Three more years of Wenger looking likely… shameless

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3 more years and a ploughman’s please


Afternoon. Whatever.

The AST held one of their fancy meetings and invited Henry Winter down for a chat. Sounds like it was VERY interesting. Some highlights for me.

  • Arsene had cash, to the tune of £30m per year post Highbury. Now, not that it’s perfect, but this came from David Dein apparently and it was also drilled home by Fiszman before he passed, and you could also see it in the accounts…
  • Winter thinks that Wenger is no longer an elite manager
  • He thinks Arsenal made a mistake letting Klopp and Pep pass us by
  • Thinks Wenger is no longer a draw for top players, the club’s location and the cash is. Again, no shock, can’t see many elite players clamouring to play for a manager who is incapable of winning major honours

So that’s interesting. When the leading UK sports journo is saying what we’ve all been saying for 7-8 years, you know it’s curtains for the manager.

Worst part about the whole thing was the intimation that Wenger is probably going to sign a new deal. Totally horrendous. Totally shameless. Totally Wenger.

He just doesn’t know how to call time on his stuttering career. The only way he’ll go is when he fails hard. Which would be appealing, but what will likely happen is just more averageness. Stuck in top four mediocrity. Keep our heads just above water… instill a bit of hope for the next year… but ultimately fail on the major goals of the club and the primary reason for us moving on.

We need a trailblazer at the club. Fresh ideas. Fresh impetus.

But… we’re not getting it. Which is just so boring. But there you go!

Right, that’s me done. Have a great day!

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  1. Joe

    Wenger created arteta. If arteta goes and city win the league , wenger will take credit. Probably want a medal

    Like when he sold rvp to united

  2. Gary

    Why the surprise at overpaying Theo, Wenger has a history. Remember Bendtner, Denilson, Almenia etc,. All overpaid to such a degree we could not get rid of them to anyone. Wenger is loyal to his players to a absurd amount. He will not leave as he lives for football and is in a job with total control and no chance of the sack. I believe he is doing his best but does not see, or doesn’t want to see, that with the players and resources available there are many managers who would of achieved do much more. So brace yourself for many years of much of the same.

  3. Dissenter

    Alexander’s claim that Wenger’s summer budget was restricted to 10 million is only rivalled by another moronic claim by Reviing Kev [aka Proudkev]

    Anyone remember this:
    “Revving KevinJanuary 31, 2014 23:23:49
    Let’s just stop calling players shit. Wait until Kallstrom puts on our shirt and then judge him, not based on frustration. My wife’s family are Swedish and they think he’s a clever signing, they were raving about him and they are Malmo fans. They said we tried to sign him a couple of years ago don’t know if true”

    Alexanderhenry and Revving are cut from the same moth eaten cloth.

  4. Joe

    Let’s judge sanago in 2020. He just needs to adjust to life in England. Walcott just needs to adjust to life as a striker.

  5. Dissenter

    Good managers win the loyalty of their players through their leadership and tactical brilliance. Players will follow the manager who will make them better and help them compete for honors.

    Wenger wins his player’s loyalty by mollycoddling them and overpaying them.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal have been “old school” certainly since the 1930s. Dein may well have
    convinced Fiszman originally to buy into Arsenal, but what ensured that Fiszman bought the major shareholding and became the major influence on the Board would have been Fizman’s close link with Hill-Wood. I doubt that Dein
    would have been accepted by the Board had Fiszman not been involved in the

    Fizman’s family business was at one time the largest diamond business outside De Beers and a major sight holder. Hill-Wood was a director of Hambros
    who were a major Diamond Bank before being taken over by Barclays and he
    was closely connected with De Beers.

  7. Jeff

    Ferguson 26 years 25 trophies (13 PLs, 2 CLs, 5 FAs, 4 LCs, 1 CWC) = 25/26 = 0.96
    Graham 9 years 6 trophies (2 PLs, 1 FA, 2LCs, 1CWC) 6/9 = 0.56
    Wenger 20 years 9 trophies (3 PLs, 6 FAs, 0 CLs, 0 LCs) 9/20 = 0.45

    I still don’t understand how people can call Wenger “the most successful manager Arsenal has ever had”. And please don’t come back with community shield cups or Emirates cups.

  8. Joe

    Spot on dissenter.

    You forgot to add average players.

    Players with any talent ambition leave no matter how much he pays them.

    Cesc, Henry, viera, rvp, nasri , overmars, Anelka, Sanchez will be added and so will ozil

  9. Joe


    100 % agree. Chapman. GG. Then maybe wenger.

    I guess they include the financial trophies and 4th place trophies??

    Or maybe building the stadium brick by brick counts as a trophy?

  10. Jeff


    Thanks for that piece of history but what I really wanted to know is why they settled on Kroenke. Did they not know he wasn’t going to be anything like Abramovich? Did Kroenke offer some sweeteners they couldn’t refuse perhaps. I just don’t get it. Dein was an astute man and is to this day an Arsenal fan through and through and yet without blinking he advocated Kroenke.

    I wonder what he thinks of him now?

  11. Jeff


    It’s one of those things that the media have pushed and pushed and it’s stuck but there is no actual substance behind it. Ask any AKB now, and they’ll tell you Arsene is by far the most successful. And if you ask them why, they often don’t even start with trophies (which is the real measure) – no, they start with his dietary regimes, his attractive football, the stadium he built, the continuous top four finishes etc.

    It is like counting corners and free kicks in a match. They don’t matter – it’s the goals that matter. It’s very stupid really but there we are.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that Arsenal settled on Kroenke. They resisted bringing him onto the Board for a very long time.

    However, with passage of time Kroenke was clearly considered a better option to take over the club than Uszmanov.

    What changed was that Fiszman post completion of Emirates was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His children had absolutely no interest in football and
    the club so his options of whom to sell the club to were limited.

    Clearly Fiszman chose what he considered was the worst of two evils which was Kroenke. By that I mean that Kroenke was already accepted by the Board
    and had joined them.

    Whatever I or others may think about Kroenke’s value to club I think that the
    Board will view him as a “safe pair of hands” and someone who will not bring
    the club in disrepute or jeopardise financially its future.

    Sadly what he will not do is bring into club a passion for football. That is pretty clear from the way that the club is now run.

  13. STV

    Nothing genious about Wenger’s diet system as he was employed by a japan league team before and implemented that in Arsenal as he thought it was better.

  14. daz


    Or maybe just maybe it’s going a season unbeaten and being the most successful manager in FA cup history small achievements I know but hey some think that is actually worth something, all good things come to an end but no need to rewrite history

  15. Jeff


    So basically the answer is that a better option did not come forward at the time. Well that’s very sad isn’t it. Kroenke has proven himself to be a non-entity. I’m not even talking about him not putting any of his money into it but his complete indifference to the fact that Wenger is incapable of winning anything of note.

  16. Joe


    I know you don’t who GG is as your Arsenal history only began with wenger but GG did a one loss season with Arsenal winning the league. I don’t find that much less of an achievement than the undefeated season. And he won in Europe.

    But hey I guess some people think that is actually worth something.

  17. kc

    No Wenger is not a great manager. He’s not even a good manager anymore. He’s lost that status now. Stayed at the party far too long. Ruining what little of his legacy is left with every year he stays. He’s more like a cancerous tumor now. Just need to cut it out, and move on.

  18. daz


    a 1 loss season? An almost? You sound like an AKB lol infact your hard on for GG is worse than the AKB as he wasn’t as good

  19. Jeff


    How have I re-written history? Going a season unbeaten (however commendable) is only a record – it is not an honour which is what counts. I would swap the record of Man U in the last 20 years for our record a 100 times from here to next Sunday. In fact, I would swap that unbeaten record for one more PL title or CL title. I’m sorry but it’s not worth as much as you want it to be.

  20. Marc

    The best we can realistically hope for is there to be on going talk about a new contract for Wenger as a distraction to him finishing up at the end of next season.

    If our players aren’t motivated by Wenger now how will they react during next season if they find out he’s leaving at the end of it?

    We’re stuck with him for next season like it or not.

  21. Joe


    Just because you don’t know who GG is , have some respect for our second best manger after chapman. Another who you have no clue about I’m sure.

    And I agree with Jeff. I would trade the unbeaten season for another league title in the last 12 or for. A ucl

    Hey but you take it for what it means to you

    To me a one loss season is the same. It’s one bounce of a ball to go either way.

  22. Jeff


    The horse had long since bolted by the time Bracewell-Smith came to her senses. Even if Fizman wanted to sell to Kroenke, it still surprises and baffles me why the others fell so easily. For the sake of a few people, they sold Arsenal down the river. What a travesty.

  23. kc

    The history revision being done by akbs is pathetic. According to them, this is all caused by Kroenke. Nevermind the fact that Wenger had been doing this same shit for 5 years before Stan came aboard. They are trying to rewrite history to protect their God.

  24. gonsterous

    The thing is, outside of England if you ask any fans if they want Wenger in or out, there would be a huge amount of them who want him to stay.
    In the UK, fans seem divided but Wenger still has a majority..
    Conclusion, cant see the focker leave unless some JFK’s him !!!

  25. Jeff


    That’s what Emirates was saying but he wasn’t the only shareholder. I was questioning why the others also sold out.

  26. Marc


    In a strange way at least it’s a move in the right direction by the AKB’s, it’s only recently they’ve began to acknowledge that something’s not right.

  27. daz


    Well I wouldn’t swap it for one title, for Utd’s trophy haul sure, I think you are selling the achievement a little short

  28. Jeff


    Well that’s your opinion. You would rather go 12 years with no title for that record. I find that very disingenuous.

  29. Jeff


    Possibly but it doesn’t make sense. They didn’t have to sell to Usmanov either. Surely it was within their power to sell their shares or not sell them. Not only did they all collectively choose to sell but they all collectively chose to sell to Kroenke. I suppose it was just pure greed in the end but it hasn’t done the club or the fans any favours whatsoever.

  30. daz

    “Hey but you take it for what it means to you To me a one loss season is the same. It’s one bounce of a ball to go either way.”

    I’ll take that runners up medal from 06 and pretend it’s the trophy then shall I, the hypocrisy is outstanding joe, mocking the 4th place trophy and coming up with all sorts of others then to turn around and give GG an unbeaten season because he was only 1 short, shame on you lol

  31. daz

    “Well that’s your opinion. You would rather go 12 years with no title for that record. I find that very disingenuous.”

    So one title say in 08 and everything would be all good? That’s disingenuous

  32. Hitman

    Sorry but Kronke isn’t a safe pair of hands.
    Great companies take measured risks to improve. AFC isn’t a US sports franchise. We have relegation and qualifying positions for Europe. Sitting on your hands and money and being risk adverse doesn’t work in Europe.
    Spuds and Leicester have already overtaken us. Make no mistake, we”re already on the slippery slope under Kronke’ business plan.

    Wenger has caused reputational damage on the pitch. We’re a world laughing stock.
    Lack of success will trigger brand and heavy financial damage under Kronke.

  33. Mike

    Good to see some posters giving nods to George graham.
    We played some great football under him , it wasn’t all 1-0 victories and dull football.
    What I’d give for a decent defence again like we had under George.
    George didn’t take any shit either.

    It’s a shame how it ended for GG and obviously managing Spurs wasn’t appreciated but I’ll always be fond of George.

    That season we won the league in 91 , our defence was MEAN.
    16 goals conceded I think, incredible.

    This Arsenal defence has driven me mad for well over a decade, wenger just will not deal with it.

  34. STV

    jeff we can only assume someone win the board was actively lobbying for him. NS Smiths decision were so significant that it propelles Kroenke to Majority hold. A bad decision.

    Off topic and unrealistic. But if there was Ferdinand Peich(former Volkswagen chief) type chief at Arsenal and if he had an unlimited cash Arsenal would end up buying Wallmart and Kroenke would get his comeuppance

  35. Jeff


    That’s not logical. You would have to define what you mean by “everything would be all good”?

    I don’t even think you know what exactly you’re saying. You are saying that if in 2003 you were ask would you like to go 49 games unbeaten and win the league but no more PLs for 12 years or go 40 games unbeaten, win the league and win another league say in the next couple of years. You are telling me you would opt for the former. Not only is that disingenuous, it is actually irrational because an unbeaten record gives you nothing but a PL win gives you a trophy.

  36. Joe


    Are you a fucken idiot.

    GG WON the title moron with a one loss season. Won the fucken title.

    Not come 4th. For the make believe trophy.

    Not come second

    He won the league you idiot. Actual trophy.

    Undefeated season doesn’t get you an extra trophy. So to me a one loss season trophy winning season is the pretty much the same. It’s not like I’m saying coming second and only losing once is the same

    Fuck me Akbs are thick as cunts

  37. Jeff


    Yes, and many say that someone was Hill-Wood. He is probably the one that should take the lion’s share of the blame for this huge mess.

  38. Joe

    Daz would probably rather come in 4th and qualify for the ucl every season then win one league in the last 12 and come 5th every other season. Ucl under wenger means nothing because he is to much of a loser to win it.

  39. Emiratesstroller


    The point is that Fiszman sold his shares in two tranches. The second was on his
    death bed.

    I think that it was pretty obvious by the time of his death that there were only two options who were capable of buying shares in sufficient quantity to take control of club.

    The Board Members rightly or wrongly opted for Kroenke rather than Usmanov. Personally I am willing to bet that Arsenal’s Board did due diligence on both prospective owners before making that decision.

  40. daz


    no that’s not what you asked, you said would i trade the unbeaten season for one trophy and the answer is no i wouldn’t, the 12 yrs without a title has happened it’s too late dropping one more title in the mix wouldn’t make it any better, it would be quickly forgotten where as the invincibles is something that will live long in the memory. again you are re wording your point to give a different meaning after i had gave a reasonable answer. in 03 given the choice of going 12 yrs without a trophy of course i wouldn’t take it.

  41. Jeff

    Huge accolade to George Graham specifically because he had success in Europe unlike Wenger who has consistently failed in Europe for 20 years even when he had arguably one of the best teams in Europe between 2001 and 2006.

  42. Jeff


    It’s not me that gives it that meaning – it was you but you didn’t realise what you were trading which is why I put it that way and you’re now backtracking. Nobody in their right mind would go 12 years without a PL title for an unbeaten record – nobody.

  43. daz


    so why did you even mention that he was 1 loss from doing it? you tried to compare it as being the same thing

  44. Phd007

    A few things to charge through..

    Firstly let’s dispel this myth that Arsene revolutionised English football,when he hit these shores back in 1996..The media and AKB’s paying homage to Arsene introducing dietary requirements,stretching and general training methods has had me laughing for years..The media, for an eternity have ran with this idea that Arsene was some kind of revolutionary guru..

    Utter ignorance springs to mind..

    Let’s first start of with clubs in Italy,Germany,France,Spain..It was and has been generally accepted that paying attention to diet,stretching(pre&post) and conditioning was a long accepted norm across Continental Europe,pre Arsene’s introduction to the EPL..

    Going further,anyone who has competed at a decent level(international level) across a variety of disciplines,albeit athletics,rowing,tennis,just to name a few sports,will tell you that diet,conditioning,stretching etc,etc, was the standard.Any athlete prior to the charlatans(Arsene) introduction to the EPL,will attest to this..I know,as I competed at a decent level in a particular discipline.Trained alongside Olympians and the above I mentioned,was part of our training..So this was nothing new..

    Not sure who has been pedalling this great big myth(or lie for almost two decades)..Maybe as far back then, Arsene had a PR team,making him out to be some kind of sage..

    I grant you this,with the invincibles team I had witnessed some scintillating football,not seen in the EPL ,or the First Division(prior to EPL).I give Arsene credit for the style of football he brought to the table..He sure had game..

    But let’s be factual,it’s complete hogwash to say he revolutionised football,with regards to training methods..All he did,was change the cultural habits(in terms of the conditioning,stretching and diet)..

    Another lie to dispel,amongst a forest full of lies…

  45. daz


    i assumed you meant would i trade it now for one trophy over the years, if you meant go back to 03 and choose you should have said in the first place, so ill ask you if we won the title in 08 would you feel any better for it now?

  46. STV

    The unbeaton run masked the bottling of biggest oppurtunity for Wenger to win CL.

    Unbeaten runs are only significant in tennis not football. It was a league title with luxury. Not a lot more..

  47. Jeff

    “And wenger has had way more resources than GG ever had.”


    And I’m pretty sure Arsenal tickets weren’t the most expensive in Europe either at the time. They’ve turned Arsenal into a den of thieves.

  48. STV

    Incidently that too was. He denied probably two of the things he craved more in his life. A league title after 12 years and a cl win.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Should be a good game tonight, PSG missing a fair few players and City have De Bruyne back, should be a good, open, attacking game

  50. daz


    fair enough you are entitled to have that opinion, but for some reason i feel had any other manager done it at arsenal rather than wenger and it would be getting a bit more recognition

  51. Jeff


    Of course. It’s a rhetorical question. Would I feel better if we wont the league in 2008? Yes. If you were to ask me would 1 PL title in 12 years be good enough, I would have to answer no – it would still be an underachievement.

  52. Joe

    I wonder why GG gets no recognition from the Akbs for the 1 loss season.

    An undefeated season is great for the biography and historians. nothing else.

    It does not get us any extra trophies. We still haven’t won a league in 12 or CL ever with wenger. Going undefeated doesn’t change that or does it make wenger any less of a failure.

    Nor should it grant him any leeway what’s soever for the last 12 seasons.

    He has been an absolute failure and a cunt and disrespecting git along the way.

  53. STV

    Movie Quote.. But still significant

    “You either die as a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”..

  54. karim

    Shit half, ain’t it ?
    What a mistake Blanc has made to play 3/5/2, not the night to experiment a new system, psg lucky Aguero missed his pen.
    Hope they revert to good old 4/4/2 or City are in the semi-finals.

    Doesn’t look like a CL game in terms of intensity.

  55. WengerEagle

    RedtruthApril 12, 2016 15:23:49

    ‘PSG will stroll to victory with plenty to spare with Aguero once again exposed as a dud against superior opposition.’

    Plenty to spare eh?


  56. boy dio

    i’m reading the first page and my head is hurting from this banter about the 30mil arsene had available to spend yearly somehow mixing with the wage bill.

    …since when does a “transfer budget” also include the money for player wages? that’s a totally seperate bill, a different pile of money altogether.
    when the board comes out and says arsene has x amount of money to spend they really mean he can spend that much on just transfer fees, there are no player wages factored in there, that has its own budget.
    money for transfers can be shifted to the wage bill but why do that when our wages are so controlled as is?
    ffs our largest earner isn’t even reportedly getting 150k weekly…unless we count arsene himself i guess.
    the only thing in the player contracts that could interact with the transfer budget itself are signing on fees, which I’m sure wilshere and walcott have profited from handsomely in recent history

    eh, just throwing out my 2 cents, arsene could have literally dropped a 30mil transfer fee each year if he wanted to, maybe I’ll let you say 28mil if we include a 1mil a piece signing bonus for player and agent, maybe 26mil if it’s 2mil a piece.
    but for the love of all that is blessed and holy don’t assume that the transfer budget and wage bill are the same thing.

    money can be taken from either to boost the other but that doesn’t mean they are the same budget.
    and i fully believe David dein when he says arsene had 30mil to spend yearly after moving to the emirates, i also believe gazidis when he said arsene had 70mil or whatever amount to spend, on just transfer fees