Arsene should go for the sake of his legacy, because this is getting painful

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I mean, that’s how I feel. It’s not wild displeasure, because it’s expected. I think that’s the vibe I picked up from over the pond. Looking at that beautiful London day, sun ripping through the stands, green grass, warm glow… all I could think was, ‘wow, I’d love to be there today’… but as the game started, masses of empty seats. Fans opting out of a sunshine beer day? So sad.

Most of my favourite memories of Arsenal are geared around the first days of spring drinking with my friends and family.

Surely Ivan Gazidis can’t look at that and be pleased? Not only that, the amount of tickets on sale for the next home game is quite incredible. For all of those ‘super positive about Arsene, but don’t get to go because I can’t get a ticket’ fill yer damn boots because you’ll get one this week.

I don’t know how deep to go into the game. It was kind of typical Arsenal. Dominant in possession without any real intent, go one up because of dire opposition, then get sucker punched late on in the second half, zero response.

So typical. So symptomatic of an Arsene Wenger team. So boring.

That’s the really sad thing about this current squad malaise. Wenger can’t even muster the ‘artistry’ argument these days. We had some nice exchanges yesterday, but they amounted to little. I don’t feel like we really know how to sustain pressure in a productive way at the moment. We still have no outlet, after 3 years of complaining. Yet another game with nothing to show for it. Sad, but all too familiar.

I feel like we have some nice jigsaw pieces, but no one is pulling them together and showing them how to work together. We lack a strategy. We lack a vision. Players are being asked to work things out themselves. But they don’t have a basic plan in place to action upon… so we end up playing this slow build game that amounts to nothing.

Crystal Palace are a mess. They were floating about on 39 points. They came with a simple game plan, don’t let our midfield play and we just let them off. Arsenal play one formation, and if that doesn’t work, we don’t have a plan B. We don’t have ability off the bench. We don’t have on pitch management. We aren’t set up for success in this era.

Wenger stands on the sidelines wondering why these things are happening, and looks like no one has told him that playing the same way every week makes you prime meat for planners.

I think we’re finally there with Wenger. He doesn’t have the minerals to fix the mess he’s built. The fans are bored. Bored of his comments in the press, bored of the false dawns, bored of his football… and now they’re voting with their wallets. Or trying to. They’re not even going to the games.

They need something fresh. Anything. They don’t care what it is as this point. We’re the starving man and the dried cracker right now, we’ll take anything, I’ll eat out of the bin. Just give me something different, because this current path has come to an end. Or at least it should have.

Things I want:

An manager who has a plan. Someone who has a very specific vision for where he wants to take the club. I don’t want splashy necessarily, because Arsene proved that you don’t need to hire splashy. I  want someone who understands what it takes to win in the current environment we’re in.

That means tactical flexibility. Think about this, we’ve been complaining that there’s no plan b for 20 years. Noodle on that, Wenger has not sussed a second way of playing in 20 years. We need a manager who can manage from the sidelines. Constantly keep opposition guessing with quick changes of formation that bamboozle sides.

We need a pressing philosophy. Look at how Diego Simeone teams defend. Look at how they press like ferocious animals for the full 90minutes. Do you see that at Arsenal? You absolutely don’t. You see Gabriel press, not sure he’s getting it quite right as he wades out of defence to let strikers in behind him. The best teams press tactically. We don’t. That needs to change with Pep, Poch and Guardiola in the league.

Our scouting needs to work. Yeah, real basic here, but we need to get smarter about our scouting. We need to identify the right players and land them quickly. Elneny was a good start, but why did it take two windows to land him? Where are the other needs? Why does Wenger say it’s hard to sign players these days? Why is he still complaining that it’s a major problem? Says to me he’s ignoring names or his not being given them. Either way, it’s a fu*king sh*t show and it needs to improve.

We need to have a vision for the sort of player we want. But, before that, we need a vision of how we want to play. If it’s short passing tika taka, buy players that work for that. If it’s explosive counter attacking, build the squad out to play that way regardless of who is injured. We need players that work for a system, players that don’t come with terrible injury records / fitness issues (notice Ozil has trailed off in the second half of the season again) and players that are flexible. Toby Alderwirald was a prime example of a player we could have used. Experience, technical and could play 3 positions we needed covering.

Positivity. Yeah, I know that’s rich coming from me, but I’m actually a very positive person in real life. When I’m managed, I need to be managed by someone who is positive. Someone who I know has me covered if I can’t come up with the goods.You need the right energy at work.

Same for players. Imagine going into work and seeing Pep, Klopp or Simeone there? Incredible. Now imagine going to work and seeing Arsene there? Dead on his feet bemoaning the Brexit that won’t impact legislation for at least 5 years? It’d be pretty horrible, right? Imagine hearing that he was levelling out excuses for a failed summer before spring is over? Imagine going into work on September 1st with one new player? Boring.

Players are like you or me. They get excited by exciting people. Wenger isn’t that. He’s tired. He doesn’t understand what makes players tick, because if he did, we’d be winning the Premier League this year.

I want a manager who gets me excited to get up at 6am! I want someone who gets me into the ground 20 minutes early, I want a manager who makes me proud to chat Arsenal again.

This never ending story we’re in with Arsene makes me sad. I truly mean that. I went to a Bernie Sanders Rally yesterday with my Swedish Gooner pal and we were genuinely sad. Sad because we’d sat in a moody New York bar  before with new fans lamenting the club. Sad because Bernie Sanders is 74 years old and he’s bringing 20,000 people of all ages to a park and whipping them into a frenzy because he has a vision, a plan and excitement that is so powerful he could get me into a park for 4 hours with NO BLOODY BEER.

I can’t take another 3 years of this. We shouldn’t have to. The dictator doesn’t know what he’s doing and he needs to go. It’s over. Turn the lights of Arsene, don’t wait for someone to do it for you.

Be interesting to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Cocky bastards singing “Are you watching Arsenal” can’t seem to still get out of our shadow even when in front….bunch of c@nts

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Jeff April 18, 2016 20:42:03

    When we went up there and managed only a 1:1 draw, the bell end AKBs saw it as a good point because we were still top.

    I wouldn’t be too quick to whip out the AKB regular chirping….Stoke hasn’t been the same…they haven’t exactly played up in recent games

  3. ADKB

    @GuNZ: “Are you watching this, Wenger! You inept!”

    Oh no, he isn’t. He’s busy watching replays of how Arsenal beat Leicester home and away!

  4. Joe

    I hope Spurs win the title. And the last home game of the season is ugly as ever

    I want wenger to feel the hatred.

  5. Gelbsy

    Another record broken for the wrong reasons. Spurs finishing above Wenger for the first time. And to cap it all off, they win the Title! Lol. You couldn’t make this shit up. Only surprised the shitfest hasn’t happened sooner like this. Leicester will bottle it now. They’ll both finish on 78 points, and Spurs nick it on GD.

  6. Joe

    I wouldn’t be too quick to whip out the AKB regular chirping….Stoke hasn’t been the same…they haven’t exactly played up in recent

    Fuck off you wank

    Now it’s because stoke aren’t the same team

    Fuck off dale with your lame cunt excuse

  7. Gelbsy

    Love to see Gazidis at the AST in the autumn, trying to explain this!! The cunt must be dreading it. At the end of the day, you reap what you so. That’s what gross negligence for twelve fucking years gets you! I remember TY calling Claude deluded a few months back, when he said Spurs could win the Title. And I hope Spurs remind Wilshere of what he said about them being shit if they win the Title!

  8. Lebgooner

    There’s that sickening smell of rot and decay at Arsenal.
    A real sense of gloom compounded by Spurs performance and results.
    The process of change will take some time, minimum one year, but ultimately change is coming.
    In the meantime we wait….

  9. vicky

    Without Vardy Leicester’s counter-attack won’t bear much fruit. his amazing pace and finishing skills make Leicester a threatening counterattacking team. They got to rely a lot on set pieces at least for the next 2 matches.

  10. WengerEagle

    Fuck me, we’ll have to head into hibernation if the scum win the league.

    They have all the momentum now, Leicester still have a few difficult matches and no Vardy for 2 of those.

    Cesc Appeal in particular, I’m praying for you mate. Thank fuck I haven’t got any Spud family.

  11. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Simply put, it’s a huge mess with Arsenal. For all the possession and passing, it’s empty energy. It’s not beautiful football when you don’t score. Some good points regarding boredom, because it’s actually true. I have lost interest because there is nothing going on.

    It’s like watching a weekly drama on television that’s gone on for too many years and they have run out of ideas…it’s become rote, repetitive and…boring. That’s when acceleration is the only option. That’s where we find Arsenal under Wenger, it’s time to move on – it’s not working, not even close.

    I can’t stand the Spuds, but they are exciting and have passion, same as Leicester. Arsenal have become the old boring curmudgeon that no one likes and would just as soon be done with them. That’s what makes me sad, Arsenal have become irrelevant.

  12. Cesc Appeal



    Spurs just drew too many this season.

    Didn’t really pay attention much to them early on, because you know, its Spurs, but when they played us at the Emirates, I was struck by just what a better team they were than us, particularly the central midfield, absolutely shocking some people claim they prefer Coq, Caz and Ozil over the Spurs middle.

    People who say that would do well to watch that game back, Caz had to be withdrawn at half time and Flamini was brought on, brutalised.

    Really bad result for them to leave with a draw, in fact it might be a nasty fact for them at the end of the season them bottling both Arsenal fixtures might cost them.

  13. Bamford10


    His legacy is dead. To preserve that, he would need to have left some time ago. OK, “dead” is a bit strong, but so tarnished it is hardly worth a thing. Yes the AKB will always talk glowingly of Wenger, but the rest of us know better.

    He needs to fuck off — ASAP. No way can he stay beyond season end.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Thanks, spare me a thought in May if it goes down 😉

    Honestly, they’ve sort of left me alone, that is the worst bit, they feel sorry for me, they sort of joke that they are crossing their fingers and toes Wenger stays as long as possible…but they don’t really push on it because I’m liable to just snap.

    It could be years again before I feel the kind of excitement they have this year, club on the up, same for Liverpool, Chelsea, United and City fans will all be feeling it too…not us, we should feel lucky we have Wenger and his consistency, consistent failures, consistent excuses and consistent limpness.

  15. Adam A. Carbarundum

    To show how frustrating it is in the media, was watching ESPN FC and the discussion generated by Arsenal showed the pundits telling it like it is, Arsenal have regressed, truly so. Yet, the American pundit actually said that Arsenal this season are better than Arsenal of last season. The head shaking as this fellow continued on with a defenseless defense was astounding – but it’s obvious this is what the AKBs are all about, they live in a world that is devoid of reality, at least from a call a spade black reality. Astounding and yes, frustrating.

  16. WengerEagle


    Agree, Leicester will be heavily reliant on set pieces now and they really need the likes of Mahrez to step up again, he’s hit a bit of a slump at the wrong time of the season.

    Okazaki was relatively free scoring in the Bundesliga, averaged close to 15 a season, he could be the man to make the difference?

  17. Joe

    Chelsea will bend over to help Leicester win the league

    Spurs showing more bottle than any of the wenger teams in the last 12 years if not more

  18. Dissenter

    It’s not controversial for this gooner to assert that Spuds have surpassed us.
    They are a young side and will only get better

    We are no longer the best team in north London.

  19. Ishola70

    The Chelsea v Spurs match is going to be very interesting.

    Chelsea have been pissing off Arsenal in recent years and no love lost between the sides but Chelsea will not give Spurs an inch. Spurs traditionally Chelsea’s biggest london rival. Spurs will have to work to the fullest to get anything from that match.

  20. Dissenter

    ‘We could lose every remaining game and Wenger would still be in charge next year. How depressing is that?”

    No it’s not depressing.
    I want us to do very badly this season, eke out a fourth place spot
    Get drawn with the fourth place Spanish club in the CL qualifiers and get knocked out in August.
    I want us to be in mid table obscurity by November so that there’s no contemplation that Wenger will be offered an extension.
    also want s legacy to be tainted with riotousness at the Emirates.

  21. Sandy

    Being obsessed with Spurs demeans us – they are better than us right lets accept it and worry about ourselves. How do we get real change at Arsenal i.e. Kronke, Gazidis and Wenger out?
    Right now we are a pathetic limp wristed farce of a top class team yet I believe we are only three players and a decent manager away from challenging however without change at the top how long will Bellerin, Koscelny, Ozil and Sanchez hang around.
    Lets accept it we are in decline and Kronke et all don’t give a fxxxx.
    We must get them out of OUR club, its not theirs its OURS.

  22. Bamford10


    One, thanks for that article. It is good to hear that Wenger was made aware of how much he is despised, how much fans want him to fuck off.

    To quote from that article:

    “According to witnesses, it was some of the worst, loudest and most abusive that Wenger has ever suffered during his 19 years at Arsenal.

    They told him to “f*** off” and urged him to go now as the mood among fans has turned nasty at the Emirates.

    One witness said: ‘He cannot have not been aware of it. It was very close, personal and nasty. It’s some of the worst that people have ever seen.’ ”

    Two, I’d just like to point out that I made a remark about the toxic atmosphere at the game yesterday, only to have Highbury and someone else chime in that it wasn’t really that bad.

    Guess they were wrong.

  23. Dissenter

    “Being obsessed with Spurs demeans us – they are better than us right lets accept it and worry about ourselves”

    It’s a marker of how stagnant we’ve become
    They’ve spent £70 million less in wages and have only on CL qualification in 20 years. Yet they’ve cobbled together a squad that will only get better.

    Can anyone say with a straight face that we’ll be better next season?
    Wenger is already lining up excuses:
    -Let’s wait to qualify for the group stages
    -Let’s wait till after preseason to reassess
    -Let’s wait for the Brexit elections
    -Let’s wait for the the dominos to fall I.e if Real or Barcelona sell.
    -Let’s wait to see if Wilshere recovers in time from his stress fracture from an innocuous tackle in the England v Wales game.
    -Let’s wait to give the youngsters a chance.
    -Let’s wait to allow the £££ to gain more strength against the €uro
    -The market is too inflated.
    -I can’t find anyone better that what we currently have.

    We have always been obsessed with Spuds which is why we’ve always mocked them. They are probably one the best run clubs at the moment.

    Bullish CEO that everyone fears or loathes be it agents, fellow chairmen and players.
    Dynamic young manager desperate to make a name for himself.
    Young hungry players who will have 4-5 starters in the England setup in the Euros this summer.

  24. MidwestGun

    Arsene should go for the sake of Arsenal football club’s legacy…. we are becoming a complete joke….. 4th place jokes from now until eternity. I don’t give a crap about his legacy.

    but otherwise a good article… the man has completely sucked the soul out of the fans that don’t worship him like some ancient relic… is sad… because I used to care so much… getting up at ungodly hours to watch…. now I watch out of habit. Any extension of his contract or even another year, imo could completely destroy the fanbase and it definintely isn’t attracting new fans.

  25. Mick Kartun

    I hope the unrest just started to flow:

    Mirror: “Arsene Wenger stunned by level of abuse from Arsenal supporters as Emirates mood turns nasty.”

    “The Frenchman was the subject of foul-mouthed abuse following the draw with Crystal Palace on Sunday as fans’ patience wears thin. Arsene Wenger was left shell shocked by the level abuse from Arsenal fans after his team’s latest meltdown.

    Angry supporters near the dug-out turned viciously against Wenger and screamed foul mouthed abuse at the Arsenal manager.

    According to witnesses, it was some of the worst, loudest and most abusive that Wenger has ever suffered during his 19 years at Arsenal.

    They told him to “f*** off” and urged him to go now as the mood among fans has turned nasty at the Emirates.

    One witness said: “He cannot have not been aware of it. It was very close, personal and nasty. It’s some of the worst that people have ever seen.”

    Wenger has already said that he is determined to stay and see out the final year of his £8m-a-year contract.

    But even the most loyal of fans are now beginning to lose patience with Wenger despite his incredible success and record at the club.”

    ONLY AKBs turned against him could force the old senile to finally fuck off.


  26. Goonerboy

    There is nothing Wenger can do to halt what amounts to a collapse since Christmas time- though the rot had set in a few weeks earlier.
    It’s not about refs, players or injuries-it’s about a failed ideology.
    Wengerball is bollocksball-the team isn’t coached or set up right from back to front.
    This club has become a prisoner of Wengers bottomless vanity. He should simply be sacked.

  27. Joe

    4-0 ho a team we drew 0-0 and cunts on here were saying it was a great result.

    Those so called ‘supporters’ are just as bad as wenger and just as much to blame for the last 12 seasons as wenger

    Hope you all fuck off with your cunt of a messiah when he does. You don’t deserve Arsenal

  28. GuNZ

    I am going to acquire a male dog from the lunatic bull-mastiff pound and make a habit of jerking it off until we get to the vinegar stroke and then I am going to hit it with an Arsène Wenger dolly to spoil the mood. After a few weeks of this treatment I shall package it up and have it delivered, in person, to his office. in a parcel with a label that reads something like: ‘Fourth is the New First: Great Seasons What I Have Had – The Wenger Post – 2004 Story.’

  29. gonsterous

    People say the football under GG was boring towards the end of his tenure.. I think the same can now be said of Wenger. Arsenal haven’t played beautiful football since 2012 and have been boring since 2015 !!

  30. gonsterous

    Will Wenger fix the striker situtation ??which now every man and their pet snake can see.. I’m thinking the answer is no.. some time in pre season he’s going to drop the giroud is world class line and talk about all the forwards we have at the club !!

  31. Jeff


    You are possibly the most passionate supporter on here. I actually remembered it as a 1:1 draw with Stoke but you corrected that as it was actually worse – a 0:0 draw.

    I do clearly remember though at the time having an argument with one of the AKBs on here who was adamant that a point away at Stoke was a good result. We’ve had many bad results in the league this season which is why we are 13 points behind Leicester. It’s terrible reading and there is no excuse for it.

    Arsenal 0-2 West Ham
    Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham
    West Brom 2-1 Arsenal
    Norwich 1-1 Arsenal
    Southampton 4-0 Arsenal
    Liverpool 3-3 Arsenal
    Stoke 0-0 Arsenal
    Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea
    Arsenal 0-0 Southampton
    Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1-2 Swansea
    Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal
    West Ham 3-3 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1-1 Crystal Palace

    For years Arsenal has been the young niece who’s almost in her teens now and Wenger is the weird uncle. He’s desperate to carry on with the abuse.

  32. totally disenchanted

    Couldn’t agree more. Hope Wenger leaves asap and takes his grandson Theo with him. £140,000 per week for that. Wouldn’t get in an average pub team. Has lived off the back of a hat trick for England against a crap Croatia team for the last eight years. If he was half as good as he thinks he is he would be world class. In reality if he was 20 times better than he actually is he’d still be shit. Anyway it’s not just Walcott who needs to go. Jack Wheelchair has become the new Diaby. Plays 2 games and then is out for the season. He’s over-rated anyway. Not worthy to tie the bootlaces of some of our midfield greats e.g Brady, Pires. Lundberg to name just a few. He now spends more time on the front pages of the tabloids than the back. Most of the older guard need to go as well. We are probably only 3 or 4 players away from having a decent team but WKB. All the football pundits and the majority of fans know we need a world class striker, another CD who actually can defend to play alongside Koscielny and a strong aggressive midfielder to lead the team. We have no leaders on the pitch and a manager who cannot lead off the pitch. He cannot motivate the players and believes you can win matches by boring the opposing teams to death playing balls back and for along the back 4. It’s easy to have good possession stats by playing this way . I can only think of one game this season where we have looked to take the game to the opposition from the kick-off and that was against man utd at home. in most games we look as if we can’t be bothered and just expect to win because we are Arsenal. We are already being warned to not expect anything to happen during the close season. Wenger is too mean and stubborn to change. He’s just happy to build up his pension pot and play for a top four position We’ve now gone 12 years without ever really challenging for the title as by every February our squad is shown to be not strong enough. I’m glad I gave up my season ticket this season. I think the only way to change things is to stop ploughing money into the club to hopefully get rid of Kroenke and Wenger. Hope that Leicester can stop the spuds from winning the league but I think that will not happen. We also need to finish outside the top 4 to hopefully progress in the future. It’s not worth qualifying anyway as it’s just a cash cow for Kroenke. With Wenger in charge we’ll go further backwards. He doesn’t care about the fans, only his own ego .