‘Stan would you please leave’ chanted the Arsenal fans

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Sorry for the late post, we had James call in sick, so it’s me piping out some sweet, sweet words for you all to read!

OK, so we had a pretty damn good day at the office yesterday. I had serious worries about a bloodbath, Everton had a week off, we had to go to Barcelona to take a pasting we were proud of and the boys were low on confidence.

Well, to cut a long story short, Everton didn’t show up at all. They were low energy and they allowed us to capitalise on that lack of interest with a sprightly display and a 2 goal win. Danny Welbeck connected with a superb Sanchez assist to round the keeper and tap into an empty next. Then Alex Iwobi landed his first senior goal for the club after his ambitious run was found by a sophisticated Sanchez long ball, he got sight on goal and blasted under the Everton keeper. Beautiful!

This wasn’t just a good result, it was a good performance. The first we’ve seen in a while. Danny Welbeck in the front three brought a mobility and freshness to the team we haven’t had for large patches this season. Big shout from Arsene to slip Iwobi in on the right ahead of Theo and Joel Campbell. The young Nigerian played really well. He has such a nice style to watch, he’s composed, tricky and has plenty of confidence. I really like him and he’s a far higher technical level than his seniors in that position.

Our midfield looked pretty solid as well. Elneny covers some serious ground. He’s a very good passer of the ball and his positioning really is chalk and cheese compared with Flamini.

If I were going to labour on a critique, it was how we saw out the game. Ospina was beasted by a late Lukaku challenge, he could barely walk and everyone could see that. Wenger didn’t take him off though. Ospina had to let a defender take his goal kicks… nothing says I’m broken quite like that sort of Sunday League carry one… then Everton had a corner and nearly scored when Ospina ballsed up as he gingerly came for a cross. Really awful management of a situation. It put everyone on edge.

But overall, it was a good day at the office. A win is a win. However, I have to say, it’s hard for me to get too excited about this starting 11. Sure it’s an evolution on what we’ve been seeing for the first few months of this year, but let’s not get this wrong here, Danny Welbeck is still a long way off being a world-class striker. We still have gaps all over the squad. It’s amazing how quickly Arsenal fans can go from despair, to… ‘shit, I think this side ‘might’ win the Champions League next year’… also amazing how quick the hope comes back.

I mean, we’re still in with a shout in the league, right?

There are plenty of dropped points to be had before now and the end of the season. Spurs looked ruthless against Bournemouth today, I think I have them down as favourites right now. Leicester dispatched of Palace, but you kind of feel their title-winning train is spluttering right now. They’re feeling it in their legs and I think the wheels might come off if they have a bad result. We just have to stay in the mixer…

3 points against Everton was more than I had hoped for. We play Watford at the weekend, and although they beat us at home last week, we should be taking them for three points. Then we have Palace, who are well out of form and then we take on West Ham, who could be a real pain in the arse for us. After that, it’s wet squib games. I think we’ve seen that Manchester City are dead in the water now… anyone who hires their new manager midseason is a fool, and they’re feeling the hit of that now. Pep Guardiola coming into Europa League football, can you imagine how excited he is about that right now?

Spurs have a tough run in on paper, they play Liverpool (who lost a 2 goal lead to Southampton today), plus United, Stoke and Chelsea. I mean, tough on paper, not sure how tough they’ll be as the season slides to a close.

Leicester have to entertain West Ham, United, Chelsea, Southampton, Everton and Stoke… that’s a tough run right there.

But, basically, we need to stay in touch. Who knows what is going to happen? A turbulent end is on the cards, we just need to be there to pounce if that happens! I just can’t believe we’re in this position, this league was ours for the taking!

As for Leicester, reckon it’d be smart to put a couple of pennies on them going down next season. I still can’t believe they’re going to win the league and play Champions League next year. All those additional games are going to kill them!

ADDITIONAL WORDS: Arsenal fans rounded on Stan Kroenke yesterday, asking him to politely do one. I always feel that’s kind of a subtext to removing the manager. Because that’s mostly the only reason you’d be mad at Stan… because he won’t get rid of Wenger. Protesting an owner isn’t really going to work though, especially when he’s living in a ranch in Texas. But, it’s a good start. It puts pressure on the club in the media… but you know a few cheeky stories about how we’re going to spend a few billion this summer will put Arsenal fans back into a Wenger coma for another season.

It is what it is!

Right, that’s all I have for you today. See you tomorrow for more textual frolicking in the green fields of Arsenal. x

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I would say though, if Wenger stayed for the next 2 to 3 years, please no, and had massive successive, anyone saying it was fluke if it was that regular would be an idiot.

    However, you can transpose the exact same argument on the last ten years, the failings have been exactly the same, I mean exactly the same, the finances change, the players change, the problems and failings are identical…sort of leads to the same conclusion, if you deny Wenger is the problem, you’re an idiot in my book.

  2. Bamford10


    Except that City ARE the class of the league — in terms of player quality — and Benteke ISN’T “shit”.

    Are City underperforming? Yes. Is Benteke underperforming? Yes.

    But I have never made a religion of either of these things — indeed a good many Grovers, including some assembled here at moment agree w/ me re the above — and that is the difference.

    Wenger devotees made a religion of the man. They are now paying the price.

  3. Dissenter

    There’s nothing wrong with a manager staying at a club for twenty years.
    Wenger’s problem is that he became to leader of a cult and is not accountable to anyone again.
    SAF frequently rejuvenated his approach to the game by changing his coaching underlings.
    Wenger has stayed static and created a very comfy bubble around him. Except for Pat Rice, he’s being surrounded by the same yes men for the past 15-20 years.

  4. Relieable Sauce

    I will be your father figure, put your tiny hand in mine.
    I will be your preacher, teacher, anything you had in mind.

    Wallace loves nothing more than a slow dance with his cardboard cut out Wenger reminiscing over the good ol’ days.

  5. Bamford10


    If you will, please tell me which EPL team has more quality/class in its first XI than City’s below. Genuinely curious.

    Yaya Toure
    David Silva
    Kevin De Bruyne
    Sergio Aguero

  6. Bamford10

    Question: Elneny + Coquelin may be the best CDM/CM pairing for the remainder of the season, but is that pairing good enough to compete for the EPL or CL next season?

    Answer: No.

  7. Dissenter

    Wenger has no defense, not one.
    This season was sabotaged by Wenger-created disasters.
    -Resigning Arteta and Rosicky, both had lost their legs two seasons ago, talkless of their perennial injuries.
    -Dithering on Flamini when they were offers on the table.
    -Banking on Wilshere’s fitness when it’s been clear that he’s fundamentally broken.
    -Gambling on Theo’s “productive years”
    -Gambling on two senior goal keepers (when the standard is for three) which almost cost us yesterday.
    -Gambling that Coquelin will stay fit all through the season.
    -Gambling on Giroud by increasing his wages.
    -Showing undue favouritism to certain players; Oxlade and Walcott come to mind.

  8. Gelbs

    What makes me laugh, is how dickheads think Arsenal will become like Man United if Wenger goes. What they don’t realise is, is that Arsenal have been like what United have been, for the past 12 fucking seasons!! That twat Moh saying “Let’s all laugh at the joke that is Man United…” What, a team that won the Title 3 years back, and won shit loads of other trophies since Arsenal last won the League? Pathetic isn’t it?

  9. daz


    I had almost given up on wenger, selling rvp was hard to take but signing ozil then Sanchez along with the fa cup wins swung me back round it looked like some progress to me, he has undone that progress this season so I can admit I was wrong to think he had turned the corner

  10. Gelbs

    Finishing 4th and winning fuckall means nothing. The League usually defines how good a team or manager is. But there are exceptions. If a manager went 10 years without winning anything but finished 4th every year, and you had another manager who say, finished 10th every year for a decade, but won 6 or 7 FA Cups, I’d say he was the most successful. The team certainly was! History books all point to trophies, not a make believe one in the ‘4th spot trophy.’

  11. gambon


    No, for me Elneny & Coquelin should be our backup pair, both squad players.

    One thing it has shown though is the importance of a solid central midfield pairing.

    Wenger has been constantly creating unbalanced central midfields for years now. Then when we hit crisis point he remembers to go back to basics.

    This has happened 3 seasons in a row now, and is getting a bit ridiculous.

    Coquelin is too limited, and for me Elneny is the right kind of player, but not good enough…..neither will ever be elite players.

    2 new CMs, with Elneny, Coquelin and Ramsey as backups would be good for me.

    Get rid of Wilshere. That situation is becoming a joke.

  12. daz


    Yes they have the best team on paper, no one needed that pointing out you just made me laugh literally after the first game of the season coming on with the “cream of the league” and then they fold

  13. Cesc Appeal


    That is very honest of you.

    Where do you stand now, would you prefer he leaves in May or are you one of those who thinks he should see out his last year?

    Who would be your preference to come in?

  14. STV

    Bamford your comment about city underperforming is not diffrent from akb argument that we overachieved under Wenger.

    Its high time that you let go of your city love me thinks. They are just plain shit. Admit it !!

  15. Joe


    Spot on. Whoever went to Man U was following years of titles and success. They were replacing a winner.

    At Arsenal , there are replacing an arrogant loser of a cunt. Who has done fuck all for 12 seasons

  16. Joe

    We are NOT overachieving under wenger.

    Leicester Tottenham and west ham are over achieving. Good manager taking their teams above and beyond

  17. STV

    Do we have a strong and technically sound CM after the departure of Vieira?? Its been 11 years and the manager failed bring what was required. Diaby was closest but Wenger himself said he was more of an attacker and ofyen played him on wings. Not to mention his injury record..

  18. gambon

    There are some very good CMs out there at the moment.

    I have been saying for a long time that we need 2, not one.

    Any 2 from Xhaka, Gundogan, Kroos, Koke, Rabiot, Jorjinho, Weigl, Niguez could make a big difference.

  19. Louis Almeida

    Ousmane Dembele has agreed to join Bayern at the end of the 2016/17 season, according to BEIN Sports. So that’s Costa, Coman and Dembele to compensate for Ribery and Robben’s departure. Oustanding.

  20. Jeff

    So according to Wallace, we have progressed from the invincibles to 2 FA cups. Yeah, big pat on the back. That’s what you call progress is it? How about looking at the points tally on the table over the last 12 years. That’s the true measure of progress. How much have we progressed there? None.

  21. STV

    One good game each for elnenny and iwwobi and people are over the moon already. Most Arsenal fans are fickle, perfect for Wenger. You really deserve each other..

  22. Joe


    Won’t make a difference if wenger is still manager.

    We could sign messi Ronaldo Suarez and Neymar and we would still be where e are

  23. Moray

    Ousmane Dembele has agreed to join Bayern at the end of the 2016/17 season, according to BEIN Sports. So that’s Costa, Coman and Dembele to compensate for Ribery and Robben’s departure. Oustanding.

    That’s how you run a club…bet their shirts aren’t as well made as ours though.

  24. STV


    its fucking oblivious any of those two would make a big difference. But its also fucking obivious that Wenger will have 1000 reasons NOT TO sign them. The case is that if any good players are to join Arsenal, they have to pass the biggest obstacle the WENGER !!!

  25. Red&White4life

    “I actually think Chelsea’s X1 is better than City’s.”

    Totally agree.

    City without De Bruyn, Kompanty, Sterling, Hart…
    PSG will trash them without any mercy lol

  26. daz


    Yeah I think he should step down at the end of this season, replacements as some have said De Boer would be good and I like Bilic

  27. Jeff

    A cautionary word over Iwobi. Let’s not be like children getting all excited over he latest flavour of ice cream. I remember everyone queuing up to hail Coquelin as the next Vieira and as it turns out he’s not a bad player bu not what I would define as world class. So the same with Iwobi. One game against a feeble opponent does not a top class player make. Wait, let’s see how he handles more difficult defenders and a team that can play a lot better than Everton.

  28. NYCgooner

    Coq and Elneny pairing good enough to win the PL I think. Not good enough for the CL but i don’t believe we’ve seen all Elneny has to offer at this point. I’m convinced he has a lot more in his locker.

  29. Louis Almeida

    “i don’t believe we’ve seen all Elneny has to offer at this point. I’m convinced he has a lot more in his locker.”

    I agree. I think he has played relatively conservatively. Whether that’s because of instruction or because he’s not fully confident, I’m not sure. But he’s showed encouraging signs to think there is more to come from him. If what we have seen is his max level then he’ll be a decent squad option but the onus is on him to show that he has more so he won’t be a bench player next season.

  30. STV

    Forget all the chronic pain he caused over last 10 years.. You would never forgive him for spectacularly fucking up our season the way he did in that last 15 games..

    Now what ? the usual low pressure fight for a top 4 finish..

  31. DUIFG

    Jeff tbf iwobi was one of our best players v barca, but i agree we have seen gnabry do well before and drop off the radar so lets see how he goes.

  32. Redtruth

    The resting players debate is just excuses for players.

    Arsenal played virtualy the same team against Everton after only two days rest from their Barcelona exploits.

  33. ADKB

    I really want Leicester to win the title. I’m waiting (with excitement) what excuse our Great Leader will give for Leicester’s success and his failure over the last decade.

    Their wage bill is much lower than ours. They have a smaller squad. They haven’t got a billionaire benefactor throwing millions right, left and centre. They haven’t been doping financially. Their manager hasn’t made 20,000 subsitutions. And bla, bla, bla.

  34. jwl

    I wonder how much is Wenger protected from criticism. I bet Gazidis and his underlings do much work in making sure Wenger never hears about the complaints about his behaviour or tactics. Away fans singing songs about Kroenke out or banners telling Wenger to leave are best way to make sure our manager knows that many fans think he overpaid buffoon.

  35. Jeff

    Wallace here’s your progress going back 16 years:

    Season Points
    2000–01 63
    2001–02 79
    2002–03 85
    2003–04 73
    2004–05 87
    2005–06 68
    2006-07 63
    2007–08 74
    2008–09 68
    2009–10 83
    2010–11 72
    2011–12 74
    2012–13 72
    2013–14 68
    2014–15 71

    Projection for
    2015-16 72

    Basically, since 2001, our average has been 73.5 points. That is not what I call progress.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Lots of good names listed on here.

    Think its just important that a new vision comes in, some ambition, some smarts, brings his own team as well in terms of coaches and all the Wenger staff depart.

    We could stop this stupid situation that sees us get a new head of fitness, but make him share his job with the old failure because he’s one of Wenger’s old boys.

    Turn us into a modern football club, not Wenger’s version of a football club.

  37. STV

    ha ha ADK whatever he is going to say i bet you already heard it 100 times. Its like an old saying For Wenger, nothing new happens in his life. Its a repitition over and over.

    But one think i do think is , He will cite their sucsess as a proof that money cant buy trophies and will repeatedly remjnd them to the fans..

  38. Emiratesstroller

    For clarity I did not suggest that Arsenal would never sell Sanchez or Ozil,
    but I think that it is highly unlikely that we will do it this summer.

    Arsenal will be offloading then quite a few other players and the idea that we will sell two of our best players as well would mean in effect a complete rebuild of our squad. That will not happen.

    The point made about Ozil stating that he will leave if Wenger stays is also
    I am sure pure fiction. It is pure newspaper talk.

    Moreover if there was a grain of truth in that suggestion I would have thought that Ozil would wait and see what Arsenal and Wenger planned to
    do when his contract ends in June 2017.

    CA sorry also to disagree with your opinion that Arsenal will sell players to
    the two Manchester clubs or Chelsea. The circumstances when we have done
    it in past were entirely different. Arsenal were at that time short of money and
    were financing not only stadium but also the other development projects.

    The only players who have left Arsenal in recent times for another EPL Club
    were Van Persie and Sagna. Sagna was entitled to do so because he was at end
    of contract.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    ‘But one think i do think is , He will cite their sucsess as a proof that money cant buy trophies and will repeatedly remjnd them to the fans’

    Shortly before everything goes back to normal next year and City, Chelsea and potentially United if they have Mourinho, are fighting at the top and suddenly ‘you can’t compete with their spending.’

  40. Cesc Appeal


    I disagree.

    But we will see.

    As things stand, neither will be signing an extension. Who could blame them, could is going nowhere.

  41. Jeff

    That’s right. We can’t compete with big spenders but somehow we can’t compete with little ones either. How does that work then? LOL.

  42. Bamford10


    “I actually think Chelsea’s X1 is better than City’s.”

    Possibly, but they too are under-achieving, of course.


    I disagree; my argument is very, very different from that. Not a big deal, though.


    “City without De Bruyn, Kompanty, Sterling, Hart…
    PSG will trash them without any mercy lol”

    Agree that PSG will beat City. Indeed I would’ve favored PSG even if City had everyone.

  43. Jeff

    One very good result from the spectacular Moyes flop is perhaps Arsenal will think twice about letting Wenger choose his successor.

  44. STV

    Its obivious jeff. We just cannot do it any more. We choke under pressure no matter who the opposition is or whatever challenge it is. We have many many previous examples..

    Arsenal under wenger last 10 years has lost its spine and tends to bent over too easly..

  45. Jeff


    It’s very funny but you will often hear Wenger use certain buzz words like “cohesion”, “spirit” and “mental strength”. But in fact, on close examination, these are the very qualities that we lack and yet he keeps telling us how much of it there is in the team. If you look at his own body language, it shows anything but spirit or strength. He is literally a bundle of nerves. Pacing up and down, wringing his hands, crouching, staring, zipping up his jacket, unzipping it, constantly nagging the fourth official etc. None of these things give the impression that he has it under control. We often go onto the pitch on a wing and a prayer – that’s how it looks to me and it all starts with him he comes out.

  46. STV

    Jeff, You couldn’t said it any better.

    What he says is so far from reality. His press conferences are filled with arrogance ignorance and deception.

  47. STV

    Thats why I like Simione. He epitomizes these qualities as a player and as a manager. He made this Athletico team tough as nails.

  48. Jeff

    Wenger has driven so many daggers into the hearts of Arsenal fans that for many there is no going back. All those humiliating hammerings we suffered. Bradford, Burnley, Wigan, Newcastle. The intransigence, the arrogance, the lying, the choking, the persisting with crocks and flops for years and years, the inane interviews, the stupid wage policy – it’s not forgotten. How can anyone forget the needless pain he’s been causing over the years?

    And all for what? The privilege to play in the Champions League with no prospect at all of winning it and then suffering further embarrassment of being dumped out by better teams. Yeah, I see no reason to keep going in the same way for any longer and those that do have nothing but soft sentimental nonsense on their side.

  49. STV


    worsst thing is you couldn’t even try to forget all that as past memories.. Its happening over and over and over again. What a nightmare of weeks we have just had.. If he has any dignity left after his 66 years of life.. He should leave at the end of season. I sincerely hoped he does win the pl while at it. But most certainty he wont. It doesnt matter really. The scars will remain for years..

  50. Jeff


    I would stake my mortgage on him not ever winning anything major again. It’s not about how well or badly others do – it’s always been about how little resilience we have when faced with crucial matches like those against Stoke, Chelsea, Southampton, Liverpool and the kids of Man U. Those games should have been 3 points each without a question. But we f***** it up as usual – we collapsed. We can’t win by guile because Wenger doesn’t have it in him and we can’t win by brute force because we don’t have enough talent because Wenger won’t buy it. So, we can’t win.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    I think that we have not got proof what a lot of bullshit is printed in the press
    about rumours and so-called transfers.

    Ozil has published a repudiation of the story that he wants to leave Arsenal and confirmed also that Wenger was one of the reasons that he came to Arsenal.

    As I said today there is little likelihood of Ozil and Sanchez leaving the club this summer.