Leicester sneak draw, PHEW | Theo Walcott to say goodbye?

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Today we take on the MIGHTY Crystal Palace under the powerful management of Alan Pardew.

At the start of the season, we were all hailing the powerhouse play of the Englishman’s side. It wasn’t exactly tika taka but it certainly was an impressive show of what you can do with limited players who can push people over and run fast.

Things were going great for Alan… but, you kind of sensed it’d always go the way it does for him. He’s not the sharpest, and I always feel you need smart managers to do well in the best league in the world. His team now sit 15th in the form table (16th overall)… laughable you might say, yes, laughable until you realise we sit 10th in the form table.

I’ll give you a second to pick up the cornflakes you just spat across the room.

Now, the pressure is kind of off, as I write Leicester are winning 1-0… there’s a glimmer of hope for Spurs as Vardy has just been sent off and now misses the Swansea game. But it’s feeling like it’s done. For us, at least, it is…

So what is today for? Pride. Pride and toppling Spurs. Which I still feel we’re more than capable of taking care of. Also, not just pride, 3rd place at the very least. Manchester City are heading back into exciting form just at the wrong part of the season for us. They blitzed Chelsea 3-0 yesterday and they are more than capable of winning all their games to the end of the season. Imagine that, after leading the table at Christmas, heading back to our usual position of top 4.

It’d be so sad.

What makes me the opposite of sad are the stories that Theo Walcott is rumoured to be considering his future this summer. Give me an ABOUT FRICKING TIME LAD. He’s not pleased sitting on the bench. ABT (anyone but Theo) is the feeling most have about him in the starting line up… for me, even when I see him warming up on the bench for 12 minutes of tepid effort.

He’s an Everton player, the same as Aaron Lennon. He should go there, get 12 goals a season and be happy. He’s not an Arsenal player, he’s not smart enough on the wing, not good enough to play through the middle. He’s too one-dimensional and he doesn’t have the spirit you want from elite players.

Finally, before I go. The Arsene apologists are up in arms at some of the comments I’ve made about the Arsene problem over the last few weeks. The way the counter that is digging up old articles and laughing at them when they’re wrong… sometimes things I penned 6 years ago. I just want to say, that I don’t write to be right. Not every word I’ve uttered over 3500 posts is going to be accurate. I’ve had plenty of Park Chu-Young’s in my time. The point of the blog is to offer fresh thinking and new ways to look at things. If you’re not contributing to the debate, you’re contributing to the malaise, which, let’s be honest, plenty of blogs and ‘superfans’ out there have been guilty of over the 8 years.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I think… what matters is Arsenal. What matters is a better Arsenal. It’s pretty clear what needs to happen to make that work. Which destroys the hopefully narrative people have been championing for years.

Leicester clinch a draw from the brink of loss… PHEW!


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  1. Moray

    Why should this cvnt have another year? To do what? Run the club even more into the ground? I’m 42 this year and expect to live max another 30 years. Why should Wenger destroy another year of footballing excitement for me? He’s had Long enough, should have gone 7/8 years ago and has been drinking from the furry cup for too Long. And he can take Cletus, Cletus Jr., Gazidis, Chips and the rest of the losers with him.

  2. Joe

    We are self sufficient you daft cunt

    They gave been pedalling that for a decade.

    We have 200m in the bank.

    Kronke doesn’t have to spend a dime.

  3. Marko

    Yep the buck stops with Wenger. Probably taken a couple years extra for some to realise it but every summer every window every high profile must win game and every game we’re expected to win is a result of him and only him.

  4. Joe

    Seems Wallace , Daz etc still in hiding.

    Being wrong takes its toll I guess

    Remember Wallace guaranteed we wouldn’t finish 10 points back.

  5. gonsterous

    Wenger has no right in having a say as to how long he should stay at the job. And why are people talking about giving Him a statue or naming a stand after him.. he’s done what he’s been paid to do for the first quarter of his tenure.. after that he has done bugger all and has been riding on the AKBs excuses.. we should get rid of Wenger and be done with him.. no giving him a place on the board or taking him upstairs.. no naming stands after a loser and no building of statues (maybe to symbolize what a loser looks like).. Wenger out please.

  6. Joe

    I would be the first to piss and shit on his statue if he gets it.

    He does not deserve anything.

    GG deserves a statue before that cunt.

  7. gambon

    Oh, and even if Kroenke wasnt allowing Arsene to spend as much as he wants, does that really explain whats happened this season?

    Was money the reason we couldnt beat Crystal Palace?

    Is money the reason we lost twice to Chelsea, the same Chelsea that has only won 11 of 33 games this season?

    Is money the reason we have the biggest injury issues of any club in Europe?

    Is money the reason we lost at home to Swansea & West Ham?

    Does money explain how we gifted Southampton a fucking 4-0 win? Look at Southamptons run of form:

    Stoke (H) – Lost 0-1
    Man City (A) – Lost 1-3
    Liverpool (H) – Lost 1-6
    Aston Villa (H) – Draw 1-1
    Crystal Palace (A) – Lost 0-1
    Tottenham (H) – Lost 0-2
    Arsenal (H) – WON 4-0
    West Ham (A) – Lost 1-2
    Norwich (A) – Lost 0-1
    Crystal Palace (H) – Lost 1-2

    If Stan is so tight, why did we have a wage bill last season of £192m, just £1m less than Man City and £8m behind Man Utd?

    If Stan is so tight why did he OK for Wenger to spend £16m on a shit kid from Southampton?

    If Stan os so tight why did he pay £16m for a Man Utd reject that averages 5 goals per season?

    If Stan is so tight why was he comfortable paying Diaby £3m pa for years despite never being able to play?

    If Stan is so tight, why did he agree to pay Theo Walcott £28m over the next 4 years, despite him rarely being available in recent seasons?

    If Stan is so tight, why does he allow us to outspend Spurs by £70m pa in wages?

    If Stan was so tight why did he allow us to spend £100m more than Everton in wages in 2013/14 – when we finished 1 place higher than them?

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    Are there any words to describe Arsenal’s single-minded devotion to Wenger than footballing success? No motherfucker, not even the maggot and his owner Stan can describe this.

    I tell you guys, its Arsenal fans who are to blame. Its lack of protest that has led to this state.

  9. Mick Kartun

    AKB’s motto:

    “Life is a lot like a PENIS.”

    -and hanging freely…..

    and then comes their idol ARSENE that makes it hard.

  10. Mr J

    “Does money explain how we gifted Southampton a fucking 4-0 win? Look at Southamptons run of form:

    Stoke (H) – Lost 0-1
    Man City (A) – Lost 1-3
    Liverpool (H) – Lost 1-6
    Aston Villa (H) – Draw 1-1
    Crystal Palace (A) – Lost 0-1
    Tottenham (H) – Lost 0-2
    Arsenal (H) – WON 4-0
    West Ham (A) – Lost 1-2
    Norwich (A) – Lost 0-1
    Crystal Palace (H) – Lost 1-2”

    Is that truely what it was??? That is truely shocking… Yet we allow them to tear us apart 4-0.

    I am actually shocked.

  11. STV

    Wenger says Alexis have rediscovered his “electric” form..

    He is much sharper,” the manager told Arsenal Player. “He is much more electric in his dribbling and much more confident. He scores goals again.
    “He looks to me to be more comfortable in his movement, especially in his movement in behind.


  12. STV

    “It’s much more about that and to look behind us, because everybody is playing well and winning games. For us it could be a fight until the end to get the place in the top four.

    ‘If we can do more, we will do more, but let’s not dream and focus on the next game.'”

    He’s giving a finger at all who thought Arsenal can win the league..

  13. EN1AFC

    Ah the typical AKB response when Wenger is being targeted with justifiable criticism.. blame someone else, divert attention. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. The AKB’s sound the same and use the same tactics as their glorious leader.

    It was Wenger and Wenger alone that decided not to sign any outfield players last summer. No one else. No doubt we will miraculously find the funds to buy a few players this summer now there’s unrest amongst the fans and some season ticket holders. Just like when we finally spent some money in the summer of 2013 on Ozil after a shocking start to the league.

    Kroenke is a problem, no doubt. However Wenger is the one who decides who comes and goes, and who is rewarded with new contracts. Kroenke wasn’t responsible for handing new contracts to Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky and improved contracts to Walcott and Wilshere. Kroenke isn’t responsible for installing a winning mentality amongst the players, organising them properly, learning from previous mistakes or even preparing the team for certain players we may face. Nor is he responsible for the pathetic predictable substitutions each game which have no influence on the game. It’s just gross mismanagement from our manager.

    As for yesterday, I posted on another site that we had 21 shots on goal and only 6 of those on target. Not for the first time this season either. Oh well, we didn’t need a striker did we Arsene. The whole club just feels like it’s gone Stale, the scousers are more upbeat and positive than us sitting in 8th. I wonder why that is??

  14. Marko

    This summer Sampaoli, Deschampes , Low could be available. Or maybe push the boat for tuchel or Eddie Howe could be a decent shout for me. Got his team fit and hard working all season long and with their best player out all season too

  15. Joe

    What fault is it of kronke’s that Leicester and Tottenham Are above us and will win the title this season??

    Please explain?

  16. STV

    Why this cunt so obsessed with top 4?? For Arsenal, You either win the damn thing or you don’t. and if you can’t, step aside and let someone who can. Roll over and die! Wengar..

  17. gambon

    It is mental that Wenger is so obsessed with the top 4 thing.

    We slipped from 1st to 2nd and Wenger didnt care. We slipped from 2nd to 3rd and Wenger didnt care. We slip from 3rd to 4th (4 points from UTD in 5th) and he is shitting himself talking about how we need to look behind us and secure top 4.

    You wrrent saying “We need to make sure we win the PL”

    Why this obsession with top 4?

    Considering he is totally and utterly out of his depth in the Champions League, considering he has had about 23 attempts and never won it.

    Why does he care so much?

  18. Follow the money

    Lool as the tide turns towards Wenger out those fools at Untold are resorting to some hilarious sh*t to continue supporting their Lord. Remember that? It was only months ago they finally took down that banner saying they supported the club and Lord Wenger. Idiots

  19. Red&White4life

    You need to understand that, without a top 4 spot, WE WON’T BE ABLE TO ATTRACT TOP QUALITY PLAYERS this summer.

    It’s clear and simple, FFS!!

  20. Jeff

    It’s not like he never spends. He has spent in the past and we still won nothing big. So you can see it’s not about winning major trophies. It’s about maintaining status quo. He is desperate to keep this record of top 4 all through his reign. It’s clear that he would be devastated if we should drop out of top 4 but is it enough to make him go? No it most certainly is not. He’s already planning for the next four years – there’s no way he would leave. Sacking is the only option but that is even less likely. How can they sack him when they have his cock in one hand and a new contract in the other.

  21. STV

    Juventus relegated, they attracted lot of players season later.Vaan gaal had no problems in attracting top players after Moyes mess. Chelsea will attract lot of them next season. It’s Arsenal ffs. Thats one of the things giving lifeline to the Wenger’s famous achievement. Besides its not like Wenger’s gonna sign any top players anyway. Signed like, what 3 or 4 in last 10-12 years..

  22. Joe

    He is making it seem like top 4 is in danger so if he gets 4th it’ll seem like a huge achievement and cunt Akbs like Wallace ugh Daz Alexander will celebrate like its 1999.

    Deluded wanker Akb sheep


  23. Rustygunner

    They are cynical, aren’t they? Treat players like horses and fans like idiots who should all be grateful.

  24. ADKB

    I’d rather give a young unknown manager such as Eddie Howe a chance than extend Wenger’s contract for another 3yrs of the same Groundhog Day. Barca took a punt on Pep, look what he’s become.

  25. alexanderhenry


    ‘He is making it seem like top 4 is in danger so if he gets 4th it’ll seem like a huge achievement and cunt Akbs like Wallace ugh Daz Alexander will celebrate like its 1999.’

    No, I will not celebrate. Neither will you or any other arsenal fan until kroenke sells up.