Wenger’s explanation of empty fan seats perfectly captures his delusion

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Happy Wednesday. This week is dragging like you would not believe. GET ME TO THE WEEKEND.

Arsene Wenger was on the defensive in his press conference, and in a typically deluded mood.

“Look, everybody is free to do what they want with their season ticket,”

“We have to live with that. It’s a Thursday night, it’s unusual. We just had a disappointing result at home, maybe that plays a part as well. First of all it’s not experienced yet and we have to live with that.”

I’d rather Wenger addressed the problems head on, instead of shirking them or pretending they don’t exist. The Thursday night game won’t be empty because Thursday is a weird day. It’ll be empty because he hasn’t done his job properly… again.

This is the point you need your manager to be strong, face up to his failings and promise to do things better.

Instead he’s making excuses, because he lives in a cocooned world. He doesn’t think there’s a problem. Or if there is a problem, in some way, we should be grateful that it’s him picking up the pieces.

Here’s another example of Wenger forgetting his audience, I know you should normally take comments like the following with a pinch of salt, but this is Arsene’s Arsenal and we know how the film ends (Film is Summer Failings 7). Here’s Wenger commenting on Mahrez rumours.

“No, even if it was, I would not think about it at this stage of the season. It would be disrespectful to Leicester, but it is not the case.”

You see, really, you should be thinking about improving your squad throughout the season.

Firstly, set up your squad for success. By the end of the summer, you should have all the flexibility you need built into the final list of players. You need the right blend of experience, you need to have plan As, plan Bs and plan Cs. If Santi gets injured, what happens? If Wilshere doesn’t come back all season, what happens? Should we even be giving squad numbers to Rosicky and Arteta? All those questions should be answered. But they weren’t.

Anyway, assuming you’re satisfied with the numbers. As you move through the weeks, you should be listing the weaknesses in the squad. By the time you get through to December, if there’s a pattern emerging, like, say, we lack quality defensive midfield as cover… or we’re becoming too reliant on an aging Mertesacker, you start to put the feelers out about replacements so when January strikes, you’re good to go.

That same process should be applied as you go through the second half of the season. By now, your scouting department should have a very specific set of briefs they’re working to. Your Dick Law should be putting feelers out and testing the waters. The club should be in full swing making noises to agents, sussing out interesting.

By the time you hit April, you should have a plan A. Here is the gold standard of players we want this summer, here is what we’re paying them, here is what the price is for them.

If plan A doesn’t work, you have B option, a C option and a D option. You could break up the striker issue into World Class (Benzema), emerging (Auba), upstart (Beradi), old bastard (Zlatan).

Every base should be covered. Every scenario worked out. This transfer business isn’t easy because there are so many moving pieces, but we clearly don’t make it work because we’re so limited in our approach. The best coaches know exactly what they need, how the pieces work together and what it takes to kick on… Arsene doesn’t. He’s a man with one idea and he quite often executes it on the fly.

We’ll sign a Xhaka, all get excited about the rumours he’s going big, then he’ll do half a job and we’ll be looking at U21 players coming through to plug the gaps.


We’ve been here so many times before.

Aside from how it should and does work at major clubs, we don’t have the spirit at the club we need. The attitude on the pitch was so off at the last game. It was like they played after watching the club dog get run over by the team bus. Everyone checked out, on their holidays. What do you think Wenger’s response was in the dressing room? Do you think the players were tearing chunks out of each other? Did anyone have Bellerin up against the wall? Or did they all have their Beats on eating a sandwich laughing at Chamberlain’s Snapchat banter?

You can bet your bottom dollar there was no passion, because there’s none on the pitch.

Anyway, nice to see Arsene Wenger is deluding himself about the issue with the fans and nice to see his summer doesn’t sound like it has a deliverable on it yet.


Have a great day, I’ll be in Texas tomorrow, so I might not post until late.



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  1. Bamford10

    ‘If you’ve got a ticket for the game later, you don’t go and you don’t give your ticket to someone else, you’re a cunt. End of’ – @PaulBrownAFC

  2. Logie Bear

    Bamford 10 – I know what you mean and am expecting a weird atmosphere tonight.

    The trouble is that any attempt to lift the team and get a positive result will just be taken by AW as personal support for himself !

  3. Dissenter

    It’s now an accepted fact that majority of the fans have turned against Wenger.

    What’s turned most is his smug arrogance in the press conferences.
    There’s a time bomb waiting to go off at the Emirates.
    If Westbrom hold us goalless till half time then things are going to go off tonight.

  4. Red&White4life

    “It’s now an accepted fact that majority of the fans have turned against Wenger.”

    Any proof ??
    I’m sure the “in arsène we trust” banners are still here…

  5. Carts


    “It’s now an accepted fact that majority of the fans have turned against Wenger.”

    I disagree.

    It’s incredibly hardly to quantify who is and isn’t in favour of Wenger, at this stage. Though I’d agree that the disenchanted group is increasing weekly – which is a good thing!

    When you listen to his rebuttal such as “yes – but others have spent and look where they are”,

    This is why people use Chelsea, Utd and City as a reason why Wenger isn’t the only manager doing shite but fail to realise that the aforementioned teams are changing their underachieving managers as a mean of progressing.

    “we are trying to find the right quality for Arsenal”

    Which encourages responses like, “yeah but there’s nobody out there” and “yeah but he wouldn’t come to us”

    that, there, is enough to bamboozle the likes of Moh and Ty, for instance.

  6. Bamford10

    Not to be difficult, but care to paste in the first time you said Wenger would cite Leicester’s success as support for his approach (rather than something that undermined it)?

    I’m pretty sure I said this here first, and contrary to what you intimated, many here were saying the opposite: that Leicester’s success would leave him exposed, without reply.

  7. Jeff

    It was more the players that managed to get rid of Mourinho – i.e. by playing shit on purpose. But Wenger is very good to the players so we can’t hope for the same. I’m not sure how much effect fan pressure can have. At best it is sporadic and unfocused. For it to have real power, there has to be consensus, it has to happen week in week out and it has to be unrelenting.

    Past experience shows that fan mood changes very quickly whenever the slightest little hope is given or we win a few games. Right now the mood is bad because we’re staring up the arse of Tottenham and Leicester which is very humiliating for fans. But that will only last for a few more games and then come the end of season the PR machine will swing into action with all the links and super buys and bullshit – all of which will be bought by the undiscerning supporters and before you know it we are playing our first game in August and full of hope and anticipation – again. All this protesting and angst will have fizzled out.

  8. Dissenter

    There are more anti-Wenger fans than pro-Wenger fans.
    The last bastion of the Wenger cock-suckers is to murky the water with Kroenke.

    Go to the reader comments after ANY Arsenal story and you’ll get the drift of fan reaction.
    Online comments are always ahead of real time expression of views but they are reliable.

    That’s why ain know most fans are anti-Wenger. I think the last summer transfer inactivity and the Swansea game were the watersheds.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    The problem is in terms of gauging fan mood, all the pro-Wenger fans go into hiding when things are bad, you watch, trounce West Brom tonight and they will all emerge again, trying to be casual with statements like ‘that’s a bit more like it,’ or statements that appear like criticisms but really aren’t like ‘this team is capable of the brilliant one week and then the ridiculous the next, need consistency,’ which is essentially blaming the players and then stating no massive change is needed, just cohesion and consistency.

    Wait and see, guarantee we thrash West Brom later on, and watch some names start creeping back on here tonight or tomorrow.

  10. Red&White4life

    “…and watch some names start creeping back on here tonight or tomorrow.”

    Are you talking about wenger’s targets for the summer ?? lol

  11. Thank you and goodnight


    I don’t know mate. I honestly think this time round wenger has burnt his bridges and even if we won all our remaining games they’d still want him out. I’d agree with you if city and Chelsea were above us as that would allow them to use money as a reason wenger is struggling. But fact that it’s 2 clubs who financially don’t compare to us , who are above us has finally opened the eyes of a lot of AKB’S. I would say it’s 80/20 in favour of WOBS now.

  12. HillWood

    Arry Redknapp saying fans don’t have the patience any more. Wonder how much he charged for that pearl of wisdom

  13. Loop

    Are there no mental institutions in the U.K? It’s gross negligence that Wenger is still free and worse allowed to mingle with people.

  14. Red&White4life

    “fans don’t have the patience any more.”

    Ah ah ah ah dear Harry this is fantastic quote, specially for the Arsenal fans.

  15. Relieable Sauce

    Martinez will be free soon, could turn out to be a masterstroke if the dirty, rotten scoundrels appoint him. Enough to drive the last of the ambitious Arsenal fans away and ensure total acceptance of mediocrity.
    Elite clubs and players know we are a joke, the media here are just figuring it out but are already bored to death of it. Not really worth wasting air time pointing out the same old failings and excuses, season, after season, after season. Cant blame them, especially with all the excitement surrounding some of the other clubs and the influx of talented young managers to the PL.

    Irrelevance beckons.

  16. Red&White4life

    Can we excpect a little help from WBA tonight ?? At least a draw ??

    After all manure is only 1 point behind us, so maybe wenga’s troops should feel a little bit of pressure ?? lol

  17. victor

    Arsenal fans are soft. We are easily manipulated and trapped by Wenger’s deluded everlasting football theories. Theories like and inevitably, ‘Jack Wilshere is like a new signing, there are no top top quality players in the market, this is the best squad I have ever managed, my players are top quality, I built Arsenal without help, etc delusions.’ How can a manager have so much power above the fans that pay his wage for a long period? how many years of consistent 4th and 3rd will open our eyes to the truth that Wenger CANNOT even take us to second? My eyes have opened. Maybe i have to be patient for more eyes to be opened

  18. Logie Bear

    Red & White

    Yep, I’m expecting Pulis to fire up his team tonight, even though I’d love to ram his baseball cap where the sun don’t shine.

    I’m just so torn between supporting Arsenal FC, always, and detesting Arsene.

    Can we stomach another year of this?! (optimistically assuming we don’t offer him a contract extension)

    If only he’d done the decent thing and left on a (relative) high after the Hull FAC win…….

  19. Carts


    Ok – fair enough. Let’s hope that is an almost accurate reflection of how fans feel. I agree that comment sections in a lot of quarters are very much In favour of Wenger leaving, and have been for a white.

    It’s more the ones that still attend the games at pretend not to think there is anything wrong with Wenger at the helm. And obviously the twats that scream Stan at every turn.

  20. Logie Bear

    Anyone else struck by the atmosphere at Anfield the other night when they were behind against Dortmund?

    OK, I get as angry as the next person at the continued fawning of “another great European night at Anfield” etc etc, (yawn) but I must admit to feeling a tad jealous at them and at what Klopp seems to have brought about there already.

  21. Red&White4life

    “optimistically assuming we don’t offer him a contract extension”

    This very, very optimistic…

  22. Red&White4life

    “I’ll be in Texas tomorrow, ”

    Pedro, don’t forget to bring back a chainsaw… It could be usefull.

  23. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal fans need to protest in unison. Not just the WBA and not run back and cheer when we beat them later (you know we will ).

  24. alexanderhenry

    The only way arsenal will succeed is if Kroenke sells out. All of you who think wenger’s departure will usher in big spending, a top coach and a new era of success for arsenal are living in cloud cuckoo. land.
    The guy even admitted he’s not in this business to win . That’s painfully obvious when you look at how remarkably unsuccessful his other teams are.

    Getting rid of a manager is one thing but getting rid of an owner or majority shareholder is something else. Essentially, you can’t. The only way to make it happen is to make them want to sell up. This can only be achieved by fans not pitching up and ideally, season ticket holders not renewing.
    Sadly, I don’t see this happening on a scale necessary to get rid of this awful man.

  25. James wood

    Wengers like the Hackney marshes Sunday manager
    when only 10 of his players turn up ,obilgingly throws
    himself in although he is in his 50s and takes his boots
    everywhere just in case of this moment.?
    Trouble is the old legs and mind just don’t do it anymore.
    But never say die
    Do honourable thing Arsene start enjoying your wedge.

  26. Dissenter

    I really think the days of Wenger pulling the chestnuts out of the fire just in time are over.

    It used to be a tool to hoodwink gooners but now it’s seen as further evidence of a pattern of failure.

    I saw that press conference and I did think his tone was not as brash as before.
    He’s feeling the heat guys. Don’t stop now.

  27. Dissenter

    You are the biggest plonker on this site who’s forever drunk on cheap Wenger wine.

    How can anyone take you serious when you insisted that Wenger’s transfer budget for last summer was limited to 10 million pounds.

    You need to have a word with yourself.

  28. HillWood

    Alexanderhenry- Stan doesn’t interfere with Wengers team. Why would he start if a much better manager arrived? He must know Wenger ain’t gonna be here forever

  29. Red&White4life

    “You do not get tired of shame? You did not tired of winning nothing for ten years?”

    Nop, this is not wenger speaking, but Roma’s coach Spalletti lol

  30. Thank you and goodnight


    Everything DT says is spot on. Thankfully the tide is turning and now the raving lunatic AKB party is in the minority. You’ll always have akb window lickers like Alexander Henry sticking up for wenger but thankfully they are now few in numbers

  31. A

    Who is the up-and-coming striker, Auba, that you reference, is it a typo? A nickname or shortened form of a name, because i’ve never heard of him and I have a fairly broad knowledge, or awareness of players. Also, although I agree that Wenger needs to retire I don’t share the dislike of other commenters, I just feel let down. I think microanalysing any managers denial of a transfer rumour is pointless. As, if he confirms he is interested in Mahrez now he might damage the club’s relationship with leicester (in relation to future and current transfers) by affecting the player or destabilising Leicester and weaken any negotiation position. The only reason to destabilise an opposition team is if you are in direct competition with them and we are past that point. In any case most good managers will deny transfer rumours so that they retain greater control of the situation. Also, media outlets spew out transfer rumours to drive hits, if they were all true/ relevant clubs would own 100s of players.

  32. izzo

    Again West Brom are on holiday they have nothing to play for. Of course this game was already won before kick off. Win meaningless games when it doesn’t matter. I don’t even bother watching entire matches as. I use them for background noise. So tired of this shit. Easiest season ever to win and its already too late. Same shit next year. Stadium slowly filled up but they gotta do more than that to protest because i don’t see the point of Wenger honoring his contract to the detriment of the club. Change needs to happen at the end of this season. New manager new season.