Mesut to Barca rumours begin | Would you sacrifice Champions League for a season?

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Nothing like hanging out of your ass on a Friday. Went out for a respectable dinner with a Swedish Gooner pal that descended into all the shots, propping up a very dangerous feeling bar at 2am on weird industrial estate that had trains. I’m feeling so raw.

Anyway, what delightful banter do we have for you today?

The Mesut stories have started… rumour has it they want him to feed their beasts. People keep saying to me, ‘who would sign him?’… I think a lot of clubs would sign him, you know, because he’s fucking great. The irritating thing about AS is their rumours are often fuelled by club officials. We haven’t had to deal with player leaving rumours for a while… but we’re ripe for them now. 3 years since we sold a major player… there was hope those three financially free years would be trophy laden. They’ve not been, so players will start thinking about winning trophies.

Mesut will need to see an almighty push from the club. There’s strong chat about Granit Xhaka joining. That would make a lot of sense. A powerful midfielder, young and bang in his prime. But the talk is always strong. We’re always going to make a big splash. We always disappoint.

However, we are losing three players… so he has to do something this summer. I just hope it isn’t something smart arse. A couple of Sanogo’s and a Park Chu Young type dealings…

That said though, you’d have to question players joining Wenger. I know Arsenal fans cling to player tweets about Arsene Wenger… like anyone would come out and call their boss uninspiring… but look at the facts. No league title since 2004. No European Cup, ever. I mean, if you were a player agent… bar great money and lifestyle, would you send your man to play under Wenger?

Worst part about this summer of so called spending is that Wenger is not saving his job for a year… he’s trying to win a new deal.

Unreal banter. It’s football purgatory. Send me to hell if I have to… this middling ground is so uninteresting. Stasis.

People say careful what you wish for… and point to Chelsea. I mean, some Arsenal fans really do believe that top four consistently is something to savour. I’d take the Chelsea success all day. I mean, I hate Jose, but jeez… I’d not be too sad as a Chelsea fan, because you know they’ll be back at some point. I would take two seasons of out the CL if it meant we had a shot at actually winning major honours within 5 years.

How about you? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Jeff


    Where was Gazidis in the summer? We get this every single year and this one will be no exception. By time the long summer drags on and we haven’t signed anyone of note, people start to rationalise and accept it. What it abundantly clear is that Wenger does not have a major win left in him. He’s finished – he was finished as far back as 2006.

  2. Marc


    I think there’s a little bit of an internal power struggle going on. A couple of years ago Gazidis was making statements about being able to afford most players in the world now almost to back Wenger into a corner, we buy Ozil and the Sanchez. There was a rumour last summer we enquired about Muller I really wonder if Wenger got wise and outflanked Gazidis buy asking for a player that wasn’t available.

    It’s fucking ridiculous that we have the only manager in world football who not only doesn’t spend his budget but gets offended if he’s asked to. Most managers are given X and want X + Y.

  3. Jeff


    Wenger is a one-off. So is Kroenke. It’s just that the club has been phenomenally unlucky. But having said that, does anyone trust Wenger to win anything even with world class players in more than 3 positions? You feel he would find a way to f*** it up whoever plays for us. I don’t trust him to do anything – whether he spends or not.

  4. Phil Markham

    Sorry guys AFC have not been phenomenally unlucky for 10 years there has been a collective blindness called Invinciblesmetrosis. What should have been the start of a dynasty was in fact the swansong of an accident of history.
    Wenger’s failings as a tactician and defensive coach were exposed in 2 ways. Firstly the loss of the Vieira (temporarily Silva’d over) / Bergkamp / Henry axis meant AW was on his own in responding to the oppositions set up in-game. With those 3 players he lucked out in a way he coudn’t have imagined but don’t forget the duds (Alberto Mendes etc.) outweigh the nuggets easily 2-1.
    Secondly the loss of the Graham coached defenders (remember Ashley was already at the club) and Sol (no brainer) meant Wenger had to integrate a back 4 from scratch sorry he just doesn’t pick the right combinations and impose a consistent system.