Mesut Ozil believes in Wenger, publicly at least | Club force bad manager to spend £100m?

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This will be a mad quick post today because I am in-between work things so I need to go rapido.

Firstly, condolences sit with the people of Belgium. Another sick attack on a nation whose only sin is to have the worst security service in Europe. Real tragic stuff. The people who perpetrated need know only one thing, you’ll never succeed. Europeans are made of stronger stuff. Absolute cowards.

Onto a nice Arsenal story. The club are laying pitches with Save the Children in Iraq to help the kids out there learn football. The ladies captain, Alex Scott, who visited had this to say.

“The impact that football is having on these children’s lives is incredible. Having escaped violence and war with only the clothes on their back, football is giving them back a childhood and some normality after everything they’ve been through.”

Arsenal, outside anything that involves money, do some really nice things for charity and actions like this always make you feel proud to support the club.

IN SALACIOUS NEWS, The Sun reports that Wenger has been told to spend some effing money or don’t get a new contract. Really can’t see there being much weight to this story… Wenger spends when he wants. If he was told to spend, he probably wouldn’t. Though I have no doubt Ivan will want him to spend, Wenger will do it on his terms.

Interesting thing this summer is he kind of has to spend. Arteta, Flam and Rosicky will go. Jack Wilshere is broken forever, we know this. Santi is in desperate need of replacing now he’s had a bad injury and he’s old. Chambo and Theo feel like they’ll be pushed aside. I’d imagine someone has got to be asking questions about the purpose of 6minute Gibbs. We were already a decent striker down. We’re struggling with creativity outwide. We need a couple of centre backs.

Would you trust Wenger to make those changes? His scouts are garbage, he doesn’t have a vision and even if he did, I’m not sure he’s any good at motivating players or getting the most out of them.

Asking him to spunk £150m seems the most stupid thing to do.

Too many people in football punditry think that spending money is the key to success. I think I’ve shown you enough managers over the past few weeks to suggest that spending money isn’t king, being smart is. Look at who is winning the Premier League. Look how close Tomas Tuchel is to the top of the Bundesliga (Read this on him from Rafa Honigstein). Look at what’s starting to happen at Liverpool. Look at what Pep does to Man City this summer. Hungry young managers who see the game in a different way.

There was also a story in a Spanish paper that suggests Mesut said he won’t stay if Wenger does. How anyone can believe that a footballer would take that view publicly is beyond me. But make no bones about it, the players know that Wenger is not right and that he’s doing things badly. Look at how they’re playing for him. They’ve switched off because he hasn’t given them the tools to succeed again.

The player has come out to deny the story. But don’t believe the PR, players want to play with great players. They want to win things. They know that they’re not going to win things in the current set up. Will be interesting to see if there are any ‘let me go’ rumblings this summer. Because the club isn’t progressing and players have short careers.

We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got today. HAVE A BEST OF TIMES ALL THE TYM x

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  1. Carts


    Exactly, spot on with that.


    I not asking that Bellerin comes out and slates Wenger by siding with DT.

    I’m just struggling to comprehend Bellerin’s nonsense. In other words, as Midwest said, how is criticism disrespectful?

    Bellerin’s loyalty can extend to space and back and that’s fine. But to completely miss the point and then go on record to say Wenger is being disrespected is disingenuous and weak

  2. NYCgooner

    Lots of good names listed today. If i had to pick just one player it would probably be Martial and i would be willing to spend a good 60m on him. I was big on dybala last year and the same on morata the year before when we were liked to him. I think Martial as a pure out and out CF is more talented than both of them.

  3. Phd007

    STVMarch 23, 2016 16:34:48
    When the season ends I want to line up infront of Arsen Wengers window along with thousands of true supporters cheering and applauding the good work he done for this great football club..
    STVMarch 23, 2016 16:39:51
    Its gonna be epic, it willbe the first time a football manager’s resignation recieve such a response.


    Been in stitches with your above posts..Absolutely funny.Been a while since I laughed like this.

    Have seen some of your posts in the past,I usually gloss over them.But definitely after today,will be looking out for your posts.
    Thanks for making laugh..

  4. Samesong

    STVMarch 23, 2016 16:34:48
    When the season ends I want to line up infront of Arsen Wengers window along with thousands of true supporters cheering and applauding the good work he done for this great football club..


    Sounds like a voyeur

  5. Samesong

    I’ve been saying Morata all day long.
    Guys a beast. maybe not this season but he’s defo got the attributes.

  6. Emiratesstroller

    If Wilshire has broken down yet again and is out for rest season then I think that his career at Arsenal is over. I don’t see the club accepting once again a similar situation to Diaby.

    The idea that they would offer him a new contract on improved terms is absurd.

    We cannot continue to keep players on the books because they are English/Home Grown if they are unreliable. It is a shame in case of Wilshire, because he is probably the most talented player on our books of British contingent.

  7. Joe

    For an economist degree holder, wenger isn’t too smart at it.

    He hasn’t realized money sitting in the bank is losing huge value as players transfer fees get inflated every season.

    Hugain for example is now worth 60 when wenger could of had him for 32.

    I don’t know. If i was a so called economist, I would of picked up on that.

    Another reason to add to the sackable offences.

  8. luke

    I have a sneaky feeling Wenger – if he survives the season – will go for Lukaku. Arsene was in for him when he was at Anderlecht, and Everton would probably let him go for around 40 million or so (especially if he starts making noise about wanting to leave). At his age, the fee is worth it, and I can’t see him going anywhere else – unless Madrid take a punt on him, which I can’t really see.

  9. BacaryisGod

    You’ve got it the wrong way round Pedro. I absolutely would trust Arsene to spend the money. The problem is that he doesn’t want to seem to spend it.

    Look at Elneny. Absolute steal so far for around 5-7 million. Compare him with the huge sums paid by our rivals for players like Fernando, Herrera, Milner and Javi Garcia. So great job there but why wasn’t he signed in the summer and why is he the only significant non-keeper signing we’ve made in the last year? Staggering.

    I trust Wenger with the money he spends. He just don’t trust that he’ll spend the money available to him.

  10. Rich

    The reason Elneny was signed in Jan for £7mill was Arsene didn’t want to buy Schneiderlin, who was good to go in the summer at £24mill because he’s too worried about spending money and making himself accountable

  11. Ishola70

    “I have a sneaky feeling Wenger – if he survives the season – will go for Lukaku. Arsene was in for him when he was at Anderlecht, and Everton would probably let him go for around 40 million or so (especially if he starts making noise about wanting to leave). At his age, the fee is worth it, and I can’t see him going anywhere else – unless Madrid take a punt on him, which I can’t really see.”

    He’s not good enough for Arsenal and he’s certainly not good enough for Real Madrid.

    He may bang the goals in in an average EPL where decent defending is a secondary consideration on many occasions but he doesn’t have that real star quality.

    Someone mentioned Martial earlier. Now he does have that star quality about him. Lukaku doesn’t.

  12. Ishola70

    While Wenger is blinded to certain players he can still judge whether a player has star quality and I think his views on Lukaku were telling recently.

    He praised him but he also said that Lukaku is improving his technique all the time. That is not the sign of a star quality player that he is improving on his overall game and technique at 22 years of age.

    If Lukaku was signed by a big club it will be Benteke MK II scenario all over again.

  13. Carts

    Re: Lukaku

    He would be my choice of forward right now. He know the EPL inside out. He’s already outgrown Everton – and by the looks of things Martinez has seriously flopped. Unless they lose their next 7-8 games he’ll probably be given till September 2016.

    Everton have a bit of cash so selling isn’t a priority. However, I’d start with a bid of £40m + Giroud , though a solid £50m would be enough.

    Morata is a good player, quick and can score. Obviously EPL adaptation would be a challenge but I think he’ll be fine; he’ll probably cost £35m though – slightly less that Lukaku

  14. Ishola70

    Everton would bite your hand off if you offered 40 mill for Lukaku.

    And any club offering that sort of money for him would be loopy.

    He is not a 40 mill player not by miles.

  15. Phd007

    Yeah shame what happened with Arshavin. What a talent,what a character..

    Who can remember that Liverpool match-4-4.What a player..

    Wenger basically ruined him..Another to add to the list of crimes against football committed by Arsene..

    Ruined Arshavin
    Possibly going to ruin Sanchez?
    Sold RVP to Man Utd
    Lied about the sales of Cesc & Nasri
    Played Sanogo in BM CL knockabout
    Bought “Brokeback” Kallastrom-when sitting on top of the table Jan 2014
    Upped an increase bid by 100pence for Suarez..Joke..

    The catalogue of errors,or charge sheet is too long to list here..

    Arsene has been stinking the place out for far too long..

    I think he should be pelted with tomatoes,onions,garlic,box of eggs,tap water,soap powder(with tap water thrown on top,wash off those stubborn stains),rotten cheese,etc,etc.. on the way to the Emirates,during matches & after matches.

    If he manages to stay on/cling to his job,in the face of this barrage of abuse.Then at least he can show/display for us the mental strength he bangs on about..

  16. Relieable Sauce

    Just imagine the signings we’d be fantasising over if Guardiola were joining us.

    Not having to hear that all the top players are unobtainable, no more dithering or flip flopping on targets, a proactive approach that isnt based on sentiment(buying loyalty).

    Wouldve made a very, very, very, very, very, very, welcome change.
    Arsenal TWs are for the sadists and wengerites. Havent looked forward to one with any hope for a long, long time.

  17. MidwestGun

    If Wilshire has broken down yet again and is out for rest season then I think that his career at Arsenal is over.
    Consider this….. Diaby has played more games for his Club this season than Wilshere.

  18. Jeff

    There’s something a bit off with our medical staff. We’ve had so many players who sustain an injury, go off for months and have setbacks while trying to get better. I just don’t understand how a player who’s not training have a setback.

    The trouble is we keep hold of everyone. Even the medical staff – nobody questions them – nobody asks for the reason why so many players go off for months and suffer setbacks. There doesn’t seem to be any accountability there either. It’s like they’re running a charity shop.

  19. salparadisenyc

    The mirrors projected dream starting XI, post Wenger spree.

    Bellerin, Koscielny, John Stones, Monreal
    Wanyama, Toni Kroos
    Welbeck, Ozil, Sanchez
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic


  20. Black Hei

    Since we are going to be stuck with Wenger, might as well just deal with it.

    The rumors of Granit Xhaka and Morata are encouraging. Xhaka sounds like a deal that is in the closing stages while Morata is probably just agent’s work, for now.

    A striker and an attacking mid for Walcott and Ox and I am reasonably satisfied.

  21. Joe

    The rumors of Granit Xhaka and Morata are encouraging. Xhaka sounds like a deal that is in the closing stages

    You believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny too?

  22. Black Hei


    Granit Xhaka info is released by Fjdot. I think I got his name wrong but he does have Arsenal connections. Morata is agent’s work, which is in the realms of Santa Claus.

    Talking about Easter, no, I don’t believe in the commercialism of Easter and Good Friday.

  23. ADKB

    “Since we are going to be stuck with Wenger, might as well just deal with it.”

    How? By sitting down passively and twiddling our thumbs? No! A thousand times, no. Gunners are like doormats, that Wenger wipes his senile feet on.

    If fans become more vocal in expressing their displeasure or desire to see Wenger leave now or at the worst not be given an extension of a single day, I strongly believe something will happen.

    Wenger should be gone. No involvement in the selection of the new manager, no seat on the board, no statue at the Emirates, no £100m war chest or whatever. He’s been justly rewarded with millions of pounds over the 20 years he’s been employed by AFC.

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    these people are like glutton for punishment. like them in abusive relationships. “it’s okay, it’ll be different next time, he’ll change”. ffs open your eyes! people don’t change, especially 60+ year olds. they get more stubborn if anything

  25. Jeff

    Wenger has earned so much money from Arsenal over the last 20 years (in excess of £100m is my estimate) that he can actually afford his own club. He should go and buy a small French league 2 side and knock himself out with his experiments and stupid schemes till the cows come home.

    I see him as nothing more than a parasite at the club and it has been like that at least since 2008.

  26. Black Hei

    While I think Wenger’s time is up, I don’t think my force of will is quite enough to unseat him from his post.

    As it is, it is barely enough to get my own butt to work.

    Just acknowledging my small role in the universe. Years of Wengerism has turned me into a cotton sheep.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    I agree.

    We are stuck with Wenger next season.

    But I’m not going to cross my fingers on this transfer window, a) when in recent memory has Wenger ever really been ruthless enough in the market or delivered a squad without glaring issues that you genuinely (aside from the ranks of pro-Wenger fans) thought could actually win the title, b) everyone else will be spending big money, the way Wenger dithers our spending will probably keep us about where we are, c) Wenger will still be manager in the actual season, that means bizarre selection choices, next to no tactics, poor fitness and an inability to guide a team through the mental rigours of a title winning season.

    What I am going to keep my fingers crossed for is life after Wenger, that he actually leaves at the end of next year and that we then see Arsenal become a modern football club, with a DoF, head coach, new coaching staff and a younger, modern, ambitious manager with a clear plan for what he wants to do with the squad.

    I want that above anything else.

  28. mark of the South

    Spend or don’t get a new contract WTF. No new contract regardless. The man won’t change, he can no longer get the best out of players.and to add another name to the list. Podolski a greay player who was hampered Le Frauds style of play. Change the system to get tge best out of the players you field, or just do as you have done the past 20 years and hope the othervteam has not done its homework.

    Wenger Out today.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    There has been much speculation about what will be the size of transfer budget and what might be the positions and players that Arsenal might buy this summer.

    The budget will be fixed with perhaps additions if some players are sold. My
    view is that we will have perhaps £70 million plus perhaps £30-40 million from

    Looking at the positions, which need beefing up I would expect that Arsenal
    would look at the spine of the team with additional CB, CMF and ST. Also it
    would seem Arsenal will replace Gibbs at LB.

    At the moment it seems that Arsenal have already lined up Guerreiro at LB
    and there are strong rumours that Arsenal are after either Xhaka or Kruis for

    The positions where Arsenal will struggle to find replacements are the CB and
    ST. The major problem is that there are very few quality players who are buyable in those positions.Most of the top players are playing for top teams.

    Another position where Arsenal need an upgrade is on Wing. Sanchez will
    play on one wing, but we are clearly short on the other.

    This season no fewer than 6 different players have played on right flank i.e.
    Sanchez,Ramsey,Campbell,Walcott,Ox-Chamberlain and Iwobi. That tells you
    that Wenger has yet to decide on one player.

    The dilemma is that we need realistically more of a midfielder who is not only
    good in offence, but also will cover for Bellerin when he makes forays upfield.
    None of the players listed above have demonstrated a genuine aptitude for

    Analysing Arsenal’s game plan this season two major weaknesses until recent
    times have been an absence of good defenders in midfield, which has left us
    too often vulnerable to “the counterattack” and of course the lack of real potency up front particularly in home games. Scoring just 14 goals in 19 home
    games in league and one goal in last 2 FA Cup games at home against moderate opposition tells you everything you need to know about our shortcomings.

    Arsenal’s real problem until now has been an over reliance on Giroud in striker role until return of Welbeck. Walcott has sadly not proved to be a viable
    option when he played in target position.

  30. DUIFG

    We need a proper st option desperately, Welbeck is doing a decent job right now but picking up a gebuine wc forward or one who could potentially be will open up so many options for us.

    Would be happy with a martial type of buy, most of the other big dogs look pretty difficult to shift.

  31. ADKB


    A normal club with a normal manager think and plan ahead. AFC isn’t a normal club. Wenger isn’t a normal manager. He’s never going to make a massive change to the squad, neither is he going to spend £100m in the summer (with or without sale of players).

    People do change. You can teach an old dog new tricks. However, Wenger’s a different breed. He’s never done anything differently in the past, so not really optimistic about this summer.

  32. Wallace

    Jonathan Wilson on Elneny, Coquelin & Cazorla…

    “That’s why the capture of Elneny was so vital. His goal against Barcelona, of course, caught the eye, but it was his performance against Everton that was probably more significant in the longer term. It’s true that Everton this season, particularly at home, have been prone to bouts of strange insipidness but still, there was something impressive about the way Arsenal harried them to distraction on Saturday, pressing hard and high to the point that the life had been squeezed out of Roberto Martinez’s side before halftime.

    Elneny and Coquelin were central to that. Coquelin, perhaps, was the more obviously destructive of the two, making four tackles and a remarkable 12 interceptions [stats from], but pressing doesn’t happen in isolation. One player charging about making tackles willy-nilly isn’t hugely helpful–as Flamini’s performances increasingly show. What allowed the thought that Arsenal may be building something worthwhile to kindle was the way the midfield and defence worked as a united front, denying Everton space.”

  33. Up 4 grabs now

    Sky reporting that west ham have upped there capacity to 60000 at there New stadium because of season ticket requests.
    Add the spuds with there New shite Hart lane being built into that, and we unfortunately have three london teams with more money to spend, to compete with.

    How has west ham secured a deal to pay 2million per season in rent when they will make 3 million a game!!!

  34. gambon


    We had £70m to spend last summer….and Wenger didnt bother.

    With new PL and CL television deals we can spend way more than £70m this summer.

    £70m is enough to sort our centre forward issues out.

    We still need 2 new central midfielders, a centre back and a right sided attacking midfielder.

  35. Emiratesstroller


    I would not discount the possibility that Arsenal will spend £100 Million at end of this season.

    We spent over £80 million in summer 2014 when we bought Sanchez,Chambers, Welbeck,Debuchy and Ospina. When you add in Gabriel and Bielek in January 2015 that increased expenditure in that financial year to over £90 million.

    You need to factor in the underspend this financial year and the huge pressure on the club from media and fans. The major shareholder and Board may
    not listen too much to us plebs, but they will be looking at what other clubs are
    likely to spend this summer

  36. DUIFG

    You need to factor in the underspend this financial year and the huge pressure on the club from media and fans. The major shareholder and Board may
    not listen too much to us plebs, but they will be looking at what other clubs are
    likely to spend this summer

    and here we go with the recurring loop of summer hope, to be dashed when we in fact bring back bedtner for a second crack

  37. gambon


    Wengers official propaganda mouthpiece John Cross doing his best to shift season tickets by saying Wenger is going to spend big.

    Fucking ebarrassing.

    At one point he even says “he has previously intended to buy star names but it didnt materialise…..but this time he really will”

  38. Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t see us spending huge money in the summer unless a new manager comes in.
    If its Wenger it will be the usual returning injured players are like a new signing rubbish.
    Iwobi replaces rosicky.
    Elmo is arteta’ s replacement.
    And flamini gets a new 1 year deal or replaced by a returning loanee youngster.

    We probably go into the fifth year running requiring a striker
    (Wenger will claim wellbeck is fit now and can’t replace him or giroud)

    Still requiring a rightsided scoring midfielder which since we have six average players there I can’t see us getting another body in there.

    And still need a top draw centre half which Wenger may surprise us by going for stone’s but more likely an unknown from a lower European league club.

    New manager or the same old excuses.

  39. gonsterous

    All this pr bullshit.. and rumours.. it’s all so predictable and still the arsenal faithful fall for it or turn a blind eye and renew their season tickets. They want the disease gone from the club but they fail to realise they are one of the symptoms. As long as they give their money to the club, the club will continue to remain the same. Nothing will change unless the fans change….

  40. Robin van Bergkamp

    Pedro is spot on.

    Only those in denial and that includes our woefully inept manager would disagree. Even if one discounts the earlier years following the stadium, the past five seasons and including the failed youth program if you wish, have been a disaster for a club used to winning. The awful truth is we no longer have a place in the prime winners circle anymore. Not until this manager and ownership change. Wenger is so wrapped up in the shadow of his past he now believes in the unbelievable. Consider his remarks following our Champions League exit –

    “….. the regret I have from the two games against Barcelona is that maybe they were more beatable than ever before when we played against them. They are not so much out of reach”

    2016 Champions League aggregate : Barcelona 5 Arsenal 1

    – ( The Delusion of ) Arsene Wenger, 18 March 2016

  41. ADKB


    He couldn’t be “bovverred” to spend last summer or this January when we’ve got the same problem with the squad season in, season out. Sorry, I “ain’t bovverred” to believe he’s going to get it right this time around when he’s entering the last year of his contract.

    What future is he going to build for now? He’s been building for “next season” and the “next season” for over 10 years now.

    Even if we’ve only got £10m (talk less of £100-150m), sorry, I wouldn’t trust Wenger to spend it wisely. Let him be the lame duck president for the last year of his contract, then we can start building for the future.

    The best future for us is a future without Wenger.

  42. Jeff

    We will wake up in couple of years and absolutely regret the fact that we did not kick on. Others will catch up and oust us from our comfy little fourth. Ten years of f****** about while Wenger jerks everyone off and buries Arsenal under everyone’s nose.

  43. steve

    “A lot of hate on here for Gibbs. I reckon as a good back up left back – he’s ok, I mean he’s come a long way since falling over against Man U in 2009”


    No he hasn’t. Not one iota actually.

  44. Leedsgunner

    If it was a choice between

    1. keeping Wenger who goes on to spend £200m revamping the playing squad from top to bottom AND a new owner like Usmanov or

    2. Getting rid of Wenger for a new manager who spends £20m this summer to capture 1 young key player BUT we have to endure KRONKE

    what would you choose?

  45. Leedsgunner

    As for me I really don’t know what I would chose. I hold both Kronke and Wenger responsible for the mess our club is in…

  46. Leedsgunner

    As for the Wilshere news I’m completely underwhelmed. As soon as Wenger started nervously moving the date in February I thought he might be out for the season.

    The sad thing is if Wenger has his way and dogs his heels in Wilshere will get another extension if not a new improved contract… just on the off chance that his injury laden days are FINALLY behind him.

  47. Relieable Sauce

    Not sure who the PR BS is for, Ozil and Sanchez, or the fans.
    The usual suspects in the fanbase dont need convinving or are just happy to accept their fate regardless. Maybe testing the water…?? It misses the point entirely and wont change the opinion of anyone with sense but might convince the fickle flip flopper.


  48. Sam

    Hmmm if Ozil n Sanchez want to Fok off I have no problem with that.
    These so called world class players need to share the blame, how da Fok are they being outshone by Vardy n Mahrez?
    Not fan of Van Persie but he used to get us out of jail with his lame left foot. Enough said

  49. Sam

    In my opinion this team still good enough we only need 2 or 3 players especially a striker.
    But some Wenger’s favourites need to be sold n some omitted from the starting line up.

  50. Sam

    Release Rosicky, Arteta n Flamini
    Sell Szcesny, Debuchy, Ramsey n Giroud
    Keep Campbell, Walcott n chamberlain as fringe players.
    Bring Jon toral n Wellington as squad additions.
    Then buy these 3 players or similar, Jose Gimenez, Mario Gotze, Lukaku

  51. Dream10

    Cruyff had a bigger influence after retirement as a player and that is saying something since he was a three time Ballon D’or winner

  52. Shaun Wilson

    Lyrics for Wenger protest song :

    It’s over – over Arsene it’s time to go

    You must realise what we already know

    I hated writing these words – it felt like a betrayal

    But it’s time now to be heard – though It’s telling a sad tale

    About a man who for a while had it all everything he touched was gold

    Life can be so cruel when the biggest crime you’ve done is growing old

    But It’s over – over Arsene it’s time to go

    You must realise what we already know

    Glory times melting away, soon no one will really care

    About those heady days when we soared high in the air

    Now you seem quite content to merely go forth

    Never bothering to succeed – when most of us still crave that stratosphere

    Those heights are what we need

    Yes it’s over – over, Arsene it’s time to go

    You must realise what we already know

    It’s Over

    It’s Over

    It’s Over

  53. Joe

    For Wallace who loves the copy and paste

    Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit has launched a scathing attack on his former manager Arsene Wenger and suggested he needs to “change his sport” if he fails to finish ahead of Leicester and Tottenham this season.
    Petit was part of Wenger’s first double winning Arsenal team back in 1998, with the Frenchman unforgiving in his assessment of the Gunners class of 2016.
    “You let down the fans, you let down the club because this year was for us,” declared an irate Petit in an interview with Sky Sports.
    “Do you think Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd will do the same next year? Forget it. They will come back strongly.

    “If this year, you cannot compete with Spurs, with all the respect I have for them, and Leicester, then change your sport. I’m sorry.”

  54. Jim lahey

    Both Mario Götze and Granit Xhaka, both look to be available, both far better than what we have, both only 23!!

    Will Wenger bring them to Arsenal? No… Would kill Ramsey and Wilshere’s careers.

  55. Joe

    “This has been a big disappointment for me. Players like Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere are constantly injured and they are not improving.
    “They are good, but not that good, that is why they need something else in the dressing room.”
    Petit went on to conclude that Wenger’s failure to bring leaders into his squad is the primary reason why they are chasing surprise Premier League leaders Leicester heading into the final weeks of the season.
    “You have to bring in experienced players – big names, big characters, players with winning mentality,” he added.
    “They need to bring leaders into this team. They have quality, no doubt, they have big players but not enough. They need leaders, big characters and players that hate to be beaten and love to win – not only games but titles.”

  56. Wallace


    “Cruyff had a bigger influence after retirement as a player and that is saying something since he was a three time Ballon D’or winner.”

    agreed. very sad news. he’s a big part of the reason football is so much more attacking these days than it was 20-25yrs ago.

  57. Joe


    Never happen. Wenger wouldn’t want someone who will speak him mind. Talk back to him

    You kidding

    He likes his obedient little kittens

  58. Jim lahey

    @Joe – Would love to have seen him arrive last Jan and for us to win the league, would he have been the first player ever to pick up 2 different winners medals in the same year? PSG & Arsenal.

    “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions”

  59. shad


    You don’t make sense. Keep Ox, Theo and Campbell as fringe players? LOL. The team is grossly imbalanced and has too many joyriders. Theo and Ox being fringe players is stupid as we are locking down bang average players on £200k+ (collective) a week. Campbell has proven he is an asset but I doubt he will sell himself short to be a bench warmer. In La Liga he’d probably nail a starting position and he is entering the prime of his career.

    Toral and Wellington are like keeping Gibbs and Ox IMO, maybe better but not the class that is needed. We are not 2 to 3 players from being competitive. We are 4 to 5 players of being competitive domestically and maybe 6/7 to be a European force. DOn’t get it twisted – the team needs major surgery.

  60. shad

    My wishlist:

    Outs (In): Wenger (Tuchel/Koeman/Rjikaard);Mertesacker, Gibbs, Debuchy, Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Wilshere, Rosa, Arteta, Jenkinson. (Xhaka, Isco,, Morata, Krychowiak, Goetze, any other decent player that Wenger can’t ruin)

  61. Micheal


    Greatis a word we use too much to describe some people. Not in the case of Johan Cruyff – a one-off, true great.

  62. Sam


    I really make sense coz I am not being delusional like you
    I don’t expect Wenger to get rid of Theo, Chamberlain, Ramsey n Giroud in one season unless there will be a new manager in the summer to do it.
    I believe sending Wellington n Jon Toral to play sh!t football was a mistake. They deserve their chance in the squad just like Elneny n Campbell
    This is Arsenal not Chelsea

  63. Sam

    The most important player to need to sign is a striker
    We struggled to score in the first half all season.
    No Ibrahimovic please, we have money to spend we don’t need him.
    He’s too old with no Epl experience

    Fok him

  64. Joe

    5. Why couldn’t you beat a richer club? I’ve never seen a bag of money score a goal.

    Cryuff quote for wenger and for all you AKB losers.

  65. Red&White4life

    “No Ibrahimovic please, we have money to spend we don’t need him.”

    And he don’t need us lol

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Walcott needs to leave Arsenal to fulfil his potential? Haha, he’s 27 years old and the only consistency Walcott has ever found in a decade at Arsenal is being consistently inconsistent and injured.

    Walcott has played with some of the best creators in the game, in a very limited role where not much was expected of him and he’s still been an utter flop.

    If anything, Arsenal need to get rid of Walcott, shouldn’t be stated as Walcott ‘needs to leave Arsenal.’

    That new contract was lunacy, most everyone on here said so at the time, as was the idea Walcott ever be a viable ST for us, but people need to stop with this drivel that Walcott is ever going to be anything more than he is now.