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I’m deep in pitch hell again, so I have to apologise for the lack of blogging that’s going to happen over the next few weeks.

Ian Wright has weighed into the Jack Wilshere debate telling the England midfielder he might need to reconsider whether his mates are good for him.

“Jack has got to look very, very closely at who he surrounds himself with after making headlines of the wrong sort this week

“I am not suggesting for one second he suddenly bins all his pals. I wouldn’t say that at all.

“When you get to a certain level, though, the goalposts shift a bit. Yes, you can still see all those old mates but it doesn’t have to be in a bar or a nightclub.”

Can’t argue with that. Some people were upset at me suggesting Jack was unprofessional, after all, we all need to let off steam.


You can let off steam, you just have to do it in the right way… with people that aren’t going to get you into trouble. If he’s not taking upskirt shots, he’s smoking fags or getting into trouble with cab drivers. He just needs to be sensible. You go to trashy clubs, you’ll attract a certain type of attention from a certain type of scumbag… especially if your mates are scrotes.

… and look, we’ve all had to make decisions about who we spend time with. I think anyone who has lived in London has had a group of mates who are super nice but super dangerous to your health. You don’t bin them, but you have to be careful. Even more so with a footballer because you have unlimited funds. Anyway, a father of two shouldn’t be shaming himself at 3 am on a Saturday. You don’t see that from Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez.

Alexis Sanchez is apparently a target for PSG and Madrid this summer. He’s been pretty poor in the second half of the season, he’s put that down to the fear of injuring himself again.

“I had a setback and when I played a match, I was scared I would get injured again because the thing I like most in the world is playing football and when I can’t play, I feel sad.”

He’s has the mental handbrake on (like Cesc a few years ago), which is understandable. We really didn’t manage his fitness very well… we played him when you could see he was visibly tired, then he took a knock and didn’t recover.

Hopefully he picks himself up. I think Wenger should be getting more out of him than he is. I think part of his poor form is that he’s been sussed a little bit, not to mention he’s not playing with players who bring the best out of him. All that picking the ball up from deep hasn’t been great for his game. Hopefully this new set up where we have midfielders who can cover ground and release the ball will bring him back from the dead.

Iwobi has been here two minutes and he’s already infuriated me.

‘“I am looking forward to the forthcoming Olympics and if I am invited, I will do my best to make a meaningful contribution,”‘


Interesting how the Olympics is panning out right now. Only 50% of the tickets sold, one big reason is that there’s almost nowhere to stay in the city and if you can find somewhere, people are ripping the arse out the price. Even more embarrassing, the Paralympics has only sold 12% of its tickets! A nation that is in savage shape and a people who really aren’t in the spirit. What a shame…

Arsenal are apparently sniffing out Manuel Locatelli… he’s the gangly looking 18 year old from AC Milan. He’s been compared to Pirlo… but Berlusconi loves him and reckons he’s ‘the playmaker of the future.’ So no chance there, despite the kid saying he likes Arsenal. Shame the Italians rarely leave the country!

On the way out of the club… Roma’s Spalleti has said he want Chezzer. Good, have him. You’re welcome.

Be interesting to see if there are any shock exits this summer… I kind of have vibes of Chambo or Rambo leaving. Too many Bo’s for one dressing room. Something isn’t quite right in our set up and you feel that Wenger might want to raise cash for players that aren’t quite kicking it. We’ll see though… buckle up for a big 3 months!

That’s me done. Have bloody great day!

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  1. Mysticleaves

    ” I’d sell
    Ramsey, a little reluctantly, as on the
    right team he will be a big player. but
    don’t think we’re that team.”

    honestly I would sell Wenger before Ramsey. I believe in Ramsey. he needs a better coach that will harness his strengths

  2. Bamford10

    Below is a TV ad featuring Welbeck, Cech and Walcott. Welbeck is driving, Cech is in the passenger seat and Walcott is in the back.

    I recommend watching it on silent and imagining that Welbeck and Cech are driving Theo to some Championship club in the north of England, having decided he is garbage and excess to our requirements, and having decided to take matters into their own hands.

  3. Phd007

    reality checkApril 7, 2016 08:59:54
    1-Wenger is a troll. Because he’s old. He thinks it’s being cute and clever. Smerking, Grinning, being annoyingly obtuse.


    I’ve always maintained for a number of years..It’s one huge fornicating game of hide & seek with Arsene.The smirking,grinning & being obtuse is all part of his twisted game with the media,fans and anyone else he deems to be a threat,rival/competitor to his privileged position.

    The man is senile-demented..But I must admit,I now find it hugely funny.
    He thinks he’s outwitting and outfoxing everyone,with his adult version of hide and seek.But what he fails to realise is, that it’s readily plain to see,he’s powers are on the wane,he’s terrified of challenging for top honours,he’s a shadow of his former self .In short ,he’s shot to pieces..

    The smirking,grinning,etc,etc.. will soon disappear if he continues to cling on for dear life..Because I can assure you,the fans have been more than patient.If more of the same continues,I expect a backlash,or a revolt at some point in the future..Collectively, the fans will reach their breaking point,sooner or later..
    It’s human nature..You can’t keep a lid on anger,resentment and frustration that’s been bubbling or simmering under the surface indefinitely..

    & I don’t think he will be grinning,smirking and being deliberately obtuse,when that time comes.
    In fact the exact opposite,he’ll probably be begging,crying to being given one more shot.
    Like most dictators,once the veneer slips and they tumble,suddenly they don’t seem so mealy mouthed and omnipotent..

    Let him continue..As my father used to say,”Every end has a beginning and every beginning has an end..”

    Let him keep shaking that fizzy bottle& waving it in our face..It will explode in his face..

    The fans will have the last laugh..

  4. Wallace


    “honestly I would sell Wenger before Ramsey. I believe in Ramsey. he needs a better coach that will harness his strengths”

    if we were talking about the Ramsey who played alongside Arteta in 2013/14(?) i’d agree with you. not so much even the goals, just the player who held his position and was a force in the middle, but that Ramsey seems to have been binned for Flash Ramsey. don’t rate Flash Ramsey much at all. he’s certainly not good enough to entertain moving Ozil to accommodate him.

  5. Dissenter

    Wenger considers Ramsey to be a “creative” midfielder à la Payet or Cazorla

    Yikes, no wonder he gives him latitude for silly back heels. Ramsey is only “creative” for himself.

  6. Mysticleaves

    one problem with Wenger is that he allows players learn from their mistakes. he doesn’t go hard on them. he’s like an American father who can’t discipline his son cos of “rights”.

    Wenger needs to be like an African dad a bit to his players. when they fuck up, shout on them, spank them if need be. but it’s too little too late for him though.

    that Ramsey has turned out like this is all Wenger’s fault

  7. Phd007

    Mystic“honestly I would sell Wenger before Ramsey. I believe in Ramsey. he needs a better coach that will harness his strengths”
    Nope I’d get rid of Ramsey before Arsene.Ideally get rid of both them at the same time.But given a choice,sell Ramsey..

    We’ve only had one decent season from him,out of almost a decade.
    If his talent needs harnessing,I can assure you,Arsene isn’t the man to do it..

    Out of all the British based players,I can’t think of any of them,that have consistent seasons at Arsenal.And they’ve all been here for a relatively long time..

    Theo-Time at the club 10 years..Had one good season out of him

    Ramsey-Time at the club 8 years-Had one good season out of him

    Oxo- Time at the club 5 years-Had one good season out of him

    Kibbs -Time at the club 9 years-Struggling to recall any good season

    Under Arsene,they don’t progress.At best they stagnate.At worst they regress.

    They can be flogged off,and some other competent manager can harness their perceived talents..Arsene definitely isn’t that man.If anything,he expects them to develop and harness their own talents by themselves..

  8. Sam

    I had enough of Ramsey, Walcott n Giroud. Even if We agree they’re bench players still they overstayed n holding places n shirts from other people.
    At Arsenal players like this used to sit with manager n be told Aston villa or bristol city want you n we think its a suitable club for you. Nice handshake not hard feelings n we move on

    Now we hang on to players for too long n its nearly impossible to shift them
    I am sure Bristol city can’t afford half of Theo salary

  9. Sam

    That will be great Warning to Wilshere n Oxlade Banterlain

    Get your sh!t together and this is your final season

  10. China

    It’s really tiresome knowing that rather than Wenger having already made/finishing a shortlist of players he wants this summer (as well as those he wants out) it’s going to be the usual of ‘we’re not looking at anyone in particular yet’…’other clubs aren’t buying yet’…’we have to wait until after the euros’…’we will buy soon’…’we might buy’…’we’re not sure’….’fuck it’s deadline day, this guy will do’

  11. Mysticleaves

    ” Under Arsene,they don’t progress.At
    best they stagnate.At worst they
    They can be flogged off,and some
    other competent manager can
    harness their perceived
    talents..Arsene definitely isn’t that
    man.If anything,he expects them to
    develop and harness their own
    talents by themselves..”

    you say all these truths yet you want all these players gone? leaving Arsene? that’s irrational.

    example we all want Walcott gone but bamford (or Gambon) fears what he could become with a coach like say Bilic.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Clubs like Arsenal need today a decent squad and not just a starting X1 if they
    are going to meet their commitments in EPL and Champions League.

    Realistically we need at least 18-20 players good enough to play in starting X1 on regular basis. At the moment I feel that we are at least 4 players short of that number.

    Another consideration is that the club needs to freshen up its squad on a regular basis something that Wenger failed to do last summer. Players like Gibbs,
    Ox and Walcott expect to play regularly in starting eleven , but are realistically not good enough to do so. After a a long time at the club they become stale and

    For me it is better to offload such players and replace them with fresh blood
    rather than allow them to stagnate and be paid unrealistic wages for what they

  13. Mysticleaves

    ” After a a long time at the club
    they become stale and

    that’s Wenger you described there. pray he leaves by season end.

  14. Sam

    Isn’t it good for Walcott himself if he progress under Bilic?

    Good for England too
    Wenger hangs on to players coz he’s scared of spending to replace them
    We all knew since summer that Rosicky, Flamini n Arteta won’t be needed he kept them anyway

  15. Phd007

    you say all these truths yet you want all these players gone? leaving Arsene? that’s irrational. example we all want Walcott gone but bamford (or Gambon) fears what he could become with a coach like say Bilic.
    The players I have listed,in the decade(on average) they have been here,what exactly have they contributed to the cause?
    Top 4? 2 FAC’s ?Is that the limit of your ambition also?
    If it is, fine keep them..

    Or do you want to aspire to realistically challenge for top honours?
    If so,the players mentioned in my list,have probably only managed one consistent season in almost a decade at Arsenal.

    Quite clearly,if we have designs on aiming higher than top 4,on trying to challenge for the EPL,trying to challenge for CL,then clearly the above mentioned guys aren’t the required personnel to help us achieve that aim.

    Now,that being the case,once sold why should I care,if they go on to do the business for West Ham? Or Liverpool?That’s not my concern as a club,or as a supposed elite manager.My goals/objectives might be altogether different from West Ham.My directive as a manager, might be that I want to win the EPL.

    West Ham’s objective might be that they want to qualify for top 4?

    Two different sets of objectives..As an example,Theo hasn’t helped me achieve my objectives in 10 years.He’s on exorbitant wages,given me one good season out of 10..He’s taken up valuable squad place,in addition to eating up a sizeable portion of my wage bill..The rationale thing,would be to sell him and replace him ,with someone that can help achieve my objectives and perform on a consistent level..

    Why would I in my right mind,be concerned with him doing the business for West Ham?..They are not our direct rivals.I care not for that club,but for Arsenal..

    Put another way,I’m a manager of a department..I hire 3 guys who are okay at what they do,but not exactly the best.I could do better,finding better talent.
    But in the beginning they demonstrate potential,hunger,ambition and passion.They are on good wages.

    Over a 5 year period,I realise these plonkers are costing me a fortune in wages,have low productivity levels, and are always off sick..Have given me one good year out of five years
    They are effecting my ability to hit KPI’s-impacting it.

    What do I do since they are on good wages,do I worry if I fire them,they might go to my rival competitors and end up doing a good job?
    Keep them based on sentiment.Or in the hope ,they come good some day?

    Or do I look at what they have produced/contributed for me over a 5 year period,and decide based on my company’s stated objectives and KPI’s these plonkers are a liability.
    Therefore do I release them from their contracts and replace them with more capable,competent and driven employees who will help me drive the club’s stated objectives forward?

    I think the rational answer should be patently obvious Mysticleaves..

  16. Wallace

    “During his sabbatical, he(Tuchel) looked at other team sports, visited the Brentford owner Matthew Benham to understand the role of mathematics and stats in football and versed himself further in the teachings of Professor Wolfgang Schöllhorn. The sport scientist’s theory of “differential learning” contends that players do not learn by repetition and perfecting drills but by adapting their technique, intuitively, to a never-ending stream of problems. At the turn of the century, Schöllhorn’s ideas were adopted by the Barcelona youth coach Paco Seirullo, who later became Guardiola’s mentor.

    Tuchel, who puts out every cone himself, has his players practising on slippery, extremely narrow or extremely wide pitches, makes them control the ball with their knees before passes and instructs defenders to hold on to tennis balls to stop them pulling the shirts of opponents. The aim is to make training so complex and mentally demanding that the game feels relaxing by contrast. “At first, we wondered what these things had to do with football but we realised quickly that they worked,” said Neven Subotic. “Some exercises last two and a half hours. But because they always change, it doesn’t feel like that”.”

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I like Elneny, but I’m not sold on him as first choice going forward, certainly both he and Coq would be in my squad over Ramsey and Wilshere, and I think he’s a solid player, but I do think we need a Xhaka type buy and then another central midfielder.

    Big fan of Weigl, heard some noise about him at the beginning of the season, the games I’ve seen him in, you just cannot believe he’s only 20, great control on a game, great passing, sets the tempo, connects defence to attack, shields the defence. Looks like he’s going to be special. Xhaka, Weigl as a pairing would do nicely, Coq and Elneny as choices as well, sell Wilshere, release Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky and you’ve got a good midfield set up there.

  18. gambon

    Great read on Tuchel.

    And good to see there are coaches out there innovating.

    As ive said so many times on here to be a top team you either need to hsve by far the biggest budget or be extremely innovative.

    Arsenal do neither. We are happy to sit in 3rd/4th while everyone else fights for the big prizes.

  19. Carts

    I’d actually go as far as to say that Aaron Ramsey (and Walcott) under Wenger are hacks.

    Honestly, Ramsey plays football like he thinks he’s the best player in the school team but evidently isn’t.

    He get’s a stay of execution cos of that 1 season where he was OUT OF FORM scoring worldies and doing Lampards.

  20. WengerEagle

    Lol, can you imagine Arsene doing any of those things in training?

    Tuchel sounds like the real deal, reminds me of Pep in his obsessive attention to detail.

  21. WengerEagle

    That Europcar advert btw was the most convincing performance that Feo has given this season.

    Cech gave a good account of himself, Welly really needs to give up on this acting lark though.

  22. shad

    Very nice read on Tuchel.

    Wenger is a know-it-all and has made 50,000 subs so doesn’t need to venture into adaptive training. As long as the boys play their game, they should be fine. LOL.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Tuchel will become the next light at the end of this dull tunnel then, another year at BvB to prove himself further, then Arsenal, that is of course until Arsenal opportunistically wait for some good form and Wenger signs on for another three years.

  24. Mysticleaves


    so basically you are Wenger can take us forward? I strongly suggest you reconsider. wenger is majorly the problem.

    insofar he’s here players would stagnate or regress. could you honestly say that Ozil or Sanchez has improved? or that Welbeck has improved?

    Tuchel, with his trainings and innovations would turn Ramsey and ox into beasts. wenger wouldn’t.

    Arsenal’s problem is Wenger.

  25. Mr J

    Question: Would Ramsey, Theo, et al be the same players under Fergie, Pep or Mourinho?

    Maybe but doubtful.

    Would they still be at the club if said players performed consistently at the level they do now – for the better part of 10 years?

    Almost certainly not.

    Therefore what or who is the problem?

    I’m confident that Ramsey would be a much better player under a Fergie.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not sure Wenger really gives roles to begin with, he just sort of allows players to play a style that suits them, so I would say players like Oxlade, Ramsey and Wilshere could be be a lot better if not special under a manager with more tactical nous, more innovative training techniques and who gives players precise, defined roles.

    The difference between England’s Wilshere for example and Arsenal’s is obvious, in the England set up he has a position and a role, he doesn’t at Arsenal.

    Wenger is too laid back, too much he prizes player expression over discipline and tactics.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    That’s another point as well, comfortability, its rife at Arsenal, can only speculate as to how players might perform if they knew their positions were in danger.

  28. shad

    “I do think we have a few players who could be special under a different manager.”

    I agree. It’s more mental than physical. Wenger has inflated egos and wages with zero achievements from the players that the players think they are above reproach. They need a no nonsense manager like Conte to cut them back to size and then build them back up (Ramsey, Ox maybe). Others simply need to be let go like Feo.

  29. Phd007


    We all know Arsene is the problem,that’s why the following left:


    They didn’t sit around waiting for a decade,hoping there might be some major,or revolutionary turnaround in Arsene’s approach & ambition to the game..

    If Ramsey,Oxo,Theo,Gibbs had anything about them,do you honestly still think they would still be hanging around at Arsenal after almost being at the Emirates for over a decade(on average) & just having 2 FAC’s to show for it.

    Most professional footballing careers last on average about 10 years..

    What are you waiting to see from the above mentioned?
    The above finally realising there potential after another how many years under Arsene?

    If Arsene continues with the status quo,do you honestly think Sanchez & Ozil will stick around?

    I bet you Ozil & Sanchez scarper before Ramsey,Walcott,Gibbs& Oxo eventually do..

    That will tell you all you need to know..

    Point I was trying to make initially is that Arsene isn’t going anywhere,anytime soon.Therefore it’s pointless to keep the said players,as they’ve reached their ceiling,have only given us one season out of ten years on average..

    Arsene is not going to harness their talent.They are not going to improve drastically enough to have us competing realistically for the EPL & CL.
    They are taking up squad space,wages etc,etc,when money and places can be freed up ,to recruit far better players who are far more talented ,can enable us to at least challenge competitively for the major honours and won’t be such a financial drain..on the plus side,such better players,won’t need to have their talents harnessed.They would come ready made..

    Besides all the above mentioned layers mentioned are perennial crocks..

    Anyway this debate is pointless.Just going around in circles..

    I don’t think the penny has dropped for you yet..

  30. WengerEagle



    Suppose what I meant though was more along the lines of which players could another manager get more out of productivity-wise, who would you point towards?

    Ramsey for me is an obvious one.

    I’d let go a fair few players if we were to get a new manager in, just you watch Pep, Conte and Klopp clean house this summer.

  31. Phd007

    I would say Ramsey under Fergie,or Mourinho would be a far better player.He would have all that nonsense he does on the pitch,beaten out of him.If not,he’d benched,dumped in the reserves and then sold,within a few years,if he failed to comply,or follow instructions..

    I think Theo is limited severely..Seems a nice guy,but appears to lack a killer instinct,a natural killer touch,amongst other factors..I think the burden of expectation under a Fergie,Mourinho,would be too much for him psychologically.He seems mentally fragile.Unfortunately he’s more an athlete,than a footballer..

    I thought Ox showed promises of potential in the beginning..Another one that’s disappeared into the abyss.He too seems mentally fragile..He seems like an Everton type player.

    As for Gibbs..I scratch my head on that one..where do you start…?There is a footballer in there somewhere..But majority of the time for me, it’s usually “wtf is going on with this guy..”
    Why does he abandon his defensive duties?Why is he always bombing forward?..I don’t know how much of an effect,Arsene has impacted on his progress and how much of it,is down to Gibbs himself..

  32. Moray

    “I bet you Ozil & Sanchez scarper before Ramsey,Walcott,Gibbs& Oxo eventually do”

    No way these guys get paid half of what they do at Arsenal anywhere else. Ironically, I bet Ozil and Sanchez could easily command more. Hence the idiocy of our contract system and the people who manage it.

  33. WengerEagle

    Henry left and won the Champions League, 2 La Liga titles and the Copa Del Rey with Barcelona.

    Vieira left and won 3 Serie A titles with Inter Milan and the F.A Cup with Man City where he scored 3 times on their Cup run.

    Cesc left and won La Liga and the Copa Del Rey with Barcelona and he won the Premiership with Chelsea.

    Nasri left and won 2 Premier League titles with Man City.

    Even RVP left and won the Premier League in his first season with United.

    It’s sad that every one of their decisions to leave were vindicated in the end.

  34. Moray

    What’s worse for Theo is that he is reaching an age with injuries where he will be slowing down. Without pace, there is literally nothing left.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, Ramsey is the most obvious, I would think a better manager could get more out of Wilshere as well, potentially Oxlade.

    Thing is, I don’t even think Wenger knows what this team is, he’s just playing players (when fit) he isn’t playing a team, when Arsenal do well is when we play a team because injuries essentially force Wenger to.

    Agreed, going to be very interested to see what City, Chelsea and Liverpool look like next year.

    If United get a new manager as well, next season is going to be brutal, City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs all fighting for the top spots with us trying to cruise to our usual 3rd or 4th.

    I’ve got this horrible image of Wenger doing his usual, us having a torrid time in the league next year and then Wenger just f*****g off with us in a right state at the the end of next year, essentially being to blame but avoiding future culpability for our struggles. As opposed to if he’d done the honourable thing and f****d off after the FA Cup final against Hull and we’d likely, though not certainly before any pro-Wenger fans cry, seen some progression away from our usual cock ups.

  36. Mr J

    “It’s sad that every one of their decisions to leave were vindicated in the end.”

    They were vindicated at the time too… its just that most couldn’t see it.

    “I bet you Ozil & Sanchez scarper before Ramsey,Walcott,Gibbs& Oxo eventually do”

    Yep. This.

    They’ve got it sweet at Arsenal, sweet like sugar. Someone on here spoke of the work ethic from foreign players (in general too, not just footballers).

    You think that Theo will take a pay cut if it meant moving clubs to improve himself??

  37. WengerEagle



    Without pace Theo is a bottom half of the table BPL player at best. And it could be mostly gone at 30 which is in only 3 years time.

    He’ll never let it get to the stage of suffering the indignity of playing in the Championship IMO, much sooner see him jumping ship and pulling a Bradley-Wright Phillips to the MLS or even China.

  38. WengerEagle


    That’s nail on the head really, Wenger has no idea what he’s doing in regards to the team.

    He’s paying Walcott and Giroud, two strikers he has in the past declared himself more than happy with, a combined £250,000 a week and they’re both sitting on the bench for a 19 year old kid in Iwobi.

    He signs no outfield player last summer and wonders why we we’re short in the middle of the park.

    Then he signs Elneny in late January and since he’s come in we’ve looked much better in midfield. Why on earth didn’t he sign Elneny in September? Or a proper striker if he rates Iwobi and Welbeck over Giroud and Walcott.

    It’s a flipping joke.

  39. Phd007

    What perplexes me too be honest,is why Arsene didn’t sign Yaya Toure over a decade ago?

    I honestly don’t think it was solely down to visa issues..
    In the summer of 2003, Touré had a trial with Arsenal. He started a pre-season friendly against Barnet on 19 July, playing as a second striker and then moving up front in the second half. Manager Arsène Wenger recognised his talent but could not decide on his best position and described his performance against Barnet as “completely average.” The game finished 0–0 and the BBC Sport website said that he “blotted his copy book by missing Arsenal’s clearest chance of the game, heading a cross from Quincy Owusu-Abeyie wide.”

    Wenger was still keen to sign the then 20-year-old but Touré had difficulties in getting a work permit. Ultimately, Touré grew impatient and opted to sign for Ukrainian side Metalurh Donetsk instead, where he spent one-and-a-half years.

  40. WengerEagle

    Have to say that the UCL ties are all nicely poised for next week.

    You can’t really say that any of the 8 sides are out of it.

    Atletico Madrid will more than fancy their chances vs Barcelona at the Calderon where they beat them in 2014 to go through, they only have to win 1-0.

    Benfica have home advantage and are only 1-0 down to Bayern. Not scoring the away goal will likely come back to haunt them though as it’s nearly impossible to see Bayern not scoring.

    City you would have to say are now the firm favourites to go through with home advantage and 2 away goals. They also have Yaya and Sterling both to come back into the fold, I fancy them to beat PSG on Tuesday. Wasn’t at all impressed by PSG last night and surprise surprise, Ibrahimovic chokes once again in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

    Wolfsburg are in a phenomenal position 2-0 vs Real Madrid, the fac that Real didn’t manage to score makes it fascinating as Wolfsburg have lots of goals in them and you’d expect them to score at the Bernabeu given Real’s shaky defence.

    If anyone can smash 4 past a decent side in Wolfsburg though it’s Real Madrid, so for me it’s 50-50 on who goes though.

  41. WengerEagle

    ‘Manager Arsène Wenger recognised his talent but could not decide on his best position and described his performance against Barnet as “completely average.”’

    There’a a contradiction in there.

  42. Mr J

    @ Phd007

    Yeah thats the story I heard concerning Yaya too, and why he wasn’t signed.

    I can’t stand wenger, not even slightly… but I don’t charge him with that offense

  43. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, I still expect Bayern to go through against us but they don’t travel well in Europe. Think Sanches can cause them some problems. Gaitan will need to have the game of his life too.

  44. Red&White4life

    Payet, one more…

    FFS, wenger could write a book with that list, the title could be “I almost signed – the story of a succesfull manager” lol

  45. WengerEagle


    Same mate but it might only be on away goals, it’s going to be very tight.

    Like I said I can’t see Benfica holding them at bay for 90 minutes but I could see them winning the actual match, Bayern will be going all out for the away goal which could play in Benfica’s favour as you have a lot of players suited to a counter-attacking game.

    You’s had chances to score in Munich which would have made the second leg very interesting, Jonas should have scored at least once and how Mitroglou missed the ball from a few yards out I still haven’t figured out yet.

  46. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, yes we have a lot of players who can cause Bayern trouble on the counter. I wonder if the manager might bring in Gonzalo Guedes for this game.

    Unfortunately, like Arsenal, Benfica aren’t a very clinical team. They need loads of chances to score one goal. We’ll need to be more ruthless in the second leg if a chance comes our way but I feel we may have already blown our best chance on Tuesday.

  47. Cesc Appeal



    I said a few weeks back when the pro-Wenger brigade in the summer start the bollocks about not needing to sign anyone just as they did last summer, remember, it was a £4 Million Swiss League player that came in and drastically improved our middle that no one in the world could have improved in the summer, it was a 19 year old and a player who’s only been at Arsenal for a season returning from ten months out that have drastically improved our front line, ahead of the ‘world class’ Giroud and ‘deadly’ Walcott.

    Buying players works, that’s why every single other team in the world does it. Being stationary in football is the same as regressing, only countered when you have a manager who can continually adapt and pays attention to the most minute details in his set up…we know Wenger doesn’t do that.

  48. alexanderhenry

    Disagree with you on sanchez Pedro. He hasn’t been ‘sussed out’ and he hasn’t been playing with a ‘handbrake’. He just got injured and sometimes it takes a while for players to get back to 100%
    He’s an essential member of our squad and if he left it would be disastrous.

    On this summer:

    ‘Wenger might want to raise cash for players that aren’t quite kicking it’.

    That’s the problem though isn’t it. It’s as if fans have been brainwashed into thinking that arsenal need to ‘raise cash’.

    Arsenal fc do not need to ‘raise cash’. The club has over £200m in the bank. That’s more available cash than any other club. It has the highest match day gate receipts in Europe, improved sponsorship deals, tv money and will – almost certainly- qualify for the CL which brings in yet more revenue.

    Arsenal fc can and should spend big, with or without wenger. If they don’t, fans should stop pitching up. It’s as simple as that.

  49. WengerEagle


    Haven’t really seen much of Guedes, is he a decent player?

    What ever happened to Talisca? Started off his Benfica career like a house on fire but has been very quiet for about a year now.

    Yeah just cannot see Bayern not scoring a goal unfortunately, I was quite taken aback by the amount of chances that they gave up in the first leg though.

    You’s will have chances for sure, it’s whether Jonas and Mitroglou have their shooting boots on or not which will decide how close a match it is.

  50. WengerEagle


    It’s a joke isn’t it? And it brings up serious questions about Wenger himself the fact that after 10 years he still rates Walcott so highly and even Giroud after 4 years.

    Neither of them will ever score 20+ Premier League goals in a season in their career, most football fans know this.

    How after managing the likes of Henry, Van Persie, Wright, Anelka and Adebayor that Wenger hasn’t realized this is baffling.

  51. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, Guedes was the one everyone was hyping at the back end of last season, a Ronaldo-type winger. He’s done ok this term with 4 goals but has been in and out of the side. At 19 he is still really young though. The main problem for him is that Renato Sanches has come in and totally taken the shine away from him (he’s also done that to every other player in the team). The scary thing about Sanches is that he is already the best player in the team, weird considering he debuted in October.

    Talisca is similar. He’s been in and out of the side though he has been playing more in recent times. He scored the crucial goal against Zenit in the last round but he’s finding it hard to nail down his spot in the team because of Sanches too.

    We may spring a surprise next week but it’s doubtful. That said I’ve been criticising the team loads this season and they prove me wrong each week!

  52. Carts



    – I can see the score line getting messy at the Bernabeu. I think Wolfsburg will do well to even score. Madrid will come out the block like a dog possessed and cos of that they’ll win. Worst case scenario it’ll look like the Schalke games.


    – I think City will win. PSG underestimated them; and Luiz confirmed himself as a kid again. If Kompany isn’t back in time then their chance are slightly lesser. They just need to pray Otamendi doesn’t get injured from now till then.

    A. Madrid

    – They give zero fucks about both Barcelona and Real. Their defensively solid at home and I can easily see this game being decided in extra time. My money is on A.Madrid


    – Should really have secured a 3 goal cushion at least. It’ll be tense, but again I expect Bayern to turn it on in the later portion of the game. Alaba and Kimmich at the back though…looking like seasoned pros but I’d look to get Martinez and or Boateng fit asap. Even Badstuber.

  53. Redtruth

    If i was Wenger i too would be smirking and grinning at stupid fans.

    It doesn’t take a Tuchel to replace Wenger any manage of sound mind would do an excellent job..

  54. Dissenter

    If Pat Rice had not been forced to retire for medical illness then Weger would still have the same back-room team in place.
    I recall he persuaded the poor Rice not to retire again and again until illness caught up with him.
    All Wenger wants to do this days is to tell nostalgic stories about what players he almost signed.

  55. Dissenter

    I hope I’m not the only one that finds all these Arsenal TV videos as really silly.

    Lets just return back to the primary goal of any football club; COMPETING FOR TROPHIES.
    It’s disheartening to see overpaid nice boys like Theo doing everything but earn their wages is annoying to say the least.

  56. Redtruth

    Anelka left Arsenal and went on too win the Champions league proving Wenger has been a shit manager for 20 years and not just the 10 years that many keep spouting.

  57. STV

    Lol cant imagine Ox turned in to beast by Tuchell. Think he’ll be severy unimpressed and sell him. Dortmund doesn’t have many big names, but they are good players.

  58. STV

    You all can content with reading illuminating stories of Tuchell while Wenger quietly gearing up for another 4 years of failure.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    I thought that Arsenal had invested in a US Company offering something not
    dissimilar to what you claim that Tuchel was interested in.

    They bought a company US Stat DNA for over £2 million in 2014 which provides a sports performance analytics database to assist with scouting and game preparation.

    This was a progression on the concepts of what Billy Beane developed when
    he ran Oakland Athletics.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    I am not defending Wenger I am merely pointing out that Arsenal have invested in the technology which Wallace discusses.

    At the end of the day performance of a team is down to the judgment of manager and coaches and of course the players who turn out. The machine does not play

  61. Mysticleaves

    Wenger was right about payet though. he has been hugely inconsistent and a wack attitude to boot. and he never said he wanted to sign him.

    he should enjoy his season with westham tbh, might not have a very good one next season

  62. Carts


    Just cos Leicester peppered City at Ethiad, it isn’t a forgone conclusion that PSG.

    The same way boxer A isn’t guaranteed to beat boxer C, just cos boxer A beat boxer B who also beat boxer C

  63. Carts

    “The difference between England’s Wilshere for example and Arsenal’s is obvious, in the England set up he has a position and a role, he doesn’t at Arsenal”

    I think Wilshere has been shoehorned into almost every midfield position imaginable, even at this stage in his career.

    I am genuinely curious to see how we pitch our tent next season with the likes of:
    Xhaka (?)
    Danilo (?)

    In any case, we’re looking at 6 central midfielders. Add in your customary annual absentee, and you mid-term length injury, you’re looking at 4 midfielder vying for 2 or 3 places.

    Do we signed two more midfielders this summer or promote someone like Zelalem/ Maitland?

  64. Mysticleaves

    if xhaka comes santi will go. I doubt he will come.though. it’s arsenal. we don’t buy flavor of the tw

  65. Carts

    I didn’t actually consider Santi leaving. Now you mention it I can see Wenger being open to bids for him. Personally, I think Santi has something to offer still. Bring in Pjanic and I’d be happy to let Santi go.

  66. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger needs to replace at least one midfielder if he is offloading Flamini, Rosicky and Arteta. You can assume that Elneny was a replacement for at least
    one when he was recruited in January.

    He might decide to reduce numbers in midfield by one if he has offloaded these older players.

  67. Mysticleaves

    yes I believe so too. el Neny was a replacement brought forward. my guess is arteta.

    re santi I really want him to stay but his not overly physical and el Neny has shown that you don’t need to be a special player to replace the stability he brings to our midfielder.

    he’s over 30 now too, should be on the wane and might want to go home saying as he won’t necessarily win the Epl if he stays.

  68. alexanderhenry

    You don’t have to be a genius to work out that arsenal fc need to spend big this summer. If the club doesn’t, next season will be a write off. With or without wenger.
    City, man u, chelsea and liverpool will spend vast amounts. That’s a given, but other clubs such as spurs and west ham, buoyed by extra tv revenue and new stadia, will also splash the cash.
    So, I’ll assume we all understand this. However, our usually silent and always unsuccessful majority shareholder said this:

    “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved.’.

    That’s not the most encouraging statement made by an owner of arsenal football club.

    Then there is this:

    and this:

    From the above article there is this quote which sums it up for me:

    ‘Rosner divides owners into two categories: “win maximizers” like Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones, who are in it largely for the ego kick, and “profit maximizers” like Kroenke, who are in it because sports teams turn huge profits.’

    How long before Stan becomes the most hated man in north london?

    Kroenke is the worst thing that ever happened to arsenal football club.
    With him in charge our club is going absolutely nowhere except mid table mediocrity. Wenger is not the main issue. The sooner arsenal fans realise this the better.