Jack Wilshere disappoints again… | Performance doping, at Arsenal? REALLY?

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Jack Wilshere involved in anything at 3am at the moment feels like a bit of a slap in the face to most Arsenal fans.

I don’t care about him being a role model right now, I do care about him being a consummate professional and focusing his core issues… like being fighting fit for club and country… rather than being out getting into trouble at a crappy venue.

This all ties back to the consistent feeling that he doesn’t really look after himself both physically and, well, personally. As a fan I’m desperate to get behind him, but I can’t help but be saddened by his consistently poor behaviour as a professional.

… and look, even if he didn’t do anything, why is it always him? He’s the white Mario B.

We’ve all been young, we’ve all done dumb things, but come on, he’s a father these days and his heading into middle aged as a professional footballer. He should really be beyond this sort of thing. Also, Cafe De Paris? I mean, jeez… when you have £150k a week job, you should be finding better venues to hang out in on a Saturday. Like Nando’s or a Jumpin’ Jacks in Ilford.

I forgot to mention that Arsenal had been embroiled in a doping scandal in The Sunday Times. Reason I didn’t mention it is firstly, I know that the Arsenal take doping very seriously and test players to the nth degree. Secondly, if you were going to give up clients involved in a doping scandal… you’d not put Arsenal in it. No one would take your illegal offering seriously.

Who could anyone possibly flag as suspicious of over the top performance?

Flamini? I mean, if it’s him… take him away right now. It’s fine. We’ll take that on the chin.

Anyway, bit of an irritating story. Kind of like the tennis scandal that named no players. If you’re going to dig someone out, call out names or STFU.

Final piece of INCREDIBLE contentz, is Abou Diaby, fresh off the back of slagging us for not getting his injury, has made his debut for Marseille in a loss.

Welcome back Abou.

Word to all the ‘sign him up’ crazies last summer… you were wrong.

RIGHT, catch you tomorrow.

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  1. NYCgooner

    WE / Romford

    Martial just has the look of what you think of when you imagine an arsenal striker, Physically gifted, technical, with a little arrogance thrown in.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    I am not suggesting that Toral will make the grade. He had if my memory serves me right a serious injury which disrupted his career.

    However, he was the more highly rated player when Arsenal recruited both
    Bellerin and him from Barcelona. He is also home grown with an English parent.

    I think also that one of the reasons that Bellerin came to London was because he was close friends with Toral.

  3. Mysticleaves

    the same way you.discounted my points I could discount yours.

    my point is, Saul is average. nothing close to excellent. if he came to Arsenal he would be a squad player ideally. same level as el Neny.

    I would rather Toral than Saul. but that’s me. let’s agree to disagree.

  4. Sam

    Do you people ever get tired?
    Or at least feel embarrassed

    Coquelin failed in Germany n you all wrote him off we were saying same crap you saying to Wellington right now

    Iwobi who?

    At least wait till Arsenal fc show him the door instead of making boring predictions

  5. WengerEagle

    ‘the same way you.discounted my points I could discount yours.’

    Oh yeah?

    Two of the six players you talked about never even PLAYED in the Championship.

    You’re talking out of your arse.

    You’d rather a Championship player than Atletico Madrid’s second top goalscorer who is a 21 year old midfielder.

    Suggests that you’re not all there upstairs.

  6. Sam

    You can also detect selected amnesia here

    Saul is great but Toral is not
    Wellington won’t even make arsenal bench but Bayern bench warmer Gotze will save us

  7. salparadisenyc

    Great comparison Sam.
    Mertesacker will be a leggy 32 yr old defender come September, where as Gotze is heading into the peak years of his career turning 24 this summer.

  8. Sam

    World cup winner or not
    We cant just jump n buy bench warmers we have plenty of them here

    Anyway Gotze now new fantasy
    Not gonna waste my time coz we are not going to sign him

  9. Red&White4life

    ‘”You bought a Ferrari but you drive it like a Fiat”‘

    lol specially dedicated to wenger

  10. Red&White4life

    “Manchester City defender Eliaquim Mangala claims Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic does not scare him.”

    Still laughing…

  11. salparadisenyc

    Gotze has been a Le Grove fantasy since his Dortmund days where he helped ripped the Bundesliga apart in Klopps best team.

    Reason he wants Gotze at Liverpool, same reason we should nab him.. he’s fucking quality.

  12. Phd007

    Red & White

    Nowadays it’s more “You bought a Fiat & think you can drive it like a Ferrari”,with Arsene..

    Case in point..Arsene buying Sanogo for nothing & claiming he could be a £50 million player.lol

  13. Sam

    Gotze is great player but you guys hype too much as if he’s already passing medical
    Even a small kid will hang on to his old toy first. You throw yours while merely window shopping

    And the scousers are after him too

  14. Sam

    Sanogo was bought bcoz he was cheap n French
    19 years old with poor touch should have considered basketball

  15. Sam

    Last season we bought 2 right backs n didnt think much of Bellerin

    I dont even know where da fok is Debuchy now. Lol

  16. Bamford10


    “Mertesacker is also world cup winner n you want him out
    Please make your mind up.”

    Ummm, Gotze scored the winning goal in the final — a goal, btw, of immense class — while Mertesacker wasn’t on the field for the semi or the final.

    Not to mention Mertesacker is old, where Gotze is in his prime.

    Remedial Le Grove, you are.

  17. Jim lahey

    “And the scousers are after him too”

    This shouldn’t even be a contest, if we want a player and Liverpool want the same player, we should be able to blow them out of the water in every aspect.

    Sure maybe he wants to play under Klopp again, but I don’t think a player of that quality would cap himself to mediocrity just to play under a previous manager again.

    Liverpool V Arsenal, SHOULD NOT be a contest…

  18. Jim lahey

    “Mertesacker is also world cup winner n you want him out
    Please make your mind up.”

    Both are German, both won a WC. Any other comparisons? Why mention it?

  19. Jim lahey

    “Reason he wants Gotze at Liverpool, same reason we should nab him.. he’s fucking quality.”

    Bang on Sal, Gozte may not be the best player out there, put he is a major set up on what we have, and is available.