Arsenal season was a mega failure, but it’s ok, Arsene’s gonna spend MASSIVE (again)

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Man, I really have to give up the role of goading fans of other clubs. I rarely do it, but I thought, fu*k it, we’re 2-0 up and I’m in the mood. Dropped some savagely arrogant messages before the game, dropped some more during it… THEN BOOM. Arsenal let me down…

Only us, eh?

I mean, on the face of it, we did our job. We exploited the back three setup Bilic went for with precision (KIND OF, OK?).

Ok, too far. We actually let West Ham in early, we gave Andy ‘the giant donkey thing’ Carroll enough space to fire a bicycle kick across goal, the ball was bundled home, but ruled wrongly offside. I mean, no pressing from our fullbacks for the cross, a defence that was ridiculously deep and no one pressing a man that takes 15 minutes to run 7 yards.

We turned things around. Iwobi slipped Ozil in for the opener… not too long after that, he did the same for Sanchez with a delicious ball over the top of the West Ham defence that the Chilean finished superbly.

2-0 up… windows down, system up. Then we had our usual defensive implosion.

Cresswell on the right is given 32 seconds to tie his shoelaces, send a couple of banterous text messages to his pals, then float a ball onto Carroll’s head. Embarrassingly easy. Where was Sanchez offering protection? Nowhere. Playing the role of the luxury wideman as usual. He gave zero shits about defending all afternoon.

After dropping one unnecessary goal, you kind of hoped we’d regroup and see out the half with the lead. Oh no… not Arsenal. We concede a corner that I think started from a Sanchez lapse further up field. The ball is cleared, we’re not first to the ball, they slip a cross into the box, our defence lose their minds, the ball is first headed, it deflects back at Carroll where he gears up for scissor kick number two that flies past the keeper.

Oh my days…

Second half starts, we go to sleep again, Monreal is roasted down the right, the ball is floated to the back stick where *Carroll is on hand to nod through the hands of the ever so weak Ospina.

*Also worth mentioning that Carroll should have been sent off for his numerous indiscretions

We took a battering from there on in. West Ham wanted the game more in my opinion. They were first to more balls, they showed more guts and they looked more interested.

We clambered a goal back from a superb Koscielny finish. The Frenchman tucked away a low cross from Sanchez that looked like it brushed Welbeck. So that was nice.

We tried to throw the kitchen sink at the game in the last 15 (70min subs), but our attempts flatlined because we don’t have the players to change games and we didn’t have enough to steal a last-minute dream winner.

Our season over. West Ham’s bid for top 4 done. Bring on the summer.

Key Points:


Start with the major positive. I LOVE IWOBI. He’s strong, creative, a hard worker and he’s very mobile. Another productive day at the office for a young man who is clearly going to be a massive talent! The most exciting Arsenal thing of 2016 in my opinion.

Arsenal Mentality:

So here’s the deal. Arsenal are going to spend big this summer and sell hard if they can. This is the story at the training ground. It’s happening. No doubt about it.

… my worry, is that the players aren’t the problem here, it’s the manager. West Ham had fire in their bellies today. They came at us full throttle. They didn’t give up despite going 2 down. They powered around all day to find a way to kill us.

Not sure I felt the same vibe from our boys? We lost our edge in the second half. The interest fell out the team. It’s such a familiar thing to see with Arsene teams. If we could show as much passion as the West Ham players, with our ability, we’d be flying.

Wenger doesn’t have to worry about success, and by proxy, nor do his players.

*Worth noting that West Ham had a manager everyone was saying they should be grateful for. The media warned it was a mistake signing someone new and daring to have ambition… look how it paid off for them. Players that care, a system that works, a top 6 finish. Amazing job.


If Paris come knocking with £50m, you’d have to consider it. I love his flair, I love his work rate and I love his goals when he fancies offering them. But he doesn’t want to play for the team. He’s all about himself. He leaves us so exposed with his lack of interest in defending. We need 11 players powering for the same cause. You simply can’t afford lazy attackers in a league of power pressing teams. He let himself down today and hasn’t been particularly good this second half of the season.

Again, part of this could be down to Arsene… part of this could be down to the player. Barca didn’t keep him around for long, did they? Wasteful and uninterested in team play.


Wenger just doesn’t learn his lessons. Petr Cech is the best goalkeeper in the goddamn universe. He was fit. Yet he didn’t play. Now, I’m not saying Ospina had a terrible game, I mean, by his standards, he had a great game… but those standards are low and we know that. For the first Andy Carroll header, I wonder if Cech would have stayed rooted to his line? For the third Andy Carroll goal, the ball was lofted over the defence to the back post, again, I wonder if Cech’s positioning would have been so bad that he was caught behind his line resigned to flapping at the whilst not looking at what he was doing? How about that moment where Kos and Carroll were in a tussle and Ospina just flew out for no reason and wiped everyone out resulting in a goal (that was disallowed).

He’s just a shite keeper, we learnt this in the Champions League, yet Wenger insisted on playing him in an important game we needed to win again, and Ospina’s decisions probably cost us 3 points. Well, not him, it’s not his fault… but it’s Wenger, again, making weak decisions based on who he likes rather than what is right for the team.

Tactical Flexibility:

From start to finish, we’re pretty poor here. Wenger generally plays the same way, every time, regardless of what’s going on. It makes us predictable and susceptible to smart planning by opposition managers. It also means we don’t exploit opposition weaknesses hard enough, nor do we exploit our advantages, like leads.

2-0 up, away from home, we change nothing, we fuck it up, we kill our tiny title aspirations.

I hate to say this, but how do you think Ranieri would have dealt with that game? He’d have murdered it and shut it down straight away.

Even when we’re chasing it, we aren’t doing anything smart. It’s ‘throw on the big man’ or ‘thrown on the fast one’… it’s not changing our style or doing anything that’s intelligent.

So next year, when we buy a bunch of players, what does it matter if we’re not agile or intelligent with our on pitch approach? Another tidbit, apparently Arsenal didn’t expect Carroll to start today… when he did, we had no answer to him. Embarrassing that such an average striker can be made to look so good… but one thing for sure, you don’t defend deep against a guy like him! Just another example of Wenger not having a team that can adapt confidently to a curve ball (not even a wild curveball).


A lot of Spurs and West Ham fans giving it to me today that it’s a player issue. Spurs have better players. That’s why they’re ahead of us.

Absolutely wrong. The problem is the manager. We don’t have a great one anymore.

Players and their on-pitch approach is an embodiment of how the manager behaves. I’ve worked in places that don’t care about the work, as a result, great people do average things. Now I work at a place that is all about the work and they will slay you down if you do something that resembles average. My mindset, and the mindset of the people I work with, is completely different because the expectations are defined and forcefully implemented.

Spurs players have expectations they have to meet. Hard work, relentless pressing and falling into a system. Same happens under Pep. You play for the team, you learn multiple systems, you fight for everything. Simeone, a great manager, who is all about the system and smart pressing. What are the expectations of Arsene Wenger? Express yourself? Just look pretty? I mean, really, there isn’t one. He tolerates mediocre, he doesn’t punish failure and he doesn’t have a vision to fix what has gone wrong.

Football will go the way of NFL and basketball. Gregg Popovic (San Antonio Spurs) and Bill Belichick (New England Patriots) prove you don’t have to be young to be a trailblazer. Smart systems, sharp fitness and tactical flexibility are king with these guys and it works. We don’t have a manager who can do those things, so why are fu*king around?

Makes no sense to me. We need to move to the next level, but we’ll waste another year of life watching a stale man half arsedely (it’s a word) possibly consider a revolution he’ll never deliver on. It’s boring. But we have to wait, throwing up a few polite banners about the owner who gives zero fucks and the manager who also gives zero fucks outside himself.

Football purgatory… get used to it and pray to the good lord it doesn’t get a new contract.

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  1. Ughelligunner

    Red, you are the worst protesting fan i have seen. Red i would say your style of protesting is to sheepish. Just because you are staying indoors against anything arsenal doesnt mean others should.

    If you want to accuse other fellow WOBs, lead the line, i saw your mate holding a banner, you have never done anything note worthy, and yet you brag about been the first to discover wenger’s medocrity.
    Lol. Come out of your hole, and lead the match to modor.

  2. daz

    “Just because you are staying indoors against anything arsenal doesnt mean others should.”

    he’s not staying indoors against anything arsenal, he is staying indoors period.

  3. Ughelligunner

    Red, i promise to be your leading WOB, if i see you wearing a white shirt with redtruth written on it in red, standing inside the emirates with a wenger out placard raised above your head.

    Scratch that out, just stand outside the emirates on a match day, with the placard Is that too difficult?

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Good lad

    I’m Wenger out by if there people akbs I’m more than happy to converse with them, I don’t agree with Wallace but I respect he is entitled to his view .

    But ref can be a funny fucker at times he just evades answering questions.

  5. Ace-enal

    Surprising how some still question Guardiola after all these years of his record eg a comment above questioning if he can improve City’s defence. I’d like to recommend anyone questioning his methods read Pep Confidential: Inside Guardiola’s First Season at Bayern Munich”.

    Astonishing football brain. It will take a severe lack of forward thinking on the part of City’s players for them to not win the league within 2 seasons. Look at what Klopp has already done at Liverpool after just a few months without a single purchase.

    AW is now a 2nd tier manager with a wealth of experience and a good eye for potential that keeps hime thereabouts but beating the best managers? Impossible.

  6. Ughelligunner

    RSPC, red is enjoying himself. I can feel him smirking and laughing out loud when he makes controversial statements. But what red really hates is over rating of players and branding the term worldclass around. I can say one thing good about him is, he is not flipfloper (like most pundits, journalist and fans).
    He sticks with the same idea no matter the that wengeric? Lol

  7. Ughelligunner

    STV, bamford called you semi-literate, you should be happy, what if he said you were illiterate just like me? Lol.

  8. salparadisenyc

    Wenger in, Wenger out doesn’t matter.

    He’s sacrificed this season relying on the unreliable and branded it cohesion. Implemented a dated ethos, neglected spending to further certain players progression (see cohesion). Addded further insult to injury by not adding depth to that. His perseverance frequently spoke of is quickly turning into self preservation. He’ll spend to safe his managerial skin. The saddest part is he’s not capable of turning tide, even with a major outlay.

    Pedro defined this once as elite purgatory.

    At the moment i’m fine with purgatory, nothing elite about it.
    Cant deny the indisputable facts were on less points this season than last after 32 played (7 points). Regressing by choice from the boards perspective with Tottenham finishing above and Leicester likely winning the league.

  9. Bankz

    After months of absence from this place,I can see things are still unchanged.
    We still have a clueless one as manager
    We still have AKBs who have sworn to follow him to the grave.
    We still have Pedro struggling to keep up posts from the USA.
    We still have Red hating on Messi,Cech and everyone.
    Gambon still dishing out facts but hating everything Wenger.
    Romford still be the cool gentleman on Legrove.
    DM still doing his pathetic best to beat my record….Lol.
    All you wannabes trying to be top dog on Legrove(it won’t happen so give up this ambition of yours…Lol)
    I don’t know if peanuts is still alive or has crossed over to ISIS territory,but We still have me holding the 57 unbeaten legrove run(or has it been broken?).
    Nah…don’t think so,even DM won’t be able to do or achieve such glory. lol

    Any ways I decided to take a break off Arsenal-Wenger related issues in Jan(and that somehow involved Legrove posts).
    I’m still young with the finest missus on planet earth,the last thing I’d do is allow Wenger or Arsenal be the reason why I die of a cardiac arrest or high BP.

    I promise to return once things become sane at the club.
    I wish you guys a lovely rest of the season.
    Enjoy it anyway you can.
    For those who actually believe Wenger is Lord and the saviour of theEmirates empire,I also wish you the best. May you discover your heart desires of following this “Lord” to whatever grave he goes to at some point.

  10. Joe

    Henry winter just ripped Arsenal wenger a new one at the aST

    Also said wenger has had at least 30m to spend every summer since the move to the Emirates.

    There goes the theory of no money. 30m would of gone a long way 11 seasons ago.

  11. pliget

    Jeff’s comment worth repeating I think. “Gambon made a statement in his comment earlier saying:“I have no idea how such a flawed manager ever managed to be successful. All these years later we all realise that our success was in spite of a flawed manager…not because of.”This has been puzzling me also for a very long time and I don’t pretend to know exactly but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that at very specific stages of his 20 year reign, Wenger has found himself in exactly the right position at the right time. This is nothing new, but I think worth repeating. When he came to Arsenal, the team already had a young established back four and we also already had Bergkamp – one of our best acquisitions in the last 25 years. A lot of people credit Wenger with bringing in players like:Patrick Vieira,
    Emmanuel Petit,
    Marc Overmars,
    Thierry Henry,
    Robert Pires,
    Sol Campbell,
    Gael Clichy,
    Kolo Toure,
    Cesc Fabregas
    Robin Van PersieBut it was in fact David Dein who brought those players in. Just look at what happened once Dein left. The quality and the quantity of players we recruited went down dramatically. Then a crucial thing happened which I believe saved Wenger’s career. The new stadium was always blamed for everything from then on, as being the main culprit in our failure to win any more titles. But as if that wasn’t enough, he had another extraordinary piece of luck. The oligarchs pulled up and started pouring money into the game. Poor old Wenger still kept finishing fourth and being proud of it. The main reason in my view is that the rest of the league was considerably weaker than the top four and to a large extent still is. They were often pulverised and beaten to a pulp by Chelsea and Man U and we were just hanging in there.Never at any stage since 2004 (when the invincibles were still there) did we truly compete. A better manager would have won the league probably 2 or 3 more times since 2004 but we stopped competing. Shut our doors to any more world class players and limped along with kids and nobodies. Basically, Wenger has robbed Arsenal blind. We have paid possibly something close to £100m to one man over the course of 20 years for basically being a massive fraud. Only those who can dare to engage in rational thinking will ever see this. The others are blinded by sentimental sophistry such as “faith”, “belief” and “loyalty” which unfortunately in competitive sport wins you f*** all.”

    Wenger has been a VERY LUCKY boy. Picked by Dein/Arsenal to bring European standards to Arsenal, standards that he knew from managing ion Europe and was so successful at applying that he was sacked. And ended up in Japan.

    He came in to Arsenal at the right time and was able to profit from GG’s defense, Bergkamp’s signing, and the fact he was French. I would accept he has a good brain and a great work ethic but I would not credit him alone with Arsenal’s success during 1996-2005. Once he was on his own, all that kept him gaining 4th place/CL 16th was the fact he had a budget 200% higher than his competitors.

    It is curious that Arsenal beat teams with poorer reputations (e.g. Leicester) but lose teams with better ones (e.g. MU every year). That tells me that Arsenal have NO mental strength. They come up against someone they are expected to lose to and they lose. They beat minnows (unless the minnows surprise them) but are content with their place in the status quo, losing to teams with 10% higher wage budgets, and beating teams with 50% lower budgets. FLAT-TRACK BULLIES with no heart or desire to achieve anything more than big bank accounts and an easy life. Arsenal, in Wenger’s mould, disgust me.

  12. Joe

    so this just came up from arsenal AST meeting where one speaker was the journo Henry winter as follows HW=henry winter
    “HW says Arsenal is such a special club, but what’s happened this season is a disgrace. It’s an indictment of Arsène Wenger. It’s sad.”
    “HW scathing of Arsenal’s limp attempt at signing Suarez, ‘a big club would have gone in with a big offer, they became a laughing stock.'”
    “HW believes Arsène Wenger has a fear of strong characters and isn’t keen on having people around who would challenge him.”

    “HW says Arsène Wenger has too much power at Arsenal and claims that Arsène was on the interview panel for Ivan Gazidis’ interview.”

    “HW says Mesut Özil is one of the most level-headed players he has ever met. Henry adds that he stays and extends his current contract.”

    “HW says fans are the lifeblood of any club and is amazed that fans don’t protest more often. Feels that recent banners are deserved.”

    “HW says Arsenal have adopted a culture of being satisfied with not winning and suggests that the club is content with second, third etc.” (very worrying from my point of view)

    “HW believes our squad lacks balance, needed a new spine. Happy with Cech but believes Mertesacker’s days at Arsenal are numbered””

    “HW says Arsenal need a dominant, ball-winning centre-back and an elite centre-forward. He adds Wenger should sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic.”

  13. Joe

    So we kept up with denlisons, alumina, sanagos, parks, chamacks, kallstroms girouds Walcotts flaminis artetas silvestres santos’ etc etc etc et lc

  14. DaveB666

    I remember an interview around 2010 with Danny Fiszman when both Arsene and the board were getting a lot of grief for the lack of investment in players. He was quoted as saying that the board had never turned down a request from Arsene for a player. Says a lot about the root of the problem.