Ozil would like some new players. Have we been here before?

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Why not?

He would like some new shoes also.

If you were following Arsenal through the dark mid to late 2000s, you’ll know there was generally a pattern to players leaving.

  • Rumour of unrest hits papers
  • Player denials ensue
  • Player comes out and says Arsenal need to reinforce
  • That doesn’t happen
  • Player leaves in mega money deal

That little routine appears to be unfolding for Ozil like it did for many before them. The only difference this time is Arsenal actually have the power to go out and buy the players Ozil ‘thinks’ should be coming in.

But look, players don’t get the inside track on new players coming in. Wenger keeps the goss close to his chest, because players have big mouths. So really, Arsenal players watch the summer unfold like you or I.

… and look. Big misconception is players worry about competition. There’s nothing they love more than turning up to work in July knowing there are 2-3 superb additions to the setup that failed last year. Signing players isn’t just good for the fans, it’s good for the morale of the training camp.

If Arsenal rolled into next season with John Stones, Granit Xhaka, Pierre-Erick and Mario Gotze… people would be pretty damn happy everywhere. Chances are, that won’t happen, but hey, a man can dream, right?

One interesting point I was shooting the breeze about this morning was our British core issues. Is the issue that the players weren’t good enough? Or is the issue that the players aren’t taught properly?

Alli and Kane look unreal at the moment… Theo and Chambo look terrible. The Spurs players are being trained under a man who instills a beastly work ethic into his men… Wenger doesn’t really do that and it’s a bit of a miss. Are our training methods still at the cutting edge of development?

When players now have to be smarter than every tactically… does the focus on technical ability lose it’s edge… because being good technically in a bad system doesn’t appear to have huge amounts of benefit at the top end of the game?

Anyway, worth floating it out there… have a great day!

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  1. champagne charlie


    Benteke/Lukaku? I’d rather give Zlatan 2 years and spend the 40 odd mil elsewhere in the team. Namely RW and CM.

    I mean a front 4 of: Reus-Ozil-Alexis with Zlatan up top is very tasty.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    “Benteke is having a stinker at Pool. Could be ripe for a “Henry” like revival with us?”

    if he looks out of his depth playing with Henderson and Milner, how would he do with Ozil and Cazorla?

  3. loyika

    @ Red

    Let it go mate!!

    @ CC

    Yeah would take Zlatan, but Lukaku is young and could really grow into a “beast” in the Red and White of Arsenal. Will Zlatan fit into our laid back culture (probably need his character to shake things up a bit) but like i said Lukaku still has age on his side and could become a “Leg”

    @ RR

    Thats why i alluded to TH14 in comparing both situations. Henry wasn’t exactly lighting up the World while at Juve but discovered a new lease of life here, i beleieve the sane could happen to Benteke. You can see with him it’s just a confidence issue. As for Ozil, all Benteke has to do is make his runs Mesut will find him anywhere (and once they get and understanding it could be bloody brilliant).

  4. Rambo Ramsey

    “As for Ozil, all Benteke has to do is make his runs Mesut will find him anywhere (and once they get and understanding it could be bloody brilliant).”

    this discounts the major criticism that’s been levelled at Benteke this season: he messes up 1 v 1s whenever put through on goal

  5. loyika

    @ RR

    The emphasis is on “This Season” Lukaku wasn’t doing the biz at Chelsea, but a little love at Everton shows what Chelsea are missing (in that he could have been there for years which would mean they didn’t need to buy either one of Remy, Falco or Pato!?)

    He and Costa would have made for Chelsea not being as dismal as they have been at the begining of the season.

    Eitherways, lets see if AW can persuade Zlatan to give him a second date (knowing Arsene he might just cheekily ask Zlatan to do a trial run with Ozil to see if he would fit in. Lol!!)

  6. loyika

    So if Benteke moves i guess he could get his Mojo back. You can see he lacks confidence now (you know how fragile these footballer’s egos are)

  7. loyika

    I think the thing is Klopp doesn’t really fancy Benteke for what he wants to adopt next season with Pool (my belief is he only plays Benteke due to the fact he was one of Pool’s major buys last season)

    You know most of these footballers just want to feel they are wanted and then work their socks off to repay that. So Arsene wouldn’t really need to do much than just give him quality players to feed him rhe ball and leave the rest to him.

    You can see how being wanted helped Lukaku at Everton.

    Anyways i would rather take Lukaku though. (But would Everton sell? I know Pool will definately sell Benteke to us at the right price because unlike Suarez both Klopp and Benteke want an end to it)

  8. loyika

    The reason i bring up both names is because you all know AW will not take a risk with Zlatan and won’t go all out for someone else (don’t be surprised if he went for Remy instead. Lol!)

  9. Bamford10

    For those not keeping score:

    – Alexanderhenry and Ughe are AKB trolls.
    – Champagne and Rambo are both fucking lame.

    All four are spoiling Le Grove at moment.

  10. Bamford10


    Both are good shouts. Neither is top, top class, but both are better than Giroud and both are good enough to lead a league-winning side — and Ibra is a non-starter.