Fan rage: Why it’s happening | 6 pragmatic reasons why this tenure has to end

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Fan rage is back in business and Arsene Wenger has fired a hail of bullets right back into the medley of banners…

“What hurts me is that at the important moment of the season we played in a sceptical environment,”

“I think after the Tottenham game where we played a very good game with 10 men against 11 and came back to 2-2, I couldn’t understand why – at the moment when you need everyone behind the team – we had to hit that storm. From the media, OK. From our fans? It is a bit more difficult to take.”

I’d normally say from the outside it’d be difficult to understand why our fans are disgruntled, but I don’t think that’s the case now. I think fans from most clubs understand why Arsenal fans are showing dissent in the stands.

It’s like waiting for a bus. If someone tells you it’s going to be there in 25 minutes, you can prepare yourself to wait. However, if someone keeps telling you every one minute the bus is only a minute away, and it doesn’t show, you start to get a little bit hacked off. If someone continues to tell you the bus is coming in a minute, and the bus driver has great spirit and mental strength… but you can see the bus, it’s on fire and the bus driver is chasing lines off a strippers backside… you really, really get hacked off.

That’s Arsene Wenger at the moment. He’s asleep at the wheel. He’s so cocooned at Arsenal that he doesn’t really know what the people are feeling and why. And look, I’m really not one for protest in the ground, but here’s the thing, if the fans don’t protest in the ground, during the game, Wenger gets away with it. Because look, no one gives a rats arse what people say on the internet during the summer when nothing unfolds again. Then we get to September, and everyone says shut up and get behind the lads, then the team collapse in Feb and everyone says, ‘judge him in May’, then it gets to May, the warchest stories drop and nothing happens. Repeat process…

I get why the fans are hacked off. What I think is really interesting is that it’s the away fans that have cracked. Wenger was praising them a few weeks ago. The away fans, like it or lump it, are generally the mega fans and they make up a large chunk of the group that has previously apolgoised for Wenger. When they crack, the club know they have the problem… because they’re the first Domino. Like when a Henry Winter says an England manager should go… and also, let’s remember, that even he is saying it’s time for a change now.

I also think it’s quite interesting to read that we’re now being linked to managers. Forget that it’s the horrendous Jose Mourinho, it’s still a manager. That’s never happened before. Have there been light briefings?

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned. This stuff with Arsene shouldn’t be offensive. I’ve read the defenders say things like, ‘he deserves another chance’ and look, it sounds good on paper. But, the reality is we’re way beyond chances now.

To gain another chance, you need to have certain things in place. Here are 6 pragmatic reasons this show can’t continue.

1. Trust of the fans. If the fans don’t trust you or want you at the club, it’s very hard to mount a serious challenge. The atmosphere in the ground is toxic, the atmosphere away from home is toxic and fans are actually fighting each other. That’s not good, and it’s down to one man.

2. A vision of what you’re trying to do. It takes 2 seasons to build a club into a force. To mould it into something that looks like a shape. Wenger doesn’t have two years left on his deal and there’s no vision in place after 12 years. I’d hazard a guess and say he doesn’t know how to mould a successful vision these days.

3. Demonstrate the ability to be tactically flexible. Wenger changes his formation, what, twice a season? He never changes it during a game. He sticks to the same starting 11 where he can and he is incapable of managing from the sidelines. He doesn’t have a fundamental skill you need to take on the Champions League. He doesn’t have the basics to outsmart the most turbulent league of all time.

4. Player taste. Maybe taste is the wrong word, but I think buying players has evolved. Wenger used to buy the best talent, because he knew where to get it. The talent he could find was so much better than everyone else, it didn’t need a system because he could make it fitter, it could police itself because of legacy systems and it was just incredible. Wenger buys players in a silo’d vision.

He doesn’t really think about their development and he doesn’t buy players who are particularly adaptable. Case in point, we signed Callum Chambers who is 2 seasons from being anywhere near half decent… and he missed out on the 26 year old Toby Alderweirald who can play DM, right back and centre back. You can’t say, ‘oooooh, hindsight is a great thing’ because he came on against us last year and was excellent. The perfect player for less than £10m. He could have brought him in and given Callum back to Southampton. There are plenty of other examples of excellent players we’ve missed out on because we’re sleeping at the wheel.

What was Wenger thinking with squad balance this year? Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky and Flamini are either not good enough, too old or too broken to play with. What are they costing us? £345k a week! That’s £18m a year we’re wasting on players who don’t play! Where is the sense in that? Wenger talks about not being able to compete financially, yet he’s dropping £18m on that lot!

To stay on, you’d have to be confident that Wenger could take a machete to the squad and rebuild it with experience, flexibility and fitness in mind. Do you believe he has shown anything over the past 3 seasons that would indicate he’s worth the time on that front? He doesn’t even beleive in buying more than 3 players at a time!

5. Competitiveness. If you’re going to give him a chance, you should be close to your European competition. Forget the Premier League, we’re about to let the worst ever team win the league. So being anywhere near the top isn’t really an achievement considering the swirl of managers this season. We need to benchmark where we are in Europe and ask whether one more season makes any sense. Well, we lost 5 out of 8 European games this year and exited at the last 16 again.

That would indicate that we’re getting worse in Europe. So he’s not competing, or getting any better over a sustained period of time.

6. Players. Does it look like they’re really playing for him? Look at our 2016 form. Is that impressive? No. It’s terrible. We’ve lost big games when we should have been motivated. We went out of the FA Cup at home to Watford, we lost 3 games at home back to back. Why are they not firing on all cylinders? You can blame the fans, but the fans react to what they see on the pitch. If the players aren’t giving their all, then what’s going on? If the players aren’t professional enough to ignore the fans, what’s going on? The manager tells us all the time how mentally strong his boys are? More to the point, the best managers extract more out of their players than anyone could possibly think possible. Can you honestly say there is anyone at Arsenal who is currently playing beyond their ability?

I can’t.

So to wrap up. What exactly is the point in keeping Wenger on for another season? You might as well wrap it up at the end of the year and bring in someone new to spend the additional cash. Even if we pull it out the bag and win the league, it’s clear that the relationship Wenger has with his players and the fans is stagnating. Bayern chopped Heynckes after he won the treble, because they needed to progress. Inter sacked Mancini after 3 back to back wins in Serie A because they wanted to win in Europe. Frank Rijkarrd was sacked at Barcelona one season after bringing them back to life because the players stopped playing at the ferocious level Barcelona demand.

We can’t keep wishing a manager on if he’s not putting in the groundwork to make us a powerhouse. This isn’t a charity. This is an £8m a year job that’s not being done properly.

It doesn’t have to be mean. It doesn’t have to get aggressive. It just has to be a pragmatic decision that’s taken by the club because it’s the right one.

In short, the fans behave the way the do because they have no other voice. Question is, are the club listening and do they care?

Over to you Stan, over to you.

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  1. Wallace


    your athletics analogy suggests the point i’m trying to make is still eluding you, but as it also seems to be eluding a few others on here maybe the fault lies with my explanation. not sure how i can explain it any clearer so will leave it.

  2. Jeff


    Well you can delude yourself into believing we’ve made progress, but it doesn’t change facts – fortunately.

  3. Mick Kartun

    Wenger said,” who the zhell is Ozil giving me ze ultimatum?

    Look what happened to ze bigger players before him:
    PV4, Henry, RVP, ze Cesc, etc.

    Remember Ozil, I built ze club.

  4. shad


    Indeed. I think the Ozil rumours have legs, his body language during games especially when AW makes silly subs says a lot. Unlike other times where players like RVP and Cesc forced moves out of the club citing lack of ambition and AW citing being broke and being bullied financially, Ozil wants to stay but may have put himself in direct loggerheads with AW. This is after Wenger came forth and said we don’t need to sell our superstars anymore.

    Any pressure is good pressure at this juncture. I don’t understand how people want Wenger to stay IF he miraculously wins the league. He isn’t about to turn a corner – if anything a league win will embolden him and he may sign an extension.

  5. GoonerDNA

    I think Ozil and Alexis are not happy but I don’t think it’s entirely directed at Wenger, I’ve noticed Ozil gets pissed off with Giroud a lot and Sanchez just looks pissed with the whole team but he’s also looking for form so he’s also aware now isn’t the right time to complain.

  6. GoonerDNA

    I see the board are putting out stories to distance themselves with Wenger “Wenger must spend or go”

    This worries me because the board don’t look like they ready to take any responibitly for the current state of life at the Emirates but will openly endorse Wenger and Wengerism

  7. underrated Coq

    Wallace, your arguments are getting more and more desperate by the day. Why put yourself through this for defending someone who’s made it pretty clear he doesn’t give a shit about you or any of us fans?

  8. Wallace

    “To the statisticians the most notable element of Francis Coquelin’s performance at Goodison Park on Saturday was the fact he equalled a Premier League record by making 12 interceptions. In the context of a team, however, the most pertinent part was that he had a like-minded ally. Instead of being handed all the defensive duties in midfield, Coquelin had an energetic sidekick in the shape of the exuberant Mohamed Elneny. Together they made Arsenal look more solid and more streetwise. Everton possessed a physically powerful central midfield duo of their own in James McCarthy and Muhamed Besic but Arsenal dominated to such an extent that the Bosnian was removed and the shape changed at half-time. There could be a significance to their embryonic partnership. Coquelin and Elneny had started only one previous league game together, when Arsenal were leading 1-0 at White Hart Lane, until the Frenchman was sent off in what proved to be a 2-2 draw. If they can prove as effective again, it will reduce Arsenal’s reliance on both Coquelin and the injured Santi Cazorla. Since the start of last season Arsenal’s fortunes have depended on having the Frenchman and the Spaniard together. When they were paired, they took 64 points from 30 league games, an average of 2.13. Various other combinations of Coquelin, Cazorla, Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere yielded 62 from 36, an average of 1.72. One is title-winning form, the other the sort of record that tends to result in a team dropping out of the top four.”

    – Guardian

  9. underrated Coq

    From the Guardian

    ‘ Elneny gives Coquelin an ally in midfield

    To the statisticians the most notable element of Francis Coquelin’s performance at Goodison Park on Saturday was the fact he equalled a Premier League record by making 12 interceptions. In the context of a team, however, the most pertinent part was that he had a like-minded ally.

    Instead of being handed all the defensive duties in midfield, Coquelin had an energetic sidekick in the shape of the exuberant Mohamed Elneny. Together they made Arsenal look more solid and more streetwise. Everton possessed a physically powerful central midfield duo of their own in James McCarthy and Muhamed Besic but Arsenal dominated to such an extent that the Bosnian was removed and the shape changed at half-time.

    There could be a significance to their embryonic partnership.’


    Why exactly did Wenger stick with an out of sort Ramsey instead of giving opportunities to Elneny in February? Once again, a myriad of injuries were needed for our manager to trip himself into a working midfield combination.

  10. Wallace

    urr Coq


    “Why exactly did Wenger stick with an out of sort Ramsey instead of giving opportunities to Elneny in February?”

    I think he was easing Elneny in. not wanting to put too much pressure on him immediately. probably the sensible, correct thing to do, but it has cost us.

  11. Hill Wood

    Wenger isn’t really a football manager. He is more like a 1970’s sociology lecturer. Like school sports days there should be no winners or losers. He won’t have a winning mentality in the dressing room from players cos they would question him and undermine him. This explains his refusal to have a proper Team Captain. For far too long he been allowed to run AFC as a social experiment. Wenger Out!

  12. ArseDXB

    What a great post!

    I regularly visit this blog read, agree, but never feel compelled to post. However, what you have here is a great analysis of what is wrong at the club (been a gooner since ’79) and what drastically needs to be done.

    No one likes to see their clubs falling apart in order for something to get done, however, the bus analogy is bang on! It’s the same every year and Le Fraude always finds something for the fans to hang their hat on even though the rest of the picture is one of chaos e.g. finishing third last year was dressed up as progress even though we finished on four points less (75) which incidentally is the maximum (790 we can achieve this year if we win the rest of our games.

    Now tell me is that progress?!

    Let’s see how it spins it this time when we don’t muster more than 75 points.

  13. GoonerDNA

    Re: Elneny

    It’s funny how he was written off on le grove because he was allowed time off for the birth of his child which was seen as he was dropped lol

  14. GoonerDNA

    The British core project has failed big time. Ramsey Theo Ox Jack are not good enough to start and we’ve wasted years trying to get that core to work.

  15. gambon

    Oh brilliant.

    The Arsenal PR machine in full swing.

    The Sun are running a story that Wenger is being told he MUST spend this summer. And we are linked with Ibra, Pogba, Kroos, Stones and Higuain.

    Absolute fucking bollocks. Any fan that cant see straight through that is fucking mental.

  16. gambon

    Once again it has taken a complete crisis for Wenger to understand the very basics of football.

    Its getting beyond a joke now.

    Every season Wenger tries to be too clever with formations and ideas, and only when our season is fucked does he go back to basics and put a balanced team together.

    4 seasons back he tried to play 4-3-3 with woefully substandard players (Gervinho/Walcott on the wings) and only when that completely backfired, did he bring Benayoun in to give us more possession in the final third and more balance.

    Then he brought Cazorla in, and started playing the midget trio of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla…..then when our season was on the line due to complete lack of balance he brought Rosicky in to the #10 with Cazorla wide and a more stable central MF of Arteta and Ramsey.

    Then in 2014/15 he was desperate to fit all of his favourites into one team, so he adopted an appalling 4-1-4-1 with Ozil,. Ramsey and Wilshere all going walkabout. One ofthe worst teams ive ever seen Arsenal play. So again he waited for crisis time and realised he was wrong, with injuries forcing him to play a proper defensive midfielder in Coquelin and we instantly looked more balanced.

    Now this season he has waited until the last 10 games to accept that you need a double pivot when you have someone lazy like Ozil in the number 10. Once again he has stumbled upon the required balance needed against his own “better” judgement.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    The pro-Wenger fans summer changes:

    May, Wenger knows what he got wrong last summer and he deserves another chance, anyway, there’s nothing better than him out there, look at all the stories, he has to buy this summer.

    June, give Wenger a break we’re only a few weeks into the window, who else has done anything?

    July, I sort of agree with Wenger, yeah, some additions would be great, but I don’t think we should just buy for buying’s sake, we shouldn’t be massively overpaying unless really quality becomes available.

    August, when you think about it, we have Iwobi another year in, that’s essentially the LM/RM signing everyone wanted, I really think Elneny could be one of the best CM’s in the league and he only had a few months last season remember, Welbeck only had half a season, Caz as well, Wilshere didn’t play and Sanchez wasn’t in great form for most of the season…do we really need to overspend?

    September, I’m confident, some new additions would have been nice, but I think this group of players are good, they’ve been together for a long time and I don’t think anyone else can say that, if our season falls apart like normal then I will hold my hands up, but if Wenger wins the league I fully expect you all to find ways to give someone else credit and wriggle out of saying he was right.

    Fast forward to March, injuries, oil money, wage bill and our finish is about right, bad luck, referees.

  18. Cesc Appeal



    That 4-1-MESS-1 literally took ten years off my life I think.

    Then, suddenly, playing a CDM at CDM, a CM at CM, a CAM at CAM, two wide players in the wide slots and a ST at ST and we went on a run of title winning form.

    I mean, who would have funk it right?

  19. Leedsgunner

    Some might retort that argument and say gambon… “better late than never…” I would ask — why are we always late?

    Why don’t we start off with a balanced team from the pre-season?

  20. gambon

    The reason we dont start the season balanced is because Wenger sees Arsenal as his own little experiement into new football ideas.

    As Guardiola says, he has no pressure to win……so he may as well just piss about.

    Hes like the guy who works in an office so quiet that he ends up playing darts and playing Sudoku all day because there’s no one asking him to work.

    He did the same at Monaco and got sacked.

    Only difference is Arsenal have no-one on the board that even knows how long a football game is, or who our goalkeeper is, so they dont care.

  21. Jeff

    I’d also go along with the idea that Wenger is quite cerebral. In his head everything works out perfectly but in reality when things go wrong, he never questions whatever was in his head but lays the blame on external factors, the different flavours of which can be reeled off by most of us here.

    That is why Untold have one of his quote on their main banner – “I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.” So basically every time he goes onto the pitch, he’s creating on a canvas. But when all those other managers that he looks down to give him a good beating, he just can’t understand it. Why is it happening?

    It’s absolute madness.

  22. Gelbs

    According to The Sun (which is no doubt bullshit), Wenger being told he has to spend to earn a new contract. Maybe Kroenke knows you have to ‘Speculate to accumulate’. This is what angers me though. Why the fuck should Wenger be ‘forced’ to spend anyway? Any decent manager shouldn’t need force. That’s why I don’t believe the Ozil signing was down to him. Had he had his own way, he’d never of got him. And all this shit about “We don’t need to sell our best players anymore”. How ironic if Ozil and Sanchez want to go? Lying cunt. Making out that in the past the likes of van Persie et al, were sold because of financial problems, when the reason they were sold was because they had had enough of the ongoing shit down the years. Funny as well, because van Persie was offered a new deal. Doesn’t sound like a team looking to sell the player off their own back.

  23. Dissenter

    The onslaught of supposed summer spending sprees might not be reflecting a deliberate ulterior motive…
    It could signify an annual boardroom schism.
    These could just be the tweaks stances of some on the board who try to tell the world that WENGER’S THE MAIN PROBLEM.
    That could just be their puerile way of trying to pressure Wenger.

    I’m just positing another angle.

  24. Dissenter

    Honestly if we got another balanced midfielder like Elneny, I would sell Ramsey
    I’m tired of all the selfishness, bombing forward for personal glory, public utterances about Barca and silly show boating.

    He’s not disciplined enough to play DM or defensive minded CMF
    He’s not good enouh to play as number 10 or play in the hole behind the CF
    He’s not good enough to operate in the middle like Carzola.
    He’s a gifted athletes who never stops running and might produce a TV moment every 25 games but other wise is average.

  25. Leedsgunner

    Hes like the guy who works in an office so quiet that he ends up playing darts and playing Sudoku all day because there’s no one asking him to work.


    Except he gets paid £8.5m a year. Here’s the irony of the enterprise, despite the amount of control he has at the club, the actual people he should have the MOST control over (ie. the players) have started ignoring him. Otherwsise, why are they having meetings on their own and boasting about it when it goes well? Even the players are undermining him.

  26. gambon

    I would sign 2 central Midfielders, both starting XI quality.

    Then I would have Ramsey, Coquelin and Elneny as our backup midfield options.

    Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Wilshere and Cazorla all to leave.

    Time to end this era of lightweight, substandard, midget tippy tappy midfielders.

  27. Honest Bill

    I heard a rumour that we might be signing Aitor Cardoné. I hope it’s true. We’d win the league if we had a top striker.

  28. Red&White4life

    Hummels, Pogba, Wanyama, Krychowiak. Louis Almeida, Xhaka/Gundogan….
    Loooooooooooooool so many dreams that won’t come true.

  29. TallestTiz

    Oh my dear Arsenal…
    LEICESTER is like that poor kid that comes
    from a humble background, even
    without being able to purchase the expensive
    textbooks and
    past questions, he always top in the class.
    MANCHESTER UNITED is that student whose
    father used to be a class teacher and
    bribes for him to pass exams and be at the
    top in those days. But after the
    retirement of his father he is always number 7
    because he can no longer be bribed
    for. Instead of concentrating in today’s work
    he’s every time thinking about how
    he used to perform in the past while others
    are progressing.
    ARSENAL is that kid who works hard and on
    exam day forgets his mathematical
    set, calculator and pen. He constantly falls
    sick during exams but very active
    during normal classes and even corrects the
    teacher. All the teachers keep saying
    he was going to be the first in class but ends
    up being the fourth.
    CHELSEA is the big bully of the class. He
    comes first sometimes but his rich father
    is never satisfied with his performance.
    LIVERPOOL always wants to claim he is the
    best because his father was the best
    during his time in the same school.
    MAN CITY is the son of the richest man in
    town. His parents have hired the best
    lesson teacher to lecture him but he still can’t
    perform to expectation.
    TOTTENHAM doesn’t really want to be first, all
    he wants is to be better than
    ASTON VILLA is a kid whose parents gave up
    on him. He doesn’t buy textbooks
    and past questions, he dodges classes and is
    happy with
    his position.
    EVERTON is a student who is always in class,
    not a bright one though, and he
    disturbs the bright students.
    SUNDERLAND is that stubborn kid who sits at
    the back to make fun of the rest. He
    is always among the last.

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Gambon , cesc

    Your two pints earlier are spot on .

    Repeated lies an repeated mistakes.

    The repetition from Wenger errors are plain to see but don’t think he will change.

    He is already thinking of excuses for whomever wins the league

    Spurs, they have spent massively now with the new stadium , we will serif they can sustain it.


    My scouts looked at marhez an Kante , we thought it was too early for them in the prem.
    We thought we would be accused of being cheap if we brought them….classic retro line.

  31. gambon

    Dont think Wanyama, Krychowiak or Hummels are the right level. I mean elite players, or future elite level players.

    Martinez, Gundogan, Rabiot, Jorjinho, Xhaka, Kroos, Weigl, Niguez, Bazoer. These would be the kind of players I would want us to sign.

    Love Pogba, but think he would struggle in a 2 man midfield, in a similar way to Ramsey.

  32. Gelbs

    Disagree Gambon. In FM16, they won me the League in a 4-5-1 ‘cross midfield. Along with Ozil and Sandro and Sanchez as the lone striker. Needless to say, I finished below Spurs the second season and third. But did win the League and FA Cup! Game’s actually shit, lol.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    First of let us separate fact from fiction.

    Most transfer stories particularly in the lead up to the transfer window opening in June are fiction. Most originate from unreliable sources and/or agents who see the window as their best chance of making a fast buck.

    The second source is of course attempts by certain clubs to destabilise the
    opposition particularly if they want to buy a particular player. We saw that
    last year with Real Madrid attempting to lure De Gea and with Chelsea when they wished to buy Stones.

    The rumours about Ozil and Sanchez are I venture to suggest based on the
    fact that both players will be in negotiations this summer about renewal of
    their contracts. Obviously there will be discussions about the future management of club since Wenger’s current contract expires in June 2017.

    Personally I don’t think that Ozil has for one minute issued Arsenal with an
    ultimatum that he will leave if Wenger stays. It sounds like pure fiction.

    Nor do I believe that Arsenal’s Board have issued an ultimatum to Wenger
    on spending money this summer. I think that is very clear even to a stubborn guy like Wenger that if he stays at the club next season we need to
    refresh the squad. He cannot repeat what he did last summer.

    The question which does need to be asked is of course how much money
    will be available and what type of players will Arsenal want to buy. World
    Class players don’t grow on trees.

    I have suggested for a long time that Arsenal have an annual budget [net
    spend] of at least £50-60 million. This should be increased this year by
    virtue of limited expenditure last summer to perhaps £70-80 million. Any
    additional funds are likely to be dependent on sales.

    If we look at how Arsenal operated in previous years there has been a pattern of low spend one year followed by a high spend in following year. I anticipate this to be a year of high spend.

    We know already that contracts of Arteta,Rosicky and Flamini will not be renewed. Also that Debuchy and at least one goalkeeper will be leaving. However, I don’t see that generating more than £8-10 million at most.

    Personally I don’t see Arsenal sanctioning sale of Ozil or Sanchez unless the club fails to secure place in Champions League. These two players are going to provide pulling power to secure additional high value acquisitions.
    Selling your two prize assets is not going to achieve that.

    Leaving aside the perennial demand and hope that Wenger leaves the real questions which need to be asked now is who else should be sold and what
    type of players should the club buy.

    My view is that the club needs to cull at least five more players apart from
    those included above. This should include at least one more full-back, Sanogo and Hayden who have no future at the club.

    However, all of these departures are low budget and will not increase significantly our transfer funds. We need to sell at least one major asset. For me that player has to be Walcott. I don’t see what is his value to the club. Whatever your opinion of his talent he is not capable of securing a regular first team place and in reality he is a “high maintenance” player costing us an astronomic £140K pw for very little return.

    Whatever the criticisms and desire to offload Giroud he scores more goals,
    plays more regularly, is less frequently injured and at 30 next season will
    fetch a much lower transfer fee than Walcott. The only benefit in keeping Walcott is his “Home Grown” status.

    Arsenal need to improve both our defence and attack. The defence and I
    include DMF leak too many silly goals and there is a lack of leadership discipline and communication, which needs to be resolved.

    The other major weakness is our goalscoring potential which has been far too dependent on a single striker. That is in part down to the formation we
    play. Most opposition sides learn that if you “lock up” the striker Arsenal
    has struggled particularly in games at Emirates.

    Arsenal need also more width than we have seen this season. Players like
    Podolski, Sanchez and Campbell are not naturally wide players and both
    Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain have also got serious limitations in their

    So to summarise we need top class striker and centre back and a high quality goalscoring winger. That will eat up our entire budget.

  34. WengerEagle

    ‘So to summarise we need top class striker and centre back and a high quality goalscoring winger. ‘

    A midfielder that doesn’t shit themselves when they trek up to WHL and proceed to get battered by Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb would be nice too.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Talking transfers is good escapism, but is really pointless with Wenger in charge.

    When has he ever delivered a squad at the beginning of the season without glaring issues that you really believed could compete?

    More to the point, a lot of players seem to regress after a while under him, that means we need to buy a very specific type of player with lots of experience and character who doesn’t really require a manager’s input. Because he won’t get it at Arsenal.

    Just a bit pointless really, aside from being a bit of fun.

  36. Louis Almeida

    Unfortunately all we can do is speculate because moaning about Wenger not being sacked is getting us nowhere 🙁

    WengerEagle, another terrorist attack this morning. Two suicide bombs went off in the airport then another explosion on the Metro. Very sad. At least 25 dead so far 🙁

  37. gambon

    Its not good enough to say “a CB, AM and CF will eat up our whole budget”

    We clearly need a whole lot more than that. Therefore you find a way to make it happen.

    Sell more players, bring forward the 2017 budget. You do whatever you can to build a quality team. This is something that is entirely lost on Wenger, and increasingly lost on the fans these days.

    We desperately need a new midfield. Apart from 2 quality finishers, its by far the next most vital area in the team.

    Buy 2 strikers, buy 2 midfielders, then worry about the slightly less important things like Wide right, Centre Back and replacing out useless reserve full backs.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    Yes it is in reality a bit of fun, but there is a pattern developing at Arsenal.

    In 2013 and 2015 Arsenal spent virtually no money. The net spend was also
    minimal. We went to the wire when we bought Ozil having failed in our bids
    for Higuain and Suarez.

    In 2014 we spent quite a lot of money by Arsenal’s standards particularly when you add in Gabriel in January. I see us replicating 2014 rather than
    2013 and 2015.

    We will see one major signing between £30-50 million and perhaps another
    two in £10-15 million price range. That was how we spent money in 2014.

  39. Red&White4life

    “Holy fuck, what’s happened in Brussels?”
    The same kind of things that happened in Paris last november, welcome to the world

  40. gambon


    Drawing parralells with summer 2014 ignores the fact that money has increased dramatically.

    CL TV money is up by £10m despite us going out at the first knockout round as always, and as of next year you are looking at £45-50m extra TV money, thats £135m-£150m over the next 3 seasons.

    I worked out that we will likely have £270m or so to spend on players in the next 3 seasons.

    Now that doesnt mean we have to spend £90m per summer.

    Theres nothing to say we cant spend £150m this summer, then wait and see where we are in 1-2 years.

    This slow and patient “one top class player per summer” approach is flawed.

    By the time we get round to signing world class player number XI, Sanchez, Cech, Ozil et al will have long since left the club & retired.

    We need to front load this investment.

  41. Bamford10

    Papers saying Wenger is being told he must spend big (up to £150m) this summer to keep his job.

    One, sorry, but it is too late for him now. Too many mistakes, too many lies, too many wasted seasons. Wenger must leave at season end, regardless.

    Two, I don’t want WENGER spending that money. He has shown himself to be totally clueless about what is required in today’s game. He will not sell/release the players who need to go, and he will not buy the correct players. We should be spending some money this summer, but Wenger should NOT be the person in charge of said spending.

    Three, even if we were to spend this summer, Wenger is not capable of competing for a title. He has shown this year after year after year for a decade now. He is not a proper organizer, tactician or motivator. He is not focused enough on winning, he creates the wrong atmosphere, mentality, etc. He is the wrong person for the job.

    Yes, we need to spend this summer, but Wenger must go regardless.

  42. Dream10

    2 CF, 2 CM and a CB are needed.

    Napoli will sell Higuain if the price is right. He’ll end up with 35 league goals, so no less than 40m pounds. Even though Aubameyang is having a great season, I’m not convinced he’s a 50m pound striker.

    Jean Kevin Augustin of PSG will be a great player. He’ll be 19 in the summer. Great turn of pace and already a good finisher at this age. If you pay 15m now, you save yourself paying megabucks for another good striker in three years.

    Xhaka is an ideal fit. Can play as a #6 and #8. He has presence in terms of character. Needed at our club and especially at CM. Kroos is class. Would also consider Lassana Diarra. He has been very good this year for Marseille and has stood up in a time where their results have been shocking (GK Mandanda too). Far more pressure and hostility at L’OM than Arsenal. You can go to war with Xhaka, Diarra and Mandanda.

    Mustafi, a CB for Valencia has the same qualities as Xhaka. A very good player at 24 with his best years ahead. He is the defacto captain at a club where results have not gone the way Gary Neville had hoped. Another you can go to war with.

    Higuain/Aubameyang, Augustin, Xhaka, Kroos/Diarra, Mustafi, Mandanda

  43. Dream10

    Think Xhaka won’t go on to be a world class player like Kroos and Xabi Alonso.
    Good to get us to next level, but not close to the elite sides. Rabiot has a higher ceiling.

  44. Red&White4life

    “Good to get us to next level”

    You did actually realize that wenger won’t be forced to spend next summe ??


  45. Andy

    We all want a 30 goal a season striker, Giroud has never hit more than 16 in the league, maybe we should be wishing for a 20 goals (in the league) season striker, surely they are easier to find.

  46. Joe

    Love when Wallace gets proven wrong. Which is a lot. He just ignores the posts.

    Top man Wallace.

    I guess it’s hard to be proven to be an idiot over and over again

  47. Jeff

    Ozil in the papers today.

    “I don’t play the game to smash records, I know what I can do and I know that I’m one of the best assist makers in the world, but it’s all about titles for me.”

    “If I have a great season but we don’t win anything, what does it bring me?”

  48. Joe

    Lots of unrest in the stands??

    PR machine goes into overdrive

    Transfer stories. Wenger forced to spend.


    Well except for Wallace , who believes it all.

  49. Al

    The only positive is at least Wenger can see how the fans feel about him.

    Thought for the longest time he was oblivious to the fans unrest he has been causing.

    I know the story is bs but Why would they want Wenger to spend that money. He’s had the chance and is on his way out unless they see him staying for longer than a year.

  50. Red&White4life

    “but it’s all about titles for me.”

    Ah ah ah Mesut, you are in the perfect club.
    Wenger is (also) ze specialist in lies lol

  51. jwl

    Summer transfer window is going to be diabolical. Other teams are going to be strengthening as well and you know Arsenal will end up with table scraps, if we buy anyone at all.

    I would trust Wenger to buy players, he is pretty good at identifying decent players. Our main purchases are acceptable players, we haven’t spent tens of millions on duffers like or nearest rivals have. Problem is that Wenger aims for fourth, not first, and buys accordingly.

    Trying for titles is declasse for Wenger, much better to be mediocre artiste than striving manager.

  52. Relieable Sauce

    Perhaps agreeing on what the deciding factors of any signing will be, is a more accurate way of speculating on who they will sign.

    Top 4 is important to the Walcotts of this world but the top pros wont come near us if they have any sense or regard for their career.
    We might not even get it yet, but we wont be capitilising on the supposed advantage it gives the club anyway so…

    Elneny, Gabriel, Chambers…Yep. Really making good use of the UCL allure.

    No way these guys would even entertain joining Pochettino at Spurs!…oh…err…Last year!…


    : /

  53. Marko

    Ah war chest. How many’s that now 5??? Anyway if in all likelihood they won’t mutually part company in the summer (they’ll never sack) at the very least a director of football should be brought in. Someone to help with the transition for the next guy and if nothing else it shows a willingness to change something anything which is what’s needed at the very least if we’re not changing the manager

  54. Marko

    Also Dick Law should be sacked. If someone can tell me what actual work he’s done or what he’s helped bring to the table by all means do. But if all he does is negotiate deals and transfers then sack him please.

  55. Red&White4life

    “the top pros wont come near us if they have any sense or regard for their career.”

    So why the likes of Ozil and Sanchez came to us ??

    Oh I forgot… ZE great specialist in lies strikes again lol

  56. kc

    Wenger’s too old and outdated to properly use that money. I’ve often wondered if he regularly uses computers. Sounds crazy, but most folks that age don’t like or know how to use them. It would make sense why he can’t find good players before other managers anymore.

  57. Gelbs

    Lol. You get players who defend Wenger and want him to remain, and yet they wonder why they don’t win anything! They wouldn’t know what would hit them if someone like Mourinho too over!

  58. Thank you and goodnight

    When news broke out rvp was unhappy are Arsenal people said no way would rvp give wenger an ultimatum……guess what.. he did.
    Now Ozil is basically saying if wenger’s at club next year I won’t be their and people are saying it’s media hype…..wakey wakey guys…..Ozil has woken up to how shit wenger is and has no desire to play under him next year. What more proof does the AKB’S need to realise wenger is finished? Footballers talk to each other, who would want to play under wenger if our only WC player wants out and tells people wenger’s a fruit loom. At this rate we’ll be lucky to entice Sunday league players to join Arsenal. Way to go Arsene old bean……you’ve fucked up the club good and proper

  59. Louis Almeida

    In fact, Ozil has just tweeted that he has no intention of leaving Arsenal and that Wenger was a big deal in him joining. Whether that’s true or not we don’t know. Deep down Ozil knows the team isn’t good enough but I guess he doesn’t want to cause a rift by directly criticising the manager. RVP waited until the end of the season before he said what he did. Anyway, if the rumours are true that Real Madrid and Bayern want him then he’ll be off. Madrid especially have a buyback clause for him.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Louis Almeida

    What is so special about Real Madrid these days?

    They have not won Spanish League for 4 years and let’s face it recruiting Benitez and then sacking him after 6 months does not say a lot about their ambition or judgment.

    Why on earth would Ozil want to go back to a club who dumped him when he
    was playing well.

    The real problem with many posters is that they assume that every player thinks like them not only about Wenger, but also about Arsenal as well.

    As I said Ozil and Sanchez will not be leaving the club this summer.

  61. Louis Almeida

    Emirates – Real Madrid is still the biggest institution in world football. What they want they get. Obviously they’ve been slapped around a lot on the pitch by Barca in recent times but any player will play for a prestigious club like them that has 10 European Cups. Also Ozil is adored by the fans there.

  62. Wallace


    “Ozil has just tweeted that he has no intention of leaving Arsenal and that Wenger was a big deal in him joining. Whether that’s true or not we don’t know.”

    come on, man, that’s straight from the horse’s mouth….you can’t get much more definitive.

  63. Emiratesstroller

    Louis Almeida

    I can understand players wanting to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona on the first occasion, but not when they have been offloaded as was the case Ozil.

    Do you think that Fabregas or Sanchez would want to go back to Barcelona?

    Ozil is smart enough to know that at Arsenal he is guaranteed a starting place
    in team. At Real Madrid there are no guarantees. They buy players who are
    the ‘fashion of the moment’ and then in many cases dump them.

  64. Emiratesstroller

    Thank you and good night

    You have clearly not read Ozil’s repudiation of the story, which has been published on the Twitter Account.

    The story about his ultimatum that he would leave if Wenger is still at club is

  65. MidwestGun

    Ozil has also just said he doesn’t play for individual honors but team titles. ‘This is why I love him, he knows whats up… why would he want a rebuilding process under Wenger for more years on his contrac?,…. answer- he wouldn’t.

    Why he signed for Arsenal is irrelevant when he isn’t getting what he plays for.

    Aslo, the Sanchez rumors are transfer to Juventus not Barca.

  66. NYCgooner

    I would be shocked if Ozil was to leave this summer. He is having a great year and he’s adored by Arsenal fans despite having a few detractors especially around here. Besides his comments today pretty much puts all the paper talk to rest.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    I think that some posters need to study just how long most of our major players are actually at the club before leaving us.

    Vieira 9 years
    Henry 8 years
    Pires 6 years
    Fabregas 8 years
    Van Persie 8 years

    Very few good players leave us after 2-3 years unless the club wants them to
    leave or they are disruptive.