Arsenal dissenters go WikiLeaks on Arsene | How important is Champions League to you?

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Goooood morning. Fresh back into a misery pool I’m afraid my darlings.

Arsene Wenger-gate ramped up a gear yesterday when Telegraph journalist, Matt Law, dropped a quite astonishing article about insider dissent from the Arsenal players and backroom staff.

Arsenal players and staff are becoming increasingly mystified by the decision-making of manager Arsene Wenger as they now face a fight to make sure the club’s season does not completely fall apart.’

The article goes on to say that staff and players questioned the days off he’s been giving the players, they’ve been baffled by the continued inclusion of Gabriel and they were confused about Petr Cech not returning to the side for West Ham and yet more confusion rained down over using Ramsey to chase a game we were losing.

I mean, if you want more things to be confused about Arsenal backroom team… I can give you a massive list as long as your arm.

I think this sort of takedown on the manager is new. I’ve never read sources leaking about Wenger like this. I’ve spoken to plenty of people close to the club who have mentioned the obvious issues, but Wenger runs a tight ship. Great thing is that if people are talking, it’s because they can smell the end. Any pressure that goes his way in the press is a chink in the invincible armour he previously wore with dictator like arrogance.

It is crazy though. The absolute apathy I feel for this situation. I saw the tickets on sale for the next game, unreal amounts. So well played Charles Allen, people are using your Ticket Exchange (96% success rate apparently), just a bit sorry that they’re using it so enthusiastically because our manager is a car crash.

It’s a weird situation. The club won’t fire him. It’s like Wenger has earned himself a forever contract for doing wonders during the barren days. Now no one will tell him the game is up. So the club are waiting on him to make the right decision. Trouble is, he has nothing else in his life bar football. It’s a solitary life he lives. If he quits the day job, what will he do?

… and sorry for the sob story. But I genuinely find it sad how he’s in this situation. Then I remember the cash money, baller ass Brazilian girls he plays volleyball with and the dictatorial power he levels over a club that can’t sack him.

Someone put a question to me yesterday, would you take 4th place and Champions League, or 5th and Wenger leaving. I don’t know about you, but my god would I run at that 5th place if that meant and end to Arsene’s tenure.

4th place perpetuates more Wenger. It raises the very real issue of another 3 year deal, it would continue to split the fanbase (which is interestingly now fans vs the club, rather than each other) and it’ll lead to yet more decay.

Then you think about 4th place and what it actually means. Another year of Champions League football. But what use is that? Is it prestigious to continually fail at something? Is it useful to hoard in prize money we don’t use to progress the club? Is it elevating us in any way as a football club?

Arguably no to all of those questions. And you can bitch that it’s great fun watching us get tanked by Barcelona and I’m sure those away days are great (really, they’re not though, are they?). But look, fans don’t turn up for the group stage games as it is. Also worth noting that the prize money has been levelled by the monstrous TV deal cash and smaller clubs are showing you don’t need it (Spurs and Leicester).

Answer me this Arsenal fans, and be honest. If Arsenal lost out on Champions League and the manager was replaced by Diego Simeone, how many of you would be sad at the loss of Champions League football?

Hardly anyone. We’d be thrilled by the new vision in town. And that’s what football is about, being thrilled and I’m sorry, but there’s not enough of that going on at Arsenal these days.

Who is more excited this summer? Arsenal fans or Liverpool fans? Liverpool fans. They have a charismatic leader, their players are fighting way above their pay station and there’s a freshness at the club.

Look at us, sitting in 4th and our fans aren’t showing for the games. The players can’t be arsed. I mean, you only have to look at the performances of names like Ozil to see how checked out they are. It’s a shambles. We’re 1-0 up with 10 to go and the players can’t sit on the lead. Why is that? Is it because they’re focused. Or is it a sign of a deep lack of discipline where stupid behaviour isn’t punished or rectified? Would any of the legendary back four have let Bellerin bomb on like that? Of course not. So why when one of those legends is back at the club is that ruthless discipline not being transferred to the starting 11? One would have to think Arsene isn’t a massive fan of that way of thinking.

Wenger should be surrounding himself with the best in the business. He should be building an incredible team of visionaries around him. Trailblazers in fitness, tactics, data and coaching. He should be letting them run the show, with him there checking boxes and making sure everything looks sound. Not micro-managing like it’s the late nineties.

So back to my point, why would anyone, now we’re monstrously secure as a club, care a hoot about Champions League? Making 4th place, perversely, is holding us back as a club and even worse, it could doom us to an even more miserable three-year extension. Also, remember, that by making 4th place, we’ve just handed Wenger another excuse not to make major signings. And you’re back where you started again, set up for failure.

Taking this to tennis, I remember listening to Federer talk about how he had a weak backhand in his early career. He could have been successful with one of the best forehands, but he knew he wanted to be great. He basically spent a whole season forcing himself to become the best backhander in the game at the cost of trophies. But after the rough patch, he the most complete player in the game and he won it all. Arsenal could benefit the same way. Sometimes you have to go down to come back up.

The right thing to do is always want your club to do well. And I do. Which is why I champion Wenger moving on. Hypothetically, if that was at the expense of Champions League, I wouldn’t care, because I’d be excited about Arsenal again. And I know I’m not in a minority with that view. Also worth noting plenty of clubs have been through transitions. It’s not as scary as you think.

Chelsea sacked Di Matteo 7 months after winning the Champions League, and Mourinho in similar time post Premier League win. Barcelona fans are lambasting Messi in his car after a third straight loss, no doubt Enrique will be gone if he fucks La Liga. West Ham moved on Sam Allardyce because they believed in more than just survival. Liverpool shipped out Brendan Rodgers when they caught the slightest whiff of Jurgen Klopp. Manchester City resigned the comparatively successful Pellegrini when Guardiola came onto the market. Spurs dumped Tim ‘mighty records broken’ Sherwood. Leicester sacked Nigel Pearson, for, errr, Ranieri? They all did it for progress.

So what are Arsenal doing? What are they waiting for? Jump and make the move, because look, things aren’t getting any better. I can promise you that. The fans know the drill, the Arsenal corporate team know the drill, the players know it’s over and now we’re hearing the backroom staff are equally as deflated.

Time to do something revolutionary. Yes, it’s time to ask an underperforming manager to leave. Get in a new man, clear out the deadwood, build out a lean squad, make it smart and kick onto better days.

Can you imagine?


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  1. STV

    Malcolm Glazer was a bad owner yet Ferguson won loads under him. Why not Wenger? .. he can’t do things as well as he talk things.

  2. DaveB666

    Emiratesroller – I don’t think Wenger is worth £8million a year but the £200million cash in the Arsenal coffers is justification (from a business point of view) that its a price worth paying. Not sure if it is still the case but a few years ago we were the only club in the Premier League where the highest paid individual wasn’t a player.

  3. STV

    Arsene Wenger is the biggest fraud in football and also one of the biggest conman in todays world. He is a coward, a dump and an egomaniac. He survives on compassion, naustalgic football fans and a careless employer. He is greedy,he is miserly and extremely selfish.

  4. Red&White4life

    City incapable of winning at newcastle, FFS, no one’s gonna help us to get out of the top 4 ??

  5. Red&White4life

    “Had so many great moments under the man. ”

    But it was so long ago…
    Of course he will be there next season, what a strange question lol

  6. WengersSweeties

    The Gunners have taken the unusual step of putting tickets available for the game on general sale.

    And reports suggest as many as 20,000 fans could choose to skip the match.

    It follows growing discontent after a poor second half of the season which has seen them slip from first to fourth in the new year.

    But Wenger feels supporters are free to do what they like.

    He said: “Everybody is free to do what they want with their season ticket.

    “We have to live with that.”


    I really hope this happens.

    Finally, the fans growing a pair!!!

  7. STV

    Some gems extracted from the shit mouth:

    1. Wenger rules out summer exit“I always respect my contract,”

    2. Wenger rules out Mahrez chase

    3. Wenger laments fans reaction“We don’t want a negative environment” but he also knows fans are fickle “Fan’s mood can change very very quickly”

  8. Red&White4life

    “But Wenger feels supporters are free to do what they like.”

    So we are free to shoot him in the head if we want to ??
    I like that!!

  9. Romford Ozil Pele

    Steve, unfortunately yes which is the sad thing my friend. He’ll still be here to see out his contract at the very least IMO because the people above him have no appetite for change. Maybe that will change if fans continue to avoid going to matches. I haven’t been to a home game in a month now. Tomorrow’s game is expected to be the lowest at the Emirates since we moved there. Around 20k could not turn up which would definitely make some at the top sit up and take notice, our sponsors too. And maybe that’s what’s needed because we need to hit them in the pockets.

    I do think Wenger is disconnected from the reality. I don’t think he realises how unhappy fans are and it could conceivably get worse.

  10. Steveyg87

    Its not the first time he’s been up against it. In all honesty, if we put a run together in these last few games, I’m convinced he will escape the hook again. And the is the problem,. Yes, he is a egomaniac, but, he knows exactly how to calm the fans down in his press conference’s. IMO, we are too easy to please

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    Steve, it’s more a case of fans just being tired of the seasons all playing out in the same way. Either we start fast and choke at the end or start bad and play catch up to get top 4. Fan pressure has never really been this high either since he can’t hide behind the money excuse either anymore. I just think there are too many holes in the way Wenger wants to play football and because he isn’t as hands on as other managers, I think other teams play on this. Even if we do win our last few games there are many who have crossed the point of no return now and just want Wenger gone regardless. I’ve been like that since 2011 really.

  12. STV

    Omg another one.

    “It makes everybody happy. It proves it’s also not just about the money.”

    Tell me, who didn’t see that coming?????

  13. Steveyg87

    Additionally, Romford, I highly doubt that 20k fans wont turn up. Sad thing is I’m hoping that they don’t… I’m not a bitter person, seriously, but this is shit

  14. WengersSweeties

    He won’t be here to see out his contract if we don’t allow it.

    Boycotting games won’t go unnoticed.

    He really feels like he’s in control of the situation but he isn’t if the fans make a strong stand.

    I’m not sure it’s ever been as bad as this for him and I really hope the last few games are the worst in his time at Arsenal.

    I say that not in a negative way, but because he is spent, finished and can no longer continue at the club for another season. Change needs to happen and it will only happen when the fans make a stand.

  15. Romford Ozil Pele

    Steve, you’re probably right I doubt it’ll be that high. There were a fair few thousand who missed the weekend’s game. Tickets have gone on general sale now so we’ll see how uptake is for tomorrow’s game. I think we’ll get about 50k including the WBA fans so that leaves 10k unaccounted for. Still a lot

  16. Steveyg87

    @ STV

    Was hoping that the powers that be, might just make something happen. Problem is, who are they? I still don’t know who actually makes decisions .

    @ Romford

    Lets hope

  17. Gelbsy

    We all know Wenger’s finished. But like I asked yesterday. What if, hypothetically, Wenger had The Invincibles or a team like it, given a few years, would he win a Title? I know it’s bullshit anyway, because he’ll never sign the right players period. But technically speaking, maybe he’s not ‘finished’ as a manager if he had the right players :p It’s like saying Moyes would of won the League and not get sacked by United, if he had their team of 1999! Lol.

  18. Carts

    So hold on, Stan has taken £6m out of the club and this is a cause for concern? That should the least of our worries, tbh.

    This is a guy who – whether we like it or not spent millions acquiring a majority share of Arsenal, no he wants £6m back? lol

    I know it’s hard to digest why Stan – the man who spent 3/4 of a billion a couple month ago on a ranch – would take £6m out of the club but really who gives a fuck?

    This doesn’t explain Wenger’s fucked up decision making, kindly listed by Gambon, Cesc and Joe and many of us.

    The mad man went into this season with a bunch of crocks and NOT ONE outfield signing, ffs. This is after having to put up with his lie and arrogance for 10 years.

    Yet people want to deliberately divert attention away from these unrefuted facts. SMFH

  19. Carts

    I really don’t understand how people can’t stay away from Arsenal.

    Staying away, in order to make a point, doesn’t render you any less of a supporter.

    The bold guy on Arsenal TV, who after the Palace game, said that several of his pals didn’t attend the game, still attended himself, only to bitch about the dire performance.

    I get why wanting to be present to witness a shit show appeals to some people – but he then turned round and said he’ll be “flying up to Sunderland?” fuck lololol.

    I refuse to contribute a penny to Arsenal, in this current situation.

    What they’re doing is daylight robbery, and they know full well that the majority of supporters and mentally dim to see it.

    We all know Arsenal love to falsify attendance figures, but unless they’re going to use a green screen and super-impose mugs in seats then it’s fair to say that not turning up should eventually apply more pressure to Wenger

  20. Gelbsy

    Dickheads really. They’re all be renewing their season tickets, and the only thing that Gazidis might do, is get an ‘Ozil’ like signing in, i.e. Xhaka, and that will appease the fickle fans. Probably get an easy start at the start of the season. Come October, they’ll start slipping down the table. Guarantee, by Xmas, they’ll be at least twelve points off the leaders.

  21. Gelbsy

    What the likes of DT etc don’t realise, is they’re actually part of the problem. They complain every single week, well, when it turns to shit again, and yet still turn up. That’s why the likes of Kroenke etc, don’t give a shit. The money’s been paid up front. No skin off their nose. Fuck going. Don’t be a masochist.

  22. Gelbsy

    People that are season ticket holders, are actually the real mugs. The players, board and the manager earn millions. Whilst the fanbase are working class, and pay the highest paid ticket in world football. They need to think about that. They’re contributing to paying the overpaid pricks.

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    That’s a bit disingenuous really. There are people who have been going to watch the Arsenal for the best part of half a century. They’ve not known any different so it’s s bit cheap to say they should stop going when they’ve seen worse Arsenal teams too. The bad thing about this board is that they just want to bleed the fans dry. Some can’t see it. Some can and still accept it because it’s their club and what they love.

    Generally speaking I’m thoroughly depressed from an Arsenal perspective right now. My old man is one of those that doesn’t want to stop going even though he sees that it’s a shower of shit right now. Tbh he’s a pensioner so he’s got nothing better to do. Going to The Arsenal was always our way of bonding too. Right now I’m not keen on attending games under the current regime. It’s all a shower of shite right now. Fans are staying away but there’s also a whole heap on the waiting list for ST which is why the board probably aren’t too worried themselves right now.

  24. Gelbsy

    It’s actually condescending. Fans all sitting there like sheep, whilst you’ve got an overpaid manager, and players, like crap like Walcott and Wilshere etc who’s always injured, who earn more in a week than most ‘normal’ people would earn in several life-times. It’s disgusting and the world we live in. Fuck them.

  25. Gelbsy

    Lol. I know it sounds harsh! But it’s the truth. When Arsenal were winning Titles, it was different. Players were getting shit loads, but at least they weren’t pampered, spoilt pricks. Plus years ago, footballers earnt a fair bit, but it wasn’t like it has been the past decade. It’s just a disgrace. Like Iwobi who’s only 19, supposedly now on 30k a week, just because he’s had a handful of good games?! Even Delle Alle is ‘only’ on 20k supposedly.

  26. Gelbsy

    The fan base are working class? Where do people get this from? Most of the people that go to watch The Arsenal make a good living.

    I doubt that most of them earn thousands a week and are millionaires! I’m talking about in comparison to what the players earn.

  27. Romford Ozil Pele

    You don’t have to earn thousands a week to make a good you living. Of course footballers earn a stupid amount compared to most. So do basketball players, NFL players, tennis players, F1 drivers etc. That’s a completely different debate entirely. I don’t agree with it, of course but that’s what demand for sport creates and facilitates.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal are renowned for being a middle-class club.

    I think the best moment that sums that up is Van Gaal at the Emirates having a glass of red thrown at him, not coins or beer or something, a nice glass of full bodied red, maybe a plate of prosciutto as well and a rustic loaf with some goat’s cheese.

    Seriously though, Wenger’s press conference this morning, he talks as if the fans are some separate group, not fundamentally important to the club but consumers who are permitted to view his works, ‘they are free to do what they want,’ just saying, I don’t give a f**k, let them do whatever they want, I’m here.

    Then insinuating that fans will change their mood after a few wins, sadly, for the pro-Wenger I see that, because they will grasp onto anything, but I think for a lot of fans now its just ten times too many in terms of a failed season, failing for exactly the same reasons as every other year.

    That’s why Wenger arse kissers in the press annoy me, they talk like ‘things went badly this year, Arsenal suffered injuries, didn’t approach games well and lacked mental character, but Wenger knows he has to revamp the squad…’ this statement could be from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008…that is the problem, not this one isolated season, the fact the failings have happened for the tenth season in a row, ten, ten f*****g times, in a row, no change, same failings, ten years, straight.

  29. Gelbsy

    I know. But in regards to Arsenal, it’s the whole concept and setup of the club. The culture of it. When I said that Arsenal fans are ‘mugs’, I didn’t mean it as an insult, lol. They probably admit to being ‘mugs’ themselves! I’m just saying, if you want change, stop going to the game and paying. It’s the same as next season, loads of fans will be going out and buying the new kit, again.

  30. Gelbsy

    The thing is as well. You’re not allowed banners etc at the ground. The Emirates is the only real place you can voice your concerns and opinions. But people don’t. Like this crap about walking out in the 75th minute. Fucking stupid. They’d be better off all chanting “Wenger Out!” The whole game. THAT would be effective. But they won’t. Can you imagine even ten thousand fans chanting that at home. That would actually do more than boycotting or walking out of games.

  31. Leedsgunner

    Wenger and Kronke have, in a effect, a symbiotic relationship. Kronke needs Wenger to keep AFC in the Champion’s League to milk off the extra revenue and Wenger needs Kronke to have a purpose for his life.

    They enable each other to continue in their delusions.

    Kronke with Wenger’s help is enabled to think he is an owner/majority shareholder of a “successful” team.

    Wenger, with Kronke’s help is enabled to delude himself to thinking he is a manager worth paying £8.5m pa for.

    Here’s another thing I don’t understand. Everyone talks about how “successful” AFC is financially even if not on the football field. If taking the football element out of it… how is alienating and repeating your key target audience/customers good business? Why is Kronke, considered a good businessman even though he tolerates an underperforming manager for year after year and pays him an unwarranted salary?

    Doesn’t seem smart business — anyway you look at it.

  32. Red&White4life

    “Most of the people that go to watch The Arsenal make a good living.”

    Romford, thank you.
    The truth, at last.

    Nothing but sheep.

  33. Bamford10

    I’ve always compared Wenger to Don Quixote, but we’ve now entered a new stage: Wenger is now Louis XVI.

    It is the masses against a vain, arrogant, out-of-touch autocrat all over again, just in a different context.

  34. Bamford10

    One, can we please not re-visit the pointless Wenger vs. Kroenke discussion? It is all on Wenger. Kroenke has given Wenger ample resources to work with for years now and is totally and completely hands off.

    Wenger has made all of the decisions re personnel, signings, tactics, etc.

    It is all on Wenger.

    He had some £50-70m to spend this summer, yet he spent only £10 on Cech. End of story.

    As for why he stays, the man is paid £8.5 million a year to do the same thing every day that he has been doing every day for the past 30 years. And what he does each day, trust me, is very little. Why wouldn’t he stay?

    Pride, dignity, honor, decency, you say? Yes, except that he’s also massively arrogant and wildly out of touch with the real world. In his mind he is correct on all fronts, his detractors incorrect on all fronts. In Wenger’s mind he is doing the right thing by staying — indeed he regards the suggestion he might leave early as a kind of absurdity.

    This is why the pressure, negativity and criticism must be turned up to an even higher pitch and volume.

    Wenger may eventually need to be escorted from the grounds by security, but go he will, go he must.

  35. Bamford10

    Wenger on Leicester reaching CL: “It’s a fantastic achievement. It confirms that it’s not down only to amount of money spent in football.”

    I told you he would use Leicester’s success to defend his view/approach.

  36. Bamford10

    “Arsenal struggling to sell tickets for WBA clash as fans vote with their feet,” says Arsenal Action. (‏@arsenalaction)

  37. Shaun Wilson

    The whole premise of a continuation of Wenger’s (Mis) management is totally surreal in a free market economy. I mean, the man does NOTHING right. Without his pernicious presence Arsenal could move forward in so many ways – many financial. Kronke, despite inheriting and marrying into gigabucks, is essentially a poor/safe business man or he would be aware of what – utilising a bit of speculation/adventure- the fruits of true success (actually winning something) could bring.
    Ah fuck…Wenger out (and Stan….)

  38. Paulinho

    The thing is, because there’s been so much publicity about lack of attendance on Thursday, a load of fans are going to go just to see how many don’t turn up, defeating the whole purpose.

  39. Carts


    I’m not asking fans to cut up their season ticket pass, quite the contrary, in fact.

    Old heads like your old man probably aren’t the ones to advice on these matters, co as you said: they’re from a different era and for the most part, going to watch Arsenal is now innate.

    But like I said (and Gelbsy), the bold chap (and DT to an extent are) is also part of the problem. DT get’s a pass, I think, cos the banners are crucial in having the mad King removed.

    It’s a shame that people like Pedro don’t agree with banners and protests, which I find odd.

    It’s as if being able to come out of the Emirates and say “I saw it with my own eyes” is what drives the fickle fans back to the Emirates.

    Whatever happened to watching it at home then getting over in time for Arsenal TV to start and give your two cents?

  40. Dissenter

    Wenger’s press conference held today
    “We are responsible for the performance of the team and it is true that, at the moment, it is not a highlight but we have to take a distance with that. I hope in the next years, Arsenal will always play in the top three and, hopefully, people won’t get disenchanted.”

    See why this man is a patulous cunt?
    He thinks we are all angry and disillusioned because we didn’t come second or third.
    He’s lost his way and has no burning desire to best everyone and come first.

    I really hate this man. He disgusts me. What arrogance.

  41. Bamford10


    Yes, that’s true. It is not all down to money; it is also down to correct players, correct mentality, correct tactical approach, etc.

    But Wenger has failed on all these fronts as well.

    This is what he and his devotees do not get.

  42. Dissenter

    How can Kroenke be the main problem when he’s not restricted Wenger’s wasteful spending on wages.

    We have a wage bill of 192 million which is an about 40% over inflated relative to the quality of the club.

    Kroenke’s not involved so long as they club runs itself and does not come to him begging for money.
    The rest is on Wenger, at least that’s what the chairman of the board has publicly stated.

  43. Bamford10


    To the extent that he is still opposed to protest, Pedro’s position is dated. Events have passed him by.

  44. Carts


    Wenger is delusional for sure. By the way he conveys you’d think that we won the league last season now we’re sitting a paltry 3rd, 36 point off top.

    He is a condescending irritant.#

    His approach hasn’t changed for years and he expects us to some how bare with him whilst his fixes the problem he single handily created? not on my watch, sir.

  45. Carts


    Pedro should be driving that action home. His weird fence siting does nothing but send mixed messages.

    On one hand he’s made it clear that he wants Wenger gone. Good. I acknowledge that.

    But to then say he’s not keen on peaceful protest is a massive contradiction. We’re hardly trying to get rid of a man that’s been at Arsenal for 18 months are we?!

  46. Cesc Appeal

    “We are responsible for the performance of the team and it is true that, at the moment, it is not a highlight but we have to take a distance with that. I hope in the next years, Arsenal will always play in the top three and, hopefully, people won’t get disenchanted.”

    The man really doesn’t get it, he really doesn’t.

    How much more will those Arsenal fans still backing him need, he isn’t even looking at winning the league title, not bothered, top three is, in his eyes, an outstanding achievement all fans should be happy with.

    Then goes on to say every time you fail you question yourself, well its been ten years of questioning then, I’m thinking the answer is out of his reach.

    Cannot wait for this plank to be gone.

  47. Dissenter

    Wenger really has a messiah complex and can’t be bothered to put himself in the place of the fans. He’s doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.

    It might be that he really does think he BUILT the club .
    The condescension he displays at the fans is unbelievable.

    This is not going to end well for everybody. He’s not going to go quietly because hes 100% impervious to reason.

    Fans are like noisy props in the stadium not the mainstay of the club.

  48. Skinnywill

    Each supporter has their own reasons for going to the emirates and people should respect that. I am taking my two young sons tomorrow night (as a silver member I booked tickets some time ago for the original time and date) and will still be going as they love going the 3-4 times a year I take them. They have experienced the highs (winning 7-3 v Newcastle) and the lows (losing 2-0 v Swansea) but it is always a good experience for them. That being said this time I am slightly worried about the toxic atmosphere that has been evident at the Emirates for some time and is getting worse. I feel it impacts on the players more than the manager and I wish there was a better way of being able to support the team during the game and more directly vent our frustrations to the manager.

  49. Steveyg87

    “Agree with Wenger on Leicester – but they also have a good manager (something we can no longer claim to have)”

    The point Bamford was getting at is that Wenger can use this as an excuse in the transfer market

  50. Steveyg87

    “That being said this time I am slightly worried about the toxic atmosphere that has been evident at the Emirates for some time and is getting worse. I feel it impacts on the players more than the manager and I wish there was a better way of being able to support the team during the game and more directly vent our frustrations to the manager”

    At the moment, its the only way… It cant go on this way forever, something has to give

  51. gambon

    I think the ST holders get way too much stick from some.

    Of course people are not gonna jyst give them up at the drop of a hat.

    I also reckon a lot of fans would definitely back a proper, organised protest. But most of the time its just a couple of people on twitter saying “boycott the next game”.

    I dont ever go to the Emirates any more. I gave up on the current regime so long ago and in the last 5 years i think ive watched maybe 4 games or so. I have only even watched 2 Arsenal games live on TV all season……i dont miss it at all.

    But i dont begrudge people that do still turn up.

    I would love nothing more than to see a virtually empty stadium tonight….but i also know 3-4 lifeling friends who are going tonight and i cant blame them.

  52. Red&White4life

    “I told you he would use Leicester’s success to defend his view/approach.”

    I’ve told you that for months ago.
    And everybody knew he would say that.

  53. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Anyone due to go to the game on Thursday please consider watching the game at home or down the pub. It’s just one game and it might make someone sit up and take notice if 20,000 fans don’t turn up.

  54. TitsMcGee

    I love watching this mawfawker squirm.

    That is the only thing to look forward to right now because you just know more face-plant failures are on the horizon from him.

  55. Jacko

    Hopefully the Emirates will be deserted tomorrow.

    If not at least there will be more people to boo another tepid, predictable second half collapse.

    My god Wenger’s Arsenal are so boring, I almost can’t be bothered to finish typing this sente…………… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  56. TitsMcGee

    The man really doesn’t get it, he really doesn’t.”

    I actually think he does. Nobody can be that blind. I think he’s just too egotistical to admit it. He’s all about saving face to protect his pay package.

  57. Carts

    I question the impact of ST holders not turning up would have on Arsenal. It wouldn’t be financial felt, obviously.

    But once those empty seats start appearing then it’s fair to say that the fans are starting to realise the current situation.

    You’d like to think this would have an impact.

  58. Red&White4life

    Just to think that Maureen could be back next season makes me happy, and arsène would be so happy, him too!!

  59. TitsMcGee

    The whole problem with the walkout thing is that it’s too little too late this season. It would need to happen multiple games in a row for anyone to take notice.

  60. Red&White4life

    @Tits : just a “little” too late ?? lol

    “Better late than never”, another Arsenal mantra!!

  61. TitsMcGee

    A victory vs WBA today and the stands will be filled come next game. There needs to be a movement to get Wenger out.

  62. gunnergetyou

    ‘All this talk of Kroenke sacking Wenger is stupid at this point. There is no realism in it.’

    Are you fuckin thick?

    He’s about to be offered a new contract. He constantly being rewarded for failure. If Kroenke knows fuck all about football then he should hire someone who does, who’s name isn’t Gazidis.

  63. Red&White4life

    “How have Arsenal not won the league? You look at their fixtures now and they have the perfect run-in, but inconsistency has again cost them.”

    Yes Paul Merson, you’re right, one more time!! lol

  64. S Asoa

    Banners, yelling your feelings towards the dacoit of a 8.5million heist sitting injustice trench coat. Boycotting games. See them on TV. If you love Arsenal the legendary passion, don’t be misled by the similar sounding Arsene . That’s a fraud. Everything is OK including your soup can.

    you are not wanted whatever happens. You are like a congenital serial cheating spouse. That much your presence hurts .
    Enough of flip flops

  65. Joe

    Seems like the only way he’ll leave is if he fucks off this summer and dies.

    Otherwise we are stuck with him for another 4

  66. shad

    Agree with you @Tits,

    Think it’ll take multiple, deliberate walk outs for the media to pick it up and send the message to the board. A one off will always be spun off as an end of season frustration. However it is a good starting point. I expect the protests to become more frequent and vociferous.

  67. Leedsgunner

    Wenger treats the club and her fans with such contempt. He likes to pose as some moral superior over the club when he says he never walks away from a contract… as if he is the definition of honourable.

    Sometimes true humility and honour belongs he person who walks away knowing that he’s done all he can.

    He’s staying on NOT because it’s good for ARSENAL but because it’s GOOD for him.

    Therefore by staying on to the end of his contract, he’s doing the very opposite of honourable.

    Remember Arsene, you said you wanted to be judge in May… well, May is almost upon us — and the verdict is — you’ve led the club again to empty trophyless season.

    Time to Go Arsene.

    Thanks for Everything — but it’s time to go.

  68. Ishola70

    “Are you fuckin thick?He’s about to be offered a new contract. He constantly being rewarded for failure. If Kroenke knows fuck all about football then he should hire someone who does, who’s name isn’t Gazidis.”

    No are you fuckin’ simple?

    Wenger will not be sacked if he finishes in top 4. Simples. He most probably wouldn’t be shown the door even if he had a melt down and lost 4th place come the end of the season because we would hear crap about respecting him and letting him see out his last year. New three year contract? Nothing official just rumours.

    They are all in it together. Cosy little set-up they have. It’s up to the fans if they want change. Protests, no shows, whatever.

    It’s a frustrating situation but that doesn’t mean you lose sight of reality.

  69. Thank you and goodnight

    I know it’s a bloody horrible thing to wish someone dead, but if that’s the only way we’ll get our club back with his passing then sorry but r.i.p wenger. I’m telling you now for all those people thinking I’m a bastard, another 3 years of wenger and it will be Arsenal fc dead and buried. So if it’s either him or the club…..R.I.P. wenger

  70. Loop

    Looking at the situation at Arsenal at the moment with the dictator at the helm it reminds me of north korea. Maybe Wenger is Kim’s gay diplomat in London.

  71. Red&White4life

    “Seems death is the only way the son of a bitch will leave.”

    When you say something like that, most of the people find it schocking, horrible and disrespectfull.

    But this is the truth, nothing more.

  72. ryan

    it’s very easy for those who us who don’t have the opportunity and haven’t already forked out for tickets to suggest boycotting games, but ultimately there are only two things that will make the club stop backing wenger/him want to leave

    1) a signal from fans that they’ve had enough in a meaningful way (really really negative atmosphere at games, lots of banners, chanting and other things to make his position untenable

    2) people stop turning up and buying merchandise in a way that impacts (or suggests that soon there will be an impact) on the bottom line

    this talk of tickets being put up online by the ST holders – doesn’t that mean that other people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity will get chances to (and may actually) buy them instead?

    i know it’s a financial hit and i don’t blame those who can’t bring themselves to be really negative at games/stop going, but it’s looking like literally the single possible way of removing him from the club. in the last 8 years nobody has made a better suggestion than boycotts and it still hasn’t happened! liverpool did it once or twice over ticket prices and the response from the club was instantaneous.

    is it really beyond the realm of possibility for even half of those ST holders who are sick of wenger to arrange to boycott the next 3 games in a row? hell it’s not actually enjoyable watching arsenal haha………sigh 🙁

  73. Joe

    Didn’t wenger break his Grampus contract to come to us.

    Didn’t he get sacked from Monaco.

    Hasn’t really honoured any contracts

  74. Goonah

    We had an african sniper on here a couple of years ago. He said he would take care of wenger.
    Guess Ughelli got to him first.
    What a shame

  75. STV

    “Ihope in the next years, Arsenal will always play in the top three and, hopefully, people won’t get disenchanted”

    Wenger thinks the fans outrage is because of the fear of missing top4!!! Unbelievable !! What an idiot!!!! I tell you this man should be in a hospital not on football pitch !!

  76. STV

    His fucking brain cells are programmed with top4. We’d never get out of this trap until he leaves or until he cash in on his chips..

  77. STV

    There’s no legacy. I remember invincibles for the beautiful players we had.. I remember Wenger for the most painful moments as a football followers. He shouldn’t claim the invincibles legacy He can have share for his fucking Japanese diet system and all out attack theory. Nothing else. Go back to France. They will make statue made of mud for you and live the rest of your life as an oblivion.

  78. Edward White

    I think everyone needs to get to grips with the fact that when he does go it could very well go they way of man utd and so many others! Spend an absolute fortune with the hope of winning it all and then more fans like now come out and complain again.

    We need to stick with stability and we WILL be the force we all know we can be.

    Just remember if we finish outside of the top four, and wenger goes, do you really think world class players are going to take a punt and sign for us???

    I W W T!

  79. Snowman

    Its funny, two seasons ago during the #wengerout period, right about this time of year, someone suggested only way we’d be out of this is if wenger dies,and most people including me found that too extreme and completely unethical… Well,two seasons later and I’m seated here thinking, 68 years on this world is not so bad.
    Wenger is a fool, but maybe we the fans are bigger fools as we are so fickle.
    How can the man say things like “I always respect my contracts” when he’s been here for twenty years and has always had his contract renewed with a year left? So basically he’s never been in a situation where he had other lucrative alternatives and the contract restricted him from exploring them…and please don’t mention the time when Madrid apparently came in for him,everyone and his dog knew he’d never survive two seasons at Madrid..if I was a washed up manager I would choose the safer option too. He really thinks he’s Arsenal and we the fans are just outside admirers.