once a massive advantage has flagged badly over the years. His tactical vision is contained to maybe, what, two shapes that he switches between during the year?

If Wenger thinks the game is about marginal gain, what is he doing to make up the margins? I mean, if the margin were wide the season before, did he think signing zero outfield players was going to help?

Also, if it’s about players, and other teams are beating us because they are buying better ones, what is he doing there?

You can stand up and preach that Arsenal fans should be grateful about floating around the top 4, but in years gone by, top four didn’t mean anything. The top one is all that mattered. The only thing that matters about the top four is Europe, which really, is a total indulgence because we can’t win it. We’ve not made a quarter final in 6 years when teams like Apoel, Spurs and Porto have.

Actually, come to think of it, George Graham missed out on top 4, what, twice in during tenure?

Another of his charges pointed that teams like Leicester and Spurs don’t play as many games as us. I’m having trouble explaining to my Spurs and Leicester pals the concept of fatigue. They don’t understand the impact Champions League will have on injuries. Both teams above us flog the same team over and over again. The big test  for them whether they can build out a squad with enough depth and quality to manage both competitions. My guess is no and they’ll pay the price.

Anyway, point for me is that we are in the Champions League, we’ve been dining out on the cash for years and what has it landed us? If we were out of the Champions League, we’d probably be much better in the league because we’d have time to prepare, we’d have less injuries and we’d be fresher. We’d have a better chance, but I still wonder if we’d take it.

It’s besides the point. The issue is that Wenger has the resources and the funds to be challenging for both, but he doesn’t. Then he wonders why we’re upset?

I just find his arrogance staggering. Digging out the fans, making out they’re making emotional rash decisions, rather than decisions that have been a culmination of ten years. I’d imagine the PR team wince every time he opens his mouth.

But, the only way this ends is when he decides. Will Stan have the guts not to give him a new 3 year deal? I very much doubt it. That’s the savage nightmare behind all of this… Wenger could decide he wants a forever contract and we’d dish it out to him. Because we’re a weak club that doesn’t empower people in the know… we empower a fading force with a choice on his own destiny.

It’s unreal that any club could sit in this situation… but it is what it is.

West Brom later, but who cares? Plenty of empty seats today. I hope the club feel it. It’s apathy. It’s boredom. It’s being tired of a man who just doesn’t know when to call it a day.

Right, enjoy the match wherever you may be.


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  1. Joe

    Ugh doesn’t know who Alan smith or quinny are?

    He’s not an Arsenal supporter. He’s an arsene supporter.

  2. Dissenter

    I’ll stand by that assertion. wenger has always spent what he’s been given.”

    This comment encapsulates the shallowness of your Wenger-worship.

    So Wenger has stayed at a job that pays him 8 million a year and gives him only 10 million to spend when there’s 150-200 million in the coffers.
    What does this say about your man Wenger?

  3. gonsterous

    So it’s been 3 hours and none of the AKBs have answered my question… Which could only mean one of the following
    – no akbs come on le grove ( which isn’t true)
    – none were present when I asked that question ( which is reasonable)
    – they don’t read anything anyone else says regarding Wenger out..
    – they don’t have any justification to answer the question…

  4. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsene, what would you do if someone gave you £100m? Did Wenger say:

    A) Spend it all, just like I do with my usual transfer budget.

    B) Give it back.

    Honestly AH, you have been caught out lying. Just man up and admit you are wrong. Why keep the farce going? The more you assert this nonsense the more of an AKB idiot you sound.

    Last time I asked you to provide evidence for the assertion you slunk off. Now you are back spouting the same bullshit. You are dishonest.

  5. Emiratesstroller


    A business deal negotiated in writing or a press release is not the same as communicating with people.

    If you are dealing with players and coaches on a day to day basis it is important that they can understand you.

    Historically managers who did not speak the language were never a great success. As I said most of the top managers working in England do speak the language with a level of competence.

    Also when I made the statement in the first place some weeks ago it was in the
    context of a Manager being recruited by Arsenal. Frankly someone like Simeone with or without command of English would not be recruited by the club
    with impending criminal proceedings against him.

  6. Joe

    instead of focusing on the table I think it is very important to focus on the process and quality of what we do.

    Hash wenger. Cunt. So don’t judge me in May on league position. Behind Spurs and Leicester.

    But on the boring football we play.

    What a cunt

  7. alexanderhenry


    Here is what will happen:

    1) Kroenke will appoint someone like Brendan Rodgers or a popular ex player like bergkamp.

    2) He will make a marquee signing to placate fans

    3)After a season arsenal will go back to ‘self sustainability’ or very small spends and start to struggle

    4) Arsenal will become a mid table team.

    5) Kroenke will remain the owner because arsenal fans will never be willing to give up their season seasons. Even if some do, it won’t make enough of a difference to make him want to sell up.

    6) ‘Lil’ ol arsenal will be given to kroenke’s son Josh to run as Stan involves himself more closely with the Rams move to LA,.

  8. Joe

    You get called out on your bullshit and come back with more bullshit on tip on more bullshit

    You are so wrong but like wenger you just keep going on and on

    Let it go.

    Shut up and let it play out and you’ll find out just how wrong you ar when the new manager comes in and wins big.

  9. BillikenGooner

    Since 2006 and our “financial difficulties” came and went:

    No money, but team building with “spirit” – Wenger failed
    Money (according to Wenger, Gazidis and board members) and team building with “spirit” – Wenger failed.

    All the while, told it is difficult to compete with the big money clubs and the unfair playing field… and along comes Ranieri and Leicester City to show us what it means to try to compete and team build on a budget.

  10. Joe


    The better question is , will he give the new manager 12 years of failure , if kronke is still in charge. Or will he want the new manager out after the first trophy-less season.

  11. Johnty79

    Kone of Sunderland is just the type of defender we needed.quick strong and powerful. He’s up there with Chris samba of last 5 years.

    I think will win pretty easy today 3.1,4.1 but it counts for nothing. If this current team were in Leicesters position they would still blow the title.

    Just a mention to all those out there who said Cech would win us 15 points…he played at Chelsea behind the best defence in the last 10 years and only had 2-3 shots a game. He has added nothing to us really.