Three more years of Wenger looking likely… shameless

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3 more years and a ploughman’s please


Afternoon. Whatever.

The AST held one of their fancy meetings and invited Henry Winter down for a chat. Sounds like it was VERY interesting. Some highlights for me.

  • Arsene had cash, to the tune of £30m per year post Highbury. Now, not that it’s perfect, but this came from David Dein apparently and it was also drilled home by Fiszman before he passed, and you could also see it in the accounts…
  • Winter thinks that Wenger is no longer an elite manager
  • He thinks Arsenal made a mistake letting Klopp and Pep pass us by
  • Thinks Wenger is no longer a draw for top players, the club’s location and the cash is. Again, no shock, can’t see many elite players clamouring to play for a manager who is incapable of winning major honours

So that’s interesting. When the leading UK sports journo is saying what we’ve all been saying for 7-8 years, you know it’s curtains for the manager.

Worst part about the whole thing was the intimation that Wenger is probably going to sign a new deal. Totally horrendous. Totally shameless. Totally Wenger.

He just doesn’t know how to call time on his stuttering career. The only way he’ll go is when he fails hard. Which would be appealing, but what will likely happen is just more averageness. Stuck in top four mediocrity. Keep our heads just above water… instill a bit of hope for the next year… but ultimately fail on the major goals of the club and the primary reason for us moving on.

We need a trailblazer at the club. Fresh ideas. Fresh impetus.

But… we’re not getting it. Which is just so boring. But there you go!

Right, that’s me done. Have a great day!

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  1. Nickw

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he was offered a new deal as the board have about as much passion for Arsenal as most people have for their bank branch. They like when it gives them money but aside from that they don’t really care. If they loved the club the way fans do no way would they want more of the same. The trouble is when you set the bar so low you’re very unlikely to surpass it.
    They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks well wenger has become one very old dog.

  2. nepGunner

    I won’t give up supporting Arsenal… Cuz that’s an integral part of my life… But I will, from now on support every action, practical or fabricated, that’s remotely against that SOB who’s practically burning my beloved Arsenal to the ground.

    And the fcuking AKB dumbs who think supporting the Arsehole is an ante dote to their poor fcuking miserable meaningless aimless unproductive lives…

  3. Rhys Jaggar

    Well if this goes ahead it says that Arsenal fans, as a group, not all of them but enough of them, are irrevocably like deluded women who think that their philandering husband will change.

    They won’t give up on their season tickets because they are petrified that another bunch of ‘fans’ will take their place and maybe get to see Arsenal win big time again.

    At the end of the day, everyone has to say ‘how many thousands of pounds in cash and weekends of anger and frustration am I prepared to send and experience before I say: ‘Enough’s Enough’??’

    Right now, most are saying ‘well, whatever that value is, I’ve not yet reached it’.

    I guess I had it easier. I grew up when football hooliganism was endemic so I grew up not going to live football. I spend a generation as an adult doing other things too. So I was never an addicted junkie unable to understand what life without football in general or Arsenal in particular would be like.

    I made a choice in adulthood to go to live football and I don’t regret it one little bit.

    But after 5 years it was still all the same, obviously not going to change, so I said: ‘I’ve seen what I’m going to see, as near as dammit’. OK, I missed two FA Cup finals, but I’d seen the exits at UCL last 16 stage more than once, I’d seen the spring capitulations more than once and I’d seen the transfer policy more than once.

    Kroenke won’t stop this. The Board won’t stop this.

    Only fans, en masse, can change this.

  4. GW

    So this year the great lie of all of Arsene’s supporters finally gets disproved. The whole who could do better on this budget, who could compete against the oil money better, who could replace him. It’s finally been answered

    Claudio Ranieri has done better
    Mauricio Pochettino has done better

    You could even argue that Slavan Bilic has done better turning West Ham into a legitimate football playing top 6 side

  5. Danny

    Just been watching the highlights from Saturdays game and Carroll’s third is clearly an own goal by Gabriel. I don’t know why Pedro was having a go at Ospina for that one.

  6. izzo

    I’m sick and tired of the repetitive posts and people saying the same shit everyday. Its like a loony bin. Anyone who is still attending games should start organizing protests surely if more than half the stadium is protesting that should be enough. I can’t stomach another season of this shit.

  7. nepGunner


    Until the day we have Arsene apologists like the dumb TY and stupid big mouth Mo, who have nothing in life other than Wenger… the hope of change here is freaking slim…

    Like you say, a >50% fan revolt is our only hope.. Or we need to literarily kick the shit out of that shameless c*nt and his brainwashed disciples out of Arsenal FC. ..

  8. Jeff

    It is not surprising though that David Dein is singing Wenger’s praises even now because it was him that brought Wenger in. He can hardly say he’s shit. All I know is that once Dein left, it was as if he left a madman in charge and ever since then it became virtually impossible to win anything major.

    Here is that video which is only 6 months old.

  9. Jeff

    So £30m per year after 2006. So we’ve been saving that money up then? Where’s it gone? That’s ten years which means £300m minimum since he had even more to spend in the last 3 years. What have we spent it on?

  10. Danish Gooner

    We will be in the stands watching other famous clubs like Man Utd ,pool, city and even spurs taking titles the next three years while we suffer 4th place purgatory.Would very much like kante to sign for us.

  11. salman

    Who would have thought that Leicester would win the league before us getting anywhere near it again back in 2004. Anyway big congrats to them if they hang in there till the end.

  12. Danish Gooner

    Rumour has it that a lot of the money are channelled through off shore companies till kroenke but only bit by bit.

  13. Joe

    And transfers are done in payments. Saying he had at least 30 to spend , means he pro dinky could of spent 60- plus as its never lump sum payments

  14. Jeff


    If the £30m per annum is true, we should have more than £250m in the bank because in the last 3 years we’ve signed a lucrative deal with Puma, we’ve had all the CL money year on year plus all the TV money as well. Something doesn’t quite add up.

  15. Danish Gooner

    In year 2000 i thought it impossible that i wouldnt watch Arsenal win the cl,now i am not so sure anymore,it really is an absolute disgrace that we havnt won it,18 straight years in the competition and only one final to show for it,because of Mr. stubborn and arrogant.

  16. Jeff

    Not to mention the highest ticket prices in Europe and the 60,000 seater stadium always full sold. Where’s all the money gone?

  17. Danish Gooner

    last time we had 149 mil in th bank we will receive another 100 mil at the start of the season and 30 mil from Puma plus all the other income ,it will roughly be 300 by september and i know the players need wages but that is easily accounted for by the day to day running and we are entering theeleventh year of Emirates and dein stated the stadium would be payed of by 2023.

  18. salman

    We should have clean swept everything from 2000 till 2005. Massive underachievement in my opinion even though I still rate that team to be the best in our history.

  19. Danish Gooner

    Ladies and Gentlemen we ares so loaded with dosh it is beyond belief.Arsenal of to date could start their own Bank that is how loaded we are and the shares keep sky rocket,kroenke is one lucky man,unfortunately he doesnt give a monkies about the club,we are his atm machine nothing else.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    A huge cheer will go up amongst City, United, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool supporters if Wenger signs a new deal.

    You know what Arsenal rare going to do in a season before it starts, and you know how Arsenal will be set up, you know how they will fail and you know when as well.

    If he gets a new deal Arsenal can go and f**k themselves as far as I’m concerned, that will be the biggest middle finger to the fans ever and a sign that they just are not interested in competing and are as wet and afraid as the pro-Wenger rabble who continue to rally behind this dated manager.

  21. Pierre

    izzoApril 11, 2016 20:59:04
    I’m sick and tired of the repetitive posts and people saying the same shit everyday. Its like a loony bin. Anyone who is still attending games should start organizing protests surely if more than half the stadium is protesting that should be enough. I can’t stomach another season of this shit.

  22. Pierre

    izzoApril 11, 2016 20:59:04
    I’m sick and tired of the repetitive posts and people saying the same shit everyday. Its like a loony bin. Anyone who is still attending games should start organizing protests surely if more than half the stadium is protesting that should be enough. I can’t stomach another season of this shit.

  23. Pierre

    izzoApril 11, 2016 20:59:04
    I’m sick and tired of the repetitive posts and people saying the same shit everyday. Its like a loony bin. Anyone who is still attending games should start organizing protests surely if more than half the stadium is protesting that should be enough. I can’t stomach another season of this shit.

    And repeat !!!!

  24. Jeff

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, I hadn’t, and found it very interesting. Two contrasting halves of Wenger’s career through the eyes of Davie Dein.

  25. Joe

    Who’s Pierre?

    Never says anything useful. Comes in, makes some stupid comment , gives wenger a blow job and fucks off

    Hopefully he leaves with wenger.

    Wanker Akb

  26. STV

    4 more years ! If it happens I have to say Kroenke is the biggest problem Arsenal ever faced. For not sacking Wenger and for rewarding him over and over again.

  27. Sam

    Politics and Football

    for the past 2 years all the tyrants have cheated in elections and refused to leave
    the west still suffering from Ghaddafi blunder n allowed them to carry on
    I fear for Arsenal that the tyrant will linger on and use the usual blackmail, I BUILT this place, without me you’ll all suffer blah blah blah

  28. Dissenter

    Where’s Keiser

    I’ll like to tell him that gambon was right after all.

    We did have money to spend during those years and didn’t absolutely need to sell.

  29. Sam

    Sassou Ngesso of Congo have been in power since 1979 the people are sick of him but still won the elections anyway

    more years of misery

  30. Dissenter

    To be fair, most ytop managers will ship out Mertesacker this summer.

    He’s not good enough, same as out 16 million pounds English defender who’s crapola.

  31. Legborsi

    For me I think it will be good if Arsene goes now,he’s tried for this arsenal side giving us three epl for the first nine years,but staying for nine years without one epl is not acceptable,now arsenal need a trophy driving manager in charge or celebrating third and forth would not stop Arsene bye.

  32. Sam

    have you seen how we are now linked/ negotiating transfers n we still in April

    all b@llocks, probably Gazidis telling crap to the paper to print

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Far from offering this plank a new deal, if we have to suffer his shite for another season we should be watching and talking to managers like Tuchel and Bilic both will have another season to show consistency with the former certainly in the UCL and the latter potentially though definitely in a new stadium with increased financial fire power.

    Really is time now for us to decide whether we want to be a football club or a business and Wenger’s play thing.

    If its the latter, then the club should let the fans know so they can stop bothering.

  34. STV

    No one in the board are passionate enough about the club so much so as they even allowed Wenger to come up with the most audacious statement I built this club.

    Poor Arsenal fans are the most unfortunate bunch that they got a manager and the entire club who care nothing about them. Imagine the power the crowd have for eg. in RM, now thats true football.

    They have Idea whats thepoint of Arsenal’s existence.

  35. TitsMcGee

    Wenger signs a 3 year deal and you can toss out the window the notion that he loves the club. He loves his bank account. 3 more years for what exactly?

    If Arsenal fans sit back and take this then they will be complicit.

  36. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Wow, four more years of more excuses for failure than you can shake a stick at. Can’t wait!

    Sorry to say, but it looks like the only way for Wenger to leave is by death. He’s far too full of himself to do anything even remotely resembling honourable by simply leaving.

    Can you smell it? The Scent of Arrogance…Wenger Style.

  37. TitsMcGee

    Again the only good thing about him staying on is that he’ll get buried the next 4 seasons and might actually have to resign out of shame.

  38. Phd007

    STVApril 11, 2016 22:31:13
    No one in the board are passionate enough about the club so much so as they even allowed Wenger to come up with the most audacious statement I built this club. Poor Arsenal fans are the most unfortunate bunch that they got a manager and the entire club who care nothing about them. Imagine the power the crowd have for eg. in RM, now thats true football. They have Idea whats thepoint of Arsenal’s existence.

    Poor Arsenal fans..hahaha..The funniest thing I’ve heard ever..

    Nope,they deserve all the nonsensical terd coming their way..

    Not having a personal pop at Emirates Roller..But when you have fans like him,pissing and moaning about the status quo.Maintaining their stance,that there’s bugger all fans can do,other than sit and wait till “Arsene leaves on his own volition”,or that we wait till “Kroenke does not renew his contract”,
    there’s not such a thing as poor fans,but a majority of sado masochistic fans happy to get bitch slapped annually by the club and subjected to abuse and humiliation.

    A kind of “Give us your money,us as a club,will tell you what you want to hear,whisper sweet nothings,take your money.And should you complain afterwards,f*ck you..There’s loads of punters queuing up for our services..You’re a mug,you’re simply a punter.A loser at that ..Your 90 minutes are over..Next..Hahaha..”

    Yep,Arsenal don’t really operate any differently from a “Lady of the Night ” offering a 60 -90 minute service.

    When you have fans like Emirates Stropper,talking about how classy a club we are..You have to look to the sky’s and have a LOL moment..

    Yep,we are so classy,we have a manager that habitually lies about signing WC players,then rocks up with Sanogo,Giroud,Flamini,Gervinho,Chamakh,Silvestre, et al..

    We are so classy,we have a manager that rocks back and forth on the bench when we are losing,eventually springs up -starts kicking water bottles and begins remonstrating with the fourth official.Should we lose the match,usually he stomps of down the tunnel,refusing to shake the manager’s hand of the opposition team..

    Yep,we are so classy when we lose,Arsene never holds his hand up & states we got it wrong.Nope,he blames everything but him..Referees,fatigue,weather,injuries,the pitch,the fans,the style of play by the opposition,FFP,Oligarchs,etc,etc..Everything but him..Real classy..

    Yep we are so classy..He blames fans who helped him build the club for showing impatience,lack of gratitude,and should get behind the team..

    Yep we are so classy,fans boo at the sheer ineptitude of what they are paying for,for quizzical substitutions(OX-against ManUre some years back),he counters what do they know.Since he’s made 50,000 substitutions and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone..

    Yep,we are so classy as a club,we have SK,intimating he didn’t buy into the club for footballing reasons..Doesn’t really give two hoots,other than the club becomes self sustaining and the value of his investment rises..

    Yep,we are so classy,the club bans a democratic right to voice an opinion,or a protest in the stadium,should we rally against the status quo..

    Yep we are so classy,questions held at the AGM,are vetted beforehand..

    Yep,we are so classy,we were told the reason for moving to the Emirates was to compete against the RM’s,Barca’s,Mancs,BM’s,Chelski’s of this world..
    Yet we are nowhere near them 12 years on,but instead competing with the likes of Spurs,Everton,Liverpool,Southampton and any other lowly club for the battle for top 4..

    Yep,lies,lies, and more damned lies that emanate from that real classy club called Arsenal..

    Poor fans..?Give me a break..They deserve everything they get..

    I ask myself this question..Why was it Liverpool fans were able to say enough is enough during the Benitez-Hicks& Gill saga…

    They protested,eventually through some concerted effort-Hicks & Gill(the co-owners) eventually were jettisoned…Liverpool fans didn’t sit there taking up the anal rectum for 12 years..

    Why are Arsenal fans like Emirates Stropper,taking a different view?
    Because the Liverpool way isn’t classy..?

    Yet the way AFC behaves towards it’s fans is?

    It’s bloody twisted..It’s a dysfunctional relationship,no doubt..

    In life you get what you deserve,and I’m sorry to say,fans like Emirates Stropper and AFC deserve each other..No such thing as poor fans in this case.

    Sit down & do nothing..Expect the say treatment year in,year out..

    Put a lipstick on a pig,it’s still a pig..

  39. Emiratesstroller

    I disagree with Henry Winter. I do not think that Wenger’s contract will be
    renewed beyond June 2017. He will go then, although it is possible that he
    will be offered place on Board.You have to factor in also the whole coaching
    team who have been around more or less as long as Wenger.

    Second I think that Arsenal’s net annual budget as I suggested in summer is at least £50 million. That does include probably an increase of total wage bill as well.

    For me that would be calculated on the two major sponsorship deals with
    Puma and Emirates.

    Third I do not believe despite some of the comments expressed on previous
    thread that Arsenal can afford not to spend money in transfer market for
    second consecutive financial year.

    They may well argue that in the current financial year they were spending
    the money on capital projects such as upgrading facilities at Training Ground and Hale End as well as improving the set up in youth programme.

    However, the club is not going to repeat that again whatever some posters
    may think, because it is very obvious this season that there are shortcomings in our squad.

    There may be an argument posed by Pedro that Wenger cannot any longer
    attract to the club the really top rank players who are going to cost £60-100
    million, but then again I don’t think that any other clubs in EPL can do so
    apart from Man City.

    Do you believe that Chelsea or Man Utd can do so either when neither club
    is likely to qualify for Champions League next season?

    In any event there are virtually no players likely to be available this summer who merit such a transfer fee. I would be interested to hear which players other posters believe are likely to fetch such money.

    Most of the best players coming on market this summer will be costing in
    range of £40-50 million like last summer.

    Yesterday an article appeared suggesting that Chelsea would struggle to get
    more than £50 million for Hazard who only a year ago was classified as a
    super star.

    So-called superstars like Ibragomovic and Ronaldo are now at an age where
    no club are going to pay stratospheric wages as well as a huge transfer fee. It is completely unrealistic.

    I can see Arsenal spending this season £30-40 million on one major signing
    and then perhaps £15-25 million on a couple more so long as they are strategic players needed for starting X1. You are not going to find a “quality” CB,
    CMF and ST for less.

  40. Hashim

    I have been an ardent supporter of Wenger through the years, but now feel that Wenger has run his course. Whatever he is saying to these players and whatever he has been saying for the last 10 years has not been working, as they tend to fail every February, the same time in the league and CL. Arsenal need new ideas, not new players. Maybe give the reigns to Steve Bould for a season until Arsenal find a new manager. But If Wenger stays next season, I don’t think there will be any change.

  41. ukesox

    “The only way he’ll go is when he fails hard”.
    This might not be so far off! Should Liverpool win their Europa cup competition only the top 3 prem teams will get champions league footy in 2016/17.

  42. Phd007

    On another note,as for Pedro saying Ospina is shit…

    Well,that left me totally dumbfounded..
    I can only assume the Peroni and other substances have duly taken a toll over one’s senses..

    I like Ospina..A different kind of keeper..But I personally think in the GK dept we have for once two decent keepers(Cech & Ospina)..The last time we had that(two decent keepers) ,was about 10 years ago..With the Manninger & Seaman situation..

    If Ospina is so shit..Where does he compare in overall shitness to the keepers we have had over the years,under Arsene’s reign..?

    Wojciech Szczesny(however you spell his name)
    Manuel Alumnia
    Stauart Taylor
    Richard Wright
    Rami Shaaban
    Mart Poom
    Vito Mannone
    Lukasz Fabianski

    Really curious amongst that list where he ranks in overall shitness?

    I wait with bated breath.. 🙂

    Posters feel free to rank how shit(according to Pedro) Ospina is ,in the list provided above.

  43. Bamford10

    Absolutely fucking no to three more years. If you live in London, if you attend matches, you have a moral responsibility to put an end to this absurdity.

    Enough is enough.

    I have said before and will say again: two things will see the man to the fucking door: disaster (in the league) and/or “tomatoes”.

    At moment it looks like he’s going to avoid disaster this season and finish fourth.

    As for “tomatoes,” allow me to explain: by tomatoes I do not mean tomatoes alone or even tomatoes specifically, I mean a massive, persistent and visible outpouring of fans’ rejection of Wenger.

    I hear people say: ‘they don’t allow banners in to the stadium’. One, who fucking cares? Take them in covertly. Or take in small signs. A score of small signs will get the TV camera’s attention and will be a black mark on the club.

    And banners should also multiply at away games.

    Beyond that, it is now high time for tomatoes. I used to kid about this but we’re past that now. Next time dipshit steps out of a bus anywhere he should be pelted with tomatoes. Train station? Tomatoes. Arriving home in a taxi? Tomatoes.

    Hound him like the paparazzi. Except this will be the tomato-azzi. He goes out to dinner with the new lady in his life? Tomatoes. You don’t like tomatoes? Fine. Cream pies in the face. Everywhere he goes.

    Follow him on the street with signs that read “Specialist in Failure”, “Senile Twat”, “Wenger = Fucking Moron”. Shame him. Make him feel hated, despised.

    This can NOT be tolerated any longer. Enough is enough. Drive him out.

  44. Bamford10

    Accepting dishonesty, incompetence, mediocrity and idiocy without a murmur is not “class”. It’s stupidity. Please fuck off with that argument. Wear a “Wenger Out” button if you can do no more than than (on account of your bullshit middle-class hang-ups). If you can’t even do that, you deserve a shower of tomatoes as well.

    It really is beyond the pale at this point. How is this still the reality at Arsenal Football Club? Someone please tell me. How is he going to get away with spending 10m this summer and finishing fourth? How?

    An absolute outrage — and no one should stand for it.

  45. Stuart

    Depressing if true!!! I have never been as over the top impressed by Wenger as lotshave over the 20 years! I rremember that we had a pretty good side before he arrived in fact it was on the brink of winning the epl, Wenger stepped into a plum job when he signed!!! Also rather than praising him for the stadium I think he is to blame for us losing the soul of the club when we left Highbury for the souless stadium we have. The design is poor as it doesn’t create any atmosphere like the old stadium did which used to intimidate the opposition! Wenger got lucky on the back of a time when French players were the best in Europe and he used his contacts to build the 2004 side. Apart from that in the last 12 years we have seen his true abilities which show him up as only a 2nd rate coach…. Monaco sussed him out and sacked him … sadly our owners do not worry about success as long as money keeps rolling in. Next year though it is going to be a lot tougher and we could be struggling to get our top 4 place trouble is by that time it will be too late to get a manager to improve things and I fear we will struggle like Liverpool and Man U! Not because Wenger has gone but because it happened too late too late …but maybe that’s what Wengers plan is because thenhe can walk away and all the critisism will deflect on the poor devil who follows and inherits a side on the slide!!!

  46. Dissenter

    Pedro’s hilarious dissing of Ospina is only superseded by his fetish for Gazidis.
    Ospina is the most competent number two we’ve had in the club for the past 50 years.

  47. Dissenter

    Wenger is seeking a new contract because he wantys his share of the new TV contract.
    When you consider that Pep is getting a 15 million salary and the new TV deal, Wenger will probably seek at least a 12 million salary.

    He’s a greedy bastard. It’s all about the money.

  48. PepKlopp

    Watched the Welbeck play again to Kos. The clumsy oaf was trying to cushion the ball for a shot himself. You could see him run after the ball after he touched it, then stop when he realizes it’s going straight to Kos. We’re going nowhere with this lemon as our striker.

  49. HillWood

    The working class fans who would make their feelings known were priced out of the stadium years ago. This is the result of years of all seater stadia. The club have marketed going to watch Arsenal the same as going to the theatre

  50. Joe

    Where is Wallace today? Tired of being proven wrong again and again?

    Alexander Henry? Can’t wait for him to blame kronke for wenger not spending the 30m

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    I stopped going to arsenal games in 2008, since 2010 I stopped buying merchandise as well. The only way they’ll take the hint that wenger’s finished is if we hit them in the pocket. Stop going to games stop buying merchandise and watch how quickly arsehole wenger will be shown the door.

  52. STV

    PhD strangely, he also said Chech is the best keeper in the world.. Man couldn’t even get a place ahead of Courtoise. I think he shouldn’t be automatic first choice here either.

  53. Jeff

    The question every Arsenal fan has to ask themselves is this. Was the first half of Wenger’s reign worth the second?

  54. Jeff

    Or maybe I should rephrase that question. Would you have kept Wenger for another 12 years if you knew the future after 2004?

  55. boy dio

    I can definitely see arsene getting a new contract, think it’s mostly cause the board have no clue how to find a replacement at this point, and their replacement needs to be able to get top 4 on minimal spending

    maybe one day when the kroenke’s decide to sell their stake in the club it will all change, till then i will buy next seasons fan kit in anticipation of another dose of the emirates theater, here’s hoping the away kit is another winner

    expecting next season to go something like this

    1. the usual hope of challenging for the title
    2. jw10 will stay fit for the season (lol)
    3. we have a world class squad (lol)
    4. iwobi will carry our season
    4,5. cue the usual lack of spending
    5. the usual injury crisis will occur come November/December (crocked players and lack of rotation to Blame)
    6. some new youngster will look the business when arsene is forced to play him either cause of injuries or first team regulars lacking so much form they make sanogo look good
    7. by this point the season has ended in collapse and we’re going for 4th again

    so basically like every season since moving to the emirates
    God bless the emirates theater

  56. ADKB

    Wenger should be ashamed of himself. He knows he can’t succeed on the pitch and wants to continue pocketting £8m /year. I won’t be surprised if he’s offered a pay rise too. He’s a fraud!

  57. Mark of the South

    The fans at Stoke last year let it be known to Wenger that enough is enough, he could not hide from them, like he hides from the banners as he runs down the tunnel.

    The man I believe honestly does think he Built this Club, and he needs to have a scan as he is surely mad.

    He will sign another contract and also announce that he has never broken a contract in his life, basically sticking 2 fingers up to us all.

    A mass exodus of fans with 12 minutes to go could send a message, but he probably wouldn’t see it

    If he really did love the club he would go, he is tearing apart the fans who are now arguing and even families, my bro is an AKB and we are at each other’s throat.

    So goodbye Wenger it is time you retired, and spent the rest of your days down the Champs Elysee telling anyone who will listen how you Built OUR CLUB.

  58. wenker-wanger

    Would be an appropriate time for mourinho to make a sarcastic and razor sharp comment.I hope Sanchez walks out along with ozil. I think Chelsea liverpool city and united will beat Wenger’s aRsenal next season. The spuds? Leicester? who knows. In any case its likely to get worse for Wenger. Maybe so bad that those currently suffering in silence will be stung into action. Wenger’s arsenal is just a selection of talented players that are only motivated and performing when the going is easy. That’s Wenger’s character throughout the team. Whilst 4th place is acceptable to him and the fanbase, Wenger can stay forever. Its not for the majority on legrove and as patience wears out arsenal under this absolute cnut is now something to despise. I was in a nice pub in rural Leicestershire Sunday cheering home a team that played like the dogs of war we used to admire under GG.. There is NO SOUL at arsene-all, just a cnut working for a richer cnut, making loads of money and providing a soul less football team as part of the business model.

  59. GuNZ

    Wail, wail ! It is Ragnarök, Götterdämmerung, the End Times. A weeping and a wailing and a gnashing of teeth. Wenger is demon’s spawn, the evil one, a striped-hobgoblin. Spawn of deepest hell. May he be thrice damned! There is no future. There is no love. We are all doomed, dooooommmmeeeedddddd . . . .

  60. GuNZ

    There are rumours of priests being sliced in half by out-of-control glazier trucks in the village of Wenger’s birth. There are stories of women giving birth to children with the heads of molluscs and tomato plant fruit (Bamford is right) growing red and white stripes with fungal growths that spelled out, in every tongue ever known to man, “Arsène is a cunt!” (complete with exclamation mark). What greater proof do you need?

  61. GuNZ

    Mine Cesc, mine

    At the very least. I understand that the NZ Wine Federation has shares in the pro-Wenger camp.

  62. Ughelligunner

    Joe, 30m minimum, i would love to know the maximum.

    Berbatov went to man utd for 32m, How many players do you think 30m would get us? Giroud 12m, Podolsky 10m, carzola 16m that’s the 30m gone in the drain. I didnt even include agent fees, contract bonuses, logistic demands. Etc

    joe think, you have brains. No club would make maximum amount of excess 60m available yearly and still sell their best players. Unless wenger loves harvesting players.
    Where was the owner of the club when all this things where happening?

    I know the stale years between leaving highbury and earlier years in the emirates has made wenger redundant in anything trophy related, but that doesnt mean money has been available enouh for signing players.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    Would not shock me, I would say MidWest probably gives him some healthy numbers as well.

    Probably what he’s done, bought shares in Jack Daniels, Carlsberg etc just before signing a new deal, £10 Million a year wages, plus making a mountain off of his share payouts.

    Vicious cycle, you drink because Arsenal are going down the drain, the profits keep him coming back…put the bottle down.

  64. Ughelligunner

    How much do you think man city, man utd and chelsea spent on strikers alone?

    Even 30m yearly wouldnt give you 1 striker in 2008.

  65. GuNZ

    I must consult the grimoires. Maybe we can get rid of him by sprinkling him with holy water. Anyone got any of that? Garlic’ll be no fucking good cos he’s a Frog.

  66. wenker-wanger

    Whatever funds wankger had available he has pissed them up the wall. He has certainly had more than Leicester. Foxes winning the league leaves wankger without any excuse on fund limitation. Defending wankger is now harder than defending jimmy saville.An appalling thought but technically Wenger’s akb defense has now lost its last surviving argument.

  67. Ughelligunner

    Lets do a review of top strikers bought by the three top teams in Epl from when we left highbury till now and how much they cost, what loses they made, when they didnt work and they were shifted and see if your meagre 30m will be worth it?

    I believe what Dein would have meant was 30m was too little to make major difference.

    And what has Henry Winter said that is different from what you have been saying for the past years on legrove? Because winter who writes copied and paste stories said it, then he is in the know?

    Henry winter is just an agreived arsenal fan like you are, the difference is he is a journalist

  68. HillWood

    A lot of West Ham fans will hate their move to the Olympic Stadium. It is an enormous soulless bowl. Remind you of somewhere else ?

  69. Red&White4life

    The board giving a new deal to wenger, despite this season’s monumental failure.
    If the Arsenal that we once loved is dead since almost a decade, this new contract is, without a doubt, the death certificate of our club.

    And I don’t even talk about the fans in london and at the Emirates, total sheep who are unable to protest… totally lobotomized they are.

    RIP Arsenal FC.

  70. STV

    “Berbatov went to man utd for 32m, How many players do you think 30m would get us? ”

    Ugh atleast that meant he can keep his best players. Why he didn’t? What happened to all those money from? Why didn’t he replace them with decent players? Most importantly why all thes lies ? Deception? Pretending he haven’t had a penny and need to sell players to save his life.. and top4 is the greatest achievement in his life.?

    Care to answer?

  71. Emiratesstroller

    1. Offering Wenger a new deal if true is not very smart, but in any event I do not
    think that he will remain beyond June 2017. There will come a time that even
    the major shareholder, board and Wenger himself will recognise that the
    time for him to go and find succession arrives.

    2.What is equally important is planning for succession and that means finding
    the right person to take over. That is going to take at least 12 months and I
    would suggest will in all probability be someone who is not a “headliner”

    3. My personal preference would be someone who understands Arsenal’s
    culture and will build the club on solid foundations and not quick fix
    solutions achieved by throwing large sums of money at problem.

    4. Arsenal do not need to make wholesale changes to their squad as some
    might believe, but our present style of football and some of the personnel
    does not produce a good team.

    5. Wenger acknowledged finally this weekend that our defence is poor in
    the “air”. Well it has taken him a very long time to acknowledge that
    weakness!! Everyone who watches Arsenal for severel years knows the

    6. Similarly Arsenal’s persistence with zonal marking continues to be a
    problem. We concede far too many goals in this fashion. It provides the
    opposition with freedom of movement and finding a hole in our defence.

    7. If there is one position in the team that we need a genuine “world class”
    player it is in central midfield where he “dictates” play Such a player needs
    to combine good defence with attack as and when required. We have lacked
    such a player since the days of Vieira.Players like Wilshire, Elneny and
    Ramsey offer some of the basic requirements but not the complete

    8.Lastly we need to cull from the squad players who are persistently injured.
    This is not a one off problem. It occurs on a perennial basis and everyone
    apart from perhaps Wenger understands the problem. It is costing us
    stability, games and a lot of points, because it weakens our team and squad.

  72. Bamford10

    Just saw a revealing stat.

    Days Arsenal have been on top in the PL since 2005-06:

    Aug 20
    Sep 64
    Oct 91
    Nov 64
    Dec 67
    Jan 62
    Feb 34
    Mar 15
    Apr 0
    May 0

  73. gambon


    Ughelli is so lacking in intelligence that he cant make a coherent argument.

    AKBism is like religion. It was meant for an uneducated, illiterate world.

    £30m PER YEAR.

    A £30m pa spend doesnt mean you have to buy players that cost maxiumum of £30m you idiot.

    In the last 13 years Man UTDs net spend has been £31m per year.

    As far as I remember they have bought players for £32m, £60m, £37m, £36m in that time.

    If what was said about £30m pa was true, then we have underinvested to the tune of £248m inbetween 2006 and 2014.

    Considering what has happened in that period, you think we wouldnt have done better with £248m of extra talent on the pitch?

    We were 5 points clear in February 2008, we were top for 60% of the 2013/14 season.

    You dont think £248m of players may have changed the outcomes?

  74. Red&White4life

    @Bamford : don’t forget the summer PL break each season!!

    We are also on top, because of the alphabetical order lol

  75. Ughelligunner

    stv, i smell lies. Van Percy said they were not ready for massive salary increase on their best players, neither were they willing to overspend on any player. Hence, they sold to buy.
    It is like they dont overspend, and they dont invest external funds. So it is what wenger gives to them, they (owner and board) swallow

  76. Ughelligunner

    Gambon, so with all your intelligence, you cant get Kronke to hire you more than all the economical analyst and wenger he has, then i say you are no more different from any fan on here.

    Keep ur knowledge withing your fat brain and come teach us on legrove

  77. Ughelligunner

    That is why i said, first of all 30m cant do that yearly, because a team would always need two players minimum, and even at that, it cant be true because we still sold our best players.

  78. Bamford10

    Also re the 30m, this does not mean he has only had 30m a year since the stadium; it means he has always had AT LEAST 30m since the stadium.

    Big difference.

    Since 2011 or so, it is clear that he has had much more than that.

    And someone should produce list of quality players signed for 10-15m between 2006 and 2011, so as to dismiss the idea that we couldn’t sign quality players in that time.

  79. STV

    Ugh Sadly u are distorting it other way round for defending Wenger. I dont think its Dean who is lying. I have seen only one perpetual lier on this club..

  80. Ughelligunner

    You invest 200m in a squad that would give you a little above 100m worth of profit for that year, you think kronke invest like that? You are thinking as a fan, kronke and wenger thinks as business men.

    Man utd have always been rich, even before wenger came and they were paying huge salaries to players they had, something arsenal couldnt do with a token of 30m yearly.

  81. Bamford10


    I sympathize with your disbelief — the situation being so unbelievable, so irrational — but it is true, and it accords with everything we have been saying here for some time.

    I will say again: Arsene Wenger has an aversion to spending, an aversion to “big names,” an aversion to ‘the ways of the world,’ an aversion to what he regards as the “spending approach”.

    This aversion began long, long ago and is connected to his French and Economics-degree roots, but this aversion deepened and became an obsession, I think, with the rise of Chelsea and City.

    Even when he had this or that amount to spend — be it 30m or 80m — Wenger was determined to show that he could win without such spending. Indeed he is so averse to spending and the “new ways of the world” — spending, valuations — that he was determined to eschew spending even if it meant NOT WINNING.

    That is why we are where we are: an old, frugal Frenchman’s quixotic quest to win without spending, to show the world that it is/was wrong to adopt such ways.

  82. Emiratesstroller

    I agree with Gambon’s analysis.

    If you look at Man Utd and Chelsea net spend over last 3 years it is not massive.

    Here are the figures for last 3 seasons:
    Man Utd
    2013/4 spent £58 million sold £1.5 million
    2014/5 spent £146 million sold £37.5 million
    2015/6 spent £104 million sold £76 million
    2013/4 spent £87 million sold £9 million
    2014/5 spent £103 million sold £109.5 million
    2015/6 spent £68 million sold £65.5 million

    Both clubs have spent massively in one season, but have averaged respectively
    a net spend over 3 years of £64 million for Man Utd and just £24.5 million for

    As I suggested in previous posts Arsenal are capable of spending annually a
    net spend of £50 million, but should be more next season factoring in how much we spent in 2015/6.

  83. Ughelligunner

    Stv, think for yourself it doesnt add up (unless wenger loves harvesting players), dean didnt come up to say it, it was Henry Winter. And what if he is just doing an average sum total of money for transfer between leaving highbury and now?

    We bought ozil for 42m, Flamin free, sanogo free, renewed ramsey, wilshere, contract later that year, budget has already increased, and you think a man that went to sign Kalstrom is willing to put in more money to win the league? You think Kronke gives a damn about your league trophy?
    Wenger only adds a player in January if top 4 is at stake not league, thats tells you their major aim. He can sign a 4-10m player to get champions league money but not 30m more to get EPL

  84. gambon

    Oh and by the way, with our meagre £30m pa, we could have bought:

    Xabi Alonso in 2008
    Michael Carrick in 2007
    Fernando Torres in 2007
    Luis Suarez in 2011
    Gary Cahill in 2011

    To name just a few,

  85. Vince

    You people should stop bordering Ughelli. He’s not distorting any facts. He’s just lacking in intelligence. let him be.

  86. Ughelligunner

    Emirates, it isnt just about net spend, it is also salary related. Man utd readily gave Van percy 250 per week, they didnt only cajoul him with trophy, they put in incentives in money.

    We cant lure players with money, neither with trophys. We are looking at the 30m without considering the players wages.

    It is like the suarez deal, liverpool gave him 200k/wk, what salary did we offer? Knowing he isnt going to win the league with us too?
    We should be offering 250k/wk. Then he would have shoot for his contract clause and come to us.

  87. Bob – does this seem like a man who’s remotely interested in what the fans think? I mean the Guy must have cojones the size of water melons to openly tell every man and his dog that his investment in Arsenal isn’t to make a successful football team, wenger is past it but the only pressure he will ever receive is from the fans, who will still openly pay hand over fist into kroenkes business idea, so who’s the mug?

  88. gambon


    Let me guess, Man City can pay the type of money that Arsenal cant? Right?

    Last year our wage bill was the same as Man City. It was £8m less than Man Utd, who are a much bigger organisation than us, so probably about the same from a player wages point of view.

    We can afford the wages. The difference is, we give way too much to shit players like Flamini, Rosicky, Arteta, Chamberlain, Sanogo, Szczesny, Mertesacker and youth players.

    Who’s fault is that?

    Mr A Wenger in 2013:

    “We have no players on £200,000 a week and I think other clubs will come down to us with financial fair play,” he said. “We have a more socialist model.”

  89. STV

    Ugh the face of truth is ugly. Very difficult to accept.

    The fact about Wenger.
    He has an obstructive nature towards transfer of good players and has a loose grip on his best players.

    Simple. With such a man in charge we are never going to fare on tw.

  90. Ughelligunner

    vince, maybe when i start saying wenger out, i would have an increased intelligence. Like u with no input.

    Stv, wages matters. We were lucky for ozil to accept 140k/wk because he was running away as far as he could from madrid. If man utd offered him 200k, he wouldnt have thought about us.

  91. gambon

    Dont forget guys, our transfer budget includes 5 years worth of wages, pension payments, lunch vouchers, 10 year anniversary gold watches, toilet paper for the loos at the emirates and a bouncy castle for Junior Gunners day.

  92. N5

    Why are you discussing City, United and Chelsea money? I’m more worried about how we can keep up with the financial superpowers of Leicester and Tottenham. We could never afford the players they have and FFP should have brought them into line with our socialist model but didn’t!!

    Stan Out!!

  93. Emiratesstroller

    The wages of new or current players is not the issue. It is the “overall increase
    of wages” which needs to be computed in determining the actual spend on transfers.

    For example if you release or sell 6 players this summer and their combined average weekly wages are £50K pw that saves the club £15.6 million pa.

    You can pay that amount to a couple of new top quality players without impacting on transfer budget.

  94. Bob

    A transfer budget means fuck all if you don’t have the right team utilising it & bringing in the best bang for your buck, is wenger the right person to be aiding this team or giving them ideas on where & who to be looking at,

  95. Ughelligunner

    Gambon, last year, that is last season man utd didnt make champions league, that was when Van gal came in and offloaded almost every old player in the squad. It is expected that wages would drop.

    About man city, yes i agree our dross were much, but what can you say about this season that they are ahead, and i belive next year ours would be reduced.

    I agree with you, wenger isnt ruthless enough and he doesnt care about trophies anymore, but why would he be ruthless to his playing and nonplaying staff when his boss isnt ruthless to him, the manager?

  96. N5

    Bob, when you look through the Arsenal team, how many of them would you NOT replace? I often hear about how we should be doing more than just making up the numbers but when I look through our team I wonder what overs see? we’re mainly an average set of players that play above their quality.

    So I agree with you, what’s the point in a transfer budget if the type of qualideee he’ll bring in is the Flamini’s and Sanogos of this world. Maybe he’ll get another Chambers this season for well over the odds.

  97. Carts

    “If the £30m per annum is true, we should have more than £250m in the bank because in the last 3 years we’ve signed a lucrative deal with Puma, we’ve had all the CL money year on year plus all the TV money as well. Something doesn’t quite add up.”

    You mustn’t neglect the fact that contract renewals also have to factor into our cash balance.

    But when you see how quick certain players have shot up the pay scale for doing very little, that too explains where some of our money has gone.

    £30m per season isn’t far fetched by a long shot.

    We’re talking about an Arsenal bank that was obsessed with posting annual profits, as if to say they were rubbing it in the face of other.

    All the while we we’re signing absolute dogshite players, doing our absolute best to dilute the quality that we were so used too.

    Then you had mad maen like Keyser claiming that athletic players were now at a premium? a premium to the point where spending a couple more million for them wasn’t the Arsene way.

  98. Relieable Sauce

    If Neymar is getting £77k pw they will have to address that this summer surely.
    Interesting to see what happens at Barca this summer, could well be some big sales I think.

  99. N5

    STV agreed buddy. I was only playing with that comment, it was aimed at Alexanderhenry who blames Stan for everything and Wenger for nothing.

  100. Carts


    “How much do you think man city, man utd and chelsea spent on strikers alone?

    Even 30m yearly wouldnt give you 1 striker in 2008.”

    Ahhh man, no seriously, I have to hand it to Ugh’, he, is persistent with the Wenger-defence. The above quote is gold.

    I’m just waiting for the “there was nobody out there”. That line gets me all the time.

  101. Dissenter

    You do have a way of obfuscating simple things.

    What do you mean by the new manager should understand Arsenal’s “culture”.
    It sounds pretty much like your insistence that the new manager must speak English.

    I really don’t understand the “culture” purity test you’re asking for again.