Ozil would like some new players. Have we been here before?

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Why not?

He would like some new shoes also.

If you were following Arsenal through the dark mid to late 2000s, you’ll know there was generally a pattern to players leaving.

  • Rumour of unrest hits papers
  • Player denials ensue
  • Player comes out and says Arsenal need to reinforce
  • That doesn’t happen
  • Player leaves in mega money deal

That little routine appears to be unfolding for Ozil like it did for many before them. The only difference this time is Arsenal actually have the power to go out and buy the players Ozil ‘thinks’ should be coming in.

But look, players don’t get the inside track on new players coming in. Wenger keeps the goss close to his chest, because players have big mouths. So really, Arsenal players watch the summer unfold like you or I.

… and look. Big misconception is players worry about competition. There’s nothing they love more than turning up to work in July knowing there are 2-3 superb additions to the setup that failed last year. Signing players isn’t just good for the fans, it’s good for the morale of the training camp.

If Arsenal rolled into next season with John Stones, Granit Xhaka, Pierre-Erick and Mario Gotze… people would be pretty damn happy everywhere. Chances are, that won’t happen, but hey, a man can dream, right?

One interesting point I was shooting the breeze about this morning was our British core issues. Is the issue that the players weren’t good enough? Or is the issue that the players aren’t taught properly?

Alli and Kane look unreal at the moment… Theo and Chambo look terrible. The Spurs players are being trained under a man who instills a beastly work ethic into his men… Wenger doesn’t really do that and it’s a bit of a miss. Are our training methods still at the cutting edge of development?

When players now have to be smarter than every tactically… does the focus on technical ability lose it’s edge… because being good technically in a bad system doesn’t appear to have huge amounts of benefit at the top end of the game?

Anyway, worth floating it out there… have a great day!

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  1. shad

    And the British core could thrive under a disciplinarian me thinks. They look lost at sea and others such as Ramsey have grown a big head courtesy of one good season. Wenger is a piss poor manager and that laissez-faire approach has costing the team many points.
    In Wilshere’s case, he is Diaby 2.0 and neither Wenger nor he wants to call out the obvious – that his injuries have done in his career.

  2. vegas gooner

    talking to another sooner at the pub during the england/germany game and we agreed that st. totteringham’s day might turn into st totteringham’s minute – at what minute during the final game is arsenal assured of finishing above spurs.

  3. MrT

    Someone once said “talent is never enough”. Wenger sticks with losers who he thinks will come good and prove he was a genius. Good to be philosophical but also good to know when to cut unnecessary weight lose when at sea.

  4. David KK

    I need someone to tell me if Granit Xhaka is really worth bringing to our club? We are in need of players and not just any players but top quality players. I don’t want to assess him basing on youtube vidoes.

  5. leftsidesanch

    expecting Wenger to identify the flaws in our team and Arsenal set up then going out to rectify these flaws in the summer is about as fancyful as believing fan unrest will be enough to make him pack it in and call it a day,

  6. vegas gooner

    i would love to see rooney left out of the euros. imagine the shitstorm that would create in the papers and on tv. not to mention his reaction. we might actually go on and win the thing too.

  7. Middy

    Learn that is it the board that makes buys, not Wenger.

    Once you change that variable then you will understand RvP more, may not like him for what he did but he still holds massive respect for Wenger, he just wanted the BOARD to match his ambition.

    There was about a year when it was all Wenger, that was between Dein and Gazidis, that was also the transfer window that Wenger broke Arsenals own transfer record to get Arshavin and paid over the odds to sign Nasri who had just resigned to boost the price his old club would get.

    That wouldn’t happen now!

    Unite against Silent Stan.
    Keep all your cash in your pocket until that profit orientated guy see’s that us fans will only give him profit if he seriously goes for the EPL, either he will seriously go for it to get the profit or he will sell to someone who will go for titles to get the profit.

    Let us not blame Wenger who is only hitting the targets set by Silent Stan, Silent Stan has openly said he isn’t in this for titles so let us unite against that mentality.

  8. Danny

    This talk of Wenger signing a new 3 year contract is very very worrying.
    If true I guess I’ll take a break from football……

  9. TitsMcGee

    Wenger signing a new contract would bury us for at least 5 more seasons. Depressing.

    It really is a football dictatorship.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Are our training methods still at the cutting edge of development?’

    I don’t think they have been for over a decade.

    The coaching staff has hardly changed and we know Wenger sets the training programmes and dictates what players are doing. Coaches are essentially given less autonomy than PE teachers.

  11. Chika

    The AKBs must not be allowed to offer Wenger the rumoured three year contract.

    You mighty moaners must come together to wrestle power from the AKBs!

    Assemble your weapons, your banners and tomatoes, the battle line is drawn!

    I can’t believe the AKBs are actually paying Wenger about £8m annually for a TOP4 finish.

  12. GoonerInNY


    I agree that Kroenke’s lack of interest in investing/winning is a huge roadblock to Arsenal’s success.

    But Wenger is, in many ways, a bigger problem. Even within Kroenke’s constraints, Wenger has failed miserably as manager for years. He is way past it in training, tactics, in-game management, fitness and motivation. And Wenger has done a terrible job throwing away salary and/or game minutes on players clearly not up to the task.

    So yes, Kroenke needs to go, but Wenger needs to go, too. And Wenger leaving is more possible than the owner selling.

  13. Danny

    Wenger signing new contract is analogous to a prisoner hearing his term increased while he is about to be released.
    Nice one!

  14. Jeff

    Now here’s a scenario. If the better players were expecting Wenger to step down in the summer in the hope of a revamp and this international break has allowed time for introspections, the next 7 matches might not go so well. If we drop out of top four, there’ll be a shit storm big enough to force Wenger to call it a day. Just a thought – even if I am clutching at straws.

  15. Relieable Sauce

    There needs to be a complete shift in mentality at every level of the club to effect any meaningful change and I see no evidence that this is happening at all.
    You can see the fanbase is weak and will accept whatever decision the club makes, even if that means another contract for Wenger and all that entails.

    Incredible that the fans of such a prestigious club would allow/support/defend/encourage such a ludicrous and unambitious approach.

    Amazing that anyone could believe they give two shits about the fans with the noises that come from board level and Wenger himself. Warchest stories are only for the benefit of ST sales and John Cross’ limited imagination.

    Why cant fans see they are being played? I really dont understand how they cant see it, or can, and then just accept it.

    Abandon all hope ye who enter here(Arsenal fandom), its the only way if you want to continue to enjoy football.

  16. Hunter

    Having supported The Arsenal for forty years I have to say IF WENGER gets another three years I will turn my back on the club I Love.Yes you could argue once a goner always a gooner but in my Opinion the club I started to support way back then are NOT the club that now exists.At one time we were not frightened to make hard choices but now our club is ruled and ruined by dictators.Wenger has had his time now he should move on and allow us to move forward.Once we had people at the top of the tree who CARED,football people NOT money grabbing nobodies.Once we had ambition,Once you could call us a truly Great club,we never settled for mediocrity,fourth place meant nothing,BIG players wanted to play for us NOT NOW!Where has our Arsenal gone?.We are finished if we don’t change,WENGER MUST GO,let’s get someone with new ideas a fresh approach,one who can attract the right players and isn’t afraid to spend!All these things are not going to happen as long as Wenger remains,he is the poison and it needs to be eliminated.

  17. Marc

    As it seems that all clubs are becoming more and more interested in the TV revenue and overseas fans support more than domestic fans maybe we should ask all of the UK based fans who don’t attended matches to cancel their Sky & BT subscriptions and also to boycott all TV highlights.

    We’d then need all of the overseas fans to drop their TV subscriptions, not attend overseas tours etc and if on “free to air” TV not watch the matches – the drop in viewing figures will affect the advertising revenue and that will have a knock on effect on future TV deals.

    Only then will the fans who turn up week in week out regain the power base we used to have and be able to have an influence on the club.

  18. Alex Cutter

    “We’d then need all of the overseas fans to drop their TV subscriptions…”

    I’m going to drop my tv subscriptions because Brits can’t be bothered to hold a proper protest?

    Got a Plan B?

  19. TitsMcGee

    The comparison to Valencia is a good one I think.

    Not getting relegated but not really matter ing either.

  20. loyika

    @ Jeff

    Yes you are grabbimg at straws mate!!

    @ Hunter

    When have Arsenal ever been great!? I have been supporting Arsenal for 27 years and i know we are a big club, but i never get this “Arsenal are a great club” rubbish we keep spewing as fans? Great like whom!? Bayern!? Barca!? Real Madrid!? United!? Arsenal were never as big as those clubs. Yes we strive to be at their level (and that’s what we thought moving to the Em would do for us) but yo claim tgat Arsenal were a “Great” club in that sphere is just telling “Porkies!!”

    @ Marc

    I thought you all said a week back that the protests should be left to the “home based fans” unless i misread your comments. Eitherways i doubt Overseas supporters will go beyond coming on forums like this to vent thier fustrations. Beyond that ain’t nothing else happening (beyond a Bamford Tomato throwing stunt during the tour of the States) Eitherways protests are not really an “Arsenal supporter’s” way of doing thimgs (i think someone once replied to me that it was in the 60s that Arsenal supporters actually came together to have a big protest)

    The fan base at Arsenal are just like lambs to the slaughter. SK must have been so happy he got this club when he did. A nice easy “cushy” ride to more wealth!!

  21. Marc


    I’ve never made any comments about home based fans being the only ones who should be holding protests.

    I’ve made comments about if fans stop going to matches it will have an effect, which is a form of protest in itself but nothing about organised protests.

  22. Marc


    You can’t compare what’s gone on in Spain to clubs over here purely because of the revenue gap. It’s taken a long time but they’ve finally got a TV deal based on joint negotiation.

  23. gonsterous

    Im so done with arsenal.. feels like I’m watching X factor year In, year out.. all the Sam’s bullshit and pattern.. I’m just so done.

  24. loyika

    Ok i misread your comments then. Apologies.

    But you and i know that as much as that will work (and the only way i feel the BoD will take note) ain’t going to happen. It’s just not in our nature as Arsenal fans!!

    Arsene has gone all “Commamdo” mode and is clinging on for survival. I believe he will leave next season, i also believe SK will want him to stay and will offer him a new contract (Ivan might not like that but he doesn’t pay the bills) That will now be yhe dilenma we will have. Will Arsene agree to front for SK anymore (at a higher offered salary) or will he say; “enough is enough!! I need a rest” and ask for a position “upstairts” to manage the new guy (whom he will have a big say in the appintment).

    That’s tha crux of the matter!!

  25. reality check

    We deserve each other.

    Arsene Wenger… Arsenal Fans

    He’s too comfortable/stubborn to jump, and we’re too passive to push.

  26. Phd007

    ChikaMarch 28, 2016 16:05:36
    I can’t believe the AKBs are actually paying Wenger about £8m annually for a TOP4 finish.
    Trying telling that to Emirates”I throw a strop when questioned about my allegiance”Stroller..

    He’s happy to pay..Just sitting,waiting,paying till Arsene leaves on his own volition..

    Way to go!!

  27. WengerEagle

    How far are we down the line years-wise of the same old rhetoric shite season after season?

    And still it’s far from the majority which is what is needed to get this chancer out of our club.

    You saw the reaction and feedback to DT’s banner, he probably got as many threats of violence and abuse from squirrelly Wenger fanboys as he did pats on the back from supporters who have also had enough of Wenger’s bollocks.

    If he signs another 3 year deal I will seriously consider stopping watching us play, can’t handle this any more if I’m honest.

    I’ll be fucked if I’m wasting another season of Saturday’s/Sunday’s to watch us crumble in the same embarrassing fashion that we do every year under Wenger.

    I’ll always have much love for the club but Wenger has killed my excitement and is eroding my passion week after week.

  28. Alex Cutter

    “You saw the reaction and feedback to DT’s banner, he probably got as many threats of violence and abuse from squirrelly Wenger fanboys as he did pats on the back from supporters who have also had enough of Wenger’s bollocks.”

    And people wonder why Pedro doesn’t organize a protest…

  29. Troy McClure

    This summer will be interesting and I hope busy. Not only is there a big transfer fund as we all know, but there are a lot of expiring contracts for the wage budget. Arteta, Rosicky, and Flamini immediately is an additional ~ 225K per week to pay for wages – a top striker maybe one other midfielder or defender. Try to get Debuchy, Chesney, and Sanogo off the payroll, sell the getting past it Mertesacker, want-away Gibbs, and try to find a taker for the broken Wilshere. Finally, if a new striker comes in, Theo or Giroud will probably want to go, freeing up more money. Lots of room for improvement with potentially not much net increase in wages, which you know matters to Stan.

    And on the transfer fees, its not like Arsenal would fork out the whole, say, 100M at once, they spread these out over multiple years on what looks to be interest-free payment plans. So it is manageable. Not holding my breath but with some creativity it is possible without blowing the bank account.

  30. GS88

    Remember writing to Arsenal in the summer of 2001, upon Vieira’s plea to sign new quality additions.

    The club then went out and purchased 3 avarage players – Richard Wright, Francis Jeffers and Giovanni van Bronkhorst.

    Yes we won the double the following season and Vieira stayed,
    but we had a far better squad with 5 or 6 WC players then.

    However now, we could never prevail doing such a thing with this current set up.

    We however can just see a scenerio where Wenger goes through yet another close season doing absolutely nothing. Hence why we need a drastic change of manager.

    It couldn’t be anymore obvious.

  31. Cesc Appeal



    If we’re going to weigh ourselves down for another three years that’s me done.

    Passing interest supporter at that point, because it really will be pointless, the pro-Wenger fans will truly have their way then, the only people actively involved in Arsenal in the fan base at that point will be those who think Wenger parted the Red Sea.

    I’d really like to hear an argument from one of the usual suspects on here as to why that would even remotely be a good idea the way the league is going to change over the next couple of seasons.

  32. GS88

    And it’s difficult to get excited about any potential summer signings, when a large percentage of our fanbase knows that we possibly won’t compete next season for anything worthwhile ie – Champions League and the Premier League.

    Thats why we have to force Wenger OUT. Protest and banners.

  33. Spanishdave

    Ozil will go he’s got nobody to work with up front. We have scored the fewest goals for years despite his hard work. Why should he stay? He wants rewards and medals and he can get these elsewhere. Wenger got him on the bounce , but he’s off for sure.
    Sanchez will follow .
    Walcott and co will stay as they are on a good thing, crap performances for high pay, Wengerland.

  34. loyika

    @ Jeff

    What was wrong with the video!? It was done “Tongue in cheek” nothing more (you really need to get a grip on this anger issue with anyone or everyone that has something good to say about AW!? It’s getting to “serial killer!” mode now. You can’t be that angry all the time!?)

    @ Red

    You are a bad advert for “Artificial Insemination!!”

  35. Jeff


    More to the point, why does it upset you so much. Worshipping a failing has been is surely more neurotic. It means you can’t see the wood for the trees any more. Arsenal doesn’t exist, it’s only Arsene for you. Tragic.

  36. izzo

    All these rehash of buying this and that players is an exercise in futility. Its pointless writing articles about Arsenal when everyone is happy with status quo. No one cares enough to get Wenger out. No one wants to protest. Everyone just wants to complain about the stink and do nothing about it. Its been like this for over a decade so why do i waste my time wondering why fans don’t want to do shit when they all don’t even care. Even Pedro has gone back to flip flopping with the hopeful (hopeless) posts about new signing coming this summer. Think you all are mentally shot to pieces and not even a shrink can fix it at this point. I ‘m done caring about Arsenal because fans who have the power to be rid of Wenger are too mentally weak to protest so I’m just going to sit back watch you online fans and fans who go to games repeat yourselves like lunatics while you let Wenger further destroy the club you claim to love. Licking my lips at next season. It will be like a horror show mixed with circus freaks. Got my beer and popcorn ready!

  37. loyika

    @ Jeff

    Only stating you should take it easy!! There is more to life than footie!! The vid you put up was a “Tongue in cheek!!” video done by Rob (well that’s the way i saw it) to get upset about that is just going OTT!!

    @ Dissenter

    Why must you all resort to dividing the fan Base!? Everything is either Arsene in or Arsene out!? I will say it for the last time. I respect AW for what he has done for the club and i expect him to hang his coat in next season. (not sure if he will, but that would be the decent thing for him to do)

    I don’t buy into this childish AKB or WOB shyte being spewed as life is not just plainly black or white as many on each divide like to paint it. Sorry if that doesn’t fall under your lofty criteria for how or what you feel a supporter should behave like.

    What we do here is just give our views on how we see things, i just feel most of us get too hung up to actually enjoy the little things (for example, i didn’t feel there was anything wrong in the vid as Jeff portrayed it and so i took it up with him, mentioning the anger issue is due to the fact that i feel he is better than that, might be wrong but there you go)

  38. GS88

    Any sane club with a degree of ambition would at least listen to its fans – if they weren’t doing that well – and make the necessary moves to bring positive changes to said club.

    We are however, a totally different case. We seem scared of that positive change.

    It will much harder next season, as many of us have strongly highlighted with:


    And we could even add the likes of Koeman to that list aswell. So we are in a worrying situation.

    Three more years of this, (if Wenger gets a new contract), will drive 50-75% of Arsenal supporters/fans away.

  39. Jeff


    There is no such thing as a “tongue in cheek” AKB. Robbie tries to be the neutral journalist and sometimes manages it fine but other times he completely betrays himself. You are pulling me up for calling him an AKB because it upsets you so. Why? What difference does it make to you whether I take it easy or not? It is your way of venting your frustration at people who criticise Wenger by disguising as concern for the critic. It’s silly and very transparent.

    I started calling for a change in management around 2008 and haven’t stopped since and won’t stop. Why should there be anything wrong with me? Seems to me to be a perfectly rational stance to take given that he has failed to live up to the promise AKBs always posit at certain times of the season. The bigger spotlight must surely be on those that still support and revere him for irrational reasons such as “be careful what you wish for” and “who can possibly replace him”. These are the dumbest and the most irrational arguments anyone can use to support his continuing in the job when quite clearly the biggest reason is finishing in the top four even if we win nothing. But AKBs will never admit that because that is even more stupid and irrational.

  40. loyika

    @ Red

    Hope you didn’t hurt your “Pea brain” while trying to figure out what the word “Ignoramus!” meant!?

    As you know there are cuts being propsed for the NHS so doubt your discounted “Special needs” treatments can be afforded by your folks anymore so please ease up on using big words (which would put more stress on your already fragile brain)

  41. loyika

    @ Red

    Funny enough i really am lost as to who is far more silly!? You for wanting to drag this out with me or I for wasting my time insulting an “experiment gone wrong” child!?

  42. reality check


    Did you say you think Wenger should leave at the end of next season. Which would be the end of his current deal.

    So if he signs a new 3 year deal.

    That would be by your definition.

    NOT the decent thing to do.

    Would you then be calling for Wenger Out. Would that be the last straw for you?

    We have all had our “this is the last straw” moments.

    Mine was unreasonable at the time yet proved to be correct 11 years later…

    When Vieira left.

  43. Relieable Sauce

    If you are not a wob you are an akb, it couldnt be any simpler.

    Only akbs are offended by these terms because most of them must now know it stands against reason to argue for the case to keep Wenger (stuck inbetween denial and acceptance perhaps) and so do everything but call for Wenger to go.

  44. loyika

    @ Red

    Yes i am. Now go drink your glass of milk.

    @ RC

    If Wenger signed another 3 year contract that would be a big “fcuk you!!” to supporters and would show him up as being selfish (my view on this is that SK will offer him the contract and AW will have to decide if he can still take the heat or if he will just want a cushy job “upstairs!” Which he will still get even if he decides to not sign up to 3 more years)

    @ RS

    Seems one can’t win with you guys with these silly labels. I wonder what the new labels will be after AW goes!?

  45. TitsMcGee

    You must say though that the notion of Wenger signing on for another 3 seasons is almost worth it in a kind of way because of the car-crash the next three seasons will be.

    He sits back, continues to do nothing and eventually falls out of top 4 because let’s face it, Chelsea, City, UTD won’t be in this malaise long. Pep is already at the drawing board for City and Chelsea/UTD will always outspend their way out of trouble.

  46. TitsMcGee

    In the end though, the responsibility will shift to the fans if Wenger is allowed to sign a new deal without protest. No other big club’s fans in the EPL would sit back and allow that.

  47. Relieable Sauce

    If you do not call for Wenger to leave after his claim that he built the club, I’m not sure what will.

    Complete and utter nonsense, as is any argument for sticking with Wenger.
    Not that many get forwarded these days. Now its just the pathetic response – “well he deserves to see out his contract”. Again, completely fucking senseless.

  48. Phd007

    Alex CutterMarch 28, 2016 19:10:01
    “You saw the reaction and feedback to DT’s banner, he probably got as many threats of violence and abuse from squirrelly Wenger fanboys as he did pats on the back from supporters who have also had enough of Wenger’s bollocks.”

    And people wonder why Pedro doesn’t organize a protest…

    Social media,nowadays is a perfect platform to initiate discontent..
    It reaches a global audience.Those interested will take notice..

  49. izzo

    @ TitsMcGee

    Arsenal fans will allow that they are that deluded and blind. You can see them out in all their glory on Arsenal fan TV. LOL…

  50. loyika

    @ RS

    Calling for AW to leave on an internet forum does what exactly!? Aiight then here goes!! WENGER GET THE FUCK OUT!! WENGER GET THE FUCK OUT!! WENGER GET THE FUCK OUT!! Has he gone yet!?

    Riddle me this, what is a “realist” strategy that can be inplemented on how to get AW to leave!? Please focus on the key word; “Realistic!” Unless you are saying folks just wishing AW to leave is fine and dandy with you and every other thing that comes with that (protests, banners and all) is plain “bs”

  51. loyika

    @ PHD

    The same “Social media” is what the club are using to fight back!! Hence all the stories tgatvhave come out in the last 5 days – Ex player this and that saying AW should stay, Usmanov’s press statement, romours of big spending in the summer and so on.

    And when the Interlull ends and club footie returns if Arsenal go on a run i doubt you will see any patience for “Wenger Out!” banners. Only hope is if results go pear shaped and we lose some games (especially if we lose to Watford again at the Em)

  52. Joe


    It’ll take fans like you to stop w singing ‘one arse wenger ‘ at the matches.

    And starry chanting ‘fuck off you cunt’

    Supporter unrest is what it will take

    Of course. You’ve probably never been to a live match.

    Wonder how many of the Akbs who trrollhere have even been to a match.

    Be interesting I’d say about 2 % of them

  53. Joe

    Hope watford beats us. This cunt needs to be booed and swore at relentlessly at the matches before he understands he’s not wanted.

  54. Joe


    Cunt. Committed to ruining Arsenal.

    ‘Look you give your best,’ he said. ‘I think the criticism during the season is not very welcome when you fight for the championship; especially after the game against Tottenham, where we were unlucky.’

    What fucken championship is this cunt fighting for exactly?

    The one we are 11 points behind jb?


    Fa cup?

    Hahaha. What a deluded self righteous prick

  55. loyika


    Guess reading is a problem for you. I do remember saying (to you precisely) that i used to go to games at Highbury when i was doing my studies in the UK?

    Been into the Em twice (but that was taking my wife and then kid for the Stadium tours)

  56. Relieable Sauce


    An honest appraisals and some accountability over the years would have prevented this situation from happening in the first place. Denying the reality of the situation was not the solution in the past and it certainly isnt now.

  57. Joe

    First live match was 98. Arsenal v Man U. Last match was 2 summers ago , Arsenal at Fulham in the away section.

    With about 4 pl games and 2 CL matches in between

  58. izzo

    All the arguing is for nothing. It is going to be really bad next season. So bad that both akb and wob will stop arguing and unite to get rid. he won’t buy anyone of note. You all know this stop wasting your time throwing names about. Same players will get injured. Wenger and this team are on course to have a “Chelsea season” next season. There is no hiding. if Wenger is still here past Christmas into the new year “seeing out his so called contract” we will be few points off relegation come end of season. Its all a conspiracy. Sheep are being fed bullshit and they are munching away. Wenger and the board have rigged each season for the past decade. Same shit keeps happening with no change or end yet fans keep buying into the same shit thinking its going to be different. Finishing out of top 4 and below Spurs in May will be the beginning of the end. Spiral of negativity will start. You heard it here first. Don’t be surprised. Tyranny always comes to an end but it will get really ugly first. Sit back fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride folks!

  59. Phd007

    That said,with regards to Pedro..

    Had many run ins with him over the over years..Some savoury,some unsavoury..

    But,I’ve got to admit,one thing Pedro has been consistent on,is flip flopping all over the place..

    Let me firstly state,this is a forum that apparently you can state your opinions,without having an opinion..

    So,on record-kudos for Pedro maintaining this blog throughout the tribes and tribulations of the club through Arsene’s tenure..

    But let’s call a spade-a spade..

    Pedro is part of the media,that prolongs a narrative,dependent upon the mood of the people,in order to generate hits,posters,targets,goals..

    No different from Arsene AFC, Gazidis AFC,or whatever platform..
    There is certainly a vested interest..

    I questioned Arsene’s ambition back in 2010/11(though I wanted him out from as far as back as 2008) on here.I was vehemently met with”I’m a not supporter” by Pedro et al..

    Pedro trumpeted the signing up of Bould-2012,as assistant coach when Pat Rice (God bless him) retired,as a sign of new changes..

    I called bullshit..No changes,just the same crap..
    Was ostracised,quarantined & told I know nothing..Not a fan,etc,etc..

    Then as the season progressed,it was about waiting for the changes to take effect..I countered no changes..

    In between I motioned that Rooney was shit for England..In the major tournaments,he basically does nothing like all the supposedly major english premiership stars..

    Again by Pedro,was told I know nothing..I countered come Euro 2012,watch Rooney,he’ll do bugger all.

    Well,we all saw Pirlo give him a great footballing schooling..
    Rooney-indeed “World Class”,according to Pedro’s posts back then..

    We saw back in 2010,Rooney having an atrocious performance& then Rooney-having the audacity to question the loyalty of the English fans,of the back of a woeful World Cup 2010 performance,not only by him,but also by the squad as a whole.Maybe the only one to escape some sort of criticism,was Ashley Cole.
    Bit ironic,given he was given sheds loads of abuse,for not treating his wife well at the time”Cheryl Cole”..& was finally acknowledged as the player of the decade for England a few years back..

    Meanwhile Rooney get’s off scot free,given a shite WC performance& revelations,he shagged some ladies of the night in his marital bed,whilst his wife was pregnant..

    It does make you wonder,sometimes,with a pair of eyes & some moral compass,how one sees things differently on a blog..

    Go back to 2011/12 it’s all there..You question,look it up..

    Going forward,there was new found elation,that Gazidis was the man to displace Arsene,with his PR statements of “financial escalation of power”,that we can afford “Rooney type wages”..& suddenly the focus shifts away from Arsene making concerted efforts to bring about changes,to Gazidis being the “main man to enforce the changes”..

    I recall Pedro at the time stating”Why would Gazidis make me look like a c**t”,with his apparent close quarter meetings,circa 2013..

    Well since then,we’ve bought in terms of using our escalation of financial powers in three years..Chambers,Ozil,Sanchez,Flamini,Elneny,Cech,Sanogo,Giroud,to name but a few..

    Renewed contracts of Arteta,Rosicky,Walcott,etc,etc..

    Hardly an “escalation in financial powers”,or “Rooney type wages” for perceived WC stars,we were led to believe,bar say Ozil& Sanchez.

    & the development since 2012..Still fluctuating between 3rd & 4th..

    With the narrative by Pedro,being that Arsene now has to go,but Gazidis is the man to enforce the changes..

    My question is,simply..Who is fooling who?

  60. loyika

    @ RS

    The problem is we don’t have a strong fan supporters group that can take conplaints to the club. Onr would have said the AST (Although to be fair to them they have been a bit vocal for tge past 3 seasons, especially during the ATM meetings)

    Arsenal have never been a club to do protests and you have to say the club have never really found themselves in this state before (in this manner) and basically supporters are actually really lost as to what to do.

    AW will not fail bad enough for there to be real anarchy among supporters and most can’t be arsed to get into fights and protest. Many just believe things will just happen (and the club generally take advantage of this nuetral feelings)

    With the trend of ownerships of footie clubs where do you see the accohbtability? The only issue is that unfortuantely we have an owner that doesn’t really care what happens on the pitch (like someone said, (i think Jeff not sure now) Roman and Man City owners want to win and make decisions based on that, so their fans are lucky to have those sort of owners) Usmanov might give us an edge if he takes over, but we can only imagine what would have been if he had been the one to come in instead of SK.

  61. Joe

    People think the last year of GG was bad. That will be nothing compared to the train wreck next season will be under wenger and the following 3 if he signs. The stands will be so toxic.


    It we finish behind Leicester or Spurs this season. Which we will.

    That is wenger fucking up as bad as he could.

    There is no excuse in the world of Akbs which would get him off that scenario.

    4th place means fuck all if Leicester or Spurs win the league

  62. Joe

    If Spurs win the league , there will be anarchy in the stands Trust me. That I want it to be. Only way wenger will be removed

  63. PieAFC

    Wenger in his narcissistic attitude probably wants to stay on longer than Ferguson.

    Be the longest serving manager at a top fight club.

    Only record the cunt will ever be better than fergie at.

  64. loyika

    @ Joe

    Finish behind Leicester probably but behind Spuds!? Would be surprised. Their run in is bloody to say the least – Pool and then United next 2 games for them (throw Chelscum in the mix)

    Spurs will bottle the run in.

  65. PieAFC

    Joe 100%

    The media even know Wenger won’t get sacked, they’re sick of writing the same articles anymore, he’s untouchable.

    We need to not make 4th.

    I’m hoping West Ham catch us.

  66. PieAFC

    Spurs bottle the run in?

    Like we have for the last 8 years.

    Cant say it for one team and not us like it’s a fact – fucking hell.

  67. David Smith

    Unfortunately, the guy that matters, the owner doesn’t give a shit about fans, Spurs, Leicester, or much else about this club as long as it generates money.
    We have an owner too lazy to sack an under achieving manager, who lacks the drive and ambition to replace poorly performing backroom staff.
    An owner who, in his own words, isn’t in it for championships, a manager who regards 4th place as a trophy. Top players won’t be lining up to sign up for that.
    Wenger stays for several more years, as does Gerry Peyton, Tony Colbert, Steve burrows. They whole coaching structure is locked in 1998.
    And , to make matters worse, this lack of ambition is contagious. Latest victim…alisher Usmanov.

  68. izzo

    @ Phd007
    Like i said sheep just like to be fed and they much away not caring what they’re being fed.
    I give credit to pedro for constantly posting and keeping this site but he doesn’t have any credibility whatsover . This site is basically a hobby for him where he can say what he wants and do nothing proactively to better Arsenal with even this large community he has with this blog. I say it like it is. Ban me if you like. Just the truth.

  69. David Smith

    And the sad thing is, we are going to finish second…..and Wenger gets let off the hook again. His excuse, he beats the trad top four teams, Leicester ….a one off.
    As for next season….
    Wenger will sign a couple, and let a couple go this summer, there will be no net gain. Arsenal will be drawn in the Ecl group with barca, finish second, and go out to bayern in the first knockout round. Injury crisis in November until February….players not warming up properly, and injured players not taken off the pitch promptly. Arsenal limp to fourth place, Liverpool not quite up to strength.
    It is all so bloody boring!

  70. loyika

    I wasn’t talking about us winning the league, i was talking about Spurs finishing ahead of us.

    But do tell me Piefc, when last did Spurs finish ahead of us? And don’t say this season as it’s still on.

  71. izzo

    @ loyika
    You wanna bet they won’t bottle it? And they will still finish above us and right behind Leicester. That Top 2 isn’t changing anytime soon. There’s a handful of games left and those two have been the best teams this season and they always get results as they have shown this season. Wenger’s luck has run out I know you’re too brainwashed to see that. Precious 4th isn’t happening.

  72. loyika


    That’s a bet!! Leicester to probably win the League and Arsenal to finish ahead of Spurs (and thats not saying thats good enough. Just taking you up on the bet)

  73. loyika

    Besides you do realise it’s all “Banter!!”

    Eitherways; fcuk off!! Lol!!

    Laters everyone. Can’t wait for the interlull to be over!!

  74. izzo

    @ Loyika are you suffering from memory loss? When last has Wenger and his lot ever capitalized on those ahead failing??? I’ve already won this bet with ease.

  75. loyika

    Izzo what bet!? (Seems we are lost in translation or you’ve downed too much beer)

    Are we talking of Spurs finishing ahead or something else!? (Cause that was the bet as i remember it?)

    Ok then “Nastradamus!” You win.

  76. STV

    Great chance for you to win the bet (breaking up to you: finish ahead of spurs) and celebrate the double along with the top 2 trophy.!! Good for you..

  77. loyika

    @ STV

    Iz your name Izzo or do you have a personality disorder!? I think Izzo can answer for himself on something that frankly doesn’t concern you.

  78. Joe

    Arsenal 55 max 11 points

    West ham
    West Brom

    Tottenham 61 – 11 points


    Leicester 66 11 points

    West ham

    I would say all
    Of the teams will
    Get 11 points in the next 5.

    So we the standings won’t change and Leicester will finish above us.

  79. Relieable Sauce

    Cant see Spurs overtaking LCFC with their run in but I dont think they will collapse. Their performances for the national team must give them an added belief though and the incentive to make the 1st team for the Euros is a great motivator.

    Spurs’ season is already a success and they havent yet had the luxury to be in a position to bottle it, unlike us.
    If Spurs can keep hold of Pochettino they have a real chance of achieving something special. Looking forward to see who he brings in with the added lure UCL football. He demands a lot of his players apparently so I’m fairly sure there will be serious consideration over every signing.
    The days of Spurs signing duds could be over…

  80. Shaun Wilson

    Scary thing is even if we finish fifth the board will ‘rally round’ Wenger- this is revealing itself to be a true nightmare for real supporters – he just won’t go and apparently never will. I’m with the people who post that they are drifting away from the club that they will always love – it’s because we love Arsenal that we can’t bear to keep on seeing what this hideously pernicious bloodsucking vampire of a man is doing to our club.

  81. Jeff

    “People think the last year of GG was bad. That will be nothing compared to the train wreck next season will be under wenger and the following 3 if he signs. The stands will be so toxic.”


    I think you’re right. I sense a feeling, for the first time, that a change in fan attitude is in the air (even though there is no change in management) – it took them long enough! Why do I say that? Because the far majority of the fan-base now expect (or indeed demand) nothing more than a major trophy. They don’t want to hear excuses any more – 12 years of it is quite enough.

    Next season, the other big three will probably bounce back (although I’m not sure if all three will find their legs in one season) but we certainly can’t bank on another season like this one. However, we have been very lucky to sneak into fourth on many occasions in the past and we probably will do it again with a similar points tally. Our luck has never been about how well we do but how badly those just below us do. As such, we will probably find Leicester, Tottenham, West Ham, Liverpool and even Southampton in the mix for fourth. If we are not so lucky as we have been and those teams overtake us, we could be looking at 5th, 6th or even 7th in 2017.

    But will that be the end for Wenger or will he spend like a madman (similar to what he did after the 8:2 loss) just to save his own neck and sign for another 3 years? Knowing how desperate he is to stay, my guess is that he probably will.

    But in summary, I agree that all the signs are there for the next season to be a blood bath. What is less certain is, what will be the outcome as regards Wenger?