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Having one of those sad weeks. Missing people. Missing Arsenal. Missing quieter homeless people.

ANYWAY. Do as Ozil does, right?


So what do we have on the platter today?

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.39.56 AM


Firstly, you have to say, Puma have really weak security. I mean, this happens with them every year. Does it not harm sales of outgoing kits to do this? I mean, it really is lax.

Secondly. I didn’t realise we changed our shirt every single season? I mean, it’s quite OTT. I really like the current one. Do we have to say goodbye so soon*.

*Pauses to wipe tear from eye

Thirdly. Pretty wild that the club want to change the shorts blue? Very Chilean. I’m all for pushing the boundaries of design, but it seems like Puma aren’t just pushing boundaries, they’re screwing them up and taking a massive dump on them.

That said, it’s an interesting kit. A bit weird. Would love to know the rationale behind it. I mean, what are they going to say…

‘We thought away support being stronger had something to do with the kit. So we put the away kit in the home kit. Geddit?’

Very odd.

Injury news is good. Rambo and Flamini are nearly ready. Santi and Jack should play for the U21s a bit later this week. I think the line up for West Ham should stay the same. This is a pressure game now… we’re catching on Spurs, we’re playing a team that has an eye on Champions League and it’s a local derby. Arguably our toughest game left this season.

Big questions over which team turns up? The team we saw last weekend, or the team that so often falters when there’s a chance to capitalise on an opposition mistake.

I think that front 3 of Iwobi, Sanchez and Welbeck has to stay the same. I think Wenger should resist any urge he has to play Ramsey. Elneny and Coq work pretty damn well in the middle and Ozil is Ozil. That should be enough to take West Ham apart. Looking forward to seeing how this line up works against a team fighting for something!

Right, not a lot from me today. Have a blinder you melts bags.



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  1. champagne charlie

    “but Carroll should have been off.”

    ehh yea probably on the balance of it. But looking at what we have actual influence over you have to say Wenger (and the apparent leaders) mucked up AGAIN.

    Carroll can only head the ball so what do you do? Put your biggest defender on or make your wingers act as wing-backs to completely shut down the prospect of getting wide and putting balls in the box. We did neither and lost 2 points on crosses. Brill

    Mats Hummels or similar would have had Alexis and Iwobi by the testes and told them to cut the crosses out. Kos is not a leader despite being a terrific front foot defender. Gab basically is Kos II. Ergo…manager fucked up tactically once more.

  2. gambon

    Its fucking hilarious hearing Arsene say “hmmm…im not sure if we can still win the PL”

    Fucking deluded cunt.

    Arsene….we arent 3 points behind….its 10 points with 6 games left you fucking lunatic.

    I think he has severe mental illness.

  3. Danny

    I reckon that was the Ospina’s last match for us, he’ll be off at the end of the season.
    Don’t take it too hard Redtruth.

  4. wenker-wanger

    Commiserations to all fans that turn up for matches. Its hard watching our beloved arsenal on screen, expecting some kind of collapse under pressure…. It must be like hell being there. Wenger just FCK off please….do the club supporters and players a favour, just FCK off!

  5. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    Now after watching Moh on Arsenal fan TV, how can anyone deny he needs a kicking

  6. Highbury4ever

    Your comment anywhere.

    (“we will learn from our mistakes for reaching success next season”)

  7. Redtruth

    Cech’s impact has been even more abject than previous calamity keepers when taking into account that this season is the poorest Premier league on record

  8. Phd007

    I have to post the following in 3 separate posts,for some reason won’t allow me to post ..

    The man is clearly shot to pieces.Finished,done…Needs to be put out of his misery.

    Pointless having him in charge for next season…Absolutely pointless..

    Still scratching my head at the ineptitude of Arsene,regarding the West Ham match..

  9. Phd007

    Can’t believe Arsene allowed AC to score from crosses on at least two occasions..

    He mentioned in the post match conference,he didn’t know they would play Andy Caroll.I for one can’t believe he made that startling admission (even if he did honestly believe it).
    Secondly,as a manager,part of your remit is to plan and prepare for most eventualities..
    A plan that takes account of various scenarios.You know a Plan A,Plan B,etc,etc…

    How he didn’t have a contingency plan in place, for countering the possible threat of AC,if he were played,leaves me utterly speechless.

  10. Hitman

    I know it isn’t May yet, but can we judge him now, can we.
    Watch the crook make no apology, admit any errors or mistakes, make no comment and simply slip away on holiday. Does it every year without fail.

  11. Phd007

    Now people might say well hindsight is a wonderful thing..Well tell me this,during the course of the game,what manager with their faculties intact,and with a sense of professional pride,would sit back and watch the opposition change their tactics and start launching crosses into your box ,to claw back a 2-0 deficit?Having witnessed the opposition being on the ropes defensively for a while.

    What manager would sit back and not attempt to negate their target man?
    What manager would surrender a 2-0 goal lead, watch our defence get pulverised with aerial crosses and then say at the post match conference-“I didn’t know they will play Andy Caroll”..

    The man is totally finished..He needs escorting from the Emirates as soon as possible.
    The longer he stays,the more untold damage he is going to wreck upon Arsenal..

    Talk of who Arsene should buy,who he should sell,what tactics he should deploy is meaningless right now..Pointless..He’s toast….He’s yesterday’s news.
    A relic of the past.A dinosaur..The game has moved on,he clearly hasn’t..

  12. Hitman

    I know it isn’t May yet, but can we judge him now, can we?
    Watch the crook make no apology, admit any errors or mistakes, make no comment and simply slip away on holiday. Does it every year without fail.

  13. Phd007

    He saw everything unravelling before his very eyes during the whole match and he did bugger all.

    Smh…He’s absolutely finished..

  14. Hitman

    Iwobi gave the ball away leading to the first two West Ham goals.
    Yes he can be excused on account of being young.
    But what is already obvious is the lack of game intelligence. Sloppiness, casualness, unprofessionalism seem to be only thing consistently indoctrinated and coached into these players.

  15. Bamford10

    Pellegrini brings Yaya Toure and Kevin De Bruyne on in the 60th minute — and it’s now 2-1.

    If it ends this way, City will be 2 points back of us.

  16. moe

    The mortal wound to our title challenge was inflicted at Southampton in December. Manager didn’t do anything to rectify it and stop the bleeding ( except an eleny bandaid) and today was the funeral service. Wenger should be sued for gross negligence

  17. Bamford10

    I think we need to be pulling for a United win tomorrow against Spurs. That would result in City & United being 2 and 3 points behind us, respectively, and a top four finish being in question.

    That’s the kind of pressure and tension we need Wenger to be under — and ultimately finishing out of the top four is the most likely way we get rid of him.

  18. Samesong

    That’s the kind of pressure and tension we need Wenger to be under — and ultimately finishing out of the top four is the most likely way we get rid of him.

    Totally agree.

  19. Sam

    naive defending is caused by bad coaching
    remember it cost us 6points against Chelsea

    get off Gabriel
    he wasn’t the only one on the pitch
    even before they scored you could see how much space they were allowed


  20. Phd007

    I have a question to all..

    Why do players rake their studs down the achilles heel of players?
    Or attempt to stamp on their ankles studs first?

    Personally I think this is no different to physically assaulting someone in the street.Not only is it career threatening,it’s cowardly,premeditated and assault in my eyes.

    Talking of the above,where’s Joey Barton these days?

  21. Bamford10

    Until recently, dipshit, our back five were the most solid part of our XI. And they may still be. Try to have a point, please.

  22. Bamford10


    Yes, but we also need City and United to go past us so that we finish fourth or fifth. A Spurs loss still leaves them 3 points ahead of us. Most important thing, IMO, is our finishing fifth, not our finishing below Spurs, though that would help.

  23. Redtruth


    Arsenal always go through spells of keeping it tight at the back but the same old problems resurface time and time again…football, certainly isn’t your game lol

  24. Bamford10

    Take a look at the table:

    3. Arsenal 59
    4. City 57

    Two points, Arsene. Can you feel that pressure? And with a United win, it will look like this:

    3. Arsenal 59
    4. City 57
    5. United 56

    With 6 games remaining. Wenger would be rightly nervous.

  25. GUNNER786

    “I think Usmanov realises that there aren’t sufficient divisions between the board members to create a wedge. So I think he’s keeping his powder dry,” Professor Chris Brady of Salford University’s Centre for Sports Business told ESPN FC.

  26. Bigper

    I’m not sure wanting us to finish out the top four is very wise

    Unfortunately Wenger is going nowhere this summer and the board won’t react to a poor end to the season

    We will lose a lot of money from the cl and we will therefore spend even less

    We may also then have to fight to keep out best players

    We need to finish top four imo, it is important to not drop further down so that when Wenger goes we still have somewhat of a status in Europe and a platform to build from

    Last thing we need is to fall away

  27. Jeff

    Usmanov is a c***. He’s not passionate about the success of the club but as simply another sporting project. If he really wanted to help Arsenal he would have done it by now. There is no hope in that direction – no hope at all. He’s another one of those all talk and no action pussies that just wants to say a few words every so often and then go back to eating himself to death.

  28. Jeff


    Are you not also on Legrove? What power do we have? Usmanov is listed in Forbes as the richest man in Russia – eclipses Abramovich. If he wanted to put his money where his fat mouth is, he could say to Kroenke, here’s double what you paid for your shares, now f*** off. But he doesn’t. So what is he waiting for? It’s all bollocks.

  29. champagne charlie


    Nice demonstration of zero business intelligence there mate. Pay double what Kroenke paid just because? Yea that’s how billionaires/any successful people earned their money.

    Meanwhile back in the real world…..

  30. Jeff


    No one’s talking about Business sense. Do you imagine Abramovich and Mansour are chasing business sense when collectively they have poured something like 2bn+ into getting the clubs to win titles? You do not buy a football club to make money. If you think that’s what it’s for then you’re just as obtuse as any Kroenke.

  31. Sam

    Elneny just being diplomatic not to embarrass his boss
    Arsenal won’t win the league

    don’t deserve to win it even if Leicester collapse
    this is the beautiful game n we’ve been sh!t all season
    Wenger and his clowns will walk away with winners medals


  32. STV

    I dont really care where we finish but..

    People like Bamford and reach a hypothetical conclusion that finishing outside top4 could end spell of Wenger, In reality can only help Wenger reaching for a lower bar next season.

    Suspiciously they need to push their agenda of Man city and Spuds as them fanatics argued those are much better teams than Arsenal whole season.

  33. gambon

    As has been said, Iwobi was at fault today.

    And guess what…Arsene doesnt give a fuck.

    He will gladly throw our season away in order to help kids develop their game, in order to avoid spending and in order to avoid cpnfrontation with his players.

    Winning means nothing to this man.

    Its still a creche culture.

    Iwobi said on twitter today “still so much to learn”

    No doubt Wenger will demand he doesnt do that again.

    Its like a fucking hippy comune at Arsenal.

    No standards, no ambitions, no criticsm, no anger and no recognition of, or accountability for mistakes.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    What do we actually want to happen tomorrow? A Spurs loss, keeps them three points away but means United are three points behind us with City now two behind, a Spurs win, meaning United stay six points behind but Spurs climb six points away from us, or a draw, Spurs are four points ahead and United stay five behind?

  35. Joe


    Fuck off you cunt. I’m more Arsenal than
    You’ll ever be.

    But what does finishing above Spurs or city accomplish for us? Another 3 year deal for wenger?? Fuck that.
    I’d rather a season out of CL and Spurs win the league if it meant wenger left

    And if you can’t deal with it you are just as bad as any Akb because you are complicit in the status quo

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Watch the changes now, Wenger will revert back to Ramsey, Giroud all the favourites as he panics, particularly if United win tomorrow.

    With Wilshere coming back, how I’ve missed the 4-1-MESS-1.

  37. Wallace

    only seen the goals so can’t comment on the game much. was happy with the team he picked prior to the game so can’t really piss and moan about the lack of Cech or Mertesacker afterwards. Ospina a little unlucky in that the 2nd and 3rd goals both took significant deflections off Gabriel. thought this would probably be the hardest game of the run in, but a draw isn’t cutting it at this stage. nice to see Iwobi continuing to make a difference.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    ‘but a draw isn’t cutting it at this stage’

    A draw doesn’t ‘cut it’ when you were 2-0 up three minutes before half time and then go in to the break at 2-2.

  39. STV

    Joe you fucking cunt.. heard that all before. But you should know finishing above them means nothing for Wengers position.

  40. Le Mediocrity

    Bamford mate,as much as I agree with your sentiments, there is no way Wenga is gonna finish below Spurs.

  41. Vince

    With the full backs that we have, will I be talking bullocks if I say we are the perfect team for a 3-5-2? Imagine today we had Per, Koscielny and Gabriel playing together would we have been so abysmal in defense?

  42. Joe

    Haha a draw doesn’t cut it

    Wallace, what happened to being in the groove? 2 nil and we fucked it up.

    And an bad call on the offside goal
    Is the only that saved us from a
    Hiding because we would of crumbled had we gone down 1 nil

    CP will be another draw. City will be a loss.

    Wallace I called us finishing Double digits off the league leaders at the end of the season

    You ridiculed me with your mate Tom

    Who’s the fool

  43. Joe

    We finish 2nd to 4th and ahead of Spurs and all the Akbs like Wallace lick arsene’s ass for winning top 4 trophy and finishing above Spurs

    We need drastic results for the Akbs to turn and see what everyone else has seen for 10 years. That wenger is a fraud of the highest orders

  44. Phd007

    On a different note..AC Milan 1-Juventus 2.

    Good game..Balotelli playing..A player with such talent.Pity he has problems upstairs(in his head)..

  45. Dusty Kart

    Biologically speaking, Wenger is like a prawn..

    No spine, no guts, and a head full of shit !!!

    That’s so fucking true it’s hilarious!!/

  46. Relieable Sauce

    I think a Utd victory over Spurs and a draw for Leicester to show the scale of Wengers bottle job.

  47. Vince

    And Actually I’m not sad about today. This team has played 3 matches together and have not lost any. Had chances to win the game today even: Sanchez’ s reluctance to shoot and that last minute walcott’s give away which I think would have resulted into at least a penalty if he had been a better footballer and dared entering the box instead of trying a pathetically hopeless chip. What I fear most is Wenger’s reaction to the draw. Watch him start Ramsey and Giroud in the next match even though everybody knew that we’ve been at our dominant best the last two matches.

    what am I saying? This first 11 deserves some run, they seem the best we’ve got. Loosing to West Ham isn’t the end of the world and we wouldn’t be mourning it if we hadn’t lost so much ground. I’m sure this first 11 would have beaten Swansea, West Brom, a miserable Manchester United and Stoke City.

    Wenger is the cancer. His testosterone has ran dry. The earlier the imbecile goes the better.

  48. Wallace


    “Wallace I called us finishing Double digits off the league leaders at the end of the season

    You ridiculed me with your mate Tom. Who’s the fool Now”

    we won’t finish 10+pts behind the winners, Joe.

  49. Joe


    Oh I believe you

    Just like you said we are in the groove
    And we are going to go on a 7 game win streak to end the season
    And wenger will fix this

    Sorry if I don’t believe what you write

  50. GuNZ

    It’s all OK. I am awake again. I feel like shit but, while asleep, I had a dream. I dreamed that Wenger finally managed to sort out his zip and, a bit like those aliens in that old series ‘V’, ripped his whole outer shell off to reveal . . . . . Pep Guardiola. Yes! Pep! I consulted my dream dictionary and, under the entry for dreams of this type, there were two entries:

    1. Wenger is a cunt

    2. You are a stupid cunt for supporting a gutless bunch of shite who have no serious potential for maintaining attacking pressure, can’t cross the ball for shit, have nobody there to receive it anyway, and have the defensive acumen of a prawn that has gone off in the sun.

    I feel much better after reading that because I was worried that I was beginning to believe the impossible and that we actually stood a chance of coming away with something – anything! – this season. I now realise that I am just another deluded Arsenal fan and it is all perfectly normal and a recognised mental health issue. Phew!

  51. Le Mediocrity

    Totally agree with you Wallace, how we bow down to the legend that is Wenga, for finishing below the financial powerhouses Leicester City or S**rs. What a wonderful job he is doing at 8m per annum.

  52. Danny

    Loosing to West Ham isn’t the end of the world
    Well actually we didn’t, it just bloody feels like it.

  53. Wallace


    what I actually said yesterday…

    “tomorrow will be a real test, West Ham look fuckin’ huge. but we seem to be back in the groove thanks in large part to the integration of Elneny, Welbeck & Iwobi. a draw is maybe the most likely, but i’m feeling confident.”

  54. Redtruth

    It appears players of old mistakenly took Wenger’s calm outward demeanour during half-time breaks as a sign of a deep thinking astute coach when in truth it was simply a case of someone who hasn’t got a clue.

  55. GuNZ

    The danger of open games like yesterday’s is that it exposes all our flaws for our remaining opponents to take advantage of. I fear we shall be lucky indeed to finish top four. In fact, I am going into the local shops where there are a couple of French establishments: The Thirsty Frog – a bar type thing; and Frog in a Barrel – a bottle store (an off-license) and I shall fiddle with my zip through the window at people having lunch. See how they fucking well like it,

  56. Redtruth

    West Ham competing for a top 4 berth shows how regressed the Premier league is.


    More fool you if you think winning our previous two matches was getting back in the groove…

  57. GuNZ

    The frightening reality is that we are simply not good enough. Anywhere. From a manager who has his deluded face in the trough of his reputation from his early years at the club, through zero leadership on the field, to toothless attackers, and a shambles of a defence. Our physio management record is absolutely appalling, and our transfer window management a laughing stock. And our kit for next season looks like one of those old rocket ice-lolly things with a wobbly bit inside once you’ve licked the coating off. Bit like the whole team, really.

  58. wenker-wanger

    Watching Andy Carroll bully the arsenal defense must have made any of ggs hardnut back four seethe with anger. Wenger’s history of playing ball-playing centre backs at the expense of big no-nonsense stoppers continues to bring failure. He won’t ever change his peculiar view of unsuccessful tippy happy mistake-laden football. Wenger has no tactical nous, he makes absurd substitutions and 2nd half tactical changes are never evident. Specialist in failure