Ozil would like some new players. Have we been here before?

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Why not?

He would like some new shoes also.

If you were following Arsenal through the dark mid to late 2000s, you’ll know there was generally a pattern to players leaving.

  • Rumour of unrest hits papers
  • Player denials ensue
  • Player comes out and says Arsenal need to reinforce
  • That doesn’t happen
  • Player leaves in mega money deal

That little routine appears to be unfolding for Ozil like it did for many before them. The only difference this time is Arsenal actually have the power to go out and buy the players Ozil ‘thinks’ should be coming in.

But look, players don’t get the inside track on new players coming in. Wenger keeps the goss close to his chest, because players have big mouths. So really, Arsenal players watch the summer unfold like you or I.

… and look. Big misconception is players worry about competition. There’s nothing they love more than turning up to work in July knowing there are 2-3 superb additions to the setup that failed last year. Signing players isn’t just good for the fans, it’s good for the morale of the training camp.

If Arsenal rolled into next season with John Stones, Granit Xhaka, Pierre-Erick and Mario Gotze… people would be pretty damn happy everywhere. Chances are, that won’t happen, but hey, a man can dream, right?

One interesting point I was shooting the breeze about this morning was our British core issues. Is the issue that the players weren’t good enough? Or is the issue that the players aren’t taught properly?

Alli and Kane look unreal at the moment… Theo and Chambo look terrible. The Spurs players are being trained under a man who instills a beastly work ethic into his men… Wenger doesn’t really do that and it’s a bit of a miss. Are our training methods still at the cutting edge of development?

When players now have to be smarter than every tactically… does the focus on technical ability lose it’s edge… because being good technically in a bad system doesn’t appear to have huge amounts of benefit at the top end of the game?

Anyway, worth floating it out there… have a great day!

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  1. Spanishdave

    Wenger quoted as saying he ‘is committed ‘ yeh to coming 4th each year. He really has a huge ego and that’s a problem he has no idea why we are all tired of him.

  2. ADKB

    Forget about “British core” – football has moved on over the last couple of years. Use all resources at your disposal to build a successful team even if they’re all Martians. These days the big successful clubs don’t care about “core”. Well “core” to them means “trophies”.

    Even international football is catching up pretty quickly. I won’t be surprised if in the next decade or so, national teams look like clubs, filled with players from the different corners of the globe.

  3. Santos

    We have been here before, yes Pedro. Just watch Barcelona unsettle us this summer. The difference now, like you opined, is that we are financially buoyant and could easily avert any such advances from Barca, by strengthening the team to give the star players some form of hope that we are being steered into the right direction.
    One thing is to say these things and the actualization is another.

  4. GuNZ

    Pedro’s photo of Özil hanging around in a graveyard is very apposite and, dare I say it, satirically whimsical.

  5. loyika

    @ Red

    I’m through reading “bed time stories” with your Mummy. It’s safe for you to come into the room now!!

    Hijacked plane!? The world is really going bonkers.

  6. Jeff

    Wilshere: “I want to see Wenger at Arsenal forever.”

    I bet you do. Where else would you get paid that much sick pay.

  7. Santos

    Better conversations are actually had on Le Grove, that is why I haven’t gone a day without reading the blog posts and comments. Although, most of us vent on Twitter these days, the communal feeling of Le Grove is irreplaceable.
    Pedro, Alex, James, Geoff, you have all done wonderful jobs keeping this blog rolling. All the posters have differing opinions and that is what makes it great. Isn’t this the Arsenal blog with the most diverse group of posters? Chapeau-bas guys!

  8. GuNZ

    I have given up on the world. Madness. Madness and ungodly behaviour. I am returning fosthwith to the planet Znog whence I originally came, which has free alcohol and drugs and all women are triplet numphomaniacs and outnumber the blokes by 50 to 1. Goodbye cruel Earth . . . I shall leave you to your insanity and Wengers.

  9. Jeff


    That’s right. We’ve given up on being a football club. We’re a hospice for permanently crocked players kept on indefinitely at our expense. That Mr Wenger is a charitable chap isn’t he? But mostly charitable to himself followed closely by those whose loyalty he’s bought with the club’s money.

  10. ADKB

    “Hijacked plane!? The world is really going bonkers.”

    Yeah, the PLO “invented” plane hijacks in the 70s IIRC, then they graduated to suicide bombings. Everything seems to be going round in circles.

  11. Rhys Jaggar

    The main issue between the Arsenal vsSpurs ‘British Core’ is that the Spurs ones play every week.

    This was known early this season as Glenn Hoddle pointed it out in punditry for an England match long before Christmas. He had the inside track from Spurs that Dier, Alli and Kane were core first teamers. So were Erikssen of Denmark, Lamela of Argentina, Alderweireld and Vertonghen of Belgium and Lloris of France.

    The three Spurs players are also on wages which encourage them to strive for more. Arsenal’s aren’t.

    Teaching wise, I suspect there is also a problem. But Bryan Robson’s advice to Alli: ‘I’m good, but I want to be great’, has not been instilled in the Arsenal players. There are consequences: hard work, leave if necessary, practice alone after training on individual skills etc.

    Whether Spurs could do it as well, established in the Champions League, who knows? The bar rises, so fewer succeed.

    Those feeling marginalised have the chance to try Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Derby, Leeds, wherever. Benik Afobe did it and is doing well, after all…..

  12. TallestTiz

    I have given up on the world. Madness. Madness and ungodly behaviour. I am returning fosthwith to the planet Znog whence I originally came, which has free alcohol and drugs and all women are triplet numphomaniacs and outnumber the blokes by 50 to 1. Goodbye cruel Earth


    lol. nice one there

  13. TallestTiz

    I have given up on the world. Madness. Madness and ungodly behaviour. I am returning forthwith to the planet Znog whence I originally came, which has free alcohol and drugs and all women are triplet numphomaniacs and outnumber the blokes by 50 to 1. Goodbye cruel Earth
    lol. nice one there.
    But dont you all think Özil’s recent comments suggests he also thinks Giroud and Walcott are sh*t??

  14. TallestTiz

    I have given up on the world. Madness. Madness and ungodly behaviour. I am returning forthwith to the planet Znog whence I originally came, which has free alcohol and drugs and all women are triplet numphomaniacs and outnumber the blokes by 50 to 1. Goodbye cruel Earth


  15. Dissenter

    Arsene Wenger:
    “I think the criticism during the season is not very welcome when you fight for the championship,” he said. “Especially after the Tottenham game [a 2-2 draw] when we were a bit lucky, but you have to live with it.

    “I have my conscience. What is most important is I give my best every day, I work for my club that I love and if I can share that love with the supporters then it is better. But at the end of the day I want to make sure I give my best and I put my knowledge at the disposal of my team.”

    Spoken like a true dictator for the consumption of his true believers.
    I saw the interview on Bein sports and was just cringing from seeing his smugness. This man is a sad shell of what he once was and someone needs to put him out this misery. He’s convinced he’s “saving” the club.

  16. Dissenter

    Welcome to elite mediocrity
    Arda Turan speaking about his transfer to Barcelona: “‘In all honesty I used to think, “If I play very well I will end up signing for Barca, because my style fits into this team. If I play well, I will end up at Arsenal”.’

    Everybody knows Wenger is a freaking light weight who doesn’t know when the show is over and theatre lights have been shut off. Wenger won’t leave until he’s carried out on his back.

  17. gambon

    Lol, Arsene….we are NOT fighting for the championship.

    We were in January when we were 2 points clear.

    We are now 11 points behind.

    Stop trying to sugar coat it you old senile fool, and tell it for what it is…..we have collapsed! Yes, collapsed, as always.

  18. Leedsgunner

    In other clubs a manager gets an extension for his success and as a reward and thanks to the fans.

    At Arsenal?

    Our manager is rewarded with an extension for mediocrity… and as for the fans?

    Who cares about them?

    If Wenger gets an extension, it feels like a punishment more than anything for having the audacity to question the club.

  19. Bigper

    If Wenger gets a new deal then Kroenke and gazidiz whatever the fuck he does other than talk up shit deals, need to be held more accountable for the situation the clubs in.

    An ambitious owner would not give Wenger a new deal, for all the baffling decisions Wenger has made, Kroenke could make one decision to replace him

    there is no accountability put on him from above and it breeds complaceny with the manager and players

  20. Dissenter

    Kroenke’s satisfied with the current situation. This American thinks he’s stumbled unto a sage manager of all time and he won’t let go of Wenger. He’s besotted with Wenger

    However Wenger is a grand fraud. Great men (and women) know when to walk because they don’t have what it takes to stay at the top. The problem is that the club and the fan base let Wenger reinvent what success really is.

  21. David Smith

    Leeds, our manager is rewarded for hoarding £200m.
    Nice collateral for other projects, if you can get it.

  22. Dissenter

    I just watched the Oxlade dance again.
    90 minutes before a game where he should be mentally bracing himself and this silly kid is dancing in the tunnels before warm-ups.

    Unbelievable. I can imagine what the likes of Pochettino or Bilic would do to such a player. Andros Townsend did less at Spuds and was out.

    But granddaddy Wenger is like a soft pillow for his babies.

  23. Santos


    Can you write off topic posts, to take our minds off Arsenal a bit? A bit like when you wrote articles on football financing and fitness management in other clubs.

  24. DUIFG

    a new contract for arsene would be a disgrace, one massive fuck you to the fans from the board and wenger.

    I will actually stop watching and engaging with the club if that kicks off.

  25. Shaun Wilson

    I remember when Van Persie left, I almost provoked a riot in a pub for merely saying that I sympathised with him having to put up with inferior team mates and how a footballers career is a short one etc.
    I wonder how many of those outraged souls from back then will stand up with such vehemence when the inevitable happens and Ozil and Sanchez leave?

  26. steve

    @Shaun Wilson

    The problem is too many Arsenal fans are too spineless and timid to drive Wenger out of the club.

  27. TitsMcGee

    We’ll probably finish the season strong enough to make it an interesting finish with LFC/Spurs(possibly even passing Spurs) then the AKBs will come out of the woodwork saying that the way we ended the season is a promising foreboding for next season.

    Similar to:

    “We beat Barca at the Emirates in UCL, this will carry over to next season”

    “We beat Bayern Munich in Munich. This will give our players confidence going into next season”

    “We won the FA Cup Wenger will surely not waste the momentum of this and will definitely spend”

    “We beat UTD in Manchester(for the first time in almost a decade) in the FA Cup this means Wenger’s team is growing . Wenger’s vision is coming to fruition.”

    “We will certainly win the EPL title this year. Wenger’s plan of waiting in the weeds for the big clubs to crash has certainly paid dividends. This is what Wenger has been planning all along”


    You get the picture.

  28. ozrus

    AW getting another 3 years at the helm … 3 more years of bitching and whining from the fifa managers on le-grove, imagine that! The banter, the jokes, the ‘i told you so’s’! Cesc Appeal blabbering, gambon cunting away, midwestern soccerer midwesting. The good times!..

  29. gonsterous


    I dont know what you are on about ?? I was standing outside the bundeshaus just last week, protesting. I wonder why more Swiss people dint join in ??

  30. Red&White4life

    “Seriously guys, we can’t allow this gross negligence of our club to continue. Can we?”

    YES – WE – CAN!!

    Too much pessimism around here…( lol ?)

  31. Loop

    The only positive to Wenger staying is he’ll be completely embarrassed considering all the top managers that will be gracing the league next season. Maybe then everybody will see how bad he is and will be disgraced out of the club.

  32. Jeff


    This international break has brought about some inward thinking and analysing from the players. After all, Wenger isn’t in their faces, they are back in their respective countries enjoying some real coaching so they must be thinking – why on earth did I sign for this miserable incompetent loser of a manager? You can’t tell me the thought doesn’t cross their minds – of course it does. As a result, you get some strange comments in the media and on Twitter.

    One thing for sure though – it’s not bringing about much cohesion for the next 7 games. And if they go down the pan, we could conceivably drop out of top four – although I don’t think it is a very likely scenario.

    It’s a very funny season and I don’t think it’s finished surprising us yet.

  33. Jeff


    Sometimes tyrants fall at the most unexpected time and in the most innocuous of circumstances. Hope springs eternal for me.

  34. loyika

    Ok lets look at the players on Int duty and see those who would complain

    1. Giroud? Nope.
    2. Sanchez? Nope.
    3. Elneny? Nope.
    4. Ospina? Nope.
    5. Ozil? Yup (having said that they lost to Engurland so doubt his mind would be on Arsenal right now)
    6. Iwobi? Nope.
    7. Welbeck? Nope

    Was Monreal called up by Spain? Doubt he would have any complaints.

    Any other player from Arsenal on Int duty that i missed?

    So can’t understand this lack of cohesion coming up. If we don’t go on a run it’s becuase the team can’t produce once again when they need to be counted. Nothing to do with complaints during the Int break.

  35. alexanderhenry


    A few days ago Ozil tweeted:
    ‘Have seen the media reports today. Arsène Wenger was a big reason for me joining Arsenal – this hasn’t changed!’ That doesn’t sound like he thinks wenger is a ‘miserable incompetent loser of a manager’, does it jeff.
    His comments on the necessity to buy better players is quite right, but it’s the club that has to make that commitment. Give wenger the cash and he will buy.

    Ex players such as parlour, known, seaman and wright have come out in support of him as has usmanov. Wright’s recent comments are the most illuminating. He said blame should be attributed to Kroenke and Dick Law.
    Wrighty’s right.

  36. Jeff

    Well we weren’t very cohesive even before the international break. The only game we won with any kind of conviction was against Everton who were complete shit anyway. So this “run” that you reckon is going to materialise isn’t really based on anything other than wishful thinking.

  37. alexanderhenry


    It’s just a typical WOB tactic. Make up a problem that isn’t there, then prattle on about it ad nauseam.

  38. Jeff

    Oh but Alex, Ozil’s latest comments are about asking for worthy players to be signed which of course you forgot to mention. So, it’s not all wall to wall love for your commander in chief I’m afraid.

  39. alexanderhenry


    What you’re suggesting is that the international break has brought on a kind of mutiny amongst arsenal players. According to you they all think he is a ‘miserable loser’.
    Of course this is pure fantasy. There is no evidence to support your supposition. It’s only what you wish were true.

  40. Jeff

    Amazing isn’t it. I make a comment that criticises Wenger, and as if by magic, pops up Henrika right on cue. Go on lads, start your daily ritual to defend the great one.

  41. Louis Almeida

    “Make up a problem that isn’t there”

    We’re behind Leicester and Tottenham in the table. We were two points clear in January and are now 11 points behind. If you don’t think there’s a problem at Arsenal then nobody can help you really.

  42. alexanderhenry


    I accept that you don’t like wenger. That’s fair enough, but try not to make things up. Let’s all try and stay in the real world here.

  43. gonsteous


    whats your serious take on wenger ??? does he need to go or does he still need time to create a team that can win the title ?? Cause lets be honest, winning the title is something we have to do or at least its something we have done before and during wengers reign.

  44. loyika

    You can only play as well as your last game. We beat Everton (how has them playing shyte got anything to do with!?) We play Watford next (pay back) i would be surprised if we don’t beat them and then comes the game against The Hammers (this is where we will know if we can go on a run) win that game and i predict we will not lose any other. Will that give us the EPL? Doubt it as Leicester don’t seem like letting up.

    Eitherways there are a few twists and turns yet.

    Still doesn’t excuse the claims of Players complaining on Int break. Which frankly isn’t true. Ozil’s comments are not complaints but a rightful observation. A complaint is Benteke comments on Klopp and Liverpool (see the difference) Lukaku’s comments on Everton etc

  45. Jeff

    The greatest “carry on” in Arsenal’s history has unfolded before our very eyes and all the faithful can do is stroke themselves with a feather duster while saying “it’s not the winning – it’s the taking part”. And hasn’t Wenger taken part so well? He took part in 20 CLs, lost them all. He took part in 20 PLs and won 3. He took part in some of the most humiliating losses in recent history. Oh he took part alright. Oh but don’t forget taking part in building the stadium, and taking part in the invincibles. But then some of those great players didn’t want to take part any more – so they all left him but he continued to take part for years to come. He is still taking part today. That’s why he deserves a statue – for taking part.

  46. Red&White4life

    “Hope springs eternal for me.”

    And so the summer!!
    An Arsenal fan is always happy in the summer lol

  47. Jeff


    All I can learn from you is how to be an AKB. No thanks. Not for me. But if you want a first class degree in it, I suggest a course on Untold. They are the Oxford University of AKB’ism and you will feel right at home there where they make up all sorts of things like blaming the referee for EVERY loss.

  48. alexanderhenry


    I was referring to the ‘problem’ of arsenal players on international duty suddenly thinking that wenger was a ‘miserable loser’.

    As far as the ‘problem’; of arsenal being behind spurs and leicester, that means we’ve got the same problem as :
    Man u – spent £300 million,
    Chelsea – have a massive hugely expensive squad, mismanaged by mourihno and hiddink, both of whom are supposed to be far better managers than wenger according to le grove and you lot,
    Liverpool- who recruited ‘master tactician’ Klopp and are 9th
    Man city- who have the best squad in the PL managed by another ‘superior’ manager, pellegrini.

    Therefore, post wenger who do you want to manage arsenal. Wenger’s done better than above, guardiola’s going to city so that leaves who exactly? Ancelotti won’t manage us and neither will simeone. I guarantee that.

  49. loyika

    No one is defending anyone. We are just saying be truthful in trying to state things as facts. If it’s an opinion state it as an opinion.

    “They must be thinking” How did you get that insight into their thought process!?

  50. gonsteous

    whats your serious take on wenger ??? does he need to go or does he still need time to create a team that can win the title ?? Cause lets be honest, winning the title is something we have to do or at least its something we have done before and during wengers reign.

  51. Jeff

    That’s right Alex. Who can replace Wenger? The age old question on every AKB’s lips. Are you seriously putting that one forward again? The human race has run out of replacements for Wenger?

  52. Jeff


    Only a desperate AKB like you would take my comments and criticise them on the basis that I did not state it as being my opinion. Does everyone finish their comments off as “oh by the way it’s my opinion”? You really are a clown aren’t you?

  53. Louis Almeida

    AlexanderHenry – A lot of those clubs have had upheaval. Wenger was championing cohesion and stability, saying it would stand us in good stead. Where has that landed us? We’ve seen the same mistakes repeated season after season. Our injury crisis has not been solved. Our susceptibility to counter attacks remain. We have a soft under belly and this is all with different personnel yet the manager remains the same. He is the one to blame. Not every manager needs to have pedigree. Maybe take a chance on a young one like Pochettino or Bilic. At this stage I’d rather try something new than continue with the same method that has achieved minimal results. There’s a lot of unhappy fans at Arsenal and it’s easy to see why.

  54. Jeff

    And why don’t you criticise your own comment for listing 7 players and asserting that none of them would complain? How do you know what they are thinking? How do you know they don’t complain? Could it be that you are doing exactly the same as me – opining? You betray your foolishness on the same page as you find faults in others for the very same thing.

  55. alexanderhenry


    Let’s stick to your original point.
    According to you, because all of the arsenal players have had much better training while on international duty, it has dawned on them that wenger is a useless coach. A couple of hours with roy hodgson and wellbeck has seen the light I presume. Now, they all think wenger is a ‘miserable loser’ .
    I’m sure you’re right jeff. You don’t even need to provide evidence. Forget ozil’s tweet. .
    In fact, maybe the reason why wenger hasn’t been fired despite ‘choosing not to spend’, is because he’s put kroenke in a hypnotic trance. All that needs to happen is for a hypnotist to snap him out of it. Or maybe wenger slips a memory loss pill in kroenke’s mineral water at board meetings. That dastardly wenger; . someone has to stop him! Then, kroenke will hire simeone and everyone will live happily ever after.

    The end

  56. loyika

    As usual Jeff you resort to insults when it’s obvious you have nowhere to run with this. Just shows how childish you are when it comes to issues.

    Did anyone insult you?

    Anyways you know if you want to take it down that route we can go there but why bother.

    Mr. “Anyone that doesn’t agree with me is an AKB”

    Quite pathetic!!

  57. alexanderhenry


    Your points are all relevant.
    However, the main problem at arsenal is that the club- I mean the club, not wenger- has not invested enough money in the squad.
    Unless we spend more we will not succeed. With or without wenger.

  58. Jeff

    You see Alex, you don’t actually dare touch the real issue. You dance around the big elephant in the room as if it doesn’t exist and when people point it out, you say well there’s a reason he’s here, the owner of the house put it there and likes it there. Yes, but it doesn’t mean that’s the right thing to do does it? Your passive acceptance of the situation because you happen at the same time to have a massive hard on for a man whose time was up 9 years ago precludes you from formulating any kind of rational thought. It’s not you’re fault, it’s not you’re fault. And don’t fret, he’ll be here for a while longer yet

  59. loyika

    Jeff you are stupid beyond belief.

    I listed players based on no comments coming from any of them during the break. ( tgats why i saud “Nope” after tgeir names)

    For example Iwobi talked about being proud to play for Nigeria and nothing bad about Arsenal. I said Ues for Ozil as he made comments (which i stated were right in it’s context but not complaints)

    You were the one spewing bunkum mate about players thougt processes while on International break.

  60. Jeff


    If you feel insulted or hurt, it means you’re starting to understand what is being conveyed to you. Rejoice, it’s good news.

  61. Jeff

    Loyika, you thick imbecile. Where did I state that Ozil tweeted those things? Did I give a link, a reference. Nope. You took it so badly because it criticised Wenger (not even directly but by proxy) that your dick nearly dropped off – so you went off on one.

  62. loyika

    Jeff you really are a nut case!! Missing a few screws!

    Arsene this and Arsene that? Do you go to sleep each day reciting Arsene’s name or have a little Arsene doll which you stick pins in!?

  63. Moray

    @alexander henry “What you’re suggesting is that the international break has brought on a kind of mutiny amongst arsenal players. According to you they all think he is a ‘miserable loser’.”

    Since Chrsitmas the way they’ve been playing would suggest this…

  64. Jeff

    Yes, Loyika, dolls and needles. And I’m the nut case. This is how deep the AKB rabbit hole goes. You tried to cross over but fell off the bandwagon and now you’re a fully fledged AKB again. Good. You provide a valuable service to this blog because every deck needs a joker or two.

  65. Moray

    Ferguson is a cunt but he would have won the Premiership with our squad, however unbalanced it is. He knew what to do with the players and much of that was mental. Wenger doesn’t get it, and he’s still riding high on the reputation of a team from over a decade ago. Every year that goes by suggests that what he achieved was done by luck rather than talent.

  66. Jeff


    Absolutely right. Ferguson won the PL with a team that neither Moyes nor LVG could even come close. That means he was miles ahead of Aresene “fourth place” Wenger. Almost every top flight manager is better in the coaching department than Wenger but only people with common sense know and realise this.

  67. alexanderhenry

    So jeff

    I’m not particularly concerned with wenger. You are. I think under the circumstances he’s done an excellent job. Pretty much any other manager would have struggled during the ‘austerity period’. However, his time at arsenal is coming to an end, so I’m looking forwards. . The ‘elephant in the room’ as you put it, is now kroenke. He always was.


    Do you have evidence for the unrest amongst arsenal players on international duty?

    How about some suggestions for wenger’s successor as well.

    You spend a vast amount of time disparaging, mocking and smearing the reputation of wenger who is after all, arsenal’s most successful manager. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. However, it’s perfectly fair and understandable for someone to ask therefore: who would you suggest as a replacement. This is a reasonable question but seems to send you into a kind of indignant sulk.
    You’d come across better if you did answer it.
    So who Jeff?

  68. Jeff


    Well if it’s names you’re after, I did state in the blog that was dedicated to replacements some days ago, that my personal favourite was Joachim Löw given that all the favourite ones like Guardiola are now spoken for.

    But before you go out shopping for a new house, you have to decide to move first. You don’t want to move, so you will now start to find faults in all suggested candidates just to persuade us that staying put is the best option. You are one of the most pathetic AKBs I have seen on here and I’ve been around for a while.

  69. alexanderhenry

    Obviously this is a WOB forum. I understand that.

    90% of the posts are ‘Wenger out!..’ etc etc…. I get it.

    There is however, very little else. How about some constructive opinions and possible solutions.

    Who would you all like to see replace him? Let’s have some proper suggestions
    What would you all like to see happen post wenger?
    What do you expect will happen post wenger?
    Are you happy with the activities of the arsenal BOD?
    Are you happy with the make up of the board?
    Would you like to see the club’s other billionaire shareholder, usmanov. more involved?
    Are you happy with arsenal football club being part of a sports chain?
    Are you concerned with the lack of success that runs throughout that chain (KSE)?
    Were any of you concerned with Kroenke’s last statement?
    Do you think the austerity period was necessary?
    Are you fearful of the increased financial clout of some of our rivals, especially spurs, liverpool and west ham after they move into new stadia?

  70. alexanderhenry


    Well, that’s one. Well done .

    Personally, I think Kroenke will go for an ex player or someone like David Moyes or Brendan Rodgers.
    We’ll find out soon enough.

  71. Jeff

    That’s right Fokiya, when you can’t think of a reply, you simply repeat what the other person said. Did you know that mimicry is the highest form of flattery?

  72. Micheal

    Personally, I think Kroenke will go for an ex player or someone like David Moyes or Brendan Rodgers. We’ll find out soon enough.

    Why ?

    Kroenke does not give a flyingn fuck about football and he cares even less about whether Arsenal win the Prem or finish 4th.

    The sole interest of Kroenke is the bottom line and the business of Arsenal playing a blinder.

  73. alexanderhenry


    Oh yes he does in so far as arsenal being a profitable business. If wenger’s successor cocks it up kroenke will care a great deal, because arsenal will be less profitable.
    Therefore, he is very much concerned with who will succeed wenger.
    Initially he’ll save some money by not having to pay the new manager as much as wenger, but his main concern will be to get someone in who can do what wenger has done: run the team on the cheap and get us into the CL every year.
    That’s it.

  74. Jeff


    It’s Alex’s way of leading you gently to the conclusion that Kroenke decides everything and therefore he’s responsible for it all. In other words trying to divert attention from Wenger. He’s performing a magic trick – trying to make Wenger’s faults disappear.

  75. Jeff

    “Carson McCullers was an American novelist, short story writer, playwright, essayist, and poet. Her first novel, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, explores the spiritual isolation of misfits and outcasts in a small town of the U.S”

    Misfits and outcasts. No wonder you identify with her work.

  76. Carts

    We need someone to simply ask Wenger why he feels he deserves to keep his job if both Spurs and/or Leicester finish above us while clearly having inferior resource than Arsenal.

    Bringing Chelsea, Utd and City into the equation is moot as they’re replacing their managers.

    So what makes Wenger so special that he should be given another 12 months? It isn’t disrespectful either. It’s a question that should be asked!

  77. Jeff


    Only a fool would assume that the herd is ALWAYS wrong. Were you not here in the summer when almost everyone on here with a brain predicted exactly what would happen and they were all right? I bet you weren’t following the herd then and you’re still not following it – which is why you’re still wrong about Wenger.

  78. alexanderhenry

    ‘Bringing Chelsea, Utd and City into the equation is moot as they’re replacing their managers.’

    It is not moot. LVG has had two seasons and has spent £300 million. He has been terrible.
    Chelsea started as champions with the so called special one. What happened?
    Pellegrini’s in his third season. How could he cock it up with such a stellar cast of players?

  79. alexanderhenry


    Only a fool would cut and paste the opening paragraph of a wikipedia article as a riposte.
    Mcullers’ writing as well as the more complex aspects of football are a bit beyond you aren’t they Jeff
    You’re better off sticking to playstation and a bit of light telly.

  80. Jeff


    Basically you’re saying to us it is impossible to win. If Chelsea, Man U or City finish above us, they did it because of superior spending power. If they finish below us, it’s because their managers cocked up. But since Wenger has remained exactly where he is (not only this season but going back 12 years), he has done well and we should keep him. Well, that’s an impeccable argument isn’t it? I want to become an AKB now – where do I sign? LOL.

    How can standing still for 12 years be seen as “doing well”? So, if we stand still for another 12 years, you’d be just as happy? I mean, is there a line somewhere? How many years should we wait with Wenger? Goodness me. It’s absolutely mind boggling.

  81. Jeff


    Why am I a fool for cutting and pasting. Do you know every novelist that ever lived? You picked a personal favourite of yours and put it into the mix. You don’t half talk some shite – honestly. You have the logic of a basket.

  82. Carts

    “It is not moot. LVG has had two seasons and has spent £300 million. He has been terrible.
    Chelsea started as champions with the so called special one. What happened?
    Pellegrini’s in his third season. How could he cock it up with such a stellar cast of players?”

    It’s moot as they’ve either been dismissed or will be dismissed, thus that is their comeuppance for failing.

    We can bang the money drum all year long, but the fact still remains that Wenger chose not to spend and cos of that has failed again. He went into ANOTHER season ill-equipped now we’re supposed to give him another chance.

    It’s apparent that he’s lost the dressing room; and his managerial ability has declined. What’s so hard to fathom?

  83. gambon

    “Pellegrini’s in his third season. ”

    Wengers in his 20th season.

    How do you get to 20 seasons, and still not understand the basics of football like the need for midfielders to not constantly run ahead of play.

    How do you spend 20 years at one club and still have a spiralling injury problem?

  84. Shaun Wilson

    Wengers bein sports interview is a nonsensical mess. He speaks but nothing but unfathomable cliched turds and doublespeak tumble out of his wizened mouth.
    Surely someone in a position to do something about this travesty of a manager must act soon?

  85. Jeff

    It is most likely that Pellegrini will finish in the top four in three seasons running and he actually won it once. He also won 2 league cups during that time. Why aren’t the City bosses tripping over themselves to get him to sign another contract? He’s done well? Obviously the definition of doing well isn’t the same at City. So they will sack the manager and get a better one. And on top of that they will spend to win trophies. Contrast that with Arsenal. That’s how asymmetric we are in our outlook and ambition compared to other top clubs.

    If Wenger actually knew what he was doing, would any of us sit here and argue for hours that he needs to leave? And if we can see it, so can the players. Wrong formations, wrong players, wrong substitutions, wrong or non-existent tactics, talking bollocks – how on earth anyone can conclude that we are “doing well” is simply mental.

  86. Santos


    Lmao, the sheep keep forgetting that Wenger is in his 20th year. It is baffling that the learning curve hasn’t taken an upward direction.

  87. Carts

    Wenger apologist clutch at anything in their grasp. I men, how can anyone bring the likes of Mourinho, LVG and Pellegrini into this discussion when their futures have already been decided.

    The whole be careful what you wish for tripe has been peddled to death. Was it Seaman who came out and said something along those lines last week?

    Apply objectivity, any sane Arsenal fan will agree that a new manager will require enough time to implement his new idea. It might take 3, 6, 9 or 18 months. That is normal.

  88. Phd007

    Twenty years in the EPL..& Arsene still can’t quite work out,how to win it after 12 years..

    & this is with all the resources at his disposal..Stadium,location,autonomy,money,backing of the fans,backing of the BoD,training facilities,etc,etc..

    & he still contrives to butcher the season up..& some..


  89. Ughelligunner

    Gambon, now that you are here, you speak everyday on bringing forward the 2017 budget down to 2016 so that we can acquire the best players to push us forward. Why cant you think that the money spent in 2014 was a budget brought forward from 2015 seeing that we over spent the previous year hence our no spending except for a goalie, and then in addiction to our new training ground facility.

    We a are budget club
    We are not man city who are been funded externally.

  90. Jeff


    You’re basically saying we did not have more than £10m to spend in the summer of 2015. Do you really believe that? I mean in your heart of hearts, do you actually think that is true? If you do think we had more to spend, how much more do you think we had?

  91. gambon


    We have £200m in the bank

    No football club in the history of the game needs £200mm cash in the bank.

    Cash cant score a goal, cash cant keep a clean sheet, cash cant make a tackle.

    If we had no budget last summer…..explain these comments by one of our directors:

    ““We could go into the market and probably buy any player in the world, apart from half a dozen who are un-buyable. In the accounts, there’s over £200million in the bank.”

    The problem with you AKBs is you will completely bend the truth to defend your hero. One of our directors is saying we can buy almost anyone in world football.

  92. Alexanderhenry


    If wenger’s such a terrible manager and refuses to spend money made available to him, why hasn’t he been fired? Why haven’t kroenke and Co. Got someone else in?

  93. Ughelligunner

    Gambon, Jeff. We bought Gabriel in 2015 and alot of youngsters, we didn’t spend only 10m in the summer.

    Now if My director goes out in public and tells my consumers that i have enough money to bring in quality products, and i didn’t utilise the money after all. Isn’t an embarrassment on my directors part, that a hired subordinate didn’t spend a dim after his public declaration? Shouldn’t my director sack me?

    Remember, after Lord Harris statement, wenger came out to say he was exaggerating.

  94. Jeff

    It’s amazing isn’t it how soon as one hole closes, they quickly find another one to hide in. All these years we’ve been fed a load of baloney by the AKBs that the biggest issue was financial doping. Poor old Wenger had to compete with the greedy oil men who were stealing all the world class players and leaving us with only the bargain basement ones to buy.

    That argument no longer works of course because of Tottenham and Leicester. So what do they do. Oh, it’s that bastard Kroenke. That’s who it is. He’s calling all the shots and crippling Arsene who’s done so well considering the nasty list of handicaps to which Kroenke has also now been added.

    But what about the ineptitude on the pitch? How does Kroenke account for that? Don’t talk about that – just keep mentioning Kroenke and everything will be fine.

  95. gambon


    I think its pretty well established that there is no-one that works at the club that has the power to sack Wenger.

    Wenger is the CEO of the club, he isnt going to sack himself.

    The only person that can sack him lives 3000 miles away and has absolutely no concept of what “soccer” even is.

    Ask yourself this….

    There is only one club that has been in the top 10 football clubs globally by revenue for the last 10 years that HASNT won the CL.

    There is only one club in the top 8 financially on a global basis that hasnt won their domestic league for the last 10 years.

    Why is that?

    If Arsene Wenger is such a great manager, why has he not been able to make the Quarter Final of the champs league in the last 5 seasons?

    Cant even make a quarter final……why?

  96. Alexanderhenry

    This is a message to the entire WOB community :
    Please give a straight answer. No insults and no bullshit.
    Why on earth would arsenal football club continue to employ a manager who refused to spend money offered to him, and continually failed to win the trophies the club supposedly expected itself to win.
    Let’s hear it. Why?

  97. gambon

    “Remember, after Lord Harris statement, wenger came out to say he was exaggerating.”

    You trust a single fucking word Wenger says?

  98. salparadisenyc

    This season has to go down as one of if not Wenger’s biggest failures, taking everything into account.

    Its a sad indictment of this board/owner that there not willing to take a risk on another option to Wenger. Worrying times when mediocre is rewarded with those in charge whom are overseeing from a decades back perspective. Satiated in the financials of the now whilst moving the goal post of whats deemed acceptable to maintain current leadership. Opting for the path of least resistance rarely achieves.

    All spells zero ambition when pitted against other clubs constantly attempting betterment. Easily arguable were being left behind, looking into next season. This spring has to be that moment well look back, as the last straw before a sea change of league takes hold of the next 5 years and sees us mired in pool of swampy water.

  99. Jeff


    What you’re suggesting just doesn’t make any sense. You are saying either Wenger is a terrible manager or the director lied or didn’t mean it? Since you don’t think Wenger is a terrible manager, the director and anyone else who tells us about the availability of money is lying. Why would they lie? That’s the question you have to answer.

  100. alexanderhenry


    Gazidis is the CEO of arsenal. Here is a link for you:


    The fact that you think wenger is the CEO and that ‘no one has the power’ to sack him really sums this forum up.

    For umpteenth fucking time- I’ll put it in capitals so you’ll all understand:


    Thank you..

    Therefore, he can be fired at any time by the BOD. The only person on the board who’s opinion really counts is Kroenke. Wenger has no executive power at arsenal. They could fire him tomorrow.

    Why haven’t they- or rather him. Well, that’s because kroenke thinks he’s doing a great job. I was hoping to get an answer from one of you but I’ve had to answer the question myself.

  101. Jeff

    “Why on earth would arsenal football club continue to employ a manager who refused to spend money offered to him, and continually failed to win the trophies the club supposedly expected itself to win. Let’s hear it. Why?”

    Because the target is always top four. It is never to win anything major and he achieves his target. But that target is not that difficult to achieve if you are allowed a wage bill of £192m and you also have a very generous transfer budget. If Wenger says he can achieve fourth without spending, why should Kroenke sack him? He’s met his goal.

    What you don’t seem to understand is that the main complaint we have is why we don’t do more to compete better – and that part is up to Wenger – he doesn’t want to risk it because he doesn’t have any confidence in his own abilities. The BoD don’t care about big trophies and neither does Wenger. Do you get it now?

  102. alexanderhenry


    “Remember, after Lord Harris statement, wenger came out to say he was exaggerating.”You trust a single fucking word Wenger says?

    …and you trust a word of what lord harris of peckham ,our ‘non executive’ carpet salesman director says?

  103. gambon


    Read this from our chairman, then think about what bollocks you are spouting

    “If he has a plan, we back him, if he doesn’t have a plan, we keep quiet.

    “So don’t let’s be in a muddle about who calls the shots about football at the Arsenal Football Club. It is not the chairman, it is not the fans, it is Mr Arsene Wenger.”

    Just an employee eh?

    You have serious, serious issues.

    Im assuming your daddy walked out, leaving you with a big Arsene shaped gap that he has filled for you.

    You are so desperate to defend a man who is fucking useless.

  104. alexanderhenry

    Because the target is always top four. It is never to win anything major and he achieves his target. But that target is not that difficult to achieve if you are allowed a wage bill of £192m and you also have a very generous transfer budget. If Wenger says he can achieve fourth without spending, why should Kroenke sack him? He’s met his goal.

    …then it’s the fucking goal that’s wrong, you dimwit!! ..and who sets the goal? Fucking kroenke does because he owns the fucking club..it’s his club.
    Kroneke’s goal is to make money, which means running arsenal on the cheap. Wenger does this and does it very effectively. Therefore , kroenke won’t sack him because he’s not bothered by winning, so the goal has to change…Kroenke’s goal!


  105. alexanderhenry


    Yes, he is an employee. He has a contract and is paid a wage by the club. That’s what an employee is.
    You thought he was the CEO. Do you even know what a CEO is?
    For god’s sake man..

  106. Dissenter

    Wenger keeps talking about “dong his best every day” as though he were a monk doing an altruistic sacrificial service.
    What he not saying is that he will get his own mega salary raise to reflect the new TV contract.
    I bet he’ll earn nothing less that 10 million to reflect the TV contract and Pep Guardiola’s deal. His attorneys will definitely insist on that.

    Thieving Wenger; robbing Arsenal FC since 2008 when he ought to have been sacked.

  107. salparadisenyc

    The common ground is.. its rotten to the core. From Wenger to Kroenke and the board. All content to tread the champions league water as our one and only goal. And wallow in the money.

    The financial trophy is what counts, nothing more. Wenger has mastered what it takes to get there without signally massive intent for the title via expenditure. How else do you explain last summer and Kroenke is perfectly content with that.

    Its a match made in Hell.

  108. Dissenter

    You really have no credibility here.
    You’re the one I got to divulge the extent to which you distort reality to defend Wenger.
    You actually believe that Wenger’s transfer budget for last summer was limited to about 10 million GBP!

    Even your compatriot in the Wenger-in brigade does not think that’s anywhere possible.

    Do you believe that Wenger was limited to a transfer budget of 10 million pounds hence the failure to sign an outfield player after Cech was brought in?