Ozil would like some new players. Have we been here before?

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Why not?

He would like some new shoes also.

If you were following Arsenal through the dark mid to late 2000s, you’ll know there was generally a pattern to players leaving.

  • Rumour of unrest hits papers
  • Player denials ensue
  • Player comes out and says Arsenal need to reinforce
  • That doesn’t happen
  • Player leaves in mega money deal

That little routine appears to be unfolding for Ozil like it did for many before them. The only difference this time is Arsenal actually have the power to go out and buy the players Ozil ‘thinks’ should be coming in.

But look, players don’t get the inside track on new players coming in. Wenger keeps the goss close to his chest, because players have big mouths. So really, Arsenal players watch the summer unfold like you or I.

… and look. Big misconception is players worry about competition. There’s nothing they love more than turning up to work in July knowing there are 2-3 superb additions to the setup that failed last year. Signing players isn’t just good for the fans, it’s good for the morale of the training camp.

If Arsenal rolled into next season with John Stones, Granit Xhaka, Pierre-Erick and Mario Gotze… people would be pretty damn happy everywhere. Chances are, that won’t happen, but hey, a man can dream, right?

One interesting point I was shooting the breeze about this morning was our British core issues. Is the issue that the players weren’t good enough? Or is the issue that the players aren’t taught properly?

Alli and Kane look unreal at the moment… Theo and Chambo look terrible. The Spurs players are being trained under a man who instills a beastly work ethic into his men… Wenger doesn’t really do that and it’s a bit of a miss. Are our training methods still at the cutting edge of development?

When players now have to be smarter than every tactically… does the focus on technical ability lose it’s edge… because being good technically in a bad system doesn’t appear to have huge amounts of benefit at the top end of the game?

Anyway, worth floating it out there… have a great day!

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  1. Dissenter

    “Because the target is always top four. It is never to win anything major and he achieves his target. But that target is not that difficult to achieve if you are allowed a wage bill of £192m and you also have a very generous transfer budget. If Wenger says he can achieve fourth without spending, why should Kroenke sack him? He’s met his goal.…then it’s the fucking goal that’s wrong, you dimwit!! ..and who sets the goal? Fucking kroenke does because he owns the fucking club..it’s his club.
    Kroneke’s goal is to make money, which means running arsenal on the cheap. Wenger does this and does it very effectively. Therefore , kroenke won’t sack him because he’s not bothered by winning, so the goal has to change…Kroenke’s goal!Understand?”

    Whatever happened to honor.
    Wenger is also to blame because he has not self-respect if he can accept a transfer budget of 10 million [based on your assertions] when there’s 200 million in the kitty.

  2. Jeff

    Alexander, you are such a simpleton. The goal is wrong but doesn’t mean it can’t be bettered. Given the transfer budget and the huge wage bill another manager can better it. That’s the bit you won’t understand.

    Do you think Kroenke tells Wenger, here’s some money, go and get fourth but don’t you dare get any higher. And before you answer, you better think of an explanation as to how Leicester and Tottenham can finish above us with even less money.

  3. Jacko

    If Wenger signs a new deal the WOB’s will be frustrated for a few more years.

    When Wenger leaves AKB looneys like Alexander will be gutted for the rest of their lives.

    Every cloud and all that….

  4. alexanderhenry

    Right, before I leave I’m going to sort out some basics for you:

    1) Managers are employed by a club to manage team affairs. they have no executive power

    2) Owners, and other shareholders- sometimes one or sometimes several- have executive power. They may delegate that power to others- in our case, to a certain extent, gazidis, but the power resides with them.

    3) Executive power means they decide on the club’s overall financial policy, including transfer budgets, wages etc. A manager may ask for money to buy a player for example, but it is up to the owner or majority shareholder, whether the club actually releases the funds.

    4) Those with executive power can hire or fire whoever they like when they like. They could fire wenger tomorrow even though they would have to pay out the rest of his contract.

  5. grooveydaddy

    Shouldn’t Kroenke insist on limiting our wage bill to an amount marginally higher than the 5th place team.

    Can’t imagine he’d be happy with £192 mill/year and all the extensions and new deals given to players who quite frankly aren’t contributing much, even to our annual push for 4th…

  6. Jeff

    Alexander, you’re clutching at straws my friend. It’s like talking to a Jehovah Witness. Whatever you tell them, they just repeat the same thing over and over again.

  7. loyika

    Guess both sides of this divide are never going to cone to an agreement. For the average so called “WOB” Arsene is the source of everything bad at AFC. Nothing more nothing less! Wbile accusations on the average so called “AKB” is a total reverence to Wenger in all things good.

    The truth is somewhere in between. No fan will say AW has over achieved in the past 10 years but it’s foolhardy to put every bad issue concerning the club on him.

    He is set a target by an owner and he meets it! The next statement will be; what about the feelings of the fans and what they expect their club to achieve? In reality should this question be put to Arsene and not SK!? At least he comes down once or twice (especially during the AGM) Questions have been asked of him from the AST before, so what stops them from asking more questions about the direction of the club.

    It’s funny if we say we are powerless to do anything about SK and then expect that whatever is done will affect the employee especially if the employer sees nothing wrong in what the employee is doing (as he feels his targets are being met)

  8. Redtruth

    Gazidis underling demeanour to Wenger shows who is boss.

    Fans are making a mockery of this great club and are responsible for Wenger’s longevity as manager

  9. izzo

    I think i understand where alexanderhenry is coming from. Bottomline is the fans have to strike and protest if they truly want change. Kroenke does the sacking. So unless the fans protest and cut off the money nothing will change. This is looking like the only way to get rid of Wenger and in the long run Kroenke. Until practically all fans have the mental capacity to boycott games and protest nothing will change. You can bitch and moan on here till you develop carpal tunnel but nothing is changing anytime soon. The fans caused this mess and are continuing to allow it. Like i’ve said before it is going to get really bad next season. And just maybe all fans will see the light.

  10. alexanderhenry


    I know now my work here is futile.

    I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried explaining how the club is structured, the difference between an owner and a manager, What an ’employee’ is. I’ve even used capitals and swear words. The real problem at arsenal is so obvious if you really think about it.
    You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink I suppose.
    You are indeed like a bunch of jehovahs witnesses.

    On that note I’ll leave you all to it…

  11. Joe


    With the ‘who can replace Him’ and ‘ look how much so and so spent’

    Fuck me

    And why would most of those players complain. Wenger is paying them
    Double what they would make at any other club.

    He is their meal ticket.

    The Akbs are fucken as smart as dump trucks

    Alex. Please explain how we are 11 points behind Leicester and 6 behind Spurs.

    Please. If wenger is so great. How is this possible

  12. Marc


    Firstly how did the fans in the stadium cause the current situation? Secondly are you going to put your money where your mouth is and pay for my £1500 season ticket? I don’t see why I should pay out that sort of money and then not attend matches but if you’re going to put the money up we’ll discuss it.

  13. Joe

    And Alex telling us how the club is structured becauSe you have an inside line to the club somehow?

    Where do you live Alex???

  14. Joe

    You have absolutely no fucken clue how the club works

    The board and wenger have all come
    Out said he has the the final say on everything

    Off please. Take wenger with you

  15. Joe

    He must live right beside the Emirates with all his insider knowledge. Has a direct line right to wenger because he know exactly how it all works

    Fucken no nothing Akb wanker

  16. loyika

    Do i think AW is scared of success? Yes!! Because he could actually achieve more if he actually wanted to, but he is so scared to take a risk and fail so he reverts to meeting the target he is set (and if other things fall into place so be it)

    I do believe 2 years ago there was real presurre to win sonething hence the relief after the FA Cup win (followed by another) So as far as SK os concerned a trophy is a trophy is a trophy. I also feel Arsene also wanted to win the FAC again this year and since that hope has been dashed he will push hard for whats left on the league (but we have left oursleves with a lot to do and only time will tell where we end up)

    Will that affect what happens with his contract? I doubt because SK looks at thing in a different light and will feel; Oh we were so close this year, lets see how things pan out next year. Do we now blame AW for this? Is it his fault Danny Fizman sold up to a Yank!? Is AW to blame for the firing of DD!? Was AW more powerful than Dein? So if Dein can be sacked then why can’t Arsene?

    Like i alluded to, i feel Arsene will look at his position next season while SK will have a new contract drawn up for him. It will now be AW’s perogative to accept it or not depending on if he feels he can still handle the heat

  17. Joe


    Wenger could achieve more if he really wanted to.

    Hahah fucken idiot

    What’s the point of sport you imbecile

    You just proved how stupid you are

  18. Joe

    I also feel Arsene also wanted to win the FAC again this year a

    But you just said wenger can achieve what he wants to? But if he wanted to achieve the fa cup why did he lose to watford


  19. izzo

    omgawd sheep fans who think Wenger is a god and can’t be removed. STOP paying for the damn tickets then. STOP ATTENDING AND giving them money and reason to keep things going as it is. Stop complaining when you are still giving wenger and the Kroenke your money. You hate them yet you give them our money. You’re not going to win when you keep doing that. You fucking idiots. Thats my point. BOYCOTT PROTEST watch how fast Wenger is sacked and kroenke sells up.

  20. alexanderhenry

    Alex cutter

    Nice contribution there. It’s always encouraging and impressive to read your posts; full of insight and measured reasoning.

  21. izzo

    i honestly don’t give a fuck about traditions and attending matches. my passion left in 2008 the last time i bought a kit. you come on here complaining and insulting everyone yet you still go on emptying your pocket.

  22. Kay

    I live in Canada and i am cancelling all my subscriptions. Its too expensive. I am also cancelling my arsenal membership. I like Wenger but he needs to stop this rubbish and retire. He is a good guy but all the elite and young managers have a big edge over him.
    The guy has also become a dictator e.g. Keown was on the training ground giving advise to Senderos etc and the worst defence in history of arsenal took us to the champions league final. He immediately made sure Keown does not return. Lukaku claims advise from our own Ian Wright helped him but Wenger will not allow him to talk to his players. When you are the head for such a long time, you become a dictator.

    Our problems is not with the players he didnt buy. Our players are better than Leicester, Spurs etc. We have the second best squad in the Prem right now. We are under achieving because the manager cannot instill discipline. Even Ozil said it this week. To be honest when my director slacks off at work, i also do thesame. It is human nature.

  23. loyika


    Ask Joe why he still contributes money in one way or the other to AW’s reign…. At least Joe you still went to see games in the past 10 years? Aren’t you then part of what you have been complaining about.

    Joe do you still spend money on anything Arsenal related? Anything? If you do then you are still part of what you are complaining about.

  24. Marc


    You missed my point – So I and other ST holders make the sacrifice of giving up our season tickets which causes Wenger to retire and Kroenke to sell the club. A new golden age dawns and I just have to wait another 8 years to get a ST back again. Why should I miss out on the promised land? Why don’t all of the keyboard warriors on here do something?

    Recent matches have seen a fair amount of empty seats I thought they were where fans were too pissed off to attend but obviously they were all bought up by fans on here who then didn’t turn up – where were the protests by these true Arsenal fans? Why haven’t these true Gooner’s put all of the other fans to shame with their coordinated demonstrations, banners etc?

  25. Joe


    No I don’t contribute a penny. I don’t even buy my kids kits anymore and won’t until wenger is gone.

    And if he signs a new deal I am done with Arsenal until he levels. I love Arsenal to much to watch him use it as money maker for himself.

    This is now worse than gg last season

  26. underrated Coq

    Its a bit mind-boggling how the Le grove cult who like to proudly claim they were the first ones to see Wenger as a problem can’t do the same with Kroenke.

    Whenever someone brings up Chelsea, United or City’s failures this season, its seen as some sort of excuse making for Wenger and you get the” That’s why all their managers are paying the price with their jobs “.

    Well, who do you think are the ones driving those changes?

    Is it their owners/board or do you actually believe Pellegrini, Mourinho and van Gaal felt ashamed and handed in their resignations because they have self-respect?

    Honestly, what world do some of you live in? Say, you are the manager responsible for a product. You get mixed reviews from your customers-some of them very bad- but your bosses and owner give your work the thumbs up. Would you give two shits about those negative customers or just ignore them and give more importance to your boss? Don’t bring ideologies here, think real world.

    Hate Wenger all you want, but in any organization/company the buck never stops with the manager, it stops with the owner.

    You also hear the ”Wenger is the common denominator for the failures of squads of the last decade ” plenty. No denying the truth in this but how about extending that denominator a bit further to the owner? Its not exactly a secret how other Kroenke-owned sports teams are faring.

  27. Jeff

    The question you have to ask yourself is, can Wenger win the PL if he managed any other PL team of his choice? Any team. Who, with their hand on their heart, would say yes to that? The AKBs might wax lyrical but not even they would put their mortgage on it. When it comes to what the biggest problem is at Arsenal, it’s like looking for a lost key. You know you lost it in the house but the AKBs are looking for it outside because, they explain, there’s more light.

  28. Joe


    A better question is , how many mangers would of walked the league with this exact squad this season?

    And a couple more with the same squads the last 12 seasons.

    I would say there is over 15 managers who would of accomplish both.

  29. loyika

    And the so called WOBs are the epitome of wisdom and thought provoking ideas!? Bunch of cowardly moaning wussies!!

  30. Jeff


    Very possible of course. This is why when the Wengerites come on here trying to shift the entire blame onto Kroenke, their argument falls flat on its face. It is irrational and a farce to assume Kroenke decides on formations, players and substitutions. It is so utterly stupid and brainless that I am sometimes astounded that such people even exist – but bloody hell it is true what they say. If stupid people didn’t exist, there’d be no one to exploit.

    All the AKBs have been thoroughly brainwashed and infected with Wengeritis and are desperate, like zombies, to pass it on to others as well.

  31. Frankie T

    Our british core had been another failed experiment.
    I remember one article a few years back. And it was so obvious hat it was printed to sugar coat a poor squad. By showing a photo of all our british core signing contract extensions. Wenger standing over them basically trying to make it look like new signings or that we were on the way up. I knew it then that they were all mediocre.

  32. izzo

    Marc keep doing you. I couldn’t give a rats ass if you and more than half the fanbase are happy and refuse to do anything drastic to your precious ST. I will continue to stand by my opinions and actions until this nightmare ends. Wenger is gonna die sometime. I’m barely 30. I have time. But seriously don’t act like you’re not partly to blame because you are. Real fans are the ones who no longer buy into this shit. Literally. Good day to you!

  33. Joe

    Our British Core is a joke

    A drunk crock in jack
    A Man U reject in wellbeck
    Overrated over hyped Welshman
    Gibbs ha ox ha chambers ha Walcott haha

    What a joke wenger has made Arsenal that these players even get a sniff

    Can’t wait for barca to sign Ramsey this summer for 50m. Bet messi and Neymar are tapping him up right now. They’ll probably put a barca jersey on him soon. Same win Walcott.

  34. Jeff


    So tragic looking at that picture. If any one or even all of them left today, it would not matter one little bit.

  35. loyika

    @ Joe

    Accept it!! You all are wussies!! If what you say is right/true (about not spending a penny) then you have my respect (at least you are living what you are attempting to preach)

    But a majority of the so called “Wobats” are plain sissies who spend 90% of theor time talking out of their asses!!

  36. salparadisenyc


    Kante and Diarra (yes that Diarra) pinning the French mid vs Russian.
    Coquelin nowhere to be seen.

  37. Jeff

    Which begs the question, Loiter, why you choose to come here and read it. If I thought a blog was full of shit, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it and yet here you are – commenting freely and whining about other people’s comments and generally making a nuisance of yourself. Are you trolling? Is that what this is about?

  38. underrated Coq

    ” It is irrational and a farce to assume Kroenke decides on formations, players and substitutions. ”

    However it is completely rational to think it is the responsibility of the owner to do the end of season review of all his employees and kick out those who don’t meet his objectives.

    Wenger shouldn’t even have been in this job for this long. However the fact that he is is not his fault but the owner’s. No human being will willingly remove himself from a handsomely paid job.

    The difference between our owner and the rest of the top clubs can be seen in how they are ruthless in sacking their managers while our manager is set to get an extension. You probably think Wenger has Kroenke at gunpoint to get that, but don’t look down on those who don’t buy that.

  39. Dissenter

    Barring injuries Theo will be watching the Euros on a HD TV like the rest of us.

    Theo Walcott [Wenger’s movement and pace specialist] has been stealing a living from Arsenal FC since 2006.

  40. Jeff


    I think you are deliberately misunderstanding the dynamics of the debate. Wenger being an incompetent manager is not Kroenke’s fault. That is true. But just because Kroenke does not sack him does not automatically make Wenger a competent manager. That’s the bit AKBs just don’t get.

    What we are saying is really very, very simple. Even with Kroenke in charge, another manger could have done better (at least 2 PLs) during this 12 year period of no major wins.

  41. salparadisenyc


    Its not beyond the pale to be and Arsenal man and be in the camp that would like to see Arsene in the rear view. This space began as an Arsenal forum as its evolved so has Wenger’s ineptitude. Both coexisting in the world of red n white.

  42. Jeff

    @Jenny. LOL. Is that the best you can do. How desperate. What a proud gimp you are. You wanted to better “Loiter” so you came up with Jenny which sounds a bit like Jeffrey. LOL.

    Listen, don’t worry about football and Arsenal. Let me tell you a joke to cheer you up.

    Father Christmas comes down the chimney and sees a blond bombshell in her nightie.
    She says “Would you like to have some fun”?
    “No, sorry, I can’t stop” says Father Christmas.
    She then takes off her nightie and stands there stark naked.
    “Damn, I’ll have to stay now, I can’t get back up the chimney”.

  43. Spanishdave

    Says it all about Walcott he is shite, striker what a laugh.
    Our squad is pants, Spuds and Leicester way past us , enough evidence for Wenger to piss off.
    But heh ho, he will see his contract out, no respect for our club, nothing

  44. Dissenter

    Spuds and Leicester are ahead of us this season, no doubt.

    I can’t see any reason why they wont be ahead of us next season so long as Wenger is still in charge

    Leicester will reinforce their squat appropriately and Spuds have a young squad that’s just starting to gel.

  45. loyika

    @ Sal

    There is nothing wrong if one wants to label oneself into a category of Arsenal support (my opinion is that it’s childish and somewhat pathetic) but to now want to impose same labels on other supporters because they don’t agree with some of what you say or believe in is just not on.

    Supporters can agree or disagree on aspects of how they see the club, but ending every counter arguement with an insult is just lame (becauae it leads to insults being thrown forth and back). I have no problem with banter and insults as i can give as good as i get but then it ruins the blog for everyoneelse if they come on and have to go through 2 or more pages of drivel all in the name of people sticking to thier opinions.

  46. loyika

    Like i said earlier. We can do this all day. I know you won’t back down and you can be damn sure i won’t. But for this not to ruin the blog for everyone else i will let you have the last say and we are done with this!!

  47. underrated Coq

    ” I think you are deliberately misunderstanding the dynamics of the debate ”

    Talk of deliberate actions, I think you deliberately ignore the point I was making in my post. Nobody defended Wenger, most certainly not me, but what I was pointing out was Kroenke’s role in this hole Arsenal finds itself in.

    ” Wenger being an incompetent manager is not Kroenke’s fault. That is true. But just because Kroenke does not sack him does not automatically make Wenger a competent manager.”

    See, this is what I find funny. You take great pleasure in mocking those dumb “AKB’s” but you bend over backwards to absolve Kroenke of blame.

    So, Wenger’s an incompetent manager. Yet Kreonke decides to stick with him year after year. Does this not make Kroenke an incompetent owner?

    ” What we are saying is really very, very simple. Even with Kroenke in charge, another manger could have done better (at least 2 PLs) during this 12 year period of no major wins. ”

    Whose fault is it that Wenger remained manager all those years? Whose fault will it be when he gets another extension?

    See this is the bit you don’t get. Nobody’s debating Wenger’s merits, only asking the question why he’s still here after so many failures? And it is here that we see Kroenke’s laissez faire approach to sport hurting the club.

  48. Alex Cutter

    “So, Wenger’s an incompetent manager. Yet Kreonke decides to stick with him year after year. Does this not make Kroenke an incompetent owner?”

    How disingenuous. Kronke has all but tattooed on his forehead that he’s only interested in making money with the club.

    Wenger’s policies make money for the club — so far. Therefore, Kreonke is content. Which makes Wenger “competent”.

    Once that old fucking Frenchmen gets ass-r*ped three ways to Friday next season — or lets LC and Spuds finish ahead of us this year, dim-witted AKBs will join the rest of the thinking fanbase, and get off their fat Brit asses to force Wenger out.

  49. gambon

    Kante scores on his second start for France.

    Coquelin still cant get a cap.

    Yet certain EAIA fans will tell you Coquelin is the best DM ever.

  50. underrated Coq

    ” Kronke has all but tattooed on his forehead that he’s only interested in making money with the club. ”

    You expecting a miraculous change in this policy with a different manager? I don’t, which is why I think Arsenal will continue to underachieve under Kroenke’s ownership.

    Arsenal fans need to get over the obsession with ‘Class’ and fight for change, from top to root in the club’s structure. If Liverpool fans could do it, why can’t Arsenal fans?

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    What a lovely touch: the crowd at Wembley on their feet and applauding on the 14th minute whilst the Wembley arch is lit up in Dutch orange.

  52. Wallace


    “The AKBs might wax lyrical but not even they would put their mortgage on it. When it comes to what the biggest problem is at Arsenal, it’s like looking for a lost key. You know you lost it in the house but the AKBs are looking for it outside because, they explain, there’s more light.”

    okay, I like these…is Kroenke the light, or is Kroenke the one carrying the light?

    what are the keys signifying? is it God?

    is there a shed at the bottom of the garden they can use if they can’t find the keys?

  53. Alex Cutter

    “Arsenal fans need to get over the obsession with ‘Class’ and fight for change, from top to root in the club’s structure. If Liverpool fans could do it, why can’t Arsenal fans?”

    100% yes.

    Say what you want about the U.S., but there’s NO way this kind of poisoned team culture shit goes unanswered by the fans for sooooo long (exception, see below). Let alone an “elite” club. Regardless of whether it’s the coach or owner in the crosshairs.

    Arsenal is like the fucking Chicago Cubs. Kind of always in the mix, with mindless supporters who would rather spend a day at the ballpark watching a losing team than give up their season tickets, and profiting handsomely from “tourist” fans who want to see a game at Wrigley Field.

    Fucking do something instead of whining on the internet all day!

  54. underrated Coq

    ” Fucking do something instead of whining on the internet all day! ”

    You saw the backlash after that one banner asking for change, the whole ‘Respect’ campaign that followed. You’d think the guy had sacrificed a limb for the club.

  55. gambon


    Vardy….4 years ago playing for Fleetwood.

    Now hes doing what Walcott and Welbeck cant.

    For the first time in 20 years we have a team who warm the bench at international level.

    Wengers legacy guys.

  56. Alex Cutter

    “You saw the backlash after that one banner asking for change, the whole ‘Respect’ campaign that followed. You’d think the guy had sacrificed a limb for the club.”

    What’s the alternative? Potentially 4 more years of this?.

  57. Relieable Sauce

    Did make me chuckle when Walcott was bigging up Welbecks return for the Arsenal PR machine.
    You can book your holiday now Theo!

    £140k a week for an England b team player. lol

  58. underrated Coq

    ” What’s the alternative? Potentially 4 more years of this?. ”

    With an owner who obviously has no sporting ambitions, a manager who chose football over his wife at the age of 67 and passive fans who’d rather wait out their lives for a natural change than try and force one…..that scenario doesn’t look unlikely.

    Certain fans being grateful is one thing, its the docile media there that amaze me. What do they owe Wenger?

  59. Jeff

    Loiter, don’t worry about football or Arsenal. It’s beyond you. That goes for all AKBs. You are lost all of you. Lost somewhere between Wenger’s anus and large intestine.

  60. underrated Coq

    The above article clearly tells how much of a mess we are in.

    Contrast it to Mourinho’s statements when he was in trouble earlier in the season. He was literally making pleas to Abramovich to keep faith and not sack him. And he had delivered a title less than 6 months prior! Didn’t stop RA from doing what’s right and sacking him.

    Over at Arsenal, Wenger who hasn’t won a major trophy for over a decade has zero fear and makes statements as if he’s the owner,of the club. Repercussions? None whatsoever.

  61. Paulinho

    “I thought he(Chambers) played very well, was intelligent, good decision-making and calm on the ball, good in the air. He is 19 years old, and what he did is very promising. I told you we will have a core of English players, you have to trust me, I will get you slowly a good national team!

    Wenger, 2014.

    What a right silly twat he looks once again. Leicester and Spurs will be the ones that actually produce good national players.

    Incredibly he gets so much wrong, so often. Yet the omniscient tone never ceases; he always knows more.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    Everytime wenger opens his mouth I hate him more and more….

    “I believe in life it is very important you focus on what you are appointed for and I am appointed to perform and do the best for my club.”

    That’s exactly it though you nutty little twat….. your best is no longer good enough for our club so please FUCK OFF

  63. gambon


    Wenger once said Walcott was ahead of Messi in his development.

    Fucking mental that anyone listens to a word he says.

  64. loyika

    @ STV

    You must really have homoeroctic feelings for me!? You come through and all you see is posts by me!?

    Bless you mate! But i’m sorry i must decline your advances as i don’t bat for the other side. Try next door.

    Hope your feelings aren’t hurt!

  65. loyika

    @ Red

    I am impressed “Afflicted!!” That’s the new word you learnt in class today? Shows a clear improvement on your vocabulary.

    I did mention to your Mama this morning before i left that Montoserri was the way to go!!

  66. loyika

    And while your at it Red do be a nice laddie and check for a pair of gold cufflinks under her bed. Can’t seem to remember where I placed them as I left in a rush.

  67. Relieable Sauce

    Even Hodgson is waking up to the fact Arsenals English players arent good enough.
    If he really thought about it, he would realise Wenger is a lousy coach and full of shit.

    He must now regret fastracking Chambers to the senior squad on the back of Le. P.r.offs piss poor judgement.
    Ox. Walcott…

  68. Alex Cutter

    Loyika is implying that he had sexual relations with RTs mother!

    In her own bed! And was in such a hurry to get out of there that he accidentally left something behind!

  69. loyika

    Ahhhh!! Well at least she will rest peacefully in her grave with the knowledge that you were finally accepted (after 3 attempts) at Hermlock Nursery and Pre school!!

    Not to worry, you can teach me some other new words you learnt when i come through friday night.

    Eitherways, have you found the cufflinks?

  70. Goonah

    Alex Cutter
    March 29, 2016 21:11:59

    Loyika is implying that he had sexual relations with RTs mother!In her own bed! And was in such a hurry to get out of there that he accidentally left something behind!

    He ran out crying when she laughed at his tiny dick

  71. Relieable Sauce

    Dutch have been crap for a while now. Robben and RVP carried them in the WC.

    But then look at who the world champions are having to use to spearhead their attack – the German Giroud.

    Kane, Vardy, Sturridge and even Rooney – to an extent – are pretty strong options.
    Vardy or Kane might not be a bad bet for top scorer at the Euros.

  72. loyika

    Theo was trying too hard (as if he had a point to prove) like the way he went to Vardy after the game to give him a hug or high five like some sort of elder!? I am sure Vardy would have been like; “What the fcuk mate!? You’re the past!”

    Seems Roy H might seriously be getting vexed with John Stones (will end up a brilliant footie player, but always has one or 2 mistakes in him that might cost Engurland dearly when the Euros start)

  73. loyika

    @ Goonah!?

    How do you know what kind of dicks Red’s Mama likes!? Have you been sniffing at his home as well!?

    Wow!! Couldn’t make this shit up!!

  74. Relieable Sauce

    OUT – WENGER and his dross – players and staff.

    In – New manager who can work with Adams, Bergkamp, Viera, Petit, Robson. Butland, Targett, Stones, Barkley – as an English core – Mahrez, top CM/CDM, top CF.

  75. loyika

    Whats up with all these Roaches!?

    Jeff i can understand, at least he is intelligent, Joe i can understand, with him it’s just banter!

    But the rest of you knuckleheads couldn’t form a Cub Scout fight club even if you wanted to!?

    @ Red; sparring with the rest of your Motley Crew of Brain dead Numbskulls is quite frankly boring!! It’s like fighting the “Wretched of the Earth!” I actually feel disgusted bringing myself so low as to actually excahnge words with all you Cyber harlots!!

  76. loyika

    Joking aside Red?

    Why does your Mum still have your Placenta hidden away in the cupboard? Shyte freaked me out! (I knew it was yours because it had a copy of your Birth Certificate still attached to it)

  77. loyika

    There there Red!! It’s ok Sonny!

    Lets get back to familar terrain. (You know insults you can handle)

    Muppet!! Moron!! Stuff like that.

    Let me start.

    Red; you are a muppet for even suggesting Messi ain’t World Class.

    Now your turn….

  78. loyika

    @ Maximus Red (The Great Imbecile of Le Grove)

    You really are a serious borefest you know!

    Come back to me when you’ve upped your game. I leave the Arena to you.

  79. Bamford10

    “cyber harlots”

    This is a classic. Where do these dipshits come from?

    BTW, who was that guy who feigned offense at an autism quip, saying he had an autistic child, only later to admit he didn’t have any such child?

    This same guy — whomever he was — once signed off with maybe the best dipshit comment ever: something about ‘time to go fuck some models, bitches’.

    Much appreciated if anyone can remind me who this was.

    And btw, I love that Alexander still believes he’s explaining the structure of the club to us. Real sharp one there.

  80. Bamford10


    No question Kroenke should’ve dismissed Wenger ages ago, and no question he’s neither a brilliant nor an ambitious owner, but he has given Wenger ample resources to compete, and there are plenty of managers who could compete for and win the title with the resources Kroenke provides / has provided as owner.

    Everything else said about Kroenke is a red herring — and an attempt to cover for Wenger.

  81. loyika

    @ Bam

    Wasn’t refering to you mate. Tomato throwing tantrums aside, your posts actually make me laugh (in a good way)

    I was refering to Red and his Chuckle brothers crew!

  82. Bamford10


    To my knowledge, Red doesn’t have “a crew”. He’s a one-man act — and a bizarre one. But he does have one thing right: Wenger is the problem.

  83. loyika

    The question you all are still failing to answer is; do you expect SK to now get it right when it comes to appointing a new Manager? Because what would be the gain if AW goes and is now succeeded by someone worst!?

    AW will eventually leave but SK is still going to be the owner who still has no ambition what so ever.

  84. loyika

    Well he, STV and now Goonah all seem to be awake at the same time. So either they all have the same internet downtime schedule or are engaging in something fishy!?

  85. loyika

    And let me state; this is not making any excuses for Arsene what so ever. But SK also shares alot of the blame for this mess.

  86. David Smith

    Seems it’s not just England’s Arsenal players who are shit judging on this evening.
    Rose is a complete cart horse, should have been another pen against him right at the start.
    Jagielka is useless, Stones a liability. Smalling a donkey. Lallana poor.
    Don’t be fooled by the game last weekend, Germany were clearly in second gear. England are shite due to the stone age football popular in these isles……..let’s face it, the top two in the league aren’t exactly total football that Cruyff would approve of.

  87. Bamford10


    One, I don’t think Kroenke will choose the next manager by himself. Two, that he and the others may not get it right — or perfect — is no argument for sticking with Wenger.

    Apologies for the insult above. You seem a decent sort.

  88. PieAFC

    Hopefully we will lose to Watford at the weekend so we can go back to getting Wenger out this club.

    It seems he has amassed his own cult following that are so used to defending him for years, they do not want to admit they are wrong, cos well after all these years they would lose any pride. People hate swallowing pride.

    As long as he is at the helm, I will de turning down tickets left right and centre.

  89. Relieable Sauce


    Put yourself in their shoes – If they truly believe in Wengers greatness, they are obviously suffering from some neurological condition and will be suffering a strong lack of awareness and so wont even be able to aknowledge the problem.
    The ones that dont have such blatant mental issues should be worried if they had any sense. I guess its pride, misplaced of course.

  90. GoonerSam

    Mr. Wenger is an honest and noble man. In fact, I read in Tuesday’s Evening Standard that, words to the effect; he has a great deal of loyalty and affection for Arsenal Football Club and really believes in the spirit of the Team.
    Actually, I think mr. wengre means he totally believes in the very LUCRATIVE contract he’s signed and his absolute loyalty to Kronke and the other mercenarieson the Arsenal Board.
    I have said on this blog site before and say it again: i will glafly accept relegation to a lower football league JUST TO GET RID OF ARSENE WENGER FROM ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB .
    And I don’t care how many seasons it takes to return to the English Premiership. Wengre is a corrupt and corrosive ill-effect on Arsenal FC and on English Football – along with that financial mercenary Kronke.
    The sooner Arsenal fans understand this fact the better and the sooner tye Club gets rid of Wenger.
    But, of course, the Board, if they remove him as head coach, will make him director (or should that be dictator) of football. And his successor will be hamstrung by wengre even before the poir sod even starts.
    Such is the level of corruption scandal at Arsenal Football Club.

  91. TitsMcGee

    This is the weakest Dutch team/generation I’ve ever seen (in my 30s) . Still they do well considering their population size.

    France will probably win the Euros with the home field and they are absolutely stacked. Anything less than a finals appearance must be considered a failure.

  92. GoonerSam

    Colleagues and fellow Arsenal Supporters. Please accept my sincere apologies for being critical of Mr.Wenger and pleading with the Powers of the Universe to get rid of him as Head Coach of Arsenal.
    I should have offered Mr .Wenger a job in my local pub to wash the dirty glasses and to clean the toilet.
    It was very unfair of me to suggest that the poor man should just leave English Football without a follow up job to go . I’m very sorry, Mr. Wenger. You are quite qualified to work in my local pub. But please, please, please don’t have anything to do with professional football. I know you are fluent in a number of languages. That means you can tslk crap and bollocks in all those languages. So please, for heaven’s sake,stay well away from our beloved Arsenal Football Club.