Three more years of Wenger looking likely… shameless

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3 more years and a ploughman’s please


Afternoon. Whatever.

The AST held one of their fancy meetings and invited Henry Winter down for a chat. Sounds like it was VERY interesting. Some highlights for me.

  • Arsene had cash, to the tune of £30m per year post Highbury. Now, not that it’s perfect, but this came from David Dein apparently and it was also drilled home by Fiszman before he passed, and you could also see it in the accounts…
  • Winter thinks that Wenger is no longer an elite manager
  • He thinks Arsenal made a mistake letting Klopp and Pep pass us by
  • Thinks Wenger is no longer a draw for top players, the club’s location and the cash is. Again, no shock, can’t see many elite players clamouring to play for a manager who is incapable of winning major honours

So that’s interesting. When the leading UK sports journo is saying what we’ve all been saying for 7-8 years, you know it’s curtains for the manager.

Worst part about the whole thing was the intimation that Wenger is probably going to sign a new deal. Totally horrendous. Totally shameless. Totally Wenger.

He just doesn’t know how to call time on his stuttering career. The only way he’ll go is when he fails hard. Which would be appealing, but what will likely happen is just more averageness. Stuck in top four mediocrity. Keep our heads just above water… instill a bit of hope for the next year… but ultimately fail on the major goals of the club and the primary reason for us moving on.

We need a trailblazer at the club. Fresh ideas. Fresh impetus.

But… we’re not getting it. Which is just so boring. But there you go!

Right, that’s me done. Have a great day!

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  1. Ughelligunner

    Watch this scenero, Mourhino sees Costa who he bought for 35m, wins the league with him and smiles saying that is my greatest achievement, the next year he is sacked for not replicating it with Pedro another player bought.

    Wenger sees Coquelin a player he has seen right from youth metamorphised into a player everybody wants, grabs top four finish, the next year repeats the same with Iwobi, he is retained. All without spending a dime.

    Wont you ask yourselves if these two guys above have bosses and why they dont think alike? One punishes medeocrity, the other rewards it.

  2. N5

    Cheers STV. I noticed. Although it does seem like there are a lot more pro-Wengers (or maybe just louder ones) than I remember.

  3. WengerEagle

    Will be interesting to see if Gooners do form some meaningful protests if Wenger is handed another 3 year deal.

    At most other top clubs he would have been hounded out years ago IMO.

  4. Dissenter

    “I agree with you, wenger isnt ruthless enough and he doesnt care about trophies anymore, but why would he be ruthless to his playing and nonplaying staff when his boss isnt ruthless to him, the manager?”

    …and yet you defend him so irrationally.
    His boss’ error is not firing him but it doesn’t mask the fact that Wenger is a fraudster who’s sucking the life force out of the club.

  5. Bob

    N5 I would probably cull 3/4 of the sqaud if I had it my way but never the less a major overhaul is definitley required, can we really afford top top names in the areas we need to address let alone the deadwood which we are finally (hopefully) getting shot off? This summer will be big but we won’t get what we need, just look at this granit xhaka speculation, munchengladbach listening to offers, they want £32mill we’ve ‘scouted’ him 30+ times but we table a bid of £24mill, what’s the bet Liverpool,Man U,Chelsea see this and think pathetic here’s ur £32mill, & he ends up bullying our midfield for the next 4-5 seasons but it’s ok cause wenger almost signed him so it’s almost the same thing! CB/CF/CM/RW & RB are vital for me this summer if we get qaulity in them areas & some good youth to bolster the sqaud we will probably still finish 4th because well you know.

  6. gambon

    “If the £30m per annum is true, we should have more than £250m in the bank”

    This isnt true at all.

    And, if it wasnt for the splurge in 2014, we would have £250m in the bank.

    All of this also ingores the fact that if we hadnt under invested to the tune of £250m in the last 10 years, we probably would have won some more trophies, and had better players on display.

    All of which would have led to more revenue from Prize Money, TV Money and Commercial money.

    Investment breeds success, which breeds greater investment.

    If we had brought in Hazard, Suarez, Alonso, etc, I bet our current main sponsorship deals wouldnt be £65m pa behind Man Utd.

  7. Bob

    Stark contrast to the dein days, petit was in London at shite hart lane to sign a contract when dein rung him & said before you sign for them come and see me, Alan suger paid for the taxi that took petit to see dein & wenger where petit had dinner and signed for Arsenal that day & the rest is history.

  8. WengerEagle

    I was calling for us to sign Xhaka on here in Spring 2015.

    How it takes the Arsenal scouts so long to cop on to a player’s ability I’ll never know, everyone and their mother wants him now and his price tag will have obviously soared.

  9. N5

    Eagle, I’ll see out this season because I’ve already paid but I’m not sure if I’ll renew, the supporters club will take the season ticket on regardless and keep it going for me if I chose not too so I’m lucky in that respect, but another 3 years of Wenger would certainly mean 3 years minimum that I don’t go.

    The atmosphere at the club is so mixed now. It’s changed from last season which although is a very slow process more and more people are coming to the Le Grove way of thinking. It’s a tense atmosphere nearly every match, the banners are slowly making an appearance. In fact more and more each week even if you don’t get to see them for long as they’re jumped on rather quick. I’ve seen at least a handful recently which I know isn’t ground breaking but for Arsenal the fascists of anti Wenger rhetoric this is progess.

    I don’t think the overall consensus will be a happy one if is stays and I think the club constantly lie about the figures of waiting lists/demand so it’ll be interesting to see the outcome for next season.

  10. STV

    Wenger doing to Sanchez what he did to Arshavin. Any top player wouldn’t fancy playing for Wenger anymore.

    Ugh you’re are a passive fan. We have passive players playing for passive Wenger. ‘If he ain’t care for shit neither are we’.

    PhD was right. You all deserve each other. Everyone at the club is perfectly matched. bar some desperate fans !!

  11. Bob

    Probably because they have scouts like Grimandi who probably watches them calls wenger and says no we can’t buy him he isn’t human the things this guys can do with a football the fa would never allow it there would be an inquiry but don’t worry I’ll find some top top qaulity like I was back in the day! If xhaka has a bad season we might buy him wenger loves a project!

  12. John I

    Gutted should this happen. I have a recurring nightmare, it’s the cup final and were playing second raters, suddenly we are 2-0 down and we clear from our goal line! Nearly 3-0. He doesn’t prepare his teams adequately, never has, for example you have to some plan to stop a monster like Carroll, Not us!

  13. STV

    WE Why you?

    Our 8m a year manager is paid to “identify’ players. Evidently he got a veiw of Xhaka finally. Now he’ll ” try” to sign the player. But seeing this is not a “supermarket” he will probably going to fail. But he is somehow doing his job nevertheless!!

  14. gambon


    I dont think we need to do anything as drastic as sell 3/4 of the squad. We just need a spine of top class, robust, mentally strong players.

    Ive said this a million times, we have an entire squad full of squad players.

    After that its about ambition, preparation, tactics and motivation.

    Even if just the above 4 issues had been sorted this season, we would have won the PL.

    Sadly, I think 90% of fans now realise that Wenger will never change, and so we are being held to ransom until he leaves.

    But in terms of winning the PL, I think we would go into next seasons as (joint) favourites if we did the following:

    Cech – Keep
    Szczesny/Ospina – Keep one, sell the other
    Martinez – Sell
    Koscielny – Keep as first choice
    Sign new, top class CB
    Mertesacker – Keep as backup
    Gabriel – keep as backup
    Bellerin – keep as first choice
    Monreal – keep as first choice
    Gibbs – sell and replace
    Chambers – keep as second choice RB and 5th choice CB
    New DM
    New CM
    Coquelin – Keep as backup, takes Flaminis role
    Elneny – Keep as backup, takes Artetas role
    Cazorla – Keep as backup, takes Rosickys role
    Ramsey – Keep as backup
    Wilshere – Write him off, but wont be able to sell
    Chamberlain – sell
    New wide AM
    Ozil – Keep as first choice (Manage him very strictly as hes lazy)
    Sanchez – keep as first choice (Tell him to get back to the workrate of last year)
    Giroud – sell and replace
    Walcott – sell and replace
    Welbeck – Keep as backup
    Campbell – sell
    Iwobi – keep as backup
    New world class CF

    So that would mean us selling 7 players and buying 6 players, 5 first team players.

    We would also sell crap kids like Wellington and Hayden etc.

    For me the following team wins the PL:






    Youre probably looking at £200m spent, and a net spend of £115m, but so what.

    We have £150m alone in extra TV money in the next 3 years.

  15. Bob

    CM- Cazorla,wilshere,Ramsey,coq,elneny,(ox)
    CF-welbeck,Theo,Campbell,giroud, (akpom)
    Why do I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I look at this and realise wenger may be looking at this differently from the fans, & that this summer maybe a another in a long list of disappointments

  16. WengerEagle


    It’s interesting in that respect, just shows how winning the F.A Cup both seasons really did had a powerful influence on the fan base. The atmosphere in 2013 was a lot worse than it was last year, that’s how Arsenal Fan TV for example really exploded wasn’t it? After the Villa game in 2013 when we were beaten 3-1 at home, Chris, Moh and Claude became overnight celebrities in the footballing world.

    Winning the F.A Cup was great, especially twice but if you look at both Cup runs we really were pretty fortunate with our run to the Finals.

    Wigan in the SF and Hull in the Final in 2014, not to mention home ties against Liverpool and Spurs, and in 2015 SF vs Reading and a Final vs Aston Villa.

    United away at OT was the only very tough match of the run-in IMO and we were gifted a winner from Antonio Valencia.

    Do you think that Wenger would still be here if we hadn’t of won the F.A Cups? Based on the atmosphere and feeling amongst people going to the matches?

    I’ve heard that the club are lying already about the attendances, some matches this season there have been a lot of empty red seats around the stadium.

  17. Bob

    Gambon I see your point and would definitely agree but under this manager & with a injury record rival to none I don’t see us keeping that 11 fully fit through a season as wenger doesn’t know or doesn’t seem to care for rotation, I think the sqaud players we keep have to be motivated & able to step up when called upon, but as we have seen this season under wenger I just can’t see them doing it, don’t get me wrong our sqaud players aren’t the worst, wenger just doesnt utilise & keep the sqaud fresh & on there toes

  18. Bob

    Not only that we have to pay close attention to what other teams are doing this summer as in sure they will drastically change personnel and have better managers so I can’t help but think the team you picked all be it very good is nailed on to win the league next season there’s just to many variables

  19. N5

    WE, I really don’t think he would no. The FA cups were a fortunate crack filler for AW. They gave him a lifeline that even a third win this season wouldn’t have cut the mustard (IMO) . We’re a big club and we should be challenging the Premiership and ECL and with the way this season has gone, the FA cup still would have seemed like a runners up prize. Obviously with how our seasons panned out I’d take it now.

    Regarding the seats. It’s like that nearly every match. 1000s of empty ones and the club without fail always say a full attendance. Apparently they are sold seats and tickets have gone out for them but for one reason or another people haven’t turned up but they still count. I’m sceptical if I’m honest.

  20. gambon


    I do agree. I am of the opinion that until Wenger goes, we:

    1- Will not win the PL regardless of circumstance (this year compltely proves that)
    2- Should not spend any money

    For me, Wenger is like the anti-marginal gains manager.

    Marginal Gains being the idea of improving performance by tiny fractions.

    Wenger does the opposite.

    His lack of ambition, his lack of holding players accountable, his lack of desire to get off his seat, his lack of tactical planning, the injury issues, the defesive brain farts, the complete lack of motivation.

    Each little aspect loses us a couple of points per season, combines they have made us a 70-75 point team rather than an 85-90 point team.

    As Wenger Eagle says, I reckon if Diego Simeone had our squad this season, he would have walked the PL.

  21. daz


    Wishful thinking, even if wenger decided to do that out of the players mentioned which do you think we would have a realistic chance of signing? I would say xhaka and maybe lukaku but only if he really wanted to stay in England

  22. Red&White4life

    “Do you think that Wenger would still be here if we hadn’t of won the F.A Cups?”

    Are you serious ?? lol

  23. gambon


    Szczesny £8m
    Martinez £2m
    Gibbs £10m
    Chamberlain £15m
    Walcott £20m
    Giroud £15m
    Campbell £10m
    Plus Wellington, Hayden, kids £5m

  24. Bob

    100% agree simeone would be making the best of a bad situation as I still think kroenke is a complete tool and largely the culprit of arsenals new found attitude of not being the best they possibly can be, but making it look like there trying. I’d like to think simeone would bitch slap afew players back to reality & make them realise it’s all good having all the fucking talent & promise but you’ve got to give 110% every single second, hard work wins out majority of the time, to many players on cloud 9 because they can produce decent tekkers once in a season

  25. shad

    Have to agree with you @gambon there.

    Looking at the current team, you do not need a super manager to get the best out of them. I reckon even a manager like Koeman, Klopp or Bilic would extract so much more. Their tactical nous, motivation approach and general player management including transfers are so much different.
    Everything is so stale with Wenger. I don’t want him to spend a single penny to bring in a world class player only to watch that player settle into an inertia of mediocrity and playing for the wages and 4th place. On the other hand him not spending at all will mean we will probably fall off the top 4 and it’ll make us more unattractive (at least not from the glory angle).

    In short we need a new gaffer.

  26. WengerEagle


    Agree, the F.A Cup wouldn’t have got the same reception this season at all, even last season although we had a similar finish in the league to a lot of people we were going in the right direction with the addition of Sanchez especially and the emergence of players such as Bellerin and Coquelin.

    The fact that we’re actually doing worse in the league this season rather than properly challenging for the title as a lot of people thought that we would 2 months back proves that Wenger is taking us backwards.

    There really can be no excuses for this season’s failure, the fact that Wenger is bringing up Leicester not having to worry about playing in Europe is pathetic, they’re Leicester City ffs! They have a fraction of the resources that we have.

    And it’s not like our collapse can be blamed on Europe either, we get smashed in the last 16 first leg every season so by mid-late February we’re out of Europe anyway.

    I know that you’ve been previously involved (maybe you still are) in the Black Scarf Movement, how serious would they be for forming a big Wenger Out campaign? Or Kroenke Out which IMO could also get Wenger out as no ambitious owner would tolerate Wenger’s antics any longer.

    Or is it not something that would be entertained by enough people?

    Hate this belief that we are some sort of ‘classy’ club that is above a protest, at the end of the day football is a working class game. And that’s how I like it.

  27. STV

    After Arsenal survived the period of “dark days” and austerity, and became a top club again Wenger had the following discussion with his most loyal fans.

    Wenger: -“Do you want us to win remier league or the Champions league? ”
    AKBs: “Champions league Champions league”..

    Wenger: “ok, but doyou want the premier league or FA cup”
    AKBs: “Premier league Premier league”..

    Wenger: “But what if I say I give FA cup and UCl qualification”
    AKBs: “Yes master. Give it to us”

    After this season

    AKBs: “Master we didn’t get our FA cup. ”
    Wenger: “A top 4 place is like winning a cup”

  28. WengerEagle

    Problem with Walcott comes back to wages gambon IMO.

    I could see someone paying £20 million for Walcott (enough foolish clubs out there) but paying him £140,000 a week s a different matter entirely.

    That would make him the highest wage earner at practically every club outside of the top 5 or 6 and he’s not good enough to be a starter for anyone in the top 5 or 6.

    My hope is that he gets an obscene financial offer from China although it’s incredibly unlikely.

    He seems delusional about his own ability, he genuinely thinks that he’s good enough to start for us despite scoring 8 goals all season playing in the middle and wide right.

  29. Dream10


    In the last month, every time journalists ask him “Arsene, what can you learn from Leicester?” his reply is “It is not always about money”

    We also have a major failing at board level and Ceo/director of football level.
    AW is risk averse. In addition to his idealistic nature regarding his players, IMO, this is his major weakness. We have executives who are sitting on their hands trying to competing with PL counterparts who are working on overdrive & still not satisfied.

  30. wenker-wanger

    Wenger and spending from the razor mouth of mourinho: “he doesn’t want to spend big money on players because it puts him under pressure to win the league”. I agree wholeheartedly….the fraudster has worked his comfy 4th place, no-stress money -spinner like a well oiled machine.
    Please no more defense of wankger. Its not an intellectual discussion anymore.
    The king has no clothes and only the mentally sick believe he is wearing a dodgy zip up coat!

  31. Steveyg87

    The shopping lists are already starting..

    Lord help us! Has Wenger done anything to suggest that he is intent on changing? All his comments are the same, sighting Leicester as a club that has proven you don’t need money to win things.

    Whatever you do, don’t get your hopes up this summer, seriously, don’t do it. Its sad that a man can become so arrogant, that he’s prepared to sacrifice the club to push his own agenda. Nobody on the board have the bollocks to boot him. A club infested with mediocrity.

  32. gambon


    The thing is, you need to manage these situations and be ruthless.

    Therefore Wenger is already not the man for the job.

    Tell Theo he is no longer part of the clubs plans and that he wont be playing next season or any future season. Tell his agent that £20m is the price. Im pretty sure he would be a bit flexible. We may have to pay him off the difference, or some of the difference.

    For example if Everton came in and offered £100m per week over 4 years, thats £20m vs £21m from us (£140k over 3 years). I dont think we would have to pay him too much to get shot of him.

    Considering every club in the PL will have £30m to £50m extra, I think we could get a buyer.

  33. gambon

    You can imagine how Wenger will approach that conversation:

    “Hello Theo. I need to inform you that due to your performances and the desire of the club to push forward, we will not be looking to use you, what I mean is you dont have the mental str, i mean you arent top kwal…….i would like to offer you a new contact at £200k per week”

  34. WengerEagle

    Matuidi and Verratti are big losses for PSG, Luiz isn’t really as Marquinhos is quality and Luiz himself isn’t great.

    Expect City to win the midfield battle with Yaya back, Silva and De Bruyne, PSG’s front 3 will cause City all sorts of problems though, Di Maria in particular.

    It will be about who takes their chances and I trust Aguero to bury them more than I do Ibrahimovic.

    PSG will also have to go out attack which will play into City’s hands on the break.

  35. gambon

    Where as this is how the mighty one would handle that conversation:

    “Listen Theo. You have failed to live up to the required standards of this club every single season but one since you were here. I do understand that you have injury problems, but that isnt our responsibility. You will not play any further part in this team, and as of next season you will be behind Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Campbell and Iwobi, so i do not see you getting any playing time.

    You are of course welcome to stay and provide backup should we need it, but I cant play you in U21 games as we need to use them for development. Of course you will probably lose your England spot but I have to think of Arsenal.

    Let me know what you want to do.”

  36. alexanderhenry

    Let’s be clear about the Henry Winter AST speech.

    Anyone who believes what a football journalist says or writes is a fool. We like reading their articles; all that gossip and speculation, but their two main goals in life are to further their own careers and sell newspapers.

    Until people such as David Dein actually step forward and verify these claims by Winter, I’ll take his words with a pinch of salt- maybe a large sack of salt actually.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    I mean that the manager that Arsenal recruit will need to follow the business model of the club and will be someone who will maintain stability and not be

    That is why the club would never recruit a Manager like Mourinho.

    You can see the mentality of the club long before Kroenke arrived at the club.
    It applies not only to staff, but the Board as well. Usmanov despite his large shareholding will not be invited to join the Board as indeed was the case with
    Roger Levitt when he was the club’s largest shareholder.

  38. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    I want to City to go thru. Had enough of the Zlatan circus. PSG have beem branded as an elite side. Not sure they are there yet. Fancy City to get at least two goals.

  39. WengerEagle


    Could well be but then it comes back to Theo’s arrogance, will he be happy to move to Everton at this stage in his career? He’s no spring chicken at 27 and he will basically be giving up on playing Champions League football with respect to Everton.

    Agree that a proper manager would just simply freeze him out of the team and explain to him in no simple terms that he isn’t part of his plans and that he doesn’t have a future at the club. Like Klopp is basically doing to Benteke now.

    Then again, it’s because of Wenger that we’re semi-trapped with Walcott, he was out of his mind to give him a contract until he was 30 for £140,000 a week.

    He’s never even hit the same BPL goal tally in a season as Grant Holt, Ricky Lambert, Jamie Vardy or Odion Ighalo, players that were playing Championship football well into their 20’s.

  40. Relieable Sauce

    Cohesion, mental strength, a squad fit for purpose, good scouting and excellent management have all played a key role in Leicesters success.

    We cannot compete with that.

  41. Jacko

    Gambon 11:47:59

    Agree with your entire squad analysis, except would only keep Chambers as 5th choice CB.

    His turn of pace is gets horribly exposed out wide.

    New cover at RB and that squad looks pretty solid.

  42. WengerEagle


    Agree, they certainly aren’t.

    That’s why I feel like this tie in a way is more about which financial powerhouse gets one over the other, who is ahead of who in terms of their long-term project.

    It doesn’t matter which of the two go through in terms of winning it this season as they will get knocked out by Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid.

    (providing that Real turn up tonight and get the job done of course)

    Just getting to the SF will be seen as progress, especially for City.

  43. N5

    To be honest Eagle, the BSM are more about what’s happening with invested money. Not spending on transfers whilst paying the highest ticket prices is one of the main issues for them but Wenger never seemed to come up.

    I think they’re run by AlexandreHenry because they seem to be blaming Kronkunt for it all.

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Much as I agree with your list of disposals I don’t see Arsenal selling both Walcott and Ox. Its not going to happen. If we are lucky one will be sold.

    Another problem with your list is that 5 out of 7 players are Home Grown. My
    personal opinion is that Martinez might be retained as third string goalkeeper
    for next season with Macey being loaned out to gain match experience.

    Personally I would offload also Chambers, because I don’t think that he is good
    enough to play in our team either as a Right or Centre Back. I think that Jenkinson is a better option for squad full back position and we need definitely a top class Centre Back replacement.

  45. N5

    “Hate this belief that we are some sort of ‘classy’ club that is above a protest”

    Some fella was talking on BBC about this myth of Arsenal being a classy club. He said Arsenal have referred to Tottenham as Yid$ for years and sang about gassing them. Sang r@p£ songs at RVP and sang about Elephants and the coach shooting to Adebayor. He kind of had a point.

    We are certainly not to classy for a protest….to stupid maybe???

  46. wenker-wanger

    Walcott, yet another flop. He has been wengerised!
    Wengerised: (slang), the process by which potentially good or ready-mades star players,suffer a catastrophic loss of form by the non-motivational, Wrong positioning and ambition less influence of arsene Wenger.

  47. Redtruth

    I love how N5 pops up on legrove at the end of the season (to avoid stick) after dutifully sitting through the same garbage as previous seasons.

  48. gambon


    Give it a rest. Why does it matter to you who does/doesnt go to the Emirates?

    You can support the team and have issues with Arsene Wenger / Stan Kroenke / The Tea lady.

    I hate the standards of our rail network, I still use them to commute.

  49. N5

    Dial, I’ve explained my reasons before. If I get rid of my ticket it’ll be a decade before I could get it back and Wenger won’t be there for ever. I understand it would be a good gesture to tear it up and post it to the club, but I’d be cutting my own nose off to spite my face.

  50. N5

    “You said the same thing 5 years ago.and Wenger still”

    He’ll have to finish eventually, no one goes on forever.

  51. STV

    Likening the railways to supporting a football club sums you up as”

    Points aside that was really funny. lol..

  52. S Asoa


    Let us see how shameless the Skunk Wenger is .
    He is responsible to putting Kroenke in charge ,so

    Unless Kroenke recruits Blatter

  53. gambon

    Redtruth has never been to a match.

    he is the result of a horrific accident, he doesnt actually have a physical being, he is just the anthropomorphisation of hatred and anger.

    The accident happened on Avenell Rd, hence the Arsenal attachment.

  54. karim

    Sure, City look like they will go through.

    Still, one should keep in mind they haven’t won a single important game at home this season.
    Thing is not only haven’t they won those games, but they even almost lost them all if I’m not mistaken.
    City have also conceded at least a goal in all those games, except last round.

    While Yaya’s return sure is good news for their midfield, I’m rather worried by their defence, especially if Otamendi’s ankle means Demichelis starts…

    psg have also been quarter-finalists 4 times in a row now and are better away from home.

    Don’t think psg are favourites but it’s still 50/50 imo.

    As for the other tie, Madrid had better not let the Germans score first or they would have to score 4 times.

  55. N5

    Truth that brand hasn’t been around for the 32 years I’ve been visiting the ground so I’m pretty sure I’ve paid my dues.

  56. Carts

    “There really can be no excuses for this season’s failure, the fact that Wenger is bringing up Leicester not having to worry about playing in Europe is pathetic, they’re Leicester City ffs! They have a fraction of the resources that we have.”

    My gosh, Wenger is clutching like never before, now.

    Not having to play in Europe is the reason why Leicester have, hands down, been the best team in the epl. Wenger sure can’t believe what comes out of his own mouth,

    Furthermore, that is real insulting too. I mean, no mention of Ranieri doing a splendid job as their manager and motivator. No mention of genuine cohesion. Wenger is petty.

    Just admit that Ozil was absolutely correct in his assertion that we have been tripe. There’s no shame in admitting that…oh, unless it’s an indictment of Wenger’s lack of managerial skill which is becoming more and more evident, yearly.

  57. Dissenter

    Wenger is really out of his mind.
    He’s actually made the wrong deduction from the Leicester city success; spend less.

    What about stop rewarding average players with extravagant lengthy contracts.
    We gave Theo 2-3 year contracts until last year when he got a 5 years-140k weekly contract. What was the rationale?

    Oxlade is asking for an increase already and will probably get bumped to the 90-100k weekly range.

    It’s going to be very hard for a new manager to make a dent because of all these bad contracts that will require a pay-off to move the player on.

  58. STV

    Carts not much different from some idiots poping in here claiming they ‘Shouldn’t’ have won the league because they are a long ball team.

    Wenger is a culture, a loser’s attitude. Its also a fucking cancer removel of which requires a massive effort..

  59. Red&White4life

    FFs karimea, City has play the 1st tie without Touré, Sterling, Kompany…

    The mighty Sagna and the great Clichy plays tonight lol

    Shame on paris if they fail to eliminate them lol

  60. Danny

    The mighty Sagna and the great Clichy plays tonight lol
    You forgot our favorite: Nasri!!

  61. Sam

    Kante is the only Leicester player capable of shining in a big team
    I know you all love Mahrez but please leave alone

  62. STV

    Karim I think the euphoria of beating barca might have contributed to the abjuct first leg performance. I think they’ll win tonight and go thru What you think?

  63. PieAFC

    Arsenal is so divided. Some fans think were are ungrateful.

    We have nothing to be cheery about, no new vision. Same mistakes, predictability. No passion in the team.

    The pubs – your just there with your mates more than the game and the team.

    The life and fun has been sucked out of Arsenal.

    Years ago saying you were a Gooner, people would look at you with envy.

    Now you just get that sigh, that look of “oh, oh right” fucking pathetic.

  64. TitsMcGee

    If those comments by Wenger on LFC are accurate then it just further points to what a huge POS he is.

    Disingenuous, in denial, greedy SOB.

  65. karim

    You mean Chelsea, right ?
    Yeah, maybe there was a feeling that it was a better draw than usual ( Barça ).

    To me, they were average but still dominated the game and could have killed the tie if Ibra had scored the pen and the 1 on 1.

    Their midfield was unusually poor, ( even without Verratti ), Matuidi missed an easy assist to Cavani and he and Motta lost too many easy balls.

    Too many talented players had a bad day at the office, can’t believe they will do it again.

    So, yes, I kind of expect them to do it.

  66. Red&White4life

    “The life and fun has been sucked out of Arsenal.”

    And wenger looks like a old senile vampire.
    Coincidence ??

  67. Danny

    April 12, 2016 14:28:26
    Thanks I didn’t know about that.
    But of course he’ll able to play against us on 8th May which I’m going to.

  68. STV

    No karim I was talking abt Real madrid game. Not much interested in the other game although kinda expected PSG to go thru. Great result for city in first leg. But still I think PSG have a good chance to win at Etihad.

    Real Madid need to score first though inorder to make their job doable.

  69. Carts


    lol @ long balls. If that’s the case then Stoke must’ve won the league many times with Pulis at the helm.

    Wenger has to go this summer. I literally couldn’t bare another year with him at Arsenal.

  70. karim

    Oh yeah STV, they were very good at the Bernabeu.

    All the ties are tough to predict to be fair, just look at Barcelona who have only taken 1 point in their last 3 games and are going to have a torrid time at the Calderon !

  71. Bob

    Its around this time of year (perhaps a little later than normal to be fair as our title tilt ended a little later than normal) that we all start dreaming of next season and laying our ideas of what needs to happen in the summer… I thought I’d do mine

    Truth be told I actually don’t think we need mass changes…well in the playing staff anyway (4/5 players i think) =

    New DM – Xhaka or Kante fit the bill….good passers, looks good positionally, decent size, not a world-beater so doesn’t come with the ego Wenger can’t manage

    Attacking LM/RM – Reus would be the pick of the bunch for me, versatile, skills and I think he’d suit our style…. (not sure how plausible though)….worth noting I’d actually get rid of Sanchez, he doesn’t suit our style of play and tends to run head down and lose the ball 7/10 times

    CM – I’d love a Kroos or Gundogan type player….a younger version of Santi is what we need and these 2 fit the bill…I’d love Jack in this role but he is just to brittle

    Striker – I’d love to pinch Harry Kane…strong, willing runner, good with the ball at his feet and knows where the goal is….but it won’t happen (could it??) If we can’t find one…shift Sanchez up top and have Giroud in the team when the opposition sit back and play deep

    CB – Need a solid WC centre back to replace per and put Gabriel on the bench

    Release: Arteta / Rosicky / Flamini
    Sell: Walcott, Chamberlain, Sanchez (if a W/C striker can be found), Ospina (i’d rather keep Schez – and a year or two with Cech may just sort the little bastard out), I’d be tempted to sell Ramsey if a big bid comes in but unlikely and replace any other sells

  72. Redtruth

    At least AKB’s are genuine in their delusion unlike the pretence of the majority of WOB like gambon, Midwest, N5, Bamford, Cesc Appeal and Jeff.

  73. shad

    Expecting Real to spank Wolfsburg tonight. Will probably be 2 goals up in the 1st half. In the first leg they were woefully wasteful and belaboured getting back to position. Their defence was all spaced out. Doubt they’ll make the same mistakes again, not in front of their fans.

    The ManCIty – PSG game is the hard one to predict. Both teams lacking key players (City have had an AWOL defence since Kompany joined Wilshere) and PSG have a knack of switching off when it really matters – thought they’ll really miss Matuidi’s industry, tackles and positioning.

    I expect City to go through by a very slim margin . 3 -2.

  74. STV

    Carts each year of Wenger feels like you have to sit in the same class another year bacause you have failed to make the required grades (not that I ever did:) ). Very hard to take.. Another 3 year contract? No words.

  75. Joe


    Dein is the one who told winter that Arsenal had 30m to spend every summer

    Ugh had no fucken idea about anything.

    Neither does Wallace.

    Notice Wallace has been non existent the last few days. He is wrong about everything.

    The Akbs are so brain dead it’s beyond belief

    Dein comes out and says we have 30m and you have Ugh talking total bullocks about how it’s not true.

    Cunt has never been to a match but knows what dein meant from Nigeria.


  76. Emiratesstroller

    Roger Levitt was at one time the largest shareholder at the club and his shares were probably acquired subsequently by Danny Fiszman who then became Arsenal’s largest shareholder.

  77. STV

    Karim la liga is coming to life at last. Everyone thought its done and dusted. Would be interesting if Athletico wins it.

    Tbh I like some surprises in UCL which almost became predictable ever since the seeding system came out.

  78. Joe

    And trying to discredit Henry

    He is the chief football writer for the times.

    Not some opportunist

    He’s in close with Arsenal and is a supporter

  79. Emiratesstroller


    He reminds me of Corbynistas. People who were failures at school, dropped out
    of University, never had a proper job and resents anyone who has made money.

    Personally I doubt that RT even watches Arsenal on a TV screen let alone goes to
    the matches at Emirates or previously at Highbury.

  80. Danny

    April 12, 2016 15:23:09
    Roger Levitt was at one time the largest shareholder at the club and his shares were probably acquired subsequently by Danny Fiszman who then became Arsenal’s largest shareholder.
    You’ve mentioned this in the past and I take your word for it but I’ve never seen it written anywhere, only ever heard of Dein buying up tons of shares.

  81. Leedsgunner

    I can guarantee you if Wolfsburg DOES knock out Real and Draxler puts in another MotM performance — Wenger will pipe up with the now tired refrain…

    “I tried to sign him…”

    It doesn’t matter Arsene. The reality is you didn’t. The reality is no one cares. The reality is we are out of Europe yet again, far too early.

  82. karim

    Phew, got it now 😉

    Yep, always the same teams in the semi-finals, getting a bit boring now so let’s hope for a massive revolution, exit Madrid, Barça and Bayern !

    And yeah, crazy how Barça could lose it all when everyone was expecting them to win it all 2 months ago.

  83. Joe

    What if taletico knock out Barca today. How will wenger , ugh, Wallace etc explain that’?

    Or Wolfsburg knock out real?

    How can they compete with the Spanish bank money teams? Or compete with MSN???

  84. Emiratesstroller


    I was advised long ago that Danny Fiszman and Dein were childhood friends.

    Fiszman was a very wealthy man, whilst Dein was not and particularly after his
    sugar brokerage business went bust.

    Strong rumour had it that Fiszman also financed Dein when he bought shares in the club.

    In any event Fiszman was the driving force at the club and never David Dein
    who was a salaried employee.

    My information is that Fiszman and Dein fell out partly over the decision to build Emirates. Dein wanted the club to move to Wembley.

    Also Dein approached Kroenke about buying into Arsenal without consulting
    either Fiszman or Board. Indeed Kroenke has also maintained that he was misled about Arsenal’s wishes when he bought his original shareholding.

    As I said Dein was not only a Club Director, but also a paid employee of the club so you have to ask why he did not seek or get paid compensation when he
    was removed from Board and lost his remuneration.

  85. Jeff


    I thought Dein left of his own accord rather than removed. It’s all very ironic anyway because it is said that Dein left because he wanted to bring in Kroenke but the board didn’t – that was supposed to be the “irreconcilable differences” they had. Is this not how it was?

  86. Jeff

    In essence and on hindsight, it looks like Dein was responsible for bringing in both Wenger and later Kroenke as well – both of which have been nothing short of a disaster for the club. I can’t help thinking though that had Dein stayed, the landscape that followed would have been significantly better in the ensuing years.

  87. £8,000,000

    Think the man city away game would be a great opportunity for fans that are going and want wenger out to all make there feelings known to the club , a large amount of banners stating various things would get the message across and would get a lot of media coverage, it would be the best opportunity before the summer break. Before anyone asks, I’m not going , as although I have been going regularly since the late seventies I have only been to a handful of champs league games away in last 3 years as I can’t stand wenger anymore ! Fair play to the fans who do still go!

  88. STV

    If Dean haven’t had his way, you can see many discussions like these currently going on ‘Nayoga Grampus Eight’ fansite.

  89. Emiratesstroller


    You can interpret Dein’s departure anyway you want, but if you are a paid
    director earning several hundred thousand pounds a year you negotiate a
    financial package before you leave. There was never any financial compensation package included in Arsenal’s accounts.

    The deterioration in relationship started before the arrival of Kroenke. Dein
    probably rightly felt that the major shareholders of club before Kroenke or
    Usmanov were not financially strong enough to compete with someone like

  90. Joe


    How are we doing on that front now?

    You have no idea what happened with Dein and the rest. So please don’t speculate.

  91. alexanderhenry


    Winter is a hack.
    It makes no difference who he writes for. The fact that he’s just moved to the Times means that he’s trying to make waves. That’s all.
    Some of the comments he made at the AST are ridiculous.

  92. Jeff


    I suppose it doesn’t really matter whether Dein jumped or was pushed but what I do know is that after he left, we just couldn’t get those “gem” players any more. Van Persie was the last of them in my view.

    But coming back to Dein wanting a billionaire owner – most of us would have agreed with him that that was indeed the future. But Kroenke of all people? He had nothing but loser written all over him given his other clubs and ventures. What possible reason could anyone have had (including Dein) that Kroenke was going to be anything like Abramovich? Did they not look into his background? Why Kroenke? Even if they didn’t want Usmanov, why did they settle on Kroenke? It’s still a huge mystery to me.

  93. Joe

    Why Alexander??

    Because they disagree with everything you’ve been spouting on here for months??

    Everything he said was 100% spot on

    And I’ll take his and dein’s word over some Akb wanker like you.

  94. Cesc Appeal

    So insider journalists comments don’t matter, Arsenal board members comments don’t matter, financial results don’t matter, Wenger had no money to spend they are all lying and Wenger is graciously shouldering the blame?

  95. Joe

    Wenger himself could come out with the truth and all the Akbs would say it’s not true and still defend him with the bullshit of the last 12 years.

  96. Joe

    It’s all kronke’s and dein’s fault

    Thank god wenger stayed with us. Sacrificed his life for Arsenal. Built the Emirates. Paid for it. Thank god he gave birth to Henry viera petit pires Freddie db 10

  97. Dissenter

    ‘Winter is a hack.
    It makes no difference who he writes for. The fact that he’s just moved to the Times means that he’s trying to make waves. That’s all.
    Some of the comments he made at the AST are ridiculous”

    Coming from the joker who argued for days that Wenger’s last summer transfer budget was limited to about 10 million.
    Mr. Winters is a lot more credible than you.

  98. Joe

    Forgot he gave birth to Adams, keown, winter urn Dixon and seaman

    If it wasn’t for wenger we never Would of heard of chapman or GG and we probably would of done a Leeds

  99. Cesc Appeal


    Its because Wenger is faultless to them, if Wenger spends nothing, he had nothing to spend, if Wenger spends £10 Million, he had £10 Million to spend only…

  100. Joe

    I forgot Alex is connected to the board. He has an inside line to sir chips I think

    He knows what’s going on. Finger on the pulse and all that.

    Still hasn’t answered where you line Alexander Henry??