Arsene should go for the sake of his legacy, because this is getting painful

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I mean, that’s how I feel. It’s not wild displeasure, because it’s expected. I think that’s the vibe I picked up from over the pond. Looking at that beautiful London day, sun ripping through the stands, green grass, warm glow… all I could think was, ‘wow, I’d love to be there today’… but as the game started, masses of empty seats. Fans opting out of a sunshine beer day? So sad.

Most of my favourite memories of Arsenal are geared around the first days of spring drinking with my friends and family.

Surely Ivan Gazidis can’t look at that and be pleased? Not only that, the amount of tickets on sale for the next home game is quite incredible. For all of those ‘super positive about Arsene, but don’t get to go because I can’t get a ticket’ fill yer damn boots because you’ll get one this week.

I don’t know how deep to go into the game. It was kind of typical Arsenal. Dominant in possession without any real intent, go one up because of dire opposition, then get sucker punched late on in the second half, zero response.

So typical. So symptomatic of an Arsene Wenger team. So boring.

That’s the really sad thing about this current squad malaise. Wenger can’t even muster the ‘artistry’ argument these days. We had some nice exchanges yesterday, but they amounted to little. I don’t feel like we really know how to sustain pressure in a productive way at the moment. We still have no outlet, after 3 years of complaining. Yet another game with nothing to show for it. Sad, but all too familiar.

I feel like we have some nice jigsaw pieces, but no one is pulling them together and showing them how to work together. We lack a strategy. We lack a vision. Players are being asked to work things out themselves. But they don’t have a basic plan in place to action upon… so we end up playing this slow build game that amounts to nothing.

Crystal Palace are a mess. They were floating about on 39 points. They came with a simple game plan, don’t let our midfield play and we just let them off. Arsenal play one formation, and if that doesn’t work, we don’t have a plan B. We don’t have ability off the bench. We don’t have on pitch management. We aren’t set up for success in this era.

Wenger stands on the sidelines wondering why these things are happening, and looks like no one has told him that playing the same way every week makes you prime meat for planners.

I think we’re finally there with Wenger. He doesn’t have the minerals to fix the mess he’s built. The fans are bored. Bored of his comments in the press, bored of the false dawns, bored of his football… and now they’re voting with their wallets. Or trying to. They’re not even going to the games.

They need something fresh. Anything. They don’t care what it is as this point. We’re the starving man and the dried cracker right now, we’ll take anything, I’ll eat out of the bin. Just give me something different, because this current path has come to an end. Or at least it should have.

Things I want:

An manager who has a plan. Someone who has a very specific vision for where he wants to take the club. I don’t want splashy necessarily, because Arsene proved that you don’t need to hire splashy. I  want someone who understands what it takes to win in the current environment we’re in.

That means tactical flexibility. Think about this, we’ve been complaining that there’s no plan b for 20 years. Noodle on that, Wenger has not sussed a second way of playing in 20 years. We need a manager who can manage from the sidelines. Constantly keep opposition guessing with quick changes of formation that bamboozle sides.

We need a pressing philosophy. Look at how Diego Simeone teams defend. Look at how they press like ferocious animals for the full 90minutes. Do you see that at Arsenal? You absolutely don’t. You see Gabriel press, not sure he’s getting it quite right as he wades out of defence to let strikers in behind him. The best teams press tactically. We don’t. That needs to change with Pep, Poch and Guardiola in the league.

Our scouting needs to work. Yeah, real basic here, but we need to get smarter about our scouting. We need to identify the right players and land them quickly. Elneny was a good start, but why did it take two windows to land him? Where are the other needs? Why does Wenger say it’s hard to sign players these days? Why is he still complaining that it’s a major problem? Says to me he’s ignoring names or his not being given them. Either way, it’s a fu*king sh*t show and it needs to improve.

We need to have a vision for the sort of player we want. But, before that, we need a vision of how we want to play. If it’s short passing tika taka, buy players that work for that. If it’s explosive counter attacking, build the squad out to play that way regardless of who is injured. We need players that work for a system, players that don’t come with terrible injury records / fitness issues (notice Ozil has trailed off in the second half of the season again) and players that are flexible. Toby Alderwirald was a prime example of a player we could have used. Experience, technical and could play 3 positions we needed covering.

Positivity. Yeah, I know that’s rich coming from me, but I’m actually a very positive person in real life. When I’m managed, I need to be managed by someone who is positive. Someone who I know has me covered if I can’t come up with the goods.You need the right energy at work.

Same for players. Imagine going into work and seeing Pep, Klopp or Simeone there? Incredible. Now imagine going to work and seeing Arsene there? Dead on his feet bemoaning the Brexit that won’t impact legislation for at least 5 years? It’d be pretty horrible, right? Imagine hearing that he was levelling out excuses for a failed summer before spring is over? Imagine going into work on September 1st with one new player? Boring.

Players are like you or me. They get excited by exciting people. Wenger isn’t that. He’s tired. He doesn’t understand what makes players tick, because if he did, we’d be winning the Premier League this year.

I want a manager who gets me excited to get up at 6am! I want someone who gets me into the ground 20 minutes early, I want a manager who makes me proud to chat Arsenal again.

This never ending story we’re in with Arsene makes me sad. I truly mean that. I went to a Bernie Sanders Rally yesterday with my Swedish Gooner pal and we were genuinely sad. Sad because we’d sat in a moody New York bar  before with new fans lamenting the club. Sad because Bernie Sanders is 74 years old and he’s bringing 20,000 people of all ages to a park and whipping them into a frenzy because he has a vision, a plan and excitement that is so powerful he could get me into a park for 4 hours with NO BLOODY BEER.

I can’t take another 3 years of this. We shouldn’t have to. The dictator doesn’t know what he’s doing and he needs to go. It’s over. Turn the lights of Arsene, don’t wait for someone to do it for you.

Be interesting to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. mkv

    Arsenal stresses me more than anything else. I should be finding solace in arsenal after a difficult week but its the opposite. Something is not right

  2. Rustygunner

    News of Arsenal signings are as pathetic as the way they play and Wenger’s talk of mathematical chance to win the league. People who place these things must get a grip of themselves. How pathetic can Mahrez, Benzema and Aubemeyang be to want to join a perpetual lose?

  3. Bigper

    Yep the atmosphere was one of apathy and total boredom as everyone has accepted we are in a rather pointless position as a club. The players and fans both feel it. Personally I was trying to watch the game but found myself thinking that I just don’t actually give a fuck nymore and would rather go for a beer

  4. Twooffive

    Anyone been with a girl while she’s giving head an ur thinking about the trashy girl up the street who u KNOW would give it better an know would do all the things standard head isn’t?

    Yh me an Arsenal atm

  5. Twooffive

    I’ve even thought about the scenes if he collapsed pitch side an I’m not wishing it on him! Just a man backed into a corner with an doesn’t see a way out!

    12 yrs? My kids are looking at other teams and I cannot bully them any longer. They laugh at The Arsenal

  6. Stanlee

    Say all you want, I will not blame Wenger for yesterday. WTF was Gabriel thinking racing with Adebayor instead of clearing the ball for a throwing. This is football and not track and field. You don’t need your coach to tell you that.

  7. Vince

    Buy us a spine in the summer. Howedes, Xhaka/Kante and Talisca shouldn’t be beyond a miser like Arsene. Add Belarabi and Montero as squad/outsiders.
    Bellerin Howedes Kos Monreal
    Xhaka Elneny
    Belarabi Cazorla Alexis

    Not top top quality but as we are a hopeless lot that are only interested in 4th place that won’t be a bad one. We may even have a Leicester season and fluke it.

  8. Joe

    There is no legacy Pedro. It left a long time ago.

    Like i said before. If he gets a statue , I’ll be the first to piss on it

    Why has he never won back to back titles? Or the CL

    Because he is so easy to plan against

    He only won what he did because of the players he had. They won the titles in their own. Wenger held them back from winning more titles by not bundling in those squads.

    Fergie would always change and add to a winking team. Back room, players.

  9. Mick

    The only way to get this stubborn man to budge is by NOT spending our money on seats. Shirts etc. beer ,rolls etc. and keep out of the shops. Money always talks in the end. Keep this up continually until he’s gone before we return.

  10. salparadisenyc

    Critical the board and Gazidas find a solution as much is on the line and they’ve sat idle for far too long. With the general thematic current running through Goonerdom negative to apathetic regarding Wenger’s Arsenal.

    I certainly can be arsed regarding the remainder of the season.

  11. lamzo77

    This dude PHD007 SAID IT ALL

    ‘You see ,this is the absolute problem with fornicating AKB’s like Alexander Henry..

    Always extremes…

    We ask for Arsene to spend some money on decent players..
    AKB’s reply ..Who’s out there?Who can we buy?We can’t afford to bankrupt the club..Look what happened to Leeds,etc,etc..

    Always fornicating extremes..

    Quite clearly as night follows day,Arsene is shot to pieces..Past his sell by date..
    He’s stinking out the place..No desire,no passion,no drive,no motivation,no ambition amongst the playing staff & the manager(on the footballing front)..

    What we are asking of a manager,is one who can look himself squarely in the mirror and ask himself the following questions:

    Did I prepare my team to the best of my ability?
    Did I utilise the resources to the best of my ability?
    Did I do my homework in the transfer window(summer& winter).
    Have I prepared the team tactically?
    Have I freshened up training?
    Have I addressed the injury situation,to the best of my ability?
    Do I have a Plan A/B/C for every conceivable situation?
    Did I manage to adapt the team to different tactics,when the need arose during the match?
    What can I do differently,to make us a better team?Have I tried?
    Do I have the best backroom team,I feel is needed,to drive us forward?
    I might not have the money of the bigger clubs,but have I tried to work smarter?
    What are my goals for this season& the next?
    Am I driving the club forward yearly?Am I reaching those targets yearly?
    Do I do what’s best for the club?Or for me?
    Can I honestly say,I gave it my all during the majority of the season,in all campaigns?
    In short,have I done my due diligence?

    Now,if Arsene can honestly hand on heart,answer yes to the majority of the questions above..This would be translated onto the field..And I don’t think fans would really have a problem with him.

    Point in all this is he doesn’t..Rinse,repeat cycle for the last decade.
    Fans are not looking for the next manager to win the EPL..The fans want a manager with a vision,a drive,a purpose,a plan..
    That translates into the manager and the players buying into the philosophy& doing the best they can,to their best of their ability..

    Maximising their talents,their resources..Making an effort to compete..
    That’s what the fans want …If the team wins a trophy,then that is an added bonus..

    The sooner you can understand that & get that into your fornicating thick skull,the better..

    Then again ,I doubt it..As-
    1) You’re probably still in denial about Arsene.
    2)And aren’t you the guy,who said SK sanctioned Arsene spending £10 million in the summer..As in Arsene was constrained,by SK imposing a budget spend of £10 milllion in the summer..’

    AKB’s are always about the extremes..

  12. randy

    Wenger is a perpetual loser.
    You cannot call that success when you are working for the biggest club in the english capital.
    Change is what we are calling for.
    Enough is enough.
    There was a bergkamp a vieira an adams a keown a winterburn before wenger.
    Our academy was more productive before he came.
    We were more ambitious then and were hungry for success.
    We need to get rid of him asap

  13. gonsterous


    Wilshere who ??
    The bloke that can’t get More than 5 games a season ?? I’d rather sell him and keep ozil

  14. shad

    I don’t want Wenger gone tomorrow or the day after. Not in a month. Not next year at the end of his contract. I want him gone NOW. I WANTED HIM GONE 6 YRS AGO.
    Fuck off you senile fucking joyless fucking dictator. Fuck.
    I’m pissed.

  15. Bankz

    I’ve given up fully on Arsenal,at least till Wenger leaves.
    It’s the main reason why I don’t even bother showing up here anymore.
    I can’t be stressing myself over a stubborn idiot who has blatantly refused to concede defeat and say to himself,”I can’t do this anymore”.
    AKBs, Isn’t he supposed to be in deep love with the club? Wasn’t that the reason why he turned down Madrid,Barca,Germany,France and PSG?
    Fact is,Arsene Wenger is a finished man. He is a dead man walking.
    There’s a reason his wife left him.
    Anyway I’m just ranting and fed up as he has successfully taken something dear away from me(my love for football).

    I’m decided to take a sabbatical off until he leaves. I’m in love with the prettiest girl on earth,I would be stupid to allow Wenger poison my emotions for her, so I’ve chosen her over Wenger’s Arsenal.

    DM- howdy my tenacious Jewish rival/friend.
    Have you succeeded in breaking my record of 57?
    I thought not…’re pussy. You can’t even when I’ve left the podium just for you to run ragged in.

    Have you guys finally figured out the whereabouts of Keyser? My guts feelings says he has joined up with ISIS and now shuttles between Al raQQa and Mosul.

    Redruth-I see you still holding up your rep as being Redtruth. Keep it up.

    Gambon-you’ve been calling it as it is since I joined Legrove.
    You have been 100% right on Wenger so far.

    N5- how are you holding up with the family?

    Ughelli- I see you’re doing your best to become the new Keyser on Legrove.
    More power to your elbows.

    azed- Hope you’re still covering my back when it comes to DM?

    Romford – How have you been?
    I’m pretty sure you’d be as pissed and fed up of Wenger as I am right now.
    How’s that new job of yours?
    Kind regards

    Pedro- keep doing the good work of yours.
    I see the move to the states hasn’t affected you(save the time of your Legrove posts).
    If for any reason you ever meet with Wenger or Ivan again, please give them a punch on the nose. Just tell them it’s for the fans on Legrove.

  16. Danny

    I will not blame Wenger for yesterday. WTF was Gabriel thinking racing with Adebayor
    …..and who the fuck bought Gabriel? We should’ve got Cahill but the senile old goat was to tight.

  17. EdTheRed

    The worst crime Wenger had committed is that he made Arsenal totally and utterly irrelevant in modern football.

  18. shad

    I don’t want Wenger to spend a single penny on the team. I don’t want a 17 year old half baked deer-in-headlights who Wenger will value at £50m and put on obscene wages. No. I want him to fuck off at the end of the season. Name a stand after him, then boo him. Tell him thanks, bye, sod off. No escalating him upstairs no nothing. Just go.

  19. lamzo77

    ‘I read somewhere Wenger was trying to say it’s the fault of others that Leicester were winning the league, the reason he gave was that Leicester lost twice against us. Sorry, I must have imagined it’


  20. Mick

    When AW took over. He took the best defence in world club football off GG. All the great players that came were mainly got by David Dean. Viera. Henry,fabragas, etc etc etc all left for the same reason.”BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO WIN SOMETHING” coincidence, Or did they all work out that AW is not all he seems. As a financial manager, he’s the best. As a coach, ???????????.

  21. Mick

    10 yrs ago I was in a restaurant in Spain when a group of golfer s came in. One of them noticed the large tattoo on my arm “ARSENAL”. He came over and joined my wife and I and introduced himself. He used to be Wengers best friend but they don’t speak now because in his words “He is the most obnoxious. Ignorant stubborn man I know, who is never never wrong”. This is the reason we don’t talk anymore,because he just won’t listen to any other persons opinion. We sat talking for over an hour, and when he got up ,we shook hands and his parting words to me was. “YOU WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING AS LONG AS HE’S IN CHARGE! MARK THESE WORDS I SAY”. 10 yrs after boy was he right.

  22. Colin Bray

    Parallels between Arsenal and Real Madrid, where Wenger is in more of a similar ‘Decision making’ role at Arsenal to that of Perez in Madrid.

    Outdated philosophy and idea of how to build a team/club.
    No clear vision of anything, Who to buy? What formation? What style of football do we play?
    No accountability to anyone.
    All results in being beaten by teams who don’t necessarily have better players/squads, but have the answers to some of the answers to the above questions.

    Got to have more then one voice in the decision making process and also need to be held accountable for your role in a modern day football club (cannot have a manager running everything anymore, there job has to be limited).

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    No one who’s WC will come to Arsenal to regress and stagnate under wenger. Guarantee that if Ozil has an abject European cup he will look to move to save his career.

  24. John T.

    Absolutely correct. This situation is allowed by a two bit American owner who I have to apologize to my fellow Gooners for. Kronkey the Donkey is not like American Gooner fans. He’s an embarrassment, just ask St Louis Rams fans who he sold down the river. Wenger needs to go but so should Kronkey the Donkey.

  25. Joe

    Stanlee. Another Akb

    13 points behind Leicester
    12 years without PL title
    11 years without being in the top 2
    10 years without winning at Old Trafford (PL)
    9 years (05-14) without a trophy
    8 PL games without beating Chelsea
    7 PL defeats in 15/16
    6 consecutive last 16 CL exits
    5 PL wins in 2016
    4 consecutive home defeats in the CL KO round
    3 trophies in 12 years
    2 much shit going on at Arsenal
    1 manager who has overseen it all


    Who’s to blame for all that???

  26. GoonGoonerGone

    Dear Pedro
    How can the scouts do their work when Wenger demands 14-16 yr olds? Secondly, Wenger keeps saying that he already has the players he requires in the current squad . Thirdly, the scouts have to work with the evaluation Wenger sets on a player. Fourthly, Wenger is tactically clueless, plays players out of position – so most telling of all he doesn’t know what type of player he wants because if he did, we won’t be in this shit fest we have found ourselves in the last twelve years.

  27. Atilola Sheyi

    Thumbs Up Bro!Love Your Article, How Many Elite Clubs Have Their Top Striker Go 12 Matches Without A Goal? Why Is Walcott Still An Arsenal Player Nd Why Av We Kept Arterta Nd Flamine For Dis Long? We Need A Coach Who Wouldnt Be Explaining Failure Lyk Arsene,rember One Of Is Comments Earlier Season We Sounded So Negative”if Any Other Team Wins D League We Accept They Are Better”we Need A Good Striker Nt Sanogo.Icardi,willams,batshuyi,huigain,igahlo..We Calm We Play Tiki Taka Yet We Can Be Barca Nd Bayern Conviencly Yet A Simeone Discipled Team We Do Dat With Ease.Arsene Time To Go,we Need New Ideas

  28. DivineSherlock

    Really disappointing season , Wenger is done . Cant really trust him again , Bored is the correct word . First time in so many years I didnt even bother to watch the Palace match.

  29. Mark of the South

    Just got an email. Buy tickets now for WBA. Stan you need to realise if you don’t change the manager then this will become the norm

  30. luke

    Great post, Pedro as per usual. I feel your pain as a fellow relatively positive person. I was ready to believe again earlier in the season around the time of beating Bayern at home and that shows just how positive I am – ten years of evidence that Wenger is a dud and I was still ready to believe. It’s cruel stuff by the board – Wenger has to go.

    Diego Simeone is the dream with what he’s done at Athletico. Just three of four years ago they were a given to be third just like we are a given to be fourth. We have a comparable budget to Athletico, but I can’t really see him wanting to leave. Also, isn’t his family in Argentina? I could have sworn I read something about him wanting to go back to Argentina after Athletico. Can anyone confirm?

  31. Ade

    Honestly, I don’t see the point in spending a dime on any players in the summer if they are going to be handed off to Wenger. This current team would have won the league this year with a competent manager. You can put the Barca team in Arsenal uniform and they wouldn’t have won the league with Wenger managing. It’s throwing diamonds at the foot of a swine. Gadzis a smart guy but he’s hampered by the love fest between Wenger and Kroenke and we have good old boy fossils for a board and sycophant former players who are looking for an in with the organization. The only way Wenger is leaving is if he leaves on his own, which is never happening, or we are like Chelsea next year and even with that he won’t be fired they’ll just let him work out his contract. I bet you he gets a new contract if we make top three next year.

  32. Spanishdave

    Interesting Mick, he is such a typical Frenchman, stubborn arrogant and they think they are in the centre of the universe.
    I have just returned to the uk and tried dome French wine which is like Wenger, old fashioned, stale overpriced and stuck in the past.
    He got do lucky in the early years ,and he is a lucky fraud.

  33. NeonLeon

    My old man is 76 and had defended Wenger for the last ten years until today. He even said the words I thought I would never hear ‘ it’s time for Arsene to retire . No job upstairs , just go quietly while he still has some dignity .

    But we all know he’ll stay , stay until becomes so embarrassing his auntie will be walking him away from the ground holding a hankie and patting him in the back

  34. WrightIsGod

    When your manager is Spurs scum and he sends you this on Whatsapp you know life is s**t.

    I’ve always known that boominator is an idiotic moron (rather than just a standard one) but he’s that typical AKB with no brain cells who now only suddenly gets it. At least he gets it now though there’s actually still fans who are excusing wenger.

    Great listening to Arseblog these days. He’s totally Wenger Out now it appears…

  35. TheBlaster

    Y’know, in my mind I’ve given Wenger so much hope to turn things around. This season, with the Chavs nosediving and United flailing was our best chance at the title in years. So much hope. At what point do you get sick of repeatedly having your hopes dashed against the siren shores of Wenger Island ? It’s not the players. We have enough quality to tear the league a new one. It’s just that without inspiration even a fabulous set of players find themselves in holes and without a manager who has answers, drive and a bit of venom they sink. Look at Chelsea. Arsene has to spend some time studying videos of himself making the same excuses like we have had to do and if he still won’t do the decent thing, be ‘promoted’ to the Arsenal equivalent of the House of Lords. Feel so weary.

  36. Benjy

    I cannot see Arsene hanging around after this he has nothing left to offer, l was listening to Bayern interview about Pep and according to them he has got plan A, B, C for.every game and if a plan does not work for First 10 minutes Pep will change it. Thats what Great managers do, they Play to win not dreaming of winning and winning days like Arsene.

  37. Gelbsy

    Really can’t believe how naive and thick people are. And why these sort of things aren’t bought up at press conferences more, when you get these morons who think the Emirates move hindered Wenger financially. The first 3 or 4 years after Arsenal moved stadiums, they spent at least 80/90 millions of pounds on players. Wenger basically spent a similar amount, to that of Ferguson, who went on to win a hattrick of League Titles, and a Champions League, whilst Wenger won nothing. Not to mention the fact that Wenger spent a shite load more just to finish 3rd or 4th, ahead of the mid-table pack, so it’s hardly any surprise they finished in those positions all the time! Hardly an achievement is it??

  38. WrightIsGod

    Common AKB excuse:

    There’s no players available and on the level required to play for Arsenal.

    BS. This is Wenger talk for “I have my favourites and I will only pick them rather than upsetting the applecart”

    Meanwhile other teams identify and buy targets that improve their team!!!

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, Wenger cannot go upstairs, part of the problem is the over reliance on Wenger for all things football, contracts, transfers etc…partly that is Kroenke’s fault, partly that is Wenger’s because he’s engineered the club that way, he likes power, he isn’t scared to admit it, he doesn’t want a DoF he wants what he wants and for no one to challenge that.

    The club needs to be dragged into the 21st Century, and that starts with getting rid of Wenger who just leads to a total vacuum at Arsenal, with him, we can never have a modern structure.

    Get rid of him, get a top notch DoF in, poach him with a massive salary, get a top rate manager, or a modern manager with ambition and a vision, bring in new, modern coaches, modernise the scouting department, again, poach Europe’s best, we pay first class wages to third rate staff, so why not top money for top talent?

    All this should have been happening over the past 2-3 years, but Wenger is the immovable object blocking everything.

    We need to be very clear, there can be, and will be, no progress until Wenger leaves, completely.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is just utterly deluded and scared of change.

  40. Spanishdave

    How about Arteta, he plays a couple of games this year, gets his coaching badges, gets 80k a week and then he wants to fuck of to another club. Well done Wenger it’s the Arsenal social and benefits club come on in

  41. Gelbsy

    About fucking time these journalists pulled out a rap sheet at press conferences. I would love to see Wenger’s response when someone points out how he spent just under 100 million after the Emirates move, keeping most of those players he bought for a few years, when he claims how difficult it was financially. How can you deny cold stone facts?! The joke is, he wouldn’t of spend much more had he had the cash reserves Arsenal do now, anyway. Certainly wouldn’t of bought the correct players at least!

  42. Gelbsy

    It’s exactly why Mourinho despises him too. He always gets an easy ride from the journos. That MOTD are pricks as well. Never talk about Wenger being past it, or bring up the question etc. Fucking sick of it. Just like that prick John Cross. Love to see how he can deny Arsenal having lack of funds after 2006, when you look at the transfers. People should look for themselves on Wiki. Look at the players United and Arsenal signed and the total cost, from 2006 onwards. Remember too, that player inflation was a lot less back then too. Which makes 80 or 90 odd million a heck of a lot.

  43. vicky

    Have Tottenham been the best team in the league this season ?

    They have won most of their matches very convincingly and by dominating their opposition.

  44. John S

    Your sentiments are spot on & are in tune with the crowd yesterday….the performance wasn’t bad but certainly not good either! We laboured against a side that up until a week ago had the worst record in the Premier League in 2016…it was typical of performances all season long, dull, lacking in creativity, prone to lapses in concentration and certainly not looking anything like league winners! Arsene is responsible for this….he picks the players, he organises them, dictates the tactics & is supposed to motivate them…..they aren’t playing for him, that much is clear. The squad looks tired & lacking in ability at times & certainly no real quality up front…..Welbeck, Theo & Giroud don’t cut it I’m afraid & Alexis is no centre forward! I simply can’t be bothered to listen to Arsene anymore, his opinion means nothing to me. I get more out of listening to Klopp & Pochettino than him…we’ll go nowhere until he’s gone, his legacy is being ruined & the board are negligent if they let him stay beyond next year. His tenure MUST come to an end, we pay the highest prices in Europe, it’s about bloody time we started seeing a quality world class side capable of winning the biggest prizes, I just don’t trust Arsene to get anything right…’s over, for gods sake Ivan, do something about it.

  45. luke

    Damn Imbula just held off three spurs players using his strength and fed in Arnautovic. Where were we for him?

  46. Joe

    Tottenham scoring at stoke.

    But we couldn’t.

    Akbs saying it’s ok to draw up there
    1) because we never do well. Like that’s some fucken excuse.

    2) they are so tough at home. Right..

    The amount of bollocks spewed from wenger and Akbs is nauseating.

    Fuck off wenger. You are a cunt of the highest order

    Hate the cunt

  47. Tomtom

    Phil Thompson has said on the radio this morning that Wenger will leave at the end of the season, seriously doubt it but it’s good to hear it said

  48. gambon

    Could wenger have already resigned?

    I found it weird that the EC was cancelled today.

    It takes a couple of days to re lay a pitch so that is not a real reason.

    Maybe they cancelled it because they dont kniw what kind of prep a new manager wanted.

  49. Hunter

    I am sick to death saying Wenger Out!The fact is we have him for at least another season,he WONT resign and that’s the bottom line!Something BIG has to happen at the Emirates to cause problems,I.e.a mass walkout at a designated time,rotten eggs thrown onto the pitch a mass protest outside the ground,the frigging media to write the reasons why he is done all over the back pages,etc,etc,etc but let’s be honest none of that will happen cos no ones got the balls to do it.long live DT and we should all get behind him cos he is a real AFC supporter!

  50. harold hinney

    Hey Pedders you can take old Commie Bernie and stick it where the sun don’t shine. He is a socialist red commie and proud of it, I should have known a turd like you would be stoked over that liberal baby killing fart blossom, birds of a feather Pedders.

  51. Vince

    Seems we are cursed. So these boys needed 3 points from their final 2 games to gain promotion. lost the spent image match and trailing 1 to 2 as at 85th minute in the last one. kinda sad. They are totally mirroring the first team.

  52. Vince

    Someone feed me more on the conspiracy theory about Wenger throwing in the towel. I’ll buy everyone that cares a drink when the idiat leaves.

  53. vicky

    “Someone feed me more on the conspiracy theory about Wenger throwing in the towel”

    I read on Twitter French newspapers are running a few stories about Wenger’s health issues. May be Karim can confirm whether that’s true.

  54. Robin van Bergkamp

    Absolutely spot on Pedro and sadly I dare say. And the longer there seems no end to this unsatisfactory situation makes one only long for a swift end. It is far too painful when one considers where Arsenal could be, especially this season. The waste of this God-given opportunity is nothing but wilful criminal negligence and it is symptomatic of everything that is wrong at Arsenal, ranging from the manager to the ownership which clearly has a vision that vastly differs from that of the long-suffering fans. Arsene has destroyed his legacy but he ( and Kroenke ) must not be allowed to destroy our club.

  55. Joe

    Hopefully Spurs finished above up make the ‘health issues’ worse

    Sure it’s a plan concocted by wenger and the board to save face

    Let’s tell them you have health issues so you can leave gracefully arsene

    Either that or we sack you.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Come on guys, supporting Arsenal is hard enough, don’t start dangling the thought of Wenger developing a conscience and leaving in front of everyone.

  57. Vince

    About time Wenger gets sick. he’s made all of us sick to our stomachs anyway. I even lost a doctor friend who slumped and died while watching Arsenal vs Leicester 2nd leg. One man can’t be bigger than us all.

  58. Troy McClure

    No point in getting worked up over Arsenal anymore, they are finished this season. It’s over, the team has checked out, and therefore so have I. Not sure what it takes to get this team motivated or to show some grit, I would think the embarrassment of finishing behind Leicester and Spurs, losing at home to Swansea, losing 2x to Chelsea (still can’t believe this one), West Ham debacles, etc. would be enough. Let’s hope they tank it enough to force management and ownership’s hand.

  59. Andy

    Spurs look very good, compare it to us at the moment and they head and shoulders above us, shows what a good manager can do.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    When was this Spurs slow down meant to arrive again?

    As I said months ago, with the plank in charge, and with Pochettino over there building a side who in terms of first eleven is probably better than ours, squad wise still some way off, with new TV money…Spurs could easily surpass us.

    People can talk about that new ground, us having more financial power anyway etc…fact is we won’t use it, because we have gutless, stubborn, egotist as manager.

    Seriously, as well as the big powers like Chelsea, City and United all with new, top class managers, we need to watch ourselves slipping behind Spurs and Liverpool as we cling to our dated, busted manager.

    3-0 Spurs.

  61. GuNZ

    There seems little point following the rest of the season. Definitely won’t catch Spurs now, Man. City on form, and Man. Utd. bumbling their way into top four contention. What little incentive the players had left will now evaporate completely. Crack the good drugs, Nigel!

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger check list:

    Laid the groundwork for finishing below Spurs. Check.

    Laid the groundwork for making out finishing fourth will be some battling type achievement. Check.

    Laid the groundwork for not spending in the summer. Check.

    Pretty productive week for Wenger really.

  63. GuNZ

    Just look at Spurs’ goal difference: thirty fucking eight (38) and that’s assuming they get anymore in this game. That, Wenger, you tight-fisted, anachronistic turd-gobbler, is what having a fucking effective striker force does for you!

  64. LeMassiveCoq

    Ah man, this is depressing. Spurs look like a real decent team playing for a yound, dynamic manager.

    Pool have got Klopp who will make them contenders.

    City will be brilliant under Pep.

    Maureen will get United fired up again.

    Chelskii can only get better, they won’t stand still in the transfer market for sure.

    We’ll have a sick, mentalist dragging us down with the Evertons, Stokes and Southamptons of the world.


  65. Follow the money

    By going all in with this “football should be an art” nonsense Wenger prioritised style over substance. Over winning. It’s no wonder once GGs boys and Deins acquisitions were gone we haven’t won anything major. Winning should be the #1 goal of a football club. It’s not for Wenger, and he buys players that he can sell this nonsense to

  66. Cesc Appeal

    You really could not begrudge Spurs, Leicester have been great, but I think Spurs have been the best side in the League this season, went through a period of too many draws and that cost them.

  67. Spanishdave

    The players are not motivated any more , nothing to win as usual, mustn’t get injured for the Euros, can’t be arsed.
    We are in pergotary .

  68. Samesong

    Us beating Leicester twice is sooooo irelevant now. Probably done spurs a favour. Leicester can choke easily. Can’t asked to spell properly.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    Be careful what you wish for, could change manager and he ends up doing what Pochettino has at Spurs, says no pro-Wenger ever.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe, Sanchez on the flank for them, but Pochettino plays a team, not players, so not sure.

  71. vicky


    That’s what I said. For me Spurs have been the best side in the league this season. That last minute penalty awarded to Leicester against West ham could turn out to be very crucial in the end.

  72. ADKB

    I hate to say this but Spurs are looking really good for the title. If THAT unthinkable happens, there might be mutiny at the Emirates!

  73. Jeff

    When we went up there and managed only a 1:1 draw, the bell end AKBs saw it as a good point because we were still top.