Friday Digest: Ozil rumours, unknown playmaker stalked, two BIG men back!

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Friday Digest is coming at ya, so let’s get cracking.

Guess who’s back?

Jack. Jack Wilshere. Short guy, immense talent, always injured, constantly given new contracts. Yeah, the little big man is back in training and raring to go for the last 5 games of the season. Wenger is pleased, he’s encouraging Roy Hodgson to take a gamble on Jack…

“You want your players to compete. When you’re a footballer you want to compete at the top level and what is important is that Jack, who is frustrated enough, regains confidence. It’s very important for his confidence that he can go to the Euros and he can play. It’s also important to have a player of his quality available. I’m cautious with him now but to be back fully competitive, it will take a few weeks.”

Jack has been an excellent player for England. He’s won more man of the match awards than Alli has caps playing in the deep-lying position. As an England fan, I’d be overjoyed to see his tenacity in the squad, as an Arsenal fan, I wonder if he’s more pumped about playing for England than his club sometimes? I mean, current state we’re in, you wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope him heading out for the Euro’s doesn’t have a bad impact on his club fitness next year.

Oziiiiiiiiil, sign the deal!

So all the rumours emanating from the club seem to point to the sure sign that Ozil is going to pen a new deal for the club. Personally, I’m surprised he’s doing that so readily. Apparently he’s been promised amazing signings or some shit like that. I don’t mean to be negative, but didn’t we have a similar thing with Robin and Cesc? Didn’t one of them say, ‘I’ve heard glorious things’ only to finish the summer with a Park Chu-Young and a pack of Maltesers? I can’t remember, but we’ve been here before for sure.

Still, it’s great news that we’re nailing down one of the best players on the planet for his prime years. Oh, and by the way Mesut, could you drop a few words for Arsene, he’s struggling a bit…

“I would be delighted for Wenger if we win the title,” he added. “He played a major role in my decision to join Arsenal. He was desperate to sign me. Everybody knows he is an extraordinary manager.

“He is always hungry for success, has a lot of experience and always takes his time for the players. He helps players develop.”

Thanks babes.

Ozil says never say never…

Fresh off the rumour Ozil is going to sign for Arsenal, the cheeky German has been saying naughty things to a website called Spox.

“Zidane was an amazing player,” Ozil told “He did not just play football, but lived for the game. I got to know him after his active career as someone who is always willing to lend a hand.

“But that does not say anything about my future. I am only thinking about Arsenal. There is no truth in the speculation linking me with a return to Spain.”

“Currently, however, I focus exclusively on the current Premier League season, and then to the European Championship. What happens in the next or the next season, we will see.”

Oooooohhhhhh… never say never. Thierry used to say that a lot. I hated it. JUST F*CKING COMMIT.


Wenger has laid down the gauntlet for his players… win all games, and we might win the league.

“If we win all the eight games, we have more than a chance to win the league but our target is to win the games. Let’s start to be pragmatic and win the next one. We are depending on Leicester City and nobody knows how they will go in the last seven games. They have seven games, we have eight. What is important is that we play our eight games with complete commitment and passion and see where we finish.”

Here’s the thing. If we win all 8 games, I think we’ll win the league. I really think Leicester have some super tough games, I think Spurs will hopefully tire and both will get the jitters. I have Spurs down as favourites for the league, they’ve looked exceptional at times this season and they have so much focus in their performances. BUT, Poch has done what Mourinho did last season… same side, week in, week out… surely the legs will catch up with the fatigue at some point?

Leicester are on auto-pilot, but they have some very hard on paper games coming in. I struggle to see them powering through. I’m also amazed that no one has managed to unpick their very basic approach to winning this season. As a team, they work the hardest. They have a sprinkling of special talent and a fearsome back 5. Good luck to them…

Arsenal? Well, we should be winning all 8 of our games. We’re hopefully about to hit our stride. We’re good at the run in when we’re chasing 4th (which we are right now). Plus, Wenger always does enough to make you think he might be good the next season. We all know the truth… that he’s dead as an elite manager. However, this season hasn’t really been about elite management, it’s been about being the best of a bad bunch.

Hopefully we’ll finish strong… just not sure we have the guts as a team though?

Happy to be proved wrong!


All the rumours on the web point to Wenger actually being pushed to go out and spend big this summer. I’m not really that sceptical, for the last three  years the club has been pretty sure Wenger will go big, difference this season is he has to get rid of a bunch of players and the gaps are pretty huge in the squad. This summer needs a big rebuild… players heading into their thirties, under performers and people retiring their jerseys.

Wenger can’t escape going big this summer. Trouble is, I don’t trust his squad building judgement. I also don’t trust his ability to get the most out of whatever he builds. But hey, those are my gripes to deal with.


The big man is back between the sticks after 5 games out. To be fair, Ospina hasn’t been that horrendous, so he should be saluted. Good to have Petr back though…


Arsenal are in for Naby Keita according to reports in Austria via the excellent Sport Witness.

‘Keita, who has collected 14 caps for Guinea by the age of 21, is capable of playing in a box-to-box-role, as a number 10 and even as a holding midfielder. Salzburg’s sporting director Jochen Sauer stated recently: “The clubs who are watching Naby are getting bigger. Every fan knows, that he is not going to stay here forever. So we are pleased that he signed a new contract recently.’

Interesting story… Saido Mane came from there. We should be rummaging in less followed leagues. Smart move.

Right, enjoy the Watford game, catch you in the morning (my morning!)


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  1. Ishola70

    “Ishola,I really didn’t think Wenger would stoop to such a cheap remark. It’s cringe-worthy.”

    He’s been like it for years. A bitter sour old man.

    Thing is as said before on here this CL stuff being a great burden on Arsenal is a misnomer. He has put out weakened teams in a fair amount of CL group games in the past where Arsenal have already qualified from the group and this season put out weakened sides at the start of the group matches such is the great task and difficulty of qualifying for the group stage.

  2. Tipster

    Can’t use the Champs league excuse, pretty much every club that’s won the league has been in the champs league, using wenger’s theory the likes of WBA, Stokie et al should be winning the league. He’s lostvthe plot.

  3. ADKB

    “Arsene Wenger has revealed that he’s ‘disappointed’ in the Aston Villa board for sacking Remi Garde.”
    “With Leicester closing in on winning the Premier League table, Arsene Wenger has been sure to highlight how much easier the Foxes have had it compared to his side.”

    Good gracious! This deluded geriatric should be banned from speaking in public as he’s becoming a huge embarrassment.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere has an appalling attitude, coupled with his broken body, may stop him from even having a half decent career.

  5. Confidentgoner

    ” “I believe this team
    has the right mentality. I have had many
    teams in my life and this team is top quality.
    They have gone through a bad period but
    when they play like that, it shows that
    mentally, they are pure.”

    He was careful not to say the team is the best quality he has handled. He said top quality… Have you seen an Arsenal side that is not “top quality”?

  6. Phd007

    Not sure why people are surprised by Arsene’s comments..

    I would have been altogether surprised,if he had come out and said something along the lines of :

    “Leicester deserved to win.The league doesn’t lie.The league is played over 38 games.They’ve shown tremendous consistency,quality & mental strength.
    They are worthy winners.I now have to look back at how I could have done things differently.Yes,I spectacularly f**ked up the summer transfer window.
    Why?Because I can..But I don’t need to explain,as I built this club with my own bare hands,without no external assistance.”

    “What was I thinking..?I guess only a madman,would contemplate going into a campaign season,not having signed an outfield player.Given that we would be competing in the EPL,CL,FAC & CC,no doubt over the course of a long and testing season.Which would be fraught with injuries,suspensions,fatigue,etc,etc,I made a grave miscalculation..Unforgivable really.Dereliction of duty.Sackable offence”

    “No excuses really,since I’ve been in this job for 20 odd years.I’m a veteran of war,not an amateur or novice,just starting out in the game.
    I should have drawn upon on my vast experience,tactical acumen&street smarts.& let me add the small sum of £200 million sitting nicely in the bank.
    Leicester winning,has given me pause for thought.”

    “And on reflection,maybe I’m not cut out for this job any longer..
    From henceforth,I tender my resignation,and pass on the baton to a more capable,younger,driven,ambitious manager,who can take this great club I built forward.”

    “On that note,I ask you to respect my privacy,as I seek counselling..As I’ve been deemed to be certifiably insane and in addition suffering from CLS(C*nty Loser Syndrome).”

    Le Pardon Magnifique-The Beautiful Loser(AKA Monsieur Ungracious Crazy Wanker)

  7. Relieable Sauce

    What a joke of a man. Hopefully he might just have shot himself in the foot there with that statement.
    Of course the mindless drones wont bat an eyelid and will just gloss over it like the, “I built the club” statement. (Ignore the numbnuts, you cant make them see reason). The press and media might not be as forgiving though with Wengers bitter little excuse.
    It tells you a lot about his character and that of the numpties and frauds that continue to defend him. The idea he has class, intergrity and honour is simply not true. Vain, arrogant and greedy, as has been said many times before.
    Its absolutely incredible how the majority of the fanbase have been duped for so long.

  8. Sam

    We actually needed 3 players last summer not 2
    To give Sanchez extra rest after copa america n the cunt doesn’t even believe in Rotation
    once our best players suffer burn out plus a long list of injuries, the team falls apart and this happens every season Lol!!!

    Someone please tell me next season gonna be different
    We’ll start it with the best ever contingency plan