Is Xhaka the cover for Kante?

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Weeeeelcome to Wednesday. I went to a pretty shitty bar last night where they sang along to Blink 182 and flipped a cup in an aggressive drinking game. All pretty embarrassing stuff. You either drink it casually, or you neck it. Don’t gamify the beer, it’s unbefitting.

Going through some of the reactions to the notion of Arsene Wenger leaving online was quite interesting. It’s funny how much fear is associated with change. It’s also interesting how Wenger has created the cult of the satisfied. As someone who works in advertising, you look at it and can only marvel… he sells a mediocre product brazenly, and we lap it up like a orphan child given their first family Christmas.

… imagine Arsene Wenger in agency land?

‘Picture it guys… ‘4th best in the market, premium price’… people will pay for it, and then when others suggest there is better, our ‘advocates’ will slam them and say, ‘careful what you wish for”

You’d call him crazy. Or genius. We’d call him genius and give him a birdcage office in the sky. He’d get 8 Cannes Lions and he’d be the ad-man with no clothes on. We’d ignore it, becuase we’d all be AKB.

Anyway, jokes aside, I think you see half the problem we have here… a large chunk of fans are too nice. Or too comfortable. I guess that maybe part of the atmosphere problem we have at the club. Madrid and Barcelona fans would be setting cars alight and throwing dead pigs heads at the dugout if Arsene Wenger was being kept on for another season. Our fans are questioning whether Wenger could replace Laurent Blanc or Zinedine Zidane at the end of the season.

I mean, fucking hell. As a starter, people don’t realise that Arsene Wenger didn’t even make the final shortlist to replace Frank Rijkaard in 2007, 3 years after going invincible. He’s not been considered for Bayern Munich twice, and if he was considered for Paris, which his agent will not doubt seed to the media before he signs a new 3 year deal… it’d be sentimental. Because look at the basics… super elite clubs demand you challenge for the Champions League. Wenger has made two semi finals in 20 attempts. He’s not getting any younger. I’d imagine if you were PSG, it’d be better to give a younger coach with fresh ideas a go than a man in his late sixties a go with 20 years of failure under his belt… that including failure with the best Premier League team of all time.

Anyway, enough about Arsene Wenger, I’m boring myself about something I can’t change.

It’ll be interesting to see who we sign this summer. Wenger is going to go on a purge. The training ground hot rumour is Xhaka… but Henry Winter seems to think Kante is on the radar? Remember that time we all thought we were going to sign Ben Arfa, then we nipped in for Samir Nasri? Banter. Interesting that Ben Arfa is literally the most electric player in France at the moment.

Talking of France again, great to see PSG get knocked out of the Champions League. Glad to see Ibrahimovic looking sluggish. Dare to Zlatan my arse… Key point is at least we have one team in the semi finals. I mean, a pretty average team at the moment. But a team. We can save the death of the Prem chat for at least a month… then City will get spanked.

Anyway, enough words from me for today! Have a great day.

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  1. gambon


    The U21s needed to win one of the last 2 games to get promoted back to the top U21 division, and we lost the first 3-1 to Swansea.

    This team bottles at every level, it has no ability to defend at every level.

    What a mess we are right now.

    Not even in the top U21s division, and our U18s are second from bottom.

  2. shad


    Arsenal Fan TV was great at its inception but you bar DT, Claude and the new geezer, I feel the rest, including Robbie are too blinkered in their support for AW or are riding on the popularity of the channel to may be get favours off the club.
    Robbie defo plays it safe so as to get them free passes to talk to players and do toffee giveaways. The other absolute mugs are some bloke called Chris, Ty and Moh who was sensible until he met Gazidis and got awestruck by his mediocrity, he flipped script since.

  3. alexanderhenry


    I think wenger will go if spurs do it because fan outcry will be so intense.
    There’s a threshold of protest that if crossed, no manager can survive.
    If not, next season will be his last. anyway.

    In other words, wenger’s on his way out sooner rather than later.

    Arsenal fans should be asking themselves two questions:

    1) What do you want to see arsenal fc do to improve its prospects

    2) What are the chances of this happening

  4. Joe

    All the myths of the Akb are being shot to flames this season.

    Need money to compete :Leicester and Spurs

    Atletico was a one off, a fluke. Umm nope.

    We had no money: Dein said we’ve had 30m a season to spend

    Wenger has been shown to be a fraud and a liar and a crook. Stealing money from

  5. Emiratesstroller

    It is interesting to note that despite inclusion of Wilshire,Rosicky and Gnabry
    plus some of our so-called outstanding prospects our U21 team lost 3-1 to

    When you consider that Arsenal are not even in top division at that level you have to ask the question what is going on with the culture of the club at all levels.

    My view is that the club spends too much time playing “pretty football” and not
    enough on the basics particularly in defence.

  6. gonsterous


    It seems all the facts are pointing out fraud, liar and crook.. but will the akb’s listen ?? Oh no, Wenger is the risen Jesus for them.. he can walk on water and turn water to wine..

  7. HillWood

    Keown is adamant Wenger should decide when to go. He would like him to sign an extension and he’s a young 66! What a knob

  8. Jeff

    Luis Enrique after going out to Athletico.

    “I’m 99.9% to blame, no 100. That’s why I am the coach, the most responsible. We all have to improve.”

    I wonder why other managers don’t blame naivety, handbrake and tiredness?

  9. Red&White4life

    “****** ********
    *e**** ***e****
    *e**a* ***e****
    *e**a* s**e****
    *e*ta* st*e**t*
    *e*ta* stre**t*
    *e*tal stre**t*
    me*tal stre**t*
    me*tal stre**th
    me*tal stre*gth
    mental strength”

    lol, don’t forget the Z!!

  10. Redtruth

    Choked the league and Cup Double in 1999.
    Choked the UEFA Cup Final in 2000. Choked the FA Cup Final in 2001.
    Choked the league in 2003.
    Choked the FA Cup Semi-Final in 2004. Choked the Champions league Quarter-Final in 2004.
    Almost Choked the league in 2004 and choked the Champions league Final in 2006.

    All this choking demonstrates Wenger’s mental weakness and tactical naivety.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Haha 😉


    I would actually like to follow Wenger around, particular in the summer or crunch points in the season and see what he does behind closed doors. Genuinely be fascinating.

  12. Redtruth

    Henry’s hattrick in our 4-2 victory against Liverpool was the key in winning the league in 2004 in an otherwise all to familiar choking season

  13. STV

    I remember Arsenal accused of being flat track bullies and having a weak underbelly back then. As great as the invincibles were, that one that fancy undefeated run ultimately contributed to Wenger’s permanent instalment in management.

    Sometimes I feel had van Nistelrooys penalty not missed, peoples veiw of Wenger would be drastically different from long time ago and the club wouldn’t have this feeling that they appointed a football God..

  14. Dissenter

    You’re an internet bully:-)
    Ughelli’s writings are more confusing that Bruce Jenner’s genitals?

    That’s a zinger for the ages.

  15. STV

    Liverpool game mirrored the now familiar annual implosion having knocked out of both cup competitions in in the space of 4 days and falling behind at anfield. As often, Pires and Henry bailed them out.

  16. Leedsgunner

    It is interesting to note that despite inclusion of Wilshire,Rosicky and Gnabry
    plus some of our so-called outstanding prospects our U21 team lost 3-1 to

    Excellent point by Emirates. We should all remember that when this summer Wenger hails Wilshere and Gnabry as new signings and tells us he doesn’t need to sign anyone else.

    Wilshere, is so disappointing. Although he has the innate skills, his lack of professionalism and ill discipline let’s the club down. He should have ruled that U21 game and showed why he deserves to be a starter for the first team.

    At the moment he is just another overhyped project, who is world class to no one but Wenger.

    What was it the Brits called American GIs during WW2?

    Overpaid, Over-s*xed and Over Here… it describes so many of our players it’s so very sad. (Never mind the manager…)

    We deserve better than them.

  17. STV

    The biggest joke would be the Arsenals collapse in 2011 after beating Barcelona and Wenger claimed the team is better than invincibles and they are on their way to win 4 titles first time in history.

  18. STV

    Martin Keown on Arsene Wenger leaving.

    “Arsene Wenger decides when he leaves Arsenal. The topic of Wenger comes up all the time and I think we should allow the great man to decide when he goes. He’s got one year left on his contract. You can be certain that he’ll be all out to make sure that in his last year he’s going to be successful – and I wouldn’t bet against him signing a new deal. If Wenger does sign a new contract, then succession planning has to begin. Steve Bould is either nurtured into the role, or they identify who would be the next person to take over.”

  19. Majestic gooner

    Wenger signs a new contract then it’s gauranteed he will be hounded out of the club, because things are bound to get nasty, his stubborn ways will see him stick to the same formula and the team bottling it just like the past ten years. People like keown just come out with the same old rubbish when they damn well know the truth, why is it our old players are such hypocrites, compare them to other teams like Liverpool , man Utd , their old players call it as they see it, they feel the pain of the fans unlike ours, they should just keep their mouths shut cos it just makes them look stupid.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    Perhaps the most damning statistic of this season is not whether we will finish in
    top 4 in EPL or that we will not win a Trophy, but that we have lost already 14 competitive games.

    That is more than in the previous 4 seasons and the season is still not over!!!