Wenger prepares Arsenal fans for summer of failure (Brexit mentioned)

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Arsene Wenger plays by no man’s rules. Yesterday, he dropped a press conference with an all too familiar tone.

It starts quite well…

“First of all, we are not behind Spurs yet,”

“Anyway, Tottenham have been 18 years behind us and they’ve survived. So let’s be realistic.”

Ok Arsene, I’m with you. Spurs are within spitting distance and you’ve never finished behind them. This, is a fair shout. However, I think the issue of Spurs reversing St Totteringham’s day (potentially), is that it was in your hands. This season is on you. Your obstinence. Your arrogance. You let Spurs in.

Anyway, we can live with those comments… it’s when we land on Leicester things start getting a bit embarrassing.

“At the moment it’s difficult for us to accept that we are not completely there [at the top]. Leicester have lost three games, it is exceptional. They lost two games against us, and then you have Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, all of whom you’d think they would lose more than one game against. Barcelona has lost four games this season, Real Madrid five and Leicester three.”

Now we’re into justification mode. We’re comparing Leicester to Madrid and Barcelona whilst indicating it’s a bit of a fluke. What Wenger is also doing here is blaming others, rather than looking introspectively at how the club landed in a situation where two smaller, less stable, weaker funded clubs are above him (one club that moved stadium / spent the most time at the bottom of the league last year).

Wenger then moves into transfers and players…

“If you look at the top three teams, you will see they have not changed their team a lot. We have to strengthen our squad but it’s not obvious to find the players despite the money the English clubs will have. We are already working but we have to find the players and that is not easy.”

How can the manager be saying things like this after another season of failure? Wenger didn’t add a single outfield player last summer and we paid the price this season. The players knew they weren’t good enough to win the league, the fans did and so did the pundits. Too many holes in the squad, too many hopes laid on prospects and iffy fitness. A real lack of winning class.

He constantly references this notion that it’s not about players without clarifying what it is. If it’s not players, is it about better tactics? Show me them. Maybe it’s about a better work ethic? Maybe it’s about introducing a continental pressing approach? Maybe it’s about better on pitch management? Thing is, it’s all of the above, but those elements never change. So what he’s saying is it’s not about players… it’s about flogging the same horse over and over and hoping it’ll respond.

Wenger should know about the squad issues. He should have a plan in place. He should be coming at us right now saying…

‘Guys, we fucked up this season. Certain players didn’t pull their weight, we had some injuries that we should have planned for and the mentality wasn’t right. But don’t worry. Myself and the backroom team have a plan that’s going to blow your mind. There’s going to be a major shake-up of Arsenal because losing out to Leicester, with all due respect to their achievements, is not acceptable.’

Wenger goes on… this time he’s in full blow patronisation mode.

“You cannot dismiss that the players are young: Alex Iwobi is 19, Mohamed Elneny is 23, Francis Coquelin 24, and they will be stronger next year but you need to keep a core of players and strengthen where we can. The team is going the right way.”

Again, who the hell is dismissing these players? Those are three of the most impressive players at the club. They’re starting 11 every time at the moment. No one is dismissing them. We’re wondering why players like Theo, Gibbs, Chambo and Ramsey are getting a free ride? We’re wondering what you’re going to do with them.

When you say the team is going in the right direction, what does he mean? We have about 7 players you could sell and not notice this summer. We have senior players heading into the injury zone of twighlight. We have no vision for our style. We don’t press. We’re not tactically flexible. On pitch leadership is missing. That’s what the fans are looking at. I appreciate Wenger doesn’t want to hammer his players in public, but the problem is he doesn’t hammer them in private… because there’s no doubt we’ll still have a massive chunk of undeserving players here next season!

‘Strengthen where we can’

Again, what is this line? He sounds like me when I’m doing flat up on a budget. His language is non-committal. It’s almost amateurish. He should be strengthening in preidentified positions and there should be no doubt.

Then, to cap it all off… Wenger gets lured into the Brexit conversation.

“Will the European players be considered as they are now? For example, if England votes for Brexit, will the French be considered like South Americans players [who require work permits]? That would completely re-question the influx of foreign players.

“Will England go that way? If they did, that would leave the Premier League with some questions.”

I mean, come on Arsene. Just pass on the question. If it’s not European Championships killing our chances of players, it’s now the Brexit, which doesn’t happen until June 23rd… so here’s an idea, do y0ur business early?

Overall, it’s just really disappointing. Wenger is accountable to no one and his press conference behaviour shows that. He should be out there, talking to the fans, telling them things are going to be OK because he’s been working with Steve Bould and the crew since Feb on a new vision for Arsenal that involves all the the above mentioned issues. He should be bragging about how he’s changed his scouting set up and they’re refocusing their energies on new markets. He should be getting his ducks in line.

Instead, he’s just made a load of excuses, he’s set the table of failure early and he’s patronising the fans with his typical ‘let them eat cake’ attitude.

He’s on the notice period coast… zero fucks given as he rakes in retirement funds.

Also, worth mentioning that Mikel Arteta is moving to Manchester City with work with his ex-team mate Pep. I find this f*cking staggering. My whole thing about Mikel was, if he’s not playing, we must have him in mind for a coaching role… you know, because he was raised on Cruyff management stylings. So we wasted £65k a week, give him the keys to the club for a season… then let him go to a rival. This is just like Patrick Vieira again. And look, you can say I don’t know how good he is at coaching… but then I’d say that one of the best managers in the world just took a punt on him.

Staggering the opportunity the club has let pass it by over the last 3  years.

I really can’t tell you how upsetting this how Arsene situation is. We’re letting everyone modernize while we just sit here and shoot for the hope button. It’s so sad. I wish he’d just pack it in right now.

3 more years of this shite… unless, it gets so bad he has to go.

Have a good day, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Wallace

    Relieable Sauce

    “Wallace is an attention seeker with daddy issues.”

    you psuedo-psychologists intellectually slumming it with the football mob are a hoot. i appreciate the time you spend here and learn a lot.

  2. Uwot?

    Wengers doing what he loves to do to those who disagree with him.two fingers.& getting his excuses for a shit show summer,early.what do you expect from a man who clearly thinks he’s a football god.after all the muppets at the club knocked up a statue for him just to confirm it.so why expect anything different.?the sad,depressing reality is that nothing & I mean nothing is going to change until their is obvious vitriolic protest at the ems.like other clubs do.until that happens.the shit show goes on & on & on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. gambon

    Next season is going to be one of the most hyped domestic league seasons in history.

    For once it will be all about the managers rather than the players.

    When Sky, BT, The papers do their little promos it will not be Aguero, Ozil, Martial…..it will be Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp etc.

    If Wenger stays i think it will be a disastrous season for us.

    Youre talking about managers that are innovating, with great attention to detail and the desire to spend £100m each this summer against a dinosaur who yesterday was talking down to the media about our “responsibility to play attacking football” despite the fact that Leicester, Spurs and Man City all score more goals than us.

    I actually feel sorry for him in a way.

    Hes like the old man in your office that doesnt know how to use email properly and keeps having to call IT .

  4. Wallace


    no doubt his stature as a player and obvious intelligence will help Henry. i have doubts about his temperament. remember the stories of him phoning up journalists who had criticised his performances in games? he’s going to need a lot thicker skin than that if he wants to be a successful manager.

  5. gambon


    Fair enough…but i think he has the stature, intelligence and drive to be brilliant.

    At the end of the day almost all managers are irrelevant. Wage spend dictates where the trophies go….you just occasionally get a disastrous manager or someone like Fergie that can outperform every season.

    I like that Henry has been critical in recent seasons. He can clearly see the issues Wenger cant see.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed, it will all be about the managers facing off next year which will be strange.

    I’ve never really been one to feel Arsenal would fall out of the top four, aside from it seeming likely in the 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons where it went down tot he final game of the season, this year I called 3rd, but next year, you would have to be stupid or deluded (might be the same thing) to think that with Wenger in charge we’re not going to struggle.

    I don’t think Spurs are title winning calibre, whilst being a good side, but I think that is about our level as well, good side, not great. If City and Chelsea get their acts together, United under Mourinho, then Liverpool, Wenger could leave next year having left us in a poor position.

    There will be an escalation in financial power across the board as well, whilst of course people will say, that means Arsenal re even stronger, having more money than most clubs anyway, if we spend, it will end up being on the level of an Everton type club because Wenger won’t want massive changes or to straight up replace any of his starting eleven.

    Interesting season for Arsenal, I was reading yesterday some bloggers and people on Twitter etc saying next year is going to be a poisonous season at Arsenal, hard to disagree if we have a Wenger window in the summer.

  7. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    We will certainly use our extra money. Not in a good way.

    We will sign one expensive player….probably a CM.

    We will sign a load of 15-16 year olds who will all be released in 4 years.

    The rest of the money will go towards giving the whole squad payrises for no reason.

    Finish 4th…..£1m pa extra for no reason.

    All the players that have let the club down…..back at preseason training in July.

  8. N5

    Highbury4ever. You make some noise too Sparticus. Stop expecting everyone to follow behind you. Rallying everyone from your bedroom full of cats.

  9. Ishola70

    Many of you are falling into the Wenger trap and his followers.

    Next season if Wenger finishes 4th the Wengerites will say how you were talking up so many clubs and yet the messiah still gets 4th place and how well he is doing.

  10. Paulinho

    So as usual, Sky make the mistake of scheduling Arsenal games for TV, only to once again find there is absolutely nothing at stake because they’re incapable of even making a token gesture challenge for the title.

    This has literally happened about six years out of the last eight. Sy anticipate us being in the mix with six or seven games to go, and every time the Emirates is a morgue and the camera begins panning round all the bored faces in the crowd after twenty minutes of the game, talking about what we need to do for ‘next season’.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Its got the stage now where we need large scale change, really we should have been incrementally developing our structure as a club and squad over the past 2-3 years when many people were arguing against spending.

    That’s what is so disappointing about it, the club’s structure means Wenger calls the shot, and he wants the best environment for himself, Gazidis seems too spineless and or contained to do anything meaningful, really we should have had a DoF in by now, new coaches for the first team, revamped the scouting department poaching the best scouts we can get our hands on, the fitness department as well.

    And not just bringing one solitary person in to work alongside the individual who has consistently failed for the last ten years.

    If you had been doing that over the last 2-3 years, you would have seen the changes by now, its at the stage now where we’re going to have the roll the dice on a large amount of change in one hit.

  12. gambon


    What are you talking about.

    Didnt you hear….according to Wenger we’re still in the title race. We only have to catch up a 13 point gap in 6 games.

    I know its never been done in the 130 year history of league football but why should that concern us?

    Just like we were still apparently in the CL after we lost 4-0 to Milan….3-1 to Bayern, 2-0 to Bayern, 3-1 to Monaco and 2-0 to Barca.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    I do find it funny how we’re still under the programme heading ‘the race for the title.’

    But Sky will get a good game, pressure is off, so Arsenal will play flowing, attacking football to cruise to a pointless result.

  14. Paulinho

    Gambon – I was watching Wenger in that press conference, and he just loves the platform that being our manager gives him to ramble on about things that don’t concern him.

    Just listen to him talking about the ref being dropped for the Leicester match, he was talking as if it his presidential inauguration. He gets more passionate talking about crap like that than he does about the actual football.

    That’s what he’s scared of the most, losing the limelight and being an irrelevance.

  15. Paulinho

    “But Sky will get a good game, pressure is off, so Arsenal will play flowing, attacking football to cruise to a pointless result.”

    Yep, perfect game for Theo to score a brace and point to someone in one of the boxes.

    Hilarious that he’s going to get dropped from the England squad again for a major tournament.

  16. Spanishdave

    The new managers will certainly motivate their players, meanwhile our tired manager will churn, out the same old training methods, to our average squad with the result that we will certainly drift down to 6th at best. It will happen we are slowly sinking.

  17. vicky

    Apparently Walnut is close to Arsenal exit. Music to my ears. But if Liverpool’s interest in him is real, it begs the question what does klopp see in him that we never got to see from him for a decade ?

    And if we talk about next season, it doesn’t matter whether Wenger spends money in the transfer window to be honest. What chance he has of beating Pep to the title when he couldn’t beat Ranieri of all people and that’s when Leicester’s squad is not as good as our squad.

    Pep will inherit a mighty City squad, will bring a few more stars and his team will probably start as the overwhelming favorite for the league.

    Spurs for me are the 2nd favorite behind City. Their team is still very young and if they can hold on their star players, they will only get better. Pochettino is a very smart manager and his exploits are no fluke. He did a great job at Southampton as well.

    Conte has a lot of work to do with Chelsea. They have indeed fallen of the cliff and in hindsight it looks Mourinho was not the only reason why they lost so many matches at the start of the season. Their team needs a rebuild.

    Klopp will need at least 2 summer transfer windows before his team starts competing for the league. Top 4 is their best bet.

    Even if United appoint Mourinho, winning the league title next season looks a very remote possibility.

  18. Spanishdave

    If Wenger had any sence he should quit now, there’s no way he will be able to compete in a league with world class managers. This year was his last chance and he’s blown it.
    He is simply not capable as is shown each year in the ECL.
    The premiership will continue to attract the best managers , and players.

  19. Relieable Sauce

    Leicester – avoid relegation
    Spurs – European places
    Man City – win PL, reach SFs of CL
    Arsenal – top 4, win FA cup, reach KO stages of CL
    Man Utd – top 4, win domestic cup
    Chelsea – retain PL, reach SFs of CL
    Liverpool – top 4/win EC

    I think its not unreasonable to suggest these would be close to the targets set by these clubs at the start of the season. It would be interesting to know how they will change for next season, especially with LCFC, Spurs and Liverpool.
    Our targets will remain the same, or be lowered. Not sure CL money is worth the outlay and increase in expectations to them, moreso when you consider PL mega deal.

  20. Sam

    Diego Simeone beat Barca cunts and expelled the overrated twats from the Champions league

    Imagine if he was given this squad with £200 millions in the bank?

    Someone needs to come in n end our humiliation, I bet you if we meet Barca again next season they’ll beat us easily

  21. gambon

    Yeah Barca are so overrated.

    4 champs leagues and 7 league titles in 10 years.

    Awful team. They should be looking at Wenger for inspiration.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Its usually that time of year where we’ve f****d up in the exact same way yet again, but the pressures off and we cruise to a series of comfortable results, Walcott will score a few, Caz will come back, Wilshere will come back and people will start saying ‘maybe we don’t need to change much, just work on our fitness issues.’

  23. Paulinho

    CA – Cazorla will be one. If you notice on the Arsenal website in the last few weeks there’s been at least two random interviews with players talking about what a miss Cazorla has been and how important he is. The excuses oh so subtlety (or not so if you’e wise to their game) being slowly drip fed out to the brainless masses, to convince them that every game we’ve ever played with Cazorla has been the like the first half against United at home.

  24. Sam

    Mr statistics will always jump in with Bs

    Barca are good but their greatness is exaggerated n overrated

    Don’t blame Wenger n his players for rolling over when they come to town
    Arsenal supporters also have same state of mind

    Glad at Atletico, the manager n fans refused to roll over n expelled the cunts from the Champions league.

  25. tenerife gooner

    Even if it means Wengers Exit.I now call him Wenger ,because I have had my Bus pass 5 years longer than him,and time is running out.He is the worst type of Boss.TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR.My point I still cannot bear the thought of Tottingham winning the League.IMO today is a must win for Liecester,do not like their last 3 games.

  26. STV

    It’s funny that people feel Arteta have some kind of quiet authority. The ‘ deep thinker’ has been the biggest curse of this team and he is, undoubtedly the worst captain we have ever had. He can’t play, he can’t lead, hes not fit enough or strong enough to be in this squad in any capacity, and I am one of those who’s delighted to see the back of him. Can’t wait for the day the dinosaur fucks off this team.

  27. izzo

    Pressure is on guys! 4th is at stake and you all know how fast they will crumble. As surprising as this season has been and while Arsenal hasn’t been surprising we’re locked in for one when we won’t finish 4th. SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  28. £8,000,000

    Was wondering that if wenger was hypothetically available , which other clubs would be interested in employing him? Would the top European clubs want him? Would utd want him? I don’t think they would unfortunately. Wenger the liar.

  29. izzo

    only 2 teams left without a fight are West Brom and Villa. the rest will be playing for their lives. Common sense should tell you Wenger and his babies won’t win those games.

  30. STV


    No body wanted him even 20 years ago so that he went to manage a second class Japanese league team.(didn’t won anything there either).

  31. vicky

    Arsenal PR team has done extremely well to anoint Arteta as a great manager in the making. Perhaps the biggest burden on our squad in the last two years. Our season derailed exactly when he came in as a sub for Coquelin and gifted WBA 2 easy goals. So much for his on and off field leadership. Garry Neville talked a good game but faltered massively at Valencia. Theo always talks sensibly but is perhaps the most brain-dead player in our squad. Talks mean absolutely nothing.

  32. Relieable Sauce

    Arteta lacks the courage of his convictions. Happy to take a £80k pw wage to feed the fans PR BS and accepting the honour of captaining Arsenal as a bribe.

    It will be funny if he jumps ship at the first opportunity.

    Remember, “passing with purpose”.
    …does make you wonder, why the interest from Pep???

  33. Bamford10

    Predictions of the fee Walcott garners if he is sold this summer? I say 18m, which will be 8m more than he is worth.

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    “for Arteta a couple of years working with Pep and then back to manage Arsenal would be pretty tasty.”

    this right here sums up the joker that is Wallace. forget the likes of Guardiola,Klopp,Simeone heck anyone who has actually managed for a day at any club, nope its the prospect of Mikel fucking Arteta managing Arsenal that’s tasty

  35. Bamford10

    Leicester score from counter-attack.

    Schmeichel long outlet throw to Mahrez, Mahrez to Kante, Kante to Vardy. Vardy scores.

    That’s not “long ball”. That’s intelligent counter-attacking.

    1-0, Leicester.

  36. Cesc Appeal



    We all know what will happen, Caz will be the player that could have changed it all, Iwobi will be a future world class player who now needs chances, Wilshere will be equivalent to a new world class signing.

    Everything about Arsenal is predictable. We’re so averse to trying to succeed, Wenger likes to hide from failure.

  37. Rambo Ramsey

    “i have doubts about his temperament. remember the stories of him phoning up journalists who had criticised his performances in games? he’s going to need a lot thicker skin than that if he wants to be a successful manager.”

    so that’s what’s important for a manager, having a “thick skin”. no wonder you revere Wenger, the old fool’s got skin thicker than a fucking rhino. maybe look at this way? Henry not standing for criticism means he cares, has grand ambitions and a fear of failure that drives him. all of which being absent in Wenger is the reason we are in this mess

  38. Bamford10

    Wallace only has doubts about Henry as a manager because he’s still upset with him for questioning/criticizing Wenger. This is the way of the AKB. If Henry had remained the loyal, brainless type, Wallace would be telling us how promising of a manager he would be.

    Arteta is a mediocrity and would inspire no one. If the club is promoting him as a future manager, it’s probably because he has been kissing Wenger’s ass for three years, positioning himself. Arteta is an absolute mediocrity.

  39. jwl

    twitter – Bookies say if Leicester win PL title then 5000-1 will be longest odds on any successful single event (not accumulator), any genre, ever.

  40. Jeff

    Guardiola wants to win. Pure and simple. He’s not interested in fucking about for years, lying, making excuses and talking bollocks.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Yesterday, Wenger states it is hard to land players, today, City look to have got Gundogan for £30 Million.

    I sense a Wenger window coming 🙂

  42. Danish Gooner

    Dont worry !!! Wenger Will save us a bundle by Solving it internally ,because listen last week he raved about the youngstes like Chris willock etc,the same players he dismissed as NOT being good enough against Sheffield Wednesday,what a twat !!!

  43. gonsterous

    Red truth

    You don’t know arsenal fans at all, do you ? Also, aren’t you from the UK ? I thought you would at least be carrying a banner to the games.. oh wait a sec, I forgot you love to talk shit online and expect other people to take action..

  44. Dissenter

    I remember when Wenger was trying to play mind games with Ranieri.
    It was hilarious at the time because everyone including my five month old puppy knew we weren’t good enough.

  45. Chika

    “Pressure is on, watch Arsenal crumble”
    “Pressure is off, watch Arsenal cruise”

    Which exactly is it? Make up your mind moaners!!
    I wish certain posters would atleast try to be a little consistent.

  46. Relieable Sauce

    Wenger is going to get trounced in the TW as an appetiser for the coming season.

    Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, West Ham will all do better business than us without the added draw of the CL.

    Spurs and Leicester as well wont waste the opportunity to improve their squads and set-ups, and it looks like they have the right people at the club to pull it off.

  47. Dissenter

    Good managers will seek to tie down key deals before the Euros because the preseason is going to be a tad shorter.
    Wenger is a megalomaniac who loves to spout nonsense on the soapbox.
    Gazidis is a snake oil salesman who’s only looking forward to his next bonus. Why would any “CEO” stand idle while the club stagnates?.

  48. Dissenter

    The football gods have smile on Spuds
    Nothing will get the Arsenal fan base more riled than Spuds winning the title.

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    Vardy just got himself sent off. A second yellow for simulation. Now we’ll see what Leicester can do.

  50. ADKB

    “Yesterday,Wenger states it is hard to land play-
    ers,today,City look to have got Gundogan …”

    It’s a no brainer. It’s like I go to a Porsche dealership look at a 911 and say I’ve only got £5,000.

  51. gonsterous

    Just took a look at the table.. looks like we are back to our coveted 4th spot. Also Liverpool are gaining on us.. the klopp effect ??

  52. izzo

    mahrez will make up for Vardy’s loss ulloa and Okazaki are still capable of scoring in the nest game. Given that they can afford to lose 2 games and still win the league.

  53. Danish Gooner

    Imagine If Wengers Arsenal could grind out those 1-0 victories,never gonna happen,today he is tediously defending his system OF headless attacking with No form of defense from Midfield,he actually Said this.”We Owe out supporters to play in a curtain Way” slightly fogetting that this Way havnt been working for donkey years.

  54. Vince

    I think we’ll win. I was scared to death about the ever reactionary idiat that’s our manager. Thank God he kept Ramsey and Per on the bench. Our balance remains.

  55. Dissenter

    Spurs are going top go and win the league now.
    Maybe that will bet people off the fences

    Leicester were getting brazen with fouling

  56. izzo

    LOL damn Cresswell. well thats game over then. pressure back on 4th place trophy. Leicester can afford to lose this game. They have enough of a gap.

  57. Dissenter

    Leicester have a difficult run in at the end, their last three games are tough so this result does matter.

  58. Vince

    I know Wenger is a moron and I’ve wanted him gone since he refused to buy Berbatov from Leverkusen. But I’ll be delighted if we actually win the league. If Leicester loose this game and we win today plus our game in hand we’ll be 7 points behind them with 4 matches to go. It’s not impossible. Definitely looks better than last week. But first let’s get a win today. And winning the league won’t justify Wenger. The whole world already knows he’s an idiot.

  59. izzo

    Calm down Vardy only misses the next game. They will be full strength for the last 3 games. You can fancy them getting 2 wins and a draw.

  60. Dissenter

    Funny enough this result puts our weaklings under pressure soi expect them to be quivering in their boots as we speak.

  61. Samesong

    Leicester has had rub of the green going in their favor for some time now. Lady luck finally deserts them today.

    talked too soon

  62. izzo

    tough run of fixtures LOL keep telling yourself that one. Leicester have their gap on the rest for a reason. . It shows they are more than Vardy and Mahrez.

  63. Highbury4ever

    Vicky, a bit earlier there was an obvious penalty for the foxes, but the idiot ref didn’t give it.

    For this one, I guess he was feeling a bit guilty lol

  64. Dissenter

    Did you see Bilic wait to shake the hands of every Leicester player before leaving the field.
    Has Wenger ever done that before?

  65. Highbury4ever

    @STV : why did you say that ?? You know that le mighy prof don’t give a shit and that he is only interested by the 4th spot.

  66. Ishola70

    Hysterical reading some of the comments about Leicester with some actually thinking Wenger can win the league still and wishing ill on the Foxes.

  67. izzo

    Leicester will make top 4 next season assuming they keep their starting 11 and add a couple more class players like Vardy, Mahrez and Kante.

  68. Vince

    Sorry for being the fool that believes we can still win it. I’ve seen one of the worst Manchester United teams of all times win the league. it’s mathematically more auspicious than it was yesterday. is a man not permitted to enjoy some level of delusion?

  69. Joe

    The reason Wallace doesn’t want Simone is because he will come in right away and turn Arsenal into winners and that will show up wenger to being a fraud.

    The truth will even more evident especially to the Akbs that wenger is nothing more than a pub manager.

  70. Joe

    That’s a great point by Leicester.

    a draw at stoke is not like so many (Akbs) claimed.

    Come on CP. another dagger into the heart of the cunt

  71. Bamford10

    Leicester still 8 points ahead of Spurs. I think they’ll hold.

    The real question is whether we will hold on to fourth. Not doing so would massively increase the pressure on (and criticism of) Wenger.

    That’s what we need.

  72. HillWood

    Guardiola makes it known he’s available . City immediately move Pelligrini on. Arsenal board read about it 3 weeks later

  73. Bishop

    I stand by the Ref

    Robbie Savage is just a shit chatter.

    Vardy dived just as he did against Monreal.thr contact came after he already threw himself.

    Caroll didn’t need to go hard on a player going nowhere.

    Ried was pushed and it was obvious as daylight.

    When decisions are contentious it shows you can’t say its 100 percent wrong then.

  74. izzo

    Gonna predict a scoring draw 1-1 or 2-2 or 3-3 with the likelihood of a 1-0 loss. Possibly Adebarndoor man of the match since we make the average look like world beaters.

  75. izzo

    Bolasie is starting okay guess we’ll make him look like a worldie even though hes just another overhyped average english player.

  76. totally disenchanted

    Glad I gave up my season ticket before this season The only way to stop the rot is to stop ploughing money into the club. Wenger is a spent force(if he ever was one). It is strange that in his mind every pundit and the vast majority of fans don’t know what they are talking about. Everyone knows that we are short of a world class striker, a strong aggressive central midfielder and another centre half capable of defending. However Arsene is too stubborn to admit that everyone is right and he is wrong. The summer transfer window will be another joke. We will be linked to every available player and many who are not, but will buy no-one of any consequence because he is too mean and more interested in his pension than in improving the club. There are many players at the club who need to be moved on .Walcott is crap and has been since he signed. If he was half as good as he thinks he is he would be world class. In reality if he was 20 times better than he actually is he would still be crap. £140,000 a week for that ! How was that sanctioned ? I don’t think I have ever saw him break into a sweat. The Ox has gone backwards and there are many older players who need to be put out to pasture. Jack Wheelchair has become the new Diaby, plays a couple of games and then out for the season and spends more time on the front pages of the tabloids than the back. Kroenke has no interest in trophies as he has stated . If Wenger loves the club as much as he would have us believe he would walk ,but this will not happen while he is ‘earning ‘£8M a year. With Wenger in charge there will be no progress,only further backward steps. I would prefer a period of instability with the chance that things may improve in the future than this continued acceptance that finishing 4th is an achievement. It has become very boring. If Wenger is offered a new contract after next year I would be surprised if we finished in the top half of the table anyway. There is no motivation for the players who know that the current squad is not good enough.