Arsenal: A fresh start without guarantees would be just fine

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Happy Tuesday PARTY PEOPLE.

What have we lined up for you today?

Rumours flying around the web that fans are going to cheer and clap on 12 minutes to signal their unhappiness at 12 years without a trophy.

Hmmm… reckon we should stick to banners.

Lots of upset and angst in the Arsenal ether at the moment. Another season of promise, down the toilet… with no excuses to cuddle up to.

This is it. This is 12 years of failure. This was, one of many seasons now, where we’re out the back-end of a stadium move. This was supposed to be when it all came good.

But, you know, the truth was always there, hiding in plain sight. Wenger’s failing over the past 12 years haven’t been down to money, they’ve been down to a particular management style decaying with time.

So many people thought the lack of cash was the issue… and look, partly, it was. However, it wasn’t the biggest problem.

Wenger struggled to push through into the modern era. He ignored his horrendous failings in the fitness department for so long. Part of this was down to squad management and sizing, part of this was failing to adopt technologies that could help him understand breakdown before it occurred. In fairness, the club has got notably better at managing the fitness of players… what it hasn’t got to grips with is signing players that are robust… sorry, it hasn’t got to grips with shifting on players that aren’t robust.

Our manager also struggled with tactical flexibility. When he was king, he had a defence that managed itself, blended with flair that was so damn good no one could compete.

Wenger didn’t adapt his approach to account for players that couldn’t play that way. We let our defence decline, we didn’t build a winning system of play that could compete with the bully boys of the league… and we were constantly turned over by our lack of interest in analysis up until last year.

We also started to fall away in the scouting department. In the mid-2000s, one of the biggest shifts in mindset for Wenger was moving away from power and pace, adopting a Barcelona light version of a squad. We signed players that weren’t up to the rigours of the league. We’ve done a better job signing power and pace over the last few  years, but we’re still not quite there.

This season felt like it could have been the one. Wenger accidentally discovered what happened when you played someone disciplined in midfield, we had creativity, we saw what pace could do in our line up… then the summer came and all we signed was a keeper.

All the money in the world, and the best we could do was sign a keeper?

Kind of said that the years feigning financial constraints (the last few years) might have been self-imposed…

Anyway, when you don’t add to a squad that finished third the year before, you kind of know what might happen.

The crazy thing was we nearly competed… all our elite rivals fell away… but we couldn’t capitalise. Leicester City and Spurs raced for the title instead.

… and that was the moment, when you saw a club doesn’t need to be Manchester City to compete. It just needs to be smart with money and even smarter with the set up.

The game has moved on rapidly. More money, better tech and smarter approaches dropping in from other sports. Those who were relevant 5 years ago are struggling to adapt. Managers coming through are chained to progress and are getting smarter and smarter about how they go about it. So our next manager doesn’t necessarily have to be one who has a Champions League medal, because we’re watching those guys die out at a rapid pace.

5 years ago, LVG was a top manager. Now he’s a dinosaur. 2 years ago, Jose Mourinho was king, then he was found out in brutal fashion. It’s getting more competitive and it’s only going to get more so. We need someone who is tuned into the new rules of the game. Someone who can progress the club on the pitch and behind the scenes. Who knows who that manager is, but there are plenty of exciting choices about.

… and I think that’s an important thing amongst fans. We’re getting so bored of the stasis, we’d literally take anyone who could offer up a fresh vision and a new direction for the club. People were harping on about me praising Brendan Rodgers a few seasons back, and look, think what you like about him, he had a pretty average Liverpool team playing some of the most exciting football the league has seen and he pushed Liverpool closer than Arsene has in 12 years.

He started to perform poorly, he was rightly chopped… now they’ve brought in a powerhouse of a manager who will have a go at making things right again. Which group of supporters are more excited right now, Arsenal fans who are sitting in 3rd, or Liverpool fans who are sitting in 9th?

Why is that? Because they have an exciting future. It’s not guaranteed they’ll win. But at least the club are having a go and stopping the rot.

… and that’s it for me. Everyone else is trying new things, and we’re just flogging the same old tired horse, with the same damn flog that’s been inept for 12 years.

Anyway, rant over, have a good day!

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  1. Phd007

    STVApril 12, 2016 21:40:06

    Actually,I loved it also..In fact,given he is now in management.I would want him to win the CL and quit RM..

    As an afterthought,a lot of posters talk about certain managers coming through,who they might like to see at Arsenal..

    The usual suspects Pepe,Ancelloti,Lowe,Boer,etc,etc..

    I personally would love to see Zidane at the club..
    He’s played at the highest level,won every major competition..
    Serie A,La Ligue,Copa del Rey,CL,WC,Euro’s..

    Pity we never saw him ply his trade in the EPL..I would have loved it,if he did..
    Maybe we can see him in the EPL as manager,hopefully at Arsenal..

    He can sprinkle some of that star dust and winning mentality at the club.
    That would certainly bring the X Factor back to the Emirates..

  2. Colin Decoteau

    You are not allowed to display banners at the stadium arsene built, you are not allowed show your dislike for the obvious short comings of the manager and his team , so the alternative in my view is to not go to the home games and protest after the games

  3. STV

    True PhD.

    Incidently a lot of people forget how good a player Koeman was at his time. One of the greatest defendees of last century and still scored goals at a higher rate than walcott.

    Simione too, Ancelotti too.. I love it when a great player become a great manager. Perfect candidate to coach unlike a phylosolhical psycho like Wenger.

  4. STV

    Zidane would be a great choice no doubt.

    But I wish they’d appoint Simione. We need the strongest characters to clean up the residual effects Wenger left and make our players work their ass off. I still remember Varane’s face when Simione confronted him after he hit a ball towards him during 2014 final.

    20 years of bad managenent culture completely left the club in disarray. It wont be too easy for any one coming in.

  5. Sam

    Chadian president put NGO’s leaders in prison after being accused of elections fraud

    He’s seeking a 5th term ( new contract) n been in power for 26 years.

    Wenger only wants 3 more years n you foking moaning

  6. Sam

    Ok there are some similarities between Chad dictator and Wenger

    Tall, skinny, arrogant and talks rubbish
    Been in power for over 2 decades
    People want him gone but still hanging on
    Chad is an oil rich country but people don’t see a dime

  7. Joe

    Nothing but angry Vitorol will get wenger to walk. Plus Spurs and Leicester finishing above us. The combination of it all just msy be enough to rid us of the cunt.

  8. Joe

    You know some cunt will start singing ‘one arsene wenger’ at 12 m

    Probably Wallace Daz Alexander and ugh. Oh wait none of them ever go to games

  9. Joe

    Pedro ,

    Great write up. The best part ewe that Liverpool supporters are probably happier in 9th with Klopp and see a much brighter future than most Arsenal supporters in 3rd with wenger and a new contract looming

    What is life without hope? And with wenger we have no hope.

  10. David Smith

    Wenger has the ability to morph to the demands of his superiors.
    Under Fizsman Dein, he was ambitious, but now we have Stan Wenger.
    Starting to look like another four years of Wenger, then his protege….arteta? Bould? Henry? Garde?
    The sad thing is, Wenger is a talented, visionary manager, but a slave to the whims of his owner. BM and RM were once interested, some say he wouldn’t have coped, but I wonder if he might have done well.
    Wenger is now a shit show, cautious, unadventurous, money fixated, tactically one dimensional, but one bought to us and created by Kroenke.

  11. Mick Kartun


    “Darkness peaks beneath your mask,
    Eternal lying smothers your task,
    To be accepted by commercial greed,
    It stimulates your mindful need,
    Of personal gain and broken dreams,
    Place your brain inside a guillotine,
    To feed your craving for nicotine,
    Among the thoughts in your caved-in mind,
    The wind tickles your troubles in and out of time.

    Enjoy what is less taken to be discovered.
    There is an insatiable claim to your brain,
    Alongside your coffee, pills, and bags of cocaine,
    Wicked cunt, sour whore, and dedicated fake,
    It is your bones against stones karma will break.
    Liar, cheater, deceptive soul eater.

    You can not teach, an OLD DOG new tricks,
    It’s not a stunt,
    We’re gonna light this blunt,
    And think about your upgrade,
    From bitch to CUNT.

  12. GoonerInNY

    David Smith,

    Kroenke is a nightmare without ambition who only sees the club as a financial asset.

    But you give Wenger too much credit. Yes, I am sure he is trying to self-preserve by being cheap, but so much of his ineptitude is all his own. I think a good manager would have led Arsenal to a league title this season even working within Kroenke’s constraints

  13. gnarleygeorge9


    One thing that Arsene Wenger has done in the 12 years since the last Title is split The Club fan base.

  14. Joe

    One manager spent peanuts, won 4 trophies, stole 50,000 pounds from an agent and was sacked and has a better cup winning ratio than the other.

    One manager spent millions, won 2 different trophies and stole 80 m pounds from the club and its supporters. and us unsackable. Is rude and dis respects the supporters. .

  15. Jeff

    What you have to understand is that Wenger can’t let go. His staying is purely for selfish reasons and it’s not even about money. He is terrified of a world without Arsenal because he doesn’t have the will or the inclination to set up shop elsewhere. He knows that once he lets go of the job, that’s basically it for him – there is nothing else.

    So our only other hope is for him to be removed. But that is even more unlikely because the club hierarchy will be criticised and crucified by a very large fan-base, not to mention the media who will get on the bandwagon. That is why everyone is stuck in limbo until Wenger can physically no longer do the job. Ferguson was 72 when he left. Wenger is only 66 and he will consider himself to be very fit (which he is).

    Even if he didn’t make top four once or twice in the next 4 years, it wouldn’t matter because there is always the hope of next season. Leicester or Tottenham finishing above us means nothing to him or the board. It’s just circumstances. Even if Barnet finished ahead of us, it wouldn’t matter – it really wouldn’t.

    I can think of nothing that will compel him to leave – nothing. It’s sad for him and it’s bad news for us.

  16. Black Hei


    Maybe it is just me, but I certainly do not think Wenger is going to sign for another 3 years.

    Even if a 3 years is signed, it is probably just paper continuity. My gut feel says that next season will be his last season and last chance to win something.

    One thing I fear is that this is a stubborn old man who does not know when to quit. Thus far, he has at least maintained respectability from neutral fans (many of our own fans hate him). That much is true. You quoted Liverpool but there are many fans over there who would have begged for our invisible 4th place trophy count.

    But if he hits the wall hard like LVG, its going to be curtains.

    Despite how this season panned out, there are good changes in the structure of the club. We now have an in-house stats crunching team and specialized fitness guru.

    If Wenger wants to continue, he will have to learn the Alex Ferguson trick of managing the ones doing the supervising and coaching. He doesn’t need to be better at tactics, strategy, coaching etc. Those are the things the young folks can do and many can do better.

    He just need to hire a management team and manage them.

    And despite this whole things about top talent not wanting to come with Wenger around; that is only half true. If you are ready and successful, there is no reason to come to Arsenal and take a pun.

    But if you are young, ambitious and want to make a name, you come to Arsenal because you get your chances here.

    And let’s not forget the loyalty Wenger can instill in players. Bellerin has already press briefed that he will at least stay for a while as long as Wenger is in charge. Ozil will stay despite the trophy barren season as long as he gets some signings.

    Can an old dog learn new tricks? Next season is already set in stone and Wenger will be here. I just hope for the sake of my cardiovascular health he does not screw up like this season.

  17. Black Hei


    Wenger love for Arsenal is genuine; he is not here for the dough or to be a dictator. But sometimes, love can be very selfish too and someone who does not know how to let go will ultimately end up in misery.

    Alex left management for his wife’s sake (he left on a high too). But Wenger left his wife for to carry on at Arsenal. In my opinion, family should always come first. Once you cross that line, it becomes dangerous.

  18. Frank Mv

    Joe calling people out on going to Arsenal games…..go to many yourself?
    Thought not.

    RedtruthApril 12, 2016 19:34:03
    Wolfsburg dominating

    Le Grove’s Michael Owen of footballing insight…..village idiot!

  19. Jeff

    Black Hei,

    I agree with you. But I thought the reason for his wife wanted out was because he was carrying on with some young rapper. In my view, Wenger needs this job more than this job needs him which is why he won’t let go. Anyone else would have called it a day after the first FA cup but he didn’t. He’s put himself in a position where there is virtually nothing for him outside Arsenal so naturally he’s going to prolong it for as long as possible. Therefore it is my strong opinion that he will sign another contract and he will stay for another 3 years after 2017.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    I said several weeks ago that the ongoing flaws in our squad and game plan would be Arsenal’s undoing.

    These were:

    1. Failure to replace Manager and Coaching Team
    2. Constant injuries.
    3.A defence which lacked leadership and a top quality right CB
    4.A physically strong world class CMF.
    5.A striker who would be a potential upgrade on Giroud i.e. more mobile and
    scoring at least 30 goals a season.
    6.Replacement process of those squad members who were no longer
    guaranteed starting eleven place i.e. freshening up squad.

    It is interesting that the suggestion has been made yesterday in one of the
    red tops that Arsenal might do just that starting off with home grown players.

    Personally I don’t see Arsenal offloading lock stock and barrel his British players this summer. He will offload first some of his older players, but that exercise will generate little or no transfer fees.

    Then perhaps he will sell two or three of fringe players such as Szczesny, Gibbs and maybe Ox.Somehow I don’t see him selling Ramsey as was suggested yesterday. Ramsey may not be the most gifted player on planet, but he is versatile,
    energetic and reasonably hardworking. You need at least a couple of utility
    players in squad.

    What concerns me most is that the “queen bee” continues in his role as manager with no change in coaching staff either. It is time for regime change.

    Personally I would tolerate one more season so that he sees out his current contract, but that time must be then used to plan for his replacement and that
    of coaching team just like Man City have done this season.

    Under no circumstances must his contract be renewed.

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    @Black hei

    He gets loyalty from players who wouldn’t earn the wage they earn at Arsenal anywhere else. He gets loyalty from the average players. The real WC players e.g. Sanchez, Ozil,RVP,cesc etc realise how shit he is and want out.

  22. Thank you and goodnight


    FUCK him finishing his last year. I’d take him out the back into the woods and put a bullet in his head.

  23. Black Hei


    1. Wenger is here to stay; nothing nobody can do about it.

    2. We can start by selling Ox and Walcott

    3. We need a right CB that can slot into the system not just a “top quality” guy. Wes Morgan is going to win the title and he works for Leicester. But not for us. Mangala was a Youtube sensation, but he did not work out at city. CB buys need to be ones that make sense more than just reputation.

    4. Elneny and Coquelin works very well. What we need is a guy that can play alongside EITHER of them. Unlike that Ramsey. Since someone is bound to get injured. Again, we shouldn’t go for buys for reputation sake.

    5. In this case, I think we just go for the most expensive mobile striker we can get. The Dortmund striker ain’t moving. Morata is a good compromise.

    6. Let’s start with someone for Debuchy and Gibbs. One will leave with all the good will. The other can walk out on his own.

  24. Frank Mc

    Wenger offloading loads of players is like him admitting he’s fucked it….. just doesn’t happen imo.

  25. Ughelligunner

    I dont agree wenger needed power and pacy players Pedro, we needed goal scoring midfielders and worldclass Striker. Bayern, Man city, Barca, Psg even to a little extent Chelsea never utilised or won the league with power, they were to good for the bully boys of the league because of their world class players.
    Most times, a quality finishing would have put us ahead in most games.
    Where i would agree with you is wenger needed to play players that are intelligent enough to follow the tactics onset in the game or ban the once who dont. This is where he has failed.
    Ox, Ramsey, Mert, Giroud, Sanchez, gibbs all repeat the same mistakes all over again and i dont think the manager doesnt tell them and even if he doesnt, other people would have advice them or they would have studied their game play on match reviews.
    We all know and it is well documented that the whole team watch matches they just played and review it again.

  26. Jeff

    Piers Morgan wants Wenger to sign Ronaldo. He’s a dreamer that bloke isn’t he. Wenger will not sign anyone who’s going to earn more than he does – hell will freeze over before he does that.

  27. Ughelligunner

    Seeing leceister at the top is surprising to everybody and i would say it was as a result of the form of the big team in the league. If you remove arsenal and liverpool wins away from leicester, you will discover that the big teams have failed to beat leicester in the league this season. And that is how poor they have been. I dont think it would repeat itself again.
    Morgan, Huth are playing very soild football this season, but i dont think anybody would want to buy them.

    Arsenal for the first time in years, have done marginally better against the big sides this season including Leicester above and totenham, it is against the likes of chelsea, southampton and swansea that the record of loses keep repeating itself. All the same, if we had good goal scorer in the team from midfielders to attackers, we would have survived. Sanchez and Ramsey’s regressing this season didnt help too, we all know Giroud and that walcot is still a baby.

  28. Jeff

    TYAG, lol. You’re not wrong.

    Besides, I think most world class players would probably think twice about coming to us given that we failed to win the PL this year and only managed our usual third or fourth. And that suits Wenger just fine. He doesn’t actually want them. He wants a set of cheap, young upstarts that’s may turn out half decent so he can bring out that smug look he loves so much which tells us how clever he is. It’s all bollocks – top to bottom.

  29. Ughelligunner

    Tyng, i didnt see Ozil, Kos, Giroud, Bellerin, Monreal regressing.if you say Sanchez i would say injury, so i wont say wenger caused it or would you say Mourhino caused Hazard to regress?

    And if you say the whole team regressed, then wenger is a great tactician for not been in the chelsea position because that is the definition of regression.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    As I said I will tolerate one more season so that he sees out current contract, but that is it.

    We need a new manager with fresh ideas and energy. As I have said many times it does not need to be a headliner.

    Leaving aside how Leicester have performed this season the team which has stood out this season and impressed me most is Spurs under Pochettino.

    I like very much how they played against Man United with high energy and
    pressing game. It is for me how the game should be played. If they bring in a
    couple of top quality players they will be a formidable team, which should be
    a concern for us.

  31. Thank you and goodnight


    Kos = shit
    Ozil=nowhere near as good as he was 4 years ago
    Monreal= 1 decent season out of 4 doesn’t make him a success

  32. Frank Mc

    TYAG that still makes chuckle.

    Ronaldo of the “sluts with nuts” brassing scandal? Or the Portuguese hand pump? Former I’m guessing as he’ll be a lot cheaper!

  33. Ughelligunner

    You WOBs have to remove your hate goggles and analyse the matches we have played in without too much emotional hatred. We know some back up players and our strikers are not good enough, yes we know the manager is suppose to bin them and replace them, whether he had money or not, i dont agree (i dont want to speculate) because evidently, the Ceo of the club and owner still trust him to stay, that means he is archieving his goals.

    This money available to wenger talk has been onset by WOBs and Journalist and sometimes Club chairman have all come out to say he had money to spend right from when we left Highbury, and wenger has been here, giving new contracts by the owner and recomended highly by the Ceo, i would not agree with he has money but he is refusing to spend it bullshit talk ringing since 2008 until he is sacked for this money hoarding reason.

  34. Wallace


    “Besides, I think most world class players would probably think twice about coming to us given that we failed to win the PL this year and only managed our usual third or fourth.”

    Leicester or nothing for the world’s elite this summer, Jeff?

  35. Ughelligunner

    TYNG, stop been fickle please. If we all have shit players, and the manager is shit, why are we were we are? And why are you expecting more from us? Pls make up your mind about the manager.

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    @ ughelligunner

    I don’t care how much money wenger had or is given. Fact is he is a piss poor Sunday league manager at best

  37. Thank you and goodnight


    North being fickle. I think wenger’s a cunt and if his death is only way to get rid of him then I’m hoping he goes soon.

  38. Pierre

    “Besides, I think most world class players would probably think twice about coming to us given that we failed to win the PL this year and only managed our usual third or fourth.”

    I think most world class players would think twice about coming to the Arsenal because they may read web sites like le grove and come to the conclusion that Arsenal fan base consists of arrogant, abusive, ignorant morons who think they know it all but in effect know nothing .
    Any top player would rather play for a club who’s fans support and encourage the team to win and are not desperate for their team to lose .

  39. Ughelligunner

    Wallace, i have said it, we will see Leicester position next season, but as usual, the WOBs are the most fickle set of fans in the world. They switch allegiance from player to player, Team to team. Last three years it was Liverpool, then Man city, Chelsea last year, now it Leicester. The truth is winning the league this year wouldnt have made any difference to wenger stance with them. because they would have undermined it just like most undermine the invicibles. Even winning one in 12 would be the same.
    You want wenger gone, keep the faith. He would soon leave.

    My msg to Ticket season holders, please dont let your season tickets go, forget what they are saying here, one day wenger will leave and whatever pains you have experience in getting the tickets would be over. Letting it go and trying to get it back once wenger is gone and maybe just maybe, another manager comes in to give us a major trophy, i promise you, your long time family seat at the emirates would be lost forever.

  40. Ughelligunner

    One major love i have for wenger is he is following the board in strategy that would make arsenal fc great for a long time even after he has gone away.
    Many managers wouldnt be interested in that.

  41. shad

    Made some decent money yesterday thanks to some ideas from a few posters here. Had Boro for the win, ManCIty for the win, and Real v Wolfsburg to be OV2.5.

    Any punters here chancing how today’s games will go? Can see Atletico drawing tonight 1- 1. Benfica might just surprise Bayern – I hope they do.

    Oh, Wenger OUT.

  42. shad

    Funny that Neymar has a buyout clause of £153m but more shocking is he is on £77k a week. Contrast that to how much Wenger has pissed down the drain in player contracts..Jack Wheelchair is on £85k a week FFS!

  43. Thank you and goodnight

    The last argument of the akb…..

    “wenger is he is following the board in strategy that would make arsenal fc great for a long time even after he has gone away.”…… ha ha ha

    So if a new manager comes in and wins us the league they can turn round and credit wenger with it for laying the foundation ha ha ha ha. Fucking unreal. A failed youth system, a squad rife with overpaid average players, a medical team still using methods from the dark ages

  44. Emiratesstroller


    I tend to agree that spewing abuse at both Manager and some of players is not
    likely to be an atmosphere, which will appeal to many players.

    However, the reality is that most people who are genuine supporters and attend matches are not like that. You seldom hear abuse at Emirates or outside stadium.

    What is true is that there is now general acknowledgement that Wenger needs to go and the club needs fresh impetus.

  45. shad

    Hate to toot my own trumpet but..

    April 12, 2016 15:19:32
    Expecting Real to spank Wolfsburg tonight. Will probably be 2 goals up in the 1st half. In the first leg they were woefully wasteful and belaboured getting back to position. Their defence was all spaced out. Doubt they’ll make the same mistakes again, not in front of their fans. The ManCIty – PSG game is the hard one to predict. Both teams lacking key players (City have had an AWOL defence since Kompany joined Wilshere) and PSG have a knack of switching off when it really matters – thought they’ll really miss Matuidi’s industry, tackles and positioning.I expect City to go through by a very slim margin . 3 -2.”

  46. shad

    While Redtruth was busy speaking bollocks. I doubt he watches football. Just waits for results and then comes to wind up posters.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    If Wenger is going to dig in for another year, likely, you may want to put all your desires for the club on hold for another season, on and off the pitch. If Wenger is moved ‘upstairs’ after that, put them hold indefinitely.

    Change is so obviously needed at Arsenal, yet I’ve never seen a club that simply cannot or will not recognise that and a large section of the fan base who would resist it at all costs, just bizarre.

    Maybe the comfort zone needs to go before everyone agrees, maybe next season will do that then…but could all be pointless if Wenger scuttles off into the shadows after next year.

    Steaming hot potato right into the hands of the new manager. Regardless of where we are next year though, you would still have to say we’re a pretty attractive club to manage, provided Wenger is gone, I can’t see any worthwhile managers wanting to come here with Wenger as DoF or something…I’d actually pity them.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    If a new manager comes in and does well, Wenger will get the credit from a lot of people, I don’t care really, I don’t really care about Wenger, right now I do, because he’s the clubs biggest problem, though without doubt Kroenke is a massive issue too.

    Once he’s gone, then everyone can forget the bad and revere him and congratulate him etc…problem is people are doing that right now. There’s a statue or a bust of Wenger already at the Emirates stadium…I mean, and this is the man we’re trying to get rid of, already immortalised as having legend status whilst he’s still in a job. It just is not right.

  49. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree with you. And sorry but he’s not legend. And no doubt we’ll agree to disagree but I truly believe everything we won in the past was in spite of wenger not because of. GG won the league with maybe 3 or 4th best team in league. Wenger could only win it with a team full of superstars.

  50. STV

    The smooth transition to Emirates in an extraordinary story in world football. A transition thats still going on. Give him time people. Its not easy, would take atleast 20 years.
    I quote Ugh
    “One major love i have for wenger is he is following the board in strategy that would make arsenal fc great for a long time even after he has gone away.
    Many managers wouldnt be interested in that.” ..

  51. Emiratesstroller


    This is the real problem at moment. The club is in limbo. Everyone knows that
    Wenger is past his sell by date, but NOONE knows when he will go.

    That is the real problem. It is creating uncertainty about the club’s future.

    Unlike many other posters I can stomach another season of Wenger if I am sure that his contract will not be renewed and that in the interim Arsenal are
    doing what Man City have done and planning for the future.

    At the moment there is no evidence that this is happening although the club
    appear to be making some material changes with management and coaching
    structure below first team level.

    Several former and current players like Henry, Pires. Keown and Arteta are now taking their coaching badges and both Pires and Keown are assisting with
    Arsenal’s scouting programme as well.

    I do think that the club could put together over next few years a group of ex
    players who would make excellent coaches or scouts.

    What is perhaps lacking is finding a manager or team leader with the same

  52. STV

    I am sure you can all see fruitation of Wenger’s works at the final stages of your life, or in some peoples case. the next generation.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    If I could toot my own trumpet I’d never leave the house.


    I do think Wenger changed the club, I think that the foundations in terms of characters and steel etc in the squad were instrumental to his success, but I equally think we needed his ‘half of the equation’ if you like to have that success.


    I agree.

    I can stomach another season if I know, know for absolute certain that he is going at the end of next year, and not upstairs, gone, totally.

    I really cannot describe what a complete and utter blow it will be if he signs a new deal, Arsenal are an enormous part of my life, all our lives, evidenced by the fact we spend most days on here talking about them! But at that point, I would question my connection to them, it would seem pointless, we’d have a club that didn’t in any way marry up with the views of ordinary fans, literally only the pro-Wenger fans would be happy at that point.

    I agree, there are some slight changes in the set up, but then you look at the new scout and new fitness coach, still, the old head scout and old head of fitness are still here…encapsulates Arsenal so well, no one gets replaced for failure, we will just hire two people to do one job.

    But if we can get some legends in the club who you can see coaching talent in there, start doing that, start building an identity again which has been totally lost.

    In terms of managers, top pick for me is Simeone, I think it is for most fans, but next season I would keep my eye on Tuhel and Bilic, see how they do in their second seasons, Tuchel in the UCL and no longer a surprise package, Bilic in a new stadium with increased funds.

    Should be looking at Simeone, Tuchel, Bilic, De Boer, Koeman even just as some examples next year and talking to them, all of them, feeling them out and have a real plan in place. Not only for the manager, but who he wants to bring in in terms of back room.

  54. kingHenry

    I think we have some terrible misconceptions about how things work at our club. Some very important points:

    *Kroenke doesn’t give a rats arse what Wenger spends as long as nobody asks him for money. Simple as that. We could spend all the reported 200million, and Kroenke wouldn’t care as long as nobody asks him to put a penny of his own money into the club.

    *Kroenke doesn’t care about trophies. He just wants share prices to keep going up.

    *Nobody on the board, except Glazidis really understands football, so they just let Wenger do whatever he likes. They can’t sack him, because Kroenke is still happy with his share prices. Wenger doesn’t need to spend because he’s still making top four, and so the bank balance keeps increasing, and so Kroenke doesn’t need to put his own money in.

    Wenger truly loves arsenal, but he really believes he’s doing better for the club than anybody ever could. He also let’s his ideologies overcome rational thinking. He’s like a junkie who knows that the drugs are ruining his life, but can’t stop using

  55. Emiratesstroller


    Understand your feelings about Barcelona, but the point is that you know that
    they are going to score goal.

    That is going to be problem for Athletico Madrid. They may be excellent well organised team, but I can see 1-1 or 2-2 result, which means Barcelona go through.

  56. Black Hei

    This quote from the Arseblog is too funny to pass up!

    “So, City are through to a Champions League semi-final. I remember those. We had one once. Or twice maybe, but who needs them when you can set an actual record for being eliminated in the Round of 16 for the most years in succession? That’s where the real history is made. Nobody remembers who got knocked out in the semis.”

  57. Cesc Appeal

    I think the fundamental problem with Wenger is he has the equation the wrong way round, Wenger wants to play his babies, give certain careers the best possible chance, he doesn’t want to spend money (though his wages and our wage bill) he doesn’t want to restrain players with specific tactics and wants to play free flowing football, he doesn’t want to be ruthless, he wants everybody to get along and for no one to be held accountable for failure, because like a primary school teacher, he doesn’t think there is failure, just a chance to try again…if that leads to success, great.

    For most top managers, the equation is the other way, for certain they have their own style, but they will put the ‘I want success’ part first, and then ask, what do I need to achieve that.

    Because Wenger has had success, he now run Arsenal for himself and his principles, not the success he would have originally craved. Lots of journalists will say ‘he’s hungry as ever,’ his actions directly contradict that, you wouldn’t make the exact same mistakes every year for the past decade if that were true, Wenger would like success, but to him there are more important things.

    If a player in my squad had ever said ‘if you offered me second for the twenty years I would take it’ he would be gone. Now imagine that attitude coming from the manager.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    You know they are going to get a penalty at some point you mean 😉

    I just don’t want to see any dodgy officiating as there was in the first leg, can be a really great game tonight, especially if Ateltico get the first goal!

  59. Ughelligunner

    Wenger wont be appionted DOF imediately a new manager comes in. He would go on a long holiday at the start of the season, and come in quietly later on. He wont be so obvious in the stadium as does ferguson. Wenger wont be around enough for his presence to be felt by the new manager, it would either increase the pressure on the current management or reduce it.

    Wenger is too sensible and honourable to allow all the above, hence he will be a non active or secretive borad member.

  60. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah I hate Barcelona as well. Such an amazing team they shouldn’t have to resort to cheating but they do.

  61. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah he’s that honourable he honoured his marriage vows while boning a rapper. Wenger’s a greedy egotistical arrogant cunt. A disease on our club.

  62. Ughelligunner

    Like it, believe it or hate it, wenger hates the lime light and all the acolades. From evidences, it could be seen that going all out for major honours hardly interest him, even with the general insults. He prefers the quiet operating status, i think if you ask him he would prefer the act of working with owners like Kronke, lol.
    So when people say he likes been an ego maniac, i laugh. Everybody likes to have a formula where ever they work and they only work with people who are ready to follow suit.

    From pep, fergy to Mourhino to klopp are all egomaniacs in their own way.

  63. Ughelligunner

    TYNG, how many times have you looked into the pictures women online and lusted (lets not talk about the real world now). Stop the moral high ground.

    I was talking in relation to wenger’s arsenal management, not his personal issues.

  64. Ughelligunner

    And about been greedy, as we all know, you can go over board with hatred. He never stole the clubs money, diverted the bank balance or interest for himself, neither collected back hands from agents. Now that is greedy.

    He didnt waste the club’s financies in getting 2 or 3 trophies, knowing the bank balance would be empty and our owner isnt going to invest a dime, even Leicester’s city owner has invested his own money into his club. For all this he is called greedy? What a pity.

    Of all the teams that have particpated in the Epl, please list the once that the owners havent invested their personal money in the clubs mangement from 2007 till date.

  65. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck it, missus is out I’ve a day off so think I’m going to choke the chicken….see you in 30 sec. Think I’ll try dwarf porn today…..

  66. gonsterous

    I dont know who wrote the last couple of posts but they are being very indifferent. Saying Wenger has to go one post and another talking about wengers ambition and next season he is going to buy the right players and stuff.. make up your mind people !!

  67. gonsterous

    How Many years have we been using the quote ” can an old dog learn new tricks ” regarding Wenger and each year the answer has been “No” and we still persist asking the same old question !!

  68. shad

    “Like it, believe it or hate it, wenger hates the lime light and all the accolades”

    That has to be the most ironic statement I’ve read in years. Wenger loves the limelight and accolades, he is quick to remind the world any time his lack of genius steals that limelight. He is always nostalgic about the Invincibles, 50,000subs, managing 19 years, always qualifying for UCL, “single-handedly building us a stadium”, winning back to back FAs, having won the FA the most times, etc

    Save us your hogwash.

  69. GuNZ


    I can give you the web address of the place I got the missus’ blow-up rubber Giroud from if it’s any use to you. I believe they do a special dwarf version of the dolly too.

  70. Thank you and goodnight


    Now that is what I call a good friend….thank you. Does the doll pull that I can’t believe I missed face when your about to hit the money shot?

  71. Logie Bear

    So with City through to the CL semis, anyone know what happens if they win the thing and finish 4th….presumably they qualify automatically for next season, and if we finish 3rd we’d still have to play a CL qualifier…?

    This of course assumes a) we finish 3rd and b) there’s any point in even qualifying, given our standard exit in round of 16…..

  72. GuNZ

    Yep. And then spurts its creamy stuff all over the pillow instead of in your arse. It’s very, very realistic. Or so I’m told.

  73. Carts

    Pedro, you’re a weird cat, you know that?!

    First you’re against protest for what ever reason it was. Now insinuating that the cheer & clap on the 12th minute isn’t a good idea.

    Pressure comes in various forms. Protestation, banner and in between. Wenger has had it easy for way too long. He should’ve been berated by large swathes of fans as far back as the Birmingham City disaster, for starters.

    If the cheer & clap does go ahead this weekend then good. If it’s not violent or against the law then I’m all for it. The man is an absolute troll. He should’ve many seasons ago. He’s the amalgamation of Arsenal to a lot of people, like those dingbats Mo and Ty.

  74. Thank you and goodnight


    In fairness it probably spurts all over the pillow instead of the arse as it misses the hole. But that sounds great….I’ll take one. By chance would they happen to sell a wenger doll with him saying “ze mental strengthzzzz “, “cohesion” and “top top qaulideeeeeee ” as I pump his rubber ringer?

  75. Bamford10


    “Protestation, banner and ]everything] in between. Wenger has had it easy for way too long. He should’ve been berated by large swathes of fans as far back as the Birmingham City disaster, for starters …. If it’s not violent or against the law, then I’m all for it. The man is an absolute troll.”


  76. Bamford10


    “all the accolades”

    What accolades? He doesn’t win any accolades. He fails every season, and no one on the planet — save a tiny group of devoted know-nothings — thinks highly of him anymore.

  77. Carts

    “I dont agree wenger needed power and pacy players Pedro, we needed goal scoring midfielders and worldclass Striker. Bayern, Man city, Barca, Psg even to a little extent Chelsea never utilised or won the league with power, they were to good for the bully boys of the league because of their world class players”.

    Ayy, U wot m8? Did you ever watch our games much? We went from 5’11 plus-athletes to 5’8 technicians. How about this then. Do you recall the midlfield of Hleb, Flamini,_Cesc,_Rosicky,_Diarra, Denilson?

    do the mean height of all of them and you’ll probably get something close to 5’8.

    Now do the same with the likes of Vieria, Edu, Gilberto-Parlour-Ljunberg, Pires and you’re looking at something in the region of 5’11.

    Now, I maintain that we probably played out best football with Hleb-Cesc-Flamini-Rosicky in midfield. But what was evident that they were fragile. Brilliant technician but they lacked strength and athleticism.

    “Most times, a quality finishing would have put us ahead in most games”.

    Going ahead, as seen against West Ham, doesn’t mean anything in grand scheme of things. We went 4-0 against Newcastle and we were pegged back. Didn’t we go 4-1 against Spurs and get pegged back as well? therefore your week argument has already been disproved.

    “Where i would agree with you is wenger needed to play players that are intelligent enough to follow the tactics onset in the game or ban the once who dont. This is where he has failed.”

    He’s also failed by not taking executive action against these players. If you can’t follow instruction why the fuck does he persist with them. We’ve been crying out for intelligent players way before he bought and/or persisted with Santos, Almunia, Gabriel, Bendtner, Gervinho etc etc. This is further evidence that Wenger makes decision with very little thought and when it goes pear he so worried about losing face that he’ll rather persist until it implodes.

  78. Bamford10

    Adding on to Logie Bear’s point, if Liverpool were to win the Europa, would that mean that only the top three in EPL would qualify for CL next season? I realize that’s a stretch, but Liverpool are in the QF.

    And cheers to whomever above said Liverpool fans are happier (and in a better place) than Arsenal fans. Absolutely they are. Better manager, still in a big competition, and a more promising near future.

  79. Bamford10


    “Bayern, Man City, Barca, PSG even to a little extent Chelsea never utilised or won the league with power.”

    The above is the result of either ignorance or misunderstanding (of what is meant by “power”), but it is most definitely wrong.

    The only team from that list above that could possibly support the argument that one can win without “power” is Barcelona, and even that is false.

    One, what Barca lack in “power,” they make up for in quickness, passing, intelligence and quality. Sure, one can win without tons of “power” — if you have the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, David Villa, Neymar, Suarez, etc., and if you are the best passing team in the world (and maybe ever).

    Two, in addition to team quickness, Barca do have “power” players, such as Puyol, Pique, Busquets, Mascerano.

    All of the other teams above have/had ample power and athleticism.

  80. Carts

    “Adding on to Logie Bear’s point, if Liverpool were to win the Europa, would that mean that only the top three in EPL would qualify for CL next season? I realize that’s a stretch, but Liverpool are in the QF.”

    This is based on the whole coefficient tallying, isn’t it?

    My understanding was that the winners of the EL accumulate points for their respective country; same goes for CL qualifiers and those that progress in the knock out stages.

    So I’d imagine, Liverpool wining the EL would benefit the EPL.

  81. Bamford10

    BTW, City did well to advance, but no question PSG were weaker without Verratti or Matuidi.

    De Bruyne is genius, though. Great, great player.

  82. Logie Bear

    Bamford / Carts – yep, whatever happens in EL and CL does beenfit the coefficients etc for next year.

    I think we just have to do better than Italian sides to retain the coveted (?) 4th place (trophy) potential as they have caught us up in recent years, with Juve getting to the CL Final last year for example.

    However, I was thinking more about the possibility that Liverpool win the EL this season, because they would automatically qualify for next year’s CL (as Sevilla did this year for winning the EL last year)

    So, would that therefore impact the top 4 in the PL as we would only be allowed 4 clubs in next season’s CL, and Liverpool would be one despite finishing outside the top 4 this season (assuming they win the EL)

    Oh and whilst I’m here……WENGER OUT !

  83. shad


    Indeed. De Bruyne is quite the player. Very efficient on the ball and very purposeful. Reminds me of Iniesta in a way.

  84. Carts


    Never ever been impressed with Blanc.

    Just looking at how he pitches his tent you can see that he’s cautious.

    I mean, why the hell does he feel the need to play a flat 3 in midfield both home and away?

    He’ll then put Cavani wide left and Di Maria/Moura wide right?

    Really he should go with;


    Moura – Pastoure – Di Maria


  85. Bamford10


    Yeah, that’s what I was saying: were Liverpool to win the EL, that would leave three CL spots, yes? So we’d have to finish top three.

  86. HillWood

    How much has it cost to produce Iwobi. Can the Accademy produce a team of Title and Champions League winners? So far that’s a “No”

  87. TitsMcGee

    wenger is he is following the board in strategy that would make arsenal fc great for a long time even after he has gone away.”

    Jesus Christ!

    Anything and everything to give Wenger credit. No shame whatsoever.

  88. Ughelligunner

    Legrove always quick to blame managers and formations, a trait learnt from wenger.

    I didnt see anybody praising Blanc for winning chelsea, it was the players they were praising, now they are out, it is the manager. Not Dimaria who got the manchester syndrome immediately he stepped into the pitch. Always the manager.

  89. Ughelligunner

    Tits, you have been repeating your self for years now, are you not ashamed to say enough? You are doing the same thing to yield different result? Are you wenger?

  90. Bamford10

    Jack Wilshere poised to play in his second u-21 match. I know this will make many here happy.

    Vincent Kompany close to a return and Pellegrini says City are capable of winning the CL. Probably not, but with De Bruyne, anything is possible. 😉

    Laurent Blanc suggests City don’t belong in the semi’s and will be there as “guests”.

  91. STV

    “Vincent Kompany close to a return and Pellegrini says City are capable of winning the CL. Probably not, but with De Bruyne, anything is possible.

    Laurent Blanc suggests City don’t belong in the semi’s and will be there as “guests”.

    Hats off to Laurent Blanc. The guy who said the truth.

  92. STV

    Wenger’s foundation works for the future of the club can only be completed in 2020 hence a new 3 yr deal. Then he will start working on other areas. He’s doing all these hardwork for the incoming the manager. Great man!

  93. Bermy boy

    Wow some are calling for Wengers death heh heh ?That man has ,”diplomatic immunity”you can’t touch him unless you’re Detective Riggs and Murtaugh inLeathal Weapon 2.

  94. Relieable Sauce


    I think the PL gets 5 UCL places if Pool win the EC and/or Man city win the UCL but dont finish top 4.

    If Pool and City win comps and dont make top 4, then it would only be the top 3 who’d that would qualify. I think thats how it works.

  95. WengerEagle

    Did Bland actually say that about City?

    Pathetic if true, nobody likes a bitter loser.

    He only has himself to blame, he’s had all the money in the world to build a squad of his choice and he’s failed on the European stage every season.

  96. Logie Bear

    Re the UCL for next season, are we bothered whether or not we’re even in it?

    Would a season without it be such a bad thing?
    It would be another failure to add to Wenger’s rap sheet…….

  97. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    Well we all know how gracious the French are when they lose, plus it’s never they’re fault remember:D

  98. STV

    Who are you kidding! Changing to a new stadium decades of careful planning sacrifice and hardwork. Its not as easy as Bayern, Valencia , Juventus or ithers did. Wenger is still overseeing that transition and trying to provide a stable platform for the club he built.

    Building a team that can compete for titles is even more difficult no matter whatever funds there may be. We are lucky to have Wenger doing all these things single handedly. But he needs 5-10 years more to achive this objectives. Thats all he is asking why it is so difficult. We have gone 10 years trophyless why not another 10? We will have a very very stable, solid platform if so.

  99. Relieable Sauce

    Best case scenario for Wenger is to finish 4th, Liverpool and Man City to win EC/CL and a the PL to finnish as follows –
    Leicester – CL
    Spurs – CL
    Man City – CL
    Man Utd – EC
    West Ham -EC
    Arsenal – BLT
    Liverpool -CL

    This way Wenger wont have the distraction of European competion to hamper him when going for the title next season : /

  100. WengerEagle

    Still funny to think that on Wenger’s big day, the 1,000 match milestone against his arch nemesis in Maureen he suffered the most humiliating defeat of his entire managerial career.

  101. Joe

    The only way Liverpool and city fuck us by winning Europe is if we finish 4th and city fishing 5th.

    We get 5 spots if Liverpool win the Europa. And city come 4th and win CL.

    If city come 5th they get the 4th place teams CL spot if they win CL.

  102. Joe

    Wenger eagle

    That still makes me laugh.

    The players really went to war for him on his big day haha. He can really get the players playing for him!

  103. Logie Bear

    Wenger Eagle / Joe

    Yep, that one makes me laugh / cringe too – I guess with it being his 1,000th game and all that you might be right, but hey in terms of biggest humiliations, doesn’t the 8-2 rank as the worst?!

    Sadly the list is quite a long one

  104. STV

    What Wenger apologists failed to realize is Arsenal do not need a stable platform. What the fuck is stable platform? What are we in for? car manufacturing?

    Arsenal always been a top club. We didnt want wenger to ‘build’ what’s already built before him. What Wenger needed was to maintain its status and he failed big time. Now he should fuck off.. Too late to get a good farewell but just go and let us move on..

  105. Leedsgunner


    Don’t just don’t.

    You don’t know how painful it is to remember that we used to have a club that would fight until the last day of the season for the title — not just 4th place every year.

    If it is before Wenger, as far as these people are concerned, it’s irrelevant. To them Arsene is Arsenal FC.

  106. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    Ha ha ha. I wonder if blanc plans his subs not Thursday before a game as well as our genius manager