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Well, well, well… England turned in a pretty special performance to blow out the World Champions. I wrote yesterday that we had the semblance of an exciting team, and they proved it by clawing back a two 3-2 from the pits of a loss.

Sad part about the whole thing is that the England team is largely a Spurs team. 7 of the players have played under Poch… his workaholic theme buzzes around the side. Alli and Kane look electric. Jamie Vardy showed the world why he and not Wayne Rooney should be starting.

Exciting times. We’re the hipster outside choice this tournament. More than capable of the quarter finals this time around… just a question of whether Roy reverts back to star names over deserving names.

In more general footballing news, there’s story doing the rounds in The Sunday Time about Adam Johnson being sentenced too harshly because he’s a footballer. Whilst there shouldn’t be one rule for footballers, another rule for everyone else (though let’s be fair, it’s usually stacked in their deep pockets favour)… I think the article is kind of misleading because Adam Johnson wasn’t harshly sentenced for being a footballer, he was harshly sentence for being a total scumbag about the whole situation. He didn’t plead guilty until 3 days before. He put a child through a massive ordeal and scared her for life (in part, because of his fame and the abuse that came from the town). He lied consistently. This was a man who thought he was above the law.

Read the court transcripts here.

The role model thing is interesting. I’ve been debating it with James this morning. Footballers always bleat on that they didn’t sign up to the role model thing, they signed up to be a sports person. Now, I get this, if you like getting spanked with a barbed wire ladle in your spare time, that’s cool… but if you take massive deals from major brands, because you’re a marketable asset… you should play ball.

Role models = Good personal brands = more dollar

If you want to spank yourself off on Chat Roulette publicly, and you have a sponsorship deal with a family brand, don’t be shocked when people call you out on it. If you’re profiteering off your role in society, it’s only fair to expect you play by the rules.

John Terry lost his mind about losing the England captaincy because of lost pound notes more than anything. But if those pound notes are built around your captaincy, which is generally built around you being a good person the nation can look up to… don’t cry me a river when people have expectations of your behaviour.

It’s the same in most industries… do what you like behind closed doors, just don’t bring your brand or company into disrepute in the real world. Or you’ll get in trouble. Unless you’re in the NFL, where you can do literally anything and it’ll be fine!

… and look, role model banter happens in every job. If you’re senior in your job and you get pissed up in front of your subordinates and take your clothes off, you get pulled to one side. Why?

‘You’re not setting the right tone’

So come on… just don’t be dicks soccer boys.

Finally, Piers Morgan has heard through the grapevine that Wenger has a new 3 year deal on the table. Beyond parody if true. Arsenal are mad enough to give it to him. Wenger is shameless enough to take it. It’s just pathetic and upsetting. This really is football purgatory… can someone wake me up when a decision has been made?

Right, don’t think I have much more this morning? Good job I had that debate really!

See you in the morn!

P.S. Thought are with those in Pakistan where a bomb has gone off in a park. The madness of this world at the moment is truly terrifying.

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  1. Jeff

    But people have already pointed out, have they not, that if you buy a player for say £40m, you don’t come up with all of it straight away. It’s paid over the period of the contract or some other similar arrangement. So when we talk about a transfer budget, we have to talk in terms of there being one every year. I believe it is the large wages (particularly if it’s more than he’s getting) that puts him off. Usually the more expensive a player is, the higher will his wages will be.

    We already have a very large wage bill, £192m per annum so Wenger doesn’t want to add to that but he also doesn’t want to let go of the crocs and flops which include some of his favourites. So he prefers buying cheap players, whose wages will be small and hopes it will win us trophies. He’s stuck in the turmoil of his own principles and doesn’t have a way out. The only way out for Arsenal is for Wenger to dismiss himself – which he won’t.

  2. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Why pay Wilshere 120k a week for the next five years when
    1) He has a terrible injury record
    2) We have never averaged two pts per PL match with him as CM. That should be the minimum goal for the team (76pts over a PL season. We need to consistently top 80 pts to be an annual title challenger).

    Ramsey does not have Wilshere’s technique, but over a period of matches, our teams performs better with him than Jack. I feel sorry for Wilshere to have suffered so many injuries. Very cruel for any player, especially a young one.

    Despite our ups and downs over the last couple of seasons, I prefer an Arsenal team without Wilshere and Szczesny. Can’t have those two become senior players at the club. And it’s not because of their ability.

  3. alexanderhenry

    Wenger always spends what he’s given.
    This summer it will be roughly £40 million unless he can get further funds from selling off players – the ox perhaps.

    The resident bunch of ignoramuses on here will claim that he didn’t spend because’ he doesn’t like spending’. This idea is of course totally absurd.

    The rational arsenal fans understand that kroenke calls the shots at arsenal when it comes to spending. He decides how much money to spend, no one else.
    He is the owner after all.

  4. David Smith

    Sadly, Ozils words / threat will just add to reasons Wenger will not spend as he needs this summer. Nobody tells him what to do..
    Can see it all going horribly wrong next year………but the owner won’t care.

  5. Phd007

    STVMarch 28, 2016 10:34:53
    These days We play 4-1-3-0 if both flamini and giroud start and 4-2-2-0 if both giroud and walcott start.

    You’re funny…lol..


    Still laughing at your comment the other day,about “you applauding,along with thousands of other real arsenal fans, in front of Arsene’s window come the end of season for a job well done..”

  6. STV

    Ideal wenger formation includes starting arteta (captain, leader , legend), flamini, gibbs, giroud, Chamberlain and Ramsey. Actually this team is above formations so is not required.

  7. STV

    Cheers PHD. I suggest you include some good jokes in your thesis presentation so that your evaluation comitee would be impressed 🙂

  8. S Asoa

    Buy this buy that.
    QUESTION -howmany of those would want to come to Arsenal to be fossilized .

    Sell this , sell that
    ANSWER – just sell out Wenger out of the remaining one year and things , in their own way and time will change for better. Don’t you believe it .AFC has been a failure for last 10 years. Only way up possible.


  9. Cesc Appeal


    I’ve advocated selling Wilshere innumerable times on here. Was just using him as an example of the fact that Wenger does actually manage a team or his players properly.

    Its very laid back, lazy management. Assemble eleven players and tell them to ‘express themselves,’ don’t should at that them, don’t order them around, players must be free.

    Its total bollocks.

  10. gambon


    Wenger always spends what hes given….


    A club with £340m reveue, 75m operational profits, £200m in the bank and guaranteed revenue of 380m for the next 3 years only had £10m last summer!


    One of our directors even said wenger could break the transfer record if he wants.

    Wenger didnt want

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Gu nz

    Yeah it’s terrible that the fine upstanding gentlemen from Australia took the early option exit as opposed of manning up in the last four overs ….
    Still …

    Fuck em .

    Looking forward to Wednesday .

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Wenger wouldn’t spend Christmas !

    I would have a joint manager brought in for the last season if it means we are deffo losing him after next season ..

    No new contracts
    No new overcoats (zip problems)

  13. Micheal

    I find it hiliarious that so many bloggers think the answer to our failings is to spend money. Go and splurge £200 m on new players and everything will be alright. Bollocks.

    We already have a half-decent squad of players, who are most certainy not playing to their potential. No Question.

    We could spend £200 m (or whatever sum comes to mind) on new players to replace the obvious passengers like Arteta, Flamini, etc. Then what ?

    Getting the players motivated and committed to playing at greater intensity for a whole season. That’s what wins titles. Spending hours debating who is better than Flamini or Arteta is understable but pointless.

    Getting the players to perform is even more important. We have under-performed this season because Wenger has not been able to motivate his players – however good or bad the squad is.

    Bringing in better players than Flamini or Arteta does not necessarily solve this basic problem.

  14. Marc


    Good grief you really think Wenger was only given a £10 million budget last summer? Stoke spend £12 million of a player in the summer and £18 million in January, if we can’t complete financially with Stoke we might as well pack up and call it quits right now.

    Also why would Wenger stay at Arsenal if that’s the case? He’s a world renown manager (in your opinion) who any club would jump at the chance to employ so why limit your career that is coming towards its end when he could go somewhere and get a budget of £50 million every season and you know win stuff.

  15. Jeff

    Yeah I saw Alexander’s comment earlier, had a quiet laugh and left it alone. He’s obviously trolling us so best leave him to it.


    I thought your comment had a lot of mileage. We often joke and say that Wenger can’t win anything worthy even if he had the Barcelona team but that isn’t as far fetched as one would assume. He really has no idea how to motivate, how to prepare players psychologically, how to instruct and he certainly doesn’t have any tactics in him either. It’s just that we have enough money and talent in the squad to achieve the minimum possible which is a top four finish.

    What I would love to see is if we left the team without a manager at all (as opposed to Wenger being there) to see if they can’t achieve the same thing. The first 70% is all to do with the talent you have but it is up to how good the manager is to make up the rest. Wenger is basically shit in all coaching departments – so we always collapse.

  16. Ughelligunner

    Please, when it comes to player accessment and management, i still prefer the old man wenger to any clown here. That’s how they said Akpom would improve if another manager utilizes him because wenger preferred the lesser evil in sanogo to him. Lol. Now his name is mute.

    Most British players become redundant when their wages increase, because they tend to utilize all their energy when the hype is growing, ox is ox, he will only run headless around.
    Its like Sterling doing worse at Man city compared to Liverpool.

    How many players have really performed after leaving arsenal for two years straight? It isn’t wenger miss managing them, its actually the opposite.
    Immediately they leave, they try harder for a year like gervinho and they become exposed the next season.

  17. Ughelligunner

    I wonder if people think on here, since the days of Peter Ewood, all our board members and directors have been saying wenger has money at his beck at call to choose any player, but he is still here and he hasn’t won anything. Isn’t that an indictment on their statement? And they still give him contracts. Is that normal? When wenger is asked he says they are exaggerating. And it continues every year.
    Yet some cant comprehend they bullshit they all spin around. Wenger is paid handsomely to take the fall, and he doesn’t ever fall.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Would be very interesting to see some of our players under a different, more modern manager.

    But I do agree, buying isn’t really a concern any more, Wenger just can’t manage at the top level, we need to address that first, if he isn’t able to get the best of of the talent he does buy (as we’re seeing with Ozil and Sanchez) because he’s tactically incapable, can’t motivate, can’t prepare and can’t squad build, then it really is pointless.

    He’s had enough time now, he’s richer than any of us will ever be, he’s had the reverence, he’s had the patience, he still has mindless drones defending him, but his time is over.

    We sorely need a change. Its so obvious it’s painful.

    We’ve seen ‘cohesion’ and ‘consistency’ doesn’t work, so its not good arguing in the face of changes at City, Chelsea, Liverpool and United, the rise of Spurs that Wenger having been around so long will be our trump card. Its rubbish.

  19. Ughelligunner

    Lord Harris said we had the money to buy any player, and they didn’t come together to purchase suarez for wenger other than the 40+1m, anybody here thinks wenger would’nt be happy if Suarez was bought for him without him getting involved? Are we this blinded by hate and despair?

    His fault is keeping fate in crooks because he doesn’t want to replace crooks with another, but if Gazidis signed Pogba and Lewandowsky, anybody here thinks wenger would reject them? Is that normal?

  20. Ughelligunner

    people over motivation lol, what else can motivate a player like walcot, gibbs, who has been been in the club for 10yrs and he hasn’t want to win a league title or isn’t motivated by been benched by a 19yr old. It isn’t motivation, they are less than average.

    Look at Ozil in the England match, having a poor shot at goal (that is his nature), maybe wenger didn’t motivate him enough to play the freindly, or giroud, arteta, mertesaker, who cant run. I think all the AOBS are just too emotionally down to think straight.

  21. PieAFC

    Wenger ran Wilshere into the ground years back when he was 19. He even played a few games then while carrying knocks. He played over 45 games I think that season – showed his potential that was true.

    He was never the same after that physically. Wenger even came out himself and that professed ‘red zone’

    If these rumours are true. And Wenger stays, apart from my heart never being NOT able to to care. My head just wants to finish off anything to with Arsenal until changes are made.

    This is becoming ridiculous now.

  22. Jeff


    It’s almost like a slogan that a political party comes up with when they’re campaigning for re-election. All this business of “cohesion” and “spirit” doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s just a buzz word to get him through the interviews. It’s all lies and spin. The only difference is that Wenger is elected by a handful of people (probably just one person – the owner) and nobody else has a look in – least of all the fans.

    As you say we are long, long overdue a change but something very unusual has happened this season which has scared the living daylights out of the board (and owner) causing them to reinforce their existing misguided belief that Wenger is a very safe pair of hands. That thing was the fall of Man U which has had two managers already since the departure of Ferguson and neither has managed to replicate anything like what they’ve been used to.

    So they are afraid to change in case we lose even the sacred fop four. What they don’t realise is that Wenger cannot and will not ever achieve anything more. But this, to them, doesn’t matter whereas to the true fans, it is the very thing that keeps them going – the thought of really competing for and winning the EPL or the CL. As you’ve said before, they are afraid to roll the dice. But that is exactly what we are doing by keeping Wenger. The signs are there that other clubs are catching up to us and if we do slip out of fourth, Wenger will probably never be able to get back up whatever he does.

    The other trouble with this policy is that whilst Arsenal may remain in the top four, it falls a little further in world standing with each passing season because eventually everyone will be tired of fourth. And this year it will have a major fall because of the likes of Leicester and Tottenham overtaking us.

    The reason Chelsea and Man U will not fall so sharply is because they have an excuse. Mourinho lost the dressing room and both Moyes and LVG are shit. What excuse will we have when we’re languishing in 7th with Wenger in charge?

  23. Dissenter

    The most obvious April fools day news article will be that Wenger want to stay “to rebuild the squad.

    We need a machete for rebuilding right now not a surgeon’s blade.
    We need to let go of 2-6 senior players not counting Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini.
    -Wilshere is so goner for me.
    -Walcott is out the door. Sell him to the highest bidder (sadly there won’t be many) and pay him off the rest of his contract.
    -Oxlade is out of the the door for me. He’s hit his ceiling and does not have the character to push further. I wonder how many quality managers will let him do the donkey dance 90 minutes to game time in the tunnel.
    I would sell Jenkinson as well.
    -I would keep Ramsey only if he accepts that he won’t be on the starting 11 often.
    -I would sell Sczezny. He shouldn’t even report back for preseason.

    We need a MAJOR rebuilding job and Wenger’s not going to attempt because he would be undoing his own errors and misjudgment.

  24. Phd007



    After heaven knows how many years,I still can’t work out/decipher what you say.
    Other than to defend Arsene at all costs..

    Bit like a baby going gaga,gaga,gaga for years..& the parents turn to one another and ask’ what’s the baby trying to say..?”
    Eventually through the repeated gaga’s, you can just about work out,the baby is trying to say “mama,mama..”

    In your case Ughelli,it’s “Arsene,Arsene,Arsene..”

  25. Dissenter

    Is there anyone who doesn’t think Leicester, Spuds and West Ham will be in contention for fourth place next year?

    I hope Wenger delay signing his reported newly offered contract until the last minute (like he did in 2014).
    It will be obvious by November 2016 that he’s done to most, including the mindful AKB s. The mindless ones like Ughelli et al can’t be saved by reason even if it’s dressed like Santa Claus on a sultry summer day.

  26. Jeff


    With some people Arsene has become a fixation to defend with any irrational argument possible because they feel they owe him something that happened a very long time ago. They are willing to sacrifice the present in order to maintain the past. No help or cure is available for such people.

  27. Bamford10

    In case you hadn’t noticed, we have two “new” trolls: Alexanderhenry and Ughe.

    At one point there was some question as to what each of these two was up to, now it is clear that both are trolls.

  28. Dissenter

    It really seems that Wilshere’s £31.5 million five year contract was signed and sealed in January and the club is just waiting for him to play the last 10 minutes at home against Villa before announcing it formally.

  29. Jeff

    “Is there anyone who doesn’t think Leicester, Spuds and West Ham will be in contention for fourth place next year?”


    Why wait till next year? We are currently only four points in front of West Ham and we still have to play them and Man City. If we lose both those games we are in real danger of finishing 5th. We are 11 points off the top and some misguided souls still harbour hope that we are going to catch up but pay absolutely no heed to the more likely event that West Ham catches up to us when they are only four points behind.

  30. Ughelligunner

    Yeah wenger ran wilshere into the ground, because he is the only 18 yrs old player to over play. Sterling has been playing, Pedro, Messi, Ronaldo, Fabregas. Even the dele Alli you all cream about, Aguero, Dimaria,

    Wenger ruin wilshere, what about the always injured Ox and walcot, ramsey, arteta? Sturigde, Carol, Walker, Shaw, all these British over pampered by the media and fans who get injured regularly? Was it wenger too?

  31. Phd007

    I’m going out on a limb here..I do believe there is a contract already on the table for Arsene to sign..

    I do believe Arsene will sign it,irrespective of what results are achieved,or not achieved.In his world,the fans are ungrateful peasants,who know nothing about football.

    The more,there are claims for Arsene to step down,the more resolute,obstinate he will become.That’s definitely one constant in his make up,we have seen over the years..

    Tell Arsene to buy a GK,he will thumb his nose at you and buy a striker.
    Tell Arsene to buy a striker,he will stick two fingers up & buy a defender..

    I can forsee parallels with the case of Houllier.Having to leave the game,through ill health.Having a heart attack during a game on the touchline& never being the same man again.Subsequently clinging onto,until being fired by Rick Parry.

    In short,I think it will be only through ill health,will Arsene be forced to retire.
    As in having a heart attack on the job(Houllier type)..Not that I’m wishing that for him..Definitely not…
    But I can’t see Arsene leaving through his own volition.I can’t see SK countenancing his removal,since they seem to be singing from the same hymn shit..Sorry hymn sheet..& are in bed with another.

    Gazidis, is just a toothless gimp..Towing the party line& collecting his handsome paycheck,along with the rest of the BoD.

    So looks like from my perspective Arsene,is here to stay for sometime.
    Probably better to find another hobby,or pastime to enjoy for a number of years,at least till Arsene vacates the hotseat. In essence,prepare yourself for the worst..

  32. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, if you cant do it with all your ramblings on here, then you are the most premature ejaculating masculine dick ever on le-grove. You might surpass London gunner.

  33. Dissenter

    I have an answer to the Wenger out conundrum

    Shhhhh (index finger to lip and whispering) let’s get him a very young wife. She’ll f**k him to death at worst of give him a new reason for living beyond Arsenal FC.

  34. Jeff

    Here’s one for you. Leicester are pencilled in to play Barcelona in a friendly in August. That’ll be entertaining!

  35. Samesong

    JeffMarch 28, 2016 12:55:55
    Here’s one for you. Leicester are pencilled in to play Barcelona in a friendly in August. That’ll be entertaining!

    Totally agree Jeff and definitely not a full on conclusion either.

  36. gunnergetyou

    “Wenger ruin wilshere, what about the always injured Ox and walcot, ramsey, arteta? Sturigde, Carol, Walker, Shaw, all these British over pampered by the media and fans who get injured regularly? Was it wenger too?”

    You’ll say anything to excuse your lord Wenger. He’s admitted himself that he overplayed Wilshere at a young age despite being in the ‘red zone’.

    You just choose to ignore the truth. With good squad management we wouldn’t have to overuse players in the first place. You claim that the funds haven’t been available, but Wenger comes out every year and says that he’s happy with his squad. So if he isn’t happy with his squad and isn’t getting the right backing from the board, will you at least admit that he constantly lies to the fans?


  37. Cesc Appeal

    To be honest I think it was fan negativity and disrespect for Wenger that weakened Wilshere’s bones, makes sense really, Arsenal have had substantial yearly injury issues for the last decade, fan negativity, no other logical conclusion.

    Unless Kroenke won’t pay for milk, vegetables, fruit etc in the canteen.

  38. Leedsgunner


    Oh well, I knew it was too good to be true to last.

    I guess this means Mesut is on his way out.

    Thanks for your magic… but if we are honest, you deserve to play under someone better than Wenger — feeding your killer passes to people better than Theo and Giroud.

    If experience tells us anything… no one tells Wenger when and who to sign. As soon as they do Wenger ships them out because he can’t handle the challenge to his authority.

    Wishing you the very best Mesut, you are an amazing player and I hope you achieve your dream of winning the Balon d’Or. You certainly are good enough.

  39. TitsMcGee

    Wow at Wenger signing another extension if true. Just wow.

    If that isn’t enough reason to revolt then I don’t know what is.

    The fans have to grow a pair and stand up. The only reason they keep getting away with it is because there is no opposition to it.

  40. underrated Coq

    The ‘Wenger overplayed and damaged Wilshere’ theory? Its a bit strange to see some of the ardent Wenger outers take his words as gospel for this one matter.

    These “red zone” and “might have overplayed” words are just ones he uses frequently, a bit like the usage of “mental strength”. Whenever a player gets injured, he usually comes out with them.

    Face it, Wilshere just wasn’t built to be an athlete. Many of us aren’t. There are plenty of 18-19 year olds who play as much as Wilshere did at that age and remain fully healthy. There are also those who get consistently plagued by injuries throughout their careers, Aguero being an example. Then there are perennial crocks. Were all of those players destroyed by their managers at a young age too?

    Arsenal do have a problem in fitness management, no question about that but this belief that Wenger has destroyed Wilshere’s career is unfounded and frankly bizarre.

  41. TitsMcGee

    Still mind blown over the notion that a 3 year extension could be offered to Wenger. He’s put up sackable results the last 10 years domestically and in Europe but potentially has a new 3 year deal on the table? That has got to be a joke.

    Arsenal will be truly buried by the time this man leaves . Every year he extends the whole gets deeper.

    Also so much for the Wenger is a martyr crowd too eh? Non self absorbed managers would walk away not sign 3 year deals.

  42. gunnergetyou


    Wilshere’s injury woes began in 2011 where he damaged his right ankle. At the time there was alot of controversy over Arsenal’s management of the injury, and Wenger later admitted to over playing him. But regardless of what you think about Wilshere, surely you can acknowledge that our terrible injury record under Wenger more than just a coincidence? Surely if you have a better balanced squad you can rotate players to reduce the possibility of future injuries.

  43. Relieable Sauce


    If Roy rests most of the Spurs players maybe something like this. More of a Leicester style for this game.
    Not totally sure who is fit, I guess Roy will play Milner as well over Henderson or Welbeck.

    Most important questions for me are:

    – what are the alternatives if Kane doesnt play. Can Vardy or Sturridge lead the line?
    – who partners Smalling.
    – can Drinkwater step up and offer a credible CM alternative to Wilshire.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    I’d give Stones a run out tomorrow tonight, but I don’t want to see the back line changed too much, go with Clyne, Stones, Smalling, Rose because that was the one area that wasn’t great in Germany.

    Need to start forming a solid relationship, ideally that would be what I’d want to go with in the Euros, but question marks over Stones for me. Error prone, big time and can be a bit naive.

    Needs a more defensively astute manager, part of the reason when I see Arsenal linked with Stones (suspending disbelief) I don’t want him, a young defender who needs to be taught discipline and defensive tactics…with Wenger as his manager. No thanks.

  45. Arsene's Nurse

    March 28, 2016 10:28:08

    Wenger always spends what he’s given.
    You AKB mong.