England lose out on super kid | Who is your player of the season?

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Good morning to you friends! Summer feels like it’s spluttering into action over here and from insider contacts in London, I understand there was a hot day for you.

It’s coming… and I can’t wait.

This summer we’ll have the Euros, which makes the days until the new season starting so much shorter. England look like they have a pretty polished team this year… then you see that Wayne Rooney, who has been in utterly dismal form, is going to captain us. English managers never learn. I genuinely believe if we had a dynamic coach not chained to the establishment, England could do quite well.

I wonder about our player representation there? I mean, Theo should go, Chamberlain likely will despite being in shocking form of late… it looks doubtful for Gibbs. So not too much to get excited about from an Arsenal perspective.

WHAT ABOUT JACK? Is that over now? Banter when he ends up on the team sheet for the first game.

I was trying to think of the positive things that have happened this season. I think the best story is Hector Bellerin holding onto his place. He really is a superb player. Extreme pace, excellent composure and a strong defensive skillset. I think he’s an absolute superstar in the making… when he starts scoring goals, he’ll be something else. Then Barca will come knocking, then we’ll all be really sad.


I’m struggling to think of who would be in our player of the season contender list… mainly because there’s been a lot of let downs towards the end of the season. Alexis lost form badly in the second half of the year. The goals dried up and he’s struggled to adapt to the lack of creativity… he drops so deep it disrupts the flow of his game. Then there’s Ozil, we were all creaming our pant over him at the start of the year… then it kind of dried up when our players stopped taking their chances. Having a goal making machine without a striker is like having a powerful car engine with no wheels.

I guess my players of the season would probably be Petr Cech. He really did make a massive difference and he definitely saved us some points… and he seemed to do it in every game. Hopefully that’s lesson learned with Wenger and hopefully we don’t see Chezzer back unless he’s made massive strides at Roma, who are currently sitting 3rd, with him conceding 31 (about 18 in the CL).

Alex Iwobi made his debut for the Nigerian big boy team yesterday, massive loss for England. This is a good read on why the FA is such a farcical organsiation. The FA had him at under 18 and 19… then when it came to U21, they preferred others and let him potter off to play for Nigeria despite him being game for England.

Who was responsible for this? Roy H, obviously… and the man looking after our kids, Aidy Boothroyd. A man of hoof ball notoriety. I mean, seriously, what is going on there? You have a kid who is very stylish on the ball, technically way better than many of the current English players and we passed on him… 2 weeks ago he’s holding his own against Barca keeping out Theo Walcott?

Amazing. The FA keep hiring establishment people and then they wonder why we never progress as a nation.

Right, that’s me done, have a blinder!


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  1. N'Gambo

    “11 of England’s last 19 debutants have now spent time under the tutelage of the Argentinian [Mauricio Pochettino] at either Southampton or Spurs”

    How does Wenger fare against this record.

  2. Jeff

    “I’m a massive fan of Arsene”

    This is why footballers become footballers and not academics. Thick as shit – most of them. Add Seaman to the list.


    Knocked out of every competition again and yes he’s still brilliant. David, stick to what you know – which basically is f*** all.

  3. Spanishdave

    Interesting comment last night how the England players have worked to get to this level rather than the likes of Wilshire have been pampered and become lazy.
    The spuds players did well unfortunetly for us but good for England

  4. David Smith

    Isn’t Wilshere just injured rather than pampered and lazy?
    Not sure he is the best example of a valid point

  5. Bamford10


    I like your reading of Usmanov’s comments, and there are any number of “political” reasons why he might have had to disguise his meaning.

  6. Bamford10

    Pedro, All

    I actually think it might be more interesting for us to discuss the WORST players of the season. Like a top three or top five list of players who are or who have been garbage.

  7. Bamford10

    By the way, I’ve been away for a few days and just took a look back at some of Friday and Saturday’s comments. I cannot believe there are AKBs — loyika, Alexander, Ughe — that are still posting AKB nonsense here at this point. It is like an illness that will simply not go away. (AKBism, that is, not these posters themselves.)

  8. Cesc Appeal


    That would be the top three for me.

    Worst would be Walcott, Oxlade, Mert

    (Excluding players like Arteta, Flamini etc because why are they even here?)

  9. WengerEagle

    The entire squad put together has only scored 72 goals in all comps (45 matches) this season.

    That’s a pathetic return when you consider that City and Liverpool both scored over 100 goals in 2013/14 in the BPL alone.

    Last season Chelsea scored 107 goals in all comps (54 matches).

    We’ve also conceded 53 goals in all comps, last season Chelsea conceded just 46 goals in 9 more matches played.

    Just not good enough whatever way you look at it.

  10. London gunner

    Best player of the season on minutes played

    1. Welbeck

    Worst players

    4.Giroud second half of the season

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I think that’s exactly right.

    If you were to put a stamp on Arsenal’s season, a grade or comment or what have you it would be a C, barely, a pass, barely. I think that’s what most Arsenal season are now, the average pass for a club our size.

    With the comment ‘not good enough, must try harder, you could succeed if you only applied yourself.’

  12. London gunner

    Griezmann and welbeck next season

    or lukuka and welbeck

    I think it’s time to bring back the 442 diamond…

    We need more goals 2 strikers with great hold up play and the movement to move around the pitch

    There big! there black! there on the fucking attack!

  13. Ughelligunner

    wenger eagle, why compare Arsenal this year with liverpool’s 2013? And we are not even in first place like them? Ok i understand we are poorer this season, but the comaprison doesnt make sense only to your narative.

  14. WengerEagle


    Exactly right, we’re like the really smart kid in school who breezes all of his exams every year but is too bone lazy to bother study and Ace them.

    If we didn’t go into every season with one hand tied behind our back who knows how well we’d do.

  15. Ughelligunner

    Cech hasn’t done any different to our past goal keepers. I reckon maybe chelsea are more defensive than us hence the lesser goals conceded while he was there. Even for his national side he concedes like a normal keepers do.

    The difference with cech is he saves the difficult goals and concede the relative easy one a regular keeper should make.
    Westham, Sheffield Wednesday, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Swansea he conceded easy goals.

    Ospina and szschny would have saved the easy once and conceded the difficult once. I agree with red for once.

  16. WengerEagle


    Just shows how dreadful we’ve been from a goalscoring point of view.

    All of the media bitch about how shit our defence is and having a weak point in CM without looking at the glaring issues up front.

    Giroud and Sanchez have both been wank in 2016, Theo and Ox have been wank all season.

    Thank fuck Welbeck has come back into form or it would be an even grimmer picture.

  17. underrated Coq

    Top performer of the season: Mesut Ozil

    Best surprise package: Joel Campbell

    Bad performers of the season: A tie between Flamini and Gibbs

    Worse than useless player of the season: Jack Wilshere

  18. Cesc Appeal



    I said in the summer, we’re like the kid that doesn’t revise, gets a C, but then says you can’t judge me on not getting an A because I didn’t revise!

    And don’t compare me to everyone else who got A’s because they all revised or had personal tutors.

    I can think of a few words I could use beginning with C to describe Arsenal and Wenger, but the most fitting is comfortability.

  19. WengerEagle

    Makes me laugh how people are still making a case (mainly Arsenal fans) for Wishere to start in the Euros if he comes back into fitness.

    Alli and Barkley have both been sensational this season for a period of 30+ matches, in no world does Wilshere breeze back into the starting XI.

  20. Ughelligunner

    eagle eye, i agree. Sanchez has been wank. Its normal for Giroud lol. Walcot well…if only ozil took scoring as serious as passing. Even in the England match, ozil had a tame shot at goal

  21. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Thank fuck Welbeck has come back into form or it would be an even grimmer picture.’

    That’s another good point, for all the ‘we don’t need to spend, we can compete’ garbage that was spewed on here, its been a United ‘reject’ fresh off of 10 months out, a 19 year old pushed into the first team and a £5 Million January arrival that have injected some life into this side.

    People should remember that when they are busying themselves trying to shield Wenger in August again.

  22. Bamford10

    Twitter is saying that Wenger has been offered a new three-year contract. This absolutely must be stopped. There is simply no way anyone should accept one more year of this fraud and failure, much less three.

    Wenger out. Now.

  23. Ughelligunner

    Underated, its like Cortios of chelsea this season, the defence isn’t as solid again and he is conceding form even throwins. I think at Athletico, he had a better defence.

    Look at Neur yesterday, during the game he tried playing from the back as he used to do with bayern Munich. He was expose big time.

    All i am saying is, from managers to goal keepers, you need worldclass level at all fields to cover up for each other.

  24. Ughelligunner

    Cech, we are not saying wenger is not to be blamed, we are saying he isn’t the only reason for the poor playing staff. It depends on the mandate. If he knows top 4 is at stake, you would notice him bench all the more average loons. That is saying he knows his sheep cant do better than what they serve.

    As for welbeck, he is like cech, in that he scores the more difficult and fall over tap ins. The opposite of Giroud. And for all welbeck has been in the game for a long time. He isn’t excluded from the averages of our side.

  25. Bamford10


    That argument is complete and utter horseshit. Any manager who needs to be TOLD to compete for the title — as opposed to being satisfied with third or fourth — is a fucking LOSER.

    Wenger has been given ample resources to compete for the title; that he is not more intent on doing so is ENTIRELY ON HIM.

    Wenger out. Now.

  26. Ughelligunner

    its like, they all agree top 4 is the maximum they can attain without spending money. And all the board members including him go with it.
    They don’t want to spend to archive the maximum for fear of not getting it right, so because of over carefulness they miss or luck in to the right players.
    For instance, last years most expensive dms have both flopped. Kondogbia and sneiderlin. Kante the unknown is now the wanted.

  27. Ughelligunner

    bamford stop crying, it hasnt amount to anything. You need to increase your wailing.

    Mind you, wenger would be in your back yard in the summer. I would like to watch a video of you hailing tomatoes on him. If not, forever hold your peace.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Kroenke’s faults are his passive style of ownership, that doesn’t excuse Wenger, if you’re saying a man who has managed for near 20 years at Arsenal needs to be babysat, I think you’re pretty much part of the side that want Wenger gone.

  29. Ughelligunner

    So Raneiri that hasn’t won a dime even when he had better teams than this is now a great tactical manager?

  30. Ughelligunner

    We hear of owners given their payers extra motivated bonuses and incentives apart from their regular bonuses to either win matches, league trophies or escape relegation. I have never heard of arsenal’s owner doing that, buying or influencing player sales, motivating players directly or indirectly, but its all on wenger.

    You hear it from Chelsea, Man city, PSG, Barca, Madrid.. Even Liverpool, Newcastle, Now leceister, but never us. Why?

  31. Ughelligunner

    i think the tomatoes thing should work, but it all depends on bamford to lead from the front, since we are coming home

  32. Hitman

    Arsene FC XI

    2. Debuchy
    4. Mert
    6. Rosicky
    7. Wilshere
    8. Arteta
    9. Flamini
    10. Ox
    11. Walcott
    12. Giroud

    Chambers, Wilshere still have time to prove themselves but the rest are failures at this level or past it – get rid asap. We wouldn’t miss them. Just shows how poor he is been in the transfer market. Cant even blame Stan for these poor buys.

  33. Ughelligunner

    say wenger leaves today, who do you think would motivate a worldclass player to come over since we know we don’t over spend or give agents and parents of players back hand? I am laughing in 3D.
    There is a reason Man utd Ceo retired together with Alex Ferguson. He saw the future and didn’t wanted to be held accountable. He left with Fergy on a high.

  34. STV

    Ugh if Ranieiri is shit manager so is wenger. Hasn’t won anything of note with Arsenal team for 12 years. FA cup is not the same it once been..

    You are a fanwho is institutionalized by Wenger..

  35. Ughelligunner

    i wont be surprise if Gazidis retires with wenger, for all we know the sit he has in the FA and UEFA was all through wenger, forget all pedros wishy wishy speeches of Gazidis controlling wenger.

  36. Redtruth

    The worst Premier league in history and Arsenal have flopped big time.

    Ozil has performed okay but he’s no superstar
    The Cech love in must stop he’s shown to be incapable and shrinks back from any challenges.

  37. Ughelligunner

    What i want is perspective and not comparing who has spent several million on a particular position with arsenal and when they finally manage to get it right, we use it as stick to beat the club, forgetting how they got here.

  38. Ughelligunner

    But, Red you were always negative from the beginning of the season and i can say your negativity and faith has rubbed off on them.lol You continuously speak the word of doom and it happened. As the religion you claim to practice teaches.

  39. STV

    I also dont buy all this pl gonna explode next season crap. It is a weak league still.. Entertaining but weak nevertheless. Arsenal will again have a great chance to win next year and if Wenger remains we, almost certainly, will bottle it

  40. STV

    LOL Red, its great to see many people finally realizing the truth about the significance (or its lack, thereof) Chech in the team.

  41. Ughelligunner

    stv, yes. With the Euros around the corner, most players might flop next year due to injuries or tiredness after the tournament. And with chelsea and man utd maybe not playing in Europe, it might also work on favour of the big teams.

  42. Ughelligunner

    Stv, Cech was bought because wenger was tired of arsenal needed a worldclass keeper bullshit, a worldclass striker is all we needed more..
    Imagine if wenger hadn’t bought cech, the normal people and Stupid pundits and journals would be saying we would have gotten cech, we needed a worldclass keeper….

  43. Ughelligunner

    barca conquered Europe without a good keeper in Vadez, although they were worldclass in all ramifications except the goal area.

    But a team has to have a blend of both for efficiency especially in the EPL.

  44. STV

    Even then the Chech wasnt the player he
    used to be. Mourinho didnt bench him for nothing. I still think hes no bad gk. But unlike other positions, gk competition is not the best scenario. Now Ospina will leave and Wenger tricked all the fickle fans an entire season.

  45. STV

    If you think how wenger used it an excuse not buying anyone anymore, you can see his signing was for the detriment of the team. It just was the nicer version of the silvestre transfer.

  46. Redtruth

    This isn’t hindsight but foresight when i say Wenger made a mistake signing a keeper instead of an outfield player of significance.
    The one area where we looked most settled he decides to unsettle it!!

  47. PK

    The 4-4-2 diamond is a good idea and with some additons to our squad we have a good team for it aswell.

    First Team:


    Second Team

    ————-Le Coq————–

    This is actually something even Wenger could potentially do in the market (maybe exluding Lukaku). But two new first team players and one CM for the future/squad. Put rambo up top where he can do his turns, flicks and deep runs as much as he wants. Then when out CM’s breakw down as the always do our season is finished and we secure 4:th as usual. But hey atleast we get to see some different type of play. If we get rid of Wenga well then we couls actually dream a little.

  48. Redtruth

    John Terry’s comments that Cech was worth 12-15 points a season was derisory and what was even more lamentable was the majority on legrove agreed with him !.lol

  49. Ughelligunner

    Red, but you were against signing of sneiderlin and kondogbia, who would you have preferred that moved club?. You never told us.

  50. Redtruth

    David Seaman writing in the Sunday Mirror defending Wenger and knocking those seeking change.
    Seaman quotes: “I’m a massive fan of Arsene Wenger” and “Be careful what you wish for”
    I stopped reading when he goes on to say ” Lets wait until the end of the season”….What a bellend…lol

  51. Redtruth

    Kondogbia and Schneiderlin are not major impact players so i would be against those players signing for Arsenal.
    Players of Bayern’s and PSG’s ilk would be required to make Arsenal successful.

  52. Spanishdave

    If the arrogant arsehole stays on for three more years, what can we do?
    It’s so depressing to think the club has to be in this state to suit him. It’s hard to think that he thinks it’s ok what’s going on. Unbelievable

  53. STV

    Football wise there is no sane argument for him to stay beyond this season let alone a new contract.

    I doubt the current model of running Arsenal is the smart business choice too for future..

  54. Josip Skoblar

    Piers Morgan is adamant that Wenger has a new 3-year contract on his desk. He got the info from Kroenke himself.

  55. Phlo


    So you all for Arteta, Rosisky and Flamini then hey (£200k pw) and not signing any outfield players. Based on that I wouldn’t want wenger to sign anyone.
    Secondly, and I would like an honest answer but do you believe that Arsenal Football Club are a European elite club as it was sold to the fans as to why the stadium move?
    Thirdly, what’s your take on the almost £1 million pw players that we can’t (due to injury over the past 3-5 years) use?
    Fourthly, your God and his favouritism, (constantly playing Ramsey when he is utter shit and in a position that doesn’t work for him weather it’s cm or rw and JC IMO one of our better players of the year gets benched for the “WC” Ox? Walcott (10 years – 200odd games, what a laugh) on £140K pw when Harry Kane and Vardy are on £35K pw each, please explain?
    Spuds and Leicester are just showing how much of a fraud your god is. 20 years – 3 titles, 20 years – 0 CL. Please don’t give me that shit of if wenger leaves the same will happen as utd….deference is that under fergie, utd have won 10 Pl TITLES MORE THAN US, 10! It’s ok, let that sink in. But let’s get back to your god that doesn’t understand why the fans (with brains) are against him when he is happy with a 5+ defeat to barca, 1000 game in charge of arsenal with a 6-0 defeat, 8-2, etc, etc. 12 years without a title and Leicester and Spuds are proofing that it’s all bullshit.

  56. Josip Skoblar

    Walcott, Gibbs and Wilshere have to go. Not good enough, do not contribute enough and too often injured. Giroud, if he stays, should only be considered as second-choice striker.

  57. kwik fit

    OK , so Arsene prefers the lone striker playing off an offensive 3 mids who play just in front of 2 centre mids. He like’s his offensive mid’s to be flexible and sharp and able to link and complement the lone striker. I totally get that but for me its very difficult to beat a decent pair up front.


  58. Thank you and goodnight

    If it’s true about wenger it says all you need to know about the person who owns our club and the people that run it……namely they don’t give a fuck about the fans. If so I think only way we’ll get change is to boycott games and hit wiggy where it hurts in his pocket

  59. Hitman

    Shouldnt he win the league as promised before signing a new contract? Wenger said he would win title within 3 years – by the end of his current contract.

    But of course that was just cock and bull to deflect attention. A bit like his annual judge me in May comments when things get difficult evey Feb/March.

    This man lack honesty, has no self respect, no accountability. He is more slippery than an eel.