Tuchel: 2-0 up, loses tie. He’s just so damn Wenger.

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2-0 up, away from home, lose tie… so Wenger.

The management perve fest went into overdrive last night. Just so much exciting shiz going on all around Europe with some really good teams. Is it me, or is the Europa League more exciting than the Champions League?

Spursday night football is pretty fun these days!

Two of Europe’s most exciting managers met up last night, Jurgen Klopp, poster child for many Arsenal fans, took on young upstart Tomas Tuchel. The Dortmund manager, for me, is the most Arsene like manager in Europe at the moment… I mean, like, Arsene in his prime days. Smart, calm, anti-establishment and innovative. The two teams battled it out in a classic, the German’s racing to a lead… then capitulating late on.

I mean, nothing says Tuchel is perfect for Arsenal quite like throwing away a two goal lead because you can’t stop bombing forward. Really love his attitude.

‘Ultimately we were hit by a late sucker punch from the opposition. S*** happens,’ Dortmund’s head coach said.

‘There was no individual part of the puzzle that did not fit. Actually a lot worked very well today.

‘After falling behind early Liverpool had to take a lot of risks. We were on the verge of taking a three-goal lead on several occasions.

‘It’s the small details that count, the cross-field passes, the passes into the gaps.

‘If we had made it 3-0 then it would have probably been all over, but as it was Liverpool were always in it.

So Wenger, right? Bar the swearing, which I childishly enjoy.

I also watched the Sevilla / Bilbao game. Another two coaches who are fascinating to watch. I had the pleasure of visiting Bilbao at their noisy house in August with Alex. They went out on penalties in a fun game. Two technical sides slogging it out with style and panache.

Sevilla, are pushing for their third Europa Final. Quite amazing really!

A great night of football. I think king of the managers amongst Arsenal fans is still Diego Simeone. Bar him being an incredible manager, tactician and man motivator, I feel the Arsneal fan mood is a bit like it is on the American political scene, we’ve had a visionary Democrat in for, what, like, 4 terms and now we’re hungry for something a bit progressive Republican.

Simeone is all about the defence. He’s all about organisation. He’s all about making Arsenal great again (So sorry to steal from Trump / Reagan).

He’s very much an anti-Wenger replacement.

I’d be game for it. I could fall in love with pragmatism. I could stomach a functioning team that worked hard. I could handle a bit of winnertivity.

Simeone also rocks a suit really well… and damn, that hair is slick.

Don’t get me wrong, I still very much love Klopp and Tuchel. The jury is still out for me on whether Klopp can turn around Liverpool. The one thing you have to say is he’s working wonders, at times, with a very average Liverpool squad. He’s getting the most out of players, he has them playing his system and he has excitement back in the stadium up there.

I’d kill for a bit of that.

I think most of the fanbase would. It’s not just that Wenger isn’t winning things, it’s that things are stale. I mean, even if we’d won the league this year, it’d be in a pretty grim fashion. The ship feels very much rudderless at the moment. Fergie would change that up by bringing in fresh thinking with a new assistant… I’m not sure Wenger even listens to Steve Bould, so not sure that’d work. That’s the trouble. If you don’t listen to the heads around you, it’s hard to assess what you’re doing.

> I’m not saying Steve Bould should go. Just saying it’s hard to see how fresh thinking gets into the setup if you manager doesn’t listen?

Talking of exPros, I ranted off on Twitter yesterday about Martin Keown saying that Wenger should leave when he decides to. I find this sort of view abhorrent and transparently sycophantic. When exPros say things that don’t make sense, there’s usually an ulterior motive. A lot of people critiqued me for that, because clearly, Wenger is still a trailblazing genius in their eyes… my argument there is that anyone who understands the game will know that his reputation died with leather boots.

Weeeeeeeeell, to cut a long story short, it only took a day to see what ol’ Martin was getting at… this is what he had to say in his Daily Mail article today.

‘I’m a big believer in ex-players becoming more involved in football and not just as managers or coaches. There is a real resistance in the game to employing former pros at board level or in more administrative roles but Dennis sums up perfectly why it can work.’

You don’t say Martin! There you have it. I mean, it was pretty clear he was angling the day before. Even clearer when you know he took his UEFA badges at Arsenal… then didn’t get a job in the game.

… and look, I think it’d be a great idea to have great players back at the club. Arsenal are full of them. I think it’s almost a bit weird how many explayer we have back at the club or just simply using the gym. David Seaman, Freddie Ljungberg, Jens Lehmann, Thierry Henry, Ryan Garry, Bobby Pires… the list is goes on.

They want to be part of the club, which is great. So just take the comments of support of a failing manager with a pinch of ‘what’s in it for me’…

Good news though, is Ozil and Alexis want to stay onboard past this summer. I just hope Wenger has a plan to get the most out of them. It’s not really acceptable that the best number 10 in the world is feeding our strike force. It’s also not right that Sanchez is playing for himself. If we’re to win anything, Wenger has to work out a way of getting the most out of both of them next year.

The more I think about this summer, the more I think it’s going to have to be a big one.

Players that you could see moving on, or being relegated to smaller roles at the club:

  • Ospina (should probably go)
  • Arteta (Free)
  • Rosicky (Free)
  • Flamini (Free)
  • Chambo (Jonathan Wilson says he’s off)
  • Gibbs (Jonathan Wilson says he’s off)
  • Mertesacker (Getting on)
  • Santi Cazorla (Getting on now)
  • Ramsey (where does he fit in?)
  • Theo (kind of not cutting it)
  • Wilshere (will he ever be fit?)

That’s quite a crock of players who you might need to replace. It certainly can’t be a summer of ‘one maybe two quality players’… but, it could be a summer where Wenger shoots to the kids to make breakthroughs. Gnabry is still at the club, Chris Willock is doing good things, Chuba didn’t really smash it at Hull but he has potential, Iwobi is here to stay, Jeff is about… Bielek / Crowley.

Look, all I’m saying, is do not doubt Wenger’s world-class ability to change course from ‘I NEED ALL THE PLAYERS’ to… ‘gee whizz Gerry Payton, I think we have internal solutions.’

We’ll see.

Have a terrific day. It’s been a fun week of blogging!

P.S. I’m going to do a daily podcast next week. A round-up of the day in a minute. See how that floats your multi-format boat.

P.P.S One of my best pals beat breast cancer. Here’s her take on how you can help those close to you if they’re suffering. Funny, sad, helpful. READ HERE. #fuckcancer


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  1. STV

    I wouldn’t dismiss Tuchell as a bottler based on one result. Even Ancelotti did it in European cup final. Comparing that to Wenger is as absurd as it gets..

  2. chris

    Over the last decade loads of players and combinations of players have tried to execute Wenger football. Good players, many of them. None of them have really succeeded. Wenger’s obsession is unachievable. Players have come – players have gone. The one perpetual factor has been Wenger. Why can’t his diminishing band of fans see this ?

  3. STV

    Chris, Wenger is not synonymous to the attacking football. There are loads of Managers whose philosophy is based on attacking football, many of them highly successful from Cruyff to Pellegrini ,Guardiola and Klopp. They don’t forget their defenders nor they are mentally weak. Attacking football is one thing, Wenger football is another.

  4. loyika

    And Klopps teams have never been “defence minded” Never!! What Klopp does is attack, press and counter attack. His teams have never been big on defence like say a Maureen team or a DS team

  5. Goldinho

    Make you %100 right about how stale things are under wenger.
    I watched the Liverpool game with a hint of jealousy last night.
    Klopps got the place buzzing,2-0 down to a very good Dortmund side and there was still belief from the players and fans.
    Also shows that lot who are currently second,and who a lot of people are wetting their knickers about right up.
    Wenger just hasn’t got it anymore,I wouldn’t give him a penny to spend,if he still had anything to offer as a manager we would have won the league this season with the team we have.

  6. STV

    I said none of those forget their defense having players like Hummels Martinez Vidal Sergio, Bradstuber etc.. Who does Wenger have. You can’t gloath over Wenge’s style as it is neither attacking nor attractive. Nor you can compare Wenger to any of the above for having an attacking philosophy.

  7. loyika

    Kos and Mert have had a good partnership over the last 2 seasons.

    What is our defensive record in the Prem this season compared to the other teams? Are you also saying Bellerby and Monreal have not been good this season as well?

    Who are the so called defenders Citeh have under Manuel Pell this season!? Klopp you could say inherited this Pool squad so will skip him till he buys his own players during the summer.

    Defence is not where our problem has been this season it’s been our blunt attack (yes we have had nightmarish games a la Southampton and West ham, but it’s the front line that has let us down this season more than most)

  8. Hitman

    Knew Loserpool would come back even when 3-1 down. You could feel it. Even though they are a piss poor team they knew who they were and what they represent (Rocky values).
    Current Arsenal team havent got the heart to ever come from behind like that. When your reason d’aitre is to finish in the financial placing winning i.e. 4th the need to win meaningful football games, respect your history and create new history just vanishes.
    AFC has lost its soul under AW & co

  9. STV

    Yes sure it isn’t having unable to defend 2-0 leads, getting 5-1 trashings and losing Southamptons of this world 4-0. Kos Mert partnership, which worked very well for two half-seasons doesn’t substitute for 10 years of overall defensive failures.

  10. Joe


    We’ve wllowed 33 goals already this season. Compared to 36 goals all
    Of last season. And we added the best keeper in the Milky Way.

    Hmmmmmm. And we’ve had the best DM in all of the universe playing for us. According to Akbs anyway.

  11. Joe


    I want nothing like the sort that the republicans are running this time around. Cruz and trump? And you want their kind at Arsenal.

    That was a terrible comparison. Doesn’t even make sense

  12. shad

    People comparing Tuchel’s one disastrous result to the numerous of Arsenal under Wenger are being simply silly. One swan doesn’t make a swallow. I’m sure Dortmund will have a smarter game plan should they reach as far as they did in Europe. It’s all in managing the small details in-game, which Wenger never does. He can’t even get his zipper up with no pressure.
    There needs wholesale changes at the club and from that list you put out Pedro I’d only keep Ramsey as a bench warmer and Cazorla for a season.
    We should raid la liga for some talent. Inaki Williams, Cedric Bakambu, can replace Feo and Ox easily. Go to la liga. Get Xhaka to replace Flamterta.
    Put on a heavy bid for Lukaku. We ahould be sorted. Maybe get another LB and RB since Debuchy and Gibbs are all tosh.

  13. PieAFC

    If you think it’s bad under Wenger now.

    You wait until he gets another contract and we finish outside top 4 next season.

  14. PieAFC

    All these ex pro’s are bottlers, or maybe they know how much power Wenger has at Arsenal. Maybe only until he leaves people who really want to be associated with the club will come out and say what they really thought all that time…

  15. Tipster

    If we got Simeone it would be like when Dennis joined, a real message on intent with exciting times ahead, but it won’t happen, can always wish.

  16. gonsterous

    I hope Wenger is a verb in the dictionary.. it means to fuck up.
    Eg. Tuchel was 2-0 up at home and then he did a Wenger.

  17. Up 4 grabs now


    You missed off chesney and debuchy from that list.
    Not forgetting sanogoal, unless he is snuck out the back door!!!!

  18. TitsMcGee

    That’s quite a crock of players who you might need to replace.”

    I’d say more than half of that list return Pedro. Unfortunately.

    When has Wenger EVER cleaned house or made mass changes?

    3-4 will ship out. 3-4 more dross will ship in. Back to square one.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Thing is though, players like Ramsey and Oxlade, I think could be great players under a different manager.

    That’s the trouble, really is pointless who we buy, Wenger is still manager.

    As long as he is definitely going next year, I would prefer him not to buy anyone, his time is finished now.

  20. Danish Gooner

    I am gonna put my left nut up on the fact that nothing will change.The summer will unfold like this. Xaha wil come in early,then the euros and Wenger doing volleyball on the french south coast,euros over Wenger will be procrastinating over this and that and up doing nothing,August comes and Sanchez returns injured from Copa and Ozil is exhausted after the euros,wenger blaming early injuries on euros,Wilshire gets injured out for season,Wenger on 31 st of August,we tried everything but couldnt make it happen but listen we can solve it internally,end of season.

  21. Arsene's Nurse

    Seeing as I missed the new post before commenting:

    For me it isn’t the trophy haul over those barren 12 years, but the fact that we were miles away and made no serious challenge to the top team in each season.

    No one would expect Arsenal to be coming second by 3 points season after season, yet we never got close. You would expect a manager to build towards winning a title given the resources. Arsenal and Wenger don’t even try.

    That’s what gets me, it’s the complete lack of desire and ambition at the club, which now runs from the owner through the manager and down to the players.

    Arsenal finished 2nd to Chelsea in 2004/5, yet were still 12 points behind. We haven’t finished in 2nd place since. Whilst I, along with every other person who wants Wenger to leave acknowledges that the stadium build and relocation was a difficult period and hampered spending, it doesn’t negate the fact that Wenger has had significant money since around 2010. One would expect a serious title challenge to be mounted in that time, yet none came. None.

    Today we see the same failings and the same lack of will to challenge, even though the financial constraints are long gone and AFC have witnessed the failure of the traditional big clubs this year.

    I’ve no problem with a manager trying and failing, but to have a manager that doesn’t try and an owner, board, club and a large section of fans who are happy not to try, irks me.

  22. Jeff


    It’s all about being bold and taking a chance. Wenger doesn’t want to do that. He will not take any risks on big money players – so instead he opts to buy cheap nobodies because he believes in his own hype that he can turn talentless players into world class ones. He can’t, he never could – nobody can. Players like Henry, Vieira and Pires came with talent already installed.

    You take players like Chamakh, Bendtner, Sanogo, Squillaci, Djourou or even Giroud and you can wait as long as you like – they will never in a million years become world class. So he makes sure we have at least 3 or 4 class players and makes the rest up with second-rate or mediocre dross. The result is, we can never win big things but we have enough to finish near the top.

    It’s a balancing game that he’s been playing all these years and has been getting away with it. Couple that with the enormous ego issues, intransigence and the fact that he has no tactical or motivational skills and you have yourself a loser through and through.

    What the AKBs see is a string of top four finishes, marginal success in the beginning, a shiny new stadium and the brainless media who praises the manager non-stop without thinking about the club itself. The AKBs find this very hard to resist and rationalise about how successful Wenger has been over these 20 years. They’ve been brainwashed into all this over many years of conditioning. A person who can think for himself can always see through the bullshit – the AKBs can’t.

  23. David Smith

    Such a shame a great club has been completely hijacked by two of the least ambitious men in football
    The previous directors should hang their heads in shame, or at least something deeply unpleasant. Were they greedy, naive to Kroenke, didn’t give a shit…..or all three?
    How on earth was a man as smart as David Dein taken in by Kroenke…..on what planet would such a man be the billionaire investor Arsenal needed at the time….and still do?

  24. Joe

    We need a good result from CP this weekend. A draw would be good to get it a bit more uncomfortable for wenger.

    City should beat Chelsea. United should beat villa.

    4th place gets dicey again if cP can get a result

  25. feetzball

    problem with Arsenal is that we dont have any one consistent player, maybe Monreal in the last 16 months. Trying to win major trophies with inconsistent players is delusion. Too many players that have one good game and then 3 bad ones. We havent had a player who dominated all season since Hleb 2007/8. Half season performances, players who play good in one game then 3 games bad, injuries, rigid tactics etc yea it aint gonna happen.

    Compare that to BARCA, BAYERN , REAL etc lots of consistent players, the exact opposite at Arsenal.

    Compare that

  26. Joe

    Only took the imbeciles in the media 12 years to figure it out. Akbs will still be wondering what went wrong 12 years from now and still defending wenger

  27. STV

    “We have to strengthen our squad but it’s not obvious to find the players despite the money the English clubs will have. Of course we will work very hard to do that. We are already working. But we have to find the players and that is not easy.”

    ha ha.. time tested excuse.. Who doesn’t see what’s coming!!

  28. Sandy

    Arsenes Nurse summoned it up perfectly, nothing I could add to.
    However I will give Wenger credit for his remarks today regarding referees and his defence of their credibility regarding the decision to change Kevin Friend from a spurs match because he has admitted to being a Leicester supporter.
    I may desperately want a change of manager for ourselves but lets give credit to Wenger for decency and integrity on this one.
    Simeone is my dream which I know wont happen as long as liar Gazidis and parasite Kronke run our club.

  29. Colin Decoteau

    I have never supported any team even though I love the game , but I, ve been to maybe a total of five games to watch arsenal before the arsene wenger era and during his reign, though that gives me no right to call myself an arsenal fan, but I must admit since the arrival of arsene wenger especially in his first ten years I have followed the teams progress , even though some might say in the last ten years lack of progress , so please excuse my ignorance, not forgetting for the new stadium , the lack of funds etc, etc, how do you abandon a formula that bought you so much success and for the last how many years adopted one that is clearly unsuccessful because it it aint broke don’t fix .

  30. MidwestGun

    #fuckcancer….. indeed. well said.
    Also, had a friend diagnosed with MS……so
    #fuckMS too.

    It’s the abhorrent staleness of the Wenger regime, exactly…….. I don’t understand why parts of the fanbase want more of that… it’s soul destroying much like cancer … absolutely sucking the life out of being a fan. …. you know what you are going to get…. Top 4 mediocrity.

  31. Keef Petrovic

    They should have done a House episode about AKB’s (if you have never watched House, apologies) :

    – His vital signs seem normal but he thinks Wenger is a genius!

    – Could be Lupus?

    -No! It’s never Lupus, haven’t you worked that out by now you idiot?! This sad loser has Stockholm Syndrome, so psychologically damaged by his imprisonment he identifies with the clueless captor. Normally it is curable with mild psychotherapy, but in Wenger S.S. we should use invasive brain surgery to dig out all the huge lumps of delusion. Proceed immediately.

    (Epilogue: treatment fails, pathetic patient returns to captor for another 4 years, all sane Arsenal fans top themselves.)

  32. kwik fit

    Hays guys where to fuck art thou? LG has changed in my life time. Pedro has become a Yank but hey what to fuck I’m going under ground

  33. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Christ Almighty but you have become such a limp dick, Pedro. Regurgitation personified you excel at. Used to look forward to your posts, but quite honestly, you suck now!!! Best stick to becoming an alcoholic, at least with that you have an excuse. Otherwise..,yeah, whatever Limpelstiltskin!!!

  34. Goonerboy

    Simeone is a top manager who has blown a huge hole in the whole Wenger excuse diatribe.
    While success can’t be achieved without spending some money- the key factor is coaching and coaching a team which can both defend and attack.
    Arsenal Board have become a byword for complacency and caution.
    This myopic love affair with Wenger has gone on far too long.
    I’d love this club to appoint Simeone- but you know the old Etonians will never appoint a rough diamond like him.

  35. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Anyone that honestly believes that Wenger will spend more than 25 million this off season is sadly deluded. Wenger never had a clue and this summer will prove his demise. If he actually had a clue he’d do something. The fact that yet another season has come and gone, and still we are talking about what could have been? Yep, that’s dumb nutsWenger.

  36. Jeff

    If we finish third, we are guaranteed at least a play-off for Champions League. If we finish fourth and City finish below fourth and City and Liverpool both win their respective European competitions, we go into Europa.

  37. GuNZ

    Chelsea 3 Man. City 1
    Man. Utd. 5 Aston Villa 0
    Arsenal 6 Crystal Palace 0
    Leicester 3 West Ham 2
    Stoke 1 Tottenham 1

    You heard it all here first! Can’t fritter away too much time on Le Grove this weekend as on a work deadline for early next week.

  38. GuNZ

    Busted by Kwik

    Fucking great song. I had a drama teacher I used to go to school for. Think I dedicated my first want to her. Or was it the Abba girls? Can’t remember now. If it was the Abba girls I think I crusted my gruds twice.

  39. Jeff

    Wenger on transfers:

    “If you look at the top three teams, you will see they have not changed their team a lot,”

    “We have to strengthen our squad but it’s not obvious to find the players despite the money the English clubs will have. We are already working but we have to find the players and that is not easy.”

    “You cannot dismiss that the players are young: Alex Iwobi is 19, Mohamed Elneny is 23, Francis Coquelin 24, and they will be stronger next year but you need to keep a core of players and strengthen where we can. The team is going the right way.”

    Well, at least he’s honest. Anyone surprised?

  40. HillWood

    After 20yrs of the same manager you’d expect the club to be in the best possible shape. Yet Wenger is still experimenting like he’s been at the club a couple of months

  41. Wallace


    ““Just saying the game reminded me a lot of our home victories over Barca & Bayern – incredible results..”

    It’s amazing that these brain dead comments keep getting regurgitated. Celebrate individual results and ignore the big picture.”

    ach, if only you’d made it to the end of that sentence, tits.

    ” just saying the game reminded me a lot of our home victories over Barca & Bayern – incredible results, but nobody was in any doubt about who the better team were.”

    you’ve just gotta stick in there sometimes. i know reading the whole of it can be hard.

  42. Wenker-wanger

    Ozil and sanchez staying? Is it the money? The comfy stress free life at 4th place arsenal? … I would respect them as players if they left arsenal to win major honours.Alternatively is wankger the specialist in failure going ?

  43. Danish Gooner

    Last night i put my left nut on the line,today i can confirm it is securehttp://www.london24.com/sport/football/clubs/arsenal/arsene_wenger_reveals_summer_transfer_plans_but_rules_out_squad_overhaul_1_4496719

  44. Danish Gooner


  45. Danish Gooner

    Jesus,Rosicky on 85 grand aweek and Per on 70 grand a week,Flam on 65 grand a week and Arteta on 90 grand a week holy crap there is a lot of waste,oxlade on 65 you couldnt make it up.It is more then half a mil down the drain every week,which ordinary company could take a hit like that.And let me remind you all that wenger have a degree in economics what kind of clown university have given him that ???

  46. Danish Gooner

    What did Fergie do when he lost the league to city he won it the year after,he just couldnt go out having surrendered the title to city but Wenger doesnt give a shite if he finishes behind spurs as long as he gets his 4th place trophy that is the difference between a winner and a loser.

  47. Danish Gooner

    Now is the fight for the soul of the club what are we gonna be a bland plc with no ambition whatsoever or Bayern Munich of England,it is a crucial time ladies and gents.

  48. Jeff

    Noting to look forward to as usual. More of the same. More cobblers from Wenger. More excuses. And we get to have it all repeated from the AKBs as well. You can’t beat it can you?

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Is anyone shocked by Wenger’s comments? You just haven’t been paying attention for the last decade if you are.

    Wenger doesn’t want to spend. It goes against his principles, and those come before anything.

    Look at the way he describes criticisms of the squad, they are ‘outside views,’ that just tells you everything you need to know about this plank, he then goes on to claim ‘but we need to be objective,’ I actually laughed out loud when I read that.

    What it means is, similar ‘thank you for your interest in our affairs,’ that Arsenal are insulated from the views and opinions of everyone else, tat Wenger doesn’t like criticisms of his team and he’s probably getting a little bored of hearing the same criticisms every single year…again, laugh out loud…he decides the strength of the squad and he will go into protective mode over his babies because doing otherwise implicitly means the worst thing that could ever happen, worse than Arsenal being relegated, that he was wrong.

    Of course, aside from the deluded pro-Wenger fans who are desperately trying to cobble together pathetic excuses, we all know he was, is and will continue to be wrong, most pundits know that, journalists, players etc…but then we are just ‘outsider opinions.’

    Him already talking up the young age of some of our players isn’t surprising, next will be the ‘like a new signing’ crap.

    That is all fine, provided he goes next year, another Wenger window of pathetic-ness is fine, provided he’s going, and not to the board, just gone, for good.

    There can be no doubt any more, Wenger is ambitionless and has been left behind by modern football and the club massively f****d up letting Klopp, Guardiola and Ancelotti all move.

  50. kingHenry


    You really are a blinkered fool. Pep isn’t a good defensive coach is blasphemy. His great Barca team was one of the best defensive teams of all time because they never let the opposition touch the ball, and when they did, they’d tighten up and keep them in their own half. Klopps Dortmund worked harder on defence than any Wenger team ever. We have scored about as many goals as Athletico this season, but they’re three points behind Barca, and we’re 13 points behind Leicester, because they have conceded half the number of goals we have. We do have a shitty attack, but please don’t act like our defence is perfect.

  51. Relieable Sauce

    “Arsene Wenger risks Arsenal fans’ wrath…”


    Another piece of fictional fantasy from the Mirror and its not even clueless Cross.

    These writers and pundits just havent being paying attention. Lazy, innaccurate and unfounded.
    Some so-called professionals are really being found wanting with their Wenger/Arsenal commentary…maybe its a case of – If you cant beat ’em, join ’em.

  52. goonerboy

    Problem with Wenger is that every statement is about self justification- and nobody but nobody takes him on what about Giroud who has not scored in 11 important games. Why the fuck are we not looking for a proper top quality striker?
    Answer because we have Wenger as a manager.
    Board’s faith in Wenger is irrational and stupid. Fuckwits should not be in charge of a major football club.

  53. Ashley

    I can’t actually believe what I have just read … Wenger is comparing our transfer activity to Leicester and Spurs … Why does he always bring other teams activity into it when discussing our transfer activity ???? Why does he always say ‘ welllll errrrrrrr all the other teams around us haven’t bought anybody so we don’t need to buy anybody ‘ why does he never EVER want to get the upper hand ???? Why whh why why why why why whyyyyyyyy , why is he such a fucking weirdo about buying players ??? Why didn’t he play cech against West Ham ?? Why does he stil think that his way works when clearly it doesn’t … I just despair at this whole Arsenal saga … What I will say tho , is , I think a new manager would smash the prem to bits with our team and a new defender and striker , Tuchel or simeone for me , both would take this league by the throat ….

  54. wenker-wanger

    Of course wankger won’t spend. Overhaul the squad? ….He may spend enough to maintain the champs league status. That should involve a centre back and probably a dynamic midfielder. 25 -30 million tops. The wengernomics are simple, minimum spend for maximum margin above 4th. Winning it is a welcome bonus for him.Only the severely deluded AKB cultists think wankger is passionate for winning the prem. Wake up , he isn’t, its a business model with football as its base product.

  55. GuNZ

    From the upcoming publication ‘Wenger Brown’s Schooldays’ : The Diary of an Alsatian Schoolboy’.

    When ‘ah waz young, ‘ah thought eet a bon idee if ‘ah could turn mah own arse into a curnt. Zat way, ‘ah could furck mahself avec mah own schlong, et bien, ‘ah could be furking mahself up mah own arse ‘an be a curnt at ze same tahm. An’ ‘ah thought, zut alors! ‘Ah can do zat to an eenglish football team ‘an avenge Agincourt, Poitiers, Crécy, et Waterloo, all at ze same tahm.’

  56. GuNZ

    Wenger’s comments are fighting talk. They are spits in the eyes of Arsenal fans everywhere. He is gloating. He is saying ‘Look what fucking ridiculous shit I can get away with because you pussies are powerless to act against me. Look at you soft cock dicks. I can do whatever I want, you soccer illiterate scum.’

  57. GuNZ

    He is daring you. He is shoving his garlic and frog-leg tainted breath face right to within a few inches of yours. Head-butt the cunt!

  58. wenker-wanger

    @ guns. I have to agree, there’s some very slight hint of arrogance in wankger. His way and only his way ever will be his management style. What do we know? What does TH14 and the Merse know?
    Also he built the club and if he says he did then you know he wouldn’t lie.
    We owe him ,according to him.

  59. wenker-wanger

    Wankger the millionaire 30 year old luxury car owner that he maintains on a shoestring budget by buying cheap spares, fixing with glue and wire, and telling the world how clever he is to keep it on the road going from A to B. …CNUT !

  60. GuNZ

    Probably the guy who had to wear the nougat promo costume, you know, like the mascot things at games, shagged Wenger’s one true love and he committed to fucking up anything that performed in red and white from then on in.

  61. GuNZ

    To amend an old joke before I go to bed:

    There are 4 types of orgasm:

    1. The affirmative – ‘ Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!
    2. The negative – ‘ Oh no, oh no, oh no!’
    2. The Religious – ‘Oh God,oh God, oh God!’
    3. And the fake – ‘ OhArséne. oh Arséne, oh Arséne!’

    How long have AKB’s been faking their cum?

  62. Highbury4ever

    The problem about wenger is… wenger himself.

    WBLT trophy by the way.

    Everytime I hear this f*cker saying that we’re still in race for the title, that reminds me of thise stupid Cher’s song : “Do you BELIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE in life after love ?”

  63. Bamford10

    I can’t even be bothered to look at his most recent comments as I know they will send me into a furious rage. I second what Cesc and others above have said.

    It is simple, people: the man must be driven out.

    Multiply the banners, signs, buttons, stickers, etc. And send in the tomatoes.

  64. Jeff

    Jan 1st, 2016: 1st on 39 points.
    Feb 28th, 2016: 3rd on 51 points.

    All because Leicester wasn’t playing in CL. It’s not your fault Arsene, it’s not your fault. You can stay as long as you like. Don’t worry about those pesky titles – you’re better than that. You are the grandpa of the Premier League. But now, time for your medication – open wide and say Ahh!

  65. Relieable Sauce

    “West Ham have beaten many big teams at home and I feel we were not happy with the result [last weekend] because we conceded three goals when we were 2-0 up,” the manager said. “On the other hand, we have shown resilience to come back to 3-3 when we were in a desperate position.

    Classic Wenger.

  66. Bamford10


    I love you, but your comparison of Tuchel to Wenger was facile and dumb. They are very different managers with very different approaches. Only the most superficial of “analyses” would see similarities there.

  67. HillWood

    I doubt Tuchel suffers from the delusions of grandeur that Wenger does. The more he says the more deranged he appears to be.


    Make our Thierry Henry New Manager & Dennis Bergkamp as his no.2 That would be hell of a Team & would bring our Invicibles No.2 to No.1 x
    See how i see our results can be.
    Arsenal Win against Palace.
    Arsenal Win against WBA.
    Arsenal Win against Norwich.
    Arsenal Draw against Manx Shity.
    Arsenal Win against Villa.
    Gooner Diane

  69. Arsene's Nurse

    Astounding how Wenger is already making excuses for the summer. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Flamini still there next year on a 1 year deal.

  70. Bamford10


    I think we should read Dele Alli’s remark as a simple statement of personal footballing ambition (rather than a statement re the north London rivalry). It’s not that as a Spur he has an implacable hatred for Arsenal; it’s that as an ambitious young footballer he wants to achieve greatness and sees that Arsenal under Wenger are mediocrity/dysfunctionality/inadequacy defined.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    I find it quite interesting though that Wenger’s comments have just heaped pressure on the players tomorrow, those classic ambitionless Wenger comments mean that there will be zero patience tomorrow, bad performance, or a bad result and the players will pay for the plank’s idiocy.

  72. Bermy boy

    Not much transfer activity in the new season Asswipe says…..ffs.This is why some people commit suicide in a fucked up marriag they would rather die than endure one more second.

  73. Joe

    Hopefully with Man U and man city winning the pressure will be on.

    And we all know how wengers teams do under pressure.

    Maybe CP can nick it and 4th place will be on the line.

  74. izzo

    LOL see how everyone on here are starting to talk about protests. LOL wasn’t too long ago most of you were saying it was a waste of time.
    On 4th place trophy we aren’t finishing 4th. I said it at the beginning of the season and after Man City wins against us we will be 5th or 6th. The only game we win is against relegated Villa or maybe scrap against West Brom and we’ll still finish 5th or 6th.
    If fans in UK don’t protest in mass and drive him out next season will see us finishing above relegation places to mid table. Don’t complain then that i didn’t tell you.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    We’re finishing in the top four, all day long. Called 3rd since the summer, pressures off, we will comfortably beat Palace tomorrow and run home 3rd by the end of the season. This is what we do, its what we are.

    But its pointless, why is it anything to celebrate, I would like someone to ask Wenger this, when he says ‘financially’ just for someone to cut him off and ask, ‘but why for the fans Wenger?’

    To see Arsenal get embarrassed annually, or realise how far they are away from the elite? To sign stellar names, what, like the two, count them, two we have over the last ten years…is it essential to our ‘aggressive’ recruitment policy?

    No, of course not. For fans, UCL qualification is pointless, we have a club that doesn’t even try to win the EPL, let alone the UCL.

    So much is totally broken at Arsenal. We’ve got a manager that talks like a shareholder at press conferences…just baffling.

  76. Godfather

    This place is becoming pathetic with the same old clucking hens bitching about the same person and the same thing day in and day out .

    No wonder some of you losers spend your whole lives on Le-Grove, your probably insufferably boring and pathetic outside of cyber space.

    Go ahead continue wanking off on your WENGER obsession losers. Hate him all you want he makes more a week than some of you pathetic twats make in three years.

    Pathetic Gremlins. Alright continue your bitch fest, LOSERS!!!

  77. Joe


    Another cunt who’s never been to a match.

    Has no idea what happened when we beat Liverpool for the title and has no idea who Michael Thomas is. No idea who Bertie is. Or chapman. All better managers than wenger.

    Has no idea what happened before wenger came.

    Fuck off cunt. And follow wenger out the fucken door.

    Arsenal supporter??? Like fuck your are

  78. Godfather


    Internet tough guy and perfect representation of why siblings should not be allowed to reproduce .
    Pathetic product of incest and bestiality, keep frothing at the mouth from your parents basement, your miserable ball of puss.

    No wonder your birth certificate reads ” from parts unknown” as no one is brave enough to claim a disgusting piece of shit like you.

    Kennel fed bastardo

  79. Joe


    How many matches you been to?

    Who’s Micheal Thomas?

    What happened in that match?

    Like all Akb cunts. Have no fucken clue.

    You’re a wenger supporter. Not an Arsenal supporter.

  80. Godfather

    Josephine ,

    First Arsenal I ever watched was on the glorious day that Thomas sent Anfield into a close mass suicide loser.

    You’re pathetic … Piss off bitch

  81. Joe

    Internet tough guy??

    You’re the one who came on here flapping your gums. Hiding behind your desk in som me far off land. Never probably even stepped foot in London , never mind an Arsenal match.

    How’s your poster of wenger playing beach v ball?

    Covered in your cum I imagine.

  82. Godfather

    Josephine ,

    First Arsena game l I ever watched in person was not at Highbury but was on the glorious day that Thomas sent Anfield into a close mass suicide loser.

    And who the fuck are you to ask questions ?

    You’re pathetic … Piss off bitch

  83. Joe

    Haha. Godfather google wanker.

    You have no idea. Fuck off you cunt. Go wank off to wenger

    Now all of a sudden that was the first time you watched Arsenal.

    You couldn’t make this shit up haha

  84. Joe

    At least make it believable when you lie. Maybe don’t use the match I asked about as the first match you ever watched

    What a waste of cum you are.

  85. Godfather

    Josephine ,

    You cluck like a bitchy lil hen, and I see you have fantasies of WENGER and orgasms!!!

    Okay suit yourself freak but do us a favor and limit your constant bitching about Arsene to twice a day instead of your minute by minute wank fest.

    Get a bloody life loser

  86. Joe

    hahaha. That’s right godfather.

    Get defensive when you get called out. Cunt

    Where you from godfather.? Nigeria?

    I want to come say hi to your mom.

  87. Godfather

    Ahhhhh Poor Josie,

    Now instead of jobless and sitting in your Mothets basement at middle age you are know a cyber psychic ROFLMAO.

    Poor Twat …. A proper inbred Sheep shagger

  88. Godfather


    Why don’t you ask your Dad why he shagged his sister to produce a genetic defect like … Kennel fed cout. Who the fuck you talking to?

    You actually think you’re in a position to ask me about my Gunnership? Really?

    Dumb Twat … I grew up watching Arsenal on Road to Wembley during the days of Liam and Sunderland you twat.

    Pathetic loser newbie on cyberspace … Find your level bitch …

  89. Joe

    Never been to an Arsenal match.

    No idea who Thomas is or what happened in 89

    And you come on here talking like you have an opinion. No one cares about supporters like you. You Akb cunt

  90. Godfather


    Why are you obsessed with men jerking off?

    Lol says a lot about a broke and listless inbred like you. Others talk about real sex and you’re obsessed with wanking off!!!!

    Inbred cunt …. Go hug an electric pole loser

  91. STV

    Godfather I know that’s the kind of bitch your mom is lol.. No wonder you’re such a daft pussy!! I pity you Muppet. Now you fuck off from my face. Speak up if you have any Arsenal matters to talk you tiny cunt!!!!!

  92. Godfather


    You really think you are worth even the minimum effort ? Lol you are more deluded than a 12 year old girl.

    Move along bitch, and next time steer clear.

    And oh by the way, what’s with the latent homosexual inclinations ? It’s okay I mean if that’s how you roll lol

  93. David Smith

    Wenger will be having a smug glass or two of vintage wine, then will sleep the sleep of the satisfied.
    We now sit where he wants us to be.